Oprah Winfrey Reveals Her Natural Hair in 'O'

08/01/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Courtesy O, The Oprah Magazine

Oprah‘s not hiding anything! For the first time, the icon is covering her O, The Oprah Magazine with her hair in its natural state.

Though the mogul embraces her curly, voluminous tresses — often letting them loose on weekends and vacations — she sees nothing wrong with trying different hairstyles. “I even notice a change in my dogs when they get their summer cuts: they’re friskier and livelier,” she reveals inside the glossy’s September makeover issue.

Winfrey also discusses the time she once wanted to cut off all of her hair. “I wanted to wear it close-cropped, à la Camille Cosby, but her husband Bill convinced me otherwise. ‘Don’t do it,’ he said,” she recalls. “‘You’ve got the wrong head shape and you’ll disappoint yourself.’ I took his advice.”

Read the full column in the September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, on newsstands Aug. 7. Tell us: How often do you wear your hair in its natural state?

–Jennifer Cress


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nubienne on

Is one of Oprah’s parents in possession of non-kinky hair? because that is the only way that is a picture of Oprah’s natural hair… unless we class texturisers or relaxers with a twist out as “natural” now. I don’t blame non-black people for loving it and believing Oprah when she says this is he “natural” hair but this BS is what makes actual kinky haired women feel inferior because THIS is a LIE. This is NOT what most black women have on their heads unless they are mixed at some level and no you don’t have to be light to have mixed hair. There is nothing wrong with mixed people, light-skinned black people or with mixed hair, it is just that the glorification of mixed hair as being better than kinky hair gets on my last nerve. Oh wait Oprah is the one with that problematic stylist who thinks all kinky hair could use a good relaxer… oh right she must honestly believe her hair grows out of her head looking like this.

nubienne on

The roots of the style shown in the linked image are probably closer to what grows out of Ms Winfrey’s head but noooo she’s not hiding anything.


NubianQueen on

She’s natural she just has lots of heat damage from constant straightening. Great cover, though.

#TeamNaPtural in the house! ;)

Tam on

WOW nubienne, your comment is VERY ignorant. I know plently of black women who have a natural hair coil such as Oprah’s. You clearly have some self hate issues you need to seek help for.

Akilah on

I always wear my hear in it’s natural state. It is what I was born with. And I love it!

Akilah on


Raquita on

Both of my parents are chocolate skin beautiful people, and my natural hair looks a lot like Oprahs, nubienne. The fact that you even THINK her hair just CAN’T grow that way shows your ignorance, and has no reflection on reality.

monniej on

i wear my natural hair every second, minute and hour of every single day. #lovemykinkycurls

Amber on

I think it’s beautiful and I am a natural women. I transitioned for a year then BC in December. I think that it’s wonderful she would wear her hair in its natural state. I love that natural hair is unique not one texture or curl pattern is the same.

Follow my blog at floridanatural83.blogspot.com

Tica on

Nubienne I’m not sure what you’re used to seeing but you do not have to be mixed to have such hair, nor do you have to use a relaxer or texturizer to have such hair. I am Haitian America and never had a perm and my hair is of that texture both are my parents are black. there are different hair textures, if you’re not used to seeing all type of hair up close I understand your lack of knowledge on hair texture but you shouldn’t comment on when you are mis-educated on a subject.

Andrea on

i did the BC about 5 months ago, and i love my natural hair

Sarah on

I’ve been wearing my Hair in it’s naturalness for 3 years now. And U don’t have to be mixed to have hair like Oprah. There are Women in my family that have the same texture as Ms O

Miss Love on

It’s truly disheartening when we slam other people, other women in particular, and black women specifically, simply because our experiences and perspectives are limited. Oprah and I are the same complexion and share the same type of hair texture. I have been natural for nearly 15 years and my texture is not the result of heat damage. I don’t even own a blow dryer. Nor am I “mixed”. Are we seriously still in this place after all these years? Learn. Grow. Evolve. Please.

Debbie Brinkley on

I’m loving. I am actually done with all the chemicals and weaves. Ready for my own natural hair.

Jennifer on

I love Oprah’s hair here and while I knew she was natural I’ve always wanted to see what her hair looked like without heat or styled straight. And in response to nubienne, as a black American who is “light skinned” with two black parents and 4 black grandparents (not every light skinned person is directly mixed, learn some Genetics) shame on you for being misinformed and undereducated. I have kinky curly hair and I know a lot of naturals both dark skinned and light skinned with similar hair texture to Oprah’s naturally and with the use of products. It’s called defining your curls, which I do on occasion! Every person and head of hair is different and there is no one representation of “blackness”. Please work on your personal issues and learn to accept all black people and all types of black hair; not just the one’s you feel should qualify.

Ava on

Good advice, Bill. I think she looks great!

AS on

pretty sure her “natural” hair would be gray at this point….

tilly on

Oprah may be showing her natural hair, fixed up by tons of hairdressers, but the ten pounds of makeup on her face, eyes in particular, take away any natural look. Her hair has been primped to the hilt. She has such a huge ego. Cover of every issue. I purchased it once and was disgusted at her self love pictures on almost every page. That is no natural look Oprah. Wash the face and show us natural. No fake eyelashes either.

trey on

nubienne u sound like a complete fool really not everyone has to be mixed to have a hair texture such as oprah’s it very clear that you have some issues within yourself. you try to state facts thar have no proof smh good day

Coral on

Oprah has been pressing her hair for years and stopped using chemicals. This is what her natural hair looks like natural. If you have have any friends or relatives with extremely thick hair, this is what it looks like in its natural state..

SuperwomanAJ on

Oprah primped that “natural hair”… she didnt just shake it and go, i know this! haha

pressonwebzine on

I love this look on Oprah. I wear my hair natural, too. .

Carol on

Oprah is MORBIDLY OBESE! I saw her doing the Kardashians and Paris Jackson interview and she weighs like 300 lbs. Her face looks horrific! Oprah- get gastric bypass!!

BeBe on

If I had her $$$ I’d have great hair too…

Jim Jones on

She will do anything for money.. why hasnt she gone far away.. so arrogant to always be the cover picture on her magazine.. Why doenst she really show the true self.. no makeup .. YIKES

Yvette on

My natural hair is 20% gray. I use hair color that id 100% organic– amla powder and henna.

jellybeans on

I love her hair!

Nikki on

#1. Everyone, ignore nubienne…
#2. Oprah has shown us her natural face a hundred times on her show. We all know what she looks like. She’s also been “natural” for years. I’m not sure why this is big news…a benefit of having natural hair, is that it can be very versatile. This is simply a “big hair” hairstyle. It’s hers, it looks great. Move on.
#3. I think that natural hair is any hair without chemicals. It is perfectly fine to be natural and get your hair flat-ironed or pressed.
#4. As far as gray, she could use something natural(like henna) to cover gray. OR, she might not have gray hair. I know some women in their 70’s with no gray hair. Remember, she’s never been married, and she doesn’t have children. That helps!

tomella on

I believe I’ve seen oprah with that hair before but I would have never guest that was her natural hair, it looks great I believe she should stick to natural.

Guest on

I’ve been wearing natural hair for 16 years now. I love the fact that I have natural hair down to my but, which is beautiful, chocolaty, kinky spirals, that are virtually maintenance free, instead of the mere two inches of straightened hair that I used to have.

Non-black people can’t believe it when I tell them that this is normal black hair. They always, always ask me why other black people (women) don’t wear their hair in their normal state, which opens the discussion up to more complicated societal issues.

Kim on

Yes, and it only took her stylist 90 minutes to get this “natural” look. *rolling eyes*

Frida s. on

So beautiful!! My hair is VERY straight so I would kill for curls like hers!!

Redbone on

Oprah’s hair looks like mine, my hair is curly and thick just like hers. I also hate the term good hair, hair is hair and there is no such thing as good hair. We all have different textures depending on what different ethnic groups are involved. I’m black and native american, and I wear my hair natural. I use to relax it to make it managable, now I just let it do what is wants. Not easy to maintain, due to the humidity, and the curls can be a pain, but I love it natural.

mrs dr. g on

I’ve read a lot of comments about oprahs hair. Why do we as women always rag on each other about this look or that look. I love oprahs hair, it looks great on her. Stop being haters!

Renee' on

No disrespect intended, but am I the only one that seen The Color Purple? I am just amazed how Oprah’s hair transformed from being very nappy to this. Not happening. Money can do anything. The other hair she has been wearing, didn’t that look like it was from the roots like her hair is now? Like I said, money can make miracles happen. That is not her damn hair neither. Let’s just keep it 100.

Em on

yea natural…but how long did take to fix like that?? and how much air brushing was done on her face? oh right just the hair is natural..

Carolyn Roberson on

I adore it. Looks great, Goddess-esk. African American women are beautiful in their natural state. I’m French/Spanish descent, and I’m very pale, and have very dark, straight hair. I’d love some of Oprah’s curls. Great “Do” Oprah!

Patty on

All of this discussion affirms that racially perceived characteristics are “continium” based as opposed to the simple black/white model that some activists and scholars advocate for. Hair like skin are not either black or white–and never been. What’s new is that some people with light skin and hair like Oprah may not see themselves as a light skinned black or African American. Especially people who have no affinity for Africa and who have Caucasian features.

Wendy on

Love it!

BrownSkinGirl on

nubienne YOU are what’s wrong with Black women. Please believe that is her real hair in its natural state. When you use conditioner and oils on your hair it too can look shiny and manageable. Natural hair does not have to look matted and dry. Take care of your hair and you too can have a beautiful mane like Oprah and so many others. Get a clue!

tottie on

I applaud Oprah for approaching this new look, For so many years African American Young girls, and women have wanted to look like the barbie doll with the straight hair. I admit I was a victim of that ignorance. I finally woke up and obtained Knowledge of self. Realizing my hair is unique in every way. It has coils that can never be duplicated. I can copy other nationalities hair but my hair is impossible to duplicate. I wear a shirt that says “Thank God I’m Natural”

Librababe on

It’s a nice refreshing look, but it’s not her natural hair. Lol, I used to think I was natural too when I wore my relaxed hair without straightening it. Then I went natural, and it was a totally different ballgame! It doesn’t rly matter, but inaccuracies really grinds my gears, I had to say something, lol.

tottie on

I applaud Oprah for rocking natural,
even though her hair is permed. Unfortunately, Black Young girls, and women have wanted to look like the barbie doll with the straight hair.
Many of us have ruined the true state of our lovely locs. I admit I was a victim of that ignorance. Now at age 40 I have Knowledge of self. Realizing my natural hair is beautiful and unique in every way. It has coils that can never be duplicated. fortunately I can copy other nationalities hair but my hair is impossible to duplicate. I wear a shirt that says “Thank God I’m Natural”

M. on

We have so many examples of beautiful African-American women who wear their hair natural, that wear it well.

It’s in the woman, not the hair. It’s in the heart and soul.

It’s kinda like being able to wear hats (no matter what race you are)… if you don’t shine inside and feel comfortable about yourself, then on the outside, you look and feel less, thereby reflecting the feelings on the outside.

just sayin’

Carol B. on

I think that Oprah’s hair always looks great no matter how she wears it. Her stylist does a fantastic job. I am a light-skinned African American woman. I wear my hair weaved and freely admit and discuss it. My natural hair is about 9 inches long. I chose to wear a weave because it offers more flexibility and prevents my natural hair from being damaged. When I wear my natural hair most people can’t distinguish it from the weave. I’m 51 years old and have NEVER, EVER dyed my hair. I have about 2 or 3 strands of gray hair. With me, it’s genetic. The women in my family have very little gray hair.
I don’t think chemically straightening my hair or wearing a weave makes me or anyone a sell-out. The way a woman wears her hair is a personal choice and not a political statement. Just my two cents.

Stacy on

I watched The Color Purple and oprahs natural hair looked nothing like this. Who is she kidding?

Gloria on

Oprah PUH…..LEASE !!!! The hair on the cover of that mag may be your natural hair. however, it has been conditioned, and coifed just perfectly for that photo. I am a black woman with nice hair and when I wash and let my hair dry, that look is not happening! Granted, you have beautiful hair, but girlfriend, let us see the REAL natural!

Andrea on

Some of these comments disgust me.

1. The magazine is called “O,” as in Oprah. It’s her magazine. She can be in it as much as she wants. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

2. Oprah shouldn’t have fall off the face of the Earth just because YOU don’t like her. Oprah has donated a good portion of her money to several charities. She’s earned her place in the spotlight.

3. Carol, your comment disgusted me the most. How dare you call someone fat and then tell them to get gastric bypass. Who are you to say that to someone? Clearly no one of importance. Your comment was extremely rude and disrespectful. You made a complete fool of yourself and deserve whatever ridicule that comes your way.

Cynthia Jasmine on

All of you are ridiculous, she did not say she was natural, she said in her natural state. Oprah wears wigs and pieces all of the time so this would be her natural state. Nowhere did Oprah say that she stopped doing relaxers, seriously grow up people!!!!

Nikki on

I like her but I’m just wondering why she has to appear on every cover?

Miss Anne on

Oprah I am right behind you lady!! Just a few more weeks of weave…. and I will be rocking my natural state also. My natural hair is at my shoulder blades. I went to work one day recently when my weave was out (had worn weave EVERYDAY for 4 years) and was on my way to the beautician afterwards, you would not believe some of the ignorant comments I got. #1. I did not know you were ‘mixed’. (Really!!?! I thought EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH WAS!!!!). #2. I thought you did not have ‘hair’. (eyes rolling. What did you think the weave was sewn and attached to? My scalp?). I am going to stop right there, because I can go on and on…. But I am getting excited to start rocking my tresses!!

kate on

Done up like a dogs dinner

Jester on

Her hair looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo, however; it does look different than when she woke up in the morning when she and Gail went camping.

RK on

LOVE the hair!

I don’t know why nubienne is ranting about Oprah’s hair. Lots of Black people have the kind of hair texture that Oprah has. My daughter is one of them, and I am Black and so is her father. We are NOT so-called “mixed people.” Just the way Black people come in all complexions, so do our hair textures. I’m glad Oprah is showing off her natural hair, maybe it’ll inspire a few more Black women to go natural.

welljustyawn on

Oprah, please stop. Your covers are boring. instead of you every month, put a man who is interesting instead.

Kuko on

I don’t understand black women’s hair. The black ladies I work with all have long straight hair. Is this their own hair, just straightened out?
Some of them have hair that seems like one big sticky sheet of plastic with a lot of goo in it & some have hair that moves & flows just like a white person’s. Is natural hair basically just a short afro?

LovelyLena on

I am still sitting here trying to wrap my hard around most of the comments made on here. Who in their right mind would do a magazine cover without doing their hair and makeup? There are many organic hair products out there that define curls. Key word is define! This one is for the “Color Purple” references, it’s called a movie, where you play a character, with, wait for it, HAIR AND MAKEUP! Basically you are saying that she should roll out of bed and snap a picture and slap it on the cover to truly be “natural”. Seriously? The same people typing about her with makeup on, nail polish, lotion, brushed teeth, and anything else you do in your morning routine, you too are not “natural”! Women in general need to stop passing judgement on each other and let it be. Relax, relate and release.

NeicieinAtlanta on

Unfortunately, your statement is completely false and a bit narrow-minded. Perhaps you need to travel to places like Atlanta, GA, where there is a greater population of African-Americans of all hues. Perhaps your perspective would widen a bit. Both of my parents are African American. My grandparents are African American and my natural hair looks very similiar to Oprah’s actually, mine is a little straighter than hers. So, I believe that is her natural state. Please remember that NONE of us, absolutely, NONE of us African-Americans are ‘full’ anything. And yes, my hair grows out of my head curly and wavy.

NeicieinAtlanta on

I had to say just one more thing… It’s so sad that Oprah wearing her hair natural is headline news. And just as sad that African-Americans are doubting that she’s natural. My community is so dysfunctional. Very sad.

d on

Natural state, huh? Women in their fifties have gray hair so that is NOT her completely natural state.

Susan on

I love it.

Patti on

Remember, ladies! When you can afford to get your natural hair conditioned properly on a regular basis and you are eating well as in nutritional values; your hair and skin will show it. I’ve been wearing my hair natural for about 6 years now and there are times it looks really good and is smooth (when I am taking care of myself and my hair right) and then I can have dry, nappy hair that will break a brush much less a comb! You know what I’m talking about here! So take that into consideration. I think she looks amazing!

Debbie on

Oprah is so rich, and getting older. She should just retire on her island she bought, and relax and live out the rest of her days. I don’t understand why she is still working. She has enough fame and fortune already. No husband, no children. She can’t take it with her. As for her hair. I DID see The Color Purple. Liar!!

Chicken Little on

Oprah always looks like a monster. This picture just proves it.

ColdestWinterEver on

wow I didnt kno there is jus one type of “natural black” hair..some of yall are sooo ignorant..I kno plenty & i do mean a lot of black women with the exact same hair type &! length..& they are not mixed or relaxed..get a grip..black women can grow long beautiful healthy hair without chemicals why is that sooo hard for some people to swallow

Marky on

That was for a movie role, Debbie! I don’t care what color anyone is; they shampoo, condition or put some sort of stuff on that helps with the health of the hair, then dry it naturally, or blow it. How does that make their hair “unnatural”? Do you really want to just roll out of bed and look like you don’t care what you look like? I don’t go anywhere without makeup because I look horrible without base, and a little eye makeup. And as for color?? 55 and no gray! Why don’t we get excited about things that really matter? There are hungry kids in the world; friends with cancer, and here we are– arguing about Oprah’s hair, and her face on her own magazine! SMH

naturemaiden on

this is news?

DrKemet on

The 5 stages of the Black Identity Development model are: 1: Conformity, 2: Dissonance, 3: Resistance & Immersion, 4: Introspection, and 5: Synergistic Articulation & Awareness. From your postings, you are somewhere between Stages 2 & 3, which vacillates between an overwhelming acceptance of Black/Afro ethnocentric beliefs and a deprecating attitude toward those that don’t fully embrace your ideals. This is fine until you publicly lash out with misdirected anger and unfounded accusations. This is where your lack of synergistic articulation & awareness is most prevalent and it comes off as self-righteous and ignorant. And quite frankly, it is embarrassing to me as an evolved Black man. With that said, I am much darker than Oprah (with some Jamaican & Indo-Chinese heritage) and I have never used a relaxer or texturizer, when I untwisted my hair it looked like a shorter version of Oprah’s. My sister’s hair is about this length and looks just like this after she shampoos & conditions it–before she even combs it out. Occasionally, she may wears it straight by blow-drying then “wrapping” it but has NEVER used any chemicals. It looks like when Oprah wears her hair straight, it’s achieved through heat (blow dryers, hot combs, curling irons) and not perm. Black people come in ALL skin shades, body types, hair textures, and eye color. You need to check yourself, sister.

Eve on

I don’t know what’s the big deal with Oprah’s hair… It is what it is. Is NATURAL. People for some reason or another are always looking for excuses to put other females down. I don’t care if you are African American, Chinese, Hispanic, or from Mars, hair is hair no matter what. If it is curly good and if it’s not well live with it. People don’t choose who they are and if people don’t love themselves, who will? People grow up and stop the BS. For the record i’m hispanic with curly hair and i used to permed my hair but not because i chose that for myself, but because my mother did. I love my curly hair, and i love it because it’s who i’m. The texture of my hair don’t define me, my action do.

Annabelle on

My dad is 63 years old and has only a few gray hairs. My mom’s been gray since she was 40. It just depends on your genetics. Both of my parents are Black and I have naturally straight hair. My sister’s hair is a lot kinkier than mine. My brother has very big, loose, curls. I have no problem believing that is Oprah’s natural hair.

Ann on

…..and there is alot of it…..

Jackie Matte on

WOW! Maravilhoso! She has the power!!

Sandy on

In response to “nubienne”, Your post would be comical if it was not so ignorant. I know tons of black women of all shades, who have hair just like Oprah’s. And no, it has nothing to do with one of their parents having “non-kinky” hair. Hair texture-just like eye color or skin color can be all over the place in black families. Both of my parents have the same kind of hair. My sister’s hair is much wavier, thicker, and coarser than mine. My bother’s hair is extra curly. My hair is curly until it gets to a certain length-and then it becomes a big wavy afro- a lot like Oprah’s. Let go of the bitterness. And I know a lot of”kinky-haired women” and they don’t feel inferior to ANYONE at all. Seems like you are projecting your own insecurities upon a whole group of people.

Sassypants on

Her hair looks beautiful and looks like she takes very good care of it.

QBee on

Speaking of hating on other black women, I’m appalled at the negative response to Nubienne. I have hair a lot nicer than Oprah’s but could still understand where Nubienne was coming from. We all want to see images like ourselves in the media. We all want to be validated. She was expressing her own truth and frustation and there’s nothing wrong with that. In the spirit of supporting each other as black women, let’s stop hating on this particular sister.

As far as Oprah’s look goes, I’m not thrilled with it. It’s very retro – reminds me of Patti LaBelle and even some of Oprah’s early looks. It’s just not my cup of tea, but that’s just me.

stacy on

WoW self hate will continued when u live in a world where u was taught one race was superior than others its so hard to ever grow out of it.For some reason people have s problem with black hair and it mostly black people. Get s life people

Guest on

THAT’S an afro! What’s the big deal?

guest on

People still buy her magazine?!

Tiffany on

Beautiful! Though I don’t think this is THAT big of a deal, People is good for showing when each and every celelebrity changes their hair even the littlest bit.

I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to generalize and say that Oprah’s natural hair is “not like most Black womens’ hair.” Oprah’s hair is what it is because of her heritage, just like every other person on this Earth.

Can’t stand it when someone feels the need to speak for thge characteristics of their entire race. I am a Black woman and love that I can wear my thick curls free or straight. Folks: You only know YOU.

sandra on

Women have all kinds of hair. If i want my curls to pop i use leave in conditioner and gel. If i want it frizzy or make my afro big and mighty then i brush it out. Straight i blow dry and MAYBE flat iron. All these styles and i’m 100% natural. Twists braids blow outs gel….women hair is a varied and women are and its cool. When u hate on other women that hard then u show how much u hate urself. Nubian needs to pay more attention to the women around her and open her mind a bit more. I’m happy to be nappy and i love that i have the option to flex my hair any way i want.

chocolatebrown on

That is not her natural unaltered hair. It has a little bit of help. Actually, it has a lot of help. Yes, some black ppl have hair like that…but they are mixed with something else. Even from her very early days (before she got famous enough for personal stylist, it was obvious that Ms. Winfrey has beautiful hair…thick and bouncy in its relaxed state which probably meant a glorious cache of natural kinks…but that above ain’t it.

Angel on

Now, I don’t know if Oprah has extensions for length and fullness, but my hair texture is just like her hair in the picture. I have been 100% natural (no chemicals or relaxers) for two years now and regardless of the products I use, I cannot get tight/kinky curl definition. I am not bi-racial, nor my parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents… I’ve tried twist-outs and setting lotions and curl creams/custards, but as soon as it dries it, it resembles soft, sheep’s wool (or it looks like I had a roller-set and got caught in the rain lol). I love my hair. It has never been so thick and healthy since I went natural. You just have to accept your hair as it is and make it work for you.

Angela on

Nubienne, perhaps you don’t know anything about natural hair (I am natural) a black persons hair can look like Oprah’s picture. You don’t know what you are talking about. Being mixed raced has nothing to do with it.

Tiffany on

I think it’s wonderful! She’s got a lot of hair for a woman her age! And it’s gorgeous!

Kim on

Unless something changed within Oprah’s scalp, that is not the texture of her hair when it grows. When she worked as an anchor here in Baltimore, she wore her hair in a classic kinky Afro, not the texturized curls in the ‘O’cover photo.

Kim on

When I wrote classic kinky Afro, I’m saying when she was in Baltimore, Oprah’s hair was very similar to, if you are not too young to remember, the Angela Davis Afro. That type of hair does not grow out like what’s shown in the photo (without some type of processing)

Joy on

I agree with others that it is sad to see so many women debating about whether Oprah’s hair is natural or not.
Imagine if the September cover of “O” magazine featured headline topics about Minding Your Own Business-How to start and run a successful Business,
instead of Oprah with her Natural Hair–
these same women who are criticizing her would probably not be interested enough to read or make comments.

Kiana Micciche on

I would really love carryout a blogging site nonetheless.. I have no idea what sort of sites make the most visitors? Exactly what sites does one scan? I really for the most part scan photo sites plus design sites. Really having a survey here cheers!

Jamila on

Wow…its so unbelievable to read some of the ignorant comments here. ‘Have you seen the Color Purple?’ what?????? I’m sitting here staring at myself in the mirror, dark skin, wavy curly hair to the middle of my back, no chemicals; wondering why someone would think I have to be mixed in order to have a certain type of hair…..? I am really shocked at the ignorance and sad that it comes from my own race of people.

Kassie May Edwards on

Nubienne you have obviously got some hate issues. As a black woman who wears her hair in its natural state I am looking at this photo and it looks pretty authentic. Her hair texture is similar to mine and I am not multiracial. As a person with kinky hair we use techniques to manipulate our hair.

Two stand twists, bantu knots, three strand twists, flat twists, flexi-rods, perm rods, cornrows, curlformers. All of these products and techniques can be use to transform your curl pattern without heat or chemicals.

Using a great curl creme helps as well. Products like; Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Ouidad etc.

Just because I am nappy doesnt mean I cant try out different curly styles. Just like oprah probably did. And actually her hair looks pretty frizzy and nappy with no definite curl pattern.

Give us black people more credit. We have a long blood line attached to europeans and native americans. I have never met any natural black woman with the same hair pattern.

Dont be ignorant.

terinlynn on

No disrespect to anyone leaving comments but how can you all talk down on Nubienne so openly because she expressed her opinion? I can understand that you disagree but to call her a “fool” or what have you is completely out of line.

Ladies, we all have different hair with different textures and so on. We also have different experiences when it comes to natural hair styles. Just because this particular person might not have seen any women, who is not mixed, sport a texture like Oprah’s does not give us the right to crucify her. Let’s just educate and move on. Speaking hatefully just sets us back more years than her actually saying Oprah’s hair isn’t real.

Also, I think Oprah looks amazing.. From one naturalista to another, ROCK ON!!!

Jerian on

Finally black women are putting down those chemicals and blowdryers….for a wash and go..oprah hair looks good …but that isnt her natural state…she fooling you white folks lol……if she wanted to go natural she would have to cut alll her hair offf down to 3 inches…then no more perms or heat or a comb for 3 years…..then she will have a natural…..but her ends are fried….and she fooling all you white people…..thinking thats her natural state …..nope its a lie

Sammax on

In natural hair transition and be sure that is not her totally untouched hair. No matter what kind of kinks and curls she has if she has been straightening them for 20 years and multiple times a week for her shows etc. her ends are trained. Her hair will not go totally curly in one sitting, it will take months to undue that kind of work. Just plain facts, so why lie????

nappyme on

Ok nubienne, just wow girl. Get a grip and do some research on the styling options for kinky, nappy hair. I don’t have NEARLY the volume of hair that Oprah has but I get the same response from folks who see my hair styled in certain ways. And I haven’t had a relaxer since 2002. I stopped using heat on my hair since 2006. Trust when I say if anyone saw it right after I washed it they wouldn’t believe my hair would kink and draw up the way it does. But once I moisturize it and style it people are amazed and are quick to tell me that I must have that “good hair” meaning “mixed hair.” And, that they have that AFRICAN kinky hair and could NEVER look like mine.

Ok…whatever. The problem is ignorance. So many black women have not seen their hair since that first childhood relaxer and they have absolutely no idea what grows naturally from their head…let along what to do with it if they did let it grow out. So therein lies the problem. If you’ve never worked with your own natural hair, how do you know what it’s capable of sans heat and chemicals?

Again, you need to do your research. Check out some black hair care message boards and blogs (e.g., Nappturology101, cnappymenow.com, nappturality.com etc.,) and you’ll see thousands of women who proudly wear their natural hair and geeze louise we’re not all “mixed” by anyone’s standards either and a lot have hair that rivals Oprah’s all day everyday.

Anonymous on

While Nubienne has made some ignorant comments, some of her concerns are valid. Of course you do not have to be mixed to have curls, that’s silly but it IS true that curls are still held in higher regard than kinks and anyone who wants to deny/ argue this needs a wakeup call. Also the Color Purple link posted by Nubienne does show Oprah’s natural hair is nothing like the above. Her roots look more like 4c-5a not that I care for Andre’s silly hair typing system but the gist is that her natural hair is not the above.

Chris on

I heard Oprah used this product called 7Pe to help grow & soften her hair. There is a whole article on it if anyone want to read it.. Just google 7pe & it should come up…

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