LeAnn Rimes's Wedding Dress: All the Details!

04/28/2011 at 10:30 AM ET

LeAnn Rimes Wedding Photo© Joe Buissink 2011. All rights reserved.

LeAnn Rimes was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw her wedding dress for the first time. “When I opened it, I started crying,” she tells PEOPLE. “The dress was stunning.” The handmade Reem Acra gown — which features all-over pearls in a range of sizes and white paillettes on nude silk chiffon — was inspired by another Reem Acra dress that the country star had worn to the 2011 Grammy Awards. “I was definitely a little bit of a sexier bride, but it was still beautiful and sweet,” says Rimes, who describes her dress as “a little bit Old Hollywood and bohemian.” She accessorized with sparkling jewels and Alexander McQueen snakeskin peep-toe heels with an ankle strap. And in keeping with the wedding‘s locale — the backyard of a friend’s home overlooking a Malibu beach — Rimes asked longtime hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins and makeup artist Troy Surratt to create a “beautiful and simple” look that didn’t compete with her dress. Says the newlywed of her wedding style: “I could not have been happier.” For all the details — and more exclusive photos from Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s intimate wedding — check out the new issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.Marisa Laudadio

LeAnn Rimes Wedding DressCourtesy Reem Acra


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Emily on

She looks like a dude in that picture. Serious case of man face.


She looks gaunt. But the dress is pretty

Stephanie on

Agreed! she looks like a monster

C on

Pretty dress, but she looks soooo thin!

megan on

I think she is one that definitely looks better with a little meat on her bones, she use to be so much prettier. However I do still think she is pretty, and the dress is gorgeous.

Jennifer on

Snakeskin heels? How fitting given the circumstances….

Dawn on


jodie on

truly homely woman and the dress didn’t make her looke any better. wonder if she has stock in people mag.

Melanie on

“I was definitely a little bit of a sexier bride, but it was still beautiful and sweet,”
Wow, modest too!

jennifer on


lilly on

the dress is ok? Bet seriously what DID happen to her face???

observation on

Pretty dress for a tasteless adultress. She can’t go for one day without yapping about everything in her life, can she?

Jen Jen on

If she lose more weight she gonna start looking like a skeleton hehe… yea sum meat is good as I’m still trying to gain more weight my self lol

Anonymous on

They look very happy together and so in love. All the best Leann & Eddie. :)

Stephanie on

One would hope for happiness for the couple, but unfortunately karma is going to get in the way

cindy on

Who even gives a cr*p!!!!

shelnate on

I am so sad to see how bad she looks. What happened to her? She was such a pretty girl. The dress is beautiful, but she looks sickly in it. She needs to gain a few pounds and practice standing up straight. Her back looks hunched over. This is very bad posture and I’m sure she will have back trouble when she gets older.

Lenoir on

She didn’t look too bad. She looks very happy considering who she’s marrying. Eddie wanted to look edgy, but he looks like he needs a shower. While I don’t want to be the rain on anyone’s parade, I just think she should have waited a little before marrying him.

lynn on

The girl needs to eat. She is not a pretty woman to begin with, but then she started losing weight and she just looks horrible now. At least with some meat on her bones she looked at best- handsome. Now she looks……ewww.

Beautiful dress.

Debbie on

OMG Please just leave these two ALONE!! everyone makes mistakes. And please stop talking about how she looks!! she is a beautiful girl. Post your picture here lets see what everone has to say about you!!! I wish them the best.

Ann on

Why are people leaving such cruel comments? It’s not okay to talk about people in that way, especially when you’ve never even met them. I wish them the best and I think she looks beautiful. It sounds cliche, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Hope on

Shut up Ann..how much is she paying you to defend her..you idiot

H. on

She looks stunning. I’m in love with that dress. They look completely happy together, so I am happy for them. I wish them all the best in the world.

Hope on

Brandi Glanville was much more beautiful as a bride than this godzilla

jaanyB on

I give these tools about 7 months, just enough time for her to get pregnant and for him to divorce and re-marry his ex (whom he still sleeps with)

J2 on

Wow, Hope….sounds like you might be the jilted wife.

Merci on

Good luck to them in this their shining hour.

turtle on

What is wrong with her FACE?? Om my

Hope on

Sorry to disappoint J2..I live in Canada and its called empathy for the victim which is not Leann the dogface

Lenoir on

I sincerely hope Eddie doesn’t mess up in this marriage. And LeAnne, she may have done a couple of mistakes in hers as well, but if she’s really happy with him, that’s all that matters. As a guy, even I have to say that her new husband has always come off as a sleaze-bag. He may be this perfect husband and father, but once a guy cheats, it’s hard to believe he won’t do it again. The same goes goes for Kat von D and Jesse James. They’re good girls with bad choices in men.

Or perhaps I’m just a little jealous of the dudes. They have hot girls. Yes, despite LeAnne’s unique features, I still think she’s pretty. ;)

anon on

She’s just so pale and she always seems to wear clothes that wash her out even more. Her blush is always so orange looking. Either go without blush or even out your skin tone with more natural colors.

Hope on

I have been reading some of the home wrecker’s posts on the internet and she seems thing think any negative comments come from the losers exwife..she is delusional to think to many people on the planet have any respect for her as an artist because she is morally bankrupt.

ann on

They deserve each other.

J2 on

@ Hope…if the ex got over it, perhaps you should too.

tori on

Why do you keep shoving this homewrecker down our throats with her homewrecking new husband? Please knock it off!!!

Tina on

She totally has that bobble head I’m way too skinny thing going on. When will Hollywood figure out that that is not an attractive look?

Nida on

Husband stealer ! She looks horrible.

Dell on

I wish them the best, they look happy and in love!

Suzanne on

Pretty dress for a second marriage. They look very happy, so good luck to them.

I would like to see her eyebrows a little softer and less dark. In some of her recent pic’s they just seem to overpower her face. I think it would better match her hair.

Hope on

LMAO..right DELL..an relationship that’s foundation is built on lies and cheating has not room for love..its called infatuation..besides..who else would ate horseface the two timing loser like her new husband.

Bernie on

Doesn’t she realize that he’s using her!!! He’s a loser without an income and has to pay for those boys. Eddie Cibrian is a gold digger!

anon on

If this is attractive….I’m drop dead gorgeous!!!

Jackie on

Yummy…he’s hot!!

corvettekaren on

couples are cheating on and leaving their spouse’s every day. just because she is in the spotlight people have to slam her for her actions. let her and her new husband enjoy the new life that they have started as mr and mrs. many happy years to both of them.

Ellen J on

Big mouth, too thin, and Brook Shield eyebrows! But, he’s no prize either.

Noelle on

She looks like man!! Yikes!

KC on

Hope – wow. I am guesssing this has happened to you, as well. You are so upset, you can’t even type!! Recheck your posts & then maybe get some counseling.

Diane on


Jon on

I also like the 2 Dresses Chelsea Davy will be wearing Tomorrow for The Royal Wedding and Reception!

sally on

Why does People keep running stories on these home wreckers? They make me sick.

Millie Bea on

Woof- I would not want to wake up next to her if I were him….

gagirl on

I can’t believe she approved this shot as their official wedding pic. LOL @ Stephanie–She really does look like a monster. WTH???

I knew from looking at Brandi that he liked that skin and bones look. You could tell that she molded herself into that image and now Leann is doing the same. Fake boobs and now emaciated. Way to go, Leann.

Hope on

KC..thanks for you advice..trying to multi task..people do make mistakes..however, my mistakes never included cheating..I trust you are one of the losers friends..does she shower you with gifts as well?

Hope on

Diane (aka Leann)..glad you support homewreckers..haha you must be one as well..birds of a feather stick together..dumbass

jodie on

This was not a mistake. a mistake is when you add something wrong or you forget to put a comma in your sentence. a MISTAKE is not going after a married man with kids and then flaunting your prize in people mag. just my interpretation of what a MISTAKE is

Jaclyn on

wow. everyone is being so negative on here. she is a beautiful bride. it is their day, and nothing about it should be negative. why don’t some of you post pictures of your wedding and let the world tell you how bad and unflattering you look. sheesh.

Hope on

Jacylnn..you are as delusional as the homewrecker..how much is she paying you?

bri on

How can she expect anyone to think she’s pretty all you think when you look at her is she is a skeletal home wrecker!blaaa

Hope on

Bri..well said! She needs to find a rock and crawl under it along with her lowlife husband..

Jaclyn on

Hope…why don’t you get a life. clearly you have nothing better to do then read people’s comments and call them names on here. everyone has a right to their own opinion. don’t be immature and call people names because of it.

Anne on

Hope – Seriously – we get it – you have an issue with cheaters. No need to attack everyone who has something positive to say about these two. My goodness, knock it off – you sound like a crazy, paranoid, ex-of a cheater. Stop attacking everybody!

Hope on

Anne..find your rock and crawl

francine on

I am sorry but she looks gaunt and like many anorexics has a head that looks too big for her body..This is not a wedding dress…

lynnab on

Poor baby, she looks to thin and she thinks it looks good.. I still love her but try and put 5 to 7 more lbs on LeAnn.

GiGI on

Hope…while I agree with most of the posts of Leanne looking too thin etc. I must say that your posts are disturbing. You are very angry about something and I hope that you find happiness. Whether you like Leanne or not you are certainly entitled to your opinion however bashing others who have kind words for the girl makes you look like a loon. Best wishes to you and I hope you find something else happier to occupy your time today:-)

Kate on

So many mean spirited cruel people on here that have not let up for two long years on this poor woman.
Alot of them work as a pack on twitter and organize to write mean comments in places like this. Grow up & focus on your own lives.

lynnab on

poor baby. You’re too thin, not just saying it to be mean. some woman can pull it off looking that thin but she cant because she has a long face.

TJ on

Tacky! Just like her and the whole relationship.

Chelsea on

What is wrong with her face?

Their marriage wont last. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Double trouble for this couple.

Pretty dress though. :)

LeAnn Dons Diamonds and Pearls for March Down the Aisle « GoldCaddy.com on

[…] be no exception. The newlyweds share all the details of their Malibu nuptials with the new issue of People magazine, including exclusive photos (see them in the video above) and the bride’s emotional reaction […]

Too Funny on

If she were truly sexy, she wouldnt have to announce it in an interview. If she was sexy, we would just pickup on that. Stop trying so hard LeAnn. And Brandi was much prettier on her wedding day. I wonder HOW MANY pictures of LeAnn they had to go thru to try and find some workable pics to photoshop to not highlight her HORSE FACE. And her body looks like a malnurished LINEBACKER. Nice. Lol

Kim on

Leanne looks like a man in that picture. She seems to have gotten very high on herself lately. I agree with another post that Karma is going to come back her way someday. I feel for the exes of these two who have to look at these photos.

Fed Up on

WHY WHY WHY are you still talking about this????? Do you think we care and I agree with poster Jodie… she must own stock in your magazine…. ridiculous to give this ‘has been’ this much coverage over a scandalous marriage.

Joni on

Poor, pathetic, miserable, negative people and your posts…let them be happy. You should be the ones crawling under a rock.

Diane on

Everyone has forgiven Brad and Angie so what is so different here? Good luck to you LeAnn. You are a beautiful young woman. I hope everyone will leave you alone for awhile and give you a chance to enjoy each other.

carolyn on

It is all about HER!!! I wonder how many months this marriage will last???

Too Funny on

when shes smiling, especially in the photo above, she looks like Stripe the Gremlin from the movie Gremlins. She is just a dog. I wonder if Eddie covers her face with 20 dollar bills eachnight before they get busy. Theres NO WAY he can look at that and not get nauseous. And we all know he is only with her cuz she purchased his cheating butt.

Anne on

Thank you Hope – you proved my point. I agree with GiGi, I hope you find happiness, because that is something that is clearly missing from your life. I will not find a rock and crawl because I have a happy and full life and I don’t let people like you bring me down. :o)

Hope on

Gigi and Kate..how about you concerns yourselves with supporting a loser like Leann and I will concern myself with my issues..in the meantime..Leann should stop talking and we will stop responding..she is homewrecker and the only one that needs help is her narcissitic twisted self.

Hope on

while your at it Anne. moral compasses are on sale at the dollar store…splurge a little and buy yourself one.

lika on

I think Leann is a pretty woman, but this picture would never prove that. I can’t believe that this this is the pic that she chose to publish! Ah well. Happy days to them. And for those who are calling her a homewrecker, etc. He didn’t HAVE to leave his family…he CHOSE to. There’s always something amiss in a relationship and it’s easy to blame another party…believe me, I know from experience.

Amanda on

I thought shes been married for along time already, hmm guess not, and u guys are right, she lookie like a man… gain some weight girl your face is to big for your body now.

TT on

People….glass houses. NO ONE is immune from feelings changing, falling in and out of love, whether it is your husband or wife. We are human…let’s be human and show this couple some compassion. She’s admitted her mistakes and agreed she didn’t handle the situation appropriately. Move on…there are more important issues in the world to be concerned over.

GiGi on

OH MY Gosh, Hope, you seriously have some anger issues. I can’t believe that have the time and energy to bash someone who you don’t know. Maybe we should make sure you aren’t actually Leann’s ex husband with all the hate you are spewing! Either way this couple look happy and hopefully they stay that way, you Hope on the other hand need a mood enhancer!

Hope on

LOL..TT.she admitted her mistakes but jusitifies them at the same time..

OMG Gigi you seriously are braindead

Whatever on

Whether the dress is pretty or not doesn’t matter … she is still an adulterer.

LeAnn Fan on

Hope…sounds like you need a good schtup!!

jane on

shes a pig

Dee on

Good! Maybe now that she married him, she’ll start eating again.

TT on

get a life hope

GiGi on

Hope…that is your retort? Really, brain dead? First of all “braindead” is two words, secondly I don’t agree with what they did because cheating is wrong, but you are taking this battle on as a personal vendetta for some reason. If I were you I’d put the laptop down and let this alone because for every comment you make you are gaining like 10 responses from other readers. So do us all a favor and bugger off!

Babe on

The heart wants what the heart wants….blessings and happiness to them!

Too Funny on

‘It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship,” Cibrian says in a statement, ‘its NOT true!’ that was Eddies response to whether he was having an affair with Leann. He didnt marry her because he is in love with her. He married her cuz he cant be alone, he is broke & Brandi threw him out when she realized he lied to her & the rest of world about being a cheater.

Hope on

Gigi..thanks for the spelling lesson..and I will “bugger off” as soon as you crawl back under you rock.

lori on

He’s really handsome but she looks like a locust secada bug..doesn’t help that she waffed away to nothing.

GiGi on

Good one Hope, I have read that same comment from you 3 times already to other readers, so needless to say it is no longer at all funny.

greg on

Congratulations to LeAnn and Eddie. EVERYBODY deserves a second chance, because all of us have made mistakes. Us non-celebs can hide our mistakes because they aren’t pointed out on tabloids or by bloggers.

Chloe on

Who cares about the dress? She copied it from Brandi anyway.

Anne on

Hope – why would I need a moral compass? I have never cheated on my husband or told a complete stranger to crawl under a rock. I hope you find love, happiness and peace in your life.

TT on

Well said Greg.

Lisa on

Yikes!!! Can’t wait until Eddie cheats on her!

Lisa on

Eddie’s first wife must be laughter her a$$ off!!!

Hung Fung Yu on

OK……….stop already!
Why is that Vicne Gill and Amy Grant can do the same thing, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, or even Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert and there is no back lash. Even Eliabeth Taylor was not the perfect person when it came to “ethics” in relationships……….Talk about double standards. Leave them alone! Have they done anything to you, NO! So why are you taking they time to throw them under the bus!

I am sure that all of you that keep writing negative comments are SO perfect!

Get a life~

valentina on

not a fan of the hair

elaine on

i think she looks like the Grinch and he looks like the cat that swallowed the canary

deedee on

Her head is too big for her body. She looks out of proportion. She must be molding her body to Eddie’s strict requirements. Stick thin and emaciated looking, fake boobs too… hot… not…

Too Funny on


jill on

@hope- u r dead on with all your comments. I absolutely agree with u.

D on

She was quoted that the only regret she has was making her and Eddie’s relationship public while she was still married. If that’s her ONLY regret, then by all means, she will live her life and hopefully not be too suprised when things don’t work out the way she intended. But hey, maybe she and Eddie will live happily ever after. Karma may just pass them by. Congrats.

yvonne on

she looks great and they both look very happy. so stop hating because it was not you.grow up!!!!!

anon on

I would hate to live my life EVERY DAY AS INSECURE as she has become because of him!!! She’s so scared and desperate to keep him! Sad life because “it will happen again.” Skunks don’t change they’re stripes!

yvonne on

i think that they look very happy so people need to stop hating and get a life!!!!

GiGI on

Hope has a thing with rocks…..perhaps she herself lives under one….must be lonely under there in the dark with just a laptop and no vibrator….My suggestion would be to purchase one and maybe that would put a smile on your face:-)

Barbara on

She was such a cute kid, what happened!!

Karolina on

I don’t agree with how their relationship started, but I also do not think someone can “steal” someone away from anyone else – they go freely. But, I think they (especially her) have been bashed enough and at this point I just wish them happiness. I hope she doesn’t wake up and regret her decisions one day. I’m 31 now, and I also know that at 26 yrs old you are still young and niave and gullible..despite how mature you think you might be. We’ve all made mistakes, and you live and learn and move on and try to make the best of it.

Hope on

Gigi (aka Leann)..you defend this homewrecker far too much..are you one as well? Must be. What mess did you leave in your tracks? Now that rock is still waiting for you. Whose family did you destroy? You are a lose of the first order.

Sassy on

She does NOT look too thin. She looks fit and healthy – most American women would be lucky to look like she does.

Gail on

She is such a bow-wow! And he is so handsome.
She has never looked as homely as she does now.

buppity on

WHO CARES!!!… can she spell CHEATER!!!…

Dona Wallace on

horse face

GiGI on

Hope there are two of us you dumb beotch….GiGI and GiGi….If you recall in my first response to you I wasn’t defending Leanne at all. I was just wishing you a happier life. Perhaps the younger perhaps hotter chick your ex husband or boyfriend is screwing has you so soured to the entire human race that you can’t see past that and for that I truly feel sorry for you. Let it go and find happiness honey because you’re not going to find it posting naty grams on people.com

GiGI on

@ Sassy….honey….when you can see ribcage in your breast bone you’re too skinny. That’s not healthy at all. Leanne needs to pack on about 10lbs to look “healthy” again.

Too Funny on

Eddie Cibrian is losing his hair. Must be the stress from destroying his life.

Beth on

Clearly not the best picture of either of them.

Marie on

Guess you have to look the part when your a home wrecker. . .

Lenoir on

The ‘homewrecker’ comments are amusing. If I had to choose, I’d say Eddie was being a typical male after a young blonde woman with no kids. Seriously. I think ‘homewrecker’ is pretty outdated and should have stayed back in the 1950’s. Lmao.

boo on

No one can steal someone else’s husband! He wanted to be ‘stolen’ – you housewives are just so naive!!

Too Funny on

Lol, Lenoir you make it sound like he couldnt resist a very attractive blond…Leann is very homely. I guess she isnt a homewrecker? its her WALLET that was the homewrecker. Thats all he wants. Cause he certainly doesnt want that face and body.

Dell on

Shame on them for falling in love and hurting their spouses. They are all only human and yes, we all make mistakes. Moving on….

Erica on

How did she get a guy that’s that hot? I don’t get it…

Too Funny on

Erica, she bought him. literally. shame on HIM for being greedy enough to fall in love with MONEY. sorry, Dell, but he told anyone who would listen he wasnt in love with her and he made a mistake, after his wife kicked him out. Leann kept throwing money, trips & homes in his face, so he gave in and went with her.Guess he had to, he had nowhere else to go.

manutd on

I like her but I think Eddy is gona make her insecure. He cheated on his wife with her so what’s gona stop him from doing it to her. Whenever she gets comfortable in her relationship thing are going to start to change then she is gona say: I wasn’t expecting this!

penny phillips on

Leann looks beautiful and the two of them look so happy. They are very much in love and it appears that they will have a happy and successful marriage. May God bless both of them and their children.

Carmen on

Why would you want to marry a guy that cheated on his wife?

elaine on

amen Carman amen

Di on

Perfect! A dress w/ a low neckline,AND a slit up to there to show the true harlot that she is! Add the snakeskin lace up stilettos to boot!

Karin on

Leann Rimes is actually starting to come across as a sociopath. She seems dead set at shoving every aspect of her adultery fueled relationship into the public’s face. People are aren’t feeling positive vibes for this union and I am starting to think it is for good reason. Second marriages should be lower key, especially if kids are involved and a family was disrupted due to infidelity. Yes, people cheat all the time and in Hollywood it has happened a lot but I don’t think that any other couple in recent history has be less discreet than these two. Her dress looked like it was draped on a skeleton. She looked very fit and healthy before, If she is so happy, why is she starving herself?

Julianne on

I truly believe it takes two to tango. However, Leann is really getting on my nerves. She did one of the lowest thing a human being can do to another and yet she seems so proud. You would think she and Eddie would be somewhat remorseful and keep a low profile after their shameful affair…..but no! I really feel for the pain they brought to their ex’s and even more to their children.

sue on

Beautiful couple & I hope they have their love always shines like it does in that picture. They give so much love to others and are so giving that I hope people GIVE them a break and let them live their life. God bless us everyone!

Hope on

Sue you are as delussional as they are..a couple of cheaters that is all they are..lucky Eddie the loser..found his money tree and there he goes swinging..I hope those boys grow up to hate him and scuzzy stepmother.

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shaeri on

any why is this published? two people that are amking amockery of cheating and marriage.

shaeri on

any why is this published? two people that are making amockery of cheating and marriage.

shaeri on

what a joke. Two people that are so self absorbed and walk around going “why do people hate us” becasue life is short people and you are both homewreckers! And by the way..she considers herslef a second mom? No such thing!

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