Kendall Jenner Considering Modeling Over College

02/16/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Kendall Jenner
Chris Weeks/WireImage

Her sisters might be the queens of reality TV, but Kendall Jenner is looking to carve her own path in life — through modeling.

“I’m not really thinking about college right now,” Jenner, 16, told PEOPLE Monday while trying on dresses at Rent the Runway‘s Pop-up Shop at West Hollywood’s Andaz Hotel. “If my career, like, blows up and gets really big, [modeling] is what I would do.”

Though we’ve seen Kim Kardashian‘s younger sis struggle with her nerves while walking the runway on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner says those initial jitters are all in the past.

“I want to [walk the runway] again and again,” she said. “It was so much fun, like the adrenaline and everything was really fun.”

The budding fashionista, who calls her own style “edgy [and] girly, but colorful,” shared some of her own style tips and influences.

“I like to add color… and I think that heels make the outfit look 10 times better,” said Jenner, who often “raids” sister Kourtney‘s closet. “I love Hervé Léger dresses just because I love bandage dresses … [and] I love jumpers.”

As for showing skin both on and off the runway, the teen believes less is more.

“I think if you look cute but like, classy, even though you are showing skin, I think that’s fine,” she said. “I wouldn’t like, go crazy. I am not that kind of a person.”

–Melody Chiu


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Beth on

Is that dress short enough?

Dash on

cool! I can’t wait to see how her career turns out in modeling. I think she will be totally glam! Love the young K girls! But take college online or something Kendall, don’t NOT go to college at all. You are smart enough to be do and be great at both!

Sonny on

Oh NO! More Dummies who cannot excise the “LIKE” word from a simple declarative sentence.. Valley girls forever.. God help America and the children-to-be of THESE children.

Sarah on

surprise surprise, like…beauty is like so much more important than like school and stuff??? clearly this girl needs an education, I have never seen the word “like” used so much in just a few short sentences. That’s society nowadays though :/

stacey on

darling girl. the cutiest in the kardashian family by far.

md on

Of course she is.

Today on


Blah Blah Blah on

Showing less is more?? Don’t worry – when Mommy gets a hold of you, you’ll be taking it all off for Playboy, I’m sure…

Sissy on

There is nothing wrong with modeling as a career, however, obtaining a college education, especially with the loads of money her family has, SHOULD be a priority for this young lady, not some kind of afterthought.

dana on

And yet again the Kardashians prove to be all beauty no brains. Just when you thought Chris Jenner couldn’t instill worse morals upon her offspring.

bill on

I don’t know who the f**k she is, Or why we should care what she does. People sux

Mandy on

Good for her. I dropped out of college after 3 years for a job offer and STILL make more than my friends who finished. It really is just a bit of paper these days because everyone has them.

katie on

As much as I value a good college education, she can always go to school later. She is only going to have those legs and be under 25 years old once! I can’t even lie; if I had legs like that, I would model over going to college too.

nunya on


Bella on

If the word “like” didn’t exist, no Kardashian/Jenner would be able to speak.

Rae2011 on

In the movie “The Cinderella Story”, the “evil” stepmother did make a true, but not a perfect, point. She said to “Sam” that “people go to college to get jobs. You already have a job.” That’s really basically true. If she gets a job modeling, then she doesn’t have to go to college right away. But once modeling ends (which it will), she can go to college. Or be a part-time student and have online classes. It is hard to get back into school after time, i.e. the longer you wait the harder it is. It’s really her decision to make.

Lori on

For some reason, I think it’s Kris Jenner that is considering modeling over college for her daughter. Just sayin.


another s 3 x tape ‘leaked’

Adriana on

She is only going to be able to model for a few years, so she’d better make the most of the time she has. However, if she were smart she’d make sure and work on her education at the same time. She can go to college part time, and even just take one or two classes a semester. She can take online/distance classes. It is all possible if she stays away from partying and concentrates on work and her future.

sarah on

Can she, like, say like any more?

covergirl on

she’s beautiful– why shouldn’t she halt her CONTINUING education to model? AT LEAST she’s finishing high school- most models don’t even do that. She is GORGEOUS and should make the most of this opportunity. school isn’t for everybody and if she can be successful in this, then why shouldn’t she?
You all just hate her because she is STUNNING and SUCCESSFUL and because she’s connected to the Kardashian clan. However, she is NOT one of them- and none of them have the looks to actualllllly model like she does

JP on

Ummmm, looks like she left her pants or skit behind in the dressing room.

Wendy on

She is definitely built for it!

victory on

College isn’t for everyone. Kendall Jenner is likely to make a fortune as a model. More power to her.

Alisha on

That leaves the only one left NOT to take advantage of Kim’s sex tape that started all the K clans popularity the youngest sister. Give her a couple of years. She’s a pretty girl but “less is more” is exactly the attitude she shouldn’t have at 16.

RD on

Yet another intelligent decision by a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Don’t be an idiot…go to college.

guest on

Dummy! Education is important than modeling.

Concerned on

Why is she only wearing a blouse????

dawn on

Go for it girl!!!! School will be there when you are old and fat. Follow your dream while you are marketable.

jenni on

Ok..first she is NOT a Kardashian…her sisters are…if she can do the model thing…great for her…she is a beautiful girl…hopefully since she seems close to Kourtney, she will follow in her footsteps as for going to college. Just hope her mom doesnt get her daggers in her and she can be succesful in her own way…Just stick with Kourtney or Khloe. Kim is stuck in her own world. One day it will get very lonely there.

Caroline on

She has to make the right choice for her life. College isn’t for everyone.

me on

Sorry but she seems unnaturally thin, compared to the rest of the Kardashians.

lol on

she sounds like an idiot..

larkwoodgirl on

Relly! Is anyone surprised that she wouldn’t be thinking about college? A no brainer, right? (pun intended)

jessica on

at least she didn’t lie. lmao

Lisa Marie on

Just what we need; another worthless, brainless model who contributes nothing to society except making others think that the most important thing in life is physical beauty. How superficial and shallow..

Lynne on

Did she forget to put on pants?

boohoobytch on

as IF she’s got enough brain cells to attend college anyway…her stolen sex tape will be released on the eve of her 18th birthday


You know what – If I got paid millions modeling instead of paying thousands – some, even millions to “maybe” get a high paying job, go for it! People think college is like… a second chance at life but it’s not. No matter what anyone says! You can go to college at anytime… but being a model… no.

sushi on

What a shmuck. She’s 16! Go to college!! We’d like at least one of those clowns to do something good for a change.

boohoobytch on

oh yeah, like learn like how to speak like…ditzy little moron

Laila on

When money is at your fingertips…you can do as you please. How many of them went to college, AND got degrees? Of course, us average people think it’s important and we have to work for everything we want…

AitchCS on

That dress definitely needs to be shorter.

Gabor on

Mm, well, she is cute and has the appearance for it. But I wouldn’t let my 16 year old walk around like that. I’m 21 and wasn’t allowed to leave the house with something as short as a t-shirt until I was 18.

Datch on

Really? She is considering modeling over college? In such a well-educated family, where education and intellectual rigor are clearly valued so highly, far more than looks? Shocking. Absolutely shocking.

Alexa on

That doesn’t surprise me at all..! Look what family she grew up in! And I’m getting tired hearing about the Jenners, the Kardashians, and Bieber! Like shut up already! No one cares about them!!! My family always said, “Those who don’t do school, when their famous, turn out to be dumb!” :) Yes I might be trying to become a singer, but even if i do, I won’t stop school altogether! Cause if it doesn’t go great, and I get booted. What will I fall back on? Sorry Kendall…. but you’re being dumb at this point! :) And any shorter? Like your almost about to show your vagina! Or at least your panties! :)

kris on

my suggestion would be to buy some pants…

Yvonne on

My Mother would have never let me out the door wearing something like that(not that I would have dreamed of going out like that anyway), my goodness if she bends over even a little bit everything will be on display for the world to see! That’s not a dress, it’s a shirt!

sookie on

Of course she wants to skip college, bless her empty little head.

Guest on

Kendall, you should LIKE consider LIKE college.
It helps LIKE with the LIKE smart LIKE factor.

Mae on

“If my career, like, blows up and gets really big, [modeling] is what I would do.”

Don’t push it, hun.

selena on

Why not try f****** like your HO sisters!

CW on

SHOCKING! *sarcasm* It would have been shocking if she, like said she was going to like, college instead of going straight into like, modeling (sorry, lol). But honestly, Kardashians rely on their looks because there’s really not much else there *shrugs* well, good luck to her I guess.

Carrie on

Honestly, do you expect anything less from this girl?

Helen on

Another K looking for media attention…Save us please……………..

Petra on

At 16 can her dress be any shorter….??????So much for the parents allowing their 16 year old to wear an indecent dress length………………….

Sowhat? on

Who cares????

shrimperdan on

Oh what a shock…….not.

Berry on

Learn from your sister! Go to college and don’t end up in the pawn game to have your family or your mother make money off of you. Yes, you are a beautiful girl, but the price you will pay in the long run will make people hate your family more for using you.

Olivia on

Why do people click on this article and then post,” No one cares about you, you’re mom’s going to make you a playboy, too short dress, etc.” Obviously you DO care so if you don’t like her, stop supporting her, simple as that.

JR on


Jenna on

Another dummy who doesn’t thinks a college education might matter. It would help her vocabulary a great deal. Jeepers. Will these Kardashians go away?

JR on

And no, Mandy, not everyone has a college degree.

Uh oh: Kendall Jenner considering axing college for modeling | Bazaar Daily News on

[…] Clearly,  Brucie Bruce hasn’t dug his reigns into his daughter lately. According to PEOPLE magazine, Kendall  Jenner admitted today during a shopping trip to Walk the Runway that she is […]

Sage49 on

Considering how difficult or impossible it is these days to find a job in the field of your college degree, I think a modeling career is a good plan. College isn’t for everyone. She’s young and beautiful now so why shouldn’t she get paid to do a job she loves. She’ll make a good living and learn to support herself and down the road, college is always an option.

CJ on

lol! what college could she get into!??? college of bimbos and hoes? what a joke.

sam on

I pray that you will choose your education first you have so much more to give to the world than being a model.

Marilyn on

Whatever. If her parents do not care that their 16-yr old will not go to college, why should any of us bother. This family is known for living their vapid lives in the public eye so this piece of news is rather tame actually.

M on

Ah..puberty hasn’t hit her yet, haha! Wait till she gets older and her hips and thighs kick in..then she will wish she had gotten that education! I’m sure she will get tired eventually of not being able to eat…plus, college is fun! You meet new people, experiment, study, find a new depth of yourself!

amsjll on

She can get a degree later. Lots of people do it. The idea that you HAVE to do it while 18-22 is ridiculous. I stayed home with my babies while they were babies and am going to school now. No juggling a new career and family for me, happy with my choice. For her, a modeling career is very short term. She could be retired by mid to late 20’s. If she wants a job that requires a college education, no reason she cant get it then.

chiqui lacap on

dumb ass

swack on

I hope she reconsiders and at least takes some college courses while she is modeling. She is only 16 and not many 16 year olds know what they want to do with their lives. She needs to begin thinking about what would happen if she couldn’t model – it could happen.

chloe on

@ Beth – it isn’t a dress, it’s a romper.

it’s cute.

Allyson on

Kendall has it all over her sisters, model-wise. The older three may do ‘modeling’, but Kim and Kourtney are far too short and Kim is much too much, period. Kourtney has a degree, but you could never tell by the way she speaks. If Kendall wants to model, have atit. There will be colleges out there when and if she ever changes her mind.

Debbie on

Is this decision being made by Kendall or Kris Jenner??

Tator Tot Willis on

She would look allot different if her daddy was Bruce Willis!

conservativemama on

Wow. Do I dress up, walk up and down, and take pretty pictures, or do I put in the hard work of earning a degree and feeding my mind.

How shocking that a Kardashian/Jenner took the easy way out. These people may have lots of money but they are a vapid bunch. And yes, I’ve watched enough of the show to learn that they eat a lot, the talk a lot about themselves, and they sit around a lot.

At least Khloe shows some common sense every now and then. Kim’s beyond self-centered and Kourtney is just boring. That voice. Yikes!

Maria on

I think that Kendall is a really fabulous person :) She seems to be a kind and considerate person on the show. As for the comments about “Kardashian” blood, I don’t think that it is fair for Robert Kardashian Sr. He was a great lawyer who, during the O.J. Simpson trials showed enormous strength. He was a very well, all rounded person. I think that Kim, and Kris Jenner used his fame and involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial to gain fame…or to put it the Sex Tape by Kim. But everyone makes mistakes. I just wish that Kris would not use that mistake of Kim’s to gain fortune and exploit her daughters and turn them into crazy people! But overall, I wish Kendall all the best in her modeling adventures. She and Kylie are really cute!

Maria on

I think that Kendall is a really fabulous person :) She seems to be a kind and considerate person on the show. As for the comments about “Kardashian” blood, I don’t think that it is fair for Robert Kardashian Sr. He was a great lawyer who, during the O.J. Simpson trials showed enormous strength. He was a very well, all rounded person. I think that Kim, and Kris Jenner used his fame and involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial to gain fame…or to put it the Sex Tape by Kim. But everyone makes mistakes. I just wish that Kris would not use that mistake of Kim’s to gain fortune and exploit her daughters and turn them into crazy people! But overall, I wish Kendall all the best in her modeling adventures. She and Kylie are really cute!

Observer on

Obviously a beautiful girl but she shouldn’t raid Kourtney’s closet. Kourt is about a foot and a half shorter than Kendall and she ends looking like she forgot her pants.

lahtoi on

i am one of your audience who is fatuated with yr stlye

monica on

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Rosey on

I said “Like” all the time in jr. high and in high school. I then grew out of that. It’s just her youth talking. I also went to college, whereas a small percent of my friends didn’t go. We all have jobs, and can live a good life. College isn’t for everyone and as long as we are paying our bills and taking care of ourselves, that is all that matters.

chim on

Uh, would she even GET INTO college? Ha

Stephanie on

take college online… and then model if u want.. u can never go wrong with college. if ur modeling career doesnt take off at least youl have something to fall back on!

beyes on

Not a smart move on her part. A modeling career wont last, but a college education will.

Stacey on

Um, college is not something she will have to worry about – she’s an idiot!

katie on

how many times does this chick have to say “like?” she should go to college.

shannon on

her pimp mama granny Kris jenner pimping her out mamma prob told her she had to model and not go to college!!!

tita on

oh lord will this family ever go away!!! of course she is, she needs to be exposed or pimp as the others sisters do!

Kathleen Smith on

As important as college once was, people are now saying that it is not as critical as it once was. For the “average” person, college can provide that extra leg up and can cost way too much. For the rich, does she “need” to attend college? What will it provide for someone in her position? I mean, really? Kris Jenner will see to it that college is not needed.

ch on

Um-it would be news if she had actually considered college over modelling.

Jami Miller on

I know you want to be a grown up and do what your sisters do but I can tell you….GO TO COLLEGE>>>GET A DEGREE… DO SOMETHING FOR yOURSELF! This is your chance… take it and do something with your life………

Avi on

Education is important she can pursue modeling along with it.

sandy on

Okay, this is when the concept of “both/and” comes into play (i.e., versus “either/or”). Why not apply to some schools or fashion programs, while continuing to model? If she gets accepted, she could perhaps take one or two courses, still while pursuing her dreams of modeling. And another thing: She needs to define “blowing up”: Does that mean x number of gigs a month, or a certain amount of money, or walking in the top shows…what is her version of success? Don’t limit yourself, Kendall: The more you learn, in and out of school, the greater your chances for all-around, longterm success.

Guest on

If that was my kid, i’d smack her across the head. STOP TALKING NONSENSE, SILLY! What are u supposed to do once ur modeling days are over after 30….??
The only kardashian i have hope for by this point is Kylie.

nicole on

how short is that dress? no way i’d let my daughter wear that.

Jennifer on

School will always be there for someone who has the money for it. But looks will fade, so why not take advantage and have fun with it while she can?

Rich on

Pretty girl ,make retire from modeling in 10yrs and still able to go to college if that’s what she wants to do.

Rich on

make =maybe geez 5:00am typos

Jane on

Like that’s a shock? Like any of these Kardashians have enough of a brain to even GET into University? NONE of them went, dumber than a box of rocks. All they got is pimping themselves out for money, however their mom sets it all up.

Mary on

Every Kardashian cannot complete a sentence without the word “LIKE”……please Kendall do not turn into a stepford sister….go for your education. Use your brain, help break the Kardashian “like” cycle. Dump those fake eyelashes and caked on makeup. They say dumb is forever….like you know what I mean?

Eve on

please stop writing about anything Kardashian…..these pigs do not deserve the attention they get

Kathryn on

I have always admired Kourtney the most of the Kardashian sisters. Kourtney graduated from college and is a smart woman… graduating from college is extremely important. Looks won’t last forever… Kendall should at least try college, maybe community or online college?

martha on

She needs to get a education first because being a model doesn’t last forever……

Danielle on

Easy money is what she is looking for…..her mother is a role model for those girls……dumb and beautiful…..that’s how the agencies like them… be easy to exploit and later on ….they go into porn ….just like Kim Khloe, and the infamous mother……what a life ahead…..drugs and prostitution……!

Ella on

Like wow!

Sharon on

Is that a dress she is wearing? It looks like a shirt.

Jen on

She’s Long, Lean and, Stunning!!! Work it Girl!!! Hope to see her on the runway, as well as the magazines.

kazumi on

it’s her choice but then again, where will she be when all this beauty fades away? so sad, i hope she changes her mind soon..

Jon on

I’m not at all surprised to hear this, I’ve heard it before, good luck to her in whatever she pursues!

Girl in NY on

Go to college. You are not all that. None of you Kard/Jenners are. The day will come soon when your time is up. Go for the education my dear, and get some values while you are at it.

Trudie on

And, like, she’s too dumb to go to college anyway.

KK Yay on

Like this one was going to college…

Gimme a break. It’s like a clown car of Kardashians. Go away Kendall. It’s all about Kim.

rowdygirl on

Why would she go to college? it’s not like she’ll ever have to hold a job.

Guest on

That’s a shame she is not considering going to college. College education provides structure, teaches you to think logically, can’t imagine going through life not knowing anything but fashion. Oh well that is the life of the rich and famous..

guest on

Oh, no, baby, no… You are so beautiful – truly… But go to college to hone your skills. Major in theatre or something so you can learn about lighting and movement… It will benefit so much more to better prepare yourself with an education first, and it will open so many more doors for you.

Kendall Jenner ready to focus on modeling instead of college | on

[…] Jenner recently revealed that she would prefer to focus on her booming modeling career instead of taking time off to attend college, states People. […]

Linda on

I cannot believe people refer to this beautiful child as a “Kardashian”. She is NOT a Kardashian. She is a Jenner. Perhaps that is why she is the most beautiful of the girls. Her father is a handsome man and her half siblings..the Jenners..are very good looking. Hopefully she keeps a head on her shoulders and doesn’t let that lousy mother of hers pimp her out for her 10%. What an insult to call this child a Kardashian.

Kendall Jenner ready to focus on modeling instead of college Free movie - HaLa MovieHaLa Movie on

[…] Jenner recently revealed that she would prefer to focus on her booming modeling career instead of taking time off to attend college, states People. […]

Kendall Jenner ready to focus on modeling instead of college Free movie - HaLa MovieHaLa Movie on

[…] Jenner recently revealed that she would prefer to focus on her booming modeling career instead of taking time off to attend college, states People. […]

Miami on

All that family cares about is being in the spotlight.

juju on

I am sure mommy dearest is behind her on this….her kids are padding her pockets….

Tally on

What a waste for a news story. The Kardashians drive me crazy. Who cares if this girl gives up college for Modeling. Shes just a regular airhead like the rest of her family.

Lopez on

she’s 16!! I would not allow my 16 year old out of the house with that short dress! Ridiculous. But her mother probably has ZERO issues with anything her girls do, as long as she gets her “10 percent”!!

Kendall Jenner Considering Modeling Over College | Zoid SA on

[…] (People) […]

Loni on

Why is this news?
Well anyways I think that if she knows what she wants to do and she doesn’t need college then that is fine. I have my masters and I am only 23 years old. For me what I want to do I needed a college degree but not every profession needs one. Modeling is definitely one that doesn’t. Why waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on some expensive private school if you’re going to be modeling and stuff? I mean Heidi Klum and Giselle Bunchen didn’t go to college, so why should she? I have one bid of advice for Ms. Kendall Jenner: Ignore the hates, there will always be haters. Follow your heart and use your head. Your sisters are smart, your mom is smart, your dad is smart and your brothers are smart. If you are as hard working as they are you will be VERY successful.

Daphne on

College isn’t for everyone. Besides getting a college degree doesn’t mean she will be able to find a job in the field of study she should happen to choose. I know plenty of people who went to college and haven’t been able to find good paying jobs when they graduated. She is a beautiful girl. There is nothing wrong with being a model. She can go to college later if she wants to.

Pat on

Well, 16-year olds do say “like” a lot. And in this photo she does look like she could be a model. Hopefully her parents will encourage her to also go to college, but she can always go later when she is too old to model.

FrenchLady on

Another air-filled head ….

smokey on

How does one sit or bend in a dress that short without exposing all the goods? She has a great body though.

laverne on

and I am really going to take fashion tips from her!!!!!!!!!!! can wait for her new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella on

Such a poor example to all the young Kardashian fans.

jodi on

is anyone really surprised? They just get dumber and dumber in this family (starting with the mother.) Yes, they are rich but how about sending someone to school to run the business properly?

Kookie on

Star?????? Since when. Didn’t she forget her pants?

halaniceguy on

Of course…
Two reasons. First she has to make the money while she can and she will make a small fortune.
Second. She’d never make it through college…
The family is famous for sex. It’s no surprise they continue….

carinine on

I think she is very pretty but she has options. if she can score modeling than technically she wont need college. Hope she scores her dream!

jojo on

just what we need another dumb tramp

Bea on

With her mother money is the only thing she thinks of… certainly not education…

Frannie on

Her mother is a PIMP…she is 16?? good lord put some clothes on…unreal no one cares that her behind is hanging out…go to school and enjoy your youth honey life passes in a flash and one day you will be all grown up and wondering what happened to your teenage years…

Cheryl Kobak on


Go to college, modeling only last a few years, smart last forever.

Angel on

So unfair. Kendall should try to fit in college. Here are millions of kids including myself, working our ASSES off to snatch a even just a couple grand in scholarships and grants. If only my parents had that kind of money…

Kendall Jenner May Skip College | BabyRazzi on

[…] for college.“I’m not really thinking about college right now,” the 16-year-old reveals to PEOPLE. “If my career, like, blows up and gets really big, [modeling] is what I would do.”“I want to […]

K-Fed Wants Sean Preston And Jayden To Work At McDonalds Like Normal Kids on

[…] than having jobs handed to them right out of school or being given the option of choosing modeling over college, it’s refreshing that some Hollywood parents out there actually want to raise their children […]

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