Angelina Jolie's First Louis Vuitton Ad Revealed

06/13/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton
Courtesy Louis Vuitton

The rumors were true: Angelina Jolie is indeed the new face of Louis Vuitton. The actress’s first ad for the company’s “Core Values” campaign was released today, featuring the star afloat on a boat in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. Wearing her own clothes, no makeup and her own years-old monogrammed Alto bag, Jolie looks at peace in her photograph. “People are not used to seeing Angelina in this situation,” Vuitton’s executive vice president Pietro Beccari tells WWD. “I like the fact that it’s a real moment. This travel message we give through personal journeys is a fundamental one for the brand. This campaign is about a very special person and a very special journey.” In fact, Cambodia is the country from which Jolie adopted eldest son Maddox, and where she and partner Brad Pitt later established a foundation in the 9½-year-old’s name. Jolie follows in the footsteps of luminaries like Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Sally Ride and Mikhail Gorbachev, all of whom have posed for the “Core Values” campaign, as well as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson, all former faces of Vuitton. Jolie’s ad will break in the International Herald Tribune Wednesday, and is expected to run in various publications for about 18 months. And though the handbag she carries in her ad is no longer in production, Jolie’s love of the piece is causing the company to consider “re-editing” it, Beccari says. He would not discuss the amount Jolie was paid for the campaign, but says she did donate an undisclosed portion of her fees to charity.  Tell us: What do you think of Jolie’s ad? Kate Hogan


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mel on

She doesn’t look anorexic in this picture so that’s a good thing…

Loretta on

Love it! The photography is beautiful & Angelina looks wonderful.

Brittany on

No makeup? Yeah right!

akri on

don’t like the pose but she’s beautiful as always.

Sandra on

The irony of this ad is that for the cost of one of those ridiculously overpriced handbags, Angelina and co can feed an entire village in cambodia…..utter nonsense as usual….

Erin on

Doesn’t the article say no makeup? They must be talking about a different photo?

Sandra Abadie on

Great picture, such a beautiful women, I LOVe Louis Vuitton!

Robin on

No make-up? They are telling us she is NOT wearing eye-make-up? My a$$. I like the ad, but don’t insult us by treating us like idiots, ok? Thanks!!

LP on

totally oddball pose, and yeah, I’m having a hard time believing the no-makeup thing. it looks like at a minimum, she went to bed with makeup on and artfully smudged it in the morning!

lency on

Well at least Angelina has fed an entire village, you can’t say that about many celebrities.

ccm on

angelina is beautiful and her heart is in the right place….

Just My Opinion on

@Sandra, for the price of the bag Angelina & Brad has donated more than their share to charity. Can we say the same about us?

Liza on

Great! Ads. should definitely start to be more ‘natural’ and real. Closer to the (ordinary) people. Definitely re-issue the bag. A classic LV. (I wish I could afford one).

Tina on

No makeup, my ars!

Aneta on

Agree with @lency, let’s not bash one of the few celebrities that has done actual lasting good in the world. Not huge LV fan as they are insanely overpriced and really boring bags, but their ads are always neat and this picture is quite lovely. In terms of the makeup, 99% of us don’t look that good with makeup on :)

Sandra on

Angelina looks beautiful, its also great that she has her own “used” bag in the add, the one she travels with and has had since years. She donates a lot of her money to charity and actually visits the places and people in need. Way to go !

Julie on

First, she looks beautiful. Second, there is nothing “real” about it. She definately has makeup on, physically or digitally. The whole picture looks soft focus or dreamlike and fake. She definatley looks gorgeous and not as scary thin as usual, but the description in the article sounds like it is talking about a totally different picture.

Julie on

@Britney From what I can tell, People has a different definition of “no makeup” than normal people like you and I do. For me, no makeup means I have applied no cosmetics. For “stars”, no makeup means they didn’t put on powder or blush. She looks good. But she’s wearing makeup.

RMG on

She look beautiful with or without make up. It is nice to know she helps with the part of the money I would love to see more pics.


She clearly has dark eye shadow on and a lip stick or gloss so why say “no makeup”. She is a beautiful woman no doubt and I’m sure she prob. could pull off no makeup and still look great. We can all see that she does have make up on though.

bobbie on

I’m sure she is beautiful without make up,,however,unless she has two black eyes, she most certainly is wearing make-up..perhaps, no lipstick means=no make-up…who cares,,it is a lovely ad.

Lynda on

Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian who puts her money and time where her mouth is, unlike too many others who simply throw stones.

T. Edward on

Great picture; however, you cannot see that the bag is the purpose of the picture.

Jennifer on

She looks great. LV is such a timeless classic.
And yes, although we all know she is wearing makeup it is on a more limited scale.

Nicole on

NO MAKE-UP????!!!!!! OK. Love the bag!!!!!

Laura on

Are you kidding me? No make-up? That’s a joke! Then she must have two black eyes!

MX on


sandee on

No make-up???? The eyes tell all!

Catherine in Tulsa on

She’s a beautiful woman, but she has makeup on. And I doubt they are her clothes, because all of her clothes are black. I’m just saying, it’s probably her bag, but it’s still a staged photo and it’s not some snap shot Brad took when they were traveling through SE Asia.

Gemini6367 on

She sure looks good for wearing…NO MAKEUP!!! This is the best lie I have heard in a long time.

Jen on

I happen to think she looks AMAZING and does so much to give back! Other celebrities should do the same! I just dont understand why people are harping on the “no makeup”! Who cares!! :)

Tessa on

Sorry to burst your bubble (whoever wrote this article), but she is definitely wearing makeup. Look at her eyelids.

However, this is a really pretty picture. A breath of fresh air compared to all the over done, airbrushed pictures we usually see.

Nathalie Gibbons on

Beautiful shot, but I resent the “no makeup” mention.
Come on now!

Elle on

No makeup, my a$$.

Lillianne on

I laugh at the comments about no makeup. Since when did you expect the gospel truth from the tabs?

Loni on

I absolutely love it! I agree with the comments about the “no makeup” though. Does she naturally have black eyelids? Love the hair and scenery! Love her efforts too!

Eva Coholic on

No makeup please…. your sending the wrong message out and as a loyal client of Louis Vuitton (30yrs) I must say I am disappointed in them.

Sandra on

Core values? she has no values, when she is a home wrecker.

Cee on

Beautiful, but I’m going to be catty and say, “Who needs makeup, when it can all be ‘done up,’ digitally?”

Carolyn on

Just Perfect!

Lucinda on

I love that ad…she looks so natural and very pretty

Amanda on

lmfao it’s called Photoshop. She never looks like that for real.

Maria on

Yes, she has fed an entire village but don’t forget it’s tax deductible. Sitting down with the clothes she has on and “No Makeup” you cannot tell how thin she really is. It’s funny it looks like make up on the eyes to me. She may be pretty but she will always be a homewrecker to me. I’m just sayin.

Kate on

Are you kidding me! The cost of one of those purses could help feed a small village in Cambodia. It is a huge slap in the face to the people of Cambodia. We throw an over paid celebrity into the mix with her own LV bag! very very bad!!!!

Kim on

She looks absolutely beautiful as always. She is one of my favorites.

Justine on

No make up? Bahahahaha!!! I love Angelina, but what a crock! AND that pic is so photoshopped, it’s not funny!

Marianne on

It is a beautiful picture, and I think they meant no makeup artist.

Lianne on

She is not one of the prettiest celebs nowadays but the pic looks good. Of course it might be photoshop. And pleaaaase fix the “NO MAKE UP”, it’s obvious she is wearing it. There is nothing wrong with that but don’t try so hard to make her seem natural. I think what I like the most here is her hair, it seems to have more volume.

suz on

hahah some of these jealous bit*hes crack me up..

Helen Chu on


blake m on

Holy snickers – wish I woke up looking like that! lol.

@ Sandra – at least she does charity. How many celebs have we seen that have the money and don’t lend their names to charities or issues?

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[…] All you bag whores are gonna love this! And indeed it’s true, Angelina Jolie is the new face of  Louis Vuitton. The “Core Values” campaign was released today, featuring a fresh-faced Jolie in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. She’s wearing her  own clothes, no makeup and an old monogrammed Alto bag.  Vuitton’s executive vice president Pietro Beccari explained, “People are not used to seeing Angelina in this situation. I like the fact that it’s a real moment. This travel message we give through personal journeys is a fundamental one for the brand. This campaign is about a very special person and a very special journey.” Peep the full story here. […]

morgan on

Angelina has done more for war torn, natural disaster striken places than most people, celebrity or not. I think of her as a humanitarian first, actor, second. Does it really matter if she has make up on or not? Who cares? She is an amazing human being.

Anna on

I think you are a little bit hard on angelina, to be honest.
I mean, it possible that she didn´t wear make-up- we are forgetting photoshop;-)!

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Nic on

No makeup? She appears to have makeup on in the photo above.

Love the photo and the setting tho.

Thalia on

People are always so quick to cut her down. She’s done nothing but help others and it’s a HECK of a lot more than anyone can say for other millionaires in the world, not just celebrities.

She’s a beautiful woman even if she IS wearing a bit of make-up but there’s no doubt she DOES have some on here.

The picture looks painted though, not real.

Sue on

No makeup? Who are you trying to kid?

Joanna on

Stunning! Just when you think she can’t possibly look more beautiful,she does something else! I love the all natural look on her. Beautiful!

Stephanie on

I like the picture. However, whomever wrote the ad needs glasses; she has A LOT of make up on. All you have to do is look at her eyes.

Katz on

I love the ad. I thinks she looks beautiful, and tranquil.

Marti on

NO MAKE-UP!!! Who do they think they’re fooling?

marie on

Wow! Someone who was born with natural upper and lower black eyeliner…plus the fact that this is hardly a casual pose as any photographer will tell you. Maybe she should consider the cost of LV before she poses in Cambodia.

Patricia on

Angelina is beautiful, classic, and in a class all her own. She is beautiful inside and out. She and Brad are very giving, loving people. This is a beautiful ad. True the bags are expensive, and I cannot afford one, but not only does she give of her time, but her money to feed many. “Core Values” depicts this exceptional person well….and the bag she is holding is timeless just like Anglelina!

Kelly Wagner on

Not to detract from Angie’s beauty but she is definitely wearing eye makeup in this photo.

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Piz on

Angelina donates incredible amounts of money to Cambodia through the foundation she started in her son’s name. The people of Siem Reap consider her a hero and say that their children can attend school because of her. Who cares whether she’s wearing make-up?

lulu on

I think the article meant “her own makeup”….I realize the article says it’s edited, but most editors tend to make mistakes. Hope this clears things up for everyone. I think the ad is gorgeous…

coco on

LV is soooo last year.
I wish Angelina was representing a different more modern brand.

Karen M. on

She has done more than some of you folks on here talking BS. She has been doing humanitarian work not 1, 2, or 3 but 10 years if not more. If you think she is doing for publicity, maybe you people should do what she does for 10 years going to improvished countries and putting her life in danger.

As for the homewrecker comment, none of you have real proof that she broke up the marriage. If Brad’s heart was with Jen, no one can make him leave her.

Anyway, she does have make up on but minimal.

Amanda on

Also, another comment, I’m not even looking at the bag…the only time I actually looked at the bag was when I came back to say this. She’s a horrible model.

Neat on

Love it. Of course she donated a lot of the cash.

Neat on

LoL @ her being a horrible model. My coffee is coming out my nose.

nadine on

Why do you keep saying makeup free? She obvioulsy has a ton of eyeliner on this pic!

sarah on

HAHAHA….no makeup–that would never happen. Ever notice when they say stars aren’t wearing any makeup, you can actually see the makeup on their faces?? lol

Craig on

She wasn’t wearing makeup.
They just photo-shopped it in afterwards!
She’s an incredibly beautiful woman.
Inside AND out!

Nina on

She’s hot, she’s anorexic, she’s wearing make-up and the ad’s awesome if a little misleading…

donna on

Here’s a woman trying to adopt all the worlds children, fighting for world peace, anti-poverty and hunger, pimping overpriced fashion items. Pick a side, Ange.

kelly on

i love the pose,she looks healthy, but doesn’t that bag look really out of place or is it just me

ha on

Angelina is one woman that can get people heated mad by just posing. I find that hilarious.

Lana on

If she isn’t wearing makeup then Brad gave her two black eyes.

Kate on

The mark up on these bags are incredible when they are made of the cheapest kind of plastic (i know a plastics engineer). But i really like Angelina for her charity works and she looks great.

Margaret on

She always looks sad and depressed. Can’t stand her

Judith on

She is smashing and I love the bag! I too have an older LV, a 30 yr old purse in excellent condition that I still use. Angelina is smart, naturally beautiful, elegant and she is the perfect choice for this ad. I am sold and will buy another purse for everyday use.

ha on

Donna, why would she pick a side? She is a Hollywood Actress and she has always said that keeping one foot in Hollywood is what affords her the ability to give back so much. She is basically using Hollywood to fund her charity work. LoL

Purelica on

She looks gorgeous as usual, but I think she’s got eye makeup on.

marsha thomas on

I believe the phrase, ‘minimal make-up’ is appropriate here. The Photoshop appearance is probably done to enhance the feelings of classic, long-lasting possessions. I think the tan/khaki, loose fitting outfit was chosen to create a feeling of exploration and adventure.
I like it. And please do remember that she is advertising a luxury product…this is how she makes her living and yes she gets paid handsomely for modeling. Don’t allow yourselves, readers, to be so intellectually limited that you cannot appreciate a nice advertisement done with understatement and, of course, it is digitally enhanced etc. It’s 2011, and our society uses digital enhancement like magazines used color way back in my day.
Get over yourselves and enjoy the ‘pretties’ in life….

Angie on

I stopped reading when I read the sentence “no makeup” ummm… yeah right… it may be “natural makeup” but I strongly disbelieve the “no makeup”. She has the “smokey eyes”… I have to say- I do like her hair darker… Some recent pictures where her hair is a honey brown makes it look washed out- this is a rich brown, and I think it makes her look healthier.

Rebecca on

I think it is a beautiful picture but the person writing the article must be blinded.

1st of all she is wearing makeup – completely her eyes especially.

2nd – who says people aren’t used to seeing her like this? I am actually used to seeing her in pictures in 3rd world countries looking worse than this and doing something good – that is what people aren’t used to seeing.
This picture is very ad oriented with the star/model posing.

With that being said – it is still a beautiful picture – now hopefully the next article will discuss the truth in the beauty of the picture.

Leah on


Estfar on

She is gorgeous inside and out. No matter how hateful people can be, they can not deny that she puts her money where her heart is. Say what you will, I admire this woman immensely. Talk about just natural beauty — she personifies it!!! Bet anything that the money she makes from this, goes toward supporting her foundations. That’s what I call CLASS.

mariez on

You’re misleading the public. Show a bag that is available for sale.

Lisa on

The caption under the ad reads “A single journey can change the course of a life.” Considering the ad is shot in Cambodia, and that’s where Angelina adopted her first child Maddox from, the ad is a great reflection of her personally. The LV bag in the ad represents her Hollywood start, and the Cambodian journey is what changed her life. Get over the “no makeup” part, people!

JS on

Such a gorgeous picture. Looks like her. Looks real. Way more meaningful to a lot of people than the glossed up sparkly fancy ads. Love the old bag. Don’t change a thing.

Jazzie on

She is the most beautiful being on this planet and all the Universe!!! She is soooooooooooooooooo Perfect! Flawless as always. No need to add so much make up. Just perfectly flawless ;()

Ms. K on

Well now that she can add to the millions of dollars she has….Can some one please tell her to get some hair grease for her one daughter!!!! It just ain’t right!!!! Or just hire some one to grease and keep her hair on a daily!!!

KM on

No makeup? No way! She’s loaded down with black eyeliner, blue/purple eyeshadow, brow pencil, pale lipstick….

Joe on

Stunning Ad. I love the bag/please re-do it:)

Raquel on

Makeup or no makeup does not matter. You bitter people still putting on makeup and still do not look good? Or, you do not fit carrying a Vuitton bag because you trying hard to be vain and be vane. The ad looks serene, confident and exciting. At least, this is better reading than the many dates of Jennifer Aniston or her new look. Enough. Just think of yourselves in the ad.

JP on

I’m slightly confused about the “no make-up” thing… ohhhh, I get it! Maybe her eye make-up is tattoed on, so technically no make-up has been applied.

Kayla on

She is so beautiful, and does so much good for those in need. Truly someone to aspire to.

stacy on

I bet she spent 3 hours in hair and makeup for this “natural” look…not to mention all the airbrushing on her legs and arms, so those yucky veins wouldn’t show.

debra s on

no makeup????? oh yes she IS-and I agree the ad is an oxymoron-help the people of Cambodia by buying an overpriced designer hand bag-WTF?

Patsy on

I think the world has more important issues of concern.
Selling overpriced status “stuff” by overpaid actors is certainly at the bottom of a “who cares” list.

ellen on

the scenery is beautiful as is she

Lisa on

She has mascara on.


I don’t know about you guys, but I always travel with my 1500 dollar bag when heading into the jungle. LOL

Patti on

She is beautiful and the pic is great! She is very generous with her money so if she wants to pose for Louis Vitton let her do it!

Barbara Ann Burns on

If she is not wearing any makeup and looks that fantastic, then there is no justice in this world for the rest of us women.

Colleen on

It’s a nice photo and she certainly looks gorgeous, however she is wearing make up – unless her eyelids are naturally gray. Mascara and eye shadow count as make up, and Angelina is definitely wearing both. So if you go the “no makeup” part wrong, why should we believe the “own clothes” and “own bag” statements?

pearlina on

I am loving this ad and admiring what this woman stands for!

mkp on

She looks great. But come on she has a ton of makeup on, especially her eyes

twg on

She is wearing eye make up!!!

Tessa on

Sge looks beautiful, but why do they have to ruin it by claiming she is NOT wearing makeup. I also doubt those are her own clothes bacause they are not her usual black. I am not hating on her – but rather the claims she’s bare-faced, etc…

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NNC on

Very obviously wearing make up..

ltrain on

no makeup??? yeah, right!!!!

Kiersten on

real moment? who are you kidding? stand by what you kids in tow,full face makeup on a boat in Cambodia?? Give me a break…

Leslie Davis on

she is clearly wearing makeup–and a lv bag looks totally out of place in poverty stricken cambodia.

Marilis N on

No make-up??? Who are they trying to fool?

Madison on

Give her credit…you will NEVER see Jennifer Aniston in Cambodia! A. J.-Pitt’s contributions to the needy far outway the price of a LV bag! She and Brad are remarkable human beings…

Angelina Jolie in Louis Vuitton campaign - Rock The Trend on

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t on

I was thinking of getting Louis Vuitton but if that is the best role model they can find to represent this brand then forget it. I thought this brand was about “luxury and class”? NO
What about Emily Blunt she would be perfect. She recently played in a movie with Matt Damon she is gorgeous. Her husband is lucky.

Marie on

Honestly, who cares if she’s wearing make-up or not? She is gorgeous and the ad is very nice.

Linda on

It is a great picture of a beautiful and gracious lady.

pia on

Stunning yes… make up….who do you think you are kidding?????….did you even look at the picture???

Lori on

Really! Home Wrecker! Twice. Karma will be her payback.

lulu on

Coco: LOL…so, you’re saying for a million bucks you wouldn’t do an LV campaign because it’s “sooo last year”..??? Hahaha, doubt it. But you know what is sooo last year? Pompous attitudes.

MaryL on

Who in Cambodia can afford these handbags. What is the message?

Suzanne on

I was thinking of getting a LV but if she is their spokesperson, I will not get one. She has no morals. She is no role model!

Tammy on

She is lovely in this photo, love Louis Vitton, but don’t buy the ‘no makeup’ comment at all.

g on

This is just so silly. “Core Values” – Louis Vuitton, such humanitarians. Did they visit the sweat shop the over priced handbag was made in while they were “in Cambodia,” I wonder.

Dora Falconi on

I think that Angelina Jolie’s , is perfect

for the Louis Vuitton commercial, I agree 100percent. Well done.

Jennifer on

I REALLY don’t understand why people think she is attractive!

Krista on

She is totally wearing makeup. You can see the mascara, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Come on! However, she looks stunning, as always.

Karen B. on

No makeup? Damn! She looks so good, and there’s no makeup? Sigh.

j.e. on

So the clothing which she apparently owns, how come we never see her wearing them, yet they fit her anorexia body so well(weird). What’s with the droopy eye. They chiseled her cheek again and can totally see the make-up on her. As well what happened to her veins. This picture does not represent reality to the place where the photo shoot is. Who would travel to a poor country, with an expensive handbag to sit on raggedy looking boat.

joanie jamieson on

What are you talking about “NO MAKEUP” You can see she is wearing makeup. Don’t mislead the youth of today with your false statements. When will the press stop lying and tell it the way it is. It is a wonderful photo, in a great location. And she is fully made up. I know for a fact!!

Esther Gray on

Angelina is an incredibly beautiful person–both inside and out.

Jules on

She looks gorgeous as usual, but definitely is wearing eye makeup and lipstick! Maybe she did it herself without a makeup artist. Bag looks hot. Does LV still sell that one?

Jill on

She’s is just beautiful. But yeah, she definitely has at least a little makeup on. Still a very pretty picture.

isa on

It’s obvious she has eye make up on. Who are they trying to fool?!!

Mac on

I agree that it looks like she IS wearing makeup. It would have impressed me more if it was reported that she donated ALL of her fee to charity.

Heather on

I always go boating on an old wooden boat through the swamp with my Louis Vuitton bag.

cee on

She is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why people question no makeup and her own clothes. She always looks gorgeous with no make up and the pants look like the ones she wore on the plane just rolled up. Can’t wait for the next pics and article.

Doris Huneycutt on

It does not even look like her!!

JoAnn on

Lovely picture, this is truly a gorgeous woman.

jlind on

No make-up? Are you kidding me??? She has full make up on…

Steph on

She looks like a man. She isn’t aging very well.

Lex on

Next they’ll tell us they didn’t Photoshop it at all. No makeup? Yeah right! And I’m sorry, it’s not a “real” moment. Maybe in her life…but I’m sure the people of Cambodia can’t afford LV bags, and I can’t afford one either! (Or a trip to Cambodia for that matter…)

sos on


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heather on

shes WAY past her prime

Cindy on

Love her!! Not buying the no makeup part but she’s amazing regardless.

janet on

Sorry , I see eye makeup. . Could of used a new bag instead of her old one. Team Aniston still….

BebeAngel13 on

Everybody’s a flipping critic. ;)

Heather on

Cambodia and Angelina look stunning. I could care less about the bag, lol.

Faye on

I like the ad. The cropped version doesn’t do it justice. The one at the Louis Vuitton site is stunning…like a painting. I don’t find anything wrong with the ad being shot in Cambodia. I recall a few years ago People did a wonderful informative piece on the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation’s work in that country. Angelina Jolie is one of the few celebrities who actually puts her money, time, & energy into helping others. I find that to be admirable.

Jackie on

Whatever she is or isn’t wearing, she’s a beautiful person, inside and out!

vic on

she has more makeup than a MAC counter!

cyn on

It’s a beautiful picture, but she is definitely wearing makeup; she would be just as beautiful without it.

Mona on

She definitely looks amazing and maybe they meant she had no make up during the shoot. Because they damn sure did digitally altered this photo. She has on make up but it is a nice shot. Love that she’s using her old worn LV bag and her own clothes.

aon on

I think she is absolutely beautiful. However, I don’t get the idea behind the campaign. You can hardly see the bag, and they feature a bag that is no longer in production. Was the point of this campaign to generate a warm and fuzzy about Louis Vuitton, or to sell bags? If its to sell bags, I think they’ve missed the “boat”!

laurie on

she doesnt need makeup! nice picutre

Lisa on

Great ad, and a beautiful woman. She and Brad just gave $500,000 to Community Foundation of the Ozarks to help the people of Joplin, MO rebuild after the devastating tornadoes. I admire that their humanitarian efforts are worldwide as well as in the USA!

cinnamon on

She’s naturally gorgeous, I’ve seen pictures of her with out make-up and still looks gorgeous.She’s blessed with natural beauty in and out.

mylinda on

She is totally wearing makeup!

MYM on

Love the new face of Louis Vuitton. Great campaign.

Issabeilita on

Photogenic as usual, Angelina. Great pose and great backdrop. Angie, the one and only!

Aimee on

She has TONS of eye makeup on.

Rosie on

If the people from Louis Vuitton really wanted to make this add look natural they should of got someone from Cambodia that needs the money, not this B#$ch!!

Issabeilita on

Readers, stop dissecting (splitting hairs) the words of the statement. When it says no make up…you have to comment it with such disgust.
Haters…you’re just full of hate.. do you hate yourself.

SGrave369 on

No make-up? Not by a long shot. She has on make-up.

1. Why does she have a purse that huge in the middle of a swampy area on a boat?

2. Why show that purse if it’s no longer in production?

Doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s just me.

Ella on

Bull-oney… look at her eyes! She is DEFINITELY wearing makeup!

Luz on

Angelina is and will always be the epitome of a true woman. She is beautful, works and has a large family.In addition, she has donated more money that you can shake a stick at to various charities. She has made mistakes, as we all have, ownded up to then and she continues to move forward, not letting those mis-steps keep her down. I love this photgraph, however it does appear she has some type of eye makeup on. Her mere presence is just breath-taking.

Cheets on

Absolutely stunning!

Bip on

She looks beautiful and stunning

Nova on

So many angry people. Why so much hate? Ange is a decent person who does amazing things with the money she makes and the time she has. People need to calm down and stop spreading so much hate everywhere. Stop being so mad about things that have no effect on you! Beautiful picture Angelina. And keep up all the amazing things that you do.

Jim on

Beautiful..I had the same pocketbook and who cares if it is not longer being manufactured..the point of the ad is attention and to notice and love LV…and the ad is totally captivating…….and being filmed in a natural habitant in Cambodia gives it meaning

me on

Nice ad. Angelina looks very attractive!

Emma Watson Covers Vogue - Scandal Sheet on

[…] Jolie posed for a Louis Vuitton purse ad in her old clothes and no makeup and still ended up looking like this. Sigh. And she got paid close to $10 million for the gig. Sigh squared.-It's been a rough […]

Beth Novak on

I agree it is a beautiful picture, but I agree with a few of the other comments made, these bags cost a fortune enough to support an entire country it is a bit ironic that she is doing these photos, unless a big portion is going back to her foundations.

Scandal Sheet: Emma Watson covers Vogue | Ampersand | National Post on

[…] Jolie posed for a Louis Vuitton purse ad in her old clothes and no makeup and still ended up looking like this. Sigh. And she got paid close to $10 million for the gig. Sigh […]

Brands to Watch: Citi, HP, Marriott & more on

[…] Vuitton reveals ad starring Angelina […]

pyc on

No makeup…right…and I’m sleeping with Brad tonight!

HollyG on

Gorgeous ad, gorgeous woman… but PUHlease.. she’s wearing a ton of eye makeup.

JD on

Big deal. I have far less expensive bags ($30.00) that I’ve used for years and they still look great. Save your money.

Sandy Adams on

love it – absolutely love it!

jo on

photoshop much??

lightenup on

You can believe the money she makes from her Vuitton ads will go to a good cause. Seems to me her values are on target. WE need more like her.

jmo on

ok, she totally has makeup on. beautiful photo, but that is makeup. please don’t perpetuate the myth that women can be that gorgeous without cosmetics.

Dianna on

she looks beautiful as always

Klee on

great ad photo, though i agree with others that she is wearing makeup. The eye makeup is obvious so most likely wearing foundation and natural lip color. just tell it like it is ….

kristinhlee on

beautiful photo. she’s stunning as always

Jeri Gray on

A Beautiful photo of a beautiful woman! In her eldest son’s birth country! Priceless.

retromama on

No makeup? Please. I can see the eyeliner and mascara even from far away.

@ Sandra, as far as the bag comment, she has actually done a lot of charity work. You can’t expect anyone with money to give 100% of it away.

Denise on

Are you sure about, “No makeup?” She looks beautiful and healthy. Have seen alot of pics of her lately looking to thin and run ragged. Looks like the clock was turned back.

mary on

A beautiful picture of a woman who have does a lot of good in her life. Most of us cannot say the same. Granted she has the money to do it. But she made the choice to do something good with it.

stella on

I cant stand how people worship celebrities like her. Just because every other celebrity doesnt broadcast their charitable work to the world every chance they get doesnt mean she’s the only one doing it. Good for her for doing her part, but come on the 2 of them are worth more than most third world countries combined. And I totally agree, a LOUIS VUITTON ad shot in Cambodia??? Real classy people. And its true that one hand bag could probably feed half the country.
The ‘no makeup’ comment made me laugh. She has a TON of eyemakeup on.

Jennifer on

What’s up with everyone’s comments on the “no makeup” claim? Who the f* cares! Beautiful ad.

sylvie on

No makeup? Gimme a break. Looks like quite a lot of no-makeup makeup and airbrushing. Beautiful shot though!

Co-Co on

No makeup? So distracted by that I can’t even read another line of the story.

MJ on

Angie is so beautiful with and specially without make-up. Just ask the Love of her Life, BRAD PITT. Even Him, he said that he’s lucky every time he wakes up in the morning, he sees Angie’s gorgeous face and he still pinching himself, he couldn’t believe it he’s with the most beautiful woman on earth. Some women are more gorgeous without make-up and Angie is one of them. Angie is just lucky that she has that quality. Me, personally I don’t like make-up. I just like light lipstick and my face is way better than putting a lot of stuff in my face. And I believe that make-up can ruin your skin, so better without it.

mercy on

I think Angelina is gorgeous, the ad is subtle with understated elegance. I love it.

jcaper on

she is so beautiful and contributes good to the planet- i have so much respect

jcaper on

She is so beautiful and tries to contribute good to the world; I have so much respect for her

Laong on

I love Angelina and what she does. She is beautiful inside and out.

Michele on

Gorgeous picture! Even her feet are beautiful! She’s definitely wearing makeup, not sure what they’re talking about there…

QQJones on

Angelina is always stunning and I like the natural look in a natural environment. The bags though I’m not interested no matter who they sit it beside.

katsaul on

OK guys, the article has chosen the wrong phrase. I think they are trying to say that she styled herself. In other words, she provided her own clothes, did her own hair and makeup. Plus this is an ad, she may have came on location without makeup and post production felt the imaage needed a little help.

Rachel on

Angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world. Not only is she the most beautiful on the outside, but she also carries an incredible amount of class and integrity which makes her beautiful on the inside.

I don’t think there will ever be another woman like her. She is absolutely stunning.

Helene on

Angelina makes sense out of nonsense by donating photo fees to charity. As always, she looks awesome!

Angelina Jolie’s First Louis Vuitton Ad Revealed « 整形,美容,彩妝部落客 on

[…] more on People Magazine   […]

Christina Gamboa on

Wonderful and beautiful picture. Angelina Jolie and Louie Vitton goes together. A lot of class and very classy photo.

cassie on

She is a beautiful lady! I bet Angie would say oh yes I had on makeup, but maybe the lighting is not good. It looks dark around her eyes. I dont know, but with all of the kids how the heck does she have time to pee, let alone put on makeup.

Leanne on

Go away!! Please!

Anna on

Angelina’s crotch area has the shape of a woman’s veejay. Its sexy.

Seriously on

No makeup? Seriously? Wow… they must think we are all bumbling idiots.

Deborah McCabe on

I find it incredulous how harsh and mean spirited people are towards Angelina Jolie. We all agree she has led an interesting path with her choices. To add her CHOICES do not hurt anyone.
She is genuine in her charities and her mission to uplift and bring focus to disenfranchised children.She donates millions to support her causes and she is consistent.
Perhaps, people cannot let go of how their relationship started but grow up, they seem to be in love and committed. I applaud her efforts. The bag is hers, the clothes are her own and the make up, who cares.

LB on

Looks like a beautiful painting..airbrushed even. Nothing wrong with that..beautiful picture. I am an artist so I see pictures, paintings etc.. are telling us a story. She is captured in natural setting as if on a journey and lets face facts people with money will buy expensive things. Is she selling handbags or the idea of something that lasts a lifetime and you can take it with you on your life’s will last forever? Just an observation.
If she can bring attention to her passion about helping those in need she will. I think a pictures says more than words can say. She is not all about herself and that is rare to see these days. She isn’t in and out of drug/alcohol rehab centers like many rich and famous are these days. It’s inspiring to see how much she cares for her own family and for others all over the world esp. children. Next time you buy fast food or go drive your car to the store..think about those who live in a hut or tent in Afghanistan..they have no running water,a dirt floor..they don’t have much..but find joy in the simple pleasures..a pencil and pad of paper( a child’s eyes will light up) We have so much in USA and take for granted what we do have. We want more we want better that is human nature but how do we give? We need to think about how we can give a little time, a little money, and if you buy a Louis Vuitton bag please think about the journey you will take..carry it full of canned goods to the local church, shelter, carry it to bring some brand new children’s books to an orphanage, just use it for good everyday…even to just enjoy it for yourself once in a while or everyday. It’s the journey of life that makes life interesting. Not the destination..follow the yellow brick your dreams…sometimes the best times and friends are found along the way. I don’t have a Louis Vuitton bag but I do have a car, a house with running water, a nice quilt for my bed, a stove, a kitchen, air conditioning, heat, a tv, cable, a cell phone etc..we all have these very nice things( don’t you?) and are they expensive..YES..but can we do good with these things?..YES..we must care about others and give even a little to those in need because it makes a world of difference.

Deborah McCabe on

The woman makes positive choices to help children. She is rather low key with all the millions she donates. She loves her children and partner. Has had an interesting life but it does not negate the fact that she has evolved into a responsible and caring woman. She picks excellent films and seems to adore her partner. So the publicist flubbed with the make up, should be bring her to the gallow? I believe people are still annoyed about Jennifer Anniston…well people divorce is rarely one sided. Brad and Angelina have been together longer than when he was married. Sometimes couples grow apart.

Ajelika on

She’s beautiful, it’s a lovely photo, but don’t try to tell me she’s not wearing any make-up! She doesn’t have it heavily done like normal for photo ads but she most certainly has some on her eyes. I wish when folks in the media said “no make-up” it actually meant NO make-up. Anyway, like I said, lovely pic.

Marianas on

Beautiful serene-looking face. Angelina is a natural beauty makeup or not.Love everything about the Ad. The haters of course has to focus on one thing, the makeup. Grow up ppl. She’s undeniably beautiful and the Ad is tasteful.

Deby on

What do you mean “fed” a village, she’s practically adopted an entire village! Yes, she has on eye makeup, but it looks like that’s about all, and she still looks stunning.

I don’t believe the stories about anorexia, she is just a naturally thin person (lucky duck) and she stays active enough to retain her slender build. Considering her schedule and the stunts she does in her movies, it’s hard to imagine her being anorexic (she is too strong and healthy). She’s always toting at least one child around and running after (or with) the rest of the brood. I believe anorexia would leave her weak and puny, which she is obviously NOT!

Angie and Brad seem to have it down to a science of how to make the best of our Capitalist system and make sure that a good sized chunk of the proceeds from almost ANY endeavor, goes to charity.

They are beautiful people (inside and out) who obviously don’t take themselves all that seriously. They appear pretty “down to earth” with great values and a plan in place to raise their children with those same values.

(and I don’t want to hear any harping about “poor Jen” and “bad Angie”….. I’m sure Jen is an OK person, but she’s not the angel a lot of you would like to believe…. I saw several occasions when Brad and Jen were married, when Jen won an award and just ignored Brad seated in the audience to support her….and I know they had issues about him wanting kids and her not being ready…..they were already over before Angie and Brad ever stepped over the line. In the years since they have led the kind of lives that we should all strive for (with compassion and responsibility to the planet and it’s people).

sofia on

the whole ad especially the back ground is amazing, but her pose is just ok, they could have chosen another, in all cases most of LV ads are highly produced & are distinguished

Angelina Jolie’s First Ad for Louis Vuitton (Photo) | JukeBox Deli on

[…] ad features Jolie on a boat in a Cambodia’s Slem Reap province, PEOPLE reports. She’s wearing her own clothes, no makeup and is sporting her own monogrammed Louis […]

Jennifer on

Nice Ad. Iwould love to see Cambodia. She is trying to do good in this world. She’s made a ton of mistakes that not a lot of us forget. As a celebrity though she changed as she got more mature and is trying to give back and “change” the world. Keep trying and doing that good it is a beautiful ad although I can’t even afford to step in the shops that carry those bags.

Melanie on

It’s so easy for people to forget how Angelina stole Brad Pitt from poor Jennifer Aniston while the two were still married. Angelina NEEDS to donate money and do charity work to redeem herself, so everyone forgets what she did. Just do a search on her past, I mean, really, how could one go from being a sinner to a saint overnight? Brad and Angelina are both gorgeous, and they get all the attention for the small percentage of their money they donate because of it. It’s not like they’re not getting publicity out of it. There are many celebrities that give far more without any expectation of glory. Brangelina should volunteer and donate anonymously if they were truly genuine philanthropists.

P.S. Make up or no make up, it’s what they both do when no one is looking that counts. Angelina’s heart is as tarnished as her eyes look smoky.

Vee on

I don’t like this pose at all. Makes her leg/thigh look big. & no make up? Come on it’s obvious she’s got a smoky eye looking thing going.

Soledad Luciano on

Angelina Jolie is a woman who feels the pain in others, cares for this pain and does as much as she possibly can to help people in need. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a sensitive, humanitarian, and companionate human being. She fights to be and to become in her own right. In my personal opinion, I believe, that is more than what many have ever attempted to be or thought to yet become.

Serge on

S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008

Angelina Jolie’s First Ad for Louis Vuitton (Photo) on

[…] ad features Jolie on a boat in a Cambodia’s Slem Reap province, PEOPLE reports. She’s wearing her own clothes, no makeup and is sporting her own monogrammed Louis […]

Angelina Jolie nuovo volto Louis Vuitton: prima foto | on

[…] Fonte: People […]

Angelina Jolie. Noua vedeta Louis Vuitton – Cool Avenue on

[…] Info via StyleNews […]

Mel on

Angelina always looks so great with make up or without make up, she is unique and absolutely stunning!

Caro on

An absolute joke – her handbag is worth more than 5 people in Cambodia earn in an entire YEAR!! Louis Vuitton is for movie stars – if stars want to buy one, fine, but please don’t be so sanctimonious as to pretend like you are helping the world by earning loads more money from it!! Yuk.

ki4fsz on

she’s a real person, bottom line….

JS on


Scout on

Angelina Joli’s incomparable beauty, intellect, global political savvy and personal growth through her work with the UN give this photo credibility. I’ve seen so many shots of Angie on her various overseas missions, she has always opted for a minimalist style during these trips and with little to no makeup her exquisite beauty is even more evident.

Whilst Angie outshines when red carpet poised, her innate beauty and wild, carefree side are a perfect combination for Louis Vuitton’s message.

Wanting that tote!

robbie on

I love her. I think she is a strong woman/actress in hollywood. Such a real beauty

Commomman on

Well she does at least look a little less bony than usual but if you think I believe no makeup or airbrushing, think again. I call BS on that one!!!

Lauren’s [Not-Quite-]Weekly Roundup « Duke Fashion – Form Blog on

[…] latest faces of fashion: Tobey Maguire for Prada menswear, Helena Bonham Carter for Marc Jacobs, Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton…who needs models these […]

Angelina Jolie is on a Raft for Louis Vuitton on

[…] to seeing Angelina in this situation,” Vuitton’s executive vice president Pietro Beccari says to People Style News. Yeah, I know. I’m used to seeing her with like, a small soccer team of her brood around. Not […]

anais on

I cant believe the cruel comments on here. She has a child from Cambodia!! She is trying to feed a lot of ppl around the world because of who she is and she has to go on being her to do more.. what have you all done who are posting these cruel comments??She has done her good deeds enough i would say to last her 5 lives! please post what YOU have done for anyone before talking about other ppl whoever they may be.

Ms. K on

@Anais….Obviously you have over looked the fact that she has other children of color .It’s great that she has dedicated her life to helping other countries and I commend her! Let me ask what about the children in the USA???? You need to remember that not everyone is born with a priveledged life nor have the opportunities that she has had since her father is a famous actor.This is the life that she has choosen to live in the “lime Lite” and yes we all undersstand that she is a human being….But since she is such a Great Humanitarian, how about taking some of that money that she is earning and
spreading the wealth with the children in America!!!! Flawless yes…anyone can be airbrushed perfect!!! A famous great saying to live by..”Everthing That Glitters Isn’t Gold”
To answer the question that you have ask us to ask ourselves….I help people eveyday and not look to be reconized nor idlolized…it’s only if you truly do something from your heart then it’s worth something!!!

winnie on

That was why I bought this purse. I saw her on the news going through the airport and she had this purse over her shoulders, I went out and bought it a month later. I don’t see anything wrong with her pose, she looks great!

ann m. on

AJ looks stunning! The entire photo is exquisitely done. Both the landscape and Angelina are breathtaking. I definitely want this femme fatale photo done into a poster. I’d like to be the first to buy it. It belongs right up there with posters of Rita Hayworth, Raquel Welsh, and Farrah Fawcett. Somebody out there, don’t waste this opportunity!!

Twins Game Postponed By Rain, Makeup Date Not Set | SpinnerNews on

[…] Angelina Jolie’s First Louis Vuitton Ad Revealed The actress poses on a boat in Cambodia wearing her own clothes, no makeup and her favorite Vuitton bag Read more on People Magazine […]

dhirendra on

Great picture, such a beautiful women, I LOVe Louis Vuitton

Scout on

Angelina Joli is the public face of the UN, for over 10 years she has contributed a fortune to a multidude of caused in countries riddled with despair and governed by despots.

Despite the negative response of some commentators who cynically describe her commitment as publicity stunts, this perception is contradicted by the greater number of trips and donations she has undertaken with no publicity, more often than not opting for covert visits to those in need. At times she has used the media to cast the world’s eye on the people, to give a face and name to those in need.

While so many other actors are putting their name to cheap perfume with absolutely no contributions other than their own bank account, why is Angelina targeted for such a classy endevour? No matter what she does there will be those who condemn her actions, the good thing is she persists in her endevours, thanks Angie.

Cathy on

I love the setting. To me Angelina is a natural beauty. The setting is perfect for her. She is much like the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Cathy on

I love it! Angelina is a natural beauty. She is much like the late Elizabeth Taylor. The setting is perfect to show this natural beauty at her natural best.

Anne on

She is magnificent. But she IS wearing lots of makeup. Not that wearing the same makeup would help anyone else to look half that good. Jennifer Aniston never had a chance! Angelina is spectacular.

bri on

Makeup is pretty clear here…

lifegiver on

OH PLEASE if I could figure out what she’s selling I wouldn’t even buy it. She DOES look anorexic, so maybe should should be in an ad that promotes eating
And she has on SO much makeup its ridiculous
What an insult to the people of the country she’s in

lifegiver on

She is not even in the same ball park as
Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer has class and beauty

Anon on

She’s a homewrecker. I find this couple so full of themselves and fake.

Susan on

U can see her black eye makeup and though subtle she is also wearing blush. Although beautiful as always she is wearing makeup

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton | Kapamilyang may Puso on

[…] ad features Jolie on a boat in a Cambodia’s Slem Reap province, PEOPLE reports. She’s wearing her own clothes, no makeup and is sporting her own monogrammed Louis […]

Lia Suraya on

Jolie without makeup? hmm… cant really believe it, but hey..she looks beautiful still.. and the handbag..not many can afford those too.. But I like the campaign..

heidy on

Is it true she’s on heroin? Anyhow, I trully admire her family and what she does for the less afortunate.

Anu on

EXcellent Ad..she looks lovely…

Bonnie Bloss on

I think that she looks great and the photography is beautiful. I always respected her for all that she gives to causes. I don’t see that with any other actors.

Jean on

I think she looks simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

sandy on

Wow, beautiful photo, wonderful ad! I have always admired Angelina Jolie and I love Louis Vuitton products. Great combination.

ymg on

What core values should a person learn from a $ 1,300 bag ? This woman is ridiculous; her PR person is fantastic.

poesiAzul on

I love her!!! no make up? I believe it, she loves the natural look and she can pull it of. Amazing & inspiring woman. Gorgeous as always with or without make up.

Anon on

She’s too thin. I do not think so-pretty. However I think she is a talented actress and I appreciate his humanitarianism. Compare it to Elizabeth Taylor is a heresy.

lesbie on

I just love this woman to bits…she’s beautiful inside and outside…

Gina on

I think Angie looks so relaxed & gorgeous. Her pose is just right to me. As for the no make-up, well I think it was applied lightly or it’s the kind that doesn’t wash off right away but there is make-up. Cheers to you Angie!

Denise on

Love the fact that she is wearing her own clothes, and even brought her own bag. Love Anagelina Jolie and everything she does.

Bianca on

The concept is that by supporting LV u support a brand that supports the intl. aid for places such as Cambodia, where money is channeled through diff. projects to improve living conditions there….if u new how intl. aid works u would know too that you cannot just “give money away”….pleople wouldn’t know what to do with it….it needs to be channeled properly…LV is intending to serve as a promoter so to speak…of this cause….

Passion about LOUIS VUITTON on

[…] ad features Jolie on a boat in a Cambodia’s Slem Reap province, PEOPLE reports. She’s wearing her own clothes, no makeup and is sporting her own monogrammed Louis […]

Muhammad Ali and C.J. Glove Up for Louis Vuitton | on

[…] unexpected new face of Louis Vuitton? Muhammad Ali — joined by grandson C.J.! Following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sally Ride, the champion […]

Muhammad Ali and C.J. Glove Up for Louis Vuitton | Celebrity Mess on

[…] unexpected new face of Louis Vuitton? Muhammad Ali — joined by grandson C.J.! Following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sally Ride, the champion […]

louie vuittion on

Thank you for another informative site. The place else may I get that type of info written in such a perfect approach? I’ve a challenge that I am just now operating on, and I have been at the look out for such information.

Muhammad Ali and C.J. Glove Up for Louis Vuitton | Gossip Hollywood News on

[…] unexpected new face of Louis Vuitton? Muhammad Ali — joined by grandson C.J.! Following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sally Ride, the champion […]

Michael Phelps Dives Into New Louis Vuitton Campaign | Screw Cable on

[…] campaign. The sports stars follow in the steps of past Louis Vuitton spokesmodels Muhammad Ali, Angelina Jolie, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sally […]

Jen on

It’s stunningly beautiful.

Michael Phelps Dives Into New Louis Vuitton Campaign - on

[…] as well). The sports stars follow in the steps of past Louis Vuitton spokesmodels Muhammad Ali, Angelina Jolie, Bono, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sally […]

click this on

Useful info. Fortunate me I found your website accidentally, and I am stunned why this coincidence didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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You can never go wrong with these, a classic. And unlike all the designer glasses out there, they don’t require financing.

Marc Jacobs’s Final Louis Vuitton Campaign Features His Muses From Ages 23 to 70 | Gossip 4 Celeb on

[…] of ads for the line’s spring/summer 2014 campaign. Jacobs has long selected some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood to star in his Louis Vuitton campaigns, but this last sround, shot by […]

Marc Jacobs’s Final Louis Vuitton Campaign Features His Muses From Ages 23 to 70 | My Website on

[…] of ads for the line’s spring/summer 2014 campaign. Jacobs has long selected some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood to star in his Louis Vuitton campaigns, but this last sround, shot by […]

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