Angelina Jolie's Engagement Ring Spawns Lots of Lookalikes

04/19/2012 at 10:30 AM ET

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Engagement Ring
Courtesy Jacob & Co.; Courtesy Gemvara

We can’t all have Brad Pitt — or a ring estimated at $1 million, either — but several jewelers already have Angelina Jolie-inspired sparklers ready to go.

Jacob & Co., the jeweler loved by stars like Jay-Z, Nick Cannon and Kevin Jonas, has its own version of Jolie’s ring (left), an 18-karat white gold creation with baguette-cut diamonds around the band retailing for a cool $338,000 — before the addition of an extra-large emerald-cut center stone.

A more affordable option comes by way of Gemvara, which just released a rock crystal and sterling silver version of the ring for $1,195. The bauble features an emerald-cut center gem and emerald-cut side stones.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Engagement Ring
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art/PRNewsFoto

Jolie’s engagement ring — which could weigh up to 10 carats and cost as much as $1 million, according to an independent expert — was created by Pitt with jeweler Robert Procop, who also works on the actress’s “Style of Jolie” line.

“Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a year-long collaboration with Robert,” a spokesperson for Procop said in a statement. “He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so Robert was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suit Angelina’s hand.” Tell us: Would you buy a replica of Jolie’s ring?


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Fijian Lily on

Angelina Jolies ring is the true example of classy and sophisticated. I love the Jacob & Co one too! - Allt om Kändisar, Blogg och Mode Yes, Even Ashley Greene Has Bad Hair Days | on

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None of Your Busniess on

Who cares about Angelina’s ring and the look alike rings. SHe is a home wrecker, anorexic DB and those who wanna have her ring r wanna be’s too. GET REAL!

Ainsley on

I love Angie! I am so happy for them. I’m not speaking for anyone else, but I have always found her to be much more attractive than the “man-faced” Jennifer who can’t act to save her life. I don’t think Angie is the best actress out there but better than Jennifer. Team Angie all the way!

Ombeline on

Noneofyourbusiness, you are really so hateful. Two people fell in love, generously created a family, remained together for seven years, thus far, and are madly in love. I think they and the ring are absolutely lovely! The list of people, not only in Hollywood, that have fallen for someone else before being officially divorced is enormous…do not play the self-perfect card. Julia Roberts, Leanne Rimes, the list is endless. It is life, which is not perfect. Be kind. It is more admirable.

love it on

love the ring its so classy and gorgeous<33 and lets move on and lets stop calling her homewrecker she is one of the nicest and beautiful actresses in the world!!

love it on

love the ring its so gorgeous<33 and lets move on and lets stop calling her homewrecker she is one of the nicest and beautiful actresses in the world!!

Susannah on

I am happy for them. But that ring is not my style. Too monochromatic. And it’s very retro, but not in a good way.

Yvonne on

Brad wanted children, he was getting older and said so in interviews. Jennifer wasn’t willing to give him that no matter how much he wanted it. Now he has kids and seems happy. Life goes on. It did for Jennifer who now seems very happy, maybe it’s time for the rest of the world to get over it too.

Carol on

Coo, coo people. Go out and get a cz copy. Most marriages don’t last long enough these days to warrant the cost of a REAL ring.

Jan P on

I agree with you Yvonne, we wish them love and happiness. They are so in love.

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring Spawns Lots of Lookalikes – - MagNewsX - Mag News AggregatorMagNewsX – Mag News Aggregator on

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amanda on

i think these rings are actually prettier than angelinas! i don’t get what took a year to brad to desing it…

SusiQ on

I think the ring is beautiful and the couple have done wonderful things, around the world & here especially in New Orleans, but.. .that ring’s not for me. I couldn’t carry it off, my hand’s too small. I prefer a simple (large. haha) solitaire in a six prong setting on a plain platinum band, the signature Tiffany setting.

Gladiola on

The price of this engagement rings seems to appreciate daily; it’s now up to $1 million! As with everything else that’s celebrity, costs are always exaggerated. Sentiments and significance should not always have a dollar value.

Sarah on

I don’t understand the spiteful comments about Jennifer Aniston in this. To the person who said she had a man face, shame on you. This article is about Angelina Jolie so stop making rude comments about Jenn.

Celia on

I can’t believe some people can’t seem to let go of the Jennifer thing!! People: GET OVER IT!! As for Angie, she’s a woman of grace and style and the ring is perfect for her. I love it!! Angie’s given 3 orphans a loving home and the chance to grow up happy and healthy instead of a life of poverty and neglect. She also puts her life on the line to visit refugee camps in the poorest areas around the world. That makes her “saintly” IMO!! Instead of people hating on her and insulting her and calling her names, they should try to do something good for a less fortunate person. God bless Brad and Angie, they’re making this world a better place!!!

HC on

I think they are a very nice looking and good inside and out judging from both of their humanitarinan work it is not all plastic. I don’t think other than kids on St.Jude or her dog Jennifer Anniston would have stimulated Brad to have children or be an even better person. They do a lot for their children and they are good people genuinely in love. Much happiness and good Karma. Get over the fact that people move on.

Debra on

Who cares? I was hoping Brad would leave her sorry ass. . .not friggen marry her!!!
I can’t stand her. She loves to steal other women’s men and I have no respect for someone who is that insecure!! Screw you Angelina, you don’t deserve a happy marriage!!!
I don’t even think you’re a good mother. . .so there!!!

SSS on

Debra, but you have respect for a man who cheats? If Angelina home wrecked then what does that make brad? Are you projecting?
When your man left you he left because he wanted to , and not because the other woman forced him. That’s not how it works. Poor thing.

Lmao on

Anyone see the pix of brangelina in equador? Brad has a receding hairline that he’s been hiding with weave.

get real on

Blood diamond?

Olivia- on

I don’t like that ring

Samantha on

I wouldn’t buy a replica of Angelina’s ring – nor would I want a replica of her husband-to be. I have more self respect. I am my own woman, and I agree with None of Your Business.

Nina Smith on

Is it a blood diamond? From one of the many countries she advocates for?

Beverley on

Man O’ Man….if anyone thinks thatAngie’s expensive engagement ring is really gonna be adorning her finger, I think NOT! It will go in a safe and Angie will probably wear a CZ copy for “no brainer” reasons. And who is going to question her anyway????

Robin on

When you live together and have kids. You don’t get engaged you just get married.

Do it already!

Tshape on

Love the Jacob and Co designs! Stunning!!!

Susan on

I think Angie’s ring is stunning and am so happy for her and Brad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann on


Just Sayin on

I think her ring is lovely. No, I wouldn’t buy it. I have my own that I love and means something since it has been handed down thru the years. I just don’t get all the negativity. You can’t steal what you didn’t have. They (Brad and Jennifer) have moved on with their lives, and they seem really happy.

Arminda on

I would like a ring like hers because it’s stylish NOT because she owns it. It’s a very pretty ring.

Julianna on

It amazes me that these “eco-friendly” and “socially conscious” celebs are so hypocritical and show off these types of baubles. I don’t buy into an “conflict free diamond” (which they don’t claim it to be, by the way) thing—no such thing as a conflict-free diamond. It’s just a way that they justify their actions. They can talk the talk with these “donations” (that they get to write off) to other countries, but they get massive tax benefits from it. It’s ridiculous.

kdjay on

Her ring is like the one Charles gave to Camilla…I wasn’t impressed with either to be honest. Emerald cut isn’t a good look for diamond, radiant cut would have been nicer – more sparkle. I liked the one Brad gave to Jenn better.

choco on

The 2 rings are not similar and I prefer the fake one. It’s classier!

Tiesha on


hopeso on

Everytime i look at it it’s like i see something new in it Angie your ring truly is gorgeous

effie on

The whole world has a thing with Brand and Angie. Finally they make it official… And Brad Finally looks happier ever after! Congrats!

Jon on

No thanks, I’m good! I’d rather buy a real ring!

Stacie on

I can’t wait for QVC to make they version of this ring !! I’m so gonna get it . I love Brad and Angie !!! I’m so happy for them .

Carolyn on

Don’t care much for this particular ring style but of these two, prefer the Jacob & Co. one.

Lila on

But AJ’s ring is so tacky, the knockoff is still too much but is better.

loveglobe on

Debra !!! you are so unkind person. I wondering how many man that had left you. I, loves Angie and Brad. They have done so much good thing around the world, they are kind and lovely people. If, you meet a nice guy, sucess you may want that man too. Most of women want a nice guy, and great father for her child. Debra you need to see more thing around you and around the world in the good way.

tata on

I will buy 100% a gift for me since I have an engagment ring

Mara on

How are those lookalikes when there were plenty like those designed before hers? I think hers is gorgeous, but there were many like it around before.

engaged on

Gosh sonia – feel better? doubt it – the few haters can repost and repost but the reality is most people like and admire this couple and find them fascinating. hence all the requests for the ring

Donna Glaser on

The Jacob and Co is MUCH prettier than the original.

Susan on

Happy for them…but in these days that we are living in – with people struggling just to make enough money to pay utility bills, gas for their car(s) and groceries…it just doesn’t seem okay to spend that much money on a ring. Celebrities make so much money now, I truly think they have lost what life is really all about. And that includes politicians as well..sorry…but I’m happy for them. Now they can hopefully settle in as the real Mr and Mrs Smith.

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JD on

Its been 7 years and we’re STILL talking about home wrecking and team so and so’s? Puleeze people. Let it go and find some peace with it because it is never going to change. It was wrong. It happened. It is 7 years in the past. Brad and Angie have 6 children and have built a life. Both Angie and Jen are happy in their relationships. They are both successful actresses and have built great lives while everyone else is STILL living in the past, passing judgment. I am happy for both of them. Let’s not be so hateful and just let it be. Again, that was a long time ago. Congrats on your engagement Brad and Angie. Congrats on your first year together Jen and Justin. The end.

Amaryllis on

My ring is original Art Deco, so no!

Guest on

I am sure that her ring is special to her, the way any engagement ring is special to the person to whom it is given. However, there are many rings similar in style. I agree with a previous poster, emerald cut is not attractive for larger diamonds as it has less facets than other cuts and therefore, less sparkle, but that is only my opinion. If she and her fiance are happy with the ring, than I doubt anything else matters to them.

dd on

a very beautiful ring for a very beautiful lady – wishing them much happiness and thanking them for all theey do to help others in the US and around the world…

BG on

Uhhh, I don’t think Angie’s ring is one of a kind or that unique. I have seen similar rings, so I’m not sure I understand this lookalike story. Is hers the first ring with diamonds all around the band and a large center stone? Cos thats basically what it is right – 360 degrees of square/rectangle cut diamonds on the band with a center stone. I went ring shopping with someone recently and I saw a couple like that. Now all of a sudden, the media is claiming hers is the first of its kind?

MaloneJavier on

as Marvin said I am inspired that anybody able to make $6830 in one month on the computer. did you see this web page makecash16. çom

rani on

i think Angelina and Brad look’s good toghther.they both love kids. good luck to both of them.

kimi on

none of your business you are full of bitterness. why can’t you see love in others? everybody deserves a chance.

you should get real.

Marky on

Susan, some people are struggling, not everyone is. My husband and I are middle class people, and our 3 of our 4 children are either middle class or upper middle class, not because they inherited money, but because they earned it, and worked hard to do so. One child is much younger than the others, so still working to get there, but he’s on his way.

To say that someone should not only donate a huge percentage of their salary to various legitimate charities, but should never have anything special, like an engagement ring, is just so, I don’t know, beyond anything reasonable or fair. I’m not saying everything is sunshine and roses everywhere in the world, but i am saying that most of the people I know who are struggling, are doing so because they are not paying attention to properly budgeting, they are insisting on holding out for a job that has 100 people for every opening, or they refuse to grow intellectually even in the field they are in, or all of the above. I hear too many people buying into the idea of “most people are struggling to pay their bills and their children are hungry.” Well, when I worked with families who were “struggling” to buy diapers and supplies for their babies, somehow they always had cigarettes, beer, and/or soda. They might nott have soap to wash their clothes, but they could always get those other things. I am not being critical of anyone; everyone has choices in life, but I’m saying that there are jobs, there are sensible ways to manage finances even if you have to have one car instead of 2. Maybe you give up your car, if there is public transportation, maybe you buy your clothes at resale shops, like millions of others, maybe you shop at a store like Sprouts, where you can buy healthy natural foods, for less money than it costs to shop in regular grocery stores. One thing I wouldn’t do is say someone who is already doing more than I ever did for others, should have to give up everything because I am lacking something. I’ve been broke, I’ve been in debt, and I was grateful to get out of those issues, but it felt good to see us stand on our own 2 feet to get out of debt and learn to stay that way. They do so much for others, why isn’t it okay for him to have a special ring made for the woman he loves? I haven’t heard anyone say squat about other people’s rings–Anyone’s ring in the last 2 years, for example. And I know I won’t hear a word if Jen gets a ring, no matter which one of them pays for it. Sorry, but this hateful stuff is just getting old!

Helen on

People comment like they know these people etc. Duh! D’yah think Angelina or Brad care about what y’all have to say? They can afford the ring and you can’t, so stop being bitter!

postathread on

Angelina Jolie is a lot of things, but “classy”…lol lol lol
Now THAT is laughable…

Marky on

Postathread, would you want people to be as unforgiving, as incapable of letting go of your past mistakes, as rude and hateful to you, as people like you are to AJ and BP? How sad and pathetic……

Kate on

If you dont like them and dont care why do you post? Good lord some people need to get a life.

Nancy on

I’m so happy for Brad and Angie. Her ring is gorgeous and those that don’t like it can get over themselves. If you don’t like either one of them, don’t read the article! Duh. Brad’s eye wouldn’t have strayed if he and Jennifer were getting along. Obviously, something was wrong with their union. Angie is gorgeous and if Brad would cut and shampoo his hair, he would be gorgeous, too.

Angela on

I don’t need a copy-cat…my ring looks almost exactly like that, except there are paved diamonds on the sides….oh my gosh….now I AM just like Angelina. Yeah for me!!!

SusiQ on

There’s an old saying that if you fall in love with the first person and then fall in love with the second person you should be with the second person cuz if you really loved the first person, you would NOT have fallen in love with the second one. think about it.

Somjit on

People who hates Jolie that means they hate them self big time ! God bless beautiful Jolie , Pitt and their beautiful children ! healthy and long life for them .

Somjit on

I feel bad for haters who loves to hate Jolie . That means they just can’t stop hating them self ! Also very jealous because Jolie is so kind , beautiful and have beautiful children plus Brad of course . God bless this family , stay healthy and long life .

Observer in Canada on

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d really like to see what Angelina’s ring REALLY looks like.

The picture of her hand does not show the ring well enough to decide if I like it, and the 2 rings on this page are wildly different.

A magazine like PEOPLE should be able to secure a decent pix of this ring….when can we expect to see it?

Lavender26 on

I like the ring but no matter how much I try I just can’t like her and I really don’t like him any better. But for me there’s something that exudes off of her that is unclean and unappealing. I’ve really tried to change my opinion of her as she appears to have done a lot of good but there always seems to be the ‘shadow’ of what she really is standing in the background.

Polina on

Firstly. I dont understand why people need to always be negatvie about them. You are just jealous or haters. They are gorgeous/intelligent and very talented people. I adore them like anything!! Because atleast they keep it real.
Jolie always been open about how she is. they fell in love and jennifer and brad were apparently not happy. So he found happiness in Jolie.

Why cant people just be happy for them. Divorces so common in hollywood. Stop pitying jennifer aniston who has dated all the losers after pitt and is a horrble actress.

Dani on

Gee, I wonder how many poor little black South African children had to toil down in the mines to come up with that rock? Maybe she could adopt some of them.

temperance on

To those who continue to call Angelina Jolie a home wrecker, SHUT UP. You can’t break something that’s already over. The name calling is childish and ignorant. Just stop reading and commenting if you don’t know the truth. Vile people should not be hateful just because they can.

Danielle on

The ring is beautiful and she earned….three kids of their own and three adopted…..what more do you want….? They are fulfilled….!

Marky on

No little children toiled deep in the mines for these diamonds. There are blood-free diamonds and intelligent people know that. Get over your silly self, Dani, and try as hard as you can to grow up!! Good grief, how long can you people stay mad about something that happened (with people you don’t even know)years ago??!

ariel on

While I do agree people have the right to spend their money how they choose. To be a woman all about helping third world countries, starving children, those in New Orleans, it’s such a waste of money on one ring.

whatever on

A beautiful ring but this ring is not a new design style.

Marie on


Joyce Crawford on

You know what,that ring is totally angelina!!really , i think i know why it took him a year to design because its perfect for her really spphisticated and i like the jacob&co.

tada on

This is a funny article. When you go back and read other articles on this ring, many had seen it in the mall before ‘Brad’ claimed fame to designing it!

Dale Fournier on

I can see that step cut diamonds are going to be the new rage. These two rings do not look like Angelina’s ring though..

julie apodaca on

I’ve allways wanted that ring it is th best diamond cut in my eyes I liked that ring sence I saw it on the movie death becomes her GOOD JOB BRAD buy the way you are the best actor sence CLARK GABLE keepup the good work you have beautiful childern I think they look like you and angie

julie apodaca on

I think your ring is beter than kim kardashions

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Nike Mercurial VIII on

That’s a nice post.

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