LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Step Out in Similar Bikinis

05/22/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Kelly ClarksonPacific Coast News; AKM-GSI

Two blondes, two beaches, one bikini brand. After wearing the same maxi dress earlier this year, Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes were both spotted in similar bikinis by Luli Fama during separate beach vacations.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Glanville wore the brand’s “Cosita Buena Wavey Triangle” suit in black ($72 per piece) during a seaside stroll in Los Angeles last summer, accessorizing with dangly earrings.

Meanwhile, Rimes wore a similar style — the “Ay Dios Mio” ($77 per piece) — while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, recently to renew her vows with husband Eddie Cibrian — Glanville’s ex-husband. Rimes wore her suit with a summery handbag and ivory fedora.

Both women have pretty rockin’ bikini bodies, but whose suit do you prefer? Vote in our poll below!


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Showing 97 comments

shannon on

Seriously??! This type of article and mean spirited comparison is one of the many reasons why women hate themselves!

Dawn on

Brandi!…And she has given birth to children…fantastic!

jr on

they both look horrible. these are not bodies of “women”… ick.

WTF on

I don’t agree in comparing these two. Brandi is not the wife anymore, so move on! Why putting these two against each other? It’s so middle school! Common on, have some common sense and stop the BS.

Girlie on

I agree with everyone bashing this concept. Poor taste, People staff. But I’m sure the clicks to the story more than justify this mess in your eyes.

Kris on

I think they should both eat a sandwich.

jespen on

AND Brandi had 2 kids!! Kudos to her.

Gigi on

Why must People magazine try to cause a dramatic problem between these women by comparing them in a bikini???? They have to get along for the kids sake so stop trying to put them against each other, their situation is really difficult and the negative People articles is not helping!

jc on

Beautiful on the OUTSIDE??!

Laura on

People, you had to put these two up against each other in bikinis? For having two kids Brandi looks great though.

sally on

anyone would look better than LeAnn Rimes

Jade on

Major censoring going on on this site which is unfair.

Gina on

Eat something already!

Nick on

LeAnn is way better looking. No contest.

nomorerimes on

Outside and inside–Brandi is much better looking and acting. She has more curves than boyish SleazeAnn and she’s had 2 kids and still has a body like that! Terrific!!!

Amy on

I think it’s wrong to compare these 2… BUT, please go ahead & have a 20 piece nuggets, extra large fries & coke ;) You need it.

nomorerimes on

By the way another case of SleazeAnn copying Brandi. SleazeAnn wore this bikini this year and the article said Brandi wore hers last summer. Sleaze is trying so hard to be Brandi. Shame on her! Just be yourself, Sleazy!

Traci on

I only clicked on the article to scroll to the comments so I could scold People for stooping to a new low in doing this…PEOPLE SUCKS>ENQUIRER!!!

Leslee on

I agree, it seems a bit more than catty to compare them. I would gladly take the figure of either one of them :)

Jen on

There are no curves on either of these women. Sexy? NO!

Miriam on

I would seriously vote for Brandi even if I did not believe her to be wearing it better (which she is) – Just can’t stand LeAnn at this point.

Big Whoop on

They both look good, but also like ho-bags,

Jon on

Definitely Brandi’s is 10 Times Better, I can’t say that about LeAnn, she looks wierd in The Bikini she’s wearing!

kate on

I only clicked on the “article” to share my distaste for this type of feature. Comparing these two women’s bodies is in bad taste and rude. People.com, your web content has taken a nose dive. Step it up or I’m out.

cb on

Brandi. Her boobs aren’t under armpits like Leann’s implants. But seriously…I think Leann’s copying of Brandi’s clothes crossed over the line into creepy a looooong time ago.

Mel on

Someone beat me to it, but it bears repeating: They both need to eat a sandwich. Yes, I could stand to lose a few, no, I am not jealous of their emaciated figures.

sally on

let’s see…both have the fake blond hair, the fake b**bs [did they go to the same doc?], boyish figure, too skinny…

Courtney on

Really?? Don’t you think that they have both been put thru enough now?? They are both beautiful. They don’t need to be compared against each other with who wore their swimsuit better.

stef24 on

Brandi beats the Sleestak any day!

Juneeeebug on

F__k this! This is so sexist.

mommy2eandl on

Neither look good!! They both look sickly and DO NOT represent the real woman! Hey girls, have a cream puff or 10!

And People.. stop with the high school antics, it’s old!

sayanks on

Time to stop comparing these two women. They are both beautiful in their own unique way. Its unfair to keep the competition going between them. Brandi and Eddie have moved on – its time for the rest of us to move on. People get divorced and remarried every day – and the ex’s are not constantly compared to each other. I think its incredibly mean spirited to keep this up.

rebekah on

They both look horrible! And hungry.

liarlairpantsonfire on

my kim and the other kids should have been in this contest! fix! fix!

Chandler on

LeAnn had the worst boob job ever!! They are even trying to run away from her!!

Patty on

Seriously, PEOPLE, why do you have to keep pitting these two against each other? Stop it once and for all!

Melisa on

I think they both need a burrito.

And before anyone jumps down my throat and says I am jealous or a hater I am going to say that I have NO problem saying when a woman is attractive….but my idea of a sexy woman is NOT 5’11” and 100 pounds.

Vanessa on

This kind of article is not ok. I think you owe both of these woman an apology, People Mag. You should not continue pitting these two women against each other; they have moved on and so should you.

Debby on

Why is it always the womens fault when there is an affair. Do people not understand that the man is involved also

Jaye on

Barandi has not given birth, her two children are adopted!!!

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Susie on

They don’t wear the same things. Brandi wears something and Leann always copies it later. Always!

lisa on

They both look good. However, since Brandi has had children she wins. It is not easy to get back to looking like that after children…

ColumbiaQT on

I call it even… Who cares..

Kimberly on

Brandi DEFINITELY! AND she’s had 2 kids…you go girl!

Sara on

as usual, brandi wore something FIRST, then leann wore it. sad, sad sad. when will leann stop copying her husband’s ex-wife?

Valerie on

Ok, so clearly there is nothing coincidental about LeAnne’s choice in clothing at this point. Which means she really is terrified of what’s even more blindly obvious from these pics than the similar bathing suits: that Eddie just remarried a major downgrade of his first wife. So how come the article’s not all about what wrong with Eddie? Instead of how can we insult Brandi one more time?

aleighcat on

Where’s the “neither” button? They both look like tough shoe leather, what happened to soft women with curves? While we’re at it, how about pouring some more salt into the wound, StyleWatch? Stop fueling the fires with these ridiculous pissing contests.

Ally B on

Brandi by far! That woman gave birth two 2 kids, so she gets more props then someone who hasn’t. But they both should put on a few pounds.

Loni on

beautiful on the inside…pretty girls but not everyone looks in a bikini.

molly on

Even with LeAnne’s fake boobs and spray tan, Brandi wears the bikini better. And she’s had kids!

Belle-Sexie Canuck on

There is no best. They are both anorexic!

sam on

Instead of asking who looks better, perhaps People mag should have addressed the issue of why Leann is wearing the very same bikini that Brandi wore months before her. Leann does this on a regular basis. Why does Leann feel the need to copy Brandi, right down to they type of bikini Brandi wears? Seriously, who walks around purposely trying to look like their hubands or boyfriend’s ex?

People mag is only doing what Leann paid them to do. Leann can’t stand the fact that her “sweet” hubby is still pining for his ex-wife, so she pays People mag to write this feel good article about her.

ValdaDeDieu on

This is tasteless, and crass. A new low for Style.com. supposedly a “woman’s” magazine…

Synclaire on

Their bodies are almost the same! Brandi has a little bigger frame but other than that if they changed heads no one would know the difference.

Adele Sucks! on

Eduardo could have done better! LeAnn looks old already! It won’t be long before Eduardo is hitting on younger women like Miranda Cosgrove! He’s a MAN looking 4 action! LeAnn is just another girl who’s fallen for his charms and charmingness of the charm-family of the… & and & that!

BTW Adele Sucks!

Brandi Glanville, you are still a fox & woman like like that weird Miss Canada who’s really not a WOMEN! Keep up the good work Brandi! People love you & and your good & looks too! :)

sarge89 on

Personally they are both way too skinny..however IF Brandi wore string bikini that wasn’t a child’s size she would look so much better.

Not again on

I didn’t read this, but WHO CARES???? People Magazine is lowering itself to be one step above the National Enquirer. These are NOT real women with REAL jobs, with REAL responsibilities other than to prance around half naked. I will say again…WHO THE “F” CARES?????

Guest on

I vote C: Neither

Liz on

Leann’s body is so toned and tight naturally … Brandi’s not so much … nip tuck anyone?

gutsygirl on

Empowered women unite! How about we have two bare chested guys to compare?

Joules on

my daddy says sticks belong on trees!

FaithC on

They both look amazing…but, is anyone else craving a cheeseburger?! ;)

ME on

Looks like Eddie remarried Brandi’s body to me. I seriously don’t see any difference. Both skinny as a rail, tiny boobs and blond.

nomorerimes on

SleazeAnn has always been a People favorite. Too bad her suit is not being picked as favorite. And SleazeAnn is probably ticked too. Gotta pay more money, Slimes!!

onehotmomma on

LeAnne worked out for her stomach, Brandi’s is surgical y’all.

sam on

It looks like this fluffpiece has backfired and now Leann is doing some major damage control. Since people were slamming Leann for single white femaling Brandi, Leann attempted to fix it by having some celeb fashion site state that they have been helping Leann pick out her clothes. So we can conclude that the fashion site that has been helping Leann with her “Spring looks”, hates Leann? Because why else would they purposely put Leann into clothing, hairstyles, shoes, purses, and etc…so that the end result is that Leann looks like Brandi?

jaded on

honestly….. who cares? Leann is a home-wrecker whether she likes it or not, Eddie is completely disrespectful to both (I mean… how would you feel being the mistress that has to hide in the shadows, meet in disguise, can’t be affectionate in public because of the HUGE DECEITFUL lie you both decided was worth telling) and our morbid curiosity in this train wreck of a common occurrence in America makes these ‘no-talent’ individuals more money! Id rather spend my money on the lottery ladies!!

come on! on

Come on, People. Stop pitting women against eachother and comparing like this – it’s repulsive. Shame on you.

sassy mommy on

I had to vote for Brandi even tho I can’t stand her.
LeAnn is just TOO skinny. doesn’t even have hips. more like a 10 yr old with fake boobs. just too bad for LeAnn.

Dawn on

I think this poll is very strange and rude.

Lucymay on

LeAnn is trying so hard to copy Brandi ever since she stole Eddie! I don’t get why EITHER woman would think he’s such a prize.

Sandy on

Leann’s “fun bags” do NOT fit her body. She looks utterly ridiculous. Self esteem issues, Leann????

Aud on

Nice cover up on Brandi’s bikini area People! LOL, can’t tell at all! LOL!!

Sandy on

How about neither!They have bodies like boys!

sam on

Leann wasn’t happy at the way that this poll turned out, so now she paid Radaronline to write a negative article slamming Brandi’s looks. That’s two negative articles from Radaronline about Brandi in just one day. Seriously why does Leann get mad when her pr stunts backfire?

Ruthie on

Used to be a long time fan of LeAnn – ever since her drama/homewrecking stunt…absolutely zero respect for the woman, I don’t care how good she may look. Brandi all the way!

Anonymous on

Brandi all the way! The woman had 2 chilren and looks like that! Jealous!
Poor Leann…..always 2 steps behind Brandi!
Try to catch up honey!

Dave on

Brandi just fills her suit in all the right places

John on

Why do women love to hate other women so much? It’s ridiculous and pathetic. They’re both beautiful and gorgeous – and hopefully healthy and happy too.

Melissa on

Ms Glanville has bloat gut. It comes with AGE. I hate aging.

Chr on

Well, at least LeAnn is wearing the correct size bikini. The other one looks like she borrowed it from a child. Sad when grown ups are this starved for attention.

Valeri on

It’s saddening to know that we have become such a fat/obese society that when a woman is thin she is told to eat a sandwich.

BrandiSucks on

Funny how Brandi’s fans don’t realize Brandi is just as skinny. They always overlook every flaw she has and always point out Leann’s supposed flaws.

Lydia on

Their bodies are not the same. Leann’s chest looks saggy and horrible. Brandi’s chest looks pert and pretty. What happened to leann face. She’s gotten even uglier than what she was before. Brandi got my vote, with the better body and much prettier face.

BrandiSucks on

People try and insult Leann so much, yet when someone points out something wrong about Brandi, people flip out and get insulting because they can’t handle it.

BrandiSucks on

Nothing about Brandi looks pretty.

BrandiSucks on

People need to stop dedicating their lives to harassing Leann, it’s sick and makes people look like fools. Brandi’s fanbase is exactly why people don’t support her, Brandi is as crazy as her fans and that is NOT a good thing.

Charla.b on

I love the green bikini, green is my fav color. if only it was on Brandi. both women are slender but Leanne looks let her down significantly. her body look goods from below the waist down
that I will say. minus her feet. for a woman who has had 2 kids, Brandi looks damn good. my hubby has a major crush on her after he caught glimpses of rhobh when i was watching. lol

Vikki on

Woah at Brandisucks meltdown. Looks to me she is the only one flipping out. Something tells me your heavily dedicated to scope out articles and spew some hate yourself. Relax, calm down and self medicate. Hope you get better soon. Brandi easily wins the battle of the bodies, leann is at a huge HUGE disadvantage. Its like comparing a 5 * hotel to a roach motel.

Brandisucks is Leann Rimes on

Leann Rimes herself is always posting on gossip sites as other people. She knows everyone hates her, and she’ll always lose to Brandi. Eddie married Brandi for love, but Leann for financial security. She’s so insecure, its sad.

nomorerimes on

I agree with Vikki–Brandisucks needs medication fast!!! She say people need to stop harassing poor little SleazeAnn who is the queen of harassing people. ‘Makes them look like fools”? You are right, Brandisucks–SleazeAnn does look like a sick, psycho fool. She has no pride when she lets her “ho” husband cheat on her and still keeps him! Brandi is a classy lady who is thin but SleazeAnn is sickly thin like a little boy. Except for her boob job–she is already sagging and should wear a more supportive bra! As for these two swim suits–which Brandi wore last year and SleazeAnn copied this year–Brandi wins hands down!!!

Jeanna on

I can’t believe People is continuing this so called competition between Brandi and LeAnn. I think Brandi is the more beautiful woman but that is not important. Eddie played them both and LeAnn is still the fool for him. He will leave her also for someone new, who looks even better in a swim-suit.

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