Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa or Lindsay?

08/22/2011 at 12:30 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Style
Bauer-Griffin; AKM Images

It looks like even Lindsay Lohan has caught the Pippa bug!

For Kim Kardashian’s star-studded nuptials on Saturday, the actress donned a white version of the glamorous green Temperley gown Pippa Middleton wore to her sister’s royal wedding; Temperley’s public relations team says they didn’t lend Lohan the gown, but believe she purchased it from their Los Angeles store for the Saturday wedding in Montecito, Calif.

And while conventional wedding wisdom says that a guest should never wear white, the hue was actually at the bride’s behest; she requested that the 450 guests “please wear black or white.”

The gown, a floor-length satin dress with a crystal brooch, was first created for the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sis. “I was honored that Ms. Pippa Middleton asked me to design her dress for the Royal Wedding evening reception,” the British designer said at the time. “She loved the green color, which looks great on her skin tone. The dress was designed especially for her with a fantastic open back and a full skirt for dancing in.”

While Middleton paired the show-stopper with a sparkling clutch and Aruna Seth heels, Lohan stuck with the white motif, adding a fringed updo plus jewels by Philip Press, Elodie K. and Erica Courtney to complete the look. Tell us: Who do you think looks better in Temperley?

Justine Harman

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Showing 279 comments

Hannah on

i like lindsay, but pippa looks better….

Cleo on


Carol on

Who would wear white to a wedding….tacky

Kat on

The white makes her look too busty, and detracts from the sleekness of the dress.

Kat on

Carol, it was at the bride’s request.

MissMel on

I think Lindsay is a little too busty for that dress. She really needs a little more support up top.

amy on

Lindsay Lohan was invited?? That proves how classy that wedding was. ha.

tchrtchr on

Lohan looks like an old,worn-out milk cow…’nuff said.


i just read that it was at the brides request but still, she looks like a tramp.

Allison on

HANDS DOWN Pippa looks better!! Pippa has CLASS, something Lindsay has never, or will ever, have! Lindsay is a washed-up has been, and can we say orange much? Lay off the spray tan!!

Melly on

Get Lindsey a bra please !!

guest on

lindsay was just tyring to steel the show by wearing the dress pippa wore. tacky! why was she even invited???

mandy on

OK Lindsay….here was another chance for people to see you in a flattering light and you blow it by wearing by not wearing a bra, a wedding if formal and that means underwear, and your boobs slopping around the dress. Wow…are you doing this on purpose or can you really not help it?????


Lindsey looks nice but I had to vote on Pippa for her elegancy.

Amanda on

it makes Lindsey look like the porn start she is destined to become…

Sherri on

Lindsay should have gotten some padding put in the top as Pippa surely did. It looks like Lindsay could have a malfunction at any moment.

Amanda on

I like them both in the dress, personally, however I prefer Pippa to Lindsay. I find the color white on Lindsay unflattering, which I think is part of the problem for me. Pippa looks amazing in that shade of green. Love it!

sunshine on

I was wondering who the “older lady” was in white when the page first loaded. I was shocked that it is Lindsay!

Jenny on

I too L O V E Lindsay Lohan, she is one of my all time favorite actresses!! But she should have closed up the neckline just a little bit, to much exposure for an elegant wedding…had to give this one to Pippa! But I love you Lindsay!!

angell jones on

well, isn’t it obvious who looks more sheek and classy? why would you even have to ask that question? just take a look and you know some people look shabby in anything they put on and i dont mean pippa.

DiaNe on

Pippa. Lindsay looked 45 in the photo

ellen on

Her nips looked huge in that picture and she looks 40 years old.450 guests no one has “friends” like that. When the t.v. station foots the bill i guess that’s appropriate. Even if I had a million bucks I’d want something so special to be shsred with “real” friends& family.Seems tacky even for the K family.

Carol on

I agree with those who say…who would wear white to a wedding!! Only the bride should be in a white dress. Anyway, she doesn’t look horrible in the dress; just the wrong color choice all around. Pippa fills the dress out better.

DC on

Pippa looks much better. Lindsay’s busts are not very well supported in this dress. Not real attractive at all. She could have done much better. More Class.

alex on

i think Lindsey looks like she could be Pipps’s mom.

SueZ on

Lindsay’s kidding, right?

helen kindred on

Lindsay look like a 10cents hooker! looking for some lady or man to pick up for a night, she also need someone to take care of her, she probaly dont have any money.

nichole on

Do you even have to ask???? Seriously! Lol.

Dee on

I actually think Lindsay has slightly (and I mean slightly) more curves and fills out the dress better, but my goodness her face looked wrecked. Pippa does need a paper bag over her head as well though. I have no issues with Pippa and I don’t like Lindsay, however, I don’t understand what all the Pippa fuss is all about – she is extremely average looking.

Chris on

How can you compare Lindsay Lohan to the classy Middletons!

Shopgirl426 on

I think Lindsey looks like a close relation to Ivana Trump or Joan Rivers, sort of like an old, has-been holiday actress. I’m surprised she doesn’t topple over with the silicone in her boobs. Maybe that’s why she’s always falling over, it’s not the liquor, it’s the boobs!

Kathy on

I’m by no means a Lindsay Lohan fan but the comments surrounding her having no class for not wearing a bra etc., did you forget who’s wedding she attends and how much we see of her breasts. Come on, it’s ok to not like someone but take a look at the bigger picture. I still like Pippa’s better but Lindsay looked good in her’s too.

Dd on

looks like Lindsay’s girls need some support…. she has the power to look cheap in anything she wears! lol
and let me just say how tacky is it that the bride wanted her guests to matchy-matchy the decor? oh these people….

Stacey on

Pippa definitely….Lindsay just looks tacky.

Libbie on

Lindsay looks like a 48-yr. old drug addict; absolutely no comparison. Shame on you for even suggesting it.

tina on

Omg. Lindsay looks like a big pile of hot mess. From the hair color to the hair style, the fake tan, and sagging boobs. I guess her look/style is like her life- a train wreck.

Barb on

I have to say Pippa. When it’s worn with class it always looks better!

J & B's mom on

Could Linds ever have an original thought?

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Tracy on

The big fake boobs ruin the dress. Lohan could be cute but she is just too much of everything–tan, silicone, hair. No class.

TB on

By far Pippa looked way better. Lindsay looked like she was going to fall out of her dress, ick.

Kat on

Lindsay looks like she is 50 years old! Pippa just looks classy.

charlotte on

I love both dresses- I would love to have one!

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babalette on

I thought Lindsay was broke? She can’t afford councilling but she can afford a new dress for a wedding? She didn’t have something in her closet she could’ve worn? Sheesh! What a maroon!

unknown on

For you people who says who wears white to a wedding read the story. The bride asked people to wear white or black.

Shawn on

I like the white version of the dress better, but that’s just a color preference. I feel like Lindsay knew she would get attention for wearing the same dress as Pippa so she did it on purpose, and while its a nice dress, it does not look nice on her at all. No one should show that much cleavage at a wedding. She could have pulled the dress up or had it altered to fit properly. The orange tan makes her look like an oompa loompa and her yellow/white hair doesn’t look right either. I liked Lindsay back when she was still a child actor, when she was actually pretty in her teens until she started with all of her troubles. Now she looks like a poster child for what NOT to wear or do. I don’t know how she got invited to their wedding anyway, I don’t know who has much interest in her anymore after the train wreck she’s been on the last couple years. I do love how they noted in the article that “Temperley did NOT loan her the dress” lol and that she must have bought it, but that they were “honored” to create the dress for Pippa who is classy! They obviously don’t want to be associated with Lindsay!!

Melissa on

That doesn’t even LOOK like Lindsey Lohan..Just my opinion. LOL

Pippa looked 1000000000 times better in that dress than the person in the other photo.

Melissa :)

Lala on

lindsay is showing a lil too much cleavage. and i think a different color would have looked better on her?? i don’t have a preference for either lady but pippa looks better in it.

L on

@Carol. Kim requested that the guests wear white or black to the wedding, no other colors at all. Pippa looks better

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Celeb on

I think Lindsay looks very nice and maybe you should start voting for someone from your own country, especially when they look as nice as Lindsay does.
Everyone is making too much of a fuss over PIPPA and I don’t see why. Our girls looks just as nice. Pippa certainly isn’t beautiful but just kinda pretty.

Timmy Tallywhacker on

My vote is for TITTIES!

Realitybites on

Sorry, but even though bride requested black or white, I think you shouldn’t try to outshine bride with something so revealing. If I were to wear white to a wedding, it would be very understated. Not something that could pass as a bridal gown.

ffit on

lindsay looks like a big headed barbie doll in this pic – not flattering for her or the gown – maybe if the pic was taken at a dif angle but gotta go with pippa on this one and Im not a pippa fan

SB on

Did they really even need to ASK?

Gemini6367 on

Everyone knows that it is TACKEY to wear white to a wedding. Lindsay, haven’t you had enough bad publicity!!!!

t on

Lindsays chest is too big for the dress!

Billie on

Is this really even a question? Of course Pippa looked better, anyone looks better than Lohan. Lindsey looks older than her mother at this point.

CJ on

Pippa looks a lot better in it than LL, she looks haggard, guess that’s what drugs and booze and non stop partying will do, and her skin looks like leather to boot, HOW old is she again? She looks in her 40s or so in that pic

HJ on

Honestly, they both look great… And Lindsey actually look healthy.

emily gray on

the fillers in Lindsey’s face are too much….at her age!!!!

Daren on

Carol, it was specified in their invitations that it was a black and white affair…hence Lindsay’s white dress…Kim’s sister’s and her mother wore white…her nephew Mason wore white…her now husband wore white…

From an article about the invitations = “And while the invite specifies black tie, the latest buzz is that guests must wear black or white, a la Truman Capote’s famous ball.”

Aly on

Pippa looks radiant and Lindsay looks like a hooker. I love how they keep calling her an actress, I didn’t know court appearances counted as acting jobs.

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Celeb on

After reading all these comments, who are you looking at anyway to say such bad things about Lindsay. If you were telling the truth, you’d say Lindsay does look beautiful. And she is dressed the way all of Hollywood dresses, no worse at all. Check out the bride and all the other guests, and then comment…..!

meg on

not even close. pippa looks young and fresh. lindsay looks old beyond her years.

Kim on

If Lindsay hiked up the boobs, the dress wouldn’t look that bad. But, that’s just for starters. Overall, she needs an overhaul! She’s looking very old and harsh. She needs to soften it up… The hair, the make-up, the tan. Don’t get me going about her lips! Once you start messing w/what Mother Nature gave you, you can never get it back!

sandra on

Lindsay is looking so old these days. I mean really, she looks like she’s in her 40’s in this pic. What is going on with her?

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Shannon on

Lindsay looks likes she has been rode hard & put away wet.

Sal on

I like the green color better, but Pippa Middleton is REALLY skinny, and as much as I hate to say it, Lindsay Lohan fills the dress out better. That being said, it is very tacky to wear a white dress to a wedding.

sandra on

I dont think Lindsay EVER wears a bra. I saw her LAX airport once I was behind her while she was going thru security screening and she was wearing a very see-thru t-shirt and she was clearly not wearing a bra. She’s probably so broke now she cant even afford one!

Lisa on

I like lindsay!!

JohnB on

Pippa looks the best hands down. Has Lindsey Lohan had a bust enlargement? I don’t remember her as being so chesty. The white dress flaunts them. Not a classy look for a wedding or any other formal social event. Lindsey, get a clue!

carol on

Why,,Oh,,Why does Lindsay have to have those cow boobs hanging out..we all know there in there..Act like a lady just once in your life.

Denise on

Actually Lindsay has a nice shape but I dont like her hair for the dress.

Marie on

Why is this even a question? Really????? Lindsay, buy a bra if you have two nickels left. Grose.

sandra Kelly on

I wish LL would give serious thought to being a redhead again…she looks so hard and crass with her hair that color…

BR on

LL could look very nice with a bra on. Why she ever messed with her pretty red hair is beyond me. The blonde hair no matter what shade washes her out and makes her look cheap.
I vote Pippa because she just looks classier.

Lizzy on

Lindsay looks like an drunk! At least Pippa looked like she was at a wedding.

AL on

The color looks good on Lindsay but it’s ill fitting. It’s hung too low make it look like she’s about to spill out any moment. Reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink Oscar gown.

Linds on

Isn’t Lindsay Lohan complaining that she is broke?

Kelli on

Carol, if you read the article it says the bride requested guests to wear black or white…otherwise yes, it would be tacky.

Kelsi on

Who wears white to a wedding? Who invites Lindsay Lohan to a wedding? And I like Pippa better!

Jeanine on

@ Carol…..it was request by Kim that the whole wedding be black and white.

sam on

Pippa looks better, the dress doesn’t fit Lindsay right.

Fran on

To be truthful, i really don’t care about Lindsay or Pippa and which one of them has more class, but i must say that the dress looks better on Pippa than on Lindsay. That style of dress doesn’t flatter Lindsay at all and and makes her look wwwaaayyy older than her real age.

Jessica on

You can literally see Lohan’s nipples through her dress… Pippa is def a winner.

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again...shut up on

I actually think lindsay looks really pretty in the dress. yes she’s a bit busty but compared to the trainwreck she has been she looks quite nice, healthy and happy.

Lindsay Lohan Steals Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Look – E! Online on

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Donna on

They were ask to wear either white or black to the wedding…i thought Lindsey looked smashing…Pipa overrated

skg on

The dress loses it’s elegance on Lindsay.

Delita on

The white looks great on Dina Lohan! Oh no wait that’s Lindsay damn she looks old in the face. She is totally giving me one of the Beverly Hills Housewives. Poor girl looks like an aging 40+ actress in Hollywood and isn’t even 25. Damn shame. I’m going with Pippa in the green!

Katie on

I agree Carol! You should never wear white to a wedding! It is very tacky, and Pippa looked WAY better in her green dress than Lindsay!

armaniac1 on

The wedding was black and white themed. All guests were asked to wear either black/white.

Andi on

and omg what clss she has to wear white to a wedding. White is for the bride, although I know kim’s dress should have been black

Devon on

Carol, Kim asked her guests to wear white or black.

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Eileen on

As far as wearing white to a wedding….etiquette books say yes (however even Martha Stewart says NO). Wearing white to a wedding means you’ll always be remembered for doing that & perhaps people will think you’re trying to upstage the bride. I think that Pippa looks much better. It fits Pippa in the chest area better while Lindsay looks a big saggy. Lindsay also somehow makes it look a little *cheesy.*

Natalie on

You don’t wear white to another woman’s wedding!

Sandy on

Pippa looks gorgeous and glamours.
Lindsay looks like a a middle aged tramp!
What a copy cat, Lindsay is.

Judi on

I think if Lindsey had worn a special bra to uplift her a little, the dress would had looked nicer on her. Also I think her blonde locks also washed her out. She looks best as a redhead.

jane in general on

not tacky at all. i am quite certain she is not the only one who wore white to the wedding … as they requested all the guests wear black or white.

Carrie on

What an idiot, she has no class. The bride is the only one who should be wearing white. Guests do not wear white to weddings.

EMY on

Is it just me or does Lindsay look like a 50 yr old woman trying to look young?

who cares on

Lindsey Loham was invited to the wedding. Sounds like Kim K was invited anyone she could find to make sure she had a huge wedding. Lindsey looks like a dried up old street walker, no matter what she is wearing.

Shannon on

Pippa wears is better. I agree Lindsay is too busty for this dress.

Dawn on

It is a beautiful dress on anyone. Pippa looks more classy and Lindsay more sexy and glam, which matches their personality. Good job ladies.

Theresa on

This poor girl looks like she is 20 years older than she actually is. Ugh!

allazay on

Oh Pippa gave it so much more class!

Becky on

How can this even be a question?? I’m embarrassed that the two are even being compared! Pippa by far and then some over this one….

Sonia on

This wedding doesn’t even come close to the Royal.
I wish everybody would stop comparing it, it’s kinda lame! And here looks like LL just wanted to steal some of Kim’s spot light since hers doesn’t shine that bright anymore.. :PP

julie on

Lindsay wins, she reminds me of a young Liz Taylor. She just needs to get her head straight and legal problems solved. Pippa’s bones are sticking out.

LBW on

I’m surprised Lindsay didn’t have a malfunction. She’s barely covered.

Whistler on

Of course Lindsay had to ho it up with her boobs hanging out. She wouldn’t know what class is if it bit her.

sally on

you don’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride! Pippa wins on that alone!

moester on

Lohan is showing too much cleavage. Instead of looking sexy she looks like a 1970’s hooker.

Diana on

My vote went to Pippa, but honestly it is not bad on Lindsey. The only problem is that it wasn’t altered to fit properly. They needed to alter the straps (pull them up) in order to pull the girls up and tight. Because it was not fit correctly – the girls look as though they are flopping around in the dress.

Ani on

Pippa is class
Lindsey is crass

Lynn on

She could spend all of the money in the world, but you can’t buy class. Pippa has more class in her little finger. (and doesn’t look like a hoe)

Lindsay Lohan Steals Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Look – E! Online | Bistro Press on

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Teresa on

They both need a BRA or some kind of support, but Pippa looks a lot better, obviously. She has class, which Lindsey is lacking big time. Lindsey looks like she’s about to fall out of the top…

Sharon on

Lindsay would look nice in her dress if she would have covered herself up a little or maybe wore a bra.. Pippa looks healthy and classy in her dress, hands down that Pippa wears the gown much better.

Anon on

Lindsay, I really don’t like Pippa. Way too overdone. Lindsay might be going off the wall but she has her respectable place in Hollywood and she looks beautiful.

@Carol – It was a black and white themed wedding..better to wear white then dress like you’re going to a funeral.

Courtney on

I think Lindsey would of looked better if the front didn’t dip down as low, she still could of had a deep V with less decoliage. Also if she hadn’t bleached her hair and stayed with her natural hair color it would of looked much better since the dress wouldn’t have washed her out as much.

Lisa on

Lindsey looks like an over bleached oopa loompa…

Brittany on

Hands down Pippa looks better, and she has a lot more class too. Doesn’t EVERYONE know you don’t wear a white dress to a wedding? How rude.

taylor on

celeb is an idiot…

Katy on

Lindsay looks like a retired porn star. eeewwwwww

Barbara on

Just think how beautiful Lindsey COULD have looked if she had her natural red hair, normal skin tone, the girls in a bra where the dress draped down in a V instead of being pulled awry, and understated makeup. Sad to see such potential go to waste.

taylor on

celeb sounds like an idiot. this was not a question of country pride…

Lexi on

It pretty obvious that Pippa looks the best, but Lindsay actually looks very pretty. I do wish she would have taped her bust into place, though.

Jilly on

Well you have to admit it was darn nice of Kim to plan the wedding around Lindsay’s jail and rehab stints. That’s a very difficult thing to do these days. Also, Pippa looks better than Lindsay in anything she wears–no contest!

anon on

They need to compare apples to apples…I mean comparing Lindsay to Pippa???? really???

Kathy on

Jealous folks….so petty…..

it was white because the guest were asked to wear black or white……. the bride’s dress was ivory….. if you don’t like Kim why are you reading the story about her wedding……

Kelly on

Bride also requested black. Don’t wear white to a wedding. SOOOOOO tacky indeed.

Tessa on

The both have skinny boy bodies with no shape. I vote that neither looks good.

Teodora on

I think it looks better on Pippa.

jurby on

bad choice, Lindsay. VERY bad choice. sorry but you don’t need your boobs popping out like that, especially at a wedding – that’s just plain tacky and you look like a hooker in a fancy dress…


Pippa has class Lindsays an ass

Rhonda` on

Sorry Lindsay but your boobs look a little saggy in that dress.

Lori on

Pippa looks classy. Lohan looks like Hollywood’s warped version of beauty

MGM on

I totally agree with sunshine…I like the dress on Lindsay but OMG her face looks so old….she looks like a 40 years old woman..

Machine on

LiLo tits make that dress look amazing. Pipa wishes she had the assets to pull it off.

Tara on

Lindsay needs some bust support. So tacky, but then, at a Kardashian wedding, that’s probably the most appropriate look.

Mimi on

OMG Lindsay looks 50 years old! Kids, don’t do drugs and stay away from the booze!!!!

mandy on

OK,,,I think it has been established that she requested everyone where either white or black….sheesh!! How many posts was that going to take????

Sue on

Lindsay is unrecognizable. Pretty sad.

Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa Middleton or Lindsay Lohan? – People Magazine » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa Middleton or Lindsay Lohan?People MagazineFor Kim Kardashian's star-studded nuptials on Saturday, the actress donned a white version of Pippa Middleton's glamorous green Temperley gown which she wore to her sister's royal wedding; Temperley's PR team says they didn't lend Lohan the gown, …Lindsay Lohan Wears Pippa Temperley Dress to Kim Kardashian's WeddingFashionEtc […]

Bunbuns56 on

Pippa, definitely. Lindsay looks like she’s carrying milk jugs on her chest. Hate to see what happened when she bent over!

Gina on

Pippa looks great – Lindsey looks likes she about 45 years old.

Kris on

Lindsay Lohan looks 2 -3 times her age. She has not aged well at all. Pippa Middleton looked classy & elegant in that dress, Lindsay looks cheap.

Laura on

Lindsay looks like a porn star trying to look respectable. Sadly, it doesn’t work. She still looks cheap. She looks old and used up.

rose on

Lilo should have had the top altered to fit her figure. looks like she just picked it up off the sample rack.

Jester on

OMG! I have never seen such a bad photograph of Lindsay, sans the booze and drug fueled ones from her past. She looks like a woman more than twice her age in this picture. I guess that’s what her life style will do to a girl. Sad…

Brooke on

Pippa’s dress is gorgeous. The emerald color really complements her tan (real? fake? don’t know – but it looks good!) and the dress really accentuates her lean arms. Lindsay’s is just all boobs. I’m a straight girl and I can’t even look at her face!

Tasha on

Lindsay looks like a stripper in that dress!

Eileen on

I can’t believe Lindsay is 25 years old! She looks like she’s in her 40’s.

T on

Lindsey is a little young to be so saggy isn’t she?

Kristen on

You REALLY have to ask? Lindsay is hanging out of the thing! It’s Pippa all the way. Plust the color is much more attractive than the white. And if Lindsay is trying to look virginal, it ain’t workin’.

Stacy on

No offense to Lindsay, but seriously?! why is this even a question? Of course Pippa looks better in the dress, it was designed just for her! Making this comparison is like comparing Kim’s wedding to the royal wedding, it does not make sense!!! The Kardashians may be reality TV royalty, but not American royalty and definitely nothing compared to William and Kate.

Skye on

How is this even a valid question…seriously??!!

Jo Ann on

I totally thought Lindsey was Suzanne Somers! OMG! I voted Pippa because she is classy. I’m sorry I can’t say the same for the other gal.

Melissa on

I really think Lindsay needs to wear a bra!

Ella on

It looks like a carrot threw up on Lindsay’s body and a bottle of bleach on her head. I can’t believe she’s just 25! What a waste of her previous looks – just say no to drugs people.

Lucy27 on

Pippa looks better
Carol, it is not tacky to wear white to a wedding if the BRIDE asks you to.

hanan on

ofcourse pippa
lindsay look horrible ,,she look old

Dave Herrington on

Kat, it’s not the dress that makes her look busty, it’s her big knockers hanging all over the place that makes her look busty and trampy. How about some pasties or some sort of undergarment, maybe duct tape?

One on

Bad cleave LiLo!

Unknown on

OMG-forget the dress, what happened to Lindsay Lohan’s face? I don’t care how much cover up she’s used, her hard partying ways have turned her into an old hag. BLEH!!’

Piper on

Why can’t Lindsay just GO AWAY!! Everyone is so over her already!!!

mom of 2 on

Is this a serious question? PIPPA without a doubt!

Lady Gaga and Emma Stone -- Lace Dress -- Tom Ford : InStyle.com What's Right Now on

[…] Lindsay Lohan chose a white Temperley London dress with crystal embellishment at the neckline for Kim Kardashian’s wedding, the same dress Pippa Middleton wore in emerald green to her sister’s royal nuptials in […]

Lisa on

The top of Lohan’s dress looks like a hammock strung between two trees–don’t think that’s the way the designer envisioned the dress!

Mandy on

If the dress was designed for Pippa (whom I wish would stay out of the American magazines), then why would anybody else be wearing it? Lindsey looks like her top is too saggy, too much fabric. I do however think she looks good. Definitely better than we’ve been seeing her. I still can’t stand her with blonde hair and wish she’d go back to red.

JJ on

Obviusly Pippa!

Leone on

Wow, this one was super HARD. kidding Lindsay makes it look so cheap. You sure that’s not Linda Evans?

jld1675 on

Lindsey looks like she’s channeling Marilyn Monroe. Platinum hair – check; white dress – check; death by a drug overdose – pending.

By the way, wearing the same color dress as the bride is considered tacky…

Diana on

Lindsay does not look good in anything!! But if the dress was made for Pippa how did Lindsay get a hold of one????

MichiganGirl73 on

Why is this question even being asked? Pippa is a true lady and Lindsay is, well nothing.

jld1675 on

And the fact that the bride requested guests wear black or white shows how much taste she has.

no name on

Considering she is fairly young and has implants Lindsay has the droopiest boobs I have ever seen. She looks about 40, tired and haggard,I guess all the partying has caught up with her.Maybe if she see’s how she looks in the photo’s she will wake up and realize how her life is slipping away.I can see her following Amy Winehouse’s sad end, to bad, I no longer care what she does. To many chances, a lost cause.

Jek on

Pippa, though she could probably use a cheeseburger once in awhile, still and always looks amazing. For Lindsay, bust support would be in order; other than that, she looks good in this gown, too. But for me, it’s Pippa all the way.

Danielle on

The wedding had a black and white theme, all guests were asked to wear these colors.

Mabby on

The neckline of this dress is really not flattering, in my opinion. A plunging neckline which doesn’t give the bosom any support really doesn’t serve to make the decolletage very attractive. Particularly in Lindsay’s case, since she has relatively large, somewhat pendulous breasts. It looks better on Pippa, but not that much better!

Josie on

I don’t really think either of them looks that good in the dress. It’s just too low cut and both of them need more bust support. But, I like the green better than the white.

Kathleen on

pippa by far!

hannah on

Lindsey shows too much clevage. Pippa adds a super cute clutch.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Style – Style News – StyleWatch … / DailyScoopIN on

[…] + Freshly Squeezed › […]

Mary Lynn on

Pippa looks awhole lot better than

Melanie on

Personally I think Lindsay looks old beyond her years. The hair color is borderline on gray. However I find it ridiculous that she was just in court stating she was practically destitute and could not pay for her court ordered therapy since her SAG card and therefore health insurance had lapsed…but she can afford to buy a dress, travel, keep the dye job and extensions up.

minnie on

i think Pippa looks better in the gown . Lindsey looks like a hoe . someone said it already but i ll repeat it Lindsey a washed up has been . she needs to grow the heck cant stand Lindsey !!

Rae on

I like the green dress better.

Jan Novotny on

She looks pretty good for a 50-year-old, but she still needs a bra.

rafael on

i don’t really care for pippa but that dress is just not right for Lindsay

MJ McBelle on

Lindsey wore white because Kim wanted her guests to wear black or white. The dress is pretty but she’s not wearing a bra and it looks see-through.

Carla G on

Pippa has NO competition!!

kristen on

Lindsay Lohan did but She deffs. Upstaged Kim She looked really good! but Kim is beautiful!

Rena'e on


read the article before you speak. The bride asked her guest to wear either white or black.

lari on

is it me or does she look older beyond her years, the poor girl lost her looks, she looks wasted.

Catherine on

umm let me think..PIPPA!

Sherri on

I would never request people wear white at my wedding.Not that Kim wearing white really represents anything.Pippa looks much better.Lindsay’s boobs are hanging out too much.

daniella on

lindsay claro por mais seios que tenha a pippa é muita ensosa e magra!

Tessa on

Lindsay! @ Carol, per the request of Bride and Groom, it was a black and white affair…..so, not tacky….

redrosieca on

Someone call the judge, she can’t pay for private therapy, but can pay thousands on a dress for a wedding!!!!!

lynn on

Lindsay looks like Emma Bunton.. without class! She really needed a bra! I hope she grows up and figures it out soon…

Lindsay Lohan Steals Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Look – E! Online | What's New UK on

[…] Middleton Temperley dressDaily MailBasketball's version of the Royal WeddingLos Angeles TimesWho Wore Temperley Better: Pippa or Lindsay?People Magazinemsnbc.com -Daily News & Analysis -ABC Newsall 606 news […]

Fashion ModREn » Lindsay Lohan Wears Pippa Temperley Dress to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding on

[…] Of course, with a strict black or white dress code being enforced by the bride, Lohan wore the white version of the dress, which she had to buy—at retail (gasp!), People reports. […]

‘A Perfect Night’ | JavedanTV on

[…] Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa Middleton or Lindsay Lohan? […]

Liza on

Pippa by far looks better in the dress. Lindsay looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor but taller.

me on

Lol when Pippa wore the dress I said ‘Omg, I love that dress, I want it.’
With Lohan wearing it: ‘Wow, that’s a tacky dress’.
It really proves that it’s the woman wearing the dress that matters and not the dress itself.

Becky on

Pippa wore it better.

Lindsay Lohan Copies Pippa Middleton at Kardashian Wedding – Us Magazine » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] Kardashian's Wedding Band Performs Pitbull song in front of Lindsay LohanAHN | All Headline NewsWho Wore Temperley Better: Pippa Middleton or Lindsay Lohan?People MagazineEntertainment Weekly (blog) -PerezHilton.com -The Stirall 85 news […]

nbbb on

Pippa …no contest!!

Lindsay – can you say “HUSSSSY” – the white fabric is so see-through – not much of the imagination needed, but then look who’s wearing the dress.

Her hairdo makes me think “I Dream of Jeannie” – give it up girl, spend money on a stylist instead of booze/drugs.

Jaime on

Lindsay…put your cleavage away girl. She made it look cheap. Whereas Pippa’s wearing it with style and regalness.

msntnkrbll on

Lindsay always looks like a hooker. Pippa always looks like a classy english lady. duh!

chrissy on

surely your not comparing Linsday to the gorgeous sexy classy Pippa?? Its like saying whats makes a better house pet a cat or a wild boar?

Kelly on

PIPPA! Lindsay’s breasts are too distracting!

Jana on

That blonde hair looks almost as bad as the dress does on her. Pippa Middleton looked gorgeous but Lindsey looks like what she is-a worn out, washed up has-been trying way too hard.

Maggie on

Where can I get a knock off version?

Stacey on

I think the picture is unfair. Pippa is facing the side so you can’t see if her chest is as unkept as Lindsay’s is. If you look, you can see some sagging on Pippa as well. Linds needs to go easy on the tanner…all in all, giving my (non) expert opinion (haha,) Pip wins…but personally I’d like to see a more curvy woman in this dress, such as Beyonce or Vanessa Minillo..I think either one would blow these two out of the water.

Jen on

Lindsay looks like Dolly Parton.

Amy on

Lindsay looks so bad with that bleached blonde mess on her heade, fake tan, and droopy boobs. Pippa is a natural beauty.

Kayla on

Pippa 100%

1. You are never supposed to wear a white dress to a wedding unless you’re the bride.

2. The dress doesn’t fit Lindsay right. The top needs to be pulled up. If you compare to Pippa, it looks classier on Pippa. Lindsay looks like she’s wearing a size too big.

I think Lindsay would look almost as good as Pippa if she changed these things.

Chloe on

Pippa looks regal…Lindsey looks like she just stepped off the set of a porn film.

Deeg on

Pippa wears the dress with class. Lindsay has no class. If she would have worn the dress correctly, with proper support, she would have looked okay, but still not great. You would think she could have seen how the dress looked on Pippa and taken her cues from that. But, no, that would have been too tasteful for Lindsay.

barbara k on

Lohan is a pig, can’t dress up one as once a pig always a pig

Mia on

the gown that Pippa wore was really designed for her, therefore it had the right measurements for her body. in fairness to Lindsay, they posted a picture which is not to her advantage. Face value, it is Lindsay all the way…

mark on

Lindsay looks good but she needs boob lift!

Amy on

Pippa’s dress was made for her, so it fit her. Lindsay should have had the dress altered to fit her chest properly. Just altering the length on the straps by an inch or two, would have made a world of difference. She also should have wore one of those “stick on bras” or something. I have worn them before and they help keep things where they are supposed to be.
And, one more thing. I thought she told the court she was broke? How can she go and buy a designer dress and afford anything on the gift registry for the wedding and the shower?

Anna Komain on

I thought Lindsey Lohan was broke. She told the judge in her court case that she couldn’t afford counseling…… but she can afford an expensive designer gown? Pippa looks very nice in the dress, Lindsey not so much.

Lucy on

If only lindsey had worn it like Pippa (not so much cleavage showing). It would have looked a little more classy. But we all know poor Lindsey has no class. Less prostitute, more princess Lindsey!

Goldie on

It’s weird how the same dress looks so different on the two of them. LL looks like a hooker while Pippa looks very elegant.

RoseofSanFernando on

I am not a fan of Lindsey Lohan ..and Pippa Middleton is a very classy lady even if she wasn’t the sister of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Lindsey needs some serious tips on the clothes she chooses white dress or not. So I pick Pippa ….BTW Lindsey get a new hairdresser too.

Bella on

The dress definitely suits Pippa better, especially seeing how the dress was originally designed specifically for her. While Lindsay has definitely looked worse, the dress doesn’t suit her at all, nor does she do the dress justice.

miss scarlet on

lindsay lohan wore white to somebody’s wedding? classy.

oh my goodness on

I thought from the blurred far away picture from before that it was Ivanna Trump attending. When I found out it was Lindsay I was suprised. She looks like an old woman. Just sayin!

Tracy on

Really disgusuting that everyone picks on Lindsay. And you say she has no class, take a long look in the mirror people.

Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa or Lindsay? | Wedding in LA on

[…] Read More: Who Wore Temperley Better: Pippa or Lindsay? […]

Melissa on

On Pippa, the dress looks regal and classy. On Lindsay it just looks cheap.

P.S. Lindsay, there’s this thing they invented called a “bra”, Look it up, try one on.

twinnie on

Whew, Lindsay is really starting to look rough. I suppose it’s the drugs and party lifestyle. When I look at her, I can see what she will look like at 50. It’s a shame.

Sun on

My vote goes to Pippa. Lindsay should have had the bodice lined, or have worn pasties to cover up her, um, headlights. Lindsay’s a beautiful, natural redhead, and why she continues to bleach her hair — which looks horrible with her spray tan orange — is beyond me. Lindsay, please lay off the bleach and the tanning!

Stormy48 on

omg…Lindsay Lohan looks horrible where Pippa looks so elegant…who wears white to someone else’s wedding???

Irish on

I don’t care for Pippa, but she did look like a lady in the dress, while Lindsay is just Lindsay. She couldn’t look like a lady in anything she wears.

Anonymous on

You can’t buy class!

Janke on

Lindsay looks like a crusty old fishwife….yuk! She should consider wearing a bra her boobs are hanging there like a cow’s udder.

Colleen Moro on

I think the man standing behind Ms. Middleton would agree that she looks better. Talk about obvious. Put your eyes back in your socket.

M. Louise on

I like both dresses equally well but I prefer Pippas simply because she looks vibrant and radiant in the gown. She wears the gown not the other way around so to speak. Lindsay looks amazing compared to past pics but the bleached hair and the white of the gown just really make her look washed out. As for Kims choice of white or black to the wedding.. I have seen alot of weddings where the guests and even the bridesmaids wore black or white. It was beautiful but the most famous was Princess Catherines wedding where Pippa wore white as well.. Tradition and glam.. How divine!

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze | Brooke & Jubal In The Morning on

[…] PICS: Lindsay Lohan copied Pippa Middleton by wearing the SAME dress she did to the Kardashian wedding […]

stacey on

she probably chose white over black because it’s much easier for cocaine dropping from her nostrils to blend in!

liv on

Hands down Pippa. Lohan looks like she spent $1.29.She can’t war clothes. She looks old and spent.

Angelia on

Lindsay should go back to her roots, the red hair long curly locks was pretty and not many in the stars have that. Then lay off the tan and have the complexion she was given at birth. Then change the dress to a emerald green even thou white was a request. She could change her looks for her next appearance.

Mellie on

You can definitely tell the difference between someone who works out and takes care of herself versus someone who has not done so in a long time…go Pippa!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Style – Style News – StyleWatch … | This is sadly the closest any of us will get to Kim Kardashian on

[…] Lohan wears the same Temperley dress Pippa Middleton wore at the Royal Wedding. Read the original: Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Style – Style News – StyleWatch … Posted in Uncategorized « Fashion News: Kim Kardashian wed. Marc Jacobs to Dior? | The […]

Elizabeth on

Same dress – one looks lovely and classy (Pippa) and one looks cheap and phony (Lohan). Amazing!

Keith on

She didn’t actually wear white to the wedding. She just got covered in coke and jizz.

Pam on

There is NO comparison. Pippa exudes class. The other one—NOT SO MUCH!

Robyn on

Lindsay looks fake from her hair down. Pippa looks stunning. No contest.

Kiwi on

Temperley should pay Lindsay to not wear the brand! Her girls don’t fit in the dress at all. And the hair… She looks like a bride goes wild!

Bev on

How tacky! Sagging boobs and wearing white to someone else’s wedding. Low class Lindsey strikes again! She needs to go back to her natural hair color. She doesn’t have the skin tone to pull off blonde.

D on

If your boobs are down around your waist – Lindsay – this dress is not for you. And there are very, very few women who can pull off all-white attire.

Lindsay Lohan Dressed Like Pippa Middleton – BSCkids on

[…] Kardashian's wedding gown copy of Pippa Middleton's gown?Apun Ka ChoiceUs Magazine -People Magazine -E! Onlineall 148 news […]

Pippa Middleton To Get Married?! – Gather Celebs News Channel on

[…] Lohan Copies Pippa Middleton at Kardashian WeddingUs MagazineApun Ka Choice -Shockya.com -People Magazineall 163 news […]

Temperley Disses Lindsay Lohan For Wearing Pippa Dress | Grab The News on

[…] Kim’s wedding was the same Temperley that Pippa Middleton wore to Will Kate’s reception. When People contacted the dress makers they were told in no uncertain terms that they did NOT loan the gown to […]

Colleen on

I’m going to be completely honest. Lindsay was obviously trying WAAAY to hard and she wasn’t doing herself any favors by trying to compare with Pippa, the most wanted figure in the world. Although, Lindsay looks healthier now that she’s off the drugs and I give her props for that. Pippa’s skin looks good with the green, but because her chest bones are showing in contrast to having no breasts and tiny emaciated arms…and as annoying as Lindsay is to wear white to a wedding, I am giving it to Lindsay because I am so sick of this Pippa/Kate anorexia trend

Kaley_T on

Where’s the bubble for neither?! blehck

spacecat on

Pippa 4 sure

Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown copy of Pippa Middleton’s gown? – Apun Ka Choice » Kim Kardashian Superstar on

[…] Kim Kardashian's …Entertainment Weekly (blog)Ninemsn -AHN | All Headline News -People Magazineall 134 news […]


ilike this sexy photo graph,.

wayan dana on

I like see man or women use the dress looking nice, and fashion.Performance is the fist impression.

ilavarajan on

Hai friend

Anna on

LL looks like a meth bride

Jade on

I think Pippa wore it better because sshe looks more sophisticated and elegant, lindsey looks nice but the cut of the dress doesnt fit her body style.

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