Pink Dyes Her Hair … Pink!

03/05/2012 at 11:30 AM ET

Pink Hair
Courtesy Pink; Inset: Landov

Her name is extra relevant again: late last week, Pink shared that she dyed her hair … pink!

“Okay the hair is the palest pink,” she told Twitter followers. And a photo of the new do wasn’t the only thing she had to share: the singer had professional news, too. “You know what that means,” she said of the dye job. “NEW RECORD TIME!”

Pink, who rocked pink hair at the start of her career, is the latest star to get in (again!) on the recent pink hair craze: Katy Perry tried the trend in August, and since, stylish ladies like Dakota Fanning, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale and Chloë Moretz have followed suit, dip-dying their strands for a more subtle effect. Tell us: What do you think of Pink’s latest look?


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KAH on

OKAY SERIOUSLY…You can’t say she hopped on the bandwagon when she did the pink hair before everyone…..hence, the name pink!!!

Susie S on

You do realize this isnt the first time she has had pink hair, right?

Jessica on

Last time I checked Pink started the pink hair trend when she first started in her career, hence her name. I love Katy Perry but she didn’t start the trend by any standard.

diana on

She actually had her hair pink before all of those other ladies…..

areyouforgetting? on

Seriously? ‘Pink is just the latest star to hop on the pink-hair bandwagon’. You have to be joking. She rocked pink hair WAAAY before any of those other broads! Check out your own photo archives, People.

that1grl on

Yay Pink, I think she is super cool, plus she doesn’t force feed herself down people’s throats in effort to make others like her, she don’t seem to care a rats ass. Pink is origial and talented and has her priorities straight, family first, yay PINK.

Amy on

Wow…another reporter that needs to get their facts straight and an editor to catch the obvious errors. Pink has sported the pink hair since her coreer started so how is “Pink is just the latest star to hop on the pink-hair bandwagon”?

Blair on

Who wrote this article… are you new?

Chrissy C on

No, this is not the 1st time she has colored her hair pink, but it is NOT the reason for her name either as KAH stated! If you are a true Pink fan you know the story behind that. I’m so excited for new music, LOVE HER and her music. SHE IS GREAT!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

karen on

I love it! it suits her well PINK!

Melanie on

Crissy C, you are right! It’s not her hair that inspired the name P!NK, but according her P!NK herself, a very private body part! As to P!NK hopping on the bandwagon, the rest of you are correct as well, she started the hair color trend waaaaayyyyy before the others mentioned! =)

Olivia on

She did dyed her hair before the rest of them, but the name, she said, comes from the character ‘Mr. Pink’ from the movie ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Angel on

Come on People—get your stuff together! Pink had pink hair back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. She toured with N’Sync and Cisco long before anyone ever heard of Katy Perry and she had pink hair back then… Geez!!!!

Maria on

My sister’s hair has been pink since 1981.

mdg on

Pinpink rules. she never follows!She’s always been the leader get it right!

Nicky on

hey person who wrote this article- check out the cover of p!nk’s first album. nuff said.

KB on

Pink is awesome. Period.

lea on

Just an FYI, Pink’s nickname didn’t come from her hair as some people are saying.

Dave Herrington on

Who’s in charge of this site being on the cutting edge, Rush Limbaugh? To say Pink is jumping on the band wagon is pretty ignorant.

Me on

Her own words…. “It’s just a nickname that’s been following me my whole life. It was a mean thing at first; some kids at camp pulled my pants down and I blushed so much, and they were like, ‘Ha ha! Look at her! She’s pink!’ And then the movie Reservoir Dogs came out-and Mr. Pink was the one with the smart mouth, so it just happened all over again.” Just to clear it all up lol

Maryam on

it’s about time. I miss that pink hair color!

Jenny on

Who cares what Katy Perry or any other girl does, if someone wants to die their hair… let them!

Sammi on

wow, one spot of pink…amazing story People. What is wrong with you?

Sarafina on

Sorry, but Gwen Stefani was the first to rock bright pink (even before P!nk) when No Doubt first hit the scene in the early 90’s.

Jon on

I love it, you can’t even really tell it’s Pink, so it’s nice!

Stephanie on

Seems yall don’t know that the reason she is named Pink is NOT because of her hair, it is because she, and her first band of friends named themselves after The Usual Suspects.. Mr. white, Mr. Blue, Mr. Black… Mr. PINK… she was pink. The name stuck… hence, the moniker PINK.

I am excited that she is starting to think about a new album again. I think I have worn all mine out, if that’s even possible. :)

Jamey on

Love it (:

orange on

Pink is known for her pink hair, she has worn it for many years BUT Gwen Stefani was the first. To say Pink was the first is just dead wrong.

DotsMom on

pink hair is not attractive, it is an eye sore..sorry

Guest on

Clearly the editor doesn’t know P!NK was the girl to do pink hair. Do a little fact checking before writing an article.

pb on

PINK is the original artist to have pink hair. She is so cool, original & bad ass – that these others singers/actresses want to be like her!! She even has more talent than them. I love her & can’t wait for her new album!!

mm on

Pink never hops on anyones bandwagon. She is usually the person who started things way before it becomes ‘mainstream’. Like the other posters suggested, check your photo archives PEOPLE. Btw Katy Perry hasn’t started any trend that I know of, unless ur smokin crack and thinkin otherwise.

givemeabreak on

looks cute!

Vendell on

The only person more outrageous than P!nk is Katy Perry or Lady GaGa… Lady GaGa looks the best with your eyes closed!

Geri on

I don’t think her name “Pink” is really about pink HAIR…I understand she flashed a “pink” body part to a friend years ago, and the name “pink” stuck. And yes, she’s always had pink hair since the start of her career.

Geri on

Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Pink…..right?

Marie Mullin on

I liked her hair before, she is a rocker chick. seems happy to have a little one, good for her. Marie

Kim on

Who cares about what color her hair is..I’m excited for the NEW MUSIC!! YEA!!

Kgen on

She had pink hair at the VMA’s in 2000. That’s 12 years ago. Surely everyone posting here is at least that old.

Kgen on

If we really want to get technical, David Bowie was dying his hair wacky colors back in the 70’s… and in the 80’s, multi-colored hair, including pink was all the rage. This is just a trend that’s repeating itself… as all trends do.
Pink didn’t invent pink hair dye anymore than Katy Perry did.

Shenae on

Most of you all have got it wrong…her nickname has nothing to do with Reservoir Dogs or flashing a body part…it has to do with her facial blushing. She turns red or pink easily and that’s how she got the name. DUH!

And for the record, the article did mention the fact that she had pink hair at the start of her career and she’s jumping on the bandwagon AGAIN…that’s not saying she didn’t start the trend to begin with. You people are so effing dumb.

Mandi on

Who cares what color her hair is? She’s gorgeous, she rocks, and there is about to be a new album! YAY!!

Sheri on

It really doesn’t matter what she does. She is still beautiful. One of the few truly beautiful women in show biz today. This is what healthy looks like. No protruding bones, a face that moves with expression and a lovely smile. Not out to please anyone but herself and isn’t constantly in court, jail or rehab. Take a look young Hollywood!!! It’s possible to be outrageous and still have charm.

boohoobytch on

I’m not a fan of kool-aid hair colors but whatever

Sherryblueeyes on

Hilarious. Her name didn’t come from her hair people. Go on Chrissy C. I have loved her from the beginning and she ROCKS…whatever her hair color.

Sherryblueeyes on

Ps- On her behind the music show…She said…she showed an african american man her private area…and he was surprised it was Pink. And THAT is where she took her name. So I don’t know what the rest of y ou are talking about.

christa on

When she started out her hair was pink.

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