PHOTO: See Randy Houser's 300-Diamond Engagement Ring!

08/23/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Randy Houser Engagement Ring
Courtesy of King Jewelers; Inset: Alicia Katy Photography

When country singer Randy Houser proposed to fellow singer-songwriter Jessa Lee Yantz, he did it with a stunning diamond ring.

But that was just the beginning of the jewelry’s journey.

After Yantz said yes, Houser took the bauble back to Nashville-based King Jeweler, where he bought it. Then, together with jeweler David King, Houser and Yantz customized the ring with additional diamonds to reflect the bride-to-be’s style. The completed piece is composed of almost 5.5 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds (totaling more than 300 stones!) set in 18-karat gold with a double diamond halo.

“The complexity of a handmade ring of this degree was a great challenge, but the creative input and passion from both Randy and Jessa helped us create something not only gorgeous and brilliant, but tasteful and timeless,” King tells PEOPLE.

“Custom designing the ring for Randy and Jessa was an enjoyable and creative process,” adds the jeweler. “Randy is such a cool, laid-back guy who really loves her so much, and Jessa is an artistic young woman with an amazing eye for design, which made the process really fun and easy.” Tell us: What do you think of the customized ring?

–Rennie Dyball


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Showing 108 comments

Briggs on


Laura on

looks like a button

Star on


Vera on

That is one beautiful ring! Just amazing!

jessica stillman on

its way over board i mean come on way to many Diamonds its one thing to be flashy its anther to be that that is just tacky

trsquare on

It’s just too gaudy, and far from tasteful…BUT it’s probably what she wanted, and like a loving, dutiful hubby-to-be would do, he got her what she wanted.

amazed on

gorgeous ring…I swear, even my 2ct princess cut solitaire is more attractive than that gaudy POS the “human bidet” allowed E! to buy her

Someone on

I sure as heck would not turn that baby down! WOW-Love the ring!

Someone on

But who are Randy and Jessa?

Sal on

Wow, gorgeous! But I wonder if these women even end up wearing these expensive rings. I’d be afraid someone was going to try and rob me by hitting me over the head to get my ring!!! Let’s face it, you would have to be really careful while wearing it. But really why have it if it’s to pretty/expensive to wear.

Someone on

Some people dont know their rings or just they are just jealous!

Jan on

You couldn’t force me to wear that thing!

Dawn on

This ring looks better than Kim’s engagement ring. Plus, it cost less amount of $ then her’s too. NICE RING!!!!!!

Sara on

So he added MORE diamonds to a big ring already because it needed to fit her style? That means it wasn’t “big” or sparkly enough. Jeez almighty.

Allison on

18k gold… ha ha…

Helen on

IT’S beautiful! Perfect. Congratulations :)

Jane on

and people are still starving in Africa… sad….famous people and their material possessions what will matter when you leave this place!

e on

I’d take it, but then return it, buy something tasteful and contribute the balance to UNICEF so they could immunize a whole country full of children. It’s big for the sake of being big. Yuck.

Positive on

It is beautiful!!! I don’t think that 5.5 carats IN TOTAL makes it a gaudy or over the top ring. I wish that baby in my finger. Deep inside does everybody else here. I wish them the best and that their marriage will last as long as the ring.

Cat on

Jane, How many starving Africans have you helped? As long as it is not your money, don’t complain.

Courtney on

What’s wrong with you people? If he can afford to buy her a ring like that and add more diamonds to it, that’s his choice. Get over it everyone! Its a beautiful ring. It sounds to me like most of you who have posted comments are juts jealous.

Scott on

I am sorry, but that ring looks very gaudy.

NikL on


Carol on

It is beautiful….not my style but beautiful

Jess on

Too bad they put so much effort into an engagement ring when it’s the wedding band that means the most. Anybody can give you an engagement ring, only one man (hopefully) ends up putting a wedding band on your finger to “seal the deal”.

NM on

These huge, gaudy rings are ridiculous!

Normajean on

She didn’t like it the way he gave it to her??

Bri Guy on

Houser ‘customized the ring with additional diamonds to reflect the bride-to-be’s style.’?

The bride-to-be must be one tacky individual, because that ring would be gaudy in a Claire’s Boutique!

T'laryth Phalyn on

I’m sure she loves it but it went way past tasteful to cumbersome and cartoonish. I always wonder about women who need so many rocks and what that says about how they define love.

silsmojo on

I’m BLINDED……..That is some BLING!

Ruby on

Looks like it came from a gumball machine. And just so they know, a big diamond does not mean a great marriage. Good grief. People are losing their homes and these yahoos spent probably $1,000,000 on an engagement ring.

Jennifer on

I bet this ring was perfect before he added to it! there are just a few too many diamonds for me. But all that matters is that she likes it.

tammy paxton on

That ring is amazing!!!

Ashley on

The ring is most definitely stunning! But, people need to remember that the ring doesn’t make the marriage..

Jamy on

So…. he proposed but hadn’t bought the ring?

vcio on

In a time where the economy hasn’t recovered, people are losing Social Security, part of the world are in serious turmoil like Libya, we consider 300 anddiamond engagement rings news? I consider it to be another over the top display of excess in a time when people need more substance, less style. Shame on People and shame on them both.


Stunning, just beautiful….. It is a little on the large side but I think he did a wonderful job in designing it….. She is a very lucky gal…..

jb on

That’s ridiculous!! Another example of conspicuous consumption! It would be so much nicer if he had presented her with a decent size ring and they then donated the remaining amount to help those in need. Shame on them.

karla on

The clairty and cut look to be very clear and brilliant. The surrounding diamonds set the background for beautiful center cut flair.
Looks like it would retail for about 78,000.
Congrats even though I dont know these people from Adam.


Oh yes, feed Africa and get the world out of debt. How does one know these people do not already give a portion of their money to charity? Are these people supposed to give all their money away to the poor? It’s all relative. I suppose others could give up their internet and use that money to feed the poor….not sure why these people are supposed to solve the world’s problems??

Carrie on

Yikes! Not a fan. And who are these people?

Hmmm on

Not to be a downer but at least they can hock it when neither one of them has a job or house to live in 10 years down the road. Ridiculous expense for two people in a career field with no guarantee of long term success.

Emmy on


April on

If you are going with that expensive of a ring, why not get platinum? White gold is cheap.


i wonder how many hungry people in our country that could feed.

Charlene on

That ring is really beautiful. I simply love, love it. The more diamonds it has, the better I like it.

marshmellow on

I think I heard about some starving kids somewhere….or homeless people…or animals being abused….am i wrong on this? The cost of that ring could help the world so much. But instead, she is gonna WEAR IT! how ridiculous!

Terri on


notjessa on

Call me way too practical, but I don’t need a diamond the size of my head from a man to convince me that he loves me. I’d rather use the money for a nice house, car or to pay off bills.

Just My Opinion on

He thinks she’s worth it, and so do I. Not my money, not my place to judge.

mom of 2 on

Stunning ring! Lucky girl :)

Jacks on

Wow, that ring is absolutely beautiful …

Cinder's mom on

I “played around” with a ring not too different from this (but in CZs) for a while, but when complete strangers in the supermarket or on the street came up to me and grabbed my hand, I realized how uncomfortable it would be to continue wearing it, so I returned it. I can just imagine how it would feel if the ring was worth thousands instead of just $158.

Liza Betting on

That has to be the ugliest ring I have ever seen! It makes me think of my Grandmother and Great Grandmothers cluster rings they used to wear. Money certainly can’t buy good taste! Wow! Who are those people anyhow?

lolem on

Tacky!!! Look like a dome to the. I rather have one big rock that is 5.5 carats than 299 little ones.

Randy Houser Knows How To Pick An Engagement Ring! on

[…] stones!) set in 18-karat gold with a double diamond halo. To see a picture of the beautiful ring, click here! var OB_permalink= […]

Barb on

Here’s a thought for all of those complaining about how many starving people the cost of the ring could have fed–cancel your cable/internet service, sell your computer, and donate the money to those starving individuals. You’ll feel better, and we won’t have to be subjected to your obnoxious comments!

marie on

If it reflects her then she must be a materialistic, no taste, gaudy gal…. that thing is tacky!!!!!

Melissa on

I think it’s prettier than some of the rings that celebrities get – the ones that are one HUGE diamond in the middle and maybe a diamond or two on the side. Those scream gaudy to me. Maybe it looks different in person than in the picture. I mean, it’s super sized in the pic!

allison on

seriously, who needs a ring like this? someone has too much money

lisa on

if i ever thought my ring was too blinged out, i was wrong. that’s almost overboard in my book. i’m so over the halo trend. it seems like every ring is that style now.

Mimi on

I am really sick of halo rings! I also despise round diamonds. I love simple asscher or emerald cuts.

Sally on

Very pretty ring. Actually showcases the bride’s taste instead of just trying to have the largest stone(s). Also was the pick her the man doing the proposing…not the bride-to-be’s mother!

elizabeth on

Well its ok but thats what people who have lots of money like that could do with it. Elizabeth Taylor had a bigger diamong than that.

Carla on

The ring is gorgeous. It is just to much for me. Way to gaudy. But hey, if you can afford it, I say go ahead and do it. If I had the money he had, I probably would buy something really expensive myself (just for me). Congratulations on the engagement and I wish nothing but many years of happiness always.

Kim on

Bigger is NOT always better. Rings like this simply look cheap..and fake.

Kayla on

@- Someone

Randy is a country musician and Jessica is a songwriter. It kinda says that in the first sentence…

Miranda on

Not my style but to each their own!



Jessica on

Wow. What a gorgeous design…I can’t imagine what went into this piece. Does it say how he proposed? Randy was just on tour with Willie Nelson and Jamey Johnson – nice to see a guy that can hang with those guys and still admit he’s totally in love. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing. Gorgeous ring!

Aimee on

Wow that ring is beautiful but way overboard. There are too many people that are starving for somebody to spend that much on a ring

Debbie on


See Barb’s comment above.

Rachel on

That doesn’t look like 18-k gold to me…

valentina on

This ring is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Congrats to the happy couple and good luck in the future :)

Randy Houser’s Engagement Ring for Jessa Yantz » South Florida Country Music on

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Lisa on

Wow, how creative. They took a round stone and surrounded it with more stones and stuck everything on a diamond band. Totally original…duh.

Guest on

Where’s the beef?

tiffany on

Just plain beautiful. hey Randy did you have your “Boots On” when you proposed? Congrats! :)

CM on

I’ve lived in Nashville since 1994 (in the music industry) and happen to know Randy since long before he “made it”, and he is as far from pretentious as you can get and as humble of a star as I know, Randy is also ordained and married friends of ours last fall)…his love for Jessa is pure and he is NOT a gazillionaire, if he bought her an expensive ring it’s because he saved and went into hock over it…Clearly none of you have a clue about what it costs to tour and be an artist in the country music genre…Why can’t anyone be happy for people who’re IN LOVE and let them be…Good Luck Randy and Jessa….See you this weekend in KY…

M Knowles on

Pretty,but WAY TOO gaudy!! She will be lucky if she wears it a few times a year(maybe award shows). I think she just had to add all the extra diamonds to just try to out do everyone else! Hope Randy’s career keeps going well,if her taste are that expensive!!!

Aud on

now THAT is bling!

********** on


Cher on

Wow – it is a stunning ring! I don’t think I could wear something like that, but it’s beautiful!

Kira on

Ok so it’s a beautiful custom ring..I get it but isn’t it a little over the top for these celebrities to spend millions on a ring when most of them end up getting divorced anyways!!! Who needs 300 diamonds on their engagement ring…..ridiculous……why don’t they take those millions and put them to a good cause like building houses for people who can’t afford them without asking for a tax write off in return…I know I would if I had that kind of money!!!

Katie on

Wow. I actually like the ring alot! I am not one for big gaudy rings but it is a timeless piece and very classic too. I love it!

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Lauri on

There’s way too much going on for my taste…but if she’s happy and he doesn’t mind paying for it…I guess it’s congratulations!

sunny on

Oh, come on people. Another ring just like so many we have seen recently out of Hollywood. No one could come up with an original design?

Ashleigh on

I love the ring, but it’s a bit gaudy! When I was proposed to by my ex…he bought me a 2.5 carat flawless diamond with 2 full circle wedding bands that looked so much better than that! But congrats on the engagement…

Diamond Martini Earrings on


Its very fine post. I read this post and got many useful information with this post. It contains very informative matter. I would like to come here again. This type of posting should go on.

Ceunei on

I like it. It reminds me of my grandmother’s engagement ring. It is enjoyable to see how diamonds can be incorporated in the band.

Bre on


Rissa on

I think the ring is nice, however it is a bit overboard on the diamond count but hey they are stars so they can afford it who are we to judge if we had that kind of money wouldn’t you want a nice engagement ring…

Pam on

It is gorgeous!

Sherri on

Truly breathtaking

Pat on

The ring will surely last longer than the marriage. There seems to be no such thing as “till death do us part” anymore, especially in the entertainment business. A worthy example of conspicuous consumption. The Jolie-Pitts would have bought a simple ring and donated the rest of the money to needy children and the many causes they support. You can take the man out of the country, but he’ll still want a big ring, a woman with big boobs and a big flashy car. So much for the real world.

Lori on

Serious over-kill. The center stone is completely lost in the setting. At least in my 2.5 carat ring, the centerstone marquise stands out from the rest.

Jess on

Beautiful. But I’d be afraid to wear it for loosing it if it ever came off.

heather on

Ashleigh, no one asked what kind or how big of a diamond your EX gave you.

Katlin on

Beautiful ring, beautiful couple. Best of luck to you both!!

Catie on

Its flashy and overboard for someone who claims to be humble. Especially to submit a press release about it. Seems like a stab at getting her name out in the public as she seeks recognition also as a singer/songwriter who prior to now/ prior to Randy hadnt done much with her music career.
Bet there are co-writes in the works.. Can anyone say PRE-NUP RANDY!

Randy Houser Proposes With Engagement Ring With 300 Diamonds! on

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Randy Houser Proposes With 300 Diamond Engagement Ring! on

[…] People / PickleMedia / ABC Filed Under: Celebrity Engagement Rings […]

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[…] Randy Houser wraps 300 diamonds around his finacée’s finger. […]

big doug on

I like the antique design…folks that say its way too much will probably never have the chance to own such a nice anyrate its their choice not

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[…] Gives Girlfriend 300-Diamond Engagement RingTaste of Countryall 3 news articles » source more about diamond engagement rings at […]

Nhoj on

Well I hate to break it to you, but if he didn’t know what carat he was buying then the store did not do their job in etciadung him. It should be on his reciept.6mm is pretty wide, so assuming it is a round brilliant cut it would be about a 1-1.5 carat.Depending on the clarity and color something like that should run about 4-6 grand.If it is a non-certified diamond then it probably is a VI clarity and a mid grade color and worth about $ 3,000 max.

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