Viola Davis: My Husband Encourages Me to Go Wigless

02/24/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Viola Davis Hair
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Daughter Genesis is still getting used to seeing mom Viola Davis without her wigs, but the actress is covering up less and less these days, thanks to some encouragement from her husband.

Speaking to during a private dinner party in Los Angeles recently, Davis recounted a message from hubby Julius Tennon. “He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are,'” she said. “It’s a very powerful statement.”

Davis, who went au naturel recently for the Los Angeles Times magazine, said she’s not sure if she’ll revert back to wearing her fake hair anytime soon. “We’ll see,” she said. “I think I’ll change it up every once in a while. It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.” Tell us: Do you think Davis should go without her wig on Oscar night?


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Nicole on

I love that she’s going au natural without a wig. She looks absolutely beautiful.

Jenny on

I agree with her hubby. Go without a wig! She looks stunning!

Sharon on

Either way, she’s a beautiful woman and I hope she wins!

chicsavant on

She looks pretty with the wig and gorgeous without the wig!

Lisa C on

Love it! I have corkscrew curly hair and always feel in costume when wearing it straight. She looks perfect. - Allt om Kändisar, Blogg och Mode Sacha Baron Cohen Will Attend the Oscars | on

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Alexia on

I love, love, love that her husband encouraged her to be natural and embrace it. Although I do think it’s great to have fun playing with different looks using makeup, hair treatments, wigs, whatever, I think that a woman should also be comfortable in her own skin and her own hair–and wear it proudly. And she looks fabulous!

ampy on

I think she looks beautiful! And Hubby knows best!

Rhonda on

Oh, how pretty she is! She should never wear a wig again.

Lisa on

Yes – she looks great!

Amy on

OMG! She IS BEAUTIFUL! Her husband IS 100% RIGHT! She NEEDS to go AU NATURAL more often! I love it! :) <3

Trazey on

she looks great without the wig – you can carry it off with bone structure like that. I just hope she gets a good BRA and stays away from plunging necklines meant for 20 year olds. I hate seeing beautiful older women trying to cling to youth and wearing styles that really unflattering and show sag when there’s NO NEED at all !!

Today on

Nice hair…just trim it little shorter…Love that hair style

Pogue Mahone on

I like her hair better natural.

Marie on

She looks much better without the wig, actually. I think she’s so pretty here! Much more upscale.

Imona on

I thinks she looks great! This is her natural hair, and this is what she was born with.
p.s. This is not a “fro”…this is her hair that has coils and curls.

cmhill on

This hairstyle makes her look younger.

Mel on

She’s so beautiful!

guest123 on

I think she looks stunning and the fact that it comes with her hubby’s encouragement, just makes her even more beautiful.

susan on

She is beautiful with or without. I say no wig!

Joe on

Viola Davis is beautiful with and without her wigs. If I were her, I’d mix it up and wear the wigs sometimes, just to give it spice, like she says.

Barbara on

Yes, I think Viola should not wear a wig on Oscar Night. I have not had chemicals in my hair for nearly two years. I love my natural look. And I use Shea’s Moisture products. (Organic)

Susan Finch on

Viola is such a beautiful lady. I watched her on The Help last night and wow!!

funkytown on

viola, you are absolutely stunning with your natural hair! throw those wigs away and never look back!

TheGoodFairy on

She is a beautiful woman either way. This way is very sophisticated and not everyone can carry it off. I’d love to see her like this, particularly for The Help, which has so much about being real, strong and true.

Barbara on

I think she looks way better without the wig. She’s beautiful!

Thel on

Keep that wig off you look greayt

Mary on

She is beautiful. Don’t know why she has been wearing wigs in the first place.

Deb on

Wigs are okay sometimes, but love her hair as is.

Angela on

Absolutely WITHOUT! She looks amazing!

victory on

Viola is beautiful, lose the wigs. I agree with her husband, embrace who you are.

Thel on

sorry didn’t spell check last comment

Patty on

She has so much depth of character. I’d bet she’d be just as pretty sans makeup as well.

On the other hand, I don’t agree that it is our externals, that make us who we are. Whether or not, I wear my hair straight or curly, doesn’t define me. It is our integrity, compassion, honesty, etc. that defines us.

KD on

I think she looks gorgeous! I’m glad her husband embraces her and with her natural hair.

cindi lakes on

i think she should do whatever SHE feels most beautiful doing! But personally I think she is very pretty and does not need a wig,her hair is just a complement to her natural beauty. Kudos to her husband for loving her the way she naturally is! Sounds like he is a keeper Viola!!

julee on

yaaaay for her husband! yaaaay for viola! she looks even more beautiful and stunning without than she does wearing a wig.

Harmless question on

She looks gorgeous, so glad her husband lets her know how beautiful she is naturally.
Now my question: where I live there are very few African American people, and I am just curious as to how many usually wear wigs/weaves etc. call me naive, but I really have no idea.

None of Your Busniess on

Good for Viola!!!!!

Change is good now and then!!!!

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Theresa on

LuvLuvLuv It!!!!! Be proud of who we are!Beautiful!!! Break a Leg Viola, Oscar awaits for your pickup!!

Lia on

You know you’re beautiful when you can carry off hair that short, she’s rocking it, stunning! Talented and beautiful!

Miriam on

Stunning! Wish more black women would follow her example!

tiny dancer on

here’s hoping other actresses will embrace their natural hair in real life.

Alina on

She is a beautiful woman with or without the wig!

Lisa K on

I think Viola is beautiful with or without the wig….but hey, she needs to do what makes her husband happy. She makes us happy just being who she is. You go girl….hope you win!

Elisabeth on

She looks great! I saw an interview with her and Oprah last week on OWN that was so good, makes me like her even more. She seemed so down to earth and told Oprah at the end that they were going to go to dinner. When Oprah asked her where she said- California Pizza Kitchen. I love that she seems so unpretentious and grateful for her success after struggling a lot at first. I’m also really impressed that she went to college and got her degree in acting and did a lot of stage work first. A very admirable woman!

Vanessa on

I love Viola, without the wig, she looks fabulous! I don’t care for wigs, weave etc. She should never wear a wig again!

charlene on

We care because ?

Gemini on

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Hector on

I think it is only woman here who are calling this woman beautiful. I have never heard a guy every say Viola is hot. She is not pretty people!!!

Alice on

Viola Davis has a great husband, and he has given amazing advice to her. That what partners should do for each other. Viola, you look gorgeous au naturel without any wigs!

LPW on

Simply . . . gorgeous.

Alice on

Hector. Which one is is? Beautiful, hot or pretty? I bet her husband thinks that she is all three. I would love for you to post a picture of yourself so we can judge you fairly. Beauty is subjective and clearly the posters on here look at Viola and think she is an attractive woman. She’s got great skin, amazing teeth and smile, and glittering eyes. You must be used to a blow up doll or something.

Alice on

I meant to write, ” which one is it ? “

Jennifer Snoek-Brown on

She looks stunning either way, but I prefer her natural hair. So flattering — and she looks younger, as well!

guest on

Looks even better!!!

ST on

I love it. She looks amazing. She should stop wearing wigs altogether.

Robin Watkins on

She is so pretty with her natural hair. I really didn’t know her eyes were so big, beautiful and alive.
The wigs hid all of that gorgeousness. Tell hubby, I agree!



Y on

She looks younger and more beautiful without the wigs. WOW~

Gemini on

Agree with her hubby…
absolutely stunning!!!

Jil on

I think the natural hair looks great. She is beautiful. I swear she looks like a cross between Alfre Woodard and Angela Bassett. Three absolutely stunning women.

alice on

I love it!! She looks beautiful!

Julie on

Such a beautiful woman just as you are.

Wenwen on

She look absolutely stunning!

ksanz on

She is beautiful!!!! And an amazing actress to boot!!!!

SheRa on

She looks great!

Meg on

She looks beautiful.

Kristin on

She looks fantastic and much younger!!

Danielle on

She has beautiful eyes and face…..I love the idea ….. wigs are never the best way ……you will look more elegant with the features God gave you…..!I hope more people realize that…..natural is more beautiful than anything fake….!

anetha jaye on

i think au naturale is the way to go

ellie on

She is very beautiful and doesn’t need more hair. She’s beautiful with the wig too but to me less is more.

tcvajv on

She is stunning this way..hope she doesn’t go back to wigs.

jennrae on

She is gorgeous with a killer body and talent to spare. Her smile! She has such a sweet disposition but you can tell she is not someone you want to screw with (if you’ve seen her on any number of Law & Order’s you know what a badass she is). I’m thrilled for her that she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. Broadway is great, but it’s not nearly as far-reaching as movies. Now we can all enjoy her.

PS, I can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars!

boke7 on

She’s beautiful, talented and a joy to watch. She could be bald or have hair down to her knees and it wouldn’t change any of that. I look forward to more of her fantastic work.

Sarah on

Harmless question, the majority of black women do not wear wigs. There are a few, and those who do, that do not have a medically issue, usually have a low self esteem when it comes to their natural hair. So they feel better about wearing hair from little Indian girls… any black female offended, I would also say the same about white women who dye their hair blonde every month and don’t feel happy with their mouse brown hair color, and the same for asian people who get nose surgery and eyelid surgery.

((not including women who self diagnosis and claim androgenic alopecia when really it is negligence, weaves, and chemicals, other forms of traction alopecia))

Patty on

Dr. Martin Luther King advocated focusing on character and integrity. Not external facial and hair features. While I applaud Viola’s husband for supporting his wife, let’s be clear that we are not our skin, hair or eye color. We are the sum total of our values, mores and decisions.

J on

I think she looks totally different wig less but she is beautiful either way! If every woman felt comfortable in her own skin and her own hair the world would be much happier from the women’s side. I am glad she is talking about it publicly I know a lot of people who hide behind their hair and make up

KB on

She looks absolutely stunning!

Mel on

She looks unbelievable no matter what. It’s so nice that her husband is so encouraging.

Leelee on

I didn’t think it was possible for her to be MORE gorgeous! She should never wear wigs in her “real” life. Hope you win tomorrow!!

Guest on

I wish more black women would wear their hair “au natural”. It’s unique and beautiful!

Sue on

She looks absolutely beautiful!

limner1 on

Viola, you are beautiful and more so without those wigs. Welcome to the natural state. Your husband is a smart man, but that’s probably one of the reasons you married him, huh? I wish we could all embrace our natural selves.

ugh on

this headline is really disrespectful. “goes wigless.” the people who write for this blog have no tact.

Sharon on

What a beautiful woman.

Denise Smith on

She looks beautiful au naturel.

Patty on

I support any women or man’s right to adorn themselves as they deem appropriate to attract and sustain their relationships. Viola continues to wear her makeup. That is ok. But, it’s also ok for women to augment themselves with hair color changes and augmentations. It’s character that matters. Honesty, discipline, compassion.

Deborah on

Yes! She looks gorgeous with her own hair – like it much better than the wigs.

Alicia on

She is such an inspiring actress. She makes you feel her pain, tears, tears. Beautiful and very modest. I wish you nothing but great success. God Bless.

JLC on

Hubby called this one right–she has a beautiful face, and her short hair suits her and looks gorgeous!! Appearance changes for acting roles are one thing, but otherwise, just BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF, VIOLA!!!

Guest on

Wow! I”ve always thought she was gorgeous, but without the wig she’s stunning! Positively regal…

Mary E McKelvey on

I agree with her husband. Lose the wig. The wig just fits in to white stereotypes of beauty. Viola is a natural beauty.

Chipperchick on

I have a lovely African American friend who recently decided to stop wearing wigs and weaves and she looks BEAUTIFUL. Good for Viola for embracing her natural beauty!!

thetruth on

That’s the best advice anyone can give. You will feel so much better about yourself, emotionally and physically…..By the way, Viola you look gorgeous.



holly on

i think it looks really great and refreshing, i’m so tired of seeing all of these beautiful black women with wigs or weaves, ugh, and how uncomfortable after awhile

shrimperdan on

she is beautiful and does not need a wig….

La Vie en Rose on

What a cutie. Throw away the wig please you look better with your short hair.

Sharon on

I love her look, she look beautiful!!! Yes, be diverse with your style. Short, long, medium length we have choices. yes, listen to your husband, he is on 100 percent correct.

Pat on

Oh, I didn’t know she wore wigs. I think wigs are so uncomfortable. Her natural look is gorgeous – she has no need for a wig.

lucita wells on

She looks wonderful! I went natural about 4 months now best thing ever..

mwally on

She is absolutely beautiful.

Paul on

Wig-less is fine…. just quit walking like a man.

amanda on

good for her!

Tegan on

I love that her husband is encouraging her to wear her natural hair! I think it is great to embrace herself in her natural, beautiful state. Lose the wig forever!

Kate on

Viola, you look GORGEOUS. Have fun at the Academy Awards!!!

sojourner on

I love the way she looks, with or without a wig. It’s great that her husband likes “au naturale”, but really, how she wears or dresses her hair is her choice, nobody else’s. I like to see women of all colors, shapes and sizes wearing short hair, it’s so much more comfortable and practical.

love it on

She looks beautiful either way. I would keep the wig as an option if I was feeling lazy (I have a long hair just for that reason). You go V !

jane on

She look beautiful. Go natural.

ch on

She should go without it every day- she looks fabulous!

Anita Howard on

Love It!!!! Wearing your hair natural is very liberating. I have worn my hair natural for the last 10 years at the encouragement of my husband and I love it!!!!

heather atiyah on

She is absolutely beautiful!

In My Opinion on

Love it!

itznia on

OMG – she looks 15 years younger!! Gorgeous!

menotyou on

I think it would be fabulous if ALL MEN would just back the he!! off already and let women wear whatever they want to on their head, whether they approve or not. I wear wigs every day, not because I’m “insecure” but because I’d much rather sleep in than spend hours fixing my hair or dollars maintaining it. I’m fed up with women caring what men think of their appearance. Own it – it’s YOURS, not theirs.

Patty on


There are native born or idigenous African women with straight or silky hair. Asian, Hispanic, Native American women have straight hair as well. It’s far from a white thing. Whites actually have more curl to the hair, than what is normally reported.
Again, there shouldn’t be any stigmatization for fashion and or beauty choices one way or another. Women shouldn’t feel as if there is a certain menu of choices, that they can select from in order not to suffer ridicule.

Jill on

She looks great.

jellybeans on

She looks so much younger, love the look!

kelly carter holzhaus on

I think all women should embrace who we are! Why do we want to be someone else? And if the man you are with cant love you for who you are, you should find a new man. Her man has the right idea :o) Keep it real Viola !!!

She's beautiful on

Own it..cause you are stunning in the ellenaturelle!

AJ on

Gorgeous! I adore the natural look.

Karen Boucher on

Wig or natural hair, either way she always looks stunning and is an amazing actress. Kudos to her husband for his encouragement to go au naturel.

Patty on


Are you implying that all of the Hispanic, White and Asian women who wear hair extensions and/or wigs are not embracing themselves? What about the women who get the Brazilian and Japanese straightners. Are they not being who they are?

Sounds really short sighted. We all make choices to adorn and/or cover up what we perceive to be our weak spots. Doesn’t affect our character or our intrinsic worth unless we are stealing to pay for these items. Embracing your natural beauty is fine. But, let’s not get carried away and start equating that with our self-worth. You can have high self worth and perm your hair. Or wear a wig.

Armi on

Absolutely Stunning!

Gigi on

Natural definitely makes her more attractive. Her natural hair shows her beauty and she looks fantastic. The wig(s) make her look cheap and plantationish. Natural please!!!!!! You’re beautiful and God didn’t make no mistake when he gave you that beautiful head of hair to match your beautiful face.

Rae on

Leave the wig at home. you are such a beautiful woman.

bzygranny on


D. on

I love her! She’s one of the most beautiful women in film today. Authentic, genuine, wonderful actress…….you rock your own hair, Viola!!!

Hector on

Funny how its only woman here who are calling this woman beautiful. I have never heard a guy every say Viola is hot. Please you people are acting like she is hot. I have never ever heard guys remotely refer to this woman as being attractive.

conservativemama on

Of course the choice is hers, but she looks beautiful with her natural hair. Beautiful woman and great actress. She was fantastic in The Help.

Mike1212 on


I agree with you. I don’t know what these women here are smoking who are making these comments. I too have never heard guys refer to this woman as attractive. I wouldn’t even sleep with this woman if she paid me.

BBB on

I’m all about choosing a style that makes YOU feel great. Many woman dye their hair and feel they look the better for it, others wear wigs, others do nothing because they love the look of their natural hair. Do whatever you like best. Natural is not always what pleases you most. That’s pretty obvious though since almost everyone does SOMETHING to alter their appearance: make-up, highlights, braces, teeth whitening, cosmetic surgery, clothes that give you the illusion of a better X, high heels, wearing contacts, etc.

Kim on

I think she looks absolutely beautiful!!! <3

chris on

She looks so beautiful without the wigs. She should just wear the wigs when she does film/tv roles.

Mims on

I really wish we black women would just embrace our unique beauty and sometimes just lay off the indian hair for a bit. She looks gogeous and much younger here. Kuddos to hubby.

Mexmax20 on

People are wacked if they think this woman is attractive.

Mexmax20 on

At least she is not the typical black woman trying to look White by wearing a wig or straightening her hair.

Di on

She looks so beautiful. What a beautiful message from her husband.

Besse on

I agree with her husband, too. Her natural hair looks great!

Patty on

Black women shouldn’t feel constrained to delimit themselves. No more than white women should feel guilted into not wearing extensions.

Everyone has to decide for themselves how they want to adorn themselves. Telling black women that they should only go for natural styles, may circumscribe their choices in a mate. Heterosexual men prefer long hair.

Lenora on

Naturaly Beautiful.

Peggy Smith on

She looks great either way – and I hope that she wins tomorrow night (although I’m pretty sure that Meryl Streep will)!

librababe on

She is my absolute favorite. She is just so beautiful and has the prettiest smile. :)

SoJo on

YES!!!! I hope she showcases her natural beauty. She is GORGEOUS.

Lisa Jackson on

She looks beautiful just the way she is!

Pam on

She looks sooo much younger without the wig!! Lovw it!

Leslie on

Absolutely go wigless. She should be proud to be a curly girl! She looks gorgeous!

Linda on

She looks so young!

E. Joyce on

We have been discussing how beautiful those pictures are of her sans the wig. She looks so much younger and vibrant without them, not to mention how her beauty is so much more pronounced.

Gracie on

Put the wig back on, honey. Anyone who says “au natural” kinky hair is beautiful is being politically correct – and I’m Black. I should know. Kinky hair is NOT attractive. Period.

Aisha on

Absolutely Stunning.

Kat on

I love that she is going with her natural hair. Too many times in our society we do what we think is right and not what is right. This is right Viola!

amelia on

She looks great! I wish I could wear in this style. Way to be who you are V!

Shari on

wow with out the wig, brings out her beautiful eyes, go wigless all the time!

Sharon on

She looks fantastic – I love it… She looks younger and her face is more open without the wig.

Zoe Moon on

What a beautiful Black woman! I love what her husband said about being herself at home. I am happy he supports her. Most of the time all you hear are Black men bringing down Black women. She looks fabulous.

Sheila on

The thought of her going “natural” to the Oscars walking the red carpet and winning makes me teary. Not since Whoopie has an African American actress embraced her natural locks. In the African American community this sends a powerful message to young woman. Viola Davis is a great talent.

lbar25 on

She looks GREAT in her own hair! Why didn’t she do it sooner? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Patti on

She is a stunningly beautiful woman! FABULOUS!!!

highdesertblue on

What a beautiful face! I think the real hair makes her look absolutely gorgeous.

valerie on

OK…I’m going back to my natural hair, it’s the real me and very liberating. Viola Davis is stunning either way, with her “chocolate self” from one black woman to another! You Rock Gurl!

Ayla on

Rock’n what God gave ya!! Good for her!

marie on

To me she looks beautiful either way. This style is far more natural and makes a stronger statement…good for hubby for being supportive of that.

Yay on

She looks lovely. Wigless always!

raveness16 on

wow, she looks years younger! you go husband :)

Maggie on

One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She looks so much better without the wig. It makes me a little sad that African American women have had the hair issue put on them. I think natural is coming back and it’s exciting to see.

elle vaughan on

OMG… love love the wig-free look :)

canadasue on

She’s absolutely beautiful — she should definitely go natural!

Karyn on

Viola Davis looks beautiful! Love her husband’s comment: “Step into who you are…”

Daphne on

After being a PEOPLE reader from its very first issue this is te first time I am writing in about someone…..GO WITHOUT THE WIG…BE WHO YOU ARE… MUCH MORE beautiful that the faux hair look!!

Mandy on

She looks fabulous either way but I am a big fan of her natural beauty! I think more women in Hollywood (and all over the world) should embrace what nature has given them.

ann on

I switch between weaves and my own hair whenever I feel like it. Because I can do whatever I want with my own damn hair.
Viola, you’re a hottie! With or without the wigs. Not that my opinion should matter,but you are MUCH prettier without…

Marija on

I think she looks gorgeous, actually I prefer this look!

KJ on


DeVon on

Indeed I think au naturel is always the bestest.

Ginny on

She looks beautiful!

minerva on

Wow, she looks like a new woman. She looks better she looks great!!!

violadavisoutfit on


Abby on

She’s even more gorgeous without the wigs!!

Anne on

Go Viola…I’m going through chemo and bought a wig. I absolutely HATE it. So uncomfortable. Bald/scarf or hat!!! Comfort is key.

Just My Opinion on

She looks fabulous, and much younger without the wigs.

new dawn on

She is so beautiful and so talented, it doesn’t matter about the wigs. Wigs are fun things to have as accessories but they only add to the ambiance. Wigs cannot change the beauty or personality of the wearer. Viola is just simply beautiful!

silverio on

legal gostei ;mais real….

Love The Shoes on

LOVE IT! She is amazing and this is the BEST doo on her I’ve ever seen and I have been a fan forever. I had no idea what her natural hair looked like but now that I do, I hope she works this all the time unless a role requires the character in another.

mindy on

I love her natural hair! I’d like to see her wear it on the red carpet.

Shaun on

I think that Viola is totally gorgeous without her wig! I don’t even know why she would wear one at all.

christa on

She looks fabulous without the wig.

cheryl on

She will look great either way but I think she should not wear the wig. I like her natural look.

Melissa on

I love her hair like this.I’m just now becoming aware of this actress since ive been seeing her in a few movies recently and i like her.Now that i know she wears wigs for her movies it makes sense now because i never though she looked quite right lol but i lover her hair like this.You can see her face so much better now and i think its cute.

Edie on

Her beautiful hair is part of who SHE IS! I am Italian/Irish with VERY, VERY curly hair and for year just blow dried the curl right out. It was about 10 years ago that I just embraced the curls and now it helps define me and I like it way! So, Brava to you AND your dear husband!!

SavannahJen on

Mrs. Davis, Please know that you look stunning in whatever you wear or not matter how your hair look. Thank you for considering the opinion of your husband, at times most of us wives do not take what our hubsand have to say seriously when it comes to how we want to look. I wish you much success tonight. God Bless

Cindy on

I think she looks beautiful with the natural look and I’m sure it is much easier. I agree with her husband. She should just go as she is.

Luci Liu on

She’s a beautiful woman. She can wear a wig, or go natural, it is her choice. I would love to see her in micro braids or twists, like I wear.

Mb on

She looks absolutely beautiful! Great smile!


she looks beautiful

amy on

She’s a lovely lady no matter how she wears her hair.

Anna-Marie B. on

Viola should do whatever suits her.
Best wishes for winning tonight!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Go natural Viola- you look so very beautiful!
Set the bar high for everyone else to follow yoru example- you have such a beautiful face!

Diane Collins Smith on


Brendaly on

She looks 10 years younger without her wigs and she is absolutely beautiful.

T Walker on

She is gorgeous in whatever she decides to wear!

Tara on

so beautiful with her natural hair. burn the wig!

Karen Carozza on

She looks beautiful. Her short hair highlights her gorgeous face.

juliasmith on

You look Great! Your Hubby is right,be proud of who you are.To many women of color and young girls growing up do not even know how to take care of or even wear their own hair. They see it as “bad hair” and perfer the wigs and extensions as a way of life. Please help them see the “Light”

Latinthig12 on

The woman making comments here must be wacked out. Men do not find this woman hot or even remotley attractive. It is only women who find this woman attractive.

Charli on

I think she looks lovely. I love that her husband embraces her natural hair. I’m glad she is comfortable wearing her hair either way but I get what she means about spicing it up with wigs. I don’t wear them but I get it.

jmk on

Her wigs were distracting from her, I thought. She looks great with her real hair.

tillie on

She looks so different and really good.Lose the wig

Betty on

She looks beautiful without the wig! Viola, we are going to love you whether your wearing a wig, going natural, or as bald as a cue ball. We don’t just love you for your looks but for your wonderful presence on the screen. Your natural talent and bringing out the best in every role you play. Personally, I think you look wonderful without your wig. But, like you said, spice it up and change it is good too!


Ann on

Yes, she should go to the Oscars natural. She’s beautiful & the focus should be on her beautiful eyes.

Jan Ross on

stay natural sister,you are beautiful,I love it

Kat on

She is far more beautiful without a wig! Viola is gorgeous and I hope she wins the Oscar!!!

Terri Jeann on

Au natural. I hate wigs, weaves, etc. They need to accept us for who we are, point blank! on

Great advice. She is gorgeous & very youthful looking without the hair extensions!

Sherrell Lopez on

I think goignn wigless after having worn them for so long takes some getting used to by the wearer and the people who have seen you with it BUT once the “shock” wears off, it’s fine and Viola, you look really good – makeup in tact!

katrina on

I LOVE Viola’s natural hair, and the color is absolutely PERfect.

Sindy Nurse on

She looks stunning with her natural hair and younger! Go Viola!

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars | Celebs, News and Gossips on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars | Celebrity Mess on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars | xalyzax on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars « Breaking News | Latest News | Current News on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Dona Ray on

I think she is a very beautiful and talented lady. I love her natural hair!! You rock girl!!

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars | Howdy, Bud! on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars – People Magazine | Indian Gossip Network on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Erin on

Absolutely Beautiful!

Vicki on

Viola looked stunning. Loved the natural look.

Cheryl David Bailey on

You looked great, girl .

Myron Jackson on

Love the natural look viola davis is rocking and the answer to the queston is go without a wig looks great !

Meg on

She looks so beautiful with her natural hair, and she rocks the wigs too!

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Academy Awards « Breaking News | Latest News | Current News on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

Dianne M Daniels on

Viola should definately rock her natural hair – she looks younger without the wigs! Her hair is gorgeous – and it suits her beautiful features. Kudos to her wonderful husband for encouraging her to do “Viola”…great example of positive and healthy self-esteem and a woman who loves who and what she sees in the mirror every single day!

LaRitaBrooks on

She is so beautiful it does not matter wig or wigless. She is a beautiful soul.

Roger on

Viola Davis Tennon looks fabulous in her natural hair. Her husband was absolutely right. Good for him and better for her! They make a great couple.

Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural at the Oscars | The RealN3ws Post on

[…] like she took her husband’s advice! After making waves with her striking short hairstyle on the cover of the Los Angeles Times […]

How to Give Your Mom a Makeover | The Budget Fashionista on

[…];; […]

How To Makeover Your Mother | Fashion Websites on

[…];; […]

Sarah on

She is so beautiful either way she goes! I absolutely adore her!



P on

Heck no Viola, don’t allow your darling man to change your hair styling options; you let him change your hair and next, he’ll try to change something else. Wear your wig all you want – never show your hair again if you choose; it’s only cosmetics, not a denial of who you are – you are more than any of that. You’re not dis-owning your natural hair, some styles appeal to your personal taste just as many people curl their hair to the max in order to achieve a bushy, full look. Husband doesn’t want you to look prettier than him lol and you can tell him I said so. He better recognize, ha-ha. He liked you just fine when he met you and it’s not that you don’t care about his opinion enough to honor his wishes but his opinion is not a mandate for you, nor do you need to prove that you enjoy being black – your hair style is not a deep matter.
Ump, no baby! – it’s not at all about him and he needs to be ok with your personal preferences. Hair styling is a fun thing for most women – maybe he’s jealous ’cause he can’t change his hair sometimes. Who knows? lol

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