Dakota Fanning Is Picking Clothes for College

09/21/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Dakota Fanning Oh Lola
Courtesy Coty

Dakota Fanning just celebrated her move from Los Angeles to New York at her first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but the star is busy tackling an even bigger milestone now: starting her freshman year at NYU.

“Going to college is a bit different than going back to high school,” the new student told PEOPLE recently at a Marc Jacobs bash. “You can kind of wear whatever you want, and I had a uniform in high school.”

But don’t think you’ll catch Dakota, who’s living in a Manhattan apartment instead of the dorms, taking on sloppy student style. “If you ever catch me in sweatpants in class, that’s not good,” joked the star. “I’ve tried not to dress like that.”

However, the former Angeleno did come prepared for the East Coast temperature changes — sans sweatpants. “I knew to bring a lot of coats, and my Hunter rain boots,” she shared. Still, Fanning admitted that shopping for school is intimidating. For instance, “What pencil case do you buy for college?” she asked.

Fanning might have a little help in the wardrobe department courtesy of her pal Marc Jacobs. The actress — a muse for his line (as is her sister) — serves as the face of his latest fragrance, Oh, Lola! “It’s been such an honor to work with someone who you admire and actually love wearing their clothes and love their brand,” she said. “I think Marc is such a genius and so creative, and I think he proves time and time again that he can do anything. To be involved in anything he touches is a pleasure.”

Though the Oh, Lola! campaign stirred a bit of controversy thanks to its provocative imagery, Fanning said she had a blast during the photo shoot. “It was amazing,” she told reporters at a recent Oh, Lola! event in N.Y.C. “Getting to work with Juergen [Teller] again, it’s always so much fun.”

And she definitely had faith in her crew — and the designer. Fanning showed up to set without having seen the bottle, and unaware of the scent’s smell. “I got there … and it was exactly what I love, and it’s pink — which is my favorite color,” she shared. “So it couldn’t have been more perfect for me.”

–Kate Hogan and Catherine Kast


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Dakota Starts Picking her clothes for college at NYU « Fashionique by Dominique on

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Natalie on

I am so, so glad that Dakota Fanning decided to pursue a college education. I think it’s unfortunate that many young actors and actresses decide to bypass college all together, it really sets a bad example. A good education in invaluable and more Hollywood “stars” need to recognize that!

cindy on

You are not a true college student if you dont wear sweatpants at least 1 time in college

Christy on


David on

I hope the kids at NYU destroy her…

Jeanine on

What is with the negative comments….David why would you want them to destroy her….what has she ever done to you….jealous much. You guys are the reason this world is filled with such hate….I mean honestly….grow up!

Jeanie on

I think she is just as adorable today as she’s always been! Kudos to her parents for steering her correctly and not allowing hollywood fame ruin her. :)

Jeanie on

The negative comments come from insecure, jealous ones who hate their own life!

Marg on

I was just like her…I went to a high school where I wore a uniform and I was thrilled to choose my clothes for class. I never wore sweatpants, but I wasn’t wearing a ball gown either. That doesn’t make her a diva at all.

Vela on

Unfortunately, Dakota comes across a little spoiled, most undergrads do not live in their own Manhattan apartments and have designer clothes, nor do they attend fashion shows. She was educated at a private school and was an excellent student from what I’ve read, but she may need to learn to be a little humble. Most undergrads don’t live the life she has; and when I got to college sweats were the regular uniform and I don’t think we gave a lot of thought to pencil cases. I think she may need to grow up a little more.

Brenda on

Some of you people are a little too much. What do you guys expect? For her to behave like she is struggling to pay her tuition and wear worn out sweats? The reality is, she can live in her own apartment and wear a Marc Jacobs handbag. She is also paying her own tuition. That’s who she is and she worked hard to earn everything that she has. I don’t think she is behaving like a spoiled brat. I am not rich but you will not catch me dead wearing sweats outside of a gym.

Cristina on

Ummm…how is it a diva to not want to wear sweatpants? I never wore sweatpants (except after track practice) in all of college and high school. That didn’t make me an immature spoiled brat, I just don’t like sweats. Kudos to Dakota!

lissa on

I think that if she worked hard and has the money she can be as concerned as a pencil case as she wants to be. honestly, I’d rather that than have an actor/actress/wannabe talk to me about politics/the death penalty (talking to you kardashian!)

Dawn on

You ain’t in the west coast anymore. Let your hair down and wear those sweatpants, once in awhile.

SarahJane on

I went to visit colleges and I actually took one of my list b/c all the girls were wearing sweatpants! I am not rich or priveledged, but I wouldnt ever dare wear those to class! It’s just my personality. I like starting my day fresh and ready to go. I dont see her being a apoiled brat at all.

EH on

I only wore sweatpants in college if I was coming straight from a for-credit PE class or cheerleading practice and had NO time to change. Otherwise, it’s just slopping and unprofessional. She’s not being a diva, she’s just making sure to look polished, something ANYONE can do in college, no matter income. PS–I also get ticked off that I’m in law school and a few people STILL show up looking like slobs. Those are the people that need to grow up.

jenn on

I wore sweats and a hoodie almost every day in college. East coast winters are brutal. No way I would be in heels and a dress going to college. Comfort Dakota comfort, hair in a ponytail. Fit IN with people.

liv4luv on

I have no idea why Dakota would want to attend NYU and be the subject of all of the jealousy that will surely take place there. College kids are way more jealous than these idiots on this site posting negative comments. Dakota has a career and she is very talented, so there could be more hate than she should have to deal with in college. It is so hard to trust strangers because anyone can sell a story, true or false to a tabloid magazine. I sure hope I’m wrong and the kids are accepting and not jealous.

star on

Good for her for going to school and all that type of stuff but she seems a little “bougie”– I mean as if her living in a Manhattan apartment (which with her money I don’t blame her for doing) doesn’t seperate her from her fellow students enough she goes on to diss her fellow freshman’s by criticizing sweatpants. Not a good way to appear relatable to your classmates Dakota. Lol I can see her sectioning herself off from everybody else at lunch and ordering expensive takeout while everybody goes to the food court. I don’t mind her but she’s never been a favorite of mine–she’s a little overrated. I think her “classic” white looks were mainly responsible for getting her into the biz.

nectar on

Sweat pants are the best… Don’t get me wrong I don’t wear it to school all the time, but i do wear them to class occasionally. They’re comfortable when you have to sit in a 3 hour lecture. There’s nothing wrong with it. And plus some of these classrooms still have air conditioning on so it can get quite cold. Hey if you have the money to wear what you want kudos to you, but don’t make it seem like sweats aren’t good enough for you’re liking.

Rose on

Nice Dakota. I was thinking the same thing when I get to class everyone look like they just got out bed or going to the gym.Its embarrassing,You dont have a lot of money to dress like a lday.shut up haters. American girls need some fashion sense and stop walking around like bums.

nena on

I think she needs to wear more colorful clothes lately I have seen her with the same shade of color in the dresses she uses and she looks like a ghost and she is a pretty girl

LA on

The hateful comments here make me so ashamed. “Grow up”? She’s trying to do just that. That’s why she’s going to college. She’s not bragging at all. She’s talking about something she’s working on. It’s her job. Poor girl can’t even get a jump on life before you haters run out of the woodwork.

pjc on

She’ll need some really thick warm socks to go with those rain boots! Brrrrrrr!!!!!!! I Luv New England!

lross on

Yeah Vela, You’re not an actress either. She’s not spoiled. She’s an actress, she has the money and she lives in an apartment. If she was spoiled and didn’t care. she wouldn’t even be going to school….So don’t hate…….

trsquare on

Good for her for going to college! Her career may not last forever, so at least she’s planning ahead. As far as what she’ll wear, my daughters (who are the same age as Dakota) will wear jeans or dresses…but never sweats.

Cinder's mom on

The difference between being a senior in HS and a freshman in college is your stature as a student. A senior in HS is the be-all, end-all, top of the line. A college freshman is a barely-noticed nothing. If Dakota dresses like a young adult she’ll break that trend. You go, girl! Dress well and study hard.

Fatima on

I can’t believe that she’s already in college! I remember that adorable little girl starring in those amazing movies and now she’s grown up. Time flies…

emma on

wow, lots of hate for the girl not wanting to wear sweat pants. personal preference, anyone? geeze. I never wear sweat pants in class, either, and I’m not a movie star. I just don’t like wearing sweat pants, ever. I’m a jeans girl. I have never, and will never, wear sweat pants to a college class, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that.

Mike on

I’m glad to see that she has enough self respect not to wear sweatpants to class. It’s supposed to be an intitute of higher learning preparing you for a future career and you should dress appropriately. Going to class in sweatpants shows a total lack of respect for yourself, the institution and professors. I hate this trend of people going out in public wearing sweatpants or pajama’s. I think it shows not only a lack of self respect, but also a lack of respect for those you come in contact with. Why would you want to be seen looking like you were running out in the middle of the night to a convenience store for an emergency box of tampons? If you want to go out in your bedclothes, try wearing a sexy nightgown or lingerie. That’s something I can get behind, assuming you have the body for it.

crg on

What is she studying. I HAD to wear sweatpants in college because I was a theatre major and most classes we were required to wear elastic waist pants. Good excuse for me to dress comfortably :)

Guest on

That is great that she is going to college and not just relying on her movie star status BUT living in a Manhattan apartment is not cheap I am sure, so in a way she kind of is….but I guess with her money she can afford a nice place

lucy on

This is AMerica.. she doesn’t have to wear sweatpants… Guess what, some people like sweat pants. It’s called freedom. Her choice or anyone else’s

lane on

who cares though…?

CJ on

Wow, what a lot of unhappy,miserable people post on these sites. What in heaven’s name could you possibly have against Dakaota Fanning???????!!!!!!!!!!

I mean are you THAT unhappy and that jealous of what others have?~!
Really, get a LIFE people! She is a sweet kid!

Nick on

This will change….every girl thinks that way the first semester. :)

mrsmass on

why do you people care if she wears sweats or not? you’re taking her comments out of context. why shouldn’t she have her own apartment? and i don’t think NYU has normal dorm buildings anyway.

Kim on

Boy, how sad is it that so many of you are seemingly jealous of a teenage girl……….

sophie on

i don’t blame her! wearing sweats to class is so tacky. anyways.. i went to catholic school too and when i got to college i had no idea what to wear! lol. all my friends went to public school and were used to knowing how to dress for class. it’s definitely a big change going from wearing a uniform everday to having to wake up early just to figure out what to wear lol

Andrea on

I’m fascinated by all the people who seem to think wearing sweatpants to class is disrespectful. Now, the guy I saw walking down the hallway in his robe last semester? That I think is going too far- but sweatpants? I wear casual clothing, not necessarily sweatpants, but I do wear hoodies, as does almost everyone else. Honestly, I have kids and if my clothes are clean and match, I’m happy. I have no problem if you all want to dress up for class- but don’t act like the rest of us are slobs for not doing so. College is hard enough without having to worry about what to wear. Really. Most of us are there to learn, not for a fashion show.

Opinionated on

Someone let this poor girl get to the bathroom. She looks like she’s doing the pee-pee dance!!

Sharon on

Her parents have done a great job in raising her, she could easily not go to college, because she is rich and famous, but she is getting her college degree which is great. As far as not wearing sweats, that is her personal choice…

Nhzinga on

I’m glad she’s going to college! I don’t think she’s spoiled at all–while most college freshmen don’t live in apartments, most college freshmen haven’t been working since they were 4-years-old! Dakota has the money to live as she wants–she’s earned it. Congrats Dakota! Happy studying!

Susan on

Sloppy journalism. Fanning is not an “LA native” as the article states. She was born in Conyers, GA. Not a fan of hers, just a fan of good journalism.

tillie on

My son is in college and would never wear a pair of sweats,he won’t even wear them at home. I don’t think she should be put down just because she does’nt want to wear them

Traci on

Dakota is just as adorable now as she was when she played Lucy in “I Am Sam”.

You go Dakota. I’m proud that you’ve decided to attend college.

For all you haters who have negative comments, “GET A LIFE”.

BBB on

Whatever clothes she wears I just hope she finishes college in 4 years. There have been a few celebs who start off college and then drop out for their career.

Jenny Breen on

When in Rome . . as they say. My son attends NYU and loves it. I’ve been there many time and I love everything about it, but it’s not a fashion show there. If she wants to show off her money. Fair enough. But, NYU is definitely not the college for that. Not if she wants people to respect her for who she is. Go ahead and show off Dakota. No one is going to be impressed with shallowness in college.

Katie on

Glad to hear she is pursuing other opportunities in college. You never know when you’ll make your last movie.. and at least she has something to fall back on if acting doesn’t work out for her. Love her to death though!

Tori on

What a silly title to an article of such importance. She’s going to NYU, that’s incredible!! Maybe the next article should be, “Dakota Fanning refuses to eat RAMEN NOODLES.”

Timber on

It’s not really her fault. I’ve lived in L.A. for almost 10 years (but I’m from the east coast originally) and trust me sweatpants are forbidden out here. People will look at you like you’ve murdered their mother.

Rita on

Hey Vela she was joking about the pencil case.

Ari on

I’m in high school and I refuse to wear sweats, I never have and don’t plan on it. It’s not that she thinks she’s better than people, either do I, I just think there’s a time and a place.

Carli on

Ditto Andrea!

Rave on

Lol, college sweats are not the norm at my college, which is pretty much on the same level as NYU. In the Manhattan area, fashion is actually taken seriously in college. I don’t think she comes off as a brat. I think she comes off as excited. And that’s normal.

lou on

Good to hear, Dakota. So tired of seeing my peers at Kent State looking like they literally just rolled out of bed. There is nothing SNOBBISH about trying to look your best!

Ashley on

I don’t think she ment for it to come across like it did. She’s not saying there’s anything wrong with sweats. There’s not. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress pretty. Everyone has their own style. Girls who wear sweats think she’s being a brat. Girls who wear dressy clothes every day would think sweats are lazy. No one is ever happy, or can just let people be themselves. If I had her money who knows what in the heck I would wear. Who cares anyway? I wish her the best!

Mel_M on

I saw a pic the other day where she was wearing jeans and rain boots–headed for class. Nice, but hardly the togs of fashionista lore. Everyone has certain ideas about dress; let Dakota have hers. Anyway, I think she’s always loved her outfits, even as a small child. If she stars in “Effie,” I expect she’ll be thrilled getting to wear lots of 19th century clothes and luxurious gowns. Really, a story about what Dakota is wearing isn’t all that important anyway. Why not ask her about something really serious, like her course of study and how she sees its relation to her career? For some of us, that’s a very interesting question.

Dakota’s life is not, by a long shot, anything close to ordinary. With her extraordinary life and heavy filming schedule, Dakota simply couldn’t live in a dorm: it would be way too confining. With a 2 bedroom apt, her mom and Elle can easily visit, and it’ll give Elle a home base for her own NY activities. With a spacious apt, Dakota can also receive visits from her many movie friends and associates. As for the expense, she’s spent a decade earning her money, so, IMO, it’s fine to spend some of it on a really nice functional apt. Also, a private place of her own gets her away from the distractions that abound when living among college students: someone is always knocking at the door inviting you to some escape activity; that’s how it was for me anyway, and I doubt things have changed all that much.

I don’t see her as “spoiled” in the slightest; she’s a super charming young lady. As for “humble,” in the last year or more, she’s been, IMO, way too humble at times, and it’s been a concern, although I’ve cut her lots of slack because of her age. She has the talent, and I hope she gets her confidence back soon.

Oh yes, I agree with the comment by Natalie above: I too am glad that Dakota is going to college. With a well designed course of study, I’d expect that it could add depth to her performances. I’m reminded of Natalie Portman who studied psychology, and I can’t help but think that it aided her exquisite performance in Black Swan, an Academy Award winning performance. It’s thrilling just to watch Natalie’s Black Swan performance qua performance.

I see Dakota blossoming, and I think it’s great! The best is still ahead of her. Good goin’ Dakota!

Sash on

Going to college. Good for her.

yikes on

Both of my sons recently graduated from NYU. Pretty much no one wears sweatpants to class. They may however not take a shower! LOL. And no one thinks of the stars that attend as anything special. Probably, 50% of the student population are rich and maybe famous. And a lot of rich students have their own apartments – which is great for the ones that don’t because they can party without NYU security breathing down their backs. My sons were friends with a lot of “stars” even though they were there on scholarship – it’s not about who has money – more about who has potential.

Andrea on

Good for her going to school but I notice the more comfortable I am the more I can concentrate. Some classmates come in PJ plaid pants. For me, sweats are the best especially at 8am classes.

Mary Brace on

So what we have here is spoiled young actress goes to college. Manhattan apartment (not a dorm), has a top designer making clothes for her -appropriate for a Northeast college (instead of D. General and Walmart like most college kids)… such hard places for her to be… ugh….

Dank Smoker on

Some of you people are just so hateful. No wonder the planet is full of hate and war. Most of you act like little 12 year olds, especially you David. You hope they “destroy her”?! What’s your problem?

Mel_M on

Dank Smoker,

I don’t undersrand the hatred either. Dakota is doing OK, and so far as her apt, I put some thought into it and decided that what she is doing is good for her. I gave my reasons in my comment just above.

Lucy on

She’s a lovely young woman living in the light of creativity!
A hard working, professional artist.

Why not work to raise yourselves to somewhere more pleasant where you would rather be, than be negative on others ?
We are all special.

Lucy on

As far as not wanting to wear sweatpants, maybe she’s just trying to set a standard for herself, Dakota’s own college “uniform” and doesn’t mean to put down students who choose to go more casual. Maybe she’s following “old hollywood” standards about always looking good in public. She takes her career seriously and quite possibly is a perfectionist.
Hope she has an enriching and fun time in college.

Mel_M on

Dakota has never been really fastidious about about looking great on the street. She’s been photographed many times in her gym workout clothes. I would expect her to find a gym near her residence in NYC and go to-and-fro in the same style (or lack of it).

Manda on

I wish people at my college thought more of themselves to NOT wear their pjs to class either. Rule of thumb: if you wear it to bed, it should not be worn to class… or out in public for that matter. just sayin.

april on

I love wearing yoga pants to class. However, I don’t go to NYU nor live in New York, Colorado has a bit more laid back style. I am also not an actress and I don’t have money to dress up for school every day. To each their own..

kat on

I never wear sweatpants anywhere except to bed. Now sweat SHIRTS…

Sherri on

Good for her.I wouldn’t be caught dead in sweatpants in public.I love deciding what to wear…I never understand people who wear their pjs to go shopping,etc.Have some self-respect!

Marky on

The idea that Dakota Fanning is a “spoiled brat” for any reason is just ridiculous, let alone because she doesn’t want to wear sweat pants to class! Like several others posting, I’m wondering what makes some of you think it’s okay to complain about her lifestyle–where she lives, what she wears–when what you should be saying is, “Congrats on going to NYU and hope you do well and have a wonderful time!”. This young actress has kept a level head and done well in a decent school, so why not say “great job”, instead of wishing her ill?

ashley on

sweatpants and pencil cases?? really?
when you have 4 exams in a week followed by 2 exams per week for the next 2 months lined up the wazoo and you’re busting your ass trying to get a real degree in college, you don’t have time to be picky about not wearing sweatpants and picking a pretty little damn pencil case. SERIOUSLY? is she going to college or taking a stroll at central park?

Katalina on

I am a current student at NYU and have to say I don’t find her comments the least bit snooty. Our campus is buildings throughout a concentrated area in the city, so the commute to class includes walking through very busy city streets where you will encounter people who aren’t students or professors out and about their daily lives. Some people just don’t feel comfortable walking the city streets in their PJs or even sweatpants (though that’s completely fine too.) I can understand her need to dress nicely and avoid sweatpants, since NYC is a hotbed for paparazzi. Or even just to look nice. If you knew you were going to see people that were going to recognize you, you’d probably want to be dressed up to. And beyond that, it is NYC after all. Everyone comes from all different walks of life, economic backgrounds, etc. And I think NYU is a good school for a person of her fame who wishes to remain at least partially anonymous. On a smaller campus, her presence might be more obvious but at NYU, the chance you’ll see other famous residents of the area on the way to class, out and about, or even teaching your class is just as high as the chance you’ll see Dakota Fanning. For example, James Franco was a fixture at our campus Starbucks while a student here, and now a professor at the school. Plus it’s a big school, where you can walk by unnoticed. Sure there was excitement about her coming, but it’s not like people stop her on the rushed walk to class to ask for an autograph. Students have their own classes, jobs, clubs, etc to worry about. Congratulations on her acceptance to the school and I hope she has an amazing time here.

innocentia on

wonder what she’s studying

E.P. on

Everyone’s fashion choices are different. I am with Dakota on this one though. I refuse to wear sweat pants unless I’m working out. Didn’t wear them in college and don’t wear them now that I’m a mother of three young children. To me they just scream “I don’t care about how I look and I just rolled out of bed!”

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Karyn on


There’s a huge different between humble and dishonest. Everyone knows that she was in numerous movies as a kid and probably has a leg up financially. It would be one thing for her to snub kids who wear sweat pants, she just expressed her preference. As for the privileges she has, if she pretended like she didn’t have them people would call her a phony. Dakota seems very level headed for someone who has been famous for most of her life.

Mel_M on

I took a heavy load of Electrical Engineering, math, and science courses in college, and the idea that there’s no time to dress and think about little things is ridiculous. (BTW, she mentioned a simple “for instance” question about which pencil case to buy; there wasn’t a single word or hint in the article about her worrying about how pretty it is. Lighten up!) Millions of people have gone to college and handled dress and other small things quite well. She hasn’t even been to school a month yet; I expect she’ll get it all figured out and be just fine. However, Dakota has some big movie commitments, so she’ll have to really watch her use of time. An interview at the end of her first semester would be interesting.

A far more interesting interview would be about what her course of study is and how she sees its relation to her career.

Ana on

I was also in a Catholic school with uniform, so it was exhiting to wear normal clothes for classes. I found out soon that selecting clothes every day was time consuming but fun. And by the way I am not the sweetpants, jogging suit type either… and was in a private and expensive University, so every other girl was nicely dressed. It is a smart decision to go to University no matter what you wear.

Dakota Fanning en chandal ni muerta…con lo cómodos que son - La Isla Buscada on

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sil on

What is it with certain people being unable to be happy for other people’s good fortune? I am a broke college student, but this girls hasn’t done anything to me or anyone else, if she has millions is only because she has been working since she was a little girl. I’m happy for her, she is adorable, why would anyone wish for other students to destroy her? you must be a bitter unhappy person and I feel sorry for you.

Petra on

THis is important why???????And does anyone care? NOT

Get some real stories and writers

IF you want to promote this gaarbage, why don’t you have a TEEN/TWEEN Website/

Susie on

She is not an LA native!! She’s from Conyers, GA. Get the facts straight please.

Sandy on

How fun to read about these young rich stars! Imagine going to college in NY and getting to live in a beautiful Manhattan apartment!! Plus having designer clothes and lots of money!! I mean of course she won’t need to wear sweatpants! Who would when you can buy whatever you want. I hope she knows how lucky she is– which is a result of her hard work and talent. Good for her to want to continue her education.

lauren on

Check your facts People.com: Dakota is NOT a Los Angeles native. She is actually from Georgia. Just because she moved to LA to advance her career does not make her a native.

RG on

Wow there are alot of poor jealous souls on here. Congrats to Dakota for getting a higher education. I find that awesome that she isn’t putting everything into acting and expanding her mind with more than money…..Kudos!!!

megan on

I gotta say she is sooo missing out! Take advantage of being able to wake up 5 minutes before you have to be somewhere, put on some sweat pants, a hoodie, throw the hair in a ponytail, and off you go, unfortunately now that I work in an office those days are long gone. Relax, enjoy, you might as well be comfortable when you listen to a 2.5hr lecture. I say no sweatpants, and no dorms, not a true college experience, she’s missing out!

Orange12 on

Hope she has a great college experience! BTW – I never wear sweats (outside the gym) because they make me look bad. I don’t see anything diva about that. And comments about her needing to grow up – umm, yes generally that is what people at that age do.

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Brenda on

Megan – maybe she is not looking for the so called “true college experience” but for an education. Plus, you don’t need to live in the dorm and wear sweats 24/7 to enjoy college. Maybe she doesn’t like to rush out the door and take her time to get ready. It seems that she is making decisions that best will suit her which is the only thing that really matter. Good Luck Dakota!!!

Alyssa on

Too bad Ms. Lohan didn’t follow in Dakota’s footsteps.

Wendy on

Geesh, negative much. She is a teenager (17) who has made over 30 movies in 12 years and still went to high school and is now headed to college. She is smart, articulate, and proper.

Petra on

I never wore sweatpants either BUT I also never had her checkbook. She should cut others some slack. Sometimes people are working two jobs, raising a family, etc –all while they study. She sounds kinda snobbish.

wendie goode-dox on

I may be wrong, but many of my daughter’s friends attended NYU and most lived in apartments. I believe the student housing is very limited, if it exists at all. And if I was her mother I would rather have her in a secure, doorman building in cause of overzealous fans, obsessed stalkers, etc. So all you snarky commentors really need to use your heads and get lives.
A smart talented girl going to college on her own money and you wish her ill? shame on you.

GG on

Wow…I cannot believe any of you truly care what this young woman wants to wear to school. She is 18 and has been making a living to support herself since she was, I don’t know, 8? So that squashes the spoiled aspect as she has works for the money she makes to spend on her education and wardrobe. That being said, she is also old enough to chose what she wants to wear. It isn’t as she is refusing to wear a requires uniform. Get a grip people…I am sure less it’s a requited uniform…no one is telling any of you what to wear. :)

Prianka on

I am going to graduate with an honours bachelor’s degree this year and I made it through all four years without every resorting to wearing sweatpants to class. It’s absolutely not impossible. The simple solution is to just not own a pair that would be acceptable in public. I bet Dakota will give the Olsen twins a run for their money with her college sartorial choices.

Cyndi on

How rude is she ????????????? Rich people were sweats too hun !

cjones on

Skip college. It’s a waste of time.

Avila Maria on

Folks, chill. People can wear whatever they want. As I stroll through Harvard’s campus, there are no kids wearing sweat pants. Wear them around the dorms and such, but no need to go to class in such dowdy clothing (though I love them myself). The point is it all impacts your mind and reflects a seriously and respect toward your education.

Alex on

Well, people, what do you want? Someone like Miley Cyrus who is posting naked shower pics on youtube, or the amazing Dakota, who grew up as a child, is still keeping up her attitude and continue studying up to the end, although most of the kids in her shoes would have forgotten school ( like Miley, for instance)?
I think Dakota isn’t to be blamed because she has the privilege to live in a wealthy life style: she earned it..she worked hard since she was little kid…And this is amazing: she never LOST IT!!Congrats to her parents: well job, folks!!!

Gotham Gossipist: Dakota Fanning's Luxury College Apartment On Lafayette Street « CBS New York on

[…] told PEOPLE magazine during Fashion Week that she won’t be rocking the classic college sweatpants […]

NYUFilmGirl on

I went to NYU and can verify that most students did NOT wear sweatpants (myself included). I’m not necessarily saying that I dressed to the nines every day, but I tried to at least wear a pair of jeans to class. For those of you who aren’t familiar with NYU, you must understand that the campus is smack dab in the middle of Greenwich Village. There is no campus bubble. You’re walking along streets like Fifth Ave and Broadway every single day. You’re not just passing other students on your way to class, you’re walking amongst other NYers. As for her choice of housing – apartment living at NYU is pretty normal. I chose to stay in the dorms for 3 out of my 4 years there. Many of my friends lived off campus after their freshman year. There are plenty of dorms to go around, but student housing is just as expensive as getting your own apartment in the city.

eve on

well, it’s always like that when it’s your first time, your anxious about almost everything..i can’t really blame her though, but I’m pretty sure she’ll learn what to do when she’s in the actual situation already..

Dakota Fanning: from showbiz to college life « Life's Characters on

[…] now she’s in college. I just looked at a picture of her though, and she still looks like the little girl in the movies I just mentioned. Cute as […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy | a Woman's Weekly on

[…] ad in question shows the 17-year-old American actress in a thigh-length dotted dress with an oversize flower-topped bottle of Oh, Lola! resting between […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy | News Celebrity on

[…] ad in question shows the 17-year-old American actress in a thigh-length dotted dress with an oversize flower-topped bottle of Oh, Lola! resting between […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] ad in question shows the 17-year-old American actress in a thigh-length dotted dress with an oversize flower-topped bottle of Oh, Lola! resting between […]

Dakota Fanning Talks About Her Transition to College Life! | Team-Twilight on

[…] Elle finds her footing in the world of fashion, big sis Dakota is settling comfortably into the role of college student at New York University. “Because I’m only 17, my mom is staying with me in my apartment for a […]

Dakota Fanning Talks About Her Transition to College Life! on

[…] Elle finds her footing in the world of fashion, big sis Dakota is settling comfortably into the role of college student at New York University. “Because I’m only 17, my mom is staying with me in my apartment for a […]

Would You Wear Clear Shoes Like Dakota Fanning? « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] Dakota Fanning has a sense of style that’s generally spot-on. The young fashionista has relationships with a roster of fabulous designers, and looks put together every time she leaves the house — even if she is just going to class. […]

Would You Wear Clear Shoes Like Dakota Fanning? « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] Dakota Fanning has a sense of style that’s generally spot-on. The young fashionista has relationships with a roster of fabulous designers, and looks put together every time she leaves the house — even if she is just going to class. […]

Would You Wear Clear Shoes Like Dakota Fanning? | Howdy, Bud! on

[…] Dakota Fanning has a sense of style that’s generally spot-on. The young fashionista has relationships with a roster of fabulous designers, and looks put together every time she leaves the house — even if she is just going to class. […]

Would You Wear Clear Shoes Like Dakota Fanning? | on

[…] Dakota Fanning has a sense of style that’s generally spot-on. The young fashionista has relationships with a roster of fabulous designers, and looks put together every time she leaves the house — even if she is just going to class. […]

Dakota Fanning: I Don’t Care What People Think of My Style « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] be able to get out of bed,” she tells the mag. Case in point: her very first day at NYU, where she is a freshman, the 17-year-old selected a pleated skirt, velvet Marni shoes, black knee socks and an asymmetrical […]

Dakota Fanning: I Don’t Care What People Think of My Style | Celebs, News and Gossips on

[…] be able to get out of bed,” she tells the mag. Case in point: her very first day at NYU, where she is a freshman, the 17-year-old selected a pleated skirt, velvet Marni shoes, black knee socks and an asymmetrical […]

Z on

NYU students do not wear sweatpants to classes any hows. You won’t find ONE student in sweatpants on the campus.

Dakota Fanning: I Don’t Care What People Think of My Style - TheSite.me on

[…] be able to get out of bed,” she tells the mag. Case in point: her very first day at NYU, where she is a freshman, the 17-year-old selected a pleated skirt, velvet Marni shoes, black knee socks and an asymmetrical […]

Dakota Fanning: I Don’t Care What People Think of My Style « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] won’t be able to get out of bed,” she tells the mag. Case in point: her very first day at NYU, where she is a freshman, the 17-year-old selected a pleated skirt, velvet Marni shoes, black knee socks and an asymmetrical […]

need advice on

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Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums on

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Nnaerd on

Hey, Kim, thanks for the movie rodammencotien. We needed a break from all things “moving/packing” related & went to see it this afternoon. I never jumped so many times during a movie since “Jaws!” It was quite good, and we both enjoyed it. The kids were certainly the stars of this movie, but Kyle was quite easy on the eyes whenever he had a scene. Have a great weekend!CAS

Vishu on

Kyle Chandler is a doll! He caught my eye back when he was in the tv show, “Early Edition.” We love going to the moievs and are looking forward to seeing this show. Our theater has a “senior” day on Wednesdays- $4.50 for age 55 and up. I finally qualify! LOL But I don’t like the classification as a “senior.” I think of 70-year- olds as seniors- not me!!

Is Harry Styles Going To College In Philadelphia? | Likev.net on

[…] example, when Dakota Fanning started attending NYU, she told People around September 2011 that she would not be living on campus — but in a luxury apartment in […]

Is Harry Styles Going To College In Philadelphia? | education android on

[…] example, when Dakota Fanning started attending NYU, she told People around September 2011 that she would not be living on campus — but in a luxury apartment in […]

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