Exclusive First Photo: Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas's Wedding!

07/11/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Alec Baldwin Wedding Photo
Mary Ellen Matthews

When Hilaria Thomas (now Baldwin!) was planning her June 30 wedding, she didn’t have a vision for a “dream wedding gown” in mind.

“I originally went in [to Amsale] wanting something very simple,” says the bride, who, along with her new husband, sat down with PEOPLE two days after her nuptials to dish about their big day. “I tried on maybe three dresses: one was short, one was a big poofy thing and then this one (below)! I loved it.”

The dress designer, Amsale Aberra, says that the choice was a no-brainer.

“The last time I saw it was on the runway, and she was the very first bride to try it on,” Aberra, who helped Thomas choose the dress, tells PEOPLE. “She put it on — my gosh — she was just stunning. It was really just beautiful.”

One reason the dress seemed so perfect, says Aberra, was that it was in keeping with Thomas’s low-key attitude toward the nuptials.

“She is really down-to-earth and having that simplicity was important to her,” says the designer, who also dressed Baldwin’s daughter Ireland and Thomas’s mother. “It’s not about saying, ‘Make me something nobody has seen! Make me an outrageous dress!’ She’s a very easy-going person, and it did fit her personality.”

To complete the look, Aberra’s team suggested that Thomas wear a traditional mantilla — a Spanish veil — as a nod to her roots. (The bride’s family lives in Mallorca.)

“The entire look was just so — I hate to use the word perfect — but perfect,” Aberra says with a laugh. “She was perfect. [We said], ‘Don’t adjust anything! Don’t touch anything!'”

For more photos from the big day — and an exclusive interview with the Baldwins about their wedding, honeymoon and plans for the future — pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

Hilaria Thomas Wedding Dress
David Steele; Inset: Sipa

–Lesley Messer


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Showing 61 comments

christa on

I wish for her, that he is hopefully not so violent.

Charli on

The second pic of the dress in the bridal salon is very pretty. I don’t like the pic of the dress in the first one with her and Alec but they look nice together.

kate on

Hes a creep ,looks like a dad about to give his daughter away. She will get knocked up then its all over

Joy on

He looks creepy in the picture

NYC on

Pretty soon she will be changing two sets for diapers.

denise on

They look beautifully happy….

Booka on

I wish them well and I hope their marriage lasts a long time. Even if it’s only five years, in terms of celebrity marriages, it will be a success. I am sure Alec is kind and gentle with Hilaria. She is easy going and I’m sure brings out his soft side and the best in him.

Rolyat on

Here comes another Holmes/Cruise breakup in 6 months. Only difference is she will have a black eye.

whatever on

I adore that dress

cab on

Don’t be mean everyone.

Jon on

I like the Photos, a very nice story, Hilaria looked so pretty!

Anonymous101 on

She’s going to have to be a “very easy going person” to put up with this man’s anger issues. I can’t believe she actually went through with it. I give this marriage 2 years, max.

Sunny on

Nobody wanted or needed to see these photos.

jj on

Lovely dress. Another bride choosing a dress that is not strapless. So glad the mostly unflattering strapless look is going out of style

rlb237 on

I think he’s a d-bag, but she looks beautiful — gorgeous dress!

SayinitLikeItIs on

He’s a nut, she married him for his name/money certainly not for his winning personality.

cindy on

The photo of the both of them is not a choice I would have made to publish. Both of them photgraph so well even their pap pictures look good. But that photo is so staged looking & he looks like he would rather be anywhere else. ahaha

Debs on

Beautiful dress and beautiful bride, wish her luck because being married to AB is not going to be easy.

Kim on

these 2 are rarely seen together and have not been dating that long. I give the marriage a year or 2 and she will dump him after she is knocked up. They just do not seem like a legit, in love couple. And he is a D-bag.

pn56 on

What could these two possibly have in common? He’s almost 30 years older than her! Besides, I hope she knows what she got herself into knowing his temper. I don’t see how this one can last.

Sharon on

When was the last time anyone heard about his temper? Seems to me he has turned around – I hope so and wish them the best. Stop hating, makes you all seem jealous.

Jessica Simpleton on

She’s arrogant and smug because she married for money, and he married for youth and beauty. I give it less than 2 years.

I'm Standing Behind You on

GORGEOUS!!! Love the Mantilla…love the dress…love everything.

Julie on

She is a very beautiful girl and I wish her luck, she will need it with him for a husband. I wanted to see her dress but do not want to see anything about him, he wants his privacy and is violent/rude when he doesn’t get his own way.

Pam on

I do not like the first picture, he looks creepy, she has a gold digger vibe to her.

The second picture, the gown and veil are gorgeous.

Wish them well, however, I feel it will end sooner rather than later.

New Yorker Guy on

Mr. Baldwin, congratulations on your marriage!
She is an adorable young woman!
To all you jealous individuals out there, I will now educate you about current relationships: In Europe, it is 100% common for a younger girl to marry an older man! I suggest you do as Mr. Baldwin did: turn off your computers, and go out in the world and be social!

stefanie on

Be safe, Hilaria!

Just My Opinion on

Girl, keep a bag packed and a separate bank account! HE HAS ANGER ISSUES, ASK KIM AND HIS DAUGHTER!

NY Guy1 on

“It is 100% common ..” isn’t even grammatically correct… and what’s there to be jealous of? He’s old, vicious, violent and a horrible father. He’s married a woman just to have more children and she sees him as a sugar daddy.. plain and simple. My hubby’s way hotter than Alec and he’s not old and creepy!!

Juneeeebug on

It looks like their heads are photoshopped on their bodies.

Izzie on

Isn’t it hypocritical for a man who wants to keep his private life private to the point of assaulting photographers to release pictures to a celebrity magazine?

And, frankly, I don’t see the big deal about the dress. Nothing terribly special about it.

beachbum56 on

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on your wedding.

sara on

He looks like her father.

guest on

Cheesy photo. I can’t wait for their dramatic arguments and divorce.

BeNice on

Why is everyone so mean and catty all the time? Just jealous, shallow, mean spirited people.

Marcia on

I think it’s all about his benjamins!! I don’t think it’ll last either. She’ll get preggies (her clock is ticking) and then she’ll divorce him because she’ll realize he’s too old for her and when their baby is graduating high school, she’ll have to wheel him to the ceremony.

Whatever……much happiness all around!!

BFD on

It looks like a father daughter pic.

Dancer666 on

If they’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Marcia on

Wow, beautiful dress and veil! I like that some brides aren’t going for the same old strapless dress.

Kate on

Beautiful dress on a very pretty girl…but what was she thinking? What a horrible match. He is just a bad person.

bunnie on

He used to be so attractive. Blech!

Pat on

Gown is beautiful. He’s a monster

zorro42 on

the weeding is cried me!

Janice on

Ok how long will this last. I don’t think he is will last too long before he starts taking charge.

Guest on


lola on

I hear divorce bells this won’t last…. she will get $$ and get out cause he has major anger problems…

Anonymous on

LOVE her dress! So pretty!

BarbaraAnn on

A sad day for her! She just married a real creep!

Kristi on

He looks like a father giving away his daughter…I give it 2 years.

tom on

no fool like an OLD fool, what a loudmouth windbag..Wont last a year…

Susan on

I wonder if he reminded her he was the pretty one…I wish her luck, his trach record isnt that great…

Sandy on

HE creeps me out! I doubt she should be wearing white!

Susan on

What a beautiful photo! They both look so happy and they make a beautiful couple. Best wishes!

Jilllouise on

Whats up with the creepy expression Alec? I think a smile would have been a much better choice!

Eileen on

Baldwin looks like the cat that just ate the canary. Eeeewww!

bella on


They put a candid photo out for the world to see and BAM! The public goes nuts.
They have just as much shot as you do….maybe even more especially since money is the #1 reason couples split.
Hes violent….obnoxious and seemingly mean. I agree. However, we dont know him. Are you judging him by what the papparazzi says? Seriously?

Wish them the best and let fate happen, regardless.

Suzana on

I give it three years and two kids and she will claim abuse and divorce kaching kaching $$$$$

mona on

She is an average looking latino girl that looks great with makeup artists, fancy dresses (which he pays for), and learned early how to pose. He is trying to show the entire world that he has a cute younger woman. i don’t think he is mean or violent, just a spoiled arrogant celebrity. he is so taken by her, he will give her the world. and believe me, her “low key, simple” bs will soon look a lot different. i give it 3 years, and she will definitely try to get preggers ASAP to secure her future!

Paula on

perfect dress for her, not too flashy and really lovely. Good luck to them both.

OpinionatedOrange on

She is pregnant.

Jamal on

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