See Charlotte Casiraghi's First Gucci Ad

03/06/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Charlotte Casiraghi Gucci AdCourtesy Gucci

We didn’t have to wait long: Charlotte Casiraghi’s first “Forever Now” ad for Gucci debuted Tuesday, and as expected, it’s especially pretty. Casiraghi is from a long line of beauties, including her grandmother, Princess Grace of Monaco, and her mother Princess Caroline, who both modeled for magazines.

Appropriately, the competitive equestrian was photographed (by Peter Lindbergh) in front of a stable for her first campaign, a nod to her work and founder Guccio Gucci’s fascination with the art of riding, according to a release.

“[Charlotte] not only embodies the beauty and the grace of the equestrian, but is also a wonderful ambassador for the sport,” Gucci creative director Frida Giannini — who’s designed Casiraghi’s riding outfits in the past — said in the release. “I am delighted to be able to celebrate Gucci’s icons of heritage with someone who is so connected to the history and essence of this house. Charlotte brings the spirit of Gucci to life so elegantly.”

The model sounds equally smitten. “I admire Frida’s talent as a designer,” she added in the release, “and she has really managed to reinvent the codes of Gucci by giving them a modern twist and timeless elegance.”

Casiraghi’s ads will appear in newspapers and magazines beginning Wednesday; her relationship with the brand will last at least two years, and as part of her campaign, she’ll be shot by three more of the world’s most respected fashion photographers in a series of elegant sittings. Tell us: What do you think of Casiraghi’s first Gucci ad?

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Carolyn on

Beautiful! She looks just like her mother.

GuesT on

Grace Kelly may u rest in peace. No other actress or heir could ever emulate you!!

to GuesT on

Grace Kelly is dead. this is her granddaughter. But why do people need to drag dead people into the discussion if the younger generation is accomplishing something? Same problem with the British princes. Diana these, Diana that. whatever, dead. you should comment on the people who are doing something.

GuesT on

Because my love SHE’s Not attractive like grace Kelly. Take a pill and take a long long nap and go away!!!!!!

Samantha on

She is gorgeous and stunning. Charlotte has had a far superior style to Kate Middleton ever since that hot pink pashmina at the tender age of 14. Middleton dresses very “single safe” and does not push the threshold, as Diana did. Missing Di big time! Charlotte is far more stunning than Caroline or Grace. Continue to post more about her.

Dandy on

Beautiful girl, (but not like her movie-star granny was).

guest365 on

Beautiful and she has all her clothes on!!!! How rare and how awesome.

Caroline Fairfax on

The family is loaded, so my query is why expose, and thus cheapen, her unnecessarily.

Selden Tearse on

She’s gorgeous just like her mother! Gucci snagged a beauty.

Rachel on

She is a natural beauty but not quiet on the level of Grace and Caroline. BUT, she is eons above Kate Middleton in style, beauty, class, and fashion. As for Kate’s sister Pippa, she is common nothing and needs to just drop out of site.

Suzanne on

Gorgeous! Before I even opened up the article to know who she is, I said she looked exactly like Princess Caroline and to my surprise, she is the beautiful daughter of her and the grandaughter to Princess Grace!!! Boy beauty sure doesn’t fall far in that family. Just beautiful!!

librababe on

she’s okay :/, i’ve seen better, more intriguing faces but if this is what gucci wants…i couldn’t care less anyway :)

aki on

I hope she doesn’t smoke and tan heavily like her hag Aunt Stephanie. Her mom is a very heavy smoker as well.

OMG! on

Stunning, very reminiscent of her mother and grandmother … how can you go wrong with those genes!

Karen on

Stunning! Wow! Love her look. So classy!

Lisa on

As beautiful as this girl is – this is the best photo they could come up with? I’m hoping they only get better.

Leanne on

People are finally realizing what I have been saying for years, Charlotte is the most beautiful royal since Diana. None of the other royals look nearly as her except maybe her cousin Pauline Ducret. Charlotte is very similar in appearance to her mom, but she’s pretty and has a more angular face. Hopefully Diana’s grandchildren will be as beautiful as Grace’s — both extraordinarily beautiful princesses.

Emme on

Beautiful face and sooo elegant! Just like her mom :)

April on

I am reiterating what someone else said–she looks beautiful, but this photo really doesn’t do her justice. She is a timeless beauty!

pam on

Fabulously beautiful and fresh…great face.

Kim on

This girl is gorgeous! She looks VERY much like her mother.

indorado22 on

She is a beauty in her own right. If you properly read the article, you would have noticed the mention not only to her looks but that she is an accomplished rider. Something that Gucci has always stood for in it’s classy designs. As a fellow equestrian and a long time admirer of Charlotte’s riding accomplishments (which by the way can’t be done by looks, only talent) I say good for her. The love of horses is a passion that can not be passed down through beautiful genes:)

Lauren on

Charlotte’s gorgeous and very natural. I have known about her since for quite a while and in which ever situation she has always looked stunning. She doesn’t have over styled hair like Kate Middleton. Neither does she wear as much make-up. Charlotte looks just as perfect in jeans and a T-shirt. Some people get everything…..sigh…..

Renn on

Miss Casiraghi is one of the world’s truly beautiful women. I think she’s gorgeous in spontaneous settings, such as at equestrian events. She is the PERFECT choice for Gucci. But I’ve been around advertising for years. I don’t like the “look” in the ad and I don’t like the photodirection.

You’ve got THIS to work with and this is what you came up with? I have names and numbers of people Gucci should contact. To muck this up is a tragedy.

You have the makings of the greatest ads in history. It looks as if you “rushed” it. Or something.

Take time and make the advertising as delectable as she is. FOREVER NOW even has a not-so-perfect ring to it.

Fire the agency and take advantage of this Royal Moment.

Cara on

She is a true beauty, unlike the very homely Kate Middleton, but why is she doing this? She should donate the proceeds to charity.

mary on

she is absolutely average, absolutely nothing special.
i’m sure, any girl would look nice, if gucci was interested.
just saying.

Kate on

I think, USA is in deep trouble, if you all think, she is beautifull.
Try going to Europe, you’ll see what gorgeous really means.

Emily on

I my wish before was that Prince William would have married her….now all my hope goes to Harry. She’s obviously stunning and she has gorwn up in very similar circumstances (losing a parent and growing up a royal). Merging Diana’s genes with Grace’s what beautiful children they would have.

Pam on

I remember reading (I think it was in People!) way back in the mid-70’s (ok I admit I am no spring chicken) that Caroline went to a fortune teller located in Paris’s Left Bank. The woman told Caroline her first daughter would look almost identical to her. Boy, was that ever an accurate reading! The teller also predicted Caroline would live to 90. Time will tell!

Karen on

I think Charlotte is stunning and very beautiful. She does look very much like her mother Princess Caroline, when she was younger. To say that William should have married this young girl instead of the beautiful woman he’s in love with is just rubbish. I never thought Diana was all that good looking. She led a miserable life and if anything was to be learned from that whole mess, let the royals marry who they want. I think Kate and William make a beautiful couple and will have beautiful happy children.

melissa on

Well said Rachel!

me on

Ummm…a “dead person” is being brought up because this young lady is the granddaughter of a very famous “dead person!”

She is very pretty, and you can see Grace Kelly in her eyes, lips and broad jaw (not a bad thing, just distinct)….just like her OWN mother inherited from Grace Kelly.

me on

Ummmm… because she is the granddaughter of a famous person (Grace Kelly) – that is why “dead people” are brought into the conversation.

You can see Kelly’s eyes, mouth, and strong jaw line was passed along. Very pretty.

liza on

Rachel, here here!

Kat on

I think most of us can agree that she is pretty. However, I think some of us agree that she would have never been an automatic choice for this campaign were it not for her royal connections.

Aska Asha on

Beautiful girl! Stunning eyes. Looks a lot like her mom.

allycat on

Okay, she’s pretty but she’s no Grace. I see similar features. I am trying to figure out why all of ya’ll are comparing her to Kate. That has nothing to do with the article or the question here. I think Kate is gorgeous personally. But back to the pic…I like everything but the scarf thingy on her head. Her hair is gorgeous and they covered it; why? Other than the thing on her head I think it’s a great pic and that she’s a very pretty young lady.

Susan Albert on

Charlotte is beautiful. I think the negative comments about Kate and her sister are very not appropriate, because each of them are beautiful in their own way.

Susan on


Holly on

She is absolutely beautiful…just like her Mom and grandmother.

Danielle on

CHARLOTTE IS NOT ONLY BEAUTIFUL…..BUT INTELLIGENT TOO…….SHE IS NOT RUNNING AROUND LIKE STEPHANY IN A CIRCUS……or getting marry like her mother…topless on a boat sailing on the Riviera….I did not forget all the grief those girls gave Grace……!

Susan on

Beautiful young lady. Looks just like her mom. Caroline looks more like her father than Grace Kelly, but there’s an essence there you can’t deny. Out of her three children, the one who resembled her most is Albert.

Dee on

I am so relieved and glad that Gucci is presenting this lovely young woman in a classic and classy way. Kudos to all.

Alexandra on


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Jennifer on

I can’t believe how much she looks like her mother! They’re both gorgeous, along with her grandmother.

Phyllis on

Charlotte is so naturally beautiful. If you see pictures of her when she was younger she has always been blessed with beauty. I have to agree with a lot of other commenters that Kate is waaaayyyy over styled. Why can’t she walk her dog without eyeliner or watch Prince William play football (in their private time) without getting her hair professionally done. Charlotte looks perfect in whatever situation and that’s because she’s a natural. Where are you Harry?

Berta on


Just as BEAUTIFUL as her mother! Molto bene!

doodlebug on

Beautiful woman. Looks so much like her mother and I see her grandmother in there too. Best of everything to her.

doodlebug on

Beautiful. She looks just like her mother.

K-PAR on

She is absolutely breathtaking. Good for her!

Sarafina on

Wow, she looks so much like her mother at this age. Charlotte is a beauty!

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donnab40 on

She’s as beautiful as her mother. To all you haters-shut up & don’t read the article if you don’t like her. As for being here-why shouldn’t she be modeling if that’s what she wants to do. Don’t forget it’s trying times everywhere. I think it’s great that she’s doing this-she’s going to make a name for herself & do things on her own.

diane Fond on

Charlotte is as beautiful as her exquisite Grandmother and beautiful Mother! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:)

RC on

There will never be another Grace Kelly, however I will say that Princess Charlotte has her own distinguished character and is exotic in looks but the ads are very classic. I am sure her grandmother Grace Kelly would be very proud of the way her grandchildren have handled themselves being in the public eye all of their lives. They are well educated and with money to support their lives. People can be very harsh and judgemental and always comparing others beauty to someone else but remember they have their own beauty and that comes into the pages of this ad and photo’s so I say Beautiful : )

M on


Princess Charlotte (Charlotte Casiraghi’s great grandmother and namesake) has been dead since 1977. The new face of Gucci is Charlotte Casiraghi, her great-granddaughter. It’s insulting to refer to her as Princess Charlotte-would you like to be refered to something you aren’t? Didn’t think so.

And newsflash: They aren’t “well-educated” ONE of her grandchildren has a bachelor’s degree (Andrea Casiraghi, who also has his masters degree), two have given up on that (Pierre & Charlotte Casiraghi), and two are working on getting their bachelor’s degrees (Louis & Jazmin), and all of them except Jazmin and Princess Alexandra of Hanover have attended local public schools.

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MsAtt on

she is stunning. I feel Gucci made a wise choice, and I hope to continue to see her in the future.

Patrice on

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