Emma Watson: People Said I Had 'Lesbian' Hair

02/21/2012 at 01:30 PM ET

Emma Watson Haircut Spurs Lesbian Rumors

Though her cropped do has been lauded as influential, Harry Potter alum Emma Watson says its initial reception wasn’t exactly constructive.

“I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now,” she tells the U.K.’s Independent. “That haircut did make me realize how subjective everyone’s opinion is. Some people were crazy for it and some people just thought I’d lost my [mind].”

The 21-year-old face of Lancôme says that her red carpet style is also hotly contested. After graduating from the Potter franchise, “I was fully game for ‘Throw me in this, throw me in that,'” she admits. “The press destroyed me over this Rodarte dress I once wore — it was bright blue with chains on it.” Still, she doesn’t consider the edgy look a mistake: “I loved it.”

But perhaps Watson has decided to tone it down as a result of the negativity. “I have to be more careful with my look in my everyday life,” she recently lamented to French Elle.

Still, she refuses to apologize for the decisions she makes. “I’m a multidimensional person and that’s the freedom of fashion,” she says, “that you’re able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever.”

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Emma Watson » Emma Watson: People Said I Had ‘Lesbian’ Hair on

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Sunny on

I hate the fact that short hair on a woman must mean that she’s a lesbian or that she’s ‘coming out’. She’s a 21 year old experimenting with her look and figuring out who she is. I love her bold choices!

dizzy on

I can’t believe journalists actually asked her. That’s pretty unprofessional and close-minded. But she’s above all that and wears her hair how she likes. Love her.

Jon on

I think it’s just sad that certain People thought that was a Lesbian Hair-cut, never even heard that word used like that before, and it’s a shame she has to feel that way, but she doesn’t owe an Apology at all, I agree with what else she said!

Mary Anne on

Beautiful young woman, with long hair or short. Also, confident in who she is. Silly, silly, questions.

dawn on

pixie cuts look pixish on little pixie girls like Emma, not mannish or “lesbian” ish at all.

Peggy Smith on

I love her pixie haircut! It’s so annoying for it to be labeled a lesbian haircut! If my face weren’t so round, I’d definitely be rocking that haircut myself.

Janey on

She’s beautiful.

pollyhanaha on

There are plenty of hetero’s who wear their hair in a “mannish” style just as plenty of lesbians wear their hair long and flowing.

Emma Watson » Emma Watson on Her Pixie Cut: People Said I Had 'Lesbian' Hair on

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poppyloo on

She should be so lucky

Daphne on

People can be such idiots sometimes. I wear my hair extremely short as well and people sometimes assume I am a lesbian. I knew when she cut her hair people would assume the same thing about her. I personally think she looks gorgeous with her hair that way. She looks more grown up.

Robert on

People forgot why she cut her hair. She said that she did it to make a clean break from the Harry Potter franchise. She kept the same style hair since she started filming & wanted a change.

Javadude54 on

If you’re dressing to please other people and keep up with fashion, that’s not reinventing yourself… that’s trying to be what you think other people want you to be. Nothing is more shallow and superficial than fashion.

Traci on

I love Emma’s haircut. Why in the world would people ask her if she’s coming out of the closet. Good grief.

Joanne on

Why does this girl never smile?

Abby on

I hate that people assume short hair is lesbian. short hair can be beautiful and so unique! She should keep it short if she likes it like that. ridiculous.

Peony on

She looks very chic. Love her and her hair.

People Said Emma Watson Has ‘Lesbian Hair’ | fckwhatyouheard on

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txlady on

Chill Emma..you look adorable! We all know that most of the media have the IQ’s of houseplants.

Albert Roloson Jr. on

Emma Watson is a very beautiful Lady. It does not matter if she has long hair or short. Emma being herself is what makes her look so pretty. At least she does not go out and try to be like someone else. As for this lesbian thing; are there those that have forgotten that if you do not have anything good to say about someone, then do not say anything at all? Emma is not a lesbian!!! Lighten up on the Lady. Emma, if you ever see this, I just want you to know I am praying for you always. Love ya. Amen.

Karidly on

I don’t remember people asking Audry Hepburn if she was a lesbian when she introduced this fabulous hairstyle. I have always worn my hair short because it’s the style that fits my face the best and I think it looks great on Emma.

swack on

I LOVE her pixie cut. She is beautiful no matter what.

Jenna on

I think she is an amazing actress and that she can wear whatever she damn well pleases. She’s earned it.

Oscars: What to expect on TV | SfileYDY TV Shows on

[…] Emma W&#97&#116&#115on on Her Pixie Cut: People Said I Had ‘Lesbian’ Hair […]

JungleCat on

I do not like her “pixie” hair cut. It is not at all feminine. She is so much prettier with her long hair.

Pash on

She can take comfort in the fact that pretty much every famous, strong woman in American history has lesbian rumors surrounding their legacy (Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony,etc). I think her hair was great short and I hope she keeps it that way while she’s young.

Stacey on

I’ve had short hair for most of my life and I think it’s ridiculous that some people think it indicates a lesbian lifestyle. My husband would definitely disagree with that! I think you have to have some pretty amazing bone structure to pull it off well, so maybe it’s just a jealousy thing for the people who need long hair to hide behind…

guy on

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Stacey on

Just ignore them Emma…it looks great on you!

charlieb on

The lesbian community would be quite happy to have her.

Donnie on

Well then Emma, why don’t you grow your hair out and look like a real woman!

amsjll on

Its ridiculous that they asked her that. She was required to have her hair the exact way the movie needed it to be for how many years?? Of course she chopped it.

Melody H. on

Very refreshing to see a young star have her face as the focus, not hiding behind feet of extensions and pounds of make-up. She looks GREAT!

Cammy on

So who would ask such a ridiculous question? What journalist asked that? Would they have asked that of Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Mclaine or Mia Farrow – who all had pixie hair styles. What does sexuality and hair cuts have to do with anything? There are plenty of women who are lesbians with long hair, and women who are heterosexual with short hair. Geez….

Emma Watson on Her Pixie Cut: People Said I Had ‘Lesbian’ Hair – - MagNewsX - Mag News AggregatorMagNewsX – Mag News Aggregator on

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Yvonne on

I was sad when she cut her hair, because it was so pretty and womanly. But I knew it was a freedom thing, she finally felt like she had some say so over her own life after the HP movies were over. She couldn’t even choose a different length for her own hair during all of those years so I knew what it was about, I understood what it meant to her. Freedom of choice, finally.

BRinMilwaukee on

I love her hair and style choices. I would’ve lost a lot of money betting against her decision, but she looks amazing. I love that she took a chance and pulled it off.

lisa on

Hmmm….did they ever ask Halle Barry that question? Or Posh Spice whe she cut her hair that short? Please.

Bill on

I think it’s great that Emma changed her hair style as soon as she could. It makes her look more adult. It was a change she needed to do so that she would no longer be looked at as Hermione Grainger in Harry Potter. It was a healthy change considering some of the other things she could have done.

Eric on

I love Emma and support her decision to dress herself anyways she pleases. That being said, I wish she’d grow her hair back. : (

guest on

the haircut looks fantastic! the world is full of ignorant people…..just gotta ignore them. these days people dress their 9yold daughters like tramps. we need more proper ladies, and emma is a great role model. refreshing to see someone achieve success without the aid of a stripper pole. Love the pixie cut!

Peggs on

That’s so unfortunate that ppl would react like that to a short cut. Where are these ppl from? Another universe. Emma.. if you read the comments.. YOU LOOK GREAT.. Love the short cut. It shows off your beautiful features, exudes confidence and is certainly making a statement. That you’re COMING OUT of childhood and making a GRAND ENTRANCE to adulthood.

alicekii85 on

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daspen on

Same thing happened to me when I got my pixie cut. It is sad and ridiculous how many people think this way. I say screw em! I like my cut and I’m keeping it!

trsquare on

One of my teenage daughters has a pixie cut, and it looks beautiful on her because she has a petite frame and hates the weight of long hair. She has plenty of boyfriends, so to say that a pixie cut is an indication of being a lesbian is ridiculous. Let Emma have fun with her hair!

Carin on

She is absolutely gorgeous – even more so with her short, cropped hair. I love it!

Perla on

A man must of made the comment about her hair!
He must of been a basher!

Tammy on

Oh my goodness. I worked in a Hair/Nail Salon and while we had plenty of Lesbians with short hiarcuts…we had just as many, if not more, Lesbians with long, flowing hair. A haircut does not make one Lesbian…if it did…would ALL females with short hair be considered Lesbian? How short is to short to be straight? Give me a royal, cotton picking break!!!!! Her haircut is cute…suits her face…much better than her long hair would at this point in her life. Puh-lease.

Amanda on

I know SOOOO much what she means! I, who am hetro, was thought to be a lesbian by MANY people, people who had known me for years after I chopped my hair super short (after a divorce)! I loved my hair short and am really thinking about cutting it short again, but right now it’s super long and I feel like it’s a statement that I’m a female who likes males. I hate to give in to the general assumptions, but darn it, I’m single! Short hair on a woman isn’t necessarily mannish or a flag for lesbianism.

Sandy on

Thanks lesbians for making man cut short hair your signature trait! That and men’s clothes.
She is beautiful. Short hair is so easier to take care of. If she want short hair-so be it. To think she is a lesbian because of it is just plain ignorance.

AnneWF on

It’s so frustrating to hear ridiculous statements over a hair style. My teenage daughter had similar comments when she cut her hair short, very similar to Emma Watson’s and before Emma had hers done. She is beautiful. You can see her beautiful bone structure and her eyes. It’s so much nicer than hair that is too long and becomes all stringy looking from the shoulder down. I wonder, did people say the same thing when Halle Berry cut her hair short again?

Carrie on

I love her hair short. She has such a pretty face, she can definitely pull it off. I had a short pixie cut a few years ago and it didn’t look good. I’m more of a short bob look than pixie. But, anyone who can wear it – go for it!

Olivia on

I miss the ‘Hermione’ hair

Debbie Rhoades on

I love Emma’s hair and think it is so very cute. I don’t know what short hair has to do with being a lesbian, and even if she was, whose business is that? I mean, I know a lot of lesbians with long hair. I think people ought to mind their own beeswax about how someone wears their hair, or what dresses they wear, and appreciate people for who they are.

JR on

Love Emma, love her style sense. Terrific role model, seems to be a genuine, good person.

Emma Watson reveals lesbian comments that came after haircut Free movie - HaLa MovieHaLa Movie on

[…] that her shortened haircut had some asking her if the change was a comment on her sexuality, states People. “I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now. That […]

mvk on

I personally don’t particularly like the hair cut, but she can wear her hair any way she wants.

Latest Emma Watson Information - All About Emma Online on

[…] was coming out, if I was a lesbian now,” she tells the United kingdom&#39s … Study far more on People Magazine Other recent popular search terms:emma watson haircut burberry, emma watson missing leg accident, […]

Nate on

“I’m a multidimensional person”. In other words shes bisexual.

Balacom on

I like this articles ;)

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[…] British star graces the cover of the Women’s Fashion Fall 2012 issue of T to promote her first big project […]

Gavin on

Me and Mrs D have both got one of Emma’s hearty mugs, they are a huge one pint vrioesn and are used daily for the first cuppa I’ve got the blue one, she’s got the pink one. Aren’t we traditional?!

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