Kate's Reiss Dress Sells Out, Will Be Restocked

05/27/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Duchess of Cambridge Wears Sold Out Reiss Dress

What happens when the Duchess of Cambridge chooses a $340 dress from a popular British chain store for her first official duty as a newlywed? It sells out that day, of course! Catherine picked the simply elegant “Shola” sheath for her meeting (alongside her new husband Prince William) with the equally stylish Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama. And predictably, when the news spread of her wearing it, Reiss’s website crashed from all the traffic. The retailer has announced that they are re-stocking the sold-out style, but it will be first come, first serve to buy it — no pre-orders are being taken! However, there is a list that will alert you as soon as the style is back in stock in the next five to six weeks, which you can access at reissonline.com.


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Mary on

She DID look gorgeous.. she always does.
Not surprised it sold out at ALL.. only problem is that 90% of the population won’t look like that in it! lol…

Kat on

I’m not shocked…it’s a great dress. She looks great and has great taste!

Cammie on

She looks sickly thin with an average face..but since she married a Prince..she suddenly “Gorgeous” and “Stunning”.And people are buying clothes just because she wore it… People are so focused on titles and classism it ashamed.

Lucy on

I really like the dress and the Duchess looks great. Don’t like obama’s dress though, she looks rather silly in something that you would expect a teen to wear to a high school dance.

Abby on

@ Cammie – at least those that are have skills with grammar and spelling ;)
She DOES have an average face, but who cares about that? (Since 90% of the population has an average face, her style is above average and therefore she is not average.) She always looks beautiful and I’ll assume you’re just jealous.
Mean comments towards strangers beget mean comments towards strangers. Hope you’re okay living like that Miss Bitterpants.

Amelia on

she IS stunning! she is in no way average and looks great with that tan! she’s captured the hearts of billions, if you honestly think she isn’t a beautiful young woman, then you need an eye exam… she oozes poise and class, this is undeniable.

Maggie on

Well said, Abby!

Kara on

I think she is gorgeous and would be even if she wasn’t married to a prince. However, I have no intention of ever running out and buying something just because she wore it, and I do agree she is looking too thin.

Mary on

I think Catherine looked stunning. The First Lady, not so much. She is not the fashion icon everyone seems to think she is.

Emily on

I think she looks beautiful as always! I love her taste in clothing and feel she comes off as a very likeable, genuine person(and Cammie, I could care less about titles).

abby on

I think she loos great and happy, but too thin.
The dress is nice, and it looks nice on her.

Lynore on

Grammar and punctuation issues aside Cammie has a point. I don’t neceassarily think it’s “mean” to have a different point of view and the old ‘if you don’t like it then you’re jealous’ argument is common and tired and really not much of an argument at all. Sometimes people don’t like things. Sometimes people are critical and that’s okay.

JC on

Mrs.O’bama looks like a big old bear that could swat the future queen into next week.

Kate on

@Cammie…eat your heart out! Yup, she has style, she looks gorgeous, and she married a prince! Maybe you can find a little sunshine behind that black cloud of yours!

Jane on

I think it is great how everyone criticizes Cammie for her differing opinion, but think nothing of a poster calling the First Lady a “big ole bear”. Cammie is right, Catherine could be any girl and everyone would find her “gorgeous” and “stunning” whatever she wore. However, it is wholly pathetic that people feel the need to spew vitriol about any person. The old adage goes, if you have nothing nice to say… Think about if either of them were your sister, mother or friend! It is so sad what this world is coming to…

Jessica on

Compare to Kate’s style, Mrs.O’bama has none. she is not fashion icon

diane on

For Maggie and Abby, it’s ditto from me. Cammie is sooooo wrong.

diane on

I agree with Lucy.

Kirun on

I think Kate looked stunning! Love her and the dress!

lorelei51h on

The Duchess looks stunning. Her dress is gorgeous, and she is a beautiful woman no matter what she wears. All those that are trying so hard to cut her down like Cammie for instance need to remember that beauty is only skin deep and will fade before it’s time for most of us. The First Lady is very attractive, but I feel that her stylists should pay more attention to her figure and the classic styles that would suit her so much better. The dress she wore in the picture with the Duchess looks like a curtain material my Grandmother had many years ago. I bet the dress was costly, but the material looks cheap and does not do her justice. If I was her, I would fire the stylist on the spot.

Linda on

Amazing that class costs only $300 (Kate) and non-class costs over $2,000 (Michele). Just goes to show you that money can’t make you look better…ESPECIALLY tax payer money (Michele) I LOVE that Kate and William are so down to earth. A breath of fresh air!!!

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Lisa on

Wow, is Kate’s dress ever pretty! I wonder if she has a stylist? If not, I wonder how she has time to find all these chic clothes? I know she doesn’t have a job, per se, but she does have a busy life.

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Rose on

All this slamming towards Cammie is out of hand. A person should be able to state their opinion, even if it’s not the general consensus, without being called bitter or jealous. I agree with Cammie’s points. This girl is an average Joe who has morphed into a worldwide icon merely because of who she is married to. Not to mention that the man she is married too is also only famous because he happens to be born into a famous family. Leave this poor girl alone. Let her live her happy married life, it is not that fascinating. A ribbon cut here, an opening ceremony there, big whoop. A four year old can do that. If some of this recognition/adoration was shifted towards doctors/scientists etc. that would be well more justified.

And with that said. Let the bashing of my opinion begin! ;)

Natalie on

I think she is above average looking, but not “gorgeous”. I like her style most of the time and I like this dress. Initially I thought that the prince could find a really beautiful girl, because, well, he is the Prince. But it seems like her personality and persistance (8 years of dating) worked for him. Good for her!

Amy on

The First Lady has absolutely no sense of style. I have never seen her in anything that is flattering. You would think that in her position she might want to find a stylist to help her out. Her posture is horrendous. Catherine on the other hand is absolutely stunning, wears clothes that fit her beautifully and she never looks like she is trying too hard. Always perfect.

fatal on

yes I agree-she is a unhealthy looking stick figure with a tan-and her sister looks like a prize fighter-and has obviously “made the rounds” but in the “right circles” of course-mommy and daddy did a great job getting their little “investments” into the right schools and parties and it looks to be paying off-maybe her and Wills will be the end of the ridiculous money sponge that is the English royal family-I say let her do her own grocery shopping (I hope no one really bought that staged Photo-op) but I say let her buy the groceries with her own pay check and not the dividend from the family trust-siphened off the tax payers

flower on

According to people who have studied “beauty”, “average” is beauty. When you have people choose the best nose, the best body, best eyes, etc., it turns out they always choose the medium sizes and shapes. So beauty is supposedly having “average” size parts that are proportioned in an average way.

Jules on

How did the first lady get into this debate about Kates dress?!!!! Yes I agree, Kate is just average and I find that she has a way of looking boring in this dreses as she doesn’t have any curves to carry them off.Boyish figures just don’t look great in dresses!

deya on

I believe that the First Lady did not shave her legs.

Jon on

That’s great to both hear! I wish Kendra Wilkinson the best with her new Memoir, glad she and her Husband, Hank Baskett, are having a great Sex Life, again, since DWTS!

Colette on

I love the dress and I think she looks great. I would never order it though as my figure is not shaped that way and I would just look fat. I’m sure now that the stress of the wedding is over she’ll gain a bit of weight back as a comment to all those who say she is too thin.

Sandy on

she is all about class, beauty and elegance. something you don’t see with the young girls today. NO tramp stamps or tatoos on this gal. maybe she will start a trend of women getting back to having some class and repect for themselves. she is finally a women young girls can aspire to be like in every way.

Chris on

The dress is nice, the Duchess is a beautiful woman. But with today’s Economy, not everyone can afford a dress that is in that price range. Can’t wait for a copy cat pattern to come out.

Kel on

Michele looks like a GORILLA

amy lynn on

I have to admit, outside of a Princess who is no longer with us and was my distant cousin, i haven’t been a “Royal Watcher”. But Catherine is just so lovely! Down to earth, beautiful in a healthy way, just a neat young lady. I loved the wedding; it was so fun with all of the tough things happening in the world to just get caught up in this not-a-fairy tale. It’s better, it’s real life. I have such high hopes for William and Kate and think they are bringing wonderful things to the Monarchy. Keep it up, we love you in the US! :)

Melissa on

Like their style or don’t like their style, some of these comments are absolutely ridiculous and laughable. Yes, everyone has the right to their own opinion and this is indeed a place to express oneself, but there is no need to be harsh. Statements that have been made are totally unnecessary and classless. A lesson or two could be learned by these two women. Personally, I think they look and are absolutely beautiful.

Kim on

Well said Abby. I suspect Cammie’s attitude comes from jealousy, which tends to breed bitterness. Pity. Catherine is gorgeous and as always, is dressed perfectly for the occasion.

alma on

She is simply gorgeous!

Carolina on

I think the Duchess looks gorgeous, and if she is considered “average” then I’ll take looking average too any day of the week. Personally I don’t think she is too skinny, I think she looks fit and healthy.

kiki on

Some of your comments here are hypocritical. You go off on Cammie for voicing her opinion, then in the next line, diss Mrs Obama’s dress (@Lorelei). Cammie voiced her opinion. So sophmoric to play the jealousy card becos she does like the dress, or comments on Kate’s size.

renee on

Thought I’d go off topic too, what do you think of what the gentleman in the background is wearing (lol)

Dana on

I think Kate is gorgeous. I think she has a beautiful face and one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen. To call her average is laughable to me. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s no reason to be hateful…that’s when people accuse you of being jealous.

Lynn on

Wow…Kel, The First Lady looks like a gorilla? Some of you people are unreal. It’s a dress, so I assume you pick the perfect outfit everyday? Some women are so caddy with each other…such a waste of energy. They both look fine.

JMM on

Don’t be hating on Kate. First off, she IS gorgeous, she is NOT too thin and the best part of the new Duchess is that she appears to be playing down her role which I find to be Kate’s best attribute. Less than 400 dollars for a dress for her first engagement? That says a lot. The world is going to love this girl.

Denise on

To all those calling her to skinny….you trying dealing with planning teh biggest wedding in the world for our decade and be married to the future king of england, you probably wouldn’t eat a lot either and be pretty stressed out. but who am I kidding she could be to skinny to fat, theres no happy medium when your in the eye of the public, you too “something” always.

Pearl on

Thank God…Ness for Average.
Mrs. Obama looks like the very room she stepped into; old fabric very dated. The purple number she wore moved ones eye to her very large hips with the belt and the full skirt it is more fabric than was needed. The white ensemble she tried to pull off was a “Jacquie O” all white number that was too white for her complexion. She forgot or never knew the number one fashion rule “less is always more”. But she should be able to pay someone for good taste.

Jenn on

Kate is stunning and always picks nice clothes, I do agree that she is looking a little on the thin side. She’s a tall girl but look at her neck and legs, much too thin, but gorgeous girl.

victoria on

She exudes plenty sophistication for a woman her age and seems to hold her own with some of the most powerful leaders of the world. She seems so regal with or without title.

Tina on

I can not imagine how it would feel to have the world judge my appearance on a daily basis. Maybe we all judge each other but thankfully we don’t have to read about ourselves. :) I think they are both beautiful women….maybe it is their confidence that shines through.

Vanaa on

I think Kate is lovely, very pretty features and very good taste, before her wedding & after her wedding. She is a quality gal, few women would wait 8 years to marry the man they loved, especially trying to do it with the press haunting your every move! She’s a delightful young woman, I wish them every happiness. I think Kate is as pretty inside as she is stunning outside!

RFik on

Kate = Matel’s version of Politically Correct Barbie.

Ana on

I am like royalty…LOL I try to buy mostly products from the countries were I belong…. the one I was born, the one I was raised, and the one I live in…. My countries have great clothes, bags, shoes, food and therefore I support the economy of my people…. you know like royalty ;-)

J Ellwood on

Kate looks wonderful and is glowing! But, can’t imagine people buying the dress just because she wore it, probably 85% couldn’t look as elegant as the Duchess does. Ms.Obama, too bad she doesn’t have the stlye savvy that she thinks she does. Class will up!

Sandy on

First off- Kel, not only are you a racist, your outside most likely resembles your inside, ie, I am guessing you can easily pass for a swine.
Now, back to the topic at hand- I love Kate’s dress. While I like Mrs. O, I dislike her dress. She usually has better fashion sense.

But at least she isn’t a swine like Kel :)

Jules on

What the heck is that idiot Obama wearing?! Pfft! What is she 12?! Then that pink jacket…my goodness!!

THF on

Why is kel a racist? By assuming that she meant to use gorilla for any reference to a physical likeness only shows your train of thought. When I read the comment I simply thought she was referring to her size compared to Kates diminutive stature. I always think those who so readily jump to the “racist” label actually have the issue. ( by the way my mother is Jamaican).
Kate looks beautiful and COMPLETELY discounts the long held misconception of Ms. OBAMA’s supposed fashionista title.

sondra sterling on

She is very pretty but I think she need to have her hair trimmed or wear it up it does not look very royal hanging down like it does.

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casey on

the duchess looks lovely and fashionable. would have preferred a mature dress on the first lady :)

Jean on

Kate is pretty, thin and tall. She looks nice in any cloth. But the dress is a little plain to meet with the President and first lady of the United States for the first time. Also, I will never buy a dress that has been so widely reviewed. To those of you who are so critical of others, make sure you dress nice everyday.

SS on

She’s absolutely stunning! And she’s not to skinny either, its genetics, look at her mom and sister they aren’t built “thick” they have athletic bods. I would love to have a killer bod like Catherine and being tan makes anyone look slimmer!

Missy on

Kate’s dress is really nice, and can be worn in the workplace or at a party. But while she doesn’t look too bad in this picture, she has lost weight during her honeymoon, to the point that it doesn’t look good anymore. Which is a shame, she had a really nice figure at her wedding. It could be that it was unintentional, too much swimming while she was away – or her effort not to gain weight while on holiday worked too well! I know the feeling! But she needs to add a few pounds and go back to her wedding weight (or her engagement weight, she looked really good then, too).

Dahlia on

Oh well. Maybe people can use their own ideas when it comes to style and shopping. I wish she’d do something different with her hair from time to time…put it up, etc…she would look good with an updo.

suz on

Kate looks good..Obama looks horrible because she has no taste

Barbi on

I think that’s a beautiful dress Kate is wearing, but the one Mrs. Obama is wearing looks truly ridiculous and not even the shoes match! Maybe Kate can give her some pointers on fashion.

Belle on

@Cammie, I agree-I wonder when anyone responsible will bring up how sickly thin Kate looks, since she seemed to be such a role model and inspiration to so many young women.

I think she looks like the average woman, just more aged for her age. Personally i think she and her family have been blown out of proportion. Princess Diana I liked, she had a peculiar aura about her. Pippa her sister seems to be a leech, I am not sure about her. She seems to be trying to lock down her own fame-these women are average looking a best, and at their age frankly, I find them to be looking aged…but being severely underweight will do that to you I guess…

Katie on

I think she is beautiful and I lover her style. We are around the same age. I think they are genuinely in love :) I think she’s too thin. I hope she is healthy, and stays healthy.

Ann on

Catherine is a beautiful woman, with perfect style. Mrs. Obama sadly overdresses, and does not understand style. The dress she has on looks like something I would have worn in the early 1960s for Easter, when I was 12 years old. She is only missing the Easter bonnet and white gloves.

Bebe on

I agree with some of the other comments. The Duchess looks grand. The First Lady(?)has never had good fashion sense. Yep, looks like a prom outfit.

Dahlia on

Bell and Cammie I agree with both of you. I think she needs a more updated hair style too. She has nice, healthy hair, but it is styled like high school. Look though any high school year book and you’ll see 95% of the teenage girls wearing their hair like this. Kate is almost 30. Time to get rid of the high school hair and look more like an adult woman. Maybe just putting it up would be more suitable for her age. Anyway, it would be nice to seem softer, feminine clothing on her. She always wears such severly tailored clothing (including the wedding dress). Of course it looks nice on her but softer lines occasionally would be nice too.

Catherine on

Here we go again. Copy copy copy. For all the people who have bought this dress, it’s going to be so obvious that you bought it just to copy Kate. Can’t people think for themselves?

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] Kate’s Reiss Dress Sells Out, Will Be Restocked Fame […]

Bermudagirl on

Sondra Sterling’s comment states that Catherine’s hair does not ‘look royal’? Is there some protocol that says that royal ladies should have short hair? Don’t be ridiculous! There are tons of ladies in the royal houses of Europe with long hair..

In fact, Catherine reminds me of Princess Mary of Denmark. They have a similar look including the fact that both have LONG, dark hair.

I think you’re comparing her to the late Princess Diana who always wore short hair-however, it’s not the rule and Catherine’s hair is just fine!!!

Pat on

Obama’s close made out of upholstery fabric? The colors clash too…Kate as always is appropriate and beautiful.

Inge Dulaney on

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what Mrs. O’Bama’s dress reminded me of and then it hit me: When I was a teenager in the 50s we took dancing classes and at the end of them had a final ball. I had a really lovely dress out of the same kind of material as Mrs. O’Bama’s dress. Only problem is that I was 19 and as I said, it was the 1950s. She is a very smart woman, so why does she wear clothes that make her look so outdated?

Caroline on

Kate looks beautiful and she only looks really thin because she is standing next to the amazon woman who is much larger. Don’t like Obamas dress either, sometimes she has style – just not today.

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