Lady Gaga Goes Sans Makeup for 'Harper's Bazaar'

09/07/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Lady Gaga Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

She’s generally all about costumes and alter egos, but in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lady Gaga proves she’s just as fierce without all the props. “Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside,” she tells the magazine, posing barefaced on the cover. “I think what has been lovely about my relationship with the public is that they expect something unexpected from me.”

And despite managing to consistently shock fans and critics with her getups — she even sported protrusions on her cheekbones last time she graced the cover of the mag — when it comes to her own self-image, she says she’s quite comfortable in her own skin. “I’m very free-spirited,” she says. “Even when I was a kid, I used to run around naked with the babysitter, driving her crazy.”

When the star isn’t running around the world or making a statement on the dance floor, she stays in shape with other activities. “I do yoga, I do Bikram and I run, and I eat really healthy. You know, my work sort of feeds me. I keep in shape by working hard.”

Lady Gaga Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

–Kim Peiffer


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Lady Gaga » Lady Gaga Goes Sans Makeup for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ on

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Me on

Pretty or not, she puts it all out there and I give her credit for that alone.

Trish on

She is beautiful all natural as well!

Suz on

Um.. she’s clearly wearing makeup.

Suz on

She looks great, but she’s clearly wearing makeup. Soo.. the headline is misleading!

Nesa on

Very pretty..and she looks so seren; but she IS wearing makeup. I would like to see the pics in color

caitlin on

It’s natural looking, but not natural. It looks like she’s wearing lipstick and some eyeshadow with sheen, not to mention white liner for her lower waterline. So I agree with the others who posted, she looks pretty, but she this isn’t bare skinned gaga.

Mariah on

She looks great! So much better!

Tammy on

Disappointed that she is wearing make-up…if she is going to bare-all, she needs to be bare!

Brooklyn on

It sure looks like she’s wearing makeup to me.

Sabrena on

Love her! Love her courage, her generosity, determination and her spirit! Keep going strong chica!

April on

This explains so much! Put the makeup back on!

Nikki on

Much better here than with 50 lbs of costume make-up.

Cheryl on

Clearly wearing make-up.

Angelina on

It’s kind of crazy how it’s almost as if she has to wear MORE makeup to make it look like she’s not wearing any…if that makes any sense!

Tracey on

hmmm she’s wearing a lot of make up for “no makeup” LOL but I guess compared to her nutty getups, it’s naked faced!

mike on

I think when they say “no makeup” they mean her face isn’t painted in coustume makeup… like when members of kiss wear no makeup, they all wear makeup for a camera.. if that makes sense at all.

Cynthia on

Wow, she actually looks her age, for once. It should say, “Sans paint.” The dyed, blond eyebrows are still unattractive.

Randi on

OK well clearly she is wearing make-up. But this is Hollywood after all so even those “without make-up” are wearing make up. However, she seems to appear to be wearing less of it for sure.
What I like about this chick is that she is not all that beautiful, per se. Kind of like Madonna at her peak. In the looks department, so-so. But as a performer, knocks socks off.

nisse on

I really don’t understand why she is considered so shocking. Is it due to her music videos? The are very similar to those of Britney Spears. Probably made by the same media corporation. She even has to wear makeup to make her look as if she doesn’t. How fake can it get. Britney is at least more honest.

katy on

She is still putting on a costume in these photos! Look up older pix of her when she was younger she looked nothing like these photos in fact she was very pretty.

Lady Gaga » PHOTO: Lady Gaga Goes Without Makeup on

[…] post by lady gaga – Yahoo! News Search Results and software by Elliott […]

Twinkie on

Only thing is…she is wearing makeup..and i’m sure they’ve airbrushed her pic as well..

Jerri on

She’s not wearing the usual amount of make-up, that’s for sure. She’s a beautiful woman, period end of report. Her beauty radiates from within and it shows on the outside. How wonderful to be able to wear any and every thing in any amount or nothing at all and be completely at ease in your own skin. More of us should aspire to that level of self confidence and worth.

lisa on

Probably get chewed up for commenting on this one….but she has buck-teeth. When she wears a ton of makeup, her focal point is her eyes. Without it, her teeth definitely show more. Just my opinion. And noooooooo…I’m not one to talk. I’m just making a comment like everyone else. I do have an appreciation for her music and give her a lot of credit especially after hearing her interviewed on VH1.

Kim on

She’s wearing lipstick. Isn’t lipstick make-up? She may not be wearing as much make-up but she is wearing something. She does look different though. She is young, my Gosh. She doesn’t have lines or crows feet yet and looks better than us middle-age women without make up. I don’t see the big deal about this at all.

lahlahpo on

When I first saw these pix I thought “how lovely”. Then I googled pix of her when she was a little younger and felt deeply offended by her dishonesty. This woman looks NOTHING like the photos here. Dyed hair, dyed eyebrows, tons of make-up making her look as if she is naturally fair-haired and fair-skinned when she is neither one. She had a chance to make dark-haired girls with darker complexions feel beautiful by owning it herself. Instead, she basically said, ‘here I am in my natural state’ and then made herself up to look like she’s from SWEDEN! Not honest at all and NOT cool!

karla on

Right…..the photo is made to look stark and without makeup, but having expeience in this department, the shading clearly suggests…Makeup.

Ashley on

You’re going to tell me she’s not wearing lipstick?!

T.C .GRAY on

she needs complete makeup…..quick…OMG

Sarah on

I see a lot of make up on her face. We are not blind.
The pictures are nice but she’s obviously wearing make up and that’s clear even in the black and white pictures.

Justin on

The magazine article actually says that she is “basically barefaced.” They never claimed she was make-up free.

Marilyn Slentz on

I wouldn’t give the time of day to comment on a “celebrity” but she is really beautiful!!

Chinee on

Why try to deceive the public? You know she is wearing makeup — lips, eyes, entire face all made up

Jessica on

she is not wearing makeup people. god i think the magazine would know better than you if she was wearing make-up….i think she looks great

Kris on

She looks great!

gb on

This is not going without makeup. It’s just the monotone look with shimmer – produced by using makeup. Guess they didn’t know what else to title it…could have just said “Lady Gaga in Harper Bazaar”…and I still would’ve clicked to see the photos/read the story.

Pamela on

Wow, she’s prettier without make-up. I’m really impressed!

Lucy on

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Gaine on

She’s so beautiful even without her usual makeup and fashions!

Heather on

Ummm She is absolutely wearing make-up! It’s very apparent!

tbone on

How can you tell if she is wearing make up when the photo is in black and white and probably air brushed. Who cares!

Amberly on

wow, well the cover photo looks better. And obviously, she is wearing SOME makeup.

AAB on

I do not know who Harpers think they are fooling. She is wearing make up. It is some sort of silvery makeup. She also has on lipstick. She may not have on the dramatic makeup she normally wears, but no one and I mean no one has that good of a complexion. I do not care if you scrub your face with La Mer, it will not help make your face that good.

kris on

Sorry, but its pretty obvious she has makeup on in the first picture. Then second is more flattering and its nice to see a more natural pic of her. She needs to do something about those teeth, though..reminds me of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.

Zoe on

She is clearly wearing makeup! She looks much better though than she normally does. Maybe Christina Agulera “clown face” will see this and cut some of wear paint off too.

Sally on

There’s never been a truly au natural magazine cover/spread in history. Even People’s annual spread of celebs w/o make-up is a sham. You can always see the foundation and nude eye shadow and mascara. *rolls eyes*

wrong on

“Lady Gaga Goes Sans Makeup for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’”—’s obvious that she wears lipstick and has a natural make-up on her eyes..

Himesha on

She has perfectly ok with out make up..

ashley on

She is Obviously wearing makeup and the picture is more obviously airbrushed.Lady GAGA is the UGLIEST celebrity out there. But she does something right and people cannot help but love her and be wondered by her.

Matt on

she’s an odd looking bird, not good at all.

jp on

make-up or not, i just dont get all the hoopla around her or her music. then again, how many people do i know who choose to wear meat, other than a leather coat?? ickkkkkkkk

Eileen Greene on

Nice try… she absolutely has make-up on. Very nice photos, but you can see the make-up (white areas, shading on upper eyelids, gloss on lips). think the look of these photos is beautiful but let’s not get carried away with the captions.

kaca95 on

she is with make-up as well….

Robin on

LOVE this natural look!

Trish on

yes, they do look like they have makeup, but hey, the cover of playboy or penthouse doesn’t have a nude! only the inside!

Maybe the NO makeup pic is inside to get higher sales of the mag. duh.

Pat on

She looks very pretty without makeup. All the makeup makes her look hard and harsh.

Ruby on

lmao she is wearing make-up, and a L-O-T of it

Jenn on

I don’t think she is wearing make-up. I think it’s the lighting in the photo and they may have over-exposed it a little to give it a certain ethereal look.

Poirot on

She’s wearing a bit of makeup and of course the picture is photoshopped.

What on

I bet the guy that wakes up to her goes….GA-GA-GA-GA GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

leslieD on

she is wearing makeup even if it is not color as usual. they did the same thing with angelina jolie–no makeup and she was wearing it as well. do you really think we cannot see the cosmetics on the face??

Loloa Brigida on

She’s actually very pretty.

Elizabeth on

I think Lady Gaga is an amazingly talented singer,
shes herself and will always be. With or without
makeup shes beautuiful and all around Amazing.

Yaya on

Well…..that explains it all! put the clown face back on please….not a pretty girl.

KikiOttawa on

She is not an esthetically pleasing woman. Her features are plain yet harsh. However, her zest for life, love of people and talent more than compensate for any esthetic short comings she has.

lilyx on

LOL! I agree with everyone else saying she is CLEARLY wearing make-up! It’s like reverse make up to make her look albino.

lahlahpo on

For those of you who keep saying how nice it is to see her in her natural state, there is NOTHING natural about these photos. And it’s NOT just because she’s wearing make-up. It’s because these pic are no closer to what she truly looks like that when she’s on stage with her face painted. The REAL Gaga has dark hair, dark brows & dark lashes. She also has a darker complexion. The woman in this photo has bleached hair, brows, & lashes. She is even wearing WHITE eyeliner on her lower waterline. PLEASE, stop saying she looks better in her natural state. This is NOT what her natural state looks like. Be your TRUE beautiful self Gaga.

lori on

maybe a little to even her out, but nothing compared to most of the time, i love her and love seeing the next thing she does. I love all she does, but my fav is You and I. Love, love, love you Lady, my man is her 54th fan!

tony on

she is clearly wearing makeup which is obvious from certain shadows. aside from that it is photo-shopped as well…
this is a joke..

Lee on

She is clearly wearing a ton of makeup. Jeez.

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Free One on

I love Lady GaGa and the message(s) she is sending to people…everything she represents. However, I’m sad to see that although she is just two years my senior (I was born in ’88, she was born in ’86), she looks old for her age. I suspect it’s from her hard partying and “occasional drug use,” but nevertheless she is a beauty. :D

That’s my $0.02.

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sarah on

I think she looks pretty without make up or with make up i don’t like wearing heavy make up all the time sometimes i go natural or no make up at all just love who you are she says because god made no mistake we on the right track baby because we were BORN THIS WAY!@!!!!

Sebastian on

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