Ashley Hebert's New Cleopatra-esque Haircut

09/20/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Ashley Hebert's new hairINF

She’s all aflutter with a newfound romance, but that’s not all former Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert is proudly showing off. She’s also rocking a new do!

The hunt for new hair began last week, when the star reached out to the Twitterverse for input. “Ok everyone. Need a new hair style… Any ideas?!? Link pics!” she Tweeted. Several days later, she thanked fans for the help and promised she would debut a new look soon.

Not surprisingly, she did! Hebert traded in her longer locks for a shorter, trendier cut, which she debuted on Saturday while out and about in New York with fiancé J.P. Rosenbaum. “Cleopatra comin atcha! Haha,” she Tweeted of her new Egyptian-inspired look, marked by a darker hue and blunt bangs. Tell us: What do you think of Hebert’s new hair?

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Sarah on

That’s not new hair. It’s her old hair without the chocolate brown extensions, bangs shortened, and her darkened to her natural colour without her blond highlights. Can’t fool this girl, me.

Lala on

all I have to say is Yikes!!! That is all

Jw on

She looks terriable, the sharp angles do not compliment her face at all – the darker hair really ages her and doesn’t go with her skin tone – she should have stayed blond IMO.

Sandy Cheeks on

That put about 10-15 years on her…. not nice!

Nina on

Ewww…she looks like an old woman! Not cute at all.

Kalla on

Ashley is such a beautiful girl and I love her fashion sense but not sure this hair style does her justice… her with the side bang and a lighter hue…some red or bronze or carmel….needs to be a little softer. Sharp cut with sharp color is just too much for most people.

Sandra on

It makes her look old… She is so light and spunky but this hair is to heavy and cold…

annony on

No girl, not a good look for you!

Angela on

I didn’t really follow the bachelorette, but I remember seeing pictures of her and thinking she was cute. Her new color looks unnatural and somehow the whole style makes her look over 40. How old is she anyway? Not her best look.

Denise on

She needs to work on the Teeth and her wrinkles. Wow..Maybe it could be the lighting. who knows..

marisa on

That haircut does not complement her face! It is way too drastic!!

anonymous on

yikes she went from youthful and s@xy looking to a 40+ year old witch look, not appealing ashley your gorgeous go back to lighter hair and longer with no bangs you looked great on all the talk shows……

Ally on

I think she looked best with the hair she last had. Longer and light brown. she’s too cute for this aging cut and color. I hope she goes back.

JJ on

Looks like she hopped a time machine back to 1993. Yikes!

stormie on


Brooke C on

It is not so much the cut is harsh, it is the dark color. I think if she lightened it up and turned it honey-brown, it would look much softer.

Nina on

Sorry, Ashley, you look bad in this style. The color is too dark for your skin tone, and it is way too flat on top. I agree with other posters who say this style makes you look old. You might be able to salvage it by lightening the color. To me, the color is the worst part.

Jody on

She “HAD TO ASK HER FANS?”…..No one CARES…THATS WHY she looks like a vapid zombie..Her fame time is OVER….GO FIND BENTLEY!

Erin on

Yikes. She should ask for her money back.

Lia on

Ashley is an adorable girl. Not my favorite look for her but nice she tries out something different. Its just hair, it grows back and can be a different color in a few hours!

Dinah on

Not a good look for her at all.

buggybowl on

eeek!!!! just when i thought she couldn’t get any worse…….sorry to say she was not attractive to begin with and now she’s gone and made it worse. she reminds me of a cabbage patch doll…….

Tracy on

The color is all wrong for her and the cut is boring.

Marie on

It looks horrible!!

Boom on

Ashley, you’re a cute girl but this haircut and color is all wrong for you. It’s so harsh and makes you look so much older than you are. Soften it up a bit; lighten the brown and add a lot of blonde highlights. You will be much happier!

Becky on

I thought she was really pretty before, but this new hairstyle does nothing for her. I hate it! Change it quick!

april on


Marie on

It definitly makes her look older and the color is too dark for her.

guest on

This hair cut makes her look 10 years older. Not good at all.

Catherine on

Why is it that people that post comments online are so ridiculously mean? Likely because they are unhappy, jealous and insecure, sitting behind their computers and criticizing everything under the sun. Ashley is an adorable, sweet girl. Maybe this hairstyle is not her best but she is a cute girl and it is fun to try something new.

london on

OMG. If I saw this picture and didn’t know who she was, I would have thought I was looking at a 45 year old lady.

Kat on

It would look a lot better with a lighter color. The cut is okay, the color is far too dark.

Risa on

I like Ashley but do not like her new look. I don’t like the bangs, the colour and the style. It doesn’t enhance her beauty, and completely ages her. This cut doesn’t work on many people. I love the style too, but know it doesn’t work on me.

Sara on

For anyone wanting to be famous…just look at all the rude comments here and think twice- Ouch! Ashley is a real person who will probably read these comments. I’m sure most of you wish you could be 1/2 as pretty as Ashley. Just say you like her old hairstyle better…be nice people!

Colbi on

She is so cute, but this is definitely not the look for her :( Not a fan of this new look at all…

2ndtimearound on

Looks like a wig

aria on

She would look better with a softer haircut

Meia on

Definitely makes her look older.

Mary on


I really don’t like it at all. You looks so much
older. (40’s), I advise you stay in blond. or dirty blond.


Ann on

Sorry girl – BIG MISTAKE! What happened to that cute Ashley – engaged life really aged you girl.
Not good – go back for a remake. Don’t recommend that stylist. Too harsh. Sorry………

Cheryl on

Horrible, absolutely unflattering and matronly. Go back to a softer blonde with highlights to accentuate your darling face. Sorry, this was the worst choice you could have made.

Lindsey on

You know what- it’s her head. I think it’s cute and trendy. The likelihood is this picture is not doing the cut or her justice. Yay for trying new things! She’s young…why not!

Big Whoop on

She looks HORRIBLE. Its has aged her about 15 years! The color washed out her skin color and adds notice to her eye wrinkles. She needs to re-lighten and ditch the bangs.

Kelly on

That doesn’t even look like her! I don’t even know what to say…not a good look.

cathy thompson on


Guest on

The cut does not suit her! She looked so much better while filming the show and after. Now it looks like a wig

Sheila on


Shann on

Yikes, you girls are catty. I think she looks great. Good for her for trying something new. And I bet her sexy fiance likes it!

Joe on

Not so flattering for her. She was so cute as a blonde.

Lil Lu Lu on

REALLY? Once again… someone who looked wholesome, natural, girl next door has been blinded by the flash bulbs. Looks hard, made up, too dark, too old.
Come on Ashley

Allison on

Ashley looked the best when she was on the bachelor and her hair was really light. She is really pretty but this isn’t a good look for her.

Brooklyn on

Oh no, no, no. That doesn’t work Ashley!

Rhonda on

That’s what u get for asking for advice on Twitter…

sailor on

she looks like a very unattractive middle aged woman!

carolinajim on

Not her best haircut. However, Ashley’s best feature has always been her fit, hardbody. Specifically her toned butt and thighs – those thighs look like they could wrap around you and squeeze the life out of you in bed. And her butt is perfection – she looks like she’s done her share of squats and lunges for it. So i’d be willing to overlook the hair.

Judi on

Change is always good. I like a darker tone but this is too dark for her pretty skin. I think if she wants more of an updated look, the longer BOB with more of a side bang would be darling on her.
Have some layering added to help soften the look a little bit. This does age her and not suited for her trendy way of dressing.

Cyn on

Ashley – go back and get your money back. Whomever sold you on that haircut doesn’t have any sense of style.

TZR on

Ok, I saw Ashley this morning as I was on my way to work. I thought it was her but wasn’t 100% due to the hair. It’s not bad up close but a little too trendy for her; it just doesn’t gel with what we know of her from the show.

Einez on

I love Ashley but the new hairstyle does not suit her. Sorry Ash! :(

bebe on

Reply to Sarah:
Call me crazy but any time you make a change to your appearance it’s considered a NEW style. In her case it’s a different color and a different length which makes it NEW to her. Just my 77cents :)

I personally dont like her NEW hair style, makes her look older…

grace on

DON’T like it at all, not the most flattering hair colour or style.

Jon on

Ummm… sorry, I don’t really like it!

Susan on


dee on

her hair is too dark…needs to be lighter….
makes her look older

Shar on

Way to harsh a look. Bangs seem to cut your head in half. Lipstick too deep red. Need some highlights or something. Go Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can do better!

Alexis on

I love it!! I think she looks great!! Perfect for the Fall/Winter!

kathy on

Ashley dear, This makes you look at least 40! Some people do not look best in their natural hair color. The lighter color you had on the Bachelor was much better. Also, a lighter lipstick.

Jennifer on

I think you look gorgeous girl! Perfect look for the change in season.

sandra on

eewww…not a good look

Valentina on

I think that the photo is a bad angle, the haircut is adorable and very fashionable. I think she looks chic and is embracing her new look very well.

Courtney on

Yikes! I don’t know if it’s the cut or the color but it is not flattering on her. It almost looks like a wig.

joni on

No ,No.. Ash-ette

Brittany on

She is such a beautiful girl and to see this picture that makes her look 10 years older saddens me. This was such a bad hair decision

irene on

as a professional photographer, i can tell you that it’s more than obvious that the lighting is all wrong in this photo. the cut and color look great. the photographer is the one who should be fired.

Jessic on

oh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie on

Ashley, where did you go!? Not cute at all. Please go back to your original look when you were on the bachelor….

Jon on

Happy Birthday goes out to Bill Murray, Faith Hill, Ricki Lake & Nicole Richie!

Dawn on

She wasn’t great looking to begin with. But the haircut is horrible.

Krisann on

Give her a cloak and an apple and she’ll scare Snow White for sure!

sheila on


Terri on


leah on

Sorry. Not flattering at all

annon on

Good Grief you guys are harsh. I think the next time you all get a haircut you should post it online and let everybody jump on and tell you how bad you look.

Eve on

She looks about 15 years older then she is. She was adorable on the show….but that hair should go!

Jenny on

WOW, is all I have to say. And NOT in a good way. Don’t call me a hater either, this is just my opinion. She looked much better with her hair on Brad’s season of the bachelorette- soft, simple with blonde highlights. It seems like she’s trying to hard to draw attention to herself.

Kat on

I think she looks amazing. I think it’s young, on trend and bold. Gorgeous.

Lynn on

She is an unfortunate looking girl in the first place, and that heinous cut and colour makes her look all that much more unattractive. But I must say it does fit with her very “challenging personality”. She looks like the wicked witch of the west.

katie on

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO.

Lisa on

Not flattering!

Mandy on

I always thought Ashley was cute, but this cut/style on her is not attractive. It makes her look old and it does not flatter the shape of her face. But it’s hair and it will grow!

Helena on

If Ashley were a cheese, she would be Gorgonzolla.

AT on

She looks like Janet from 3’s Company!! Yikes!

KBella on

CRINGING. She should go back to her shorter, lighter style when she was whoring herself out the first time around on The Bachelor.

liz on

Hope it’s a wig – not very flattering at all.

Andrea on

no.. what did you do.. why follow trends .. sorry not a fan of bangs! I hope J.P. likes it!

Jon on

I’m sorry to hear that R.E.M. has split up, I wish them the best with everything!

bob on

I can’t believe I’m 20 years older than she is!

Petra on

She is a phoney

Petra on

Oh who cuts bangs from the crown of the head???

Dana on

I got a perm on Friday. My brother told me I look like a hobbit. Not sure what to think. Ashley, you are gorgeous any way you do your hair. It’s just hair, it can be changed in a second.

Sky on

Ashley looks cute no matter what hair style she wears. Not many of us can say that – even those of us that are attractive.

Lighting is everything in photos. I have seen people who are headturners in real life, but in the wrong lighting look far less attractive in photos.
But 15 years older – really?? You women need to do some serious introspection on yourselves. Your inner beauty is greatly lacking to be so snarky and callous towards others.

Amber on

…hated it…

vecchia on

I think the new hair cut is to severe for such a young petite girl. Needs a softer look and lighter color. This H/C & color makes her look too old.

Bridget on


vecchia on

I think the new hair cut is to severe for such a young petite girl. She needs a softer look and lighter color. This H/C & color makes her look too old.

bd on

Awe, she looked so cute before but this hair style is very unflattering. Please go back to the other hair color or something lighter. She looks more my age at 40 then twenty something.

Lee on

Sorry but I am so hoping this is a joke… not the least bit flattering in color or style. Look back at various pictures and take note that the DARKER your hair the OLDER you look. Medium works best on you! REFUND DUE!

Carol on

I think it is to dark. If Jp likes it that is what matters.

CB on

Makes her look so much older. Not a good look at all.

guest on

I love it!!! she looks sooo pretty. love that cut-so fresh. much better without extensions-looks real and healthy. straight down bangs compliment her face very well. I also have high forehead and when i push bangs over to the side it accents that so i started wearing shorter bangs-best move. it made my face shape better. i like the color too-but i also like her hair lighter brown.

philam98 on

not a fan of the new hair style,the color is wrong.Too dark 4 your skin tone.Shag the sides,bangs to the left.

Donna on

Light hair was so much better on her. Also ditch the bangs! She was so much prettier on Brad’s season.

Arline T. on

Too severe and hate the dark hair. It looks too harsh.

Anne Doktorczyk on

I like Ashley’s original hair style, (bang to the side, highlights, etc.) This new hairstyle is okay, but suggest she go back to her original hair style ….. if J.P. likes it, then it’s okay to go for it.

Sarah on

Ashley Ashley Ashley…. That haircut just doesn’t look good on you. I hope it is just a bad picture. The hair color adds years on you and the hair cut is not friendly to your facial structure.

trudy on

Bangs from the crown of the head NO…Harsh dark color NO….if she had to have bangs they should have been wispy long and hair in a much much MUCH lighter color…..

LCRitter on

It is typical to make yourself as attractive as possible to get the guy and then do a 180. JP won’t know who she is before long. Why do we always have to be improving ourselves when things are good already. JP is older though, maybe he likes the security of her new look. It’s the inside that counts anyway, right?

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