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Lisa on

Love the ring and love them as a couple. I hope that they make it because they are great together. I think that they are more real than most couples because of what she said about watching him and the comments there were made. Good luck to Brad and Em!

KimSue on

I love the ring. Gorgeous. I hope it works for them.

nina on

Gorgeous ring! Neil Lane’s rings are usually too busy for my personal taste, but this one is just beautiful.

c. on

I’m fond of the price tag she left on the bottom of her shoe. Classy.

Lauryn on

My boyfriend and I were in AWE of that beautiful ring. He asked me who Neil was, and when I told him, he said, “Very interesting I’ll remember that!” with a winky face. Poor guy is going to keel over when I tell him the price! Haha!

Laura on

I must agree about the price sticker. These were released photos, not like she didn’t know before they sent them out. Nice.

Tammy on

Ha ha I never would have noticed the price sticker is someone hadn’t mentioned it! Too funny! I can’t see how much it is. Can anyone see how much it says??

nicole on

Beautiful ring!! All of the rings would have been perfect! I hope they work out too but I have my doubts. Last time he seemed so in love but she didn’t. Something seemed off. Hopefully they can figure it out!

Jeanine on

The price tag on the show is classless at best, with that being said…I hope they make it…but I give them 6 months.

CJ on

It is a beautiful ring even if it’s a little busier and way more expensive than I would be comfortable with. Didn’t watch much of the show, so I may have missed the explanations. It seems what little I did see always talked about her moving to Austin. Any reason he can’t move to her hometown (not her home)? I would think that would be an easier transition for her daughter, and the bio I looked up for him didn’t indicate any real need for him to stay. Did watch After the Rose, and they seem to realize the difference between reality tv and real life, so maybe they stand a chance.

Karen M. on

Well, I think the ring is a little obnoxious for me personally, but I expect that from Neil Lane (no offense). And the price tag sticker on her shoe is adorable! Of course everything was new for the proposal show – new dress, new shoes, new hair… hehe… I think it’s shows she’s (hopefully!) a regular gal.

Deloris on

I hope they make it, but something seems a bit off.

Halee on

I loved the ring and it was beautiful. I did see the whole show including the After Rose show. They do seem cute together and I do hope they make it.

just saying on

I think they are very close to the most real couple we have had for some time on the BACH.
I think being out of the bachelor bubble & more in reality will help them stabalize. Both will have to learn to be patient with the other as they go through transistion. Both are extremely independent. If they want it bad enough it can definatley work. There is no doubt in my mind they love each other. The best thing they can do as Brad said in his blog this morning is stay away from media etc. That is why they are not doing the circus show after last nite. I don’t blame them its been brutal on them & Fliess did no favours to either of them..
Take there love & run is what I say.

Good Luck EM & Brad

BEN on


K on

I think he is a lil wimpy man. He gets upset and can hardly breathe because she asks a question about him being ok with her daughter. Was that not a fair question to ask the person that could be your spouse. And then, of course, lets not forget he has to consult his “life coach” through several episodes and the finale his mom picked the girl. He also seems to get angry easily and a bit on the controlling side. I mean he has nothing holding him to Austin yet he expects a single mom to uproot her child and move to Austin. Lastly, if he was so in love with Emily “from the start”, why would he do what he did from beginning to end with Chantal. Watch out Emily….you have a hot tempered rico suave on your hands. Watch the wondering eye!!!

Juli Budlink on

When I realized Brad is 14 years Emily’s senior I got a definite EW feeling. He’s not married because he has some issues for sure. The way he pulled at his face and hair when she didn’t respond the way he “told her to” when he said he wanted to be the best dad ever (oh brother). She is eons more mature than him. 6 weeks is not enough time to know anyone well enough to marry them and then be able to handle the ups and downs. If she’s smart she’ll NOT get married to this doofus. I’m sorry but at 38 he’s got too many issues for me.

Renee on

Where was Emily seen with a pricetag on the bottom of her shoe? During the final rose/engagement? I somehow missed that.

I love the ring and I love this couple. She seems mature way beyond her 24 years. Brad totally redeemed himself. I thought he lacked personality the first time around, but the genuineness he showed this season changed my mind. His proposal was beautiful. I pray they make it.

Juli Budlink on

This is a TV show…repeat 3 times then realize..they are not in love…its a tv show again. If a guy asked me to marry him after being on a group date with several other women for several weeks, first I’d laugh then I’d run for the hills. Chantal was Oh So lucky !!!! She’ll figure that out shortly. Em…Run Em!!

glamgirlg2 on

I think that he found the right woman in Em. She is experienced in understanding sacrifice and patience, and she is establishing ground rules before entering into a permanent union. Considering the confession of his temper, and sometimes volatile at that, I think it best to take it slowly and work the issues before bringing that temper into the life of a small child, even more so with it being a girl. The little one does not need to grow up with an understanding that violence from a man is OK.

Ann on

Absolutely LOVE the cushion cut diamond. Too bad I had to sell the one my ex bought me as a guilt gift . . . wonder what shape his new missus has??

Juli Budlink on

Brad: I Can not tell you how much…uh. (pull and twist hair..then rub face). I will not ever lie to you. Um, uh..Can I be totally honest to you? HAHAHA. omg..this guy is classic. he talks like he’s reading from a book. I know he’s not an actor but jeesh. I loved when as he horribly dumped each star struck woman he walked them to the car saying, “are you ok?” not in a good way but in a creepy..I hope she’ll say yes and then get the h out of here fast! I would have answered NO I’m not ok you dolt! You just stabbed me in the heart on national tv!!

Vicki Lewis on

She was my pick for Brad!!!
Happy for the both of them!
Brad is really madly in love with her, you can sure tell!!

c. on

The picture with the price sticker on Emily’s shoe has been replaced with this above photo of a closeup of the ring. The original story photo has been cropped in the corner. Good catch People, too bad it took your readers to find it first. ;)

Claudia on

I wonder if they break up does she have to give the ring back to Neil Lane? They wont make it to a wedding, my prediction.

kate on

That ring is amazing!! Gorgeous.
I love Brad and Emily as a couple…probably my all-time favorite in the history of The Bachelor. I truly hope they can work past any issues they have and stay strong!
Best of luck to you B & E…

Juli Budlink on

Emily is adorable and tv friendly for sure. If this were real it would be great, but unfortunatley only they will know if it will work and by her comments and reactions to him on the after show…I’d say she’s a smart woman and way more mature and full of common sense than Brad. I don’t see him as an instant father and she was dead on not responding to him in a google eyed wishy washy response he was looking for. Her daughter is her priority and all he wanted was a big pat on the back for being such a “big man” for telling her he’d do everything to be a father to little Ricky…(isnt that from I love Lucy).

April E on

Can I just say… it WAS like watching the Brad and Emily show! I knew from the second Emily and Brad met that they would be together. He was so obviously and madly in love with her from Day 1. He went out of his way to make her feel special and to be with her. Brad even went against the rules in TELLING Emily he was in love with her during the overnight date. I just hope this couple can find room for a little humility for each other. He is a good man and she is a good woman, praying they make it through.

Renee on

Think the ring is beartiful do not think they will last as a couple Emily seems very unsure of herself.

Kathy on

It seems that Brad and his family are very self-centered making it known that if the woman he was to marry had to move to Austin verses living where she lived or any place else in the world. Does Brad and his family think they are the only family in the world that are close and want to live near their loved ones.

Krista Rill on

I love this couple a lot and hope and pray they make it. I love the ring too, good choices Brad indeed.


Sonja Miller on

Gorgeous ring and gorgeous couple. I was so happy
that Brad picked Emily..from the minute she stepped out of the limo, I felt she was the one !!

Amelia on

Absolutely love it alot

CJ on

I’m glad they are not rushing to get married and recognize there are issues to work out before they do. I agree they haven’t known each other long enough to be in love, but in today’s society, they have. It’s not unusual for people to start saying I Love You weeks after meeting and get married after knowing someone for a very short time; those that last are few and far between and should be commended. For their sake, I hope they can stay out of the limelight and make it work.

jack on

they’re doomed…they have already admittedly been in fights( do you really think they will stop?)…soon the fight will ,not just be her refusal to move to where he will be supporting the “family, but will be over the ring…what can you expect when you know someone for a month or so!!!

Judi on

I sincerely hope they can work on their relationship and once away from the lime light, it may have a better chance. I knew early on Emily would be Brad’s choice. She is well grounded and I think will be very good for him. I believe once they can deal with their issues, it will work out for them. I think Brad should move to NC and not have her move to Austin

Kathy on

Beatuiful Ring and beautiful couple. I hope it all works and they have a wedding soon. they both deserve it. They are human so going thru things now and working them out is good. Good Luck Brad and Emily!!!!!

old bachelorette on

Wouldn’t it be great if the next Bachelor/Bachelorette specified that any engagement ring be made only with conflict-free diamonds? I bet Mr. Lane could get his hands on those if the demand were there.

kathy on

I love the ring and i absolutely love them as a couple they are very real and have went through some bumpy times but now that the show is over they can start fresh i hope they make it work because i love them emily is great for him and you can tell they love each other

Terry on

Ring is fabulous! I am rooting for Brad & Emily – they seem to be in love and hope they work through the insecurities that “reality” TV fosters when the chosen girl then gets to see her fiance dally with other beautiful ladies, yes even the same week he proposes to her! Now what is normal about that?! No wonder most of these couples split when realty sets in!

mark on

nice ring. He should have never picked the blond. hey guys, heads up . Blonds are for high school and collage fun. And thats it. You get tide down to the dark hair girls. trust me . Blonds never know what they want and are not very sure of themselves about anything. dark hair girls are much smarter , thats a fact. This girl knew what she was doing. And did for her own personal gain. At his expence. He could have had that other girl which was alot more decent. He has every right to be mad. shes a wacko

rina k on

The ring is gorgeous, and I hope they can work out their differences. It was evident from the beginning Brad had deeper feelings for Emily. I disagree with some of the earlier posts. I too watched the after the final rose show and was amazed at Emily’s concerns. Brad made it clear from the start that he wanted someone to move to Texas with him. If Emily didn’t want to uproot her family. she should have excluded herself. Also, she was the one that signed up for the show, knowing she would be in a competition with 25 other women. Brad was looking for a wife and had to find out for himself who was right for him. I don’t understand why seeing him with other women in that content would make her so jealous, since she is the one he chose. Up until the final episode and last show, I was an Emily fan, but now I feel she’s just insecure.

Mary on

Beautiful ring… Wrong picked Emily…

Kat on

Call it Karma or whatever, but I still feel he let the right woman for him go. Poor guy, I think when he kept saying hes looking for a sweet woman he thought Emily was a pushover because she comes across as soft and laid back. But then he was surprised after the final rose. Good Luck.

Hillary on

So a couple who fights doesn’t have a chance of staying together? Well we fought during our engagement and we fight still! My husband is the “love of my life,” the best husband and father…and we have been together 35 years. Everyone can benefit from premarital counseling no matter what their age. It will help to iron out some ground rules for how to handle disagreements for the benefit of the young daughter who will need calm.

Rebecca on

I really like Emily and Brad, I hope they last. No couple goes without fights and they were living in Lala land for a few months so is it really that strange that in the real world there has been some conflict! I LOVE the ring! And about the tag on her shoe, that picture is the lead pic for another story but really, is it classless? I have worn new shoes not realizing a tag was on the bottom until I was taking them off. I’m not classless….just a innocent oops!

Crystal on

I can’t believe people waste their time watching this nonsense LOL! It shows the lack of mentality of people.

Dee on

It is a gorgeous ring! I can’t even imagine spending that much for a ring though, I didn’t spend that much on my car!

Lynn on

First off we are here about the ring NOT about some price tag on the bottom of Emily shoe{who cares}. That being said I think the ring is just because, I also think that Brad and Emily make a beautiful couple, I wish them both much love.

Lynn on

Sorry the ring is BEAUTIFUL not because……..

Roberta on

I love that ring! I knew it was for Emily. I could tell from the elegant, stunning and to me, conservative design. If he was going to pick Chantal I would have expected another design. I couldn’t watch the end of the show last nite because after they cut out an important scene with her letter and present, it was intended to create some drama which it did for me…and I had to turn it off. The only good thing that happened for me today was when I woke up at 4:30 am and found out it was Emily. Now I can watch the rest of the show.

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Jan on

Love the ring, Neil Lane makes beautiful rings BUT there is no way it’s a keeper. This relationship will NEVER last. The body language at the After the Rose Show was priceless also…stone cold phony. They are no way on the same page…have to work on how they fight…really? If you play dirty now, just wait.
I wonder if she keeps the ring to pawn or gives back…hum?

KE on

The ring is beautiful as both Brad and Emily. Just remember Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. I think Brad and Emily complement each other.

george on

Sorry to say, I have seen the future and these two never make it to the altar. His “bad temper” as Em puts it was the deal breaker. She felt it was too much of a risk for little Ricky to be exposed to. Two very beautiful, stubborn, high maintenance people. Can be very hard to match up such people. May their futures apart be blessed. Oh, and Brad does appear in his third Bachelor in 2015 with a special twist. Get this, Bachelor 2015 includes 12 Woman and 12 Men. Your not going to want to miss this one.

BB Goss on

I do not think Emily is a sincere person. I do not think she is genuine. I think, in fact, that she’s relatively manipulative and was in it to win it — regardless of what “it” (or “who” it) is. I never got the impression that Emily harbored any particularly intense feelings for Brad. He was — and still is — clearly heads over heels for her, school-boy-puppy-dog-knees-weak-palms-sweaty luv (“luv”, mind you, not “love”). But she seemed to coast along, confident in the power her blond Barbie doll looks held over him.

Even her “ah love you”s during the after show seemed hollow and disingenuous. I speak to my dog in that tone, not the man I love. She seemed so intent on proving to America she wasn’t boring and promoting her OWN image that her dedication to improving her relationship with Brad took a very manifest second seat.

All that said … I actually am not the biggest fan of Brad (for a plethora of reasons I don’t think anyone wants to get into) so I could care less if Emily breaks his poor sweet therapeutically revived heart.

Pattyl on

Awesome, shows he can do something right

Rose on

He hardly pays for the ring, they are getting free advertising!

Wendy Butler on

I wish them good luck and hope it works for them they are great….

Benilde on

I don’t like the ring very much. Also, I would not like to have any other name than my future husband on the inside of the ring. Creepy.

Tina on

You could really tell Brad was very much in love with her! I think they are very good together and her ring is gourgeous! Emily don’t listen to other people go with your heart and your heart is Brad.

Sandy (SRA) on

Oh… I have one just like it… I love the ring and I love Brad and Emily togather. Emily was truly a lady and conducted herself with class at all time, none of the other “girls” could even find one bad thing to say about her. I really hope everything works out for all 3 of them.

Rose on

They are a nice looking couple,but I do not think she can love him enough as she did Ricky or even anyone for that matter,maybe with years to come.She has to get over Ricky.Ricky probably didn’t have a temper.I do not think she will marry Brad,unless he can put his temper aside,that’s too hard to do.I do not think she will subject her daughter to that no matter how much she grows to love him.She will marry a man with the character of
Ricky,she has not met him yet.I hope Emily has had counseling in the past,for grief and moving forward for a relationship,where Ricky takes second to a new man in her life,not the otherway around,her new man taking second place,as if Ricky were to come back if she met someone that is so like Ricky,she wouldn’t leave him for or wish she could.

Doug on

I thought Emily was acting the whole time and still is.
Saying I love you in return to someone saying it to you, doesn’t mean you’re is actually in love.

What are her goals? Will be interesting to see how and when her real (acting/modeling?) “career” takes off.

He would have been better off just having fun with Chantel. I think Chantel was probably more in love with him. He should have picked her and see how it grows without a child to consider.

Elizabeth on

Emily why are you giving Brad a hard time.
Don’t you love him? Women who loves a man truly it will go with him everywhere. Remember you have a child and is very hard to find a good father for you kid. He will be great father and husband. Don’t you see how much he loves you? He got wonderful family also. Can’t you see that?
He could off pick shantall but he truly love you.
Don’t make a mistake and I wish both of you best of luck. Brad is great guy and I love you both.
One more thing I would like to see you Emily with out make up.So don’t think that you are princess

Traci on

I think Brad has some issues with woman. He acted kind of odd with Emily on their last date.
I believe that Emily is too young for him and is very insecure.
They are both great looking and seem to be in love.
I really hope it works out for them and they both get some counseling.

jade on

The ring is stunning. She could hold out for bigger and better from someone in nascar. That is what she will do. This girl is a classic “gold digger” in sheeps clothing. I was happy to see that she toned down the hair and teeth though for the “after the rose”.

CC on

I watched the entire Bachelor season and I must say that was very obvious that Brad had fallen for Emily (and rightly so!) I hope that Emily can recognize Brad’s love for her despite him having to date other girls on the show. Even in the last episodes if you really pay close attention you can tell he was not reacting to Chantal in the same way she was reacting to him. I truly do believe that Brad cares about Emily. I hope they fight for what they have because a man that dedicated to someone is worth keeping!

Elizabeth on

Reading a few posts I agree with people that she is more acting. Chantall was loving him and he will be more happy with her. I think that Emily want to be on TV and may be become a star.
After final rose ceremony she told Brad I love you but no,I will not move to Texas. Women who loves man follow him everywhere. One more thing, most of women who been proposed to, they were very emotional and had tears in their eyes, Emily did not, and she did not say I will merry you. Something is wrong with this picture. Poor Brad I wish him lot of love and happines.

tc on

Very beautiful ring….

casey on

I gotta say that I am glad that Brad picked Emily. Chantel may be outgoing but Emily is careful and she didn’t slap her bachelor! By the way Sandy (SRA) that ring that is supposedly just like it is FAKE! $50,000 my foot, sounds more like fiddy cent to me. jk love you Aunt Sandy.

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Lois on

Brad chose the right person. However, I NEVER believed that Emily was willing to move to Austin. I think that is the big problem. Also, she will do WHATEVER her daughter wants!

Christina on

After watching the finale and after the final rose, I truly hope that Emily & Brad can make their relationship work. They seem to be truly involved and committed. The ring is beautiful but there was one other I liked so much better. Oh well, not proposing to me now was he?

kathy Benton on

On the last show Brad promised to love and provide for Emily and her child, and be a “disciplinarian” when needed. There was a reference on the show “After the Rose,” by Emily (& admitted by a member of his family) that he has a temper issue. (who vets these men?!) Well, that would sure cool my jets about bringing a young child into a relationship. Good that she is taking her time, but this marriage will not move forward. Keep the ring; put it toward’s the child’s college education.

Jennifer on

I love the ring it is beautiful. I just hope that the couple lasts as long as the ring. After last nights After the final Rose show the couple have already broken up once and see like they are still on the rocks.

Jen on

Beautiful ring. Too bad she doesn’t deserve it. She is clearly a young, jealous and undeserving individual. You can see how much he loves her, but I doubt she has the same feelings for him. Hope he gets the ring for cash when they break up.

Kim on

I would’ve thought the ring would’ve been bigger! I hated to see Chantal cry, but I do think that Brad made the right choice for him. I have loved Emily and Chantal from the beginning. I hope Emily will take the advice from the other couples that are together, and try to start a new life with Brad, and Ricky!! Brad, Emily, and Ricky 4-ever!

sniper on

My husband spent less for a bigger ring. It sparkles every direction but we like to brag about HOW “LITTLE” we spend on things. Who gives a shiU(*t do you know how much just 30,000 could have helped many needy animals and families. SELFISH PEOPLE. Nothing wrong with liking nice things but why brag about it?????????? YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO BOAST IT WILL BITE U N THE BUTT! Sorry.

Lisa on

ok, so I’m probably too practical, but seems like all the diamonds around the ring would get so dirty – I have 3 stones, and get lotion and soap in between… but, it is beautiful…. can’t imagine the sparkle factor!

Sunshine on

Where was the price tag on the shoe?

Violet on

They already broke up. Who cares?

KP on

First of all, I think Brad really is a geek with a temper, and he is much too old for Emily.
I think Emily is a beautiful girl inside and out, but I think it was in poor taste for her to decide to “move forward with her life” on national TV. The memory of her beloved Ricky Hendrick should have been honored by her moving on with a great guy who is wonderful to their daughter – in private. I say there is no way she is leaving Charlotte NC and her family. Little Ricki (NOT from I love Lucy – but after her father) is too important to too many people in NC. Did anyone notice, that even as she was accepting a proposal from Brad, Emily was wearing a bracelet with her former fiance’s initials on it? If she does dump Brad soon, I say he gets to feel how Deanna and Jen felt the first time around.

mom of 2 on

That ring is gorgeous!!!

Sara on

I’m not a fan of busy rings on myself but this is beautiful nonetheless.

marsha on

LOVE the ring, realy stunning… Brade and Emily won’t last…

Mary Flynn on

I think both the ring and Emily are exquisite. Brad couldn’t have picked a more beautiful woman for his bride. I, too, hope it works out for them. I hope they realize that it takes a lot of humor and compromise to make a relationship work. Good luck to them.

Marie on

Love the ring – that is something I pick out. Hopefully they will both find happiness together. She needs to give a little – what they went through is not real life.

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Julie on

The ring is stunning, just like his bride! I wish them all the best.

chelsea on

I love this couple – they have the makings of a lifelong love affair! And this is coming from a real cynic.

Margot on

Run for the hills, Em. The two of you don’t communicate very well. That last date…he sure couldn’t take any honest communication about the relationship and what you were feeling or asking. He can say he loves you and wants you, but if he isn’t interested in hearing what you have to say without getting all hot and bothered, it’s only going to get worse. Attraction is one thing…working out your needs is something else…not to mention the needs of a child…whom he will grow to resent as she takes priority. What’s happening in Japan is heartbreaking…what’s going on here is simply reality TV…if Em. is jealous on Monday nights…simply don’t watch.

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Christinia on

I love the ring!!! To bad I can’t afford that BEAUTIFUL ring.I’m so happy for Brad and Emily! I hope it works out for the both of them. They both deserve to be happy. Enjoy your new love and adventures together, don’t forget the beautiful little Emily!

marty on

I hope they make it. I think reality finally set in and Emily got cold feet. I think she is too young and it bugged me that every couple of minutes it was “you know” and “like” i don’t know. She never seemed convinced that he would take care of her. She should have just said no to begin with. She didn’t seem that enthused when he picked her so why continue the charade. I guess she also has a temper and is stubborn just like him. I understand she may have this sixth sense that he isn’t truthful. I think they got caught up in the moment. I am so done with this show….

Patricia on

I loved the ring, but Brad picked the wrong girl. If you really knew who Emily is, and who she has been with, you would say the same thing. He not going to treat him right. They have already broken up, what does that tell you?

Andrea on

Spectacular Ring! Here’s to Emily and Brad’s Happily Ever After! Now Stop Reading These Blogs and Go Live Your Live Together…

Becky on

It is just stunning. I have some beautiful diamnonds my wonderful husband has bought me. I see why Brad chose this one. I want one to please.

Reena on

His Anger scares me…something about him I do not trust. I think she is too smart for him. Been there done it, it is NOT about the ring. Ever.

Kristy on

I do so love the ring!!! It is spectacular!! I want the best for Brad and Emily. I was in shock when she wasn’t sure about their relationship and doubly shocked that March 14th was supposed to be their wedding day! God Bless you, Brad and Emily!!
May you only have happier days!!!!

Pam on

These kind of shows are bad for our teens, these women/men step on each others feelings, make trouble in the house. I just watched the 1st one & no more do I waste my time, but this one was watched by a friend of mine that was glued to the TV & was so pissed off when he got mad for Emily asking about can he give up football games & go to the ER in the middle of the night, well she should ask these questions, her daughter is so special, because of losing her daddy, she NEEDS to know & Brad got mad at this question, wake up, fore it’s too late, he wants “ALL” your attention & will not like it when your daughter comes 1st at times (which does happens with kids).

Reena on

One more time. It is NOT about the ring or any ring ~ Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey on

It looks like a $10 Wal-Mart trifle, so tacky. Hate it!

Susan on

The ring is gaudy and showy just like Brad. Emily, run for the hills! This guy is so needy and weak. You have been through fire and come out stronger. You dont need this guy! He will not improve your life, just complicate it!

Christine on

Being a step mother of two children who lost their biological mother when they were 3 and 1 years old, I felt Emily’s questions to Brad in the last episode about knowing what it really is like to be a parent were completely legitimate. I felt I was so ready to be these children’s mother but just feeling that alone does not prepare you for the reality of parenthood. It was and still is a challenge every day and step parenthood in this capacity makes for some big shoes to fill. Having said that, I believe Brad is sincere in wanting to be a good father and husband and I think Emily needs to relax a little bit. He seems so totally in love with her, but she doesn’t show that same level of emotion (but I understand every one is different and shows emotions differently). If she chose to go on the show – and stay on the show for the duration – then I feel she shouldn’t be coming across so stand offish and difficult, and he ultimately chose her, a package deal, so her insecurities should be satisfied in some way I would think. I do hope he can help her overcome those feelings and that she can give him a break. She won’t know until she jumps in and they work together to keep it together. I think they are a great looking couple and want to see them succeed. As far as the ring, anything with diamonds given with love is beautiful in my book! :-)

carol on

You all need to Stop posting negative comments about Emily, she’s beautiful inside and out.And the comment about them needing counciling everyone needs counciling nobodys perfect.

EXCLUSIVE: All About The Bachelor’s Engagement Ring! | on

[…] All About The Bachelor’s Engagement Ring! :    It was love at first sight. When Bachelor Brad Womack eyed the sixth — and final — […]

anonymous on

she already broke up with him for those who have commented and havent seen the news and she wont move where he is either, bye bye

Sandals on

Gorgeous ring for a beautiful woman! Emily was my favorite from day #1 and I cried like a big baby when Brad asked her to marry him! I hope life will be filled with happiness and joy for them like it has for Trista and Ryan!

DJ on

That ring is stunning! She better hope she’s not robbed wearing it – LOL

Pam d on

It’s a stunning ring but I wonder how comfortable it is to wear – diamonds between the fingers? Ouch!

Amaryllis on

Brad owns four bars in Austin with his brothers, and they are currently expanding their business holdings. It would be difficult for Brad to move to another city, and if he did, he would have to constantly be on planes back and forth to Austin. That’s not a great way to start out a marriage and and fatherhood. It makes much more sense for Emily to move to Austin. However, I do understand Emily’s reluctance to uproot her little girl before they work out their issues. There are more than two people involved here.

Carol A. on

The first place Brad and Emily need to go is to a counselor. Fighting during the early phase of a relationship isn’t necessarily bad, but with both of them having ‘bad’ tempers
(their words) they need to sit down with someone who is objective and can help them work out their issues, and I don’t mean sit down one time…I’m talking about months of working out issues. As a woman who grew up in a home with a father who had a very bad temper and never got help for it, I can say that parents’ constant fighting with each other is very damaging to children. Emily is right to wait on the wedding.
I don’t think it’s up to any of us to say whether Brad loves Emily more than she loves him. How would any of you like people saying that about YOU and your guy or girl?

I think this relationship can work out, as long as Brad realizes he can’t have everything he wants and can’t always get Emily to do what he wants. Emily has to switch from being controlling as a single parent to (if they marry) letting Brad have say in what goes on with their relationship and with Rikki. They also have to learn not to take everything that is said AND done so personally.

I watched the ‘Final Rose’ show and I had a real problem with Emily saying she had problems watching ‘The Batchelor’ on Monday nights. Girl, what in the heck were you doing? You should have found something else to do on Monday nights. The way I see it, seeing what Brad ‘did’ with the other girls–especially Chantal–added stress to your relationship that it doesn’t need–and it’s your fault for watching. You should not have known what he did with Chantal or anyone else. The way I see it, it’s no different that Brad’s past–you don’t know what he’s done with other women and it’s better you don’t. Airing your past is the best thing to do. MOVE ON and forget about what Brad did, He chose YOU, he LOVES you, so take that and make a new life, forget the rest.

From a lady who’s been happily married 20 years.

Carol A. on

Had typos in my post–meant to say at the end, Airing your past is NOT always the best thing to do. Emily didn’t need to know what Brad did with the other women on ‘The Bachelor’ just as she doesn’t know about any other women he’s dated.
Forget about it, and STOP saying you feel like you are/were
‘A dime a dozen’. WHY? Brad chose YOU, what more do you want??

Amanda on

The ring is beautiful! FYI-you can get Neil Lane rings at Jared’s for a fraction of the cost. I have a similar engagement ring that was a tenth of the cost of this one…..granted it’s also have the size.

Demetrice on

I think yall need to stop with the negative comments it’s not yall life it’s there’s.That couple belong together and I have faith that they will make it.With GOD they will overcome this storm and live a happy life.I hope there lives are full with happiness,love and faith.So stop the hate and let them live there life.WE LOVE YOU EMILY AND BRAD*****

Loni on

I love the ring and love the couple.They will do fine.No couple gets along all the time.Love seeing Brad in love.There was no doubt all season that Emily was the one.

The Bachelor’s Engagement Ring Features 264 Diamonds! : What's Right Now on

[…] accentuated with 263 round, brilliant-cut diamonds. The accessory cost $50,000, according to People. See more celebrity engagement rings in our Weddings […]

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[…] dreamed of the perfect ring but he didn’t know exactly what it was until he saw this one,” Lane tells PEOPLE. “I saved it for the last one and when Brad saw it, he knew it was the ring of his […]

‘Bachelor’ Brad’s $50,000 Ring For Emily — Just Like The One She Wore With Ricky Hendrick! « My Blog on

[…] dreamed of the perfect ring but he didn’t know exactly what it was until he saw this one,” Lane tells People magazine. “I saved it for the last one and when Brad saw it, he knew it was the ring of his […]

Hannah on

Love the ring! Hope it works out really well for Brad and Emily. They are so cute together and the three of them will make a nice and beautiful family.

Melissa on

I love Brad and Emily. They are by far my favorite couple of all seasons! I hope it works out for them and their family grows. And who cares about the pricetag on Emily’s shoe. Shes not perfect, get over it!

Top Posts — on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: All About The Bachelor’s Engagement Ring! Courtesy Neil Lane; Inset: Mark Wessels/ABC It was love at first sight. When Bachelor Brad Womack eyed the sixth — […] […]

Gwen on

Love the ring love them as a couple.I hope they make it.Emily is just beautiful inside and out and i think Brad truly loves Em.Brad seems so sure about stepping into being a step father and i think he will make a great one.

Barbara on

I wish that ring was mine, but I’d have to spend all day every day cleaning it.

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week! | News Celebrity Gossip | The First Focused Website About Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Photos And Videos ! on

[…] –Former Bachelor star Brad Womack is a bachelor no more! Get all the details on the sparkling engagement ring he proposed with. READ IT […]

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'Bachelor' Brad's $50,000 Ring For Emily — Just Like The One She Wore With Ricky Hendrick! - Hollywood Life on

[…] dreamed of the perfect ring but he didn’t know exactly what it was until he saw this one,” Lane tells People magazine. “I saved it for the last one and when Brad saw it, he knew it was the ring of his […]

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