Demi Lovato's New Tattoo Inspired By Her Fans

03/16/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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She’s already thanked her fans for their support, and recently, Demi Lovato took her gratitude a step further. In a video posted to Tuesday, the 18-year-old unveils her new tattoos, one on her left wrist which reads “Stay” and another on the right that says “Strong,” plus a tiny heart that represents the love of her supporters. “I wanted to thank my fans in a way I know can never be forgotten,” she explains, adding that while she was receiving treatment for “emotional and physical issues” last year, many of her admirers drew (and even tattooed!) hearts on their own wrists in solidarity. “I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you … gave me, and I will look at it every day and remember you … and be completely thankful for you. Just thought you guys should know that. I love you.” The starlet also returned to Twitter Tuesday night, sending her first message since October. “Guess who’s baaaaaaaack…!!!!!!!” she wrote. “I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…” Fans reciprocated, Tweeting, “#welcomebackdemi.” —Kate Hogan


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Anna on


Josie on

Well at least it’s not a guy’s name!

Stephanie on

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Demi, but I’m glad she’s doing better and that she’s ‘staying strong’!

Tammy on

I think that’s an excellent way to ‘thank’ her 11 year old fans.. tattoo’s.. not to smart on her part.

Jamie on

She looks like a dark haired Elisha Cuthbert, no?
Glad to see she’s doing better

Lisa on

She’s 18, she can get tattoos. I don’t see what the big deal is, I think it’s cute.

rm on

Guys don’t be mean to her shes just trying to show her fans how thankful she is that they stood by her through the rough patch in her life

heather on

she looks fat.

Rachel on

Heather….you sound like a whale

Anne on

Another reason she went into therapy was for a eating disorder, probably from people like you telling her she was fat. Shame on you.

Shona on

Wow you guys really are sad. Shes done an amazing thinig for her fans and FYI most of her fans are over 11. Demi has been through so much and all her fans have been there for her the whole time. Her doing something like this is an amazing gesture. Her fans appreciate her and no one cares what haters think because they aren’t worth thinking about

rere on

I’m just glad she is getting better. She is not hurting anybody getting the tats. This is obviously part of her healing. So, I just wish her the best. I am not what you call a fan, but
I’d rather watch her than Miley Cyrus.
I hope that Demi continues to move forward with her life and not end up like other young celebrity
stars that didn’t. Prayers to you, girl!!!

mark on

Who is she?
People should at least say why she’s a starlet.

Carol on

Please don’t thank my 8 year old by showing her your new tattoo.

Allycat on

I think she looks great. It’s called healthy, Heather, not fat. Why must you think she’s fat just because she is not a stick? You are not a nice person at all Heather. Anyway….I think she looks great and am glad she is doing better. For Tammy…not all of her fans are 11 year olds. And what does it matter if she got tattoo’s or not? I think they look great and it’s not like they are a bad thing. Self expression not ok in your house??? And last bout not least to Anna…GAG right back at ya. Leave the kid alone. I am not a big fan either but I think it’s great that she is doing better and is back out there. She has a good voice and seems to be a very sweet kid. At least she realized she had issues and took care of them instead of turning into another Lindsey Lohan!

Alyssa on

I am so proud that she took the initative to say I need help and get the help! She stuck with her treatment without leaving 30 days in like most celebs. STAY STRONG Demi!!!! <3

Jill on

Yeah, that’s great that she took care of the problem now before it got out of hand. Go Demi! I think the tattoos are a nice gester. They aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be. This is 2011

Jack King on

Tattoos? Yet another sign that the girl is still screwed up. Whether it’s knife cuts or skin ink, they are the same physical deformities that signal low-self esteem and a cry for help. Why do you think so many strippers have tattoos?

iDontThinkSo on

Sorry Demi, but why don’t you start out by apologizing to those you hurt. Don’t act so innocent. I know behind that “sweet” face is a dark person. I’m glad you went to therapy and I hope you did learn something. But you learned nothing if you didn’t start by apologizing to those you hurt because you were once hurt.

Jennifer on

They are probably to cover cut marks. Hope she doesn’t end up another Lohan. It’s a slippery slope. It’ll be a lot of work to stay grounded & sane in her chosen profession. Hope she has the family and true friend support she needs.

hope on

Tattoo’s and Rehab?? Sounds like a great combination. What a great role model for her fans!! Now go crawl back under your rock.

Lauren on

I don’t even like Demi Lovato, but some of you are being very cruel to her. She clearly just got out of treatment for a plethora of issues, including an eating disorder. To Heather: calling people fat especially when they already struggled with an ED can trigger them. You may not know it, but Demi could see your comment and go straight back to the emotional and physical state she was in before she got treatment. Shame on you. Stop hiding behind the internet and go do something with your life. At least Demi has done that. Not something you can say about yourself, eh? If you think Demi is fat, I think you need a little bit of emotional and physical help yourself.

Demi Lovato Video Shows Off New Tattoo | The FABlife on

[…] few would go so far as to get their doodles permanently inked onto their flesh. In a new video Demi Lovato shows off her new wrist tattoo, a small heart which fans would apparently draw on themselves in support of Demi’s recovery […]

Demi Lovato Shows Off New Wrist Tatt, Big Fan Love | Celebrities on

[…] so far as to get their doodles henceforth inked onto their flesh. In a brand brand brand new video Demi Lovato shows off her brand brand brand new wrist tattoo, a small heart which fans would assumingly pull on themselves in await of Demi’s liberation […]

NikkiSue1982 on

@iDon’tthinkso: The girl Demi attacked has said publicly Demi apologized before she left for treatment and while she was in treatment to her. She has never pretended that she didn’t hit that girl or have issues. Please be accurate before looking down your nose at an 18 year old girl with issues that required an extended stay in rehab.
@JackKing Tattoos are a sign of self expression, not low self esteem. Strippers my friend aren’t the only people with tattoos. Military members, lawyers, judges, people who most certainly don’t lack in the self esteem department all have them, and they all mean something different. I’m sorry you live in the 1950’s when a tattoo meant something different, but as it is 2011 perhaps you should close your book on passing judgment on others and head into this century. Thanks much.

i love u demi on

i love u ssssssooooo mmmmuuuuccchhhhh dddddemmmiiii i just love u demi ur the best of alllove u………….

Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo Inspired by Her Fans [VIDEO] | on

[…] “I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you … gave me, and I will look at it every day and remember you … and be completely thankful for you. Just thought you guys should know that. I love you.” The starlet also returned to Twitter Tuesday night, sending her first message since October. “Guess who’s baaaaaaaack…!!!!!!!” she wrote. “I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…” Fans reciprocated, Tweeting, “#welcomebackdemi.” (Source) […]

Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo Inspired by Her Fans [VIDEO] - | on

[…] I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…” Fans reciprocated, Tweeting, “#welcomebackdemi.” (Source)Glad to hear Demi Lovato’s doing a lot better these days…Your thoughts?You may also […]

Lisa on

Wow, it’s so sad to read all of the hateful comments on here. This girl seeked help and got treatment, and is now tryting to move forward with her life, and all you people can do is bash her for her efforts? I’m sure all of you are perfect and have perfect children who have never been in any kind of trouble or had any kind of issues in their life. As for me, I’d like to say good luck to Demi in her new beginning, and keep your head up!

Kim on

Really? That’s your idea of fat? She’s beautiful because she actually took the initiative to seek help, and actually has established a good relationship with her fans. I’m personally not a big fan of hers, but she…like every other single person in this world…is just trying to find her way, and doesn’t need to do so by bringing others down but through encouragement….really people, grow up

Really? on

@ heather you look fat today! and thanks demi for showing my tween your tat! party on!

paola on

She’s awesome and what her tattoo says is cool.. but I’m not a big fan of the type of letters she chose.. :(

Natalie on

Heather, you’re probably obese! xoxo

Jennifer on

As she’s 18 years old she’s certainly allowed to get a tattoo regardless if she has younger fans. People grow up whether you like it or not.

All the best to her. She is a real talent and I hope she stays around for a long time to come.

isis on

IS BEATIFUL let’s go demi yupih!!!!!!!

Mindi on

Leave the poor kid alone. She is going through a rough period and is trying to cope with it. May I also point out that she is 18 and therefor, old enough to get a tattoo.

tired on

I’m so tired of everyone judging people when they have ” tattoo’s” first of all, its two hearts & it says stay strong, its not a skull and death or anything like that, give her a break. i personally have tattoo’s i love them, its my creativity, people are quick to judge me and automatically think im a bad person because of them i HATE it .. i work at nursing home and i love it , i have an autistic brother who taught me so much .. i know i’m a good person, and i bet she is too.. she works hard for where she’s at , (: i personally like her, she acts way better off camera then that damn miley cyrus does..

Jon on

I liked The VIDEO, so nice to hear!

Niki on

Yes, it looks like she gained some weight, but I’m sure this a good thing since she had been battling eating disorders. She looks great, so stop hating.

Mirame on

Who cares?

Demi Lovato’s tattoos are a thank you to her fans | Movie Magic on

[…] that read “Stay” and “Passionate,” states Broadcast. She also has a tiny heart […]

Carrie on

In this video, Demi looks stronger and healthier. I applaud her for taking the time to heal herself and hope that she remains true on her journey to keep up the healing. Best wishes, Demi!

rosaura on

an iop pienso que cuando uno hace la cosas de corazon no espera nada a cambio este gesto de demi es super hermoso y lindo de su parte no cualquier artista lo hace eso nos demuestra que ella no es una chica superficial y que no es falsa si no verdadera y eso es cooll en ella la adoro y espero que siga adelante la mejor señal de que quieres agradeser a tus fans y admiradores es que sigas adelante mas fuerte que nunca y que no importa cuantas veses te caigas hay vamos a estar muchos para tenderte la mano y ayudarte a levantar te quiero un mundo y mas cuidese miss lovato ^^* de merida-venezuela. I LOVE…

Ashanti on

I’m glad Demi’s back. Your fans have missed you so much! The tattoo’s are gorgeous, in my opinion. Stay strong and keep up the good work, Demi. I love you. <3

tealdiva20 on

Don’t be such a hater! As many people said before, she IS old enough to get a tatoo. You haters are just big bullies who either don’t have anything else to do, or have so much bad things in your life that you feel the need to bring someone down. There are more people on Demi’s side than yours. So next time you comment on something, think about it before you say it and think about if you want others to say that to you.
Demi, you look GREAT. I think your tatoos are good. Thery really inspire many people to stay strong!!

Sam on

How can y’all say things like, ”She looks fat”, and ”what an immature thing to do”, she JUST got to feeling beautiful about herself, and here she is again having to deal with more criticism? How does that help ANYONE? And immature? She’s an adult, and she made a choice, and she wanted to thank her fans. And she did, and it’s very sweet. #fckh8

kburk on

You haters are something else. Just because you do not like someone does not give you the right to be so hateful, tell me what has she ever done to you? I love that she tattoo her wrist “Stay Strong” w/ a heart for her fans who were there for her while other were not. As for tattoos since when is having tattoos make you some kind of bad person. I have 2 tattoos you want to knw what they are animals and baby Siberian Tiger and a baby harp seal for the fact that they are endangered speices or once were that does not make me bad. Kids do not care whether a role model has a tattoo, its the parents who make a big deal out of it. Kids are going to grow up whether you like it or not. As for the ones that say that she is fat, I feel sorry for you. Demi is far from fat and if you followed her you would know that she was in a TC for an ED. She was getting way to thin last year she looks great now.

abdullh on

Hala Bam Aremc who parachute eyes on the hem of her cheek Iv Bhani fight

Lynn on

Im am so glad she is doing better!! I would love to see her and Joe get back together.. I love see ing them together in so many of the Disney shows… they make such an Awesome couple

to heather on

i think she’s gained some weight from overcoming her eating disorder in rehab, but she’s still pretty thin for the average person.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it’s sweet. I’m glad that Demi is doing better.

Erica on

Demi, this is so nice to see! And it is so good to see you doing well! Your fans have been praying for you! <3 Haters need to shut it!

Meghan on

Demi is an amazing role model for people of all ages. Tatoos are a personal choice, and I find her’s to be inspiring. Children can see tatoos anywhere, including on the bodies of many parents (that does not mean they will go out in get one if their parents don’t allow it). Demi, I applaud you for getting the treatment you felt that you needed and for always appreciating the support of your loyal fans. We love you and wish you the very best!

eva626 on

oh wow…lol celebs are so weird

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week! | News Celebrity Gossip | The First Focused Website About Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Photos And Videos ! on

[…] –Demi Lovato sports a new tattoo that she says was inspired by her loyal fans. READ IT […]

eva on

To everyone if ya’ll can’t be supportive or positive , don’t say anything at all .. its the people that cause her problems, Pray and support her .. Good luck Demi and God bless you in every way …

eva on


martharodi on

Demi Lovato I love you so much!!!!!!!!!
borei na exeis kanei polla alla ki pali sagapame!!!

anon on

Why are so many people hating on her? How is going to rehab a bad decision? She went to get help so she could get better. None of you guys actually know her like you say you do. The tattoo was her decision and it means a lot to her. It’s really an inspiring story if you think about it.

Devin on

Wow, you people are so demented. Leave the girl alone. Bashing her for trying to thank her fans in a way that will never be forgotten? You’re sweet. Tattoos CAN actually be meaningful and not something that just “strippers” get. I’m so sure that every single person that has a tattoo hates their life.

gillian on

i love her and her new tattoos they mean so much and she can have tattoos im about to turn 16 and i have a heart tattoo on my wrist to keep me from cuttting cuase i hate to see people hurt from what i do to me :/ and to the other chick demi issnt fat at all i think you need to get the crud outta your eye:D xoxox love you demii <3 thanks for inspireing me <3

paige on

she looks amazing and if you dont want ur kids to get tattoos then frobid it but dont take her down. shes beautiful. PLUS not all her fans are 10 years im 20 and love her you idiot. :)

maggie on

i cant beleive people are so shallow and still hating on her. no one understands how rough her journey truly was but her. if shw wants to show her 11 year old fans or however old they are by getting a tattoo, she can do that. it’s NOT like they will go and get one themselves. some people try to pick out the littlest things out of people to try and hate on them. no shut up you just are making a complete fool of yourself. her stay strong tattoo has a lot more meaning behind it that just for her fans. it keeps her from doing ehat she did in her past, and to me that is so beautiful and SO strong on her part. i love demi. look how beautiful she is and i am so happy for her that she can finally break through and find happiness for herself. you go girl.

dee on

Amazing. She did stay strong is always will.
Demi Lovato is amazing.
Haters move on.
* Stay Strong <3 *

marryanne on

To all the people who are saying bad stuff about…stop hating, ur probably saying all these stuff because u wish u can be famous too and she not doing any harm to anyine by getting those tattoos. Its helping her and thts all that matters.Alot of other teens are going through the same thing and shes an inpiration to them. I think shes doing great(:

Jackie on

Why do you guys have to hate on Demi. Jennifer, Demi is not a cutter, that one picture there is out there, made it look like she is a cutter but it only looked like that because she was wearing tight plastic bracelets. All Demi haters out there you gotta lighten up.

Grace on

i luv her dhe needs 2 always stay strong when she’s about 2 cut herself it will remind her and she wont do it

Kami on

I’m 14 and I understand that people make mistakes. I have always been a fan of Demi(: To me the worst move she made was going on Disney Channel, because you have to be perfect on there not to mess up! Everyone falls sometimes. But Demi got back on her feet no matter how many cruel people are out there she will prove them wrong! Maybe you need to step in Demi’s shoes for a while. Stay Strong Demi , I Love You! -Your #1 Fan Kami<3

No hate on

All these hateful remarks are so sad to see, be thankful you haven’t gone through what she has. She’s so amazingly gorgeous and seems so genuinely sweet. How in the world do you judge someone you have never met or have never personally known? kudos to you for being jerks (really wishing I could use a different word).

I would go through every comment and then give my opinion but really it isn’t worth it. I will just say this, she’s gotten the tattoos to let her fans know how much their support in such a rough time of her life meant to her. If you weren’t so hateful and went to any of her concerts or watched anything involving her you would see that while yes she has little kids as fans, she also has young teens and even adults that adore her too. How does getting tattoos and going to a treatment center now make you a role model? I would rather see people look up to her as an example, knowing that while she’s made mistakes, she’s admitted she needed professional help and has gotten it.

Unless you have known her personally or have gone through any of what she has gone through you have no right to judge. Even if you have there is still no room for judgement. People in not just Hollywood, but in this world in general demand such perfection, and sometimes us as humans get swept up in that “perfection”. And if we don’t end up living up to that “perfection” and people see us maturing and becoming more of an adult, an adult who have our own flaws, imperfections, then it’s an even bigger target for us as humans to generate more hate.

All I know is I love and respect Demi Lovatao and wish her nothing but the best.

Demi Lovato’s inspirational tattoos | on

[…] wanted to thank my fans in a way I know can never be forgotten,” she explained in a video shot back in March. “I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you … […]

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