Flower Child! Dakota Fanning Models for Marc Jacobs's Oh, Lola

06/10/2011 at 03:30 PM ET

Dakota Fanning Oh, Lola
Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Her little sis Elle may be making the red carpet rounds these days, but Dakota Fanning has her own fashionable gig: she’s the face of Marc Jacobs’s latest scent, Oh, Lola. “I’ve been a big fan of Dakota since the first time I saw her in a movie,” Jacobs tells WWD. “When we were speaking about who to use in the Oh, Lola fragrance ads — I had recently seen The Runaways. Dakota was in it, and I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet.” The fragrance, which includes notes of raspberry, frais des bois, pear, magnolia, vanilla and more, is itself a Lolita — a sweeter “little sister” to Jacobs’s successful and “seductive” Lola. Fanning, who recently graduated from high school, says she’s honored to pose for the brand. “Every time one of Marc’s fragrances comes out I run to the store to buy it,” she tells WWD. “The moment I was asked to be a part of the Oh, Lola campaign, I was so humbled and said ‘yes’ immediately.” Oh, Lola — available in various sizes from $48-$88 — will debut at Bloomingdale’s stores July, and expand nationally in August, when Fanning’s ads officially hit fashion magazines. Tell us: What do you think of Fanning’s Marc Jacobs ad?


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anony on

baby hooker

Edna on

anony: she is not by any means any of those words you are using

avi on

I think the right arm makes all the drama. Otherwise, I don’t really get it.

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MJ_McBelle on

I like her but not on this one. Is it me or it’s weird where she posed the bottle, between her legs? That one’s just a bad choice for a pose. As well as the expression on her face.

Shannon on

Why did they have the bottle posed between her legs? Whomever thought of that idea is a pervert.

Amanda on

I like it and i think she looks pretty it just took me for surprise i guess i didnt realize she has grown up. you know..like i will always remember her for child stuff that she has done.

mimi on

So many times you have to ask, what the heck? Dakota is a first class young star who should be respected for her talent, not exploited as a sex symbol. This ad could have been done sooo much better. Did the photographer use to do xxx!

Stephanie on

I don’t like where the bottle is either, but i do like the facial expression and the pose..it’s different. I love dakota fanning! Been a fan since she first came out in movies..good to see her all grown now. And congrats to her for graduating! She’s come a long way!

BSizzle on

The flower bottle between her legs leaves little to the imagination – it’s like child pornography and I can’t believe her parents didn’t have better judgment – let alone Marc Jacobs or Ms. Fanning herself

Gina on

A smile on Dakota’s face would have changed the whole dynamic of this shot. Would have definitely added the sweetness yet seductive factor that the Jacob’s team discusses in the article. Otherwise I’d have to agree with the other posts

Yes most certainly a smile…

Colleen Paquette on

Between the legs with a flower??..Deflowering..?. I Think it could have been a little more classy..what age group R U trying to reach.. most that could afford it would like to be seen as the ad suggest, in this case..it is a NO for me!

Jane on

Not to be mean but to the person who said she looks like a “Baby Hooker” it is a good description….

Kim on

Ummm, why does this seem like softcore kiddy porn? Could they not have found a better place for the bottle and flower?

Jim on

BAD LOCATION of the perfume bottle and it is a tacky picture…she is an attractive girl, but this does nothing for her and the implication of the position of the perfume bottle is less than impressive…..bad photography and photo selection

pamela ricer on

The fragrance mixture sounds lovely, however your message definitely isn’t. Woman-child seductress? Just creepy.

Bree on

Have none of you read ‘Lolita’? They say in the article that the fragrance was inspired by the book. Before you go judging, maybe you should read it. It is a classic for a reason.

Beth on

Think she’s a wonderful young actress, but it’s a totally inappropriate ad campaign for for a 17 yr old girl. Yes, she’s still a girl and not a woman and anyone looking at the ad knows exactly what’s it’s implying…. that’s why they choose the idea for the picture. Dakota’s parents should have said “NO”! Period.

Judy on

Ewwww! Poor Dakota is always being encouraged by her parents to do the prurient sex thing. They really do only care about the money. Who would want perfume that smells like someones crotch?

Diana Liley on

Boring picture…palid, insipid, and she looks unattractive.
Bad photo director!

sreno on

Why would you say baby hooker? She is by no means a baby and she doesn’t look like any hookers downtown in my community.

Suzi on

Lolita, indeed! Placing that bottle directly in her crotch and having her skirt out from underneath her strongly suggests she’s about to be deflowered. Shame on Marc Jacobs!

someoneinnm on

Creepy all around – the placement of the bottle, the fact that she looks so young, the big flower on top. Eeesh.

j.d. on

this is just a stunning picture.. so innocent… face reminds me of a very young goldie hawn/laugh-in era.

bloodsinger on

<—rolling eyes. Some of the prudish and very, very silly comments to this really cracks me up. Of course there are as always, some very dumb comments from some very dumb people as well. Look little girls grow up into young women… deal with it! I really could go on and on here about some people's sense of morality but I won't….. just check yourself out thoroughly before voicing any of your moral decisions about what you consider right and wrong.

Laila on

I think she looks cute and sweet. You guys think that its perverted, but you only think that way. This is Marc Jacobs not a Maxim shot.

Maria on

Not a very cute girl, she looks scary. Why it the perfume between her legs? Bad photographer!!

Gloria on

Dakota, you are a fanyastic actress and I really do like you, however, this pic of you does absolutely nothing for you! Sorry!

Gloria on

Oops, misspelled “fantastic! My bad !

Sem on

Gee, could they be any more obvious with the bottle placement? I mean right down to the flower on top coupled with the name…

Butch on

I guess Dakota doesn’t have photo approval. Big Star; she should. This is a really bad photo parading as Art. Poorly lit, poorly posed.
Bet they’ll be a re-shoot.

Elle on

Love her. Hate the pic

Sonia on

Why did they place the bottle in that area. Sorry she’s choosing to do that. But, still love Dakota.

whatdoiknow on

the intent is just too obvious. we expect the “professionals” to do much better.

Tony on

I especially like her horrifying alien queen snaggle-tooth with which she opens Coors Light cans.

Tony on

I especially like her horrifying alien queen snaggle-tooth with which she pops open Coors Light cans.

Teri on

Don’t think it is a flattering picture of her, it looks exploitative. The placement of the bottle is just creepy.

bliss on

this just doesn’t feel right. why the blank look in her eyes? strange position of bottle isn’t sexy, possibly painful?=(

Sara on

Hmm, I don’t mind the placement of the perfume. I can’t imagine another place for it, and didn’t look too far into the sexual imagery upon first glance, until I read the comments. If she held it up in her hands, it might look too beauty pageant-ish… Also, Marc Jacobs ads are consistently minimalistic and feature pale colors, which I find refreshing compared to, say, insanely colored Juicy Couture perfume ads!

Ari on

Clean it up!! That bottle between her legs is not cool.

Alarmed on

I think it’s intentional that the bottle was placed in between the legs. Notice what the shape and design of the bottle resemble?! Lolita or Lola are all fantasies of grown men with underage girls, also called pedophiles!! Somebody should raise the red flag!!!

Jaott on

Love that perfume!

Elle on

the advert. isn’t very flattering for either her or the product

Riley on

My eyes instantly went to the bottle between her legs. Funny, Marc didn’t talk about that part of the ad – maybe that’s the “seductive” part, but I could think of some more descriptive words. It seems to be what everybody is noticing here.

DP on

I really love her as an actress…but as a model?? Her arm looks broken and she has put the flower pot right on a very awkward location!

amanda on

Um….Lolita is a girl who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather…not a sexy young girl….she wasa victim of incest people!! That aint sexy!

w on

Really. The ONLY place they could think to put that big ole bottle, was THERE? EEK!!!!

ali on

Creepy much!! I know she is all grown up but she is dressed like a child with a flower between her thighs. What Is this ad sex with under age girls. I think they went too far with this. Nothing sexy about this . She looks 12 . They didnt even try to make her look older. Its like they want you to think she’s being de flowered by some old sweaty perv!!!!!!

Kayla on

The final photo add could have been done differently, but she does look great. Hard to believe it was years since we first saw her in “War Of The Worlds”.

daisy fan on

im a fan of daisy perfume by marc jacobs,i have no doubt about tis new perfume must be smell as good as daisy but im so dissapointed about the name of new perfume Lola because it reminds me to Lolita and when i looked the adv where dakota looks like little child (Lolita) and the bottle position,i think its all look like pedophile stuff and im upset tis is from marc jacobs because i really love daisy

daisy fan on

Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, first written in English and published in 1955 in Paris and 1958 in New York, and later translated by the author into Russian. The book is internationally famous for its innovative style and infamous for its controversial subject: the protagonist and unreliable narrator, middle-aged Humbert Humbert, who becomes obsessed and sexually involved with a 12-year-old girl named Dolores Haze (also known as Dolly, Lolita, Lola, Lo and L).

After its publication, Nabokov’s Lolita attained a classic status, becoming one of the best-known and most controversial examples of 20th century literature. The name “Lolita” has entered pop culture to describe a sexually precocious girl. The novel was adapted to film by Stanley Kubrick in 1962, and again in 1997 by Adrian Lyne.

jillanne on

Very bad. This is meant to appeal to child predators, obviously. Fanning is not too smart to have done this. Marc Jacobs is a creep.

Palm Beach, FL on

Children of the corn, white face, right crooked arm,
bland dress that should have been tucked under her ass and a pink wall color and everyone is worried about the bottle placement,Oh Lola…

Shoot the set designer.

Carmen on

I have always like Dakota Fanning but this ad is awkward. The bottle is more weird than sexy. I’m sure they can come up with something better.

Erika on

Really unimaginative photography, with the “easy” shot of the vase between her legs. Worse yet, it is poorly done with the dark shadows. Has this photographer not learned studio lighting? And way too much pink. Not much to like about it except Dakota.

Danny on

Umm….what happened to the dakota fanning from Uptown Girls? She’s grown too fast. She shouldn’t have done that till she was at least 20-25. Love the perfume though!

tytch on

Oh, Lola you say?
So let’s make a Lolita out of Dakota. Where is Humbert Humbert? Or is the bottle supposed to symbolize Humbert Humbert?

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Martyna on

I think the add is nicely done as art. And whoever thinks this is softcore porn, you must get off on seeing people fully clothed. Have you guys even watched her movie “The Runaways”? Some of the clothes she wears and scences she’s in in that movie are more suggestive than this photo. She’s grown up now, get over it and stop trying to keep her in sweet little girl parts. Let her take her career where she wants and she wanted to do this photo shoot!

oldgranny on

The arm angle is r-e-a-l-l-y creepy. Other than that, it’s okay.

Sandi on

I agree with the baby hooker comment. Have some class!


That is one of the worst pictures I have seen of Dakota. A very drab photo for a fragrance ad.I would have to say that it makes her look like someone who is strung out. Perhaps the fragrance is so bad that you would have to be high to use it.

veronica on

Her arm looks bent all weird. This picture is bad. What is she trying to say with the bottle? that she is loose and can take the whole thing or that she is actually a dude with a big one. And “Lolita”, that is pervish. A lolita is basically an underage prostitute. This as is for old perverts, I am disgusted.

Nancy on

The most interesting aspect is that she is double jointed. I agree totally with others about the positioning of the bottle..ruins M J’ image.

Jennifer on

The bottle placement just looks awkward and unnatural. It’s pretty obvious that they were trying to make something provocative and scandalous, but it really just looks… contrived and crass.

maggie tamulis on

I am a grandmother, which puts me in that “old folks” group but I noticed a lot of other people mentioned where the bottle is positioned, in her lap…yes, I definently say they were going for the sexual slant to the ad, why, who knows but does everything have to be sexual to sell…I think not, Dakota should appeal to the “young folks” simply by being herself, not with some hidden “sex pot” overtone…my opinion only for what it’s worth…tah, dah!!!

Meadow on

Inappropriate and sad. Not to mention a pedophile’s dream. She is in a “little girl” dress, in that suggestive pose, with a “come-hither” look on her face. Surely, if she has had any decent advice, she has enough money from her actual acting gigs that she need not allow herself to be exploited in this way. Why have we allowed the corporations to systematically erode any sense of decency in our culture?

gabriella on

umm the name LOLA most likely refers to the book Lolita which the main character, an adult male, has an infatuation with a 12 yr old girl. It is a very twisted book. This ad is full of symbolism. the flower on top of the bottle which is placed in between her legs? her child like looks and dress. I find this ad sad.

Kara on

I think it’s fine. She’s fully clothed, with her legs together and a bottle of perfume sitting on her lap. Besides, we have to face the fact that she’s not a little girl anymore, but a beautiful young lady. Congrats Dakota on a gorgeous ad.

Char on

As a graphic designer, I think this is great. It’s funny. We all remember her as an adorable little girl and now we see that she’s more grown up, but still innocent. It’s like she’s saying “What’s all the fuss about? I’m just holding a nice bottle of perfume with this pretty flower on the top.” I find it amusing that people are offended by the placement – that’s the whole point.

Suzanne Vanarsdall on

This ad disgusts me. It shows no class and is far from being seductive. I wouldn’t buy the perfume just for that reason. Come on people, show some professional marketing here.

Onyx on

Tell us: What do you think of Fanning’s Marc Jacobs ad? I will answer this question…. It looks the way I imagine “kiddie porn’ may start out….I am disturbed by the picture because of Ms Fanning’s age and I wouldn’t buy the fragrance because of the picture….But then I don’t watch Woody Allen movies either.

sickofhollywood on

What has society gotten to…..
why should I be so shocked? This picture will change the way I see Dakota Fanning from now on. I think she is being used by Marc J. and if this gets out everywhere, it will hurt her. Shame on you. Whoever thinks this is ok….you are sick.

X on

Everyone is talking about the position of the bottle! They made you do exactly what they wanted to…make you talk about it! Good marketing!

Kemberly on

Love Dakata—this add to me…….

1) Love the Dress
2) Love the Face/Hair
3) Love the Bottle

1) Location of Bottle
2) Background–Just thought there wasn’t enough going on with such a ‘busy’ bottle (which I love!) Something to speak to the “younger” crowd.

Megan on

She looks pretty enough, but her expression is kind of bored, plus the bottle is really poorly positioned.
But she would make a good face for the fragrance, just with a better ad.

Kim Waldrop on

She is beautiful, but the photographer is a complete FAIL. It looks like one of the cheap “Glamour” shots you have done in the malls. You would think there would have more forethought put into this.

Rosey on

I like Marc Jacobs and I like Dakota Fanning. I do not like this ad. At all.

Too young, too fast, too public. Too much. I’ll never buy the fragrance because of the ad.

Snowlilly on

“she was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.” – Nabokov

Sazaen on

I personally don’t see anything wrong with the ad. Dakota isn’t undressed or posing in s sexually suggestive manner. She looks sweet and innocent as always. She is an actress with many sides to herself and this ad speaks of her capabilities. It’s just an ad that’s all.

Meredith on

I don’t like this shot either. It looks very amateur with the lighting and I don’t like the pose or how she’s holding the bottle. The lighting and outfit she’s wearing really washes her out. Could have been so much better. They really blew it on this one. And I love Dakota! disappointed.

doburto on

I think my mind is in the gutter..cuz the bottle is way too big to be of any use!!!

mia on

I have to agree with many of the replies! Quite odd, to say the least! Right arm is is a goofy position. Gorgeous dress! She should have been holding it with both hands, looking at it lovingly, rather than having it placed between her legs! EEEWWWWWW!!!

j.d. on

I’ve just finished a novel, Grasshopper, inspired by Lolita’s story and told from her point of view…looking for a publisher…What a connection with this product!!!

swasdiva on

IDK, I find it a little perverted considering the bottle’s “Flower” is emanating from her crotch. But she’s a legal adult now, I hope, and can express her sexuality if she wants. While subtle, it still kinda squicks me out.

Be Respectable on

Dakota Fanning is a young actress that has not gone the route of drug addiction like Lindsay Lohan…so why make Dakota look as if she has? The picture is not very professional…the lighting is too bleaching for an already fair skin/white blond like Dakota. A professional photographer should have known that and opted for lighting that would compliment Dakota’s fair skin, not lighting to bleach her out more. Sadly, the not-so-professional photographer made nice and respectable Dakota look like a young, “strung out” Courtney Love! Dakota you need to fire your P.R. person. Shame on your P.R. person for letting the photographer depict you as “strung out.” Neither the P.R. person nor the photographer are “professionals!”

Hal on

Photographer put too much sex in the shot – the perfume bottle, a phallic symbol??? Dakota’s dress flared behind her (she’s sitting on what??) – panties or naked bum??

She is mostly grown, but a whole lot of fans out there remember her as a sweet YOUNG girl – this pic makes me think of porn stars advertising products.

Sorry Dakota – you’re still a sweet YOUNG thing to me and a whole bunch of others.

Morgan on

She’s actually not (technically) an adult. She’s 17, as of February.
I think she’s beautiful and it’s a ‘good’ shot, but I think it’s a shame, as a lot of girls have a lot of pressure to pose like this (ex – Miley Cyrus).
It’s pretty overtly sexual w/ that bottle posed in that way. I don’t think I’d feel great about posing like that @ any age. (imo – it’s more of a rebel sexual pose like someone like Courtney Love or Pink or something would do.. actually – I don’t even think Pink would do it.)
Would be nice if some of these ridiculous designers would have a care about the actual girls/ guys instead of being self-centered and looking to make a buck or be the ‘next huge sensation.’ These girls can’t even vote yet.
You just watched any real care or true professionalism take a backseat, on the part of Jacobs.

Mary on

This ad’s trying too hard… “Look how edgy we are.” A post-adolescent, child star with a blooming flower between her legs… It’s obvious and tasteless.

Jean on

I like Dakota Fanning’s work but this neither pays respect to the person or the perfume. I get why the bottle was placed there but that neither gives the person or the perfume the respect deserved. I would not buy the perfume because of this ad.

Matthew on

Disappointing ad from the Jacobs camp. Does not scream “buy me”. Although Oh Lola has it’s connotations, a little more classy sexy ad campaign could have been designed.

ThatGirlAtTheParty on

Another one headed for Lindsay Lohan land.

Mary on

I don’t like the position of the fragrance bottle.

Mel on

CREEPY. I would never buy this perfume and wouldn’t be interested in trying it even if it was given to me….just because of this photo.

Sad that the girl allowed herself to be photographed in this pose and that her parents didn’t teach her more about respecting herself and having healthy limits and boundaries.

My bet is that this ad was thought up by a man…it smacks of the worst aspects of misogyny.

Have zero tolerance for ads like this that use exploitative poses of young women to sell products. Actively boycott this perfume specifically because of this ad.

ajh on

The photography is amateurish, the pose uninventive, and the incinuation a cheap cliche. It’s no wonder they had to “use” someone so young and naive to pull it off without resistance!

Maria on

Love her as a actress, the camera man must have been drinking the day of the shoot. She looks washed out and pale. Horrible shot and how about you put the bottle next to her not in her crotch which is bad. Someone needs a kick in the rump for such bad quality through and through…..

smalls on

Its a weird and different photo, but I honestly like it, just because of that reason. If it wasn’t Dakota Fanning there, people wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it. But that is a pretty strange place for the perfume to be.

bee on

highly inappropriate. they should never have suggested this.

kathleen on

Have always loved Dakota, and admire M. Jacobs design sense, but this ad campaign could well be for a fragrance branded Lolita”.
Modeled a bit myself during the days of heroin sheek and thought that insane as well.
Hope her manager, and photo stylist will be a little more protective next time. Know that she ‘s a young now, but would like to see her acknowledged for her talent.

Julie on

to all the people who said it was sick how she was holding the bottle. Take a long hard look at yourselves and you will see it is YOU who is the pervert, not her or the photographer. You’re just sex crazed, thats all :)

casey on

very raunchy and disappointing! She is such a wonderful actress and Im surprised she would let them take a picture of her like this?! Get some class!

b.hoak on

It’s a tasteful ad.

casey on

Julie- Come on! It is suggestive! It is also inappropriate! But i guess its people like you that make disappointing adds like this one, allowed!

Jane on

“I’ve been a big fan of Dakota since the first time I saw her in a movie,” Jacobs tells WWD. I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet.”
– In the eyes of Marc Jacobs…this is how she is beholded…

rclarke on

As a mother of four girls…it’s VERY weird to me that she’s posing at her age with a bottle between her legs. Too much exposure way too young in my opinion. It’s all too much. Let our youth retain and enjoy their youth while they can! They grow up too fast as it is. Sexually seductive exposure is too much at Dakota’s age! There are enough beautiful young ADULT’s to choose from that are available and old enough (frontal lobe development) to decide to be exposed in a sexual manner…and believe me…I’m no St. Mary! I’ve seen it all and have maintained my youth and…say no more…through the life process…Just looking out for the next generation coming of age. We don’t ALL have to hit a wall to get it!

LA on

I’ve read the book Lolita, and this ad is a perfect representation of the book: going for 60’s chic with someone who is both woman and child. Tacky and controversial, where the only person who truly called the shots was Lolita.

That being said, my first thought was, “Oh, they’re trying to be scandalous! Those wicked, wicked advertising men, going for the obvious and the cliche!” To me it fell too short of the mark, catering to the Lowest Common Denominator while trying to claim couture status.

True sexiness and allure uses the imagination and allure of getting you to guess, not spelling it out for you with diagrams and pictograms.

montana on

ummm is he saying her flower is ready to be plucked?

Jeanne on

The bottle is badly placed and the harsh flash shadow make it look like an amateur shot.

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[…] our first look at Angelina Jolie in her new promo ad for Louis Vuitton and right now we get to see Dakota Fanning in a new promo ad for Marc Jacobs fragrances. Jacobs is releasing a new scent called Oh, Lola and Dakota is the first celebrity spokesmodel for […]

Anonymous on

He said it was supposed to be reminiscent of Lolita. Have any of you read Lolita? This is it. Perverted child seductiveness.

origtexsyn on

What a pity that a scent that seems to be an excellent scent for a younger girl would be given such a suggestive add by a young girl herself.This add seems to be aimed at older men who are attracted to young girls. Not something I’d buy my daughter.

Alecia on

I will not be checking out this fragrance due to this ad.

Darleta Wayne on

This picture is dispicable! She is a teenager with a bottle of perfume and a flower stuck between her legs. I consider this pornography and will be reporting it to AFA and Onemillionmoms.com. I will not buy the product regardless of how good it is if you do not get rid of tasteless ads such as this.

Karen on

To me it looks like it’s staged to represent intercourse and her “flower” if you get what I mean. I’m a big fan of hers, but the location of the bottle is definitely, whether conscious or not, suggests sex… because sex sells.

janice darmody on

Exploitive. Seductive doesn’t have to be tasteless. This is a lovely young lady on her way to a fantastic career and life. This ad could have reflected so much more.

Monica on

Very sad, I must say! Nice dress, good expression, but the bottle position definitely loss of elegance! The way she holds the bottle between her legs, just seems like a vibrator. Takes away the Glamour it could have. She could have held it higher or closer to her chest or even abdomen, so many other places. Just even the bottle’s tip out of her legs would have made it less perverted!

Larry Canady on

SHAKESPEARE SAID IT BEST,”Much ado about nothing!”

jessica on


Betty on

I personally think they could have done a better shoot than this. You have a beautiful, young woman posing and this is the best you can do? Geez, hand me the camera. Even I could come up with something better than that!

Nancy Faw on

Pervert ! Is this a very suggestive way of telling young women, wear this, and get “De-Flowered.” What happened to CLASS, and DIGNITY ?

Dallas Dinnocente on

this looks like some old Polaroid picture from the 60’s that some guy took of a girl before she took her cloths off..kinda Creepy..I swear they do this stuff just so we will all talk about it..and, so we are:)

diann on

just another example of the sexualizing young girls. No wonder there are so many pedophiles and perverts out there!

gabby on

i dont see how this is “racy”. she’s not wearing a mini-skirt and tiny top wit high heels.. it’s cute but shows that she is at least 18 and mature! <3 it!

barbara on

Her arm looks like it has been disconnected and put back on backwards. Other than that….sweet

Nikki on

Not very classy, she’s too young for such a seductive ad…

Kate on

The ad is well-conceptualized for what it is. An ad, advertising a scent based on a story in which a middle-aged man justifies his rape and subsequent abuse of his 12 year-old stepdaughter. However, the idea of doing a perfume based on this story? Not necessarily such a fantastic idea.

SS on


Janet on

OK, for those who don’t get it, it’s a flower stuck between her legs b/c she’s a lolita – a young thing with “fresh blooming” sexual parts. Duh…
Now, is it explicit? Kind of, but in a sort of ‘artistic’ but obvious way, despite it not really showing anything graphic. More than explicit, it’s insinuating.
Get over it. It doesn’t mean she’s fully sexual however she’s a teenager with hormones running. Do you know what your teen is up to? Do you remember what you were up to?

T on

Her right arm looks somewhat distorted, almost backwards. I’m also not crazy about the position of the bottle. I think they could have kept it sweet/seductive without positioning the bottle between her legs. She’s a beautiful and talented young lady. This ad just doesn’t seem to do her justice.

mda on

I have tremendous respect for D.Fanning, both as an actress and as a celebrity maintaining a certain down to earth quality about her. I don’t see the big hoopla that everyone is talking about. yes, the bottle is between her legs, but its not like it is shaped like an oversized male appendage, its a friggin vase with a flower on top people! stop looking for the next L.L. and maybe young actresses won’t supply you one. just a thought.

c on

All i have to say is
1. I forgot how young she is. (just finished HIghschool!? Wow good for her and her career lol)
2. The idea was to use a LOLITA!!!! The bottle between her legs is actually there for the reason everyone is hinting at lol.
3. I never understood why men think that Lolitas will sell to women lol.

Sherri on

Congrats to you Dakota on graduating ,you are a great young actress continue to make the right choices in your life as you get older an wiser.

Gen on

Dakota is beautiful, but the add is Tacky!
What were they thinking?

jer on

Marc Jacobs is a perv! He said, “I’ve been a big fan of Dakota since the first time I saw her in a movie,” Dude, she was a kid!!! And this is what you envisioned her doing! Could have been done in much better taste.

Nancy on

What I would like to know is where were the real men and Marc Jacobs himself and women that work for this Co. that should have had the guts and backbone to say no to doing an ad like this. It’s not artistic or creative. It’s perverted and creepy to try to use a young girl in this way to sell a product. For some one to even come up with an idea like this was not protecting and respecting Dakota as the young female that she is. I have absolutely no interest in buying any Marc Jacobs products because of this ad.

Nancy Sorensen- O"Dea on

What I would like to know is where were the real men and Marc Jacobs himself and women that work for this Co. that should have had the guts and backbone to say no to doing an ad like this. It’s not artistic or creative. It’s perverted and creepy to try to use a young girl in this way to sell a product. For someone to even come up with an idea like this was not protecting and respecting Dakota as the young female that she is. I have absolutely no interest in buying any Marc Jacobs products now or in the future because of this ad.

Paula on

To me the bottle between her thighs is just not right. I feel like she’s being exploited. On the top of the bottle is a large flower…does that symbolize that she’s yet to be “de-flowered”?? It’s not the fact that it’s even between her thighs, it’s how far UP her thighs it is!! I mean LOOK!! She’s such a young up-coming super star, I’d hate to see her be used and exploited from “high name ppl” who just wanna make a few bucks off her innocents…what’re they gonna do when she losses that aspect. She’ll get dropped and we’ll have another celebrity Britney Spears (b4 she got apparently re-stableized) or Lindsey Lohan…or worse. Best of luck to this young, talented lady.

Katya on

The photo is doing exactly what it was intended to do, cause controversy and get attention for both the designer and Ms Fanning. Jacobs gets publicity for his new scent. Ms. Fanning is trying to cross over into films where she is not the child. I’m just surprised that they have her wearing clothing. Looking at the photo/ad makes me uncomfortable.

Rebecca Karner on

this picture makes perfect sense,

Lolita is a book where an older man has an affair with a very young girl about 14 i believe. The bottle is placed inbetween her legs and with a flower top to convey innocence of lolita. Yet she still seduces this older man, hence miss fannings devious eyes.

DeeDee on

This is not even subtle merchandising! Rather than “Oh, Lola”, it should be “Oh, Lolita”! Definitely an “X” rated advertisement; whoever put this together should be ashamed.

Jazmin on

i love dakota fanning. she is in my opinion the best actress out there. but i don’t really like the picture, or the placement of the bottle. they could have done a better job of complimenting her.

Sandy on

badly over-exposed, harsh shadow, akward pose – the picture looks like something an amature photographer would shoot. She’s such a pretty girl and this add does nothing to bring that out.

Jeff on

Love it. She’s a beautiful young woman.

ladyluck on

you are all just jealous, shes old enough to make her own decisions and accept them, you should do the same… i think shes very versitile, if u were offered the opportunity to be in this add, dont lie, you would do it. she may be young, but my guess is that she’s alot more mature than all you haters!

Marie' on

It’s supposed to be a woman’s perfume Marc Jacobs..and WHO wants to BUY a perfume that degrades women with sexual innuendos like this?
Whoever thought of this ad campaign didn’t even consider the market for this perfume.
Sex sells? On perfume too? yeah, right…back to business/marketing school you go team Marc Jacobs.
I am tired of seeing women treated like a sex object!
I won’t buy YOUR perfume Marc Jacobs…and so SHOULD ALL WOMEN who are tired of this degradation!

Maria hannan on

Poor taste….

amy on

I dont like the picture. Its not the best of her and the placement of the bottle is wrong.. Makes you wonder what the rejected pictures look like it this is so bad…

Sheila Bartos on

Even though I’m an amatour photographer I would come up with a 100 % better ad at any time than this one. Whoever put this picture together and whoever gave it a go has no taste at all! Pretty, sweet, talented girl in a distastful picture, that’s what is it. If you ask me, I would never buy this fragrance! – Sheila

Kerry on

Seriously….so tacky. Why would anyone place an ad to look so distasteful. She looks absolutely beautiful, but why not carry through with the true beauty and elegance she carries instead of making her and everything else these days sexual and so perverted. Photographers get your acts together!!

callmepie2009 on

Wow. The photographer was a hack! Look at that harsh lighting! The whole picture looks like it was done by a complete amatuer. And her expression? Not seductive, it’s intimidating. However, I’ve always liked her and usually the movies she’s in…Her outfit and the bottle are nice, at least.

joebob on

i see 8 year olds at the beach in racier outfits. what’s the big deal? it’s not like she’s half naked like miley cyrus was.

mary on

this is a bad ad, the picture is horrible – evn playboy wouldnt have such bad taste.

Darrin on

Looks odd and product placement looks like a spoof of porn. Pink background paper with a little girl holding bottle between the legs. Not quite couture.

Kyrsa on

ok…so just to point out…its more on top of her legs then between it…second she is covering almost all of her skin…third….well i mean…how can i put this…she is out of highschool and after doing the runaways…she ain’t a saint…just chill ok she isnt being exploited she is being payed to look beautiful…wouldn’t we all want that?

Laura on

Funny, everyone is saying “I don’t like where the bottle is”, and “It’s like softcore”. She’s a fully dressed young woman with a bottle of perfume on her lap. what you don’t like is what *you’re thinking*. Don’t blame the ad for what thoughts it causes you to have, rather applaud it for being provocative without being explicit. It implies the “Lolita” image on purpose. Your discomfort just seeing a young woman is your own issue. There are many, many explicit ads out there to focus your over-attention on.

Ann on

I feel like this ads says its okay to think of little girls as sexual objects. I can only imagine that pedophiles have this hanging in their bedrooms like a teenaged girl would have a Twilight poster of Jacob’s bare chest up. Dakota Fanning’s dress is nude and clingy, yet its has an innocent little girl-like design. Not only is the bottle between her legs, it’s pressed done so that the dress is outlining her pelvic area. And a big blooming flower at the top of the bottle…You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to figure out the intended message of this ad. But, then you have to take a step back and ask what it has to do with perfume? I think the ad overall is very offensive. I’m a mother of an infant girl, and it makes me sad and angry to see this ad. I also work in the medical field and have seen all too many cases of sexual abuse and molestation in pediatric patient to find this ad to be appropriate. Dakota Fanning is just another example of a child actress that was exposed to too much in Hollywood too young. Just because she’s okay with doing this with her body doesn’t mean its right. I think she’s too young to truly understand what she’s participating in here. She is a beautiful girl who is a talented actress, but this is in poor taste. Shame on Marc Jacobs.

Marie on

The ad looks cheap and desperate. It doesn’t make me want to buy the fragrance. Instead, it makes me think that the Marc Jacobs isn’t innovative enough to market their products. I have never heard of Marc Jacobs or bought any of his products but after seeing his ad, I probably will never buy any of his products. Marc Jacobs perfume = cheap & poor quality.

Debi on

I think it is pathetic that Marc Jacobs has to use sex to try and sell his product. Dakota is being used and not in a good way!!! She is way above this, shame on you for using her!!!

Bre on

lol. everyone is so indignant that Hollywood is sexually sensationalizing teenagers. Um, they’ve been doing this forever…nothing new here.

As far as the vase, that was no accident- Jacobs calls her his “Lolita”… read the book.

Tina on

Who cares!!!!

Mozog on

Yea its not seductive when its just so blatant and just not subtle. I do however like Dakota’s look, that right arm, and the shadow is beautifully done.

nancy on

The bottle is not between her legs by accident. It is an amateurish shot (heavy lighting, horrible shadows, her arm looks awkward) with obvious sexual undertones. Let’s not forget, sex sells. So if you are willing to visually prostitute your children in order for them to achieve fame and fortune – seek out an agent and pimp them out to the production studios and maybe they too will one day be fortunate enough to be in a Marc Jacobs campaign shot at the Sears photo studio.

Kat on

I think she needs a new manager. One who will prevent her from making such bad choices as to her endorsements and how her celebrity is used. Yet another sexy ad exploiting females of all ages.

rhonda on

the postition of the bottle & flower add a sexual content that visually leading the mind to imagine the young woman (child) ‘deflowered’ once the bottle is opened. a ‘sweeter sister’ to Lola did not have to be done as an ad for child seduction

Elaine on

She looks like a heroin addict…tired and immobile.

roverlass on

Boring! That is what this ad conveys. Somehow I don’t think that is what they had in mind for the rep of the scent.

Lori on

Well, there really wasn’t anywhere else she could “hold” the bottle — it looks pretty hefty!

dyathink on

I love it! Juergen Teller is a fave photographer. He has long shot Marc Jacob campaigns. Judging from the uproar, the ad is a complete success. Think of it satirically..what`s he saying? Dakota is a model here, nothing more, nothing less. How she poses is not who she is. She`s playing a role. She`s tender, pristine, but soon to be a woman. She`s Lolita. To all those critical of the technical aspects. Check out Juergen`s work. This is what he does. You either love it or hate it. I am the former.

Elle on

It just looks like she is holding the bottle on her lap. I think only perverts would think this ad is in any way sexual.

Tara on

I love Dakota Fanning and she is beautiful. I also understand wanting to shake the image that she is a little girl, but the placement of the bottle is just plain tasteless. Yes I get that she is supposed to be a Lolita (sweet, somewhat innocent temptress), but why can’t that be depicted using some modicum of tact?

mary on

Her right arm looks like it is on backwards. How do you get your elbow to bend that way? I think she is a great little actress and hope she has a wonderful career and wish her the best. Nothing wrong with the ad.

Kimberly on

This ad is a contradiction. The overall look of innocent femininity with pink as the main color and the little girlish style of the dress is contradicted by the placement of the bottle. I am a fan of Dakota’s movies, but don’t care for this ad. I think it would have been more effective if the bottle was on top of her leg, as the current placement adds a feel of child porn to the ad. With the world we live in today having so much corruption already, are ads like this really necessary?

Robyne on

I don’t usually comment on these type issues – but couldn’t pass this one up. This is ridiculous! She just graduated high school with her younger sister watching carefully her every move. I’ve always liked the actress but one has to wonder even on the most basic level: Do we have to begin treating a girl as if she were a woman though she is still a child? Leads you to the next obvious point as to how we are exploiting women. I believe women can be sexy and beautiful but this was just tacky!

Chicago GG on

I think whole bottle thing is over the top and frankly kinda cheesy. It could have been just as striking with her looking into the camera as she was with perhaps some SUBTLE reference back to the Lola movie.

Dakota Fanning modela para Marc Jacobs | Top Guayana on

[…] seguramente es Dakota Fanning. Con su hermoso y extravagante rostro, se luce en la imagen para la nueva fragancia de Marc Jacobs, llamada Oh, Lola. Y como toda Lolita, Dakota supo sacar su todavía aniñado angel, […]

TLS on

Wonderful actress, but this ad reminds me of a fake commercial on Saturday Night Live. So overtly sexual that it is shameful to Marc Jacobs. I wouldn’t buy his brand after seeing this. Fanning looks younger than she is, and this simply exploits young girls.

Lilith on

Funny how people notice where the bottle is, call the person behind the idea to put it there a pervert and can still look themselves in the eye. I love this photo. I see nothing wrong with any facet of this photo. Maybe you are the ones who are perverts for thinking anything unacceptable about where that bottle is. Sometimes I’m so ashamed to be an American. Sheeple.

Niqui on

I personally reall y like the ad. I also like the bottle placement. The fragrance is supposed to be a “Lolita” scent. That means innocently suggestive. Placing the bottle there would be something a person who is slightly naive would do without the realization that they are doing it, or it could be done by some one who looks innocent but who knows exactly what they are doing. I think it’s great. It tells you exactly what the scent it.

s davis on

I don’t see what the flap is all about. Also don’t think it’s a very chic or stylish ad. Madison Ave guys can do much better.

deborah on

My 5 year old Grandaughter just LOVED this ad. Get the picture. Perhaps the next scent could be simply called “lolita”…..

Cristina on

What is the perfume supposed to look like? A weiner? Horrible Ad. Totally changed my perspective of Dakota.

indiestarchild on

This ad is not sexual whatsoever. She is completely dressed. The bottle’s location isn’t that big of a deal. She doesn’t have her legs spread wide open, does she? Please stop being ignorant prudes.

Kristen on

Ad execs keeping pushing the envelope. They really don’t care about the repercussions of their actions or ideas. At some point, someone needs to take a stand and say “I can sell something without having to crawl in the sewer.”

NB on

I think the bottle placement is too much also. I don’t understand why most people can’t realize that people can have wonderful sex appeal without having to be blatant and in your face about it. Everything about this photo is beautiful, except the bottle placement…it’s borderline vulgar. Would it have ruined the picture to place the bottle on her thigh, 2 inches forward from where it is currently? Nope, not at all…

Please “artists”, let the naturally beautiful subjects you have shine through, leave the blatant sex for the xxx industry.

Ivanaps on

Wow, are commercial photographers really getting that lazy these days. Pink backdrop and a single off camera bare bulb flash. Genius, lets shoot the same picture a fauxtographer would shoot and call it “raw-chic” and charge the client $30K

Nic on

Hate to break it to you guys, but in hollywood stepping out into the extreme is necessary for a child actress to conform to more adult actress standards. People will never move forward to veiwing a child star as anything other unless they make it very clear. Looking at it from that perspective there are far worse ways to do it and Dakota herself made a good choice. Think of the raunchy music videos, pornos, and other wild acts other child stars have attempted. While lolita and flowers are considered ‘artsy’ I still consider it overkill to add that flower to the bottle considering where it’s placed. Without that it wouldn’t be such overkill. So as far as those behind the photo concept are concerned it’s not tasteful at all. However, Dakota is not nude and I do support her here. She’s doing nothing wrong and I’ld hate for this to turn out like others’ stints and blow up in her face. What Her career provides is worth overlooking other people’s facination with pedophilic tendencies. All she’s trying to do is continue making it. She can’t make up photographers’ and employers minds for them.

Amber on

Why are people putting young girls in positions like this? Isn’t she 17?, 1 year younger and that would be a pin up photo for a child sexual predator.

ryam on

I love Dakota. What is wrong with the ad? It is beautiful.

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[…] looks for more recent roles in the Twilight saga and The Runaways, and her recent campaign for Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola fragrance. She’s the latest in a series of stars — including Anna Faris and Sandra Bullock — to don […]

Rachael on

i really don’t think its suggestive at all. i don’t think it was meant that way. i don’t see the big woop. im not a big fan of the pic but for god sakes its not a big deal…

casey on

I’d much rather a picture of her with the flower used as a flower in a vase, just seems so much more natural and sweet. You dont want to do an ad and imediately get a not so sweet reaction. and a different facial expression would of been nice, make the look seductive not the pose with the bottle… it ends up just wierd.

annie on

Not the best photo to use on an ad. Definitely not.
This is kind of ordinary and I don’t like where the bottle is at all.
I’m not convinced.

Maya on

If your going to complain about the bottle placement or her expression try actually reading the book “Lolita”. Sadly this ad makes sense in context.

Elle Fanning Models for Marc by Marc Jacobs « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] lead on another aspect of her career — as a fashion model. Just like Dakota, who is the current face of Marc Jacobs’s latest scent, Oh, Lola, Elle is set to show off her fashionable side as the face […]

Hannah on

I don’t like where the bottle is either, but i do like the facial expression and the pose..it’s different. I love dakota fanning! Been a fan since she first came out in movies..good to see

anon on

You either love or hate Juergen Teller and I love him.

Benev on

The perfume top looks like the Biebs perfume

Karen on

Dokota Fanning is a minor. This looks like kiddy porn to me! The bottle’s location is extremely sexual and inappropriate. Where are her parents? Selling her out???

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy | angelinajoliehot.com on

[…] actress’s recent magazine ad f&#959r Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! perfume &#1110&#1109 t&#959&#959 suggestive, Britain’s advertising watchdog h&#1072&#1109 ruled, &#1072nd […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] actress’s recent magazine ad for Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! perfume is too suggestive, Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled, and must be pulled immediately, […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] actress’s recent magazine ad for Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! perfume is too suggestive, Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled, and must be pulled immediately, the […]

bib on

less clothes

Marlyn on

I don’t know which is more offensive, the pose or the photography! It’s just odd all the way around…bad lighting, bad body positioning, bad product positioning.

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy | infocelebrity.net on

[…] actress’s recent magazine ad for Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! perfume is too suggestive, Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled, and must be pulled immediately, the […]

Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Ad Banned for Being Too Racy | Listed Celebrity and Fashion News on

[…] actress’s recent magazine ad for Marc Jacobs’s Oh, Lola! perfume is too suggestive, Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled, and must be pulled immediately, the […]

Anne on

I think they achieved their goal, you’re all talking about the perfume, nuff said. its all in your dirty little minds that make you say anything other than this is an ad for a perfume, some of you have too much time on your hands. adn dont blame dakota, she doesnt havea say in what photo is chosen but i am equally sure she doesnt have a problem with the photo. visit any mall around the world and you’ll see girls actign the same way.

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