LeAnn Rimes Is Blonde Again -- and Says She Never Went Brunette

04/10/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Miley Cyrus

So, did she dye? LeAnn Rimes was out in Los Angeles last week sporting what appeared to be brunette hair. But back in town this weekend after a trip to the south — and looking as blonde as ever — the singer said she never changed her hair color.

“I haven’t touched my hair,” she Tweeted to followers. “It’s the way the wind was blowing & the light was hitting it.”

Joking that her next hair color would be black, Rimes cleared up additional rumors, too. “So you all know, I’m blonde & there’s no ‘tell all’ book about divorce, marriage and ‘my side.’ I just laugh at [all] of this!”

However, the star did visit the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills on Monday, where she got a quick trim — and happily confirmed it, Tweeting, “Love my hair cut from Mr McMillan as always.” It makes sense knowing that Rimes didn’t dye her hair twice in a week, but we have to admit: we kind of liked the idea of her as a brunette. Tell us: Do you think Rimes should try going brunette?  


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Debra on

I think she should put a bag over her head

Andrea on

It’s obvious she never dyed it in the first place.The original photo is from April 6,she posted a self portrait on twitter on Saturday while she was on tour and she clearly has blond hair in that one,then went to the salon on Monday.Still blond.Why would she dye it one day and color it back the next?

wendy on

Damn, she’s all kinds of homely.

cynlee on

She would look better with darker hair; she should go for it!

tada on

BIG DEAL! Does anyone care? She’s a home wrecker!

kat on

-tada, Yet you still read the article and commented. If you don’t care about her and are so disgusted by her home wrecking then ignoring anything in regards to her would be the best course of action.

Lisa on

This is also the same woman who denied she was having an affair with Eddie Cibrian when they were both married to other people.

Mimi's on

She couldn’t have wrecked a home that was stable. Get over it people! Geez, you’re all so miserable with your own lives it’s sad.

Mary on

She is busted either way! Just saying.

Angel on

So what if she dyed her hair and then changed it back…it’s her money and her hair.

What she may or may not have done with the affair is nobody’s business… Who are you to judge? Have you NEVER done anything wrong?

guest on

Kat, get over it.

guest on

Well Angel, I know I never cheated on anyone. this girl cheated, lied and made a huge deal saying she didn’t and then scolded everyone for picking on her when in the end they admitted they did cheat. She shouldn’t be shocked when people razz her for lying.

Anna on

She’s definitely not a good looking gal. Maybe she should gain a few pounds. She looked better a few years ago.

Daffygrams on

I am so sick of people judging others by their looks. Ever heard of “don’t judge a book by its cover”???

Mimi's on

Angel, I agree with you! All these haters must be perfect. They hate her so much, but they ALWAYS read articles about her. They need to move on and focus on their own, apparently, perfect lives.

guest on

i think she should try going away.

Mimi on

GUEST: You keep commenting, even though you clearly dislike her. What’s YOUR problem? Are you obsessed with her or something?

Karla on

she’s just not that pretty!

Jeanine on

I agree with Mimi….can’t wreck something that is already broken….! People divorce daily…get over it!

Mimi on

There are a lot of really vicious women on this site. Let’s hear it for girl power! Come one women, let’s support each other!

Yvonne on

People are always saying everyone should get over her breaking up that marriage and act like it’s no big deal. I wonder how you’d feel if it was YOUR marriage she ruined and YOUR home ruined with little kids in it that are now sad because their daddy left their Mom for this selfish witch! I’m not perfect, far from it. But I would never break up a home with small children, it doesn’t get any more self-centered than that. If a woman isn’t offered herself up to a married man with kids like in this situation, then perhaps he would have gone home to his family. It has to be made available for them to cheat! They can’t do it on their own, period.

Lacey on

Regardless of her hair color, she lost a fan in me when she and Eddie Cibrian cheated on their spouses with each other. Call me old-fashioned (at 18 yrs old!), but marriage once meant something to people. I can’t read an article about her anymore without frowning.

Mimi on

Yvonne: If I were Eddie’s wife I would have been angry with HIM. He’s the one who took vows to be faithful. HE broke up HIS marriage, just as LeAnn broke up HER marriage. Why do women always blame other women for EVERYTHING!!!

Mya on

Never been a big fan, but I definitely don’t hate her or consider her a homewrecker. Had Brandi been doing her job, Eddie couldn’t have been pried away with a crowbar. Ladies, keep your man happy and stop thinking that because you gave him a few kids that he’s obligated to stay with you. Marriage is work and many people stop working on it after the kids come along.

donna on

it’s amazing what washing your hair will accomplish!

jill on

Why is People magazine kissing Leann’s butt?

It’s obvious that she dyed her hair or did something to it to make it look darker. She saw the backlash and changed it back. Remember it was People mag who initiated the story about Leann dying her hair and as Leann says she likes People because they fact check. Leann threw People under the bus and they still kiss her butt. Why?

jill on


Here we go again, where Leann and her pr people try to justify Leann’s affair by blaming their spouses. And then these very same people just can’t understand why the dislike of Leann grows and why Leann is so disliked.

So is this Leann’s option to writing her book, she just has twitter pals visit these sites writing posts blaming Brandi and Dean for Leann’s and Eddie’s affair? BTW, Eddie cheated on Leann, so then why does Leann keep trying to force everyone to believe that she has happy marriage? Eddie’s affair is so bad that Leann had a breakdown on stage during her concert.

Cynthia on

Hey Yvonne, I get the feeling these kids are way happy their daddy hooked up with a real superstar like LeAnn at least she is not getting arrested for drunk driving and overall obnoxiousness.

halee on

Stop calling people homewreckers.
If they love each other and were suffering in their previous marriages who are we to judge?
Leave the people alone!

Didi on

Haha I feel the same way Debra, I don’t know why is her face so unappealing at least to me.

Brianna on

Lets see she lost the swish scored a real man and does what she pleases……sheeess a real bad girlllll!!!!
Silly silly people…. lol

jill on


Well that is because Leann has druken orgies with Eddie and his mistress on balconies while the kids are right in their presence.

Why do Leann fans always criticize Brandi for drinking when there is a video of Eddie getting behind the wheel of a car after he had been drinking; Leann was involved in a hit and run after she had been drinking; Eddie has a beer/alcohol in his hand in just about every photo of him of him with Leann; Eddie is drunk in just about every photo of him with Leann; Leann was out drinking until 2am and then the next day canceled the concerts claiming that she had the “flu” when in reality she had a very bad hangover and drunk so much alcohol she had to go to the hospital? And yet you want to criticize Brandi, even though there are how many photos of Leann and Eddie with alcohol in their hands while the kids are with them?

Let’s not forget Leann at the ACMs, did you see the comments where people asked if she was drunk or high on coke? And you want to talk about Brandi being a drunk?

Ava T. on

No matter what color hair, how thin she still has a horsey face… what was Eddie thinking, his ex is WHITE HOT

carol doyon on

i, everytime i come to check on this site ,it is the same thing,jealousy,and the “art” of beeing mean is the winner…is this what our “young” are???mean and selfish???

Janis on

I think she should go away

Suzie on

LeAnn is as homely as homely can get!!! Just goes to show you looks are not everything in a marriage! Eddie cheated on Brandy for this homely woman…..just saying!! Does her wear glasses?

Rapper1 on

Ms Rimes obviously lost the ability to decipher reality & truth from her own delusions long ago. She’s narcissistic and has lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong and fact from fiction. And she’s just arrogant enough to think that if she can fool herself, she can fool everyine else. Pathetic. Her need for attention & validation mirrors that of an insecure adolescent.

stef24 on

Doesn’t matter if she’s blonde or brunette, she’s still a homewrecker and still looks like a Sleestak.

dsk on

Ahh the opinion police are out!!lol! My 2 cents-
She is an adulterer regardless. Which makes her a liar. Though I doubt she dyed her hair, it just looks greasy in the darker pic. But don’t pretend she isn’t a liar.

Carlene on

Woman only needs to let her talent do the talking, puts the 99 per cent of the rest to shame!
Not sure what these haters have against her except she makes their music stars sound really bad?

Me on

People blame LeAnn because she’s in the limelight, always defending her affair. The least she could have done is admitted it was wrong and apologized to the people she hurt. She has no shame. At least Eddie lays low and isn’t out there screaming “I have no regrets!” I guess LeAnn’s “fans” are in denial and looking for someone to blame. If she is putting herself out there, why not pick on her.

katawa on

she is so over exposed it’s ridiculous. please go away and live a quiet/ more private life.

dd on

who cares? she is such a has been and no one even heard of him until he hooked up with his “sugar mama”

12345678 on


jill on

So what this article from People mag/US Weekly translates into is: Leann is planting “false” stories about herself just so that she can deny them, and thus keep her name and face in the press to prove to XFactor and Simon C that she is “popular”(you know because nothing says popularity like having People mag write 2-3 fluff articles about you in just one day, right)? You know that Leann’s career and rep is in trouble when she has to go the “plant and deny” route just to compete with her peers who are being recognized for their talent.

Here are some topics that People mag should pursue:

Did people magazine notice that Leann’s foot tattoo is the very same thing that Eddie’s ex-mistress said in an interview in 2009? Did Leann single white female Eddie’s ex-mistress or does Eddie tell all of his mistresses the same thing?

Whatever happened to Eddie’s lawsuit against Life and Style because they said he had cheated on Leann in 2009?

What is the true nature of Eddie’s relationship with Leann’s BFF Lizzy? How come Lizzy goes everywhere with Leann and Eddie?

Why at the age of 29 does Leann have so many ailments that only present when Eddie isn’t on tour with Leann or at her concert? She can’t even blame it on the Psoriasis because she is constantly showing off her body each and everyday, so we know that she probably hasn’t had a flare in a very long time, like since she was a teenager.

Roseanne on

I know, no one has to explain it to me what has these ladies upset, I fell in love with Eddie the first time I saw him as Cole Deschanel on Sunset Beach!
Jealousy can eat you up (I felt a little envious at first) he’s as hot as it gets!!!!! I’m thinking LeAnn is not so dumb…..

12345678 on


ginger_flybaby on

Doesn’t matter much whether she’s blonde or brunette. She’s still unattractive and a homewrecker!

Bob on

I’m unemployed (first time in 24 years) and a little bored , so I wound up here. kinda fell for LeAnn over ten years ago when she came out with “How do I live” right after my daughter died at 7 of a rare cancer.
I really am shocked at the things people are saying about her merely for divorce and re-marriage.
Their are a lot worse things in life……

jill on


I love how Leann and her pr people act shocked when another one of Leann’s pr stunts backfires. Perhaps Leann should lay low and shut up, the “plant and deny” tactic is only making people dislike her even more.

That’s odd because if Eddie was so “hot” why does Leann spend all her time tweeting instead off somewhere enjoying him? So is that why Leann slept with a married man and got a foot tattoo that is the same thing that Eddie’s ex-mistress said in an interview in 2009 because Leann was eaten up with jealousy.Why do Leann fans always resort to the jealousy card, especially when it’s Leann who is paying People mag to write nice things about her because she is so disliked.

nicole on

she’s an idiot!

jess on

she is a homewreckin’ gal who needs a nostril-ectomy!

Sandy Roberts on

Right on Wendy and Debra!!!!!

Lane on

Some of these cranky comments are laughable. Jill needs a hobby – too many lengthy comments justifying why Leann is a horrible person.

John on

Okay, everyone who is (negatively) commenting on here about events that happened 3 years ago.. move on, get a life, go to school, get a job, just do something. You’re a little bit pathetic. She’s laughing (at you) all the way to the bank.

TTH on

To all who think she is unattractive: She’s rich, has a rockin’ bod and gets to sleep with that hottie Eddie Cibrian every night. And what do you have? A 9 to 5 and happy hour every now and again. Haha!

Nancy on

Homely as a mud fence……..

Guest on

I don’t think so. The sun wouldn’t change her color that much.

Tasha on

she was brunett when she got married to dean. she looked awesome with her hair like that :). Just wish she wasnt so damn skinny.

KathyC on

Whatever color her hair is she is still a dog.

karla on

The way the light is hitting you now, you look like u usually do….Chimpanzee.

karla on

In Response to 12345678, Hide behind numbers.
A piece of advise…..suck it hard.

Tasha on

Dang some real hatin on this chic! She can sing her as$ off like nobodies business .
Her man looks like she may knows what she’s doing.

evaughn on


Dino on

I am so sick of this womany being highly touted by the media. She is a home wrecker. She broke up a marriage, and the media still thinks she’s “somebody” worth writing about?????

Eva on

1) She invites criticism of her appearance with her constant picture tweeting, so she should accept it even if the majority reaction is negative.

2) Both parties involved in an affair are doing wrong, this article just happens to be about Leann. There are better ways to handle the situation and none of them involve cheating.

3) Cheating is never really about the marriage or a person’s spouse / partner. Those are just bad excuses. Cheating is all about what is inside the person who cheats. There are plenty of people in truly bad relationships that do not cheat, even with opportunity. They find healthy ways to deal with things. Cheaters need to fix what is inside of them that drives their behavior.

jill on

To Leann and her pr person who is using all these different names to make it look like Leann has support: So rather than tell Leann to lay low and shut up, once again you opt to blame the people who comment on her constant attention seeking? What good has that done for Leann so far?

@Lane: Of course you think that these “cranky” comments are laughable, hence why you took the time and energy out of your busy schedule just to tell other posters to get a hobby, despite the fact that you are in no position to lecture anyone seeing as how you keep coming back each and everyday with over 5 different names to make it look like Leann has support. People don’t have to justify that Leann is a horrible person, they see that Leann Rimes is a horrible person because Leann Rimes does a good job at documenting her bad behavior via her tweets and staged photo-ops.

@John: Leann sits on twitter commenting on things that happened 3 years ago, so what is your point? In fact Leann wrote songs for her album in which she talks about what happens 3 years ago. So why would anyone move on, when Leann herself keeps rehashing it? Perhaps Leann should move on, get a life, or go to school, that way she doesn’t have to resort to keeping herself in the press by planting stories just so that she can deny them. If Leann is lauging all the way to the bank, who come she had to sell her house to a trust company that deals with short sales and bankruptcies? What a little bit pathetic is that Leann is so desperate for validation, that she pays People mag for fluff pieces.

@TTH:Leann isn’t rich. She had to sell her house to trust company that deals with bankrupticies and short sales. What Leann and Eddie are most likely doing is arranging for charity organizations to pay them when they participate in an event. Leann’s bod can’t be rockin because everytime we see her, she has changed something. Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann, so we know he doesn’t think that Leanns’s bod is rockin. Leann isn’t sleeping with Eddie everynight and we as proof Leann’s very own tweets. How she is sleeping with Eddie when each and everynight she is making over 100 tweets/day? So what does Leann really have? A bad rep, which requires her to have her twitter BFFs pose as her fans to make it look like she has support.

@Tasha: Why do Leann and her fans always act shocked by the backlash Leann receives? They know very well why Leann gets so much backlash, hence why someone thinks he can make people think that Leann has fans by using all these different names. If it’s no one’s business, then perhaps Leann should refrain from the staged photo-ops and plant and deny tactic. Eddie looks miserable. Obviously Leann doesn’t know what she is doing, hence why Eddie is cheating on her. The happiest we have ever seen Eddie was when Leann was making out with Lizzy while he watched and when Lizzy’s husband was pinching her butt during their vacation in Hawaii. The only thing Leann knows how to do is bribe people. Sorta like how she bribes these media outlets to post nice things about her using money she aquired from charity events.

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