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Pam on

She looks beautiful.

However, Matthew’s face looks gaunt, is he okay?

LPW on


Gladiola on

Camila looks absolutely stunning in her wedding gown! Wishing them a life time of marital bliss joy and happiness as a couple and family!

jj on

What a beautiful bride. Once again, another bride choosing a more traditional bridal gown that is NOT strapless, so glad to see the strapless look disappearing from the designers.

Joy on

So…does anyone actually get married, then live together and THEN have kids any more? :/

Liz on

To Joy: The reason why people don’t get married first, then live together and then have kids it’s b/c people want to know what they are getting into first before marrying someone and then living w/ them. You gotta know each other’s good and bad habits first which can only be discovered once you live w/ a person. I do agree w/ the kids part, but maybe men want to have kids w/ their women first to see if they can actually bare children and be good mothers. Or just maybe, women are getting knocked up w/o the man’s consent and using this as a way to entrap the man into marriage. These are all theories of course, what would I know.

donna on

The bride looked beautiful…call me old-fashioned though but I honestly think once you done popped out a couple of children and then take the plunge into marriage then wearing a white dress is just too much…maybe some shade of off-white or some other neutral shade but not actually white…as far as I am concerned white dresses denote “innocence” coming into a marriage…just my opinion…

Manon on

Matthew doesn’t look healthy, he’s lost so much weight! His face looks so gaunt,,,

christa on

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Shannon on

He’s starting to look a little creepy – his jaw line reminds me of Max Headroom.

Booka on

I guess he’s just getting older, plus that short hair style doesn’t soften his face at all. He also may have lost weight. He doesn’t look that bad.

Elisa on

Camila’s dress is really beautiful! but I agree with Joy, why not follow the steps in the right order?

Diane on

She looks very nice. Matt is getting older lol.

Catwoman on

I agree with Pam & Manon. Matt’s face has seen better looking days. He looks exactly like his mother, though. He’s not gonna look good 10 years from now.

Camille on

For goodness sake, people, let the woman wear what she wants, and let the man look the way he wants. I think they both look absolutely stunning! The majority of people on this website are nothing but negative, and critical about absolutely EVERYTHING! Live your life the way you want to, and don’t be so critical against people that live their lives differently. If it works for you, congratulations, but that doesn’t mean that your method of happiness works for everyone else.

Daffygrams on

Gotta get with the times….who says you have to wear white?!

Beautiful bride and gown.

Despicable Me on

Dang! He really looking like an old man. She and her kids may be wiping chin druel and changing diapers on old man Matt real soon.

bh on

I don’t like this dress at all.

Despicable Me on

Liz thats called dating. Thats where you get to know what you are getting into. What sense does it make to commit to having two kids and to wear out your body if you are uncertain this is the right person? Stop buying the lie folks are giving for playing house before marriage. Marriage is not just a piece of paper. Marriage is a full commitment blessed by God. Living together is just regular sex until you get tired of each other or have a boat load of kids and are now stuck together for life without the full commitment. You cant go to any store and try anything out for years without buying it or signing a financing contract to make payments in full. Why should your body and life be less regarded? Anywhooo…congrats to these two.

Juneeeebug on

She looks absolutely stunning. She looks even more gorgeous because it is not a run of the mill strapless gown.

Edie on

She looks beautiful and modest. Not a fan of the band around the forhead, but she is lovely. Matthew does look emaciated. Hope all is well.

Ella on

Elisa- who is to say what’s the right order?? what was right 50 years ago isn’t right today. let people do what they want to do.Despicable Me- why all the judgement? Women today are free to do what they want, and if they don’t want to merry but want to live together and have kids- so be it.
Having kids to gether is a bigger commitment then a ring, or paper… you can get a divorce, you can’t undo kids.

Kat on

That is one of the most elegant and beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. If I ever get married I’d want to look like that!

mamak on

Statistically, the divorce rate is higher for those who live together before marriage…like the divorce rate isn’t high enough already.

Wendy on

The dress is pretty, gorgeous bride . I just don’t like the headpiece trend. It reminds me of the 80’s.

Today on

Dress is awesome and it looks so perfect on Camilla…right choice

catca on

@People Mag

Please write a follow up piece sharing who the designer of that absolutely beautiful dress is.

Congrats Camilla and Matthew – and thank you for sharing pics of your wedding with us. It truly is a joy to see how happy the two of you are. May your love continue to grow and bloom.

Stacy Stark on

Beautiful veil and dress!

xoxo on

They look very happy + she looks gorgeous!

I’m very happy for them as a family – but I don’t understand the trend of having kids…..then getting married.

You’re stuck with somebody for life when you have kids- I would rather know that I’m having kids with somebody that actually wants to be in a relationship with me/be committed (i.e getting married – the biggest commitment possible) + THEN have kids.

Or more so – if you know you want to be with that person + you have some kids – why take so long to get married? ….Get married first – if you act married.

Anybody can have kids – it takes something special to actually step up + commit through marriage.

mary on

he looks way too thin. Has he become a manorexic?

Xena on

Spectacular dress, I really admire her for choosing such a modest and classic gown, she looks like royalty. Congrats to Camila and our Texas Man Mat.

Lizz on

I adore her dress!! The strapless look is soooo played out. Every dress looks the same these days. Hers stands out beautifully.

Annie on

Congratulations – they both look great!

xoxo on

@Liz – That’s extremely ridiculous logic……No one should be having kids with somebody first without the 100% commitment towards the future – including marriage.

Getting to know someone is the dating phase – the fact that constitutes as your logic of having KIDS with someone….before marriage is horrible logical reasoning.

If you love somebody + you know you can have a future together – get married…..then have kids.

Mags on

Gosh she looks horrible, what’s with the head band? honestly he is sooo good looking and she didn’t bother trying at all, not even on her wedding day?? what a disappointment, and she doesn’t look Latina, I think she is Indian

lisa on

Matthew looks really bad. He used to be such a good looking guy, what happened?

Vanessa on

She looks so beautiful!! I’m so happy for them!:)

Gina on

Matthew looks sickly, I agree with everyone else’s comments. Camila on the other hand looks beautiful.

snowball on

i give them a year

Leslee on

She looks so beautiful and that veil is just gorgeous.

Denise on

I have been wondering the same thing about Matthew. He has not looked healthy for quite a while. He has a drawn look.

Lynne on

To LIZ: Really? How old are you? I hope you are smarter than these comments.

Jon on

Very nice, everything was so pretty & nice, I like one of their Wedding Photos!

LIZ on

She looks so AMAZING!!! =) I love seeing sleeves in wedding gowns. Congrats!!!

Sandy on

To bad this didn’t happen BEFORE the children. It seems like something has to be proven first- which in my opinion takes the fun out of it. I’m not a fan of weddings where the kids are in it! Especially for first marriages.

Charissa on

Joy.. who cares what order it comes in… love is love… what’s right for you morally may not be what is right for the rest of us… isn’t that what freedom of choice is all about…

Emry on

I LOVE her dress!!!

Tamina on

Who cares what color the woman wears? She looks gorgeous. Hardly anyone’s a virgin when they get married now a days anyways and they still wear white. And there is really no longer a “right” order with marriage and over half of people who do follow the “right” order end up divorced anyways, so what difference does it really make? They’re happy the kids are beautiful and they’ve lasted longer unmarried than most married couples who do it the “right” way.

kate on

Eat dinner tonight Mat

KGurley on

Beautiful. Simply beautiful! :)

LIP on

That dress and especially the veil is a little too much (for my taste, at least). Not to remind everyone of the Kim K head thingy… Too much white and too much shiny detail.

peacebeme on

I LOVE HER DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaapann on

She copied Kim Kardashian’s headpiece. It’s unfortunate she copied that because her overall “look” will be remembered as Kim K. How sad…I doubt this marriage will last very long.

jaapann on

She copied the headpiece from Kim K. and the dress from Princess Kate. She has no defined style and is boring! Too bad she had to copy wedding looks from others and piece herself together. She doesn’t look good…her antique gown doesn’t match the headpiece of veil or Matthew’s bowtie. Odd look!

Kirsty Clemensen on

Congrats to the newly married couple! May you have many years of wedded bliss!! Kirsty

... on

love the veil!

maryhelenc on

That is a romantic proposal, asking her to be your wife and take your name

Camila looks stunning!

Jenny on

Love her dress and I like the shoulders covered. I think she looks very classy. He looks so happy. Good for them. Glad to see they decided make their relationship official.

KJM on

Wow, what an interesting veil! So intricate. They look happy, but as mentioned, he does not look well. Is he losing weight for a movie roll, perhaps?

Amanda K on

Beautiful couple! Sounds like they had a wonderful wedding. I wish them well :)

hobie on

For people who complain about brides who have had children wearing white:

Credit for the popularity of the white wedding dress can be attributed to Queen Victoria (though Anne of Brittany wore the first white dress on record). Yes, in Western cultures white was associated with innocence, but there is a more socio-economic significance of the white wedding dress. If you could wear white at your wedding, you were wealthy enough to own a gown that would only be worn once/have to be washed. Prior to Victoria, most women wed in a nicer version of their daily dress (regardless of color) because it could be worn again and wouldn’t dirty as easily as white.

Patricia W on

There was a time when I though that he was too handsome and dating an unattractive woman out of his league. Now he seems old and gone and she looks too good for him. He is lucky to have married her.

ME on

To LIZ………don’t get me wrong , I believe in living together at first too , so you can see if you can tolerate one another BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT c’mon 2 kids later he’s asking her to marry him? I mean the little boy said mommy how come you don’t have the same last name as us?
This guy finally married her because his looks are definitely fading and probably felt guilt hearing his son say that…….

Sue on

Yeah for sleeves!!!! Down with the strapless. So sick of every single bride looking exactly the same! She looks gorgeous

Sprinkles on

Love her dress and veil, HATE THE HEADBAND. Why do women do this? In 20 years when she looks back at this it’ll look silly. A timeless look is the best choice for a wedding dress!

Guest on

Love her dress!

Rosy on

Wow, he married a girl who used to be an illegal alien maid with no education. What happened to the real men who liked pedigreed women? …. sad…

cady on

I agree with everybody here mm looks gaunt may be it is the photo. The bride looks beautiful I like her dress not sure about head band.

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anonymous on

matthew looks like he has an exercise and eatting obsession and disorder, and i hope he gets help soon. sadly he looks so skinny and like he is wasting…he looks like a cancer patient.

Sjeline Lukiman on

The bride is soooooooooo pretty. I hope they will grow very very old together, I’m pretty sure they will. Another long lasting beautiful couple like Christy Turlington and her husband. God bless USA if most people get married and stay married to the same partner. All the best.

Sandra on

Matthew looks like he is sick. Is it just me or does he look not well to everyone else? Has he lost weight or what?

Linda on

This is the most beautiful wedding gown and veil I’ve seen in years. It’s even more beautiful than Princess Kate’s. I believe this is the perfect wedding dress and veil. I wish people would see that marriage before children is the way God intended. I’ve been married almost 40 years and the thrill of learning something new about my husband when we were newlyweds was wonderful then and still is. If you truly love someone, you don’t care about their bad habits and if you find one bad habit you discuss it and because he loves you back, you reach a compromise. If you can’t do that, then you are with the wrong person. Love means compromise and surprise and you just enjoy your life together. Marriage doesn’t mean your way or the highway, it means you have become one person and you learn to love your intended in ways that living together doesn’t show you.

Antoniah on

Joy, who cares about the order? What should matter is to have joy ; )

To be happy, caring, respectful, loving, truthful, etc, etc, etc amongst all is important… if the egg or the chicken came first is as relevant as you make it to be.

marina on

Somebody is pondering what happened to Mathew’s face. I say botox!

Kathy on

I’m SOOO glad to see a bride who’s willing to buck the trend for strapless bridal gown. She looks elegant and classic and comfortable. Well done Camilla!

Alia on

I hate to be critical, BUT…I think they both could have looked a lot better. Yes, her dress is unique and different, but she has a great body and great hair…why not use that to her advantage? Her dress is completely covering her body, and her hair is in a style that doesn’t show it off.
Also Matthew could have worn a less slim-fit tux…or maybe just gain some weight!
Anyway, those are just cosmetic things…I hope they have a happy life together!

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mira on

beautiful couple, wishing them both gr8 health luv happiness….:)

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Mari on

Now that is one gorgeous wedding gown and veil for a change instead of the strapless ones most wear nowadays.

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Kettir on

White wedding dresses do not actually symbolize innocence as many think. They originated with royalty and because it was so costly to clean dresses way back when, wearing white was a way to show the bride’s family was wealthy. From Wikipedia:
The tradition of a white wedding is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.[1][2]

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
Royal brides before Victoria did not typically wear white, instead choosing “heavy brocaded gowns embroidered with white and silver thread,” with red being a particularly popular color in Western Europe more generally.[1] European and American brides had been wearing a plethora of colors, including blue, yellow, and practical colors like black, brown, or gray. As accounts of Victoria’s wedding spread across the Atlantic and throughout Europe elites followed her lead. Because of the limitations of laundering techniques, white dresses provided an opportunity for conspicuous consumption. They were favored primarily as a way to show the world that the bride’s family was so wealthy and so firmly part of the leisure class that the bride would choose an elaborate dress that could be ruined by any sort of work or spill.[3] The color white was also the color girls were required to wear at the time when they were presented to the court.[4]

Kettir on

She’s beautiful and it’s nice that they included their children in the ceremony


its really sad that grown ass people would lob such vicious comments on a couple who’s celebrating a special day, Most of the comments I suspect are from jealous hateful people,but remember what goes around comes around, i wish them a long Happy marriage and you should too. STOP HATING, AND PLEASE DRINK SOME HATERADE!

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Emilia on

I am a fan of Matthew, but think that both of them have a distorted view on maarrige. Marriage provides saftey for the woman and the child. Even if they get married and have a divorse (which would be sad!) she still has legal rights to him, his stuff, and he has to pay child support to her. Right now he could just take off, leave Camila and her child and be totally scott free. Of course he doesn’t want to get married he can have sex with her, enjoy her company and their child and have no resposibility. Really, Camila, you are getting the short end, girl.

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