Kim Kardashian Lightens Her Locks: Can You Tell?

01/31/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Hair
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Another day, another hair change for Kim Kardashian. The reality star dyed her hair Sunday, posting a photo to Twitter on Monday.

“I dyed my hair lighter yesterday! I’m loving it,” the soon-to-be divorcée wrote. “New hair color=new beginnings for me. You like?”

Kardashian, who added clip-on bangs to her hair earlier this month, dyed her hair a similar shade of brown last summer. “I feel younger,” she wrote at the time. Her colorist, Rebecca Friedman, told PEOPLE that the look gave the star “more dimension,” too. While we love Kardashian’s hair color, we have to admit: it doesn’t look that different to us! What do you think?


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Showing 123 comments

nacho mamma on

I see she made sure that her boobs were in the picture as well. typical!

Daile on

Why the F is she not wearing a shirt?

Denise Smith on

I think she is over exposed in every way imaginable.

d on

been looking for ten minutes and i don’t see hair in the picture

victory on

Oh come on! Who cares! This is an extremely ignorant question.

guest on

She radiates DESPERATION…that’s all I see, an insecure person.

ann on

Hmm…..thinking this article should had been on “overexposed boobs” instead of the hair on her head. She is so into herself :(

Taylor on

Looks great, Kim!

I like it darker, too, but this is perfect for spring!

Lisa on

I love Kim…what’s with all the haters? Jealous much! Kris was a sexist pig who worried more about his guy friends than his wife. She was right to drop his butt.

Annie on

Why is this news?

NIkki on

omg! she looks way better with lighter hair! :)

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susan on

Who care what this scank does?

honey on

is it bad that the more noticeable thing in the picture are her boobs, then her hair?

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Ali on

This note is for Lisa – no one hates – we cordially invite you to come to the party – we all realize this woman is a waste of time. If you only think Kris Humphries had problems then you are as slow and self-involved as your idol. Her hair?? Who cares- but I do like how she made sure her boobs were there too!!

guest on

WHO CARES?!?! This family is so desperate for attention.

guest on

looks softer !! gives fac e a warm glow

None of Your Busniess on

Loves Kim’s New Hair Shade!!!!!!

You ROCK KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all the negative haters out there, get a life and learn a new trade, you really need to better things with ALL the time you have on your hands :) LoL

ad on

who cares?!? I am so over these ppl!

zombie_hands on

Ugh!I’m surprised she hasn’t shown her latest pedicure! Sad that she thinks she’s relevant to whats going on in the world.

StyleWatch Fan on

Much too much.

Guarin on

Who cares!! I am sick of Kim!

Lily on

What hair? half the picture is her boobs.

megan on

Can I tell? More like do I care…

jude law lover! on

nope cant tell! at all.

Benji Lincoln on

Who cares???

Sue on

She is not a celebrity!! She has no talents whatsoever!! She is famous for her sextape! She is a famous pornstar!!

shar on

Sounds like a lot of jealousy going on here! LOL
She is a beautiful girl and if you have issues with her or her actions don’t look, don’t respond and go on with your lives. As my precious granddaughter says when she sees me get upset “Just relax Gramma, it’s all ok” LOL

Tami Ribao on

Who the eff cares??

She should just shave her head bald.

Arizona on

Changing your hair colour isn’t going to change your life, so no it doesn’t equal a new beginning. Grow up hun and do something that’s outstanding. It annoys me that the people in life who have zero dollars to spare want to do so much for others in the world and then there are people like the ‘Kardashians’ who spend their money on garbage and act like children.

J on

Does anyone REALLY care? This strange looking woman needs time to reflect on her ‘life’…Excess money and really excess exposure…yuck

Sick of reality 'stars' on

Can I tell?? The question should be ‘Do I care?’

Instead of the media lazily publishing anything try–hard celebs feed them, they should look for real stories about true Hollywood stars with talent, who aren’t in the media every 5 minutes.

Ivette on

Why is it so necessary to let the world know that your hair is a shade lighter? Who really gives a f*** and how many people everyday are dying their hair? What is she trying to tell us – A new shade, a new you. I guess she thinks everything is right with the world now that she colored her hair lighter !!

sylvia on

I agree with Lisa; Kris Humphries is a child!

Di on

If it looks like a pig, walks like a pig, and sounds like a pig, it’s Kim K.

Guest on

Yep, be sure to get the boobs in the pic. All I see is a desperate attempt at attention and a very insecure person.

TH on

I am so tired of people thinking that others are jealous of Kim just because they don’t like her! Give me a break! This girl is annoying and overexposed. I wish she would go away!

Marie on

Who really cares?

Courtney on

I think the better question is ‘Do we care?’

Bleh on

I’m so sick of the Kardashian coverage. Omg she lightened her hair half a shade and no sane person can tell the difference because we aren’t stalking her. Does anyone really care? How about a follow up, I plucked one hair from my eyebrows look how vastly different they now look? And be sure to have the boobs hanging out in that one too. I’m sick of them, I’m sick of any time anyone acknowledges their overexposure (no pun intended considering she and her sisters are half naked mostly), it’s chalked up to jealousy. Yes you’re a pretty girl but you’re so vapid and shallow to think we care about your barely lighter hair color, and constantly wearing low cut tops is just tacky. She does look topless though you can see it’s just yet another low cut shirt. I’m over the Kardashians. Lets get back to actual celebrities who vapid as they might be also, are famous for having an actual measurable talent. Last time I checked a sex tape wasn’t something to put on one’s resume.

Bleh on

One quick thing, I like how people posting on this telling those of us who are sick of the Kardashians are “haters” who “have no life” because you’re posting on here as well and honestly, the 5 minutes it takes to voice my disgust at People’s constant coverage of them is well worth it because it’s so irritating always seeing them featured for literally no reason. I’m not a “hater,” I’m just sick of seeing someone with no talent touted as a celeb. People used to be a quality magazine/site now it’s all reality garbage constantly.

Erica on

Where is her clothing?

Guest on

This girls has to be the biggest idiot out there….hands down. What a tool……SO self-absorbed!


So Pathetic and needing of any type of attention. Grow the F up! Act like a woman and not a high school girl. This is one of the main reasons she can’t keep a “real” man.

Cristal on

Why does she feel the need to take a picture of herself with her boobs hanging out saying it’s her “new” hair color that coincidently looks the EXACT same as her old one? I am so BEYOND annoyed of her and her family. Can we start a Kardashian boycott?

sally24 on

Kim who?

AL on

Didn’t notice…don’t care.

Kerri on

Typical of her to make sure her “Assets” are in the picture…who cares if she lightened her hair…I lightned mine and you dont see me on here…LMAO

Jodi Lancester on

There are people with REAL problems out there, and her only achievment is to dye her hair lighter? Man, she should that money she “earned” to use and invest it to be of use to herself others and to develop some character and help others.

Not impressed on

Nothing different-just another desperate attempt to get attention. Kim’s attributes (LOL) are a big mouth, big boobs and a bit butt. Oh, did I leave out HUGE manipulator??

Zena on

Kim you’re a very beautiful woman but it gets old when you get attention in a tasteless way. Why couldn’t you just show your hair? That’s why you’re on here cause apparently others feel the same. Just be yourself or are you portraying who you really are??? Love you Kim but maybe it’s time to show the classy side of you.

U call this news on

This is not news, this is just another pr stunt. Give it up, you are the most disliked person in the world and the biggest fraud in the world. Go away, far, far away and note that we are all done with you. Take the mask off, and then maybe we will see the real you.

Chris on

I wish the Kardashian’s would just go away for good!

sammi on

Stunning. I wish I had a tenth of her beauty. So damn beautiful.

Denise Brown on

This behavior is beyond crazy, at this point. The woman is clearly the attention w**** her mother taught her to be. How desperate does one have to be to tweet a picture of her exposed breasts in this manner? This is outrageous and ridiculous behavior. Who is this desperate for attention?

Julie Vickrey on

Is this another one of the topless photos she
did for Sears?

C on



who cares!!!!!!

Kim on

Does anyone think she would do anything drastic to her look. She can’t event commit to bangs…she uses clip on bangs. This hair color is not a change in anyway. Really?

raldo on

Cannot stand how much attention she seeks. Who cares what color her hair is! She really wants you to look at her chest. Who takes pictures of themselves in different bras and posts it?

susan on

WHO CARES? Please don’t post anything about her and her fake family? They are devil!

tym on

Trying to put an angelic face. Doesn’t work. She’s published all her nastiness for all to see.

denise on

Just proves snoop dog was right calling her a ho lol

Tammy on

If I didn’t despise her so much, I’d feel sorry for her. It’s sad someone feels they need continuous validation from strangers.

1 on

and people care because….

Fernie on

I love it Kim. Cheers to a new chapter in your life. Love u Doll.

Anastasia on

I dont understand why everyone hates on her so much….so she has a reality show…and lives her life in the public eye…it doesn’t mean she is not still human and makes mistakes like every single one of you on here….because I know each and every one of you made a bad decision in your life at least once!! Love you Kim xoxo

Fed Up on

Vanity thy name is Kim Kardashian. What a useless waste of air.

Allison Seymour on

Hey folks, Will probably be the U.S. far better off keeping Syria’s Assad?

georgina notis on

what hapeen

shrimperdan on

The real question is…..can I care?

mary motolese on

Who cares??? Does she ever think of anyone or anything else but herself?? Shameful!!

laverne on


thetruth on


JM in NYC on

Yea, I take pics of myself in my bra all the time too!

Look at me! Look at me! I act like I am 3!

Tracee T on

Please People, stop making her relevant because she’s not!

a.v on

fake, no kardashian

TeeDee on

I watched the latest show, she is so self-absorbed, controlling and Kris was right when he said she shouldn’t have anyone in her life. Spoiled, High Maintenance, Drama Queen!

Jennifer on

Wow lol I totally didn’t even notice the boobs until reading the comments. I think she looks great though and she’s not showing more boob than any other celebrity out there.

Crystal on

She’s classy and beautiful no matter what her hair colour is!

Sandy on

Love, love, love Kim Kardashian!!! Her hair looks great!! She’s beautiful no matter what she does.

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Jessica on

Why won’t she just disappear already?

air on

For someone who recently tweeted stating she wants to start a bible study group.. she sure is over exposing her self… she needs to realize that her audience is not only males… but young girls as well… The hair is cute and so are the jeans that she and her sisters are wearing in her sears ad… she just needs to tone all that other stuff down… alot

McG on

This is probably the one “celebrity” that annoys me enough to grumble. The mere fact that she’s begging her followers to fawn all over her by tagging her Tweet with “You like?”, is just so, SO, annoying! Try a day without Tweeting Kim, it’ll do you some good.

Meredith on

She is beautiful, but what a narcissist. on

everyone hates her for being a user. And People magazine looks like they get a cut by promoting people and continuing to write stories about celebs the public has expressed disdain for

fabbeaux on

Keep lightening Kim – you may disappear altogether, doing something worthwhile for the first time in your life. And take you mother and Kourtney with you…

Tara on

she sure loves them eyelashes eh?

Jane on

Who cares? All I see are her boobs. Is their show over yet?

jubiblee on

who cares? stop reporting on this thing

Irene on

Is VANITY is one of the 7 deadly sins?

Vertex on

So a new treatment for cystic fibrosis was approved today. Obviously hair color is more important though.

Cheryl on

Who cares? I can’t believe you wasted space on this story. Come on your readers expect better stories from you!

Rona on

Who cares?

Mallory on

omg for all the people who say “this is news” it’s a friggin entertainment mag and under the stlye watch section so YEAH it’s the kind of thing that’s going to be reported on if you want NEWS go to a NEWSPAPER not people magazine

Rebecca Loos on

Why is this news? Changing your hair wont wipe away your insecurities!

cbm on

i don’t mean to be rude but……..this is news why???????

Zambra on

Kardashians are drunk with fame!! They’ll do anything to stay popular.

Fan on

I think you great Kim and i love your shows. your hair looks amazing!

Lindsey on

Looks like she might just deflate any minute…

sherry on

Why she have to show her boobies? Ugghhhh

Danielle on


Sickofher on

Love the new shade I think it’s called “Desperate for attention”. GO AWAY!!!

Ceci on

You all must be color blind if you can’t tell it’s been lightened. No, it’s not a big change, but it is obviously lightened. And it’s not a flattering shade either, it’s too red. She just needs to leave it black, it looks better. Either way she’s annoying and looks weird.

Danielle on

Hair looks good, mascara DOES NOT. It looks like she has an entire tube of the stuff on her lashes.

samantha on

Escuse me, she says her hair color makes her “feel younger”?!! She’s ONLY 30 years old!! does she want to be 20 something forever?? like the mother of the family?? and what’s with the “girls” posing half naked in the new Sears jeans commercial?? What’s with that?? they are willing to sell their souls for a buck is what!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen on

I find it amusing that her stylist thinks that something as simple as a change of hair color can make Kim Kardashian “more dimensional.” Ha.

lulu on

i see she’s reverting back to her naked sex tape days of getting attention. kris, i’m SO glad you got out of this mess. you’re so much better off.

Mary on

Clip on bangs? Can’t she grow them herself? Why does the press keep shoving these people in our faces?

boohoobytch on

plastic hoes are so predictable

Mavin614 on

Why is this news?

Probably because its People Magazine under the topic Style news! You may be reading the wrong magazine, what do you expect to find here?

Secondly, I love it and the almost black color she usually sports is too drastic and can age her, as a colorist the dimensions and accents are beautiful and definately create a more youthful style!

starla on

I can’t stand this pathetic,needy,materialistic waste of air.She makes me sick to my stomach.She is fake,annoying,and must of not gotten any attention as a child,because she will do just about anything to be in the spot light.I can’t stand the hoe.

Amy on

I like the color and people are color blind if they can’t tell…

DoTheFutterwhacken on

Does anybody care? anybody? How about you sir? No? Neither do I. Plus, it doens’t even look much different. Big whoop. Not real news.

Amy on

If you don’t like the Kardashians why give them so much attention? It’s hilarious! Everyone thinks they should be boycotted but every article on here has hundreds of comments. All press is good press. Good or bad you are still giving her tons of attention. Lol.

marthena adley on

you betrayed everybody know why . everybody hates you

vicky on

Why and how did this make anyone think this should be in this magazine? Please make her go away like Paris did. PLEASE!!! Who cares!!! Only is America can you become rich and famous for doing nothing….Unbelievable.

Lori on

We have grown weary of how many times Kim and Kourtney say “like” in their conversations. It’s to the point that we can’t watch the show anymore because it is SOOOO annoying. I’m done w/the show…I used to like it, but it is “so, like, yesterday!”

judie7112 on

Do people really care. She is running out of ways to get publicity.

Fashionista G on

Um….. A lot too much showing in the boob area. What else is new for Kim? Her hair is definitively different than before. It has more of auburn colored highlights which I love. It is a great style for the spring and for the winter I love the darker color for the winter.

24Hr Locksmith on

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