Julie Bowen: 'I Don't Fit Into Girl Dresses'

09/16/2011 at 10:30 AM ET

Julie Bowen Emmys Dress
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Given her fit frame, it’s hard to believe Julie Bowen would ever have trouble finding a dress that fits. But according to the Modern Family actress, staying slim can make staying stylish a challenge.

“I’m built like a 14-year-old boy. I have no waist so anything I wear has to have a lot of trickeration going on,” Bowen told PEOPLE at Audi’s Kick Off to Emmy Week party in L.A. “I don’t fit into girl dresses. I can’t just slip it on.”

Thankfully, for Sunday’s Emmy Awards, best supporting actress nominee Bowen has already picked a winning look: a black, v-neck Oscar de la Renta gown, which she’ll let speak for itself.

“For the red carpet I feel like the dress is the star and I should keep the jewelry really classic and attractive but not too mom-ular,” she said. “I don’t want to look like I’m constantly just driving back and forth to soccer practice.”

Getting ready for the Emmys has often proved challenging for the mom of three, so this year Bowen is opting for a new plan. “Usually it’s my kids coming in and out of the bathroom and everyone running in and out,” she said. “I have three boys but they have a makeup drawer — otherwise they get into everything and just want to do what I’m doing.”

How to avoid that typical pre-Emmys chaos? “This year I think I’m actually going to leave the house and do it at a hotel and try to have a little fun with it,” she said.

–Michelle Ward


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Summer on

It would help if she ate….

doodlebug on

Well maybe she can model boy’s clothes since we have a man modeling woman’s clothes!! Really how about you just EAT SOMETHING!!!!!

whatevs on

Eating something isn’t going to give her a waist, it’s going to give her a fat man’s body. Geez people.

N on

It’s so ridiculous when people say that girls and women of this body type should eat something as thoguh eatign will magically give her big boobs and and full hips. If you know anything about fitness and body types you’d know that with her frame if she grained weight it would mainly go to her stomach, so she’d just end up with a gut. Women come in all shapes and sizes stop hating on each other just to make yourself feel better about your own shape. If your daughter ahd a lean sleek physiqye like hers would you berade her for not havign hips and a defined waist? Or would you tell her she was beautiful as she is.

Beth on

I remember how healthy and pretty this actress used to be, and dresses back then did look nice on her.
It’s sad to see that she seems to have become another stick-thin Hollywood stereotype.

Nikki on

If you look back in other films that she starred in she had more weight on her and she looked wonderful, here she looks like she’s starving.

Barb on

If you can see the skeletal bones in the UPPER chest, you are too damned skinny! Yes, it’s time to eat!

Courtney on

oh please this woman can’t act worth a Damn so who cares if she’s another hollywood Stereotype of a stick thin tramp posing as a star. stop giving the likes of her coverage

Hmmm on

@N – I agree with you. I think it is rude to just assume because someone is thin that they “need” to eat or don’t eat, etc. But I disagree about a body type like hers, ruler – straight up and down. I am straight up and down with no waist and pretty thin, and if I gain a few pounds it goes to my ass. And thighs. Oh, and my face.

BUT – she does look way thinner. You can really tell in her face. She doesn’t look like the same person at all.

Nothing wrong with being thin, sleek, and in shape; however, I don’t think anyone can argue against the clear fact that she has lost quite a bit of weight as of late. Purposely or not, she does not look like the ideal picture of health. You can see the outlines of all her chest bones; including her ribs. Her head looks rather large – not sure if it is the angle, but her face looks drawn and sunken in.

One thing is for sure, she did not look like this 2 years ago when Modern Family first aired. She looked better then – thin and fit but not sick or too angled.

sat on

Agreed, she is completely anorexic. Please know that this may be considered beautiful in the West, but you don’t have to look like this people!!!

Jamie on

Maybe she should eat. She is really skinny.

Hmmm on

I think the US has gotten to the point where there is a sick fascination with just BEING super thin or people that ARE thin or sick-looking.

I think that ANY human body is supposed to be toned, thin, and lean. Our complex bodies most definitely were not designed to carry layers and layers of fat – its horrible on every organ in your body from your joints to your heart. FIND A HAPPY MEDIUM! Just be healthy and feel good.

There is a difference between being thin because you just are or you work hard at it and then having a full-blown eating disorder. And then overdo it on the exercising when you are burning more calories than your body is even taking in…kind of scary what it does to your body in the long run.

She just doesn’t look good and you can tell she doesn’t feel good.

Marie on

Eating more food won’t magically grow one breasts and hips. Contrary to popular belief, some people are born with a thin frame. It doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder.

Grow up people.

bluegnu63 on

She’s a runner, and her body shows it; long, lean muscles.:)

justlise on

Shut up!

Bethenny on

“If you know anything about fitness and body types you’d know that with her frame if she grained weight it would mainly go to her stomach, so she’d just end up with a gut.”

Oh jeez, you’re SO right, so she is SO much better off just starving herself to keep that flat stomach! Who cares about all the other bones sticking out of her body at every angle?

(eye roll)

lily on

don’t you all know that everything is photoshopped?? also, i have a friend with the “boy’s body” (i.e. no waist, no hips, no chest) and super slender. it IS possible for a woman to be “naturally slim” without having an eating disorder.

Cinder's mom on

I’m voting for an eating disorder. People all skin and bones can’t possibly look in a full-length mirror and think that’s attractive.

Jeanine on


Judy Moody on

She wouldn’t get fat if she ate. She’d look like she did in “Joe Somebody.” (i.e., she’d still be gorgeous, she just wouldn’t be waif’ish).

Judy Moody on

People, she’s not “naturally slim.” Laura Flynn Boyle (and her mom) used to say the same thing all the time (“I just have a fast metabolism”). That’s funny, she (LFB) didn’t have that fast a metabolism earlier in her career (in the movie “Threesome” for example). Then she got on “Ally McB” and joined the anorexia-fest. Julie Bowen still looks a lot better than LFB, but she does look too thin. She didn’t used to be that thin. I like athletic, healthy. I don’t like waif.

anon on

Here’s an idea Julie EAT

Deborah on

It’s one thing to say I’ve never been able to wear girl dresses because of my slight, boyish frame. It is quite another thing to lose a great deal of weight and then comment on difficulties fitting into clothes that are age/gender appropriate. A review of past photos shows that Ms. Bowen used to have a lovely figure. My assumption is that she has dieted herself right out of it. Solution? Eat something.

Linda on

I think Julie is really cute. So what if she doesn’t have a waste. Many woman don’t. She should be happy with her looks.

Sadie on

N, you make a really good point. One of my good friends is built this way and her hips and boobs are the last places she puts on weight. It goes straight to her stomach.

Stephfl on

OMG! Girl, just eat. You would look so much better! If you can see someone’s ribs, they are way too thin, and “I’m just naturally thin” is a big fat lie.

Stef on

Hey everyone, guess what? She has a PACEMAKER, and she has to work out constantly to keep her heart healthy. So why don’t you leave her alone ? She is hilarous, and I think she deserves to win Sunday.

Tara on

she’s kinda too fit

Jenn on

Wasn’t she in Happy Gilmore several years ago? I mean she looked pretty good to me in that movie. What happened here? I sure hope she is not starving herself while her manager stuff’s his/her face with bon bons while she starves. She is a great actress. I’m thin, but I don’t look like my bones are about to pop out of my flesh. Sad! =(

Reba on

When Modern Family first began, she was a normal weight and looked beautiful but she has dieted herself into a “boy’s” frame. In her earlier work, she had more weight on, and looked naturally lovely. Now, unfortunately, after way too much dieting, she is literally skin and bones. SAD.

SD on

Eat something and stop sniffing coke — it really is that simple. Gee whiz!

Tracey on

I say “Eat Something” not because I’m jealous or hateful, or don’t realize how human physiology works – I’m saying Eat Something because she USED to look normal, with hips and a waist, she had a fabulous figure on Boston Legal, but now she looks emaciated. Hence the encouragement to “EAT”

ASA on

I think she looks too thin. I remember when she was on the show Ed years back and she was gorgeous then. She was thin then too, but she looked healthy. Now she looks gaunt. And it may have to do with working and having three young kids, which does wear you out. But she needs to be careful not to overdo it. Kelly Ripa has the same look. Overly thin.

lhbwehjcfb on

So annoying. Another star complaining about her figure. Looks at her! She’s annorexic!

SixPackGal28 on

Seriously, people need to lay-off those of us that ARE fit and Eat like Horses ! You really need to understand what “fit
is and how discriminatory it can be (or should I say Jealousy with most people who want to look like we do but can’t put down their Doritos and Cupcakes long enough !) We run, we work out, yes…we may look a little too skinny for the good old USA which has 60% of the poplulation OBESE ! C’Mon up to Canada Julie – you will fit right in ! Love Ya and Modern Family !

Amaryllis on

Eating may not give her hips and big boobs, but it would get rid of the bones sticking out of her chest! The woman is anorexic. Hard to look at that.

shel on

Dang girl…..eat a cracker or something.
Her body is not fit. It is skeletal.

Heather on

Awww…..bless her heart! (Rolling my eyes)

Cyn on

Well, she used to be a lot bigger, with more weight and more curves. So…is she blaming her “natural” body shape, or her actress-like inability to eat food?

Brandy on

I do not care what you say. She should not go out and eat 10,000 calories a day but obviously she needs to eat something she looks unhealthy.

Leslee on

If you see pictures of her in a bikini lately you will see that she is very buff and little body fat. Yet she still has a tummy that sticks out, at least disproportional to, and despite,the six pack.
This is what happens when you have twins, and like many women, you can get overly slim in some areas trying to compensate for that “problem” area.

Andi on

It’s her decision to starve…mind your business. People starve all the time.

Maggie on

Wow, she looks WAY too skinny!! That is not attractive at all! She needs to tone down her workouts and eat more calories and healthy fats. Her face looks so drawn in and her chest bones are protruding. Women need to realize that looking this skinny is unattractive and sickly looking. She actually looks older than her age. Hope she can put some weight on and get back to looking healthy.

anon on

Eat you idiot!

Jill on

Her implants are too big for her tiny body.

rachel on

Too skinny!! She looks horrible!!

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Silberankauf on

Ihr Internet-Tagebuch ist schon nur zu vorschlagen, ich werde mit absoluter Zuverlässigkeit noch einmal mal blitzeblank mustern.

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