All About Snooki's 5-Carat Engagement Ring

03/08/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Snooki Engagement RingCourtesy B&B Jewelers; Inset: Sonia Recchia/WireIm

At the end of last year, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi took then-boyfriend Jionni LaValle to B&B Jewelers to pick up her birthday present from her dad — a set of diamond bangles — but she also pointed out her favorite engagement ring settings while they were in the store. What she didn’t realize at the time was that her beau of a year and a half was taking notes.

“She wanted something very nice, something that’s gonna be timeless and with diamonds all around,” Ben Bekdas, the store’s owner, tells PEOPLE. “And that’s what he actually got her.”

Bekdas says that LaValle, 24, came back after that initial visit with specific ideas for the ring, and collaborated with the store’s staff until they came up with the perfect design: an eternity band containing two carats of diamonds and a central 3.2-carat princess-cut stone set in platinum — estimated at around $55,000. Last month, LaValle picked up the ring (first seen on and later proposed to Polizzi, 24, who is expecting their first baby.

“They’re phenomenal stones,” says Bekdas. “And it was all custom-built the way they asked for it.”

–Lesley Messer


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Sammi on

Not as tacky as I expected! Nice choice

Your mom! on

Please tell me what he does that he can afford this ring? This makes me think MTV paid for this ring and it’s gonna be another Kim and Kris production!

Arizona on

This ring looks cheap…Also why can’t women celebrate the relationship and forget about expensive, flashy rings. Its about the commitment and the love you have for one another. They only care about how much the men spend, and if its not enough, they b*tch… People like her is what’s wrong with this nation.

Jon on

Eh, the ring is ok!

krps on

Arizona, you said:
This ring looks cheap…Also why can’t women celebrate the relationship and forget about expensive, flashy rings. Its about the commitment and the love you have for one another. They only care about how much the men spend, and if its not enough, they b*tch
So you first say the ring looks cheap, and then you go off on women for only caring about an expensive flashy ring….so you just contradicted yourself since your first sentence judged the ring as not being expensive enough for your taste. Think before you type.

Tracy on

What a waste of perfectly good diamonds!

Molly on

$55,000 would have been a nice start to the baby’s college fund or a downpayment on a home. I realize she’s banking on her fame now, but down the road good investments will be worth more to this young family than a fancy ring.

S Miller on

Just something else to fight over in the divorce the way I see it.

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Nire on

How does a no name 24 year old afford this? Please, I’d really like to know. No disrespect, I honestly want to know.

sophie on

unfortunately, they are not no-names, but reality stars who make a lot of money. spending it like that won’t keep it around long, because (i hope) jersey shore won’t be airing for the next 30 years. but MTV and appearances are where that money has come from- i’m sure they are easily millionaires at this point. ah, america.

Heath on

Isn’t he a coach right now trying to be a teacher? How did he afford a 5 carat ring?

Kristin on

Are you frickin’ kidding me?!?!? HOW does a kid his age and a student, no less, afford this? Three letters: MTV. Such a waste of money when there are so many worthwhile things that money SHOULD have been spent on, like your kid’s future? Or is MTV going to pay for that, too? So very sad, and I’m worried about our future!

Meems on

From what I’ve read Jionni runs his own lucrative ATM business and that is why he seems like such a wet blanket on the show, he is very much into his work and a conservative guy. I don’t think he would have spent that much if he couldn’t afford it. And if you’re dumb enough to think she is like you see on tv you shouldn’t watch “reality”… This girl is actually very smart and was going to be a vet tech before she found “fame”… I say work it while you can because obviously after she has the baby there’s no more summers in the same type of shore house.

C on

Um, how did he pay for this???

Arizona on

I was not contradicting myself, I was merely stating that for $55,000, the ring looks cheap. I myself, have one ring. Its a gold band and I didn’t force my husband to spend a lot of money because I didn’t care about the ring, I was focused on celebrating our relationship. So maybe you should think before you type. It was my opinion on the particular subject, and your comment was rude.

mrsmass on

he probably didn’t pay for it, she probably did. she did say she would tell him no if he got her a small ring, so i guess she had to bankroll it herself. not sure why he would want to marry this pig in the first place.

MM06840 on

I am sure she paid for her own ring herself LMAO

heather on

Big rings that cost a ton of money are a TOTAL WASTE to me. As is a giant wedding that cost a fortune.

hahahaha on

When’s the reality show about it? Haha.

SouthSider1 on

So she bought her own ring? Why does that not surprise me.

Gina007 on

I’m just hoping she gives up alcohol while she’s pregnant :)

jovan lucarelli on

she bought her own ring lol

boohoobytch on

looks cheap and tacky like its owner so in theory, it’s perfect

ReineBrille on

A ring with 5 carats of diamonds for $55,000? They cannot be very high quality stones despite what the store owner says.

LOL! on

Krps, lighten up and think before YOU type, you judgemental jerk.

guest on

This won’t even last as long as the Kardashian atrocity, I bet.

Snooki having a baby doesn’t seem right at all. This poor kid will be used for attention and money.

Beverly B. on

How about not inundating us with “news” about this classless, talentless human being any more? I’d rather read about people who have actually accomplished something for a change, rather than being famous for bad behavior.

Amy on

Who honestly cares? Snookie’s 15 minutes of fame ended right around the time the Kardashian’s did. I don’t foresee this as a long marriage either, she’s just a greedy gal! “if the diamond’s not big enough, he can take it back” Seriously??? When did a proposal turn into it being ALL about the size of the ring??? It’s about a commitment to spend your lives together……..Man, get her off my tv and my screen, I’m sick of these idiots

Tia Loftee on

She bought her own ring.

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me on

Snooky paid for his plane ticket to Italy. No way that he can afford a $55k ring.

Julie on

Arizona- not all women are like that. My husband bought me and engagement ring and said that if later on I wanted a bigger diamond that I could trade it in. I told him that I would never do that because he bought it for me and picked it out himself. I haven’t all this time that I have been with him, I have never complained about it as you have so put it. I would appreciate it if you didn’t put all of us women in that category.

IMO- I don’t like the look of it (but I am not the flashy type either). If they can afford that kind of ring more power to them (although I wish that they would have saved that money for their child).

yuck on

It is not classic, a princess cut for an engagement ring is trendy, tacky and just what one would expect from this useless individual.

jones on

How can he afford this unless he had help (from his parents, her or someone else)? I thought I read somewhere he was a student? He could have gotten her a nice, less costly ring and they could have made a down payment on a house or started a 529 for their baby.

Sammi Sweetheart on Snooki Pregnancy: What a Blessing! – The Hollywood Gossip | Amazing News on

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Penny Ford on

Can someone please tell me how he is affording this ring? Yes, it is very beautiful, but, seriously..if it wasn’t big enough she wasn’t going to accept it…WHATEVER!!!

guest on

Your mom!, I was wondering the same thing.

Snooki’s Baby Daddy: Five Things to Know About Her Fiancé Jionni LaValle – E! Online | Amazing News on

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Carrie on

Nire: My husband read an article about the Jersey Shore cast, Mike “the situation” gets $30,000 to appear at clubs, etc. So, unfortunately I think these people make more money than they should. Snooki maybe bought the ring, maybe Joinni’s family has alot of money. We don’t really know. It’s ridiculous really. My heart goes out to the people in Henryville, IN who lost all their memories, homes, lives…may God give them strength while Snooki porks up and rolls in all her money..

Andrea on

Snooki’s following in Jessica Simpson’s foot steps… she too bought her own ring … This marrige will never last … she is just a train wreck …

andrew on

I believe the most commonly used way to spell (carat) would be with a K, like Karat. Snooki must of wrote this article.

jiboko on

I rather see $55k going toward 2 vehicles or buying a house. I have very nice diamond ring but I stopped wearing it about 15 yrs ago. Now I have tattoo on middle finger which is much simple and unique.

Joan on

Im with all the folks who want to know how he can afford this ring? At 24 I was still eating Ramen and Kraft Mac and Cheese. $55,000 was an impossible sum to me at that age. MTV had to have foot the bill.

peacebeme on

I am so curious what he does for a living! I figure she has to have more money than him…wonder how he afforded it.

Raindrops on

Stop Hating. No need to be jealous.

She got her’s her way and you got yours your way.

Ha ha ha ha

Tara on

Waste of money in this uncertain economy. Better to save and buy a moderate ring.



Angie on

I just found out JS is all fake and they use a script so doesnt suprise me if MTV paid for the ring.

victory on

Nicole must have paid for that $55,000.00 ring herself, I can’t imagine this young guy she is marrying can afford a 5 carat ring. My 27 year old son is a banker and he just proposed to his girl. All he could afford is 1 carat, very good quality, and she cried when he gave it to her. Real love isn’t pushing your partner to financial ruin over a ring.

d deee on

not all people with money are well known. you keep asking how he can afford something like this, really. my husband paid close to that for my ring, he isn’t famous. and our marriage is about love. any ring he would have put on my finger would have put a smile on my face.

cbsirote on

Like every1 else said what does Snookie’s other half do for a living to pay $55,000 for a ring. I bet ya she paid for it because he’s a nobody.

Arizona on

Julie- I wasn’t putting you in a category. If your husband chooses to buy you a ring on his own thats fine. My sister’s husband bought her a gorgeous ring, and I didn’t peep about it. All I was trying to say was that many celebrities and women who are with wealthier men, demand an expensive ring. I believe Snookie said once that if her boyfriend didn’t buy her a huge ring, she would say no, try again. My point was…and for anyone else who wishes to criticize me… that a marriage isn’t about material objects, its about love and that these women are ruining the sanctity of marriage. Just because you choose to have a beautiful ring doesn’t mean you’re in a category with Kim Kardashian or Snookie… Ugh

Jennifer Aniston on

Snooki is the prototypical Democrat woman.

Buck on

I predict this marriage will not even last as long as the Kardashians. These people are all shallow and self serving. They do it for the publicity.

susan on

All I have to say is where did HE get the $55K to pay for it? If that kid is dishing out 55K for a ring, then obviously my husband and I are not doing something right!

Ryan on

That ring is weak. Only 55K for such a “Big” Star. It’s obvious a cheap rock at 3.2 should be alot more that that.

sweet_thing on

He may have had the ring custom designed but she paid for it.

cindy on

how is she even able to reproduce?! she makes me sick!

dr procto on

Goodness, all the snarky comments about Snooki! No matter what one thinks of her, she is obviously smarter than the rest of us, or she wouldn’t be enjoying the fame and fortune that she is. Maybe she is an object of ridicule, but she can take that all the way to the bank. Pay me enough money and you can laugh at me all day, and I will still have the last laugh.

Lydia Shay on

Right! A 24 year old kid from East Hanover NJ still going to school buys a $55,000 ring. Snooki is scamming once more – maybe she didn’t buy it – but she paid for it….Oh yeah…

mystic on

let me guess she brought it herself beacuse th does not have that kind of money

joebecca on

yeah, cuz all the commenters are so above this girl just living her life.. Shame on all of you!! I hope she makes it just to shut you all up. Don’t people have lives of their own anymore?? Trolling blogs is the new “living” I suppose. I bet all you haters coulnd’t even afford a 5,000 ring but you can talk about how much something should cost and if someone deserves it?? Why don’t you go look in the mirror. “Judge not, lest thee be judged”.


Anita on

A 1 carat diamond is around $4k so not sure what the $55k is about. the title says the ring is 5 carat and the article says 3.5 carat so who really knows what the ring is set for. I am sure the ring is beautiful but how would he afford to pay for a $55k ring? Either the show paid for it or she paid for her own ring.

Genius on

I am of the firm opinion that people who don’t live the Lavish lifestyles of these celebrities ALWAYS have complains & negative comments. If you were that fortunate where money was NO object believe me you would probably do WORSE than the wealthy people YOU knock.. All the negatives comes down to 1 thing. you are all saying “”GEZZZ I WISH I HAD MONEY LIKE THAT…..leave folks alone…THEY GOT IT LIKE THAT, Their KIDS college TUITION will be paid the mansions will be BOUGHT….&They will still have billions left over…

Rasputin on

Now if she could buy some class with that ring it would be an improvement to her crassness.

Susan on

Lovely ring but, how could he afford it ?????

amiedee on

first off its beautiful. these people talking about it are probably mad there spouse didnt get or didnt recieve a ring like this. if their marriage dont work its none of our business. they’re happy an thats what truly matters, not the COST or how he paid for it.why do you care? uhh people disgust me!!! congrats

laughable on

“it was all custom-built the way they asked for it” THEY, meaning she designed and payed for her own engagement ring.

Deborah McCabe on

$55,000 seems like a good but WHO paid for it? Did Snooki buy her own ring? I am getting weary of the priorities of the young. What is wrong with getting married, establishing yourselves, buy a home and THEN get pregnant. All these people are doing things backwards. Committ first to the relationship then have a baby.

nick on


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Dave on

Snooki Kardashian

Mike on

This dude makes that kind of money? doing what?

AuntieBigDigs on

OMG!!!!! Maybe he works!!! What is it anyones business where he got the money to pay for her ring??? And if you don’t care about a nice ring and a nice wedding that is your deal…Why do they have to bend to your liking…And as far as a college fund…I’m sure they will deal with that in their own time. You people need to stop trying to push your lifestyle on others…Good Grief…

Andrew Shapiro on

Its like putting a wedding dress on a PIG.

Andrew Shapiro on

It is amazing how a show can take 8 people all with not a whole brain between them and make them famous and rich. Now if they can only teach them how to speak that would be really amazing.

me2u on

this is a joke. I came get a huge CZ that looks just as nice, nice try lol.

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victor zeller on

I am totally sure MTV paid for the ring. How else would this guido get the money to buy it, not unless he is connected to the Mafia.

Lisa on

What’s a Snooki?


I really dont like the ring
looks cheap to me nothing special really
I bet snookie paid for the ring her self

milan on

cheap looking
nothing special about this ring
I bet snookie paid for here own RING !!!!!

frankc354 on

the ring looks just as fake as she does

Felicia on

my engagement ring and 2 wedding bands (one on top, one on bottom) were 7 grand all together, and there stunning. And the only reason we even had that money to spend was that fact it was won money. But spending 55 grand…. I can think of at least a hundred things I’d rather buy with that amount of money!

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