Elisabeth Moss Pulls a 'Miley,' Chops and Bleaches Her Hair

08/22/2012 at 11:30 AM ET

Elisabeth Moss Blonde HairJamie McCarthy/WireImage

Is Miley Cyrus officially a trendsetter? Because Elisabeth Moss has taken a cue from the starlet by chopping off and bleaching her hair.

The Mad Men star flaunted her new blonde pixie cut at the For a Good Time, Call … premiere on Tuesday night in New York City.

The actress was barely recognizable thanks to her fresh, Twiggy-esque ‘do, a drastic departure from the shoulder-length brown locks she’s had for much of her career.

With Moss’s big change, we’re now left wondering: Who will be next to try “The Miley”Tell us: What do you think of Moss’s new hairstyle?

–Jennifer Cress


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Anne on

I love Elisabeth but I preferred her long hair :(

holly on

I love it!!

tommy on

as log as the drapes match the carpet who cares…

Laura on

I love it, I think she looks so beautiful. That cut brings out the sweet features on her face.
I do hate that a short haircut is being referred to as ‘the Miley’. Miley Cyrus butchered her hair, Elizabeth actually has a beautiful cut. Big difference.

BBB on

Unfortunately I’ve never been a fan of her face, particularly her nose. And this haircut really puts the focus on her small, round, smushed face so it’s not really a good look. The longer brown hair helps elongate her face.

VanessaM on

I love it! This style fits her face so well, she looks beautiful!

Erica on

Love this look on her! It looks completely natural with her light eyes. She looks amazing!!! Rock on Peggy!

SM on

I hardly think that she copied Miley.

Edie on

Don’t give Cyrus credit for short haircuts, now. It’s not a “Miley,” it’s a shortened hairstyle.

Ava on

I absolutely LOVE it on her. This is the best she has ever looked.

mrsmass on

cutting your hair short and bleaching it isn’t new & it certainly shouldn’t be called “the miley.”

Diana Fetterman on

She looks great and young and fresh. If only Miley would soften her bleached blonde hair to more of a honey colour her haircut would look much better.

jj on

miley’s hair look like a hot mess-elisabeth’s hair looks amazing!

Debbie on

Now how are they going to write that into Mad Men? I mean, shes no Twiggy!

Patricia on

It’s funny that I sported this “Miley” before she was even born! This style has been around for decades, don’t give Miley’s butchered haircut credit for a classic pixie cut. It looks good on this actress, the butchered version on Miley looks horrible. To each their own, but People should watch who they try to credit.

Andrea Townsend on

Her look has more class than Mileys

Jenna on

Much better styling than Miley!! Super Sweet & Cute!!

kiwi on

that look really nice like it was done right

sandy on

Don’t be calling it the “Miley”!! Some of us have been wearing short pixie type cuts like forever! Besides, Mileys looked shaved on one side to me. Plus, Elisabeth’s looks very different. Not all short cuts pixies and not all short cuts are alike.

pepperlevine on

perfect cut and color for her, nice choice

Lovey on

I love it…It is not Miley’s look at all…..I am not a fan of Miley’s cut …I LOVE THIS ON HER

Smash on

Really? this looks nothing like Miley’s hair. A lot of people dye their hair lighter in the summer, and they definitely cut it shorter too. If her head was half buzzed with weird strings of hair coming from the back, then I would say she is pulling a “Miley.” This? This is normal.

denise on

Beautiful haircut. She looks so beautiful.

I'm Always Following You on

For the love of GOD, please stop referring to it as “The Miley.”

Mia Farrow and Twiggy did it first and w-a-y better than Miley.

Susannah on

Too bad Miley didn’t copy Elisabeth.

Just Sayin on

@tommy Who are you kidding? If the carpet is rolled out, no straight guy in the world will care if the drapes match, or if the chick has hair at all!

Molly on

Love it! I think it looks fantastic on her.

guest on

Please let’s not make this a “thing” Her hair looks nothing like Miley.

Ari on

Looks much much better on her than it does on MC

Michele on

A much better haircut than Miley’s. And BBB, you are a jerk!

Ambs on

Looks nothing like Miley’s. I highly doubt she’d be taking style tips from her.

Kali on

I love it on Elisabeth, but not so much on Miley. Maybe the difference is that Elisabeth obviously knows how to comb and style her hair and it seems Miley does not.

blair on

She looks very elegant. Totally different look than Miley’s “haircut.”

kayleigh on

I hate her her dress

nicole on

that literally looks nothing like miley’s haircut

Mimi on

Elizabeth’s hair looks 1,000 times better than Miley Cyrus’ hair!

Sam on

I love it. It makes her look so pretty.

Cam on

Oh yes…so everyone who has ever donned a short hair-do is forever stuck with being associated with “the Miley”. I’d prefer for a hair-style to be named after a more positive role-model.

Side note- Miss Moss looks glowing with her new cut and color. A++

atb on

No more mousy! The hair and makeup both – the best she’s looked!

Sporky on

I think it’s a definite improvement. Her brown hair made her look a bit mousy.

cheesehead4ever on

I think it’s adorable and she definitely didn’t pull a Miley. Miley’s hair looked like she cut it herself with her eye’s closed and looked like she poured bleach on it. This is a beautiful cut and color.

Joyce on

On her it looks good, smart and sofisticated. On Miley is looks like a Courtney Love wanna be !

jane on

I chopped my hair off the week before Miley…..gee why isnt it names after me?

Kim on

She looks fantastic!

fanofboardwalkempire on

I love this look on Elizabeth for sure! She looks just great young and fresh and hip- Good for you Elizabeth!

SteveRR on

The only way this works is if you have a very symmetric / beautiful face – Miley Fail; M. Moss Fail; Mia Farrow Total Pass – A+

Mikesgirl on

She looks fantastic! Miley looked HORRIBLE!

Jant on


Jant on


Alyssa Linzy on

I actually would not refer to this cut as the “Miley”. Elisabeth’s new pixie cut is much more flattering.

Anna on

Cyrus looks a like a train wreck- Elisabeth looks amazing!

Nic on

I think it is a very cute haircut on her

Wendy on

Great haircut. She looks fantastic.

Karen on

NOT a “Miley.” Good heavens, this is actually pretty. Please, please don’t go crediting that creeply little narcissist for every time a lovely woman actually gets a really stylish short blonde cut

Maureen on

I have no idea who she is but her hair looks cute. Way better than Miley!

Jean on

love, love

No on

She looks like Walter Mondale. Holy Shisa!

Stephanie on

Her head is too round for this look. Sorry.

cami on

“The Miley” haircut looks far better on Miley, it brings out Miley’s gorgeous eyes, and with Miley’s youthful face it is stunning.
The style on Elizabeth is ok.

Angee on

Looks better than Miley’s. Elizabeth pulls it off, Miley ruined her looks

loveit on

Sooooo much cuter than Miley’s butcher job. Classy and elegant.

mj on

Hers is Twiggy”esk”. Cute. Miley’s not so.

Julie on

i love the new look. i think it makes her look years younger. lovely. ;))

Holly on

LOVE the new hair!

sally on

She looks great! Has gotten better over the years. Guess we all can take some tips and improve.

Susan on

No wait a second there’s a big difference Elizabeth looks beautiful and she is actually talented.

Lucy on

This is not even close to Miles City’s new hair cut. This is a classy neat “pixie” cut. Miley’s is much more edgier with a punk vibe.

Jess on

This does NOT look like Miley Cyrus’s hair. This is a very cute hair style. Miley’s is something from “The Nightmare Before Xmas”!

myladyeve on

Love it! Looks great on her. Makes her eyes pop.

dayle on

Elisabeth Moss pixie cut & bleach hair looks sooo much better then Miley Cyrus’s new do. It looks very nice on Elisabeth, that it blend with her skin & eye brows. Miley’s pixie looks more shave, wild & too bleach that it doesn’t go with her dark eyebrows and skin.

deb on

I love it!

MIA on

This haircut compliments her a lot. She certainly looks more youthful and the short blonde hair favors her more than the short pixie on Miley, in my opinion. However, I think people need to give these women a break about how THEY wear THEIR hair. To state your opinion is one thing, but many people are being very vicious toward Mily about her hair cut. How would any of you like it if the world acted like psychotic, overbearing moms about all of your fashion choices?

guest on

She looks 100% better!

Wendy on

I love it on her!

jaci on


Stacey on

This isn’t the ‘Miley’. I would call this the ‘Twiggy’ if you are looking to name it.

Letty on

This is nothing like Cyrus’s hair. It is too polished amd not punky enough.

elsa caceres on

wow…it toally suits her…and her haircut is better than Miley’s… a trend has started

stefanie on

She looks a trillion times better than Miley!

julie on

She looks beautiful. I like her hair this color, she looks more youthful.

Berta on


She looks beautiful as a blonde!

Beth on

I love this on her! It really brings out her eyes. And she looks younger.
Something tells me she probably had it done before Miley or at about the same time, but most likely completely coincidental. I don’t think Cyrus gets credit for all blonde pixies now for God’s sake!

G. Bainbridge on

This look is attractive on EM. Not something you can say for MC who doesn’t pull it off at all. EM’s “do” looks styled, MC’s like a berserk chain saw got hold of her hair.

guest on

That is not “The Miley”! That is a stylish, short haircut that looks beautiful on her. It is not a shaved/tufted mess like Miley’s. My boyfriend in college in 1990 had Miley’s haircut and would wear the long portion tied back in a ponytail. It’s not a new haircut, it was “hip” in the 90’s to have that haircut if you were a male, so I guess it is fresh and new for a woman to have it in 2012!

kml7 on

she looks beautiful! great style for her

Kristin on

This is so not a Miley. This is super cute and suits her face well.

Stigg on

Love it! not even close to Miley…this one looks natural and beautiful.

Katie on

The difference between Elisabeth Moss and Miley Cyrus is that Elisabeth’s style actually looks good. Miley simply looks like she pulled a Britney and stopped half way.

AG on

Pulls a Miley? C’mon People. Stop trying to relate everyones short hair to Mileys, which looks horrendous in that bad bleach look she received.
Elisabeth’s change is fresh & demure…2 words NOT associated with Miley

Stormy Fireriver on

How can you compare Elisabeth Moss to Miley Cyrus. That is a travesty!!!

Jenny on

Where are the pictures of Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller from the premiere?


Nothing at all like MC’s cut. More polished and nowhere near punky.

Colleen on

I’d call it a Miley except for the fact Elisabeth hair was cut that way before Miley did hers – check the Mad Men conference she was at on the 10th of Aug

lovelula on

she looks great, very classic and elegant. nothing like miley’s haircut at all (which seems to be a manic mess).

jackie2830 on

Love it! Much more becoming………the shade looks very natural……just an observation……….doesn’t she look like Ellen????

Ann on

Not a good look on her just as the same applies ot Miley…….

Ellie Mac on

You guys are trying REALLY REALLY hard to coin a trendy phrase here with this “Miley” stuff. It’s kind of pitiful.

Jasm on

I think it really suits her.
Miley’s looks bad.
Don’t compare them.

nicole on

looks great

Tricia on

I have seen Elizabeth Moss blond before, I think it is her best color. She looks great! I hope this doesnt mean she is done with Mad Men! Long live Peggy Olsen!

Lala on

I don’t think she took a cue, from Miley — because Elisabeth’s hair looks much more tasteful, and put together…

Lisa on

To each their own, on the comments…but some people will never say anything good about short hair. She rocks it AND the color. It is a great look on her….so there is my 2 cents worth.

Kate on

You can’t say she “pulled a Miley”. She looks beautiful. Miley looks like a 14 year old boy who is dabbling in punk rock.
Elisabeth looks like a classy, put together woman.

Beth on

I’ve always found her rather plain, but this cut makes her so look beautiful. I love it!!!


I am a super fan or elisabeth she is my idol although i am a boy i want to be her. i plan to die my hair too just like elisabeth. I copy her dress styles old and current. MISS MICHAEL

Dewy on

Actually Elisabeth has had blonde hair for a while. She had it blonde while in Australia.

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