LeAnn Rimes's Wedding Accessories: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

04/26/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

LeAnn Rimes Wedding Jewelry

LeAnn Rimes followed the age-old tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue when she married Eddie Cibrian on Friday night — and she did it in sparkling style. “Old” came courtesy of jeweler Neil Lane: Rimes pinned his $250,000 platinum art deco brooch (it has 25 carats of diamonds!) to the waist of her handmade Reem Acra gown. “It was an absolutely stunning vintage piece and I think it completed the dress,” Rimes — who also dazzled in a pair of Lane’s 10-carat diamond earrings — tells PEOPLE. “New” was represented by Rimes’ most meaningful jewelry yet: three wedding bands — standing for Cibrian and his two sons, Mason, 7, and Jake, 4 — from Cibrian’s childhood friend Brent Polacheck of Polacheck’s Jewelers. “From the very beginning, LeAnn was very expressive about the importance and symbolism of three bands,” Polacheck tells PEOPLE. “His boys are an incredibly important part of their lives and she wanted to incorporate her feelings for them into her rings.” The rose-gold bands with rose-cut pear-shaped and single-cut round diamonds also match Rimes’s 5-carat engagement ring. Polacheck describes the groom’s ring — sandblasted rose gold paved with black diamonds on the outer inside rims — as “sexy and tough at the same time.” To further personalize her husband’s ring, Rimes added an inscription inside: “I love you more.” “Borrowed” came by way of designer Ippolita, who lent Rimes $12,000 worth of her rose five- and two-diamond bangles. Rimes added a modern twist to her look by stacking a mixture of the bracelets — 10 on each arm — for her walk down the aisle. And for the final touch? “I had a blue garter,” Rimes playfully reveals. “And a blue Hanky Panky thong that said ‘I do’ [in Swarovski crystals].” For all the details — and exclusive photos from Rimes and Cibrian’s intimate wedding — check out the new issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.Marisa Laudadio

LeAnn Rimes Wedding Jewelry
Courtesy Polacheck’s Jewelers; Courtesy Ippolita; Courtesy Neil Lane


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Theresa on

WOW! That’s a lot of sparkle!!!

I LOVE his band! Very cool!

Linda on

Still can’t get past the cheating thing!I look at her and want to punch her-hope she gets what she gave!

Mary on

She will always be a home wrecker and Karma will come back to her. She will be divorced because he will cheat on her also.

lori on

what comes around goes around for both of them!

Norma on

Her wedding band is absolutely gorgeous and I think it is awesome that her wedding band gives her step sons recognition. I love LeAnn!

Keri on

She will never be happy for breaking up someone’s marriage. Her day will come.

Darla on

I guess she borrowed all of the details from her new husband’s last wedding…the locations, the dress, the first dance……this women is a psychopath! What selfish, spoiled brats she and her husband have been. Well, soon they can start cheating on each other, because that’s what they do best.

Xoxo on

Her husband was already borrowed…

Heidi on

They are both cheaters and she is the second woman he cheated with on his first wife. What makes her think that she is special and he will not cheat on her. He will. She is very unattractive and he will start cheating on her soon.

megan on

Yes they handled things extremely poor, they should’ve waited until after the divorce. But they are in love, obviously he loves her more than his exwife, there’s no need to stay in a loveless marriage. They are in love, and she is/wants to be a great step mom, I wish them the best of luck in there new lives together, and hope for the children’s sake that all of you guys are wrong and no one else cheats! BTW I love her wedding bands, gorgeous!!! I like his ring too, although I think it’d look better in platinum



Me on

Agreed, can’t stand either of them!

Steph on

Too bad she couldnt cover up her horse face.

Michael on

Not sure if she is smoking crack or just throwing up everything she does eat but she looks way way way to unhealthy.
Being that thin isn’t normal so something is up for sure and by the looks of her it won’t be long till we all know.
Thats just sick!

Janet on

Thanks for sharing the details about the thong… needed to know that. Classy move

LP on

They forgot to mention she also borrowed someone else’s husband.

T on

Not to say that cheating is right because it isn’t. There are better ways to go about things before it has to come to cheating. Leave your spouse and then move on. However, that doesn’t mean she is a bad person. She is human and we all make mistakes. Until you are in her shoes don’t cast your stones!!!!
Matthew 7:1-5 KJV Judge not, that ye be not judged. (2) For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. (3) And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (4) Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? (5) Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

Beverly Hix on

@All the haters……Ok so they made a mistake. You can’t help who the heart loves. Yes it was wrong for them to cheat. But….wishing the bad things on them is just wrong. What if people wish bad things on you guys. At least they are trying to correct this situation. Wish them well and stop being so negative.

sunshine on

I agree Linda! I can’t get past the cheating thing either and trust me, karma will get them!

Beth on

Kinda sick of hearing about them!!!!

LT on

My god people, MOVE ON. Both they and their exes (i.e. the people who really matter in the situation) have moved on, so why can’t everybody else? Gah, it’s just like the whole Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt thing all over again (which plenty of people still seem totally pissed over despite the happy years Brad and Angelina have had since).

It’s not your life, it’s theirs, if it makes them happy, why do you care? Did you really click on this article just to vent about their cheating ways? Or to see what LeAnn wore at her wedding? Because the title of the article is about this girl’s wedding fashion, not her relationship or her marriage or either of their pasts. Get over it already and skip the damn article if you don’t care about them. It’s not that hard.

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Kylene on

What is it with all of the negativity? It’s so easy for people to judge others PARTICULARLY when they don’t know them or how a situation even began. So she hooked up with a married man and he hooked up with a married woman. IT HAPPENS. I know plenty of people who got married (young or not) and ended up with someone else who turned out to be their soulmate. Everything happens for a reason and for the people on here to be so vicious is NOT fair. I love LeAnn and Eddie together, they look very in love…which is far better than either of them staying in marriages in which they were unhappy. Let them be!!!

Denni on

Is cheating the right thing to do…NO. However, neither is staying with someone that you are no longer in love with. You are cheating yourself and that other person of a real loving, caring, and devoted relationship. Not to mention…how can a LOVELESS marriage/relationship be a good example for the kids; other than showing them how to live a lie and be miserable. They could have made a better choice by divorcing their significant others before they decided to co-habitat but things happen and life goes on. GOOD LUCK TO THEM!

Debbie on

She needs to eat and is not good looking at all. She is very plain.

Kitty on

I guess everyone that is bashing her has never made a mistake in their life. Good for you on having such a perfect life. I’m sorry we all can’t be perfect like you.

Jennifer on

I think if you are going to criticize her looks you need to post a picture of yourself to go along with it, so we can tell you what is wrong with your face or body b/c I am sure you are not perfect and would be hurt by someone saying those things about you.

Kime on

Her husband is borrowed because he will cheat on her too.

Mimi on

OMG, leave Leann alone! She’s got plenty of hurt coming her way since she made the mistake of marrying him. You don’t need to wish any more on her. I feel sorry for her because she’s young and naive, but he’s old enough to know better. I remember how naive I was about men when I was 26.

Chloe on

Very, very tacky. I feel sorry for Mason and Jake, the 2 little boys whose lives LeAnn has wrecked.

J2 on

Nicely said LT…move on people and don’t read articles if you don’t like the topic!

Lisa on

She is a homewrecker and what comes around goes around

Mimi on

Chloe, you don’t know that Eddie’s boys’ lives are wrecked. Their mother got busted for DUI, so she’s hardly mother of the year. Why are you so harsh on Leann but not Brandi? In my opinion, drunk drivers are the lowest of the low and much more deserving of your wrath than someone who’s been unfaithful in marriage.

Krissi on

@ T – 100% agree with you. It is like some of these people have never done anything wrong in their lives! They have no problem hacking away at Leann about morals and to do the right thing, yet they continue with bashing and hate.

observation on

Well, you know the old saying, “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy”. Hope LeAnn is ready for him cheating on her in a year or so.

lorraine on

damn he’s so cute,lucky girl :)

Juli on

Yeah, who cares what she had or what she wore! She is a cheat and a homewrecker! She better hope she can still sing and turn out good albums to save her image and reputation!! Otherwise, she is just another tramp with money.

lorraine on

damn he’s so cute,lucky girl that Leann :)

Kiki on

She’s a homewrecker and a cheat and so his he. They were meant for each other. Probably won’t last anyway.

jy on

its too bad all the rich people get handed stuff to borrow for their special event… I know plenty of people who are rich in their hearts to deserve to have a few diamonds on them.

mindy on

Rimes has ruined her reputation. Rimes has destroyed the career that she worked for.
No wonder she is anorexic.

Lisa on

He is too handsome for her. She is homely looking.

Vera Roberts on

Once a cheater, always a cheater. This marriage won’t last, either.

Stephanie on

I would really love to be happy for them, but I can’t. And by the looks of these reviews, neither can anyone else. What a shame, I used to really like LeeAnn but when you throw away your dignity with both hands, what do you expect? Oh well, at least they made it official. I hope he was worth it.

Ann on

Wow…if she actually cared about those little boys, then she wouldn’t have so willingly helped to destroy their family. Cheaters are selfish people. Their actions have proven that.

pollo on

has anyone thought that maybe all the
copying of the ex and her wedding is because that’s what Eddie Cibrian wants? She has let that guy make a total fool of her. lol Another site gave details of his wedding toast and it was disrespectful to Leann. lol

EJ on

She already had something borrowed…her now Husband…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh that was rich!

Janice on

She is looking so great these days! All the best to them both… no matter what their past. Move on people, they have.

susan on

She stole the husband and has the ring to prove it. And now it’s like she’s sending a message that she has the children, too. I think it’s sick. She broke up the family. He broke up his own family. You can’t put on some rings and become the mother. She can’t own them. They will only have one mother. I don’t care if she is married to the dad. He’s a bad person to let her constantly try to humiliate and anger the boy’s mother.

dj on

Obviously all the negative comments are coming from jilted persons because everyone knows that the “other woman or man” are the RESULT of problems in a marriage in trouble NOT the cause of a problem in the marriage and I think it is sad they can’t be happy for two people who were obviously in marriages that already had problems and found someone

Zoe on

Congrats to both of them. Leave them alone. We all free to make our own mistakes and readers sit at home judging everyone else from stories on the internet when we should be concentrating more on our own worlds, words and actions with the ones we love.

Donna Travis on

I know they cheated but these things happen. What’s to say this will not work. Maybe neither one of them was happy in their first marriage. give them a break. they seem so much in love. And as for him cheating before does not mean he will do it again. I know because i went thru this and my seconed husband and I have been very happy and he was also a lady’s man. he has never cheated on me and we have been together for over 35 yrs. It can work.

Lindsey on

I think LeAnn could help the situation by not constantly posing for photo ops, being in tabloids…or by trying to regain some modicum of dignity and class by not revealing things like what sort of thong she wore at her wedding. It’s tacky. I wish them the best because at the very least those little boys deserve some stability in their lives given the drama that brought their father and step-mother together.

katrina on

she wasn’t the only one who cheated!!! he did too!! i’m not saying it’s okay, but she’s not the only one who’s in the wrong.

Meg on

I think everyone should leave LeAnne and Eddie alone, it takes two to tango. This type of infidelity happens everyday. I think that it is cruel to blame Leanne, it is unfair that she is getting the brunt of the “hate” at this point. They are both responsible for the demise of their marriages. I do not condone what they did in any means, but come on, time to move on people……

liz on

it is true what they what comes around goes around
i do believe in karma, once a cheater always a cheater, they went amongst things the wrong way

Izzy on

Linda: I completely agree…I can’t get passed the cheating thing either…but somes like they are two peas in a pod…just wonder who will cheat on who first?

betty on

They both deserve the bad press and ridicule for their actions by degrading comments towards their ex’s. Especially LeeAnn she talked about their commiting adultry in the press. She knew what this would do to their spouses but didn’t care.

Now she says she handled it incorrectly. You can’t remove the sword once stabbed into one’s heart. Never did LeeAnn apologize to either of them.

Her making a comment on her ex’s engagement was uncalled for it was all for the public to see.

Now for the public she gives his son’s rings to connect them to her. She will always be the woman who took their father from their mother.

I hope this effects her income and he has to support her, lets see how long it lasts. He doesn’t get a free financial ride along with her previous celebrity status.

May each day bring them constant memories of lives they destroyed by their own greed.

Dee on

it’s a shame to go to all that trouble for just 5 years till somebody cheats again.

Christine on

LeAnn and Eddie should have left their spouses when they realized they weren’t happy. It would have saved everyone heartache. Or they should have had the composure to get the divorce before they began seeing each other. It seems both did not handle the situation correctly. Unless they’re more mature and not so compulsive, they will fail at marriage again. What happened to that little girl with the big talent? I hope you didn’t waste it by disappointing all your fans. Before you defend your actions, you should know that all of your fans (including me) expected better behavior.

Kris on

People are talking about karma- saying she stole another womans man and soon she’ll get what she deserves. First of all- the fact that people are wishing bad things will happen to her isn’t the way to get good karma. So stop being negative and accept that it’s her life not yours…

Tea on

Haters!!!! If he was happy in his marriage, he would not have cheated. Not everyone can be so lucky to marry once and stay married. These things happen. grow up people.

Cat on

Hmm, seems if this was the second time he cheated on his first wife she would have been happy to see him go and maybe happened because he didn’t love her and it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t get women who keep or take back men who cheat on them then scream at the other women like it’s all their fault. It takes 2 to tango.

Shiloh13 on

I hope all you people that are saying such hateful things somehow end up where she is one day to experience such hateful words to see how it feels. Get over it! If your not a fan…move on! I am so happy the boys are such a part of this. Hope you have a happy life LeAnn & Eddie!

georgia on

Love all your beautiful decissions. I have followed your career from day one. I love you and so Happy for you. A person can not help who they fall in love with or when. It was meant to be. You both are beautiful people. Have a wonderful life together.

MA on

Haters beware. If what goes around, comes around, you better clean up your mouths.

Alison on

He is good looking and she is not. She looks like all the other unattractive people from the South. She is from TN

Lazonga on

Seriously people GET OVER IT!!
In the scheme of things who gives a rat’s a** what they did or did not do. My goodness, your perfection is mind boggling. No one knows what went on behind closed doors, so until you do I suggest you keep your opinions to yourselves. It’s not like they are the first celebrities to behave this way and they certainly won’t be the last!! RELAX!!

Lindsey on

I love how others are so quick to condemn her when they themselves are not perfect. Yes she made a mistake and admits to making one, but it’s been a year ago and everyone in the situation is moving on. I would hate to say that someone doesn’t deserve to be happy because of a past mistake when we are all only human.

Donette on

They are both pigs!! So sick of hearing about them

Dee on

She’ll be blue enough when he dumps her for a new one. Leopards don’t change their spots!

Kathy H on

“Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Judgment is JUST as much a sin as infidelity. Most of ou would do well to remember both of those little pieces of Biblical advice!

Fortunately, sins are graded on a scale of 1-10 and when you get to 100 points you’re out.

Did Eddie and LeAnn handle things incorrectly? Yes and they have BOTH stated as much publicly several times. That said, there is NOTHING worse than being in a bad marriage. And “once a cheater, always a cheater” is no more true than a cat having kittens in the oven makes ’em biscuits! My brother was a notorious cheater – cheated on wife # 1 with wife # 2, cheated on wife # 2 with wife # 2 – who was also still married when she hooked up with my brother. Was it disappointing? Yes. Wrong? Yes. Was it “right” in that they were meant to be together? Well 30 years, 3 kids, 5 grandkids and NO MORE CHEATING later, I’d have to say yes.

I feel nothing but absolute pity for all of you catty women who are so judgmental. God help all of you if YOU ever make a mistake, commit a sin or do anything that isn’t absolutely perfect. I hope you all don’t “get what you give” as you’ve all wished on these obviously very happy newlyweds!

Kathy H on

Pardon my typo – fortunately sins are NOT graded on a scale of 1-10!!!!

Kathy H on

Ok I shouldn’t type when I have the flu… my post is chocked full of typos!

Brother cheated on # 2 with # 3, not # 2 – duh. Again I reiterate, sins are NOT graded on a scale of 1-10!!

Shiz on

I wonder if the haters are gonna wish them ill when she gets pregnant..

Eva on

Kathy H–
????????? Look over your post again makes little sense. Cheated on wife #2 with wife #2? I will be the first to admit I am not perfect, but a cheater I will never be. You can rationalize it all you want, that will never make it right. Its also not just the infidelity that bothers me, its all of her actions following it. Finally, she is a celebrity, and like it or not her actions are going to be judged good and bad.

tami on

Really, grow up…why does everyone blame the woman…It’s him…he may or not have been happy, we don’t know. It’s friggin hollywood ppl…

Hayley on

They are both filthy cheaters, I will never see anything but that when I look at either of them. Karma is a *****!



Linda on

His marriage was over long before LeAnn came along. She deserves happiness. Horrible family, friend only marriage, I’m glad she has found someone she loves. They will make it.

Kelli on

While I understand her wanting to express that the kids are important, really inappropriate idea with the rings. Step-parenting is a really delicate dance, especially when kids are young and relationships with exes have been contentious. She may have successfully stolen away the guy but I think she needs to stop with pushing that the kids are “hers”. They aren’t. They are his and his ex-wife’s and while she can certainly have a good relationship with them and should, I get the feeling that she is to immature to respect the boundaries. It sometimes seems like she wants to step into another woman’s life and take it over. Shades of SWF.

lisa on

please make her go away!

lisa on

please make her go away

K Rose on

People good or bad can’t always help falling in love, I don’t think either set out to do that, and people who judge should watch what might come back to them. Only God is to JUDGE.

Kim on

Strange how people can’t seem to “get past” the cheating; when Angelina did the same thing and everyone seems to think she is just a great upstanding person instead of the homewrecker she is, and Brad a cheater. Looks the same to me.

Stephanie on

I think that it’s the way they handled the aftermath that has led to all the “judgment”. They could have been a LOT lower key and I don’t care if they were both in supposedly loveless marriages, it still didn’t have to play out in such a way as it did. It made them look low class. They may be happily married forever or it may last a couple of years. They are not different that anyone else. Relationships are hard and starting out the way they did may or may not affect them negatively in the long run. Who knows? I certainly hope that if they start their own family, people aren’t still wishing them bad things but I guess that will depend on how they handle the whole thing. Infidelity and divorce happen all of the time. Most people don’t start twitter feuds and then act shocked when people side with the scorned exes. It also doesn’t help that she seems to be trying to overstep her boundaries with the kids. You can’t erase you or your spouses past by insulting your or their exes. It makes you look insecure and good relationships don’t flourish when one or both involved are insecure. I certainly don’t wish them or anyone else ill will.

susan on

She’s in the ex’s face non-stop. It’s consumed her. She FLAUNTS her affair, FLAUNTS her body, now the honeymoon, with digs (to the ex) on twitter about how romantic that it was on the beach (like the ex’s), same dress designer, etc. That’s truly sick. And now it’s flaunting the rings. Like she married the children, too. It wasn’t about loving her new man. It’s been about taking him away. She’s competing with the ex-wife, not loving anyone. She gets off on taking away, not finding new love. She wouldn’t want someone unless they were attached. No fun in that. She has to be “better” than someone else. She will be bored with him, now that she got him.

Kelly on

did we really need to know about the thong?? Seriously…

susan on

Yeah. The thong. How in your face is that, to the ex? I bet at this point the “ex” is thrilled that he’s hooked up with some psycho. Too bad her children got dragged into it. The father is an idiot. He married an egomaniac.

Jon on

Who cares! She’s still a Cheater, Karma could definitely be a major b@itch to her?

Jon on

And Him?

Heather on

Yes I do believe they went about things the wrong way. Everyone makes mistakes, as I am sure everyone who has posted so far has in the past. But we do not know what was going on in their relationships before they met. Who’s to say they werent on their way to getting divorced anyways. I just think we are quick to judge other people when we do not have all the facts.

Chris on

You old bags, stop being so mean. No one knows your business and I’m sure you not perfect so calm down. They’re in love and everyone has moved on well I guess except for you haters. Geez give it a break.

lisa on

@xoxo so true lol!!!

Daryl on


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[…] LeAnn Rimes’s Wedding Accessories: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue GSI LeAnn Rimes followed the age-old tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue when she married […] […]

melissa on

Hollywood and marriage…that is funny! Good luck, while it lasts!

lrobin on

i used to like her but i just can not feel the same way about her and she could have had a small wedding and maybe gave the money she paid for her diamonds to her town food bank. linda

Karin on

She needs to lay off the twitter. If she did and stopped publicizing their every move as a couple people would probably forgive and forget. There is always another scandal waiting around the corner. Cheating in Hollywood or anywhere else is sad and pathetic but commonplace and certainly not surprising.There just seems to be something about this couple that makes it so that people are not pulling for them Not a great way to start a marriage for sure.

Sonny on

I think her husband was the “borrowed” one.

Ronda on

It takes 2 to tango. Not to say that what transpired was right at the onset, but once vows are said you take a lifetime to stay committed to each other. This is what LeAnn and Eddie did by committing to marriage.

Theirs will be a challenge because it is never easy being a step-parent, let alone parent. Just wish them the very best and hope it lasts forever!!!

Stephanie on

If they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you..just the nature of the beast.

Jan on


Debbie on

i am sorry but i cant forget the fact that they were both married at the time of their affair. I realize things happen but i think the way this happened is sickening and who is to say they wont do it again. Dont care what happens to them, they deserve the worst in my opinion.

lisa on

I agree with the post that said to lay off the twitter. Everyone knows you’re in love and you are married now. Stop publicizing every aspect of your life. Take some time to enjoy your marriage. It won’t flourish if you are glued to your blackberry and continue to share it with a public that seems against it.

Tracie Gonzalez on

He Was already borrowed! Nice @xoxo.

She better stay that thin to keep him, he will leave her too. I hope it works out, but you never know…

AlwaysMe on

How can this marriage mean anything if she didn’t respect Brandi/Eddie’s marriage??? I give it a year tops!

dawn on

What I think is the sad part to all of this is that there is no way for them to spin this positively for the kids. Right now they are young and do not know the whole story. These kids will grow up and will start asking questions and more than likely see the video of their father trying to hide himself and meet the stepmom behind their real mother’s back. I know from experience just finding out hurts so much no matter how much it was hidden or how it was told. They will be able to see it with their own eyes. That is what I could not live with if I was either one of them.


I HOPE LEANN ENJOYS WHATEVER HAPPINESS SHE CAN WHILE SHE CAN! IF HE CHEATS ON HER THERE WILL BE SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE FOR HER! Kind of sad to see so many bitter women spewing venom at her like they are saints!!!!!!!

Lovedart on

Wow, I cannot believe all the rude comments. They are free to do as they please and live the life they want, not for us to judge. If they have found their twin soul love, then fantastic for them. It’s nobody else’s business, get over it all people !

Anna on

If Leann really cared about his sons so much, she would have left Eddie alone in the first place. She will never look good after this, I just have no respect for her.

amy on

For all you haters out there you were sure quick to read and comment on this story. I hope none of you are ever in a loveless marriage. They make a beautiful couple and those that think LeAnn is homely, I can only guess what you must look like!!

Geej on

What’s wrong with you people, you act like no one has ever had an affair while married to someone else. Stuff happens. Stop harping about it. It’s not the end of the world. Life goes on.

Lisa on

Good for them! Hope it works out!

Big Mike on

Regardless of how miserable you are in a relationship, stay where you are. Endure years of pain and abuse until become jaded. Fight in front of your children, it will only build their character. If you meet someone you really bond with, run away as fast as you can. If you ever feel an ounce of happiness, immediately hit yourself in the toe with a hammer and make the happiness go away. Life is short. The pain will end soon. Stick with it. You’re a champ!

Melissa on

I still dont understand why its ok for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and what about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt??? Why arent these couples hated as much? Brad and Jen didnt have kids but they WERE married. Tori and Dean were married to other people and Dean had a child!!!

Tammy on

I’m really tired of hearing everyone bash LeeAnn as a homewrecker and husband stealer. As a survivor of a divorce such as this my self two things I learned. 1) You can’t break up a happy home/marriage. Obviously there were already problems on both sides. 2) It takes two to cheat she was not alone in this he went willingly of his own free will. True waiting till divorced is the proper thing to do but really it’s none of our business. We don’t know the whole story. Back off and give her a break it’s over and done and everyone as they (all 4) have said have moved on. Why doesn’t everyone else do the same.

LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Wedding on

[…] until making the big step. The wedding news has also been confirmed by a rep for LeAnn, who told People that “LeAnn and Eddie were happily married today surrounded by their closest family and […]

gecko1967 on


This kind of stuff happens every day with regular people but because they are celebraties it’s a big deal..come on now…every day every hour in the world men cheat on their wives and wives cheat on their husband…let them do their own thing..it’s their lives ….grow up people..

kathy on

She will always have that dark cloud over her head every time I see her or hear her name I think “homewrecker” sorry but once a cheat always a cheat!!!! and the fact that she publicly announced everyday what she was doing with this guy and his kids just to rub it into his ex-wives face shows she has no class!!!

sam on

It doesn’t matter who they are or how many others have cheated – cheating is wrong! No excuses. If your spouse is abusive, or you are in a “loveless” marriage, then leave, don’t cheat. It is NOT “ok” to hurt other people just to get what you want. Leann has set a new low on this issue – not just cheating but her horrible tweets, interviews, fake photo-ops, etc, etc. The public doesn’t just hate her, they despise her and justifiably so.

nora on

just saw the wedding photo – Leann looks horrible even with a ton of make-up and the plastic surgery. Can’t she get some expert help to look better? Eddie looks like he’s waiting tables — he will look better (and happier) at his 3rd wedding.

get real on

Eddie does not love or even respect Leann. Just witness how he is with other women on his new set when Leann isn’t there to stop him. And then there are the things he says behind Leann’s back. It’s bad enough that I am starting to feel sorry for this girl.

m on

Come on, now… Perhaps things will all work out, and they will both do the same as their last go around… If they both have someone on the side… ;) bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Marriage is a funny word… When you don’t know the meaning of it:)

Rey on

One’s gotta duck their head to walk through here with all this stone-casting. All these people must have their consciences clean due to their sin free lives. I think the wedding pictures came out great and, for those that say they are tired of hearing about this lovely couple, there are plenty of more stories you could be reading on the yahoo home page.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Official Wedding Portrait « Leann Rimes Online on

[…] But to keep a hint of mystery, Rimes slipped away to another room when the time came to put on her wedding dress – a handmade Reem Acra gown accessorized with sparkling jewelry. […]

elena on

Hey Rey, and the others who refer to the “casting stones” story from the Bible – you have totally twisted the meaning of that one. Without going into a long theological explanation, it will suffice to say this: the Bible clearly, absolutely, and fully condemns adultery and marriages resulting from adultery. Forgiveness is not granted until one completely turns away from the sin and repents (i.e., ends the relationship and fully regrets and asks for forgiveness). The Bible also says that people should, for the sake of the transgressors, point out their wrongs and encourage them to do right instead (it’s better for them / their soul in the long run). The Bible does not say…oh, go ahead, do wrong, steal, lie, cheat, rape, kill, whatever, and no one should say or do anything about it unless they are perfect. Get educated and stop twisting things to try to excuse bad stuff.

moira on

The reality is that Eddie could still salvage his career if he got rid of LeMann. The bad boy image always works in Hollywood. LeMann cannot salvage her image unless she disappears from the public for years (and years) and then comes back as a “changed” person asking the public to give her another chance. She won’t stay low and keep quiet, which makes the public hate her more. She’s an idiot in every part of her life.

Susan on

I’m going to say something that’ll get me solidly reamed here, but I’m okay with that. I don’t necessarily approve of what happened with these two. But it’s not up to me to “approve” or “disapprove.” They fell in love, they left their spouses, they got married. It’s a done deal. Can everyone move on now?

LeAnn Rimes's Wedding Accessories – Celebrity Style News … « Latest Search on

[…] Read More: LeAnn Rimes's Wedding Accessories – Celebrity Style News … […]

moira on

@susan…the public likes throwing rotten eggs (so to speak) at this pair because they keep asking for it with the way handle themselves in the press. Leann especially, she has zero class. And no one thinks this is about true love. If either of them were really in love, they would act very, very differently. It’s more about getting selfish desires fulfilled (Eddie likes the money and attention, Leann feels some sort of revenge for all the days she was called a fat, homely girl). Last but not least, no one thinks this is over – the cheating and the craziness from Leann will never stop.

LeAnn Rimes’s Wedding Dress: All the Details! | Find the best photographers. on

[…] who describes her dress as “a little bit Old Hollywood and bohemian.” She accessorized with sparkling jewels and Alexander McQueen snakeskin peep-toe heels with an ankle strap. And in keeping with the […]

LeAnn Rimes’s Wedding Dress: All the Details! | Thenigeriandaily.com on

[…] who describes her dress as “a little bit Old Hollywood and bohemian.” She accessorized with sparkling jewels and Alexander McQueen snakeskin peep-toe heels with an ankle strap. And in keeping with the […]

Darla on

To all of the morons saying “loveless marriage sucks” and “don’t hate, be happy!” Are you so completely without a moral compass that you do not see the difference between leaving a loveless marriage and cheating on while lying to your spouse? Really? These two lied and snuck around and cheated and moved on with their marriages while their sposes believed nothing was wrong because they could, because they wanted to, because it was convenient. That’s evil. They’re evil. So shut up! They will make each other miseable when one or both of them move on from their current “loveless marriage”.

penny phillips on

Leann always looks beautiful and she is stunning in her wedding gown. Leann and Eddie are very much in love and I pray for their happiness including his 2 sons. I look forward to Leann’s new cd release and her cmt movie. She is so talented and a gifted song writer.

mike on

Hey Penny, you must be living in an alternate reality. Leann is infamous for having a dog face and a manly body, no matter what she does to herself. Leann and Eddie are not in love, at least not as any sane person defines love. Leann’s CD will never be relased, and it does not matter if it is because her career is over. Her movie will be reason #101 for her being the laughing stock of even the Z list celebs. Maybe she had talent for a 13 year old, but there are so many other with more talent, whether singing, or songwriting or acting, who are also waaaay more attractive and waaaay more likable. The more Leann tries, the worse it will get for her. She should go away and try a career revival in 10 years.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Official Wedding Portrait | urifukoti on

[…] But to keep a hint of mystery, Rimes slipped away to another room when the time came to put on her wedding dress ? a handmade Reem Acra gown accessorized with sparking jewelry. […]

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