Ralph Lauren Responds to U.S. Olympic Uniform Controversy

07/16/2012 at 12:30 PM ET

Olympics 2012
Courtesy Ralph Lauren

When it was reported that the U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms were actually made in China, many people spoke out, criticizing the uniforms. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even went so far as to say they should be burned.

But amidst all the controversy, the brand behind the clothes — Ralph Lauren — remained quiet. Until this weekend, when the company broke its silence. They seemed to acknowledge their misstep with the following statement:

“For more than 45 years Ralph Lauren has built a brand that embodies the best of American quality and design rooted in the rich heritage of our country. We are honored to continue our longstanding relationship with the United States Olympic Committee in the 2014 Olympic Games by serving as an Official Outfitter of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams. Ralph Lauren promises to lead the conversation within our industry and our government addressing the issue of increasing manufacturing in the United States and has committed to producing the Opening and Closing ceremony Team USA uniforms in the United States that will be worn for the 2014 Olympic Games.”

So, the navy blazers, white bottoms and berets that you’ll see at this year’s Olympics will have been made in China. But after all the scrutiny, Ralph Lauren promises to keep things “local” next time around.

That hasn’t stopped people from voicing another complaint, though: that the ensembles are way too European. Tell us: What do you think about Ralph Lauren’s statement? What are your thoughts on the Olympic uniforms being made in China?


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terry ferraro on


happy on

Everything about it is foreign many not be European but understand its not American. Just because you add red, white, and blue does not make it American. But I do understand supporting our nation, whether it be with colors or baseball.

Sue on

I totally agree having the USA’s Olympic uniforms made outside of the USA is a HUGE mistake, however i have no problem with the “European” stly beret……our country is a melting pot of cultures and i do not feel that in todays time that the style of headwear shown classifies as belonging to a certain nation or nationality.

amtvi on

What makes the design “foreign”? The fact that it’s classy, timeless and formal?

Perhaps he should have gone with a hoodie and sweatpants!

Sany on

They should have thought about this and the scrutiny they would get from having made them in China! What was he thinking? Really is a shame for this country, and just goes to show how much outsourcing we do!! Pathetic!

French on

I love the colors. I love the berets. I think the French will think they have a 2nd team. Good going, RL. You made out team look like the French.

robby on

It has been reported that Mitt Romney is responsible for the outsourcing of the manufacture of these uniforms.

It also have been learned that Mitt Romney was responsible for the sinking of the Lusitania.

jo thomas on

i think it is a shame that the uniforms were not made in America. The best-loking uniform our team has worn was was the cowboy uniform from years ago.

Mim on

For this very reason…..”NEXT TIME” AMERICANS are without jobs because of years of out sourcing of jobs and companies receiving millions of dollars from our government for doing so. NEXT TIME how about don’t even use RALPH LAUREN at all!!!! Ralph Lauren knows the importance especially since the Olympics only occur ever 4 years, it will be so watered down and forgotten RALPH LAUREN WILL DO THIS AGAIN!!!! Burn the uniforms everything and let the companies in America manufacture 2012 uniforms for the Olympics there are several companies that have come forward and stated they can get them made in 2 weeks!

Ingrid on

I work for Ralph Lauren Polo Factory Stores, and I do love RL’s product but I do have a problem with “American” Companies shipping jobs overseas.

christine on

What makes it foreign is the beret, which comes to us from France, and the shoes which are definitely more European than American. No one said it was not trendy or fitting with the current environment of fashion. But yes they should have been made in our country.

maggie on

They look like flight attendants to me…..oh well, maybe next year will be better. Good luck.

Izzie on

Why aren’t people outraged by all the things that are made in China? Why is it that we’re annoyed because of the Olympic uniforms? Frankly, I’d rather buy American — and even pay extra. I don’t like or agree with the Chinese government, but yet I’m forced to support China because the decision-makers have decided that is the way to do business.

wake up on

Almost all uniform apparel is produced overseas.
To have something made in the US is more than triple the cost of what it would be to have it made overseas and people/businesses can’t afford it.

So in theory I understand why people would want items US made to support our own country & economy. However no one wants to pay US cost of labor and materials to have it done.
It’s an evil circle.

Leslie on

I wonder how many people who are throwing a fit about these uniforms are, right now, typing out those fits on computers that were made in China, while wearing clothes that are made in Mexico, and drinking out of cups made in Korea. Get over it. It’s the way of the world. And unless EVERY SINGLE THING in your house was made in America, quit being a complaining hypocrite.

dee on

Since these athletes are representing the United States, they should NOT be representing Ralph Lauren. The Olympic Committee should REMOVE the LOGOS.

jenn halt on

If Americans weren’t so lazy and “above” factory jobs, we wouldn’t have this problem.

nice job ralph the uniforms are presh!

Rochele on

He must be buddies with Mitt Romney; exporting more American jobs….

gabalita on

why does ralph lauren have to design them?
why can’t tommy hilfiger or some other person do it?

Nonya on

It doesn’t look European so much as it does dated. It looks like 1950s uniforms. I hope the teams toss the beret and shorten up the poodle skirt a few inches (but not make it a mini).

Pam on

Shame on Ralph Lauren!!! And what is with the Beret? They look like they are in the military, awful, just awful

Julia on

Why does this produce an outrage? It’s a piece of clothing! The olympics are about…well, the olympics. Outsourcing is just a natural part of our world now, as long as the design is American, it’s just as American to me.

Lauren on

Honestly, when have berets ever been American? Also what is with the socks on the women? Are they going to be folded or scrunched al la 1995? Also is RL trying to embarrass us in front of Pippa Middleton?

Bonnie G on

It’s time to find an American designer, like the ones that work for LL Bean.

Debbie on

Ralph Lauren’s company had them made in China because its cheaper. But I’m sure they’ve charged the Olympic committee an exorbitant fee, thus, making a huge profit. Scum.

MP on

I love the RL uniforms! Very American!

Janet on

If I were an Olympian, and was forced to wear stuff not made in my country, I would show up in stuff made in my country. Olympics are about many things, one of which is national pride. I’d show it and not be scared to do so.

Julie on

Why not European? Aren’t the Olympics in Europe this year? Come on don’t quibble…They are Americans and representing our good old USA…in London, England which is part of Europe isn’t it?

Sue on

I also take issue with the huge Ralph Lauren logo on the pocket

Alan on

Lets face it there is little to no manufacturing done in the USA anymore, The amercan people will not pay the price for what it would cost to manufacture in the USA. And the American people will not work if they can not get paid a lot of money. lets face it if you can make more on unemployment, food stamps goverment aid for 3+ years why work.
So next time we want to speak out about our outreage, lets first look at ourselves.

Gail on

Please tell me again how much money was saved using Chinese labor. AND he has his logo. Boycott Polo. BUY AMERICAN!!!

From ABC News, take a moment to see how much Ralph Lauren charged the Olympic Committee for the Chinese-made uniforms:


Beret – $55
Tie – $125
Belt – $85
Shirt – $425
Blazer – $795
Trousers – $295
Shoes – $165

Beret – $55
Scarf – $58
Belt – $85
Shirt – $179
Skirt – $498
Blazer – $598

Barb on

It’s a fine retro style and cute use of color. Yes a error in judgment about where to make the clothes but what’s new. If it was a joint venture between the two countries, who would have made a fuss.

Kali on

Which brings up a borderline shirttail-related question: There are many foreign athletes that live and train in the United States, but then compete and win medals for “their” countries. Should this be allowed or should the medal go to the country where the athlete lives and trains? My opinion is if you live and train here, you should be considered a U.S. Olympian. If you want to compete for France, for example, you should live and train in France. What do you think?

jbotkin on

Land of opportunity, really? nothing would have been more American than giving a struggling local manufacturing company here at home the uniform contract.

Cameron on

Why is everyone so upset. Lauren clearly embodied the american spirit…do things as cheap as possible for maximum profit.

Jessica on

While I feel as though it was poor judgement to allow the uniforms to be made in China, it is my opinion that the design is timeless and classy perfection. How can the look be un-American when some of our own soldiers wear berets? I also wonder how many other countries’ uniforms were made elsewhere.

bmjuneau on

Yes, they should have been made in the USA – but obviously they’ve learned their lesson. But it begs the question how, in this age of information, companies and people cannot understand that things like this will be noticed.

Anyway, as for the outfits themselves – I’m no fashion guru but at first glance they are very nice. Bold blue with the white and red accents – nice. Berets are fine. However, after I really looked at them I have a problem with the mens jackets. Way too short. And the ladies (at least in the picture above) is a trainwreck. Why a scarf and not a tie? Or at least tie the scarf better – and the jacket looks too tight on the model. Only one button is buttoned and you can see the bottom of the scarf. Yikes. And the skirt – it’s too long and the pleats (?) are off-putting. It’s making the model look very short and her legs weird.
Not a fan.

Karen on

I think Mr. Lauren made a huge mistake and cut off his nose to spite his face on this one. I and many others actually thought that most of Ralph Lauren’s clothes were made in the USA. Now his secret is out. And with the wishy washy promise… He should run for president…
He would make quite a politican.

kc on

I don’t think they look European…they just look plain ugly. They look like a bunch of Airflight attendants.

Daria on

The US has a bad habit of under-dressing at the Olympics. “Too European”? What does that even mean? Since when did wearing a blazer look “European”? A beret? True, mostly worn by the French, but not exclusively. Why would a baseball cap be better? Hogwash!

Guest0716 on

And no one in charge knew that these clothes were being made in China. Are you kidding me? It is why our country is in the shape they are in. Ralph Lauren should be banned from ever doing the Olympic clothing again.

Karen on

I, too, believe the outfits should have been made in the states. I’m not crazy about the berets could take or leave them, but the rest of the outfits are clean, sharp and classic. Too European, not at all. As far as “burning” them, lets not be wasteful, enough of the material things in our lives are throw-away only to have more “stuff” outsourced and brought into our homes only to end up in the landfill. Nice job RL and be proud American Olympians.

cindy on

A major issue with these uniforms is that they are made in China.

A bigger problem is their look. Nothing about them screams USA. Classic ? Yes. Timeless? Yes. Representative of America? No way! I agree with an earlier comment that the cowboy-style uniform looked more american than these do. Seriously, how many Americans have you seen wearing berets?

duddy on

The “Polo” emblem on the blazers really bothers me, nothing like a little shameless self promotion and marketing right Ralph? The berets are rediculous and someone really should have known better than to have the garments assembled in China.

HB on

You Americans are something else. You dont mind buying 90% of all designer DUDS that are made in China. Most everything is these days. NIKE etc Etc etc Why do most think you have to impress everyone
You mostly go by the BRAND and think its so important You dont impress me or alot of others
Go to China and get Tiffanys Coach Louis and many more for a fraction of the US price. You all are a bunch of fools Bet you go and buy a Ralph Lauren garment tomorrow in NYC SAD SAD

Linda Perkins on

I am appalled that Team USA will be wearing uniforms made in China. It is increasingly difficult to find American made goods in local retailers. The pictures from London showcasing the military fortification of that beautiful city for the purpose of the games is atrocious. I am certainly not brave enough to risk my life to attend. What is the point if we can’t trust each other on the most basic level? Must we all hold our breath and pray as each of these wonderful young athletes compete? Don’t they deserve their day in the sun without the shadow of fear lurking
everywhere? Is it too much to expect peace without the billions spent on security? What a world.

Scott T on

First, I think the uniforms are wonderful. While they have a “preppy” flavor, they are also classy and very good looking. The US population is an amalgam of many nationalities and cultures, and because of that, we can use things like berets and still be American. After all, Army Special Forces wear berets.

There are those who have remarked that western attire is American, but by implication, a Euro/nautical touch is not. The folks in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut might argue with that. We are diverse and we should regognize and celebrate it.

While I would agree that ideally our uniforms should be US made, we should also recognize that we are competing in a global marketplace. If our local contractors cannot compete globally, perhaps they must adjust their thinking.

While I don’t think its right that some countries are gaining a competitive edge by ignoring basic human rights, I also realize some of our own companies tacitly create the problem by outsourcing to those same countries who fail to recognize human rights. It is not right to place the problem solely on Ralph Lauren. It is a bigger issue than that.

susan atwood on

Although I am in COMPLETE agreement Uniforms should be made in the USA !!!

What about the TRIBUTE to OUR Green Berets….love the berets !

Jane on

Why are people so upset that this set of clothing is being made in China? People need to look at the bigger picture that many American companies are doing the exact same thing every single day, all year long. There is a bigger problem here. This is not a slap in the face to the Olympics or Olympian, but to American in general. American companies need to create and preserve American jobs. This is just shameful.

Pam on

What was Ralph Lauren thinking when he outsourced the Olympic uniforms to China? Probably about how much more money he could make by relying on low income wages paid to the poor people who made them in China. For such an “American Icon” as Ralph Lauren, I would recommend that we stop buying his clothing and determine how many other pieces of his clothing are being outsourced to China and he can become their “Icon.” The whole debacle reeks of financial gain for him at the expense of our national pride in “Made in America.”

susan atwood on

Although I CERTAINLY AGREE they should be made in the USA….

It can be seen as a TRIBUTE to our BRAVE GREEN BERETS…..to late now

Judy Rowley on

These uniforms do nothing for me at a gut level. I do not connect with them at all. It doesn’t look “European” to me – it seems more 50’s prep school. Besides the colors, what about them says “USA”?
And “Made in China”? Please!

jenny cane on

What do people want, CAMOUFLAGE? PANTS HANGING DOWN TO THE BACK OF THEIR KNEES? BOOTY SHORTS? I understand that those things are all some Americans see but this look is sophisticated and classy. To bad for those who don’t know it.

luci on

Well, it the old saying…Ralph Lauren got his tit caught in a ringer….He knew exactly what he was doing and will not do anything any different in the future….Olympic Committee should not use him. It’s just that easy.

Brian C on

What’s more American than outsourcing? ;)

Kathy Sinkovitz on

It isn’t about poor choice by RL, it’s about the amount of profit! RL won’t rethink his choice because his goal is profit and Mitt Rommney will support that ideology. And for all those who critize the “lazy American worker” may I remind you that we have the unions and their “fair play” philosopy created that “lazy American”! Everyone would like to enjoy RL’s lifestyle!!

Hung on

It’s all business to them. What do you expect?!?

Tracey Doering-Beatty on

The outfits are HORRIBLE!!! A lady wearing a skirt and bobby socks, even before the scarf, beret, and that awful blazer is an embarrassment to the USA. What year does RL think it is? 1950?
And I won’t even start on what the male uniforms look like. Lets just say if you don’t want to be laughed at by the rest of the world don’t wear them. They make our team look weak!

Don’t talk about military berets as if they are the same thing. They are not as they are worn with a military uniform for specific unit(s).

The Olympic uniforms are an embarrassment and disgrace and should be treated as such. I feel so bad for the the athletes that are forced to wear them.

Susan on

I think it’s a bit hypocritical to say that they must be made in USA after the fact. Shouldn’t that info have been part of the uniform maker’s guidelines, for whoever was awarded this deal? I challenge any of the complainers, including members of Congress, to stand up and swear that they have nothing in their wardrobe or household that was Made in China or elsewhere outside the USA. Make it a governing principal then you can complain when people don’t follow it.

cclare on

Elegant, classy uniforms. RL is an American icon with an amazing aesthetic- outsourcing is part of our countries existance & is a crucial part of affordability in the consumer world. We should try to shop locally and support American bussiness as much as we can, however, who doesn”t enjoy a good Target run…. Think uniforms are lovely-

jamjar on

Is anyone offended by the large RL polo logo on the jacket? Self-serving, not honoring America!!!

sno on

The fact that these garments were produced offshore should disqualify Mr.Lauren from designing the 2014 Olympics uniforms.

I feel, instead, that there should be a contest allowing American designers and anyone else, for that matter, to submit their design and then let the American people choose the winning designs. Isn’t that what America is about??? Opportunity??

sandy on

NO EXCUSE!!! OLYMPIC UNIFORMS NOT MADE IN USA IS JUST PLAIN UNACCEPTABLE!!! I no longer want to support our country in the evens. How can I when we continue to sell ourselves out for cheaper labor. When will we bring LABOR back to the USA??? We have plenty of people here that need work. WE NEED PRIDE again. SO VERY SAD!

Rosemary on

Ralph Lauren outsources his manufacturing to China because the cost is less expensive.

This is one of the reasons our economic growth is slow to recover. Do not blame the lack of US job growth on President Obama to create jobs when our American CEO’s decide to out source labor abroad.
Just think, if all of the US CEO’s brought all jobs back to the US. What an economic recovery we would have. Maybe we should give tax incentives for companies to do this right away?

LOL! on

The uniforms are classic Ralph Lauren, formal and tailored, the Americans are sure to be the best dressed at the Opening. But to have them made in China was a huge mistake, China is synonymous with cheap labour and poor quality and it immediately takes something away from them just knowing they were produced there. They should have been quality American made right down to the last button. Shocking that even something of this importance would be outsourced.

isabelle on

Hypocrites….stop shopping at Wallmart, target, or kmart then. Wallmart pulls the same bull. Why do you guys think outsourcing exits??? The government doesn’t work with small businesses here in America. Non sense extortion fees…all provided by government.

Leslie on

Yes, they do look too European: like hoity-toity old money prep school European of some decades ago. Crewing at Henley, anyone? The berets but for the color look like old Iron Curtain countries’ army issue. Ankle socks for the women? Really? As for the China-made controversy, Ralph Lauren’s statement sounds more like a mea culpa only to ensure the company gets the 2014 contract. Were the company truly cognizant of its monumental public relations gaffe, it would immediately get American shops working 24/7 to do better for the 2012 London Games. America invented denim: put our team in Levi 501s or something; just make sure those pants weren’t manufactured in China!

Leslee on

I do buy RL and don’t plan to stop but that said, this wasn’t exactly a shining moment for RL. The pony logo is fine but the “Big Pony” is rather obnoxious considering this is the Olympics and not a main event fashion show. I formed that opinion before finding out they were made in China and they were not entirely sponsored by RL.

As to things being manufactured in China, that’s no surprise and it’s not the most offensive thing I have heard. I believe RL did his company and the country a disservice by not promoting his label by making these costumes “All American” by some big proclamation that they were entirely made in the USA. Find a way to draw materials or workmanship from all 50 states and promote it heavily, RL would have hit a home run, or would that be taken home a gold medal? Instead, they end up with this.

isabelle on

Instead of criticizing RL and others, think about WHY outsourcing exits. Apparently, MANY of you have NEVER owned a business and probably never will with your naive comments.

christa on

He knows he did wrong, or he would not have apologized. While I think the uniforms are classy, it was a bad move to have them made in China. He should have know better, because he knows about the job situation in the USA. But if we want made in the USA, we will have to pay more, but I would rather have clothes made here in the USA and pay more for quality.

Jennifer Opacki on

WOW – what kind of deal did Ralph make with the Olympic contactsto have his logo on the front of the cloths – lots of advertising…

Joan Frank on

I think the skirt looks dorky. Really don’t find the uniforms especially stylish at all. Too prep school to me, but then when in Rome….

judy B on

Outsourcing is the root of some of our domestic problems here in this country.

Family first should be our motto. Companies who are outsourcing should pay huge penalties, when we have millions of people out of work.

Be American, buy American…..No more Ralph Lauren for me…..

Danielle on

Shame, shame,,,,,,that this country have lost his soul……why…..? who sold us to China…..it should be executed…..in a public place……so every body can watch……like Sadan Hussein.

Paul on

I think its a shame that Ralph Lauren had the uniforms made in China. Its a slap in the face to US manufacturing. There should be no next time for him. I would exclude him from future design of USA uniforms.

swack on

If I’m not mistaken, does not one branch of our armed forces wear the same type of beret?

Cameron on

Why is everyone so shocked. Ralph Lauren is simply showing what america is all about. Production that is cheap and produces the most profit for the CEO’s. Boycott the olympics.

Betty on

I hate the RL logo over the heart,,when the athletes put their hand over their heart to honor the USA it will be Ralphie getting the cover..grrrrr…should be a USA flag in that spot if ANYTHING!!!

Tracy on

Mr. Lauren,
If I were one of these athletes, I would refuse to wear any uniform not made in the USA. They should ALL refuse. Wear jeans and a tee shirt! Mr. Lauren, this is not just a “misstep”, it is an insult. The sad thing is I am not at all surprised. Ralph Lauren, you have the resources, due in no small part to the laws and protections of the USA, to make this right FOR THIS OLYMPICS. Will this cut too far into your profit margin?

NO on

These outfits look terrible, I won’t be buying any more of his clothes. I don’t trust anything coming out of China, what with the bad dog food, drywalls, and many other bad products. This is an embarrasement to the US, Ralph should have use American workers to make the uniforms. So is he saying we can buy his clothes but not make them?

JCoolie123 on

I suppose our green berets, rangers, and other forms of US military’s head wear are too European as well?
Get a life, people.


kerry on

Any thing to do with the US Olympic Team should be 100% American including the manufacturing of the uniforms they wear! Who cares who the designer is! MAKE THEM IN THE USA!

Annette on

Didn’t think that one through did ya Ralph!!!!

Dorcett on

I think it is disgusting that these uniforms were made in China… shame on you Ralph Lauren.
Also, the uniforms are just awful, it has absolutely no resemblance to the United States at all..
Very bland and boring.

Sandy C on

I’m 61 and I recall at the age of 7 or 8 going to Galveston (where my mother grew up) for the first time. We went to a 5 and dime store where she used to work to buy a momento of our trip — something typically from Galveston! On the drive back to Dallas, I noticed that on the bottom, it said “Made in China.” So, for my whole life, it’s been pretty typical to buy things made in China here in the good old USA. And, I love the uniforms!

atlantatea on

Sorry but the entire outfit is ugly and boring. Come on Ralph give us a little flavor! Yawn.

carol on

America,gotta love it.Do we really need to wonder why China is a super power,and the economy is in the toilet?Outsourcing.I guess if you want a job,you have to move to China,or India.

Ralph Lauren Responds To U.S. Olympic Uniform Controversy – People Magazine | Style In Life Journal on

[…] Ralph Lauren Responds To U.S. Olympic Uniform ControversyPeople MagazineCourtesy Ralph Lauren When it was reported that the U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms were actually made in China, many people spoke out, criticizing the uniforms. The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even went so far as to say they should be … […]

steve on

The Majority of Outfits and Clothing are made elsewhere anyways.Where would Ralph Lauren design them In the US.

Jane on

Everything is made overseas. My car is made in Japan, my expensive purse and wallet is made in China, my shirt made in Sri Lanka. GM, Chevy & Ford car/suv/truck engines and most other major components of the vehicle are made overseas and assembled in the US and those brands are often mistaken to be made in the USA.

Claudia on

There is no second chance for a first impression and the damage is done. One week employing 100-200 people in the US 24/7 if needed you can replace those uniforms and make it right. Being humble and accept the mistake sometimes is not enough.

eviewg on

PLEASE! If Henry Reid and the rest of the complaining public checked THEIR closets, they’ll see that most of their stuff isn’t made in the US. Go ahead, be a nudist and burn your clothes. America is made up of immigrants, the Olympics is an international event, the fact that there are some Americans who can’t seem to grasp the concept of being a citizen of the world is why there is still so much ignorance in this country. Unfortunately, these people do breed.

lynn on

Hate the Logo on them. Beret’s are only OK. Who chooses who gets to design clothing? Should have been contest-Americans voting after seeing 3-5 designers photos. Saw an Olympic jacket at sporting goods store the other day-over $400,crazy. All his stuff is overpriced. Is it only for the wealthy?


I think it is a slam towards the USA. I would like to see the athletes boycot the outfits somehow. They definitely should have been made in the USA. Shame on Ralph Lauren.

Really on

Of course no one would appreciate a timeless, more appropriate look. We are a nation of “skinny jeans and kicks.” And I’m sure that all of you voicing your opinions regarding them being made in China and all of this outsourcing don’t own a thing that was made in another country…..right…..

Curvatude on

Let’s just hope that they have learned their lesson.

As far as the styling goes, I do not feel that they are “European” I feel that they are classic and clean.

msberberian on

I’m very dissapointed with Mr Ralph Lauren, He took our style away and so of our jobs. I’m not buying any RL products.

Courtney on

I think the uniforms look great. And I don’t see what people are getting at with the berets. American soldiers wear berets!

Robert on

Yes, it was a mistake to make them in China. Too late to change that, not too late to make sure it doesn’t happen in 2014 as he promised. As to looking Euro, really? A double breasted blue blazer and white pants are classic American yachting season attire. Berets are now worn by all US Army personnel, not to mention US Army Special Forces since Vietnam. How is that not American?

naun on

As of now I choose to halt any purchases of any Ralph Lauren products until 2014.

Gigi on

I have always loved Ralph Lauren but the Olympic uniforms are too European. Frankly if he changed the hat it would help alot. Frankly I think he should change the hat on his dime and get it to done here in the USA before Opening Day! I wonder if he was involved at all?

atlantatea on

the outfit is boring and boring! needs some American flava! pizzazz. Hey Ralph maybe partner with a youthful upcoming designer from US fashion school…

Kitty on

Unions caused manufacturing to go overseas. Businesses can’t afford the demands of the union anymore so they go to China because it’s cheaper there.

shadowsept on

what kind of Jackass would even think it would be okay to manafacture uniforms for olympic athletes in a foreign company…only a money grubbing jerk….i am ahamed that our athletes will be appearing in foreign made uniforms that make them look like a FRENCH team…very shameful

Jeanette on

When I first saw them, I thought they were horrible. They look way too military. I think the only people from this country eligible to wear military outfits are the military that are fighting for our country. The fact that they were made in China makes it even worse.

Blue Ldy on

Why did Ralph Lauren do this in the first place? I feel that maybe Ralph Lauren shouldn’t be in charge next time. Lets someone else do the design the correct way! He shouldn’t be paid for his mistake!

shadowsept on

ohh and BTW my carharts are made in the usa and are more than good enough for many a hard working american

rmb on

Agree with French. First time I saw this pic, I thought the uniforms look French and not really American. Yes, America is a melting pot, but to keep it Americanized, they should not embody a European style (especially when there are more than just Europeans in America) and the berets and blazer look is most definitely a French look.

Gerald Pryor on

I think that these clothes from China,is a real big mistake. Don’t we have company’s here in the US that can make us look like American’s. We really should wake up before this get’s worse Jerry Pryor

masha on

1. Most of elegant clothe made in Europe, if you see it done by american designer, it being copied in most of the cases.
2. USA is the only country which do not give money to the sport, for years parents responsible for all the costs, including uniforms, which usually made in China.3. RL is a huge sponsor with production in China, when you buy from RL store even Black label made in China. So, why is there is a surprise. Unless Olympic comity specified that they want uniforms to be made in USA and paid for it, then RL is responsible and should not produce it in a future other way there is no issue

janki on

What is less American than a beret? Have any of the naysayers ever seen a Green Beret soldier in the Army? Let alone the red berets that are worn by the Marines?

We have people off to war fighting for the US. This style only reflects that reality.

The uniforms are great otherwise

WiddoMouse on

I am shocked and so disappointed that Ralph Lauren would outsource his fashions, but in particular the ones for the Olympics. His comment that he would keep things “local” next time around assumes that there will be a next time. The US Olympic Committee should never let him design for them again.

Jan Norrish on

RL what were you thinking?? Your US customers have made you a millionaire many times over. Have you forgotten your roots, sir??
You are a disappointment to the US and your faithful.

Barbara Morgan on

The uniforms are very classy and “Ralph Lauren” but it does STRETCH the imagination that it did not enter the minds of Ralph & David Lauren and their fellow top executives and designers in their pre-production planning sessions that these clothes, paraded before the world by our US Olympians, should be MADE IN AMERICA.

Sunn on

Unemployed US citizens could have made money and/or supplemented their income, and help boost the American economy. But Ralph Lauren felt the Chinese economy needed, their Chinese citizens needed the money more to feed their families, and/or supplement their income. In addition to pledging the next Olympic uniforms will be made in the US, Ralph Lauren should be required to purchase all materials, threads, buttons, etc from US suppliers. 100% made in the USA. I mean, the USA Team will be representing the USA and not China, Korea, Thailand, or any other country.

A.M. Davis on

Why is there only one woman and she is in the back, at third place? I find this rather offensive.

Bex on

I think that they were aiming for a naval academy look, or maybe Martha’s Vineyard, either way I like the outfits from the white shoes up to the berets. Apparently to be American we must get our panties in a bunch over every little thing that pops up. It’s a global economy- that is not a new thing. Would it be better to manufacture locally? Absolutely. But how many other nations had their uniforms made in China or Korea or the Phillipines? And how many of them are being big cry-babies about it?

hawaiiwoman on

Do you really think RL gives a hoot about what we have to say? He’s about making big profits and doesn’t mind using Chinese sweatshops to make his profits. He got caught and is trying to backpedal. I don’t think we should ever use him to provide Olympic clothing again. Give some Americans the job.

Amy on

I understand that we want the uniforms made in the USA. I can’t understand why iris a big deal this year when all the past uniforms were also made in China. Why ar we just now getting upset this year.

justinjones53 on

Is it me, or is it pathetic that nobody in this conversation can write a comment without a misspelling?

That being said, the uniforms being made in China is about as much a travesty as a majority of our closets. If you support American Made as much as you spout…look to your own purchasing experience.

Jayy Dull on

I have had it with companies sending all their manufacturing overseas. From this point on I will not buy unless the product is made in the USA. Guess that leaves Ralph LAuren out of my future purchases.

Pam on

I think that it is ridiculous that the American uniforms are made in China. It should be a requirement that all items worn by the Olympic team should be made in the USA. Which economy should we be supporting? I understand that Ralph Lauren is a big Olympic sponsor and they should know better but the US Olympic committee should have requirements. The beret is sort of ridiculous and not something that you think of as American.

Doob on

I used to be one of RL’s biggest fans until he went PETA nuts and banned fur in his line…Big mistake with me…Haven’t bought one piece of RL since…..

Deanne on

RL didn’t use much thought- The uniform is so typically Ralph Lauren. I too, am against foreign made products which used to be produced in the USA. outsourcing is destroying the United States.

grumpy on

Ralph Lauren should never have done that. I will never buy Ralph Lauren again. At least step up and get uniforms made in the USA for THIS olympics. Are you saying that with his billions they can’t? I doubt it. What a looser company. Never will I spend another cent to them.

Murray on

I think the design looks very millitary..I dont think thats what we want to say to the rest of the world..

Linda W on

What was RL thinking?? This is crazy! He and his company should have known this would be a controversy, duh! Very bad PR for him.
The berets are ridiculous and tres French, don’t you think?

Anna on

Where was the outcry when the Olympic Games were held in Salt Lake City and the US Team outfits were designed and made by ROOTS in Canada. RL you rock for the great looking uniforms and for thinking about the future Olympics!

Liz Lam on

Simply being used by politicians.

Stormy Fireriver on

They look like airline uniforms to me (ick).

I am sick and tired of these corporations that already rake in the dough not using Americans. This country’s economy is in the toilet. We cannot spend money if we don’t have it!

Give Americans jobs (with living wages) and we’ll do what we like best spend it on all kinds of stuff – that will surely start moving the economy.

Evy on

Practically everything is made in China nowadays, get over it.

Jae on

Those uniforms do not look American at all!!!! They look like they stepped out of some boarding school in Europe! Add the fact that they were made in China, and I agree, they should be burned!!!

amyjanerose on

If RL wanted to look really American, he should’ve gone with sweat pants and a hoodie. The only thing that makes this outfit American is the colors, the fact that its made in China, and how much of the styling they copied from Europe.

Aly on

RL did the American thing by outsourcing to China. Shocker.

Donna on

They look like flight attendant uniforms from the 60’s and 70’s. Awful ….. would refuse to wear them,

Niza on

At Macy’s they sell other Ralph Lauren Uniform pieces (USA Olympic logo)which states “Made in Peru”, good quality cotton, but, very pricey though…

marianne on

My first thought upon seeing the uniform was of France. The colors and style are very French. C’est la vie! Good luck to the Olympians!

Jenny Feldman on

While I understand that RL had difficulty finding a way to produce our country’s Olympic uniforms in our own country, at a reasonable price (this is a long-standing issue in the fashion industry, as well as a multitude of others), my issue is with the fact that, while they are “…the official outfitter of the US Olympic and Paralympic Games,” they continue to lack representation of those of us who have disabilities. I wear Ralph Lauren on a regular basis, as does the rest of my family. I also happen to be in a wheelchair, and suspect that one of the rock-star athletes on the US Paralympic team could have done an even more stellar representation of our country AND the RL brand than I would by being featured on the official RL uniform photo.

Stacey on

He got busted, plain and simple. It’s already sad that the company claims to be rooted in American tradition but has the clothes made in China. America has just given away everything so it’s no wonder people are out of work. America needs to go back to being a manufacturing nation that FIXES things if they break, not outsource to China and throw things away when they break. Buy American, the job you save may be your own.

rhonda on

lmao because cutoffs and wifebeaters aren’t good enough for the olympic team what a bunch of snots!!!!!!

Dee on

It was a shame that the uniforms were outsourced!!! Get your facts straight Robby…obama is in control and he is in with China thats why they were outsourced to China. Obama is kissing but again . The whole country is turned upside down and backwards cause of obama…..Mitt Romney had nothing to do with it, because if he was in office they would have been made in the USA for sure!!

Eliza on

While I certainly understand the sensitivity around this issue, I cannot castigate Ralph Lauren. A self-made man from modest beginnings, Ralph has created a world-wide luxury brand that’s brought both priceless prestige and considerable financial benefit to the U.S.
Additionally, he’s been a very patriotic citizen. When our historic flag, Old Glory, needed multimillion-dollar preservation, Ralph paid for much of it. And I believe his designing our Olympic uniforms has been a labor of love — not something he’s ever done to make money. His heart is in the right place.

Natters5 on

It would be great to have these uniforms manufactured in the United States, however it would cost about 3 to 4 times more. Trust me as someone who heads production for an American brand I would love to have our product produced in the United States, but then you would not be able to afford it. You would think twice to buy a t-shirt.

Lori on

What’s all the fuss about the berets? There were berets in 2002 and I don’t recall any big uproar about them. Our military proudly wears berets and no one accuses them of being French. I do wish the uniforms had been made in the USA, but I truly don’t see why people are so angry about the berets.

Robbin Hood on

Channing Tatum is everywhere! He’s holding the flag! Poor Jenna Dewan-Tatum! She has to share her husband with the rest of the world! Now Chan, is an Olympic athlete! But he did a lousy “Michael Jackson” impersonation in “Magic Mike”! He does an even worse… Michael Jordan impersonation!

Ralph Lauren, knows that you can’t make… things for Commies without hurting Americans! Unless you’re a closet Commie who’s hurting Americans! Whatever that means/says… says/means.. says..

Channing Tatum is everywhere!!! Look at the dude with the FLAG!! bUT i MENTIONED THAT ALREADY!!


The problem with Ralph Lauren making the U.S. olympic uniforms in China is very easy to fix. Let a U.S. company make the Chinese uniforms and read on the labels “MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Even steven baby !

AdB on

Those outfits look French.
At first, I thought it was a picture of French Olympians.

re the Lusitania – it sunk in a matter of minutes,which means it had explosives on board.
Our own country’s fault for disguising a weapons carrier as a passenger ship.

Stacey on

The uniforms look extremely European and they should have started over once people spoke out. Its bad enough our jobs are being pushed overseas but now we have to participate wearing clothes made in another country… enough already! And then someone stated on TV that the Olympics are International… whats the big deal. Seriously! you don’t see another country wearing American made – yes the games are an International competition but we are representing the USA…not everyone else….. bad move Ralph Lauren… and your statement…well it basically stinks..not good enough.

AdB on

@ Dee
Wise up. The Mormon church is in bed with China!

In fact, top Mormon leaders have always had cozy relationships with totalitarian governments, starting with H itler.
Their styles were so close that German Mormons actually thought Hitler would usher in the Millenium.

You have NO idea what you are really getting into with Romney. His True allegiance is to his cult – NOT to our country.

ae on

Having American products made in China is….. well, very American.

mia on

Anyone heard of the Green Beret’s? Geez, get a life.

Kimberly Cavallin on

I believe that the design idea went along with the anniversary of the last time the Olympics were held in Great Britain and therefore the look is not only appropriate but timeless. The fact that they were made in China is a slap in the face however and I can only hope that Ralph Lauren sticks to his word about keeping future uniforms made in the USA.

Dona Brooks on

Is Lauren American? I don’t even know or care, BUT…American athletes should wear AMERICAN!!!

CS on

Lose the beret and they’ll be fine. I mean, really, how many Americans do you see walking around wearing berets? You would have thought there would have been some guidelines given to RL, though, like – needs to be made in America and represent the American culture. With the berets, they look like members of a French yachting club.

danielle on

I though “looking European ” would be a compliment… not a criticism…Who has the better sense of fashion?…the “sweat pants, running shoes” gang , or the ” I wouldn’t wear Nike or Crocs if it kills me” side?????
…just a thought!

Patrioticbelle on

I was truly disappointed to read that RL had these uniforms made in China. Nothing like the greedy elite slapping their own countrymen in the face by sending jobs overseas that could bring economic change to this country. I am repulsed. RL, it is overly greedy people like yourself that is destroying this country. I am further repulsed by the fact that these jobs are given to ppl that work in conditions that are sub par and they receive paltry wages for hard labor. Way to go RL for getting rich off of the back of the poor and those that are dehumanized. And RL, your bottle of perfume that was on my vanity, in the trash. I will not support you or your company any longer. You could have at least this once made these uniforms in this country out of respect for your country and the athletes that represent this country. This is an insult to the ppl of America. How unpatriotic can you be? And for those of you who posted that Americans will not work factory labor for factory pay- horse shyt. Open your eyes and see how many ppl work for corporate companies (thieves) in the USA for MINIMUM WAGE. Factory pay is better than minimum wage. It is the greedy elitists that are indebting this country. I am all for capitalism and the ability to grow personal wealth but if those in power are all to ready to make more than enough money for themselves while forcing the masses to live below poverty level, someone has to restore the balance of ethical and moral sanity. Fiscal responsibility is being neglected. Learn history. When a society neglects the poor and the upper elite hoard all the wealth in a society, its destruction is inevitable. It has happened in history time and time again.

Claudia on

It is a SHAME!!! Given that there is a lot of people without job, making the uniforms in OUR COUNTRY could had brought some releive to our economy. Lauren give to foreing hands a job that belongs to Americans. Greed, greed, greed, because he must have paid pennies for each uniform

marie on

Since the teams are representing their country, I think the clothing should be made in that country, unless it’s imposable for some reason. I don’t much care for our Canadian teams outfits. Hope the team likes them though.

Alison on

I think Ralph Lauren is pretty typical of the liberal mentality in this country. They like to nail Republicans for out-sourcing. Funny, no one mentions that Ralph doesn’t donate this stuff – he gets paid pretty handsomely for this. But he chooses to outsource because its cheaper and it widens his profit margin. I mean seriously, you think it costs $500 to make a sweater anywhere?? But its fairly liberal-centric to be all contrite…but you know the way Obama is going on about it – you would think Lauren would have to turn in his liberal card…imagine a liberal thinking about his bottom line..?? That’s so Republican.

Lauren on

The cup the Senator drinks his coffee out of is probably made in China! And I bet you half of the items the USA team uses are made in China. Ralph Lauren has defined true American style for generations, and has been a staple in American fashion. America is a melting mot! And plus, the clothes were designed here by an American, and so what they were made somewhere else. Just like Team USA, we all have different roots, and some of us were made somewhere else, but we’re all still Americans!!! God Bless the USA!! And the Senate really should focus on more important stuff, I think they have bigger fish to fry…… Plus, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t from here either.. just saying.

Danielle on

Blame the Unions for making outrageous demands to the companies…..that’s why they had to go to China where the minim wages are pennies per hour,,,,,and no one can complain because the government owns everything….that’s communism.

katiesmith on

Manufacturing AMERICAN uniforms in the US would have been a much smarter option. Though I’m a big fan of capitalism, making the official uniforms of Team USA outside of the country is really a slap in the face. Millions of people would be thrilled to get manufacturing jobs to produce these…

Ashley on

I bet if Harry Reid were to examine where the clothes he wears and the items he uses were made, he would find that just about everything is made in China and would have to start burning everything. Check the labels. It is not only China, it is so many other countries where labor is cheap. Then it is the upscale clothing. The suits made in Italy and France; the ones the representatives are probably wearing.

catca on

Europeans do not hold a monopoly on berets and blazers – we wear them pretty well over here as well. In fact, one of our greatest and proudest shares the name with the clothing item – the green berets. It’s quite American and a silly complaint, frankly. Having said that, while Ralph Lauren represents one of our best American designers, shouldn’t the red white and blue stripes in the uniform be more prominent than his polo horse? It’s a bit tacky for his branding to be displayed that prominently on uniforms that are supposed to represent the United States, not his brand. As far as the statement that they’ll make the uniforms in this country in the future, it’s the right thing to do and good for RL for acknowledging that and pledging to do so in the future.

dgdr324 on

I try to buy American as much as possible and we all wear and use products made in China, Mexico, etc. But, this is the Olympics and it is a USA team representing our Country and what they are wearing for the opening ceremony, competition, etc. should all be made in the USA. I understand that it is more expensive, but this is an event that represents our Country and therefore whatever they are wearing should be made in USA. Ralph Lauren dropped the ball on this big time!!!!!

Deb on

Our country has larger problems than this!!! They look great on the Olympians & I agree with others in that our country is a melting pot.

Redcatlady on

Wasn’t there a challenge on Project Runway involving designing for the Olympics? Maybe, if the Olympics and Project Runway could get together to have that winning design be actually used for the next summer games, it might be a refreshing change from Ralph Lauren.

Julia on

Almost everything is made in China in the US, so why don´t the uniform? It´s cheaper that is the reason. I love Ralph Lauren and the uniform is great!

Carolyn Rossi Copeland on

I think Ralph Lauren should outfit each Olympian in a pair of American made jeans and an American made polo shirt- he may have to buy them from Levi or another outfitter…..If you want to know why our kids can’t get jobs this is exactly why!!! Really this is another example of our downgrading….WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP SELLING OUR FUTURE….

WiddoMouse on

I have always loved Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Polo fashions. However, I’ve never purchased any of them because they were always too expensive for me. Now that I see how he outsources his labor, I would never wear his clothes, even if he were giving them away. He should be so ashamed.

Allie on

We seem to be quite the nation of hypocrites, don’t we? I bet every pro-USA commenter (and Mr. Senate Majority Leader himself) has a car, cell phone, computer, television, etc. that was made in the good old USA. Right? RIGHT?! Oh wait, nope. I’d bet good money that some (if not all) of them are made in China or other foreign countries (gasp!). Check your facts, people. These USA Olympic uniforms are lovely. If you’re so wrapped up in where they’re made vs. what they stand for or the pride we should have in those who wear them, then that’s your problem. Would it look better and be more socially acceptable if they were made in USA? Sure. But if you want to cry freedom start a movement based on national pride, start at home.

Stephanie on

I think it is funny that everyone is throwing all the blame on Ralph Lauren. Someone from the US Olympic Committee had to have involvement or approval priviledges, they are just as responsible. I do however think the uniforms looks great, way better than sweatsuits!

sarge89 on

I dislike this uniform completely…too stuffy and yeah it has the red, white and blue but really…I think RL and whoever approved this design could have come up w/ someething else..def not a summer “uniform.” It’s a shame RL wasn’t on top of this from the get go..continuing to outsource our own products just takes money out of those pockets of the unemployed.

rlb237 on

I couldn’t care less where the clothes were made. Sure, it would have been more ideal (and of course oh-so-patriotic) had they been USA-made, but whatever. My main complaint is that the outfits are UGLY. I also don’t think they’re very sporty or athletic.

Maypostee on

If I was on the team, I’d wear USA made clothes for the opening and closing ceremony and leave the RL stuff in the bag. I wouldn’t wear the China made, period as a statement to Represent the United States of America! There’s plenty of time for RL to make closing ceremony clothes for 2012.

donttouchthewatch on

Seriously, the bigger problem is that these outfits look like uniforms for cruise ship employees, not Olympic athletes.

kerrysuz on

I heard the cost of these uniforms on the Today Show, and honestly, especially if they were made in China, there’s just no reason for the U.S. to be spending so much money on these outfits that will be worn only once. We should be spending intelligently right now, especially during this global economic crisis. I also find them a bit stuffy, but I guess that’s all just part of the pomp and circumstance.

rlb237 on

I really couldn’t care less where the uniforms were made. Yes, it would have been nice and oh-so-patriotic if they were USA-made. But oh well, they aren’t. Neither are a lot of the products and clothing we all use every single day.

My problem is that these clothes aren’t sporty or athletic, and I think our athletes will now look like they’re in costumes or something. I don’t like the look of anything about these outfits. As someone above me said, they look like uniforms for people working on a ship. Not a fan AT ALL!

Rebecca on

With the popularity of reality shows the next olympic wear should be decided by the American people with only american design companies participating.

Cole on

The uniforms are great-looking. I hate they were made in China but believe the company will stand by its word to have them made in the USA next time. Perhaps if our country had incentives for American companies doing business within the US like they do for foreign companies coming into the US our US companies would not have to outsource as often. Perhaps this will be a wake up call to our government to (1) make it know that we as a country prefer items made in the USA to be used by any official team or organization that represents our country, and (2) that it will work with USA companies as much as it will work with foreign governments and businesses. Ralph Lauren has fantastic designs and are “all American” from the ad campaigns to the designs – they have accepted responsibility and we should move on – now if we can get everyone to take responsibility when they err that would make this a better country!

dee on

I personally do not care for the beret as far as style, but don’t the US Marines wear berets with one of their uniforms?

jersey on

Could this be any more of a prepared statement. So stuffy. ugh.

Jessica on

Seriously people???? Why aren’t you complaining about all of the other clothes that you wear EVERY SINGLE DAY that are made in China? Perhaps if we all got as outraged about the things we wear every day our clothes would no longer be made in China!

Jennifer on

As a daughter of an American Steel Worker, who’s father was laid off several times because people bought foreign steel, I’m very saddened that those that are representing the USA in the Olympics are wearing clothes made outside of the USA. No wonder our country is in deep trouble. Wake up people, before we become under control of another country. The one who has the most money & the biggest toys wins, right?!?!?

michele on

I really like the Ralph Lauren outfits. When I first heard the story about them being made in China all I could think of is it sound like American Girl Dolls. Everything American Girl is made in China. SAD!

Pinkman on

In what way do these outfits appear “foreign”? I sincerely hope those making that claim are doing so in jest, considering members our own military don berets. Do they appear “foreign” as well?

The ineptness of some Americans astounds me.

Carmen on

I think it’s horrible that our USA Olympic uniforms were made in China! If you want to make all your other clothes off of the backs of poor Chinese people all year long, shame on you too. Bring manufacturing back to the US and give our nation the jobs!!

SanBan on

A W F U L ULGY! I sure hope we didn’t pay the BILLIONAIRE for these! Incrediblly embarassing for the poor athletes. It should be their proudest moments, instead EVERYONE will be laughing at them! WHAT was the China sweat shop crew thinking??

Wingette on

I don’t like the berets at all. Looks too military.
I also feel it’s unfortunate to put the woman in a blazer.

All around, a “fail” in my opinion.

But what can we do right? Complain all we want, but they are already made and I’m sure that the next Olympics they will look just as bad b/c they are still being designed by the same company.
*My two cents* :)

Sal on

I think the outfits are stylish and very nice. That said, I think it was a major faux pas for them to be made anywhere other than the USA. We have the best here. These designers get their stuff made cheaply and then jack the prices for huge profits. Unfortunately, the American sheep just fork out the ca$h instead of boycotting the brand until it’s made in the USA. Want to put people to work here? Start with the fashion industry.

Wow Really? on

Can’t believe he did that, what with the dangerous drywall and other things coming from china. I’d be scared to wear them, Ralph should have used an American company, to represent us for the Olympics. This was all about the dollar bill, he’s in it to make money, not win a popularity contest.

NK on

They don’t look American.

Edna Connell on

Just another billionaire making money without his loyalty to America to make that last dollar off the backs of foreign labor force and most likely underpaid. I hope this bad publicity hurts his pocketbook but I doubt that it will, liken this to a grain of sand on the beach. Shame on you Ralph!

Giddyup on

Berets? Cowboy hats! Now that would have made the Americans unmistakable!

Carrie on

I totally agree that we need to look to Made in America, however, the Olympics are International. I do believe anything to do with our USA teams and the opening ceremony for USA, that all uniforms should be made in the USA. I like Ralph Lauren’s fashions and I admire him and his family and I think he will make this right, but wish that he had thought of this long ago.

Kim on

I’ve no problem with the design of the uniforms, but think it stinks that they were made in China. Sure, he says the 2014 uniforms will be made in the USA, but it’s a little too late for this blunder.

cara on

European looking? But of course to look American Mr. Lauren should have designed jeans that hang below the butt with a huge amount of undies and crack showing. Now that’s an American Olympic look. His design is classy.

emily on

Are those of you who complain about products being outsourced the same people who complain when product prices rise? There is a reason manufacturers send their products to China to be produced. The cost is so much lower that it effectively allows manufacturers to keep prices low. If you want goods to be made in the US then you should be prepared for the prices to reflect the change. Although at that point I suspect most of you will start yelling about how unfair it is that the cost of goods is increasing. Either manufacturers keep prices low by outsourcing or they stop outsourcing and raise prices. Looks like a no win situation to me. So which is it? Higher prices or outsourced goods?

Guest on

Why even wear the beret? Compromise – take it off and you’ve got a clean, crisp, America’s Cup looking uniform.

lisa on

Those are the ugliest uniforms for the olympics.
especially the women’s uniform. What’s with the bobby socks and long frumpy skirt. YUCK

Clara on

Oh please, what isn’t made in China these days. I bet that flag was made in China the computer YOU are working on is made in China. The problems is we don’t want to pay $500.00 for a blazer but $50.00 or less. We don’t want to pay $5000.00 for a laptop but $500.00. Make up your mind people you can’t have it both ways. My don’t you cut your wages in half and then work in a textile factory so we can purchase American made clothing.

Morgan on

My very first thought was “too European.” It’s not an American look. At all.

Lisa on

I like the style I think it’s modern with a little retro thrown in.
I’m just not happy they’re made in China.

Patricia on

Time to stand up for all this outsourcing! Ralph Lauren products should be boycotted in the USA. I am happy that this issue was made public. Look around and see all the people out of work and find out what is Made in America!

April on

As a New Yorker, Ralph Lauren, a kid from the Bronx who has lived the American dream through hard work formed a company which has given him
so much to have the Olympic uniforms made in China and not the USA is wrong. He could do a lot using his name as cache to bring back clothing manufacturing to the USA.

Kathy on

Way to help our economy Ralph. Never again will I buy from this line.

lrfellows on

He knew better and if he didn’t he’s an idiot! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Wendy on

first… REMAKE THEM NOW ! made in USA clothes only!!!
second…what kind of hat is that? a beret? blech.
third…white anklets for the girls?? double blech.

Ken on

I’m pretty sure that relying on sweatshops in other nations to manufacture our clothing and other needs is just about as American as it gets. Go USA!

Ralph Lauren responds to fashion controversy | Bazaar Daily News on

[…] Ralph Lauren Responds To U.S. Olympic Uniform Controversy (stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com) […]

Guest on

I think that the uniforms are ugly. The athletes look like the Von Trapp family! Next time, they should use Donna Karan and not some has been designer.

Dana Craft on

I love Ralph Lauren, but was saddened to hear that the Olympic unforms were not made in the US, he should have known better!

I am a local official in a small town. During the 2010 Census we were sent promotional items from the US Government to promote the census. Guess where they were made…China! I was appalled! Complained but got no response from the Census Bureau.

mel in the south on

how about a cowboy hat?

A Few on

I love the style, etc., and am pleased with the decision to manufacture in the USA, clearly the right move, which I would have expected of RL. BUT I do have a problem with extremely large POLO logo! Big is not necessarily better. The POLO logo obscures the Olympic logo; what is the point???

Jenny on

No one has room to complain if you own clothing and other things made in China, etc. I just wish the day Old, Old Harry Reid made his comment about burning the clothing that someone would have run up to him a checked the origin of his clothes and shoes. That would have shut him up very quickly, I’m sure. And if you’re complaining about “offshoring”, then you don’t understand the free market system. Since it became a “global economy”, you either match the costs and compete, or you close up shop.

Joan on

Ralph Lauren won’t do it again? What was he thinking or not thinking? Another designer should be chosen next time who is loyal to America. He should be banned permanently. Where were the athletes’ clothes manufactured during the winter games?

David on

So, what else is knew China is taking over the world bit by bit

m on

Ralph should be ashamed of himself! He had those uniforms made in china to save money for his company and never thought of the american people who have bought his clothes for decades. He Didn’t think of the americans who need jobs, just lining his pocket with more cash. I think we as americans need to speak up more often against these corporations that take their money elsewhere, instead of helping their own country. I’m going to pay more attention and read the labels of the clothes I buy now.

apl on

A beret is beautiful, but it certainly is not an American style. Nor do I think a sweathirt and/or a hoodie is an American style either. That just shows ignorance. With so many people out of work in our country, you would think that they could have found a company that could manufacture the clothing. I love Ralph Lauren, but I am very disappointed in the choice.

Kathleen on

Shame on Ralph Lauren- I don’t care if his company sponsored the whole stinkin thing, it is NOT patriotic to have anything made in anyplace but the USA!. What is wrong with you???? Maybe if you HAD done a USA uniform in the USA, you may have gotten more positive attention.
I will never buy a thing made by this man- if it says RL on it or Polo- forget it.

cb on

I think it’s funny that all these big American brands, ie Ralph Lauren, are so expensive, yet they are made in one of these cheapest countries in the world..China. Made in China items are worthless in my opinion and I refuse to buy anything that is made in Asia.

Sarah on

I think their statement was weak, and it’s apparent that they didn’t even THINK to try to get the uniforms made in the U.S. Further, the uniforms don’t resemble anything American. They look more like the young Nazi party than American. Shameful.

weezer on

It’s all about the profit. It’s cheaper to get it made in China, I’m sure he made a fortune!! Typical American greed!

Susan on

The uniforms are great looking however, I really have a problem with them being made in China and not the USA. Ralph really messed this up !!!!!

Kathryn on

Anybody that follows Ralph Lauren designs, know that this is classic R.L. I happen to like his fashions and in my closet they are among my favorites. I don’t think we should make Lauren the bad guy here entirely, since our government doesn’t really help much financially with the costs of the Olympics and keeping the athletes conditioned for their events. There are Sponsors who wind up paying for things like uniforms and trainers and a lot more. I don’t like the idea that the uniforms were made in China either, but if you look at the bigger picture, the people really at fault here are the ones in a position to put in a budget line item for “monetary help” for the Olympics. We can spend trillions for a war in another part of the world and we can’t help our own. It’s just wrong.

edilina on

lose the beret and make the uniforms in the USA and you’ll have it right

Tom on

The United States team is the laughing stock of the games now! Not only do the uniforms look decades old in style, but are tacky. The ordasity of a person allowed to “Dis” his country like this should result in a total boycot of this characters products. Are we supposed to be so stupid to believe that there are no Americans capable of sewing today? What an insult, regardless of what foreign country made the uniforms. USA athelets should have uniforms Made in USA by American citizens from American products!

maryann on

I have been trying to patiently read all the posts about the uniforms and found myself nauseated by the whinning. We all buy “Made in China” because it is cheaper, which does not make me proud, but we brought this on ourselves with the outragous demands of Unions. Talk about Greedy (Claudia). This also has nothing to do with Romney or Ralph Lauren. Wake up America. We are losing our country to socialists. And Kathryn, the govenment should not help financially with every aspect of our lives. Those who can should be willing contributors. This country was built on entrepreneurism no matter what anybody tells you.
Wake up you ill informed young “intellectuals”.

mhm on

you do realize that nothing is more american than scamming cheap labour from a foreign country in order to produce overpriced clothes made by children right? i can’t think of a better way to show the world good ol’ american morals than this.

Stephen Schreiber on

It does not matter where they are made, what matters is how ugly they are.

dora colley on

The uniforms look more British than American.Why are we not able to vote on the uniforms that represent the U.S.A. Ralph Lauren does not represent the everyday American.Wake Up. How many American walking the street do you see wearing the signature polar shirts???

Tammy Beveridge on

Made in CHINA…yeah it looks like they came from WalMart

robert fragman on

It’s a disgrace!!he knows better, so does his staff. There’s no excuse and they need to find another American company to make the uniforms next time.
I also would like to know who pays for the uniforms? or Is it just for advertising??? Companies only care about profit and it’s shame that it has come down to that. I don’t support the Olympics either because of the refusal to honor the Israeli’s that were murdered. I say shame on us for allowing all the dirty laundry to come to this.

Mark on

Although I think Lauren’s designs are insipid and redundant, and the 2012 Olympic uniforms are in that mode, they don’t bother me much. What I find humiliating is that our athletes will be sporting a (arrogant? oblivious? )market logo. Ralph obviously thinks that’s more important than the US flag or OLympic circles. I can only hope that Japan’s uniforms will sport a Toyota logo or German’s a beer logo…anything so we’re not the only ones out there looking so foolish.

kraig on

Who cares? Try buying clothes made here. You can’ta!

Igor on

It is the most beautiful and appealing uniform in parade military style in traditional American flag colors!! I love it !! It stand out in crowd. And deserved to be made in USA! I guess only some parts of garment were manufactured in China, but I am sure people of China were proud to do something great like that for American best of the best!!!

rhonda on

I sure hope RF paid a lot of money to the US Olympic Committee to do this. The uniforms are truly dreadful. I was embarrassed for the US and it probably has tainted my desire to ever buy RL clothes. I will wonder if I look like a French airline attendant.

jhonathan on


Valhalla on

It really does’nt matter anymore what came from where, the one world Government is almost in place, and then what?

Doug on

I don’t care where they’re made – they’re embarrassingly OUTDATED and out of fashion ! Find someone else for the next Olympics . . . Please!!

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