Katherine Heigl Shows Off New Short Haircut

03/11/2011 at 12:40 PM ET

Katherine Heigl Haircut
Ramey (2)

Katherine Heigl has always been a master of the quick color change — she’s gone from blonde to brunette and back again more times than we can count. But the actress took her style up a notch yesterday while out in Los Angeles (in a Cushnie et Ochs Wall Street dress), debuting a super-short platinum do (could it be inspired by Kate Winslet?). Heigl has long been married to her somewhat lengthy locks — regardless of the color, she’s sported shoulder-length or longer hair for some time. So to see her snip it off is a surprise, to say the least! Tell us: What do you think of Heigl’s new look? Kate Hogan

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julia on

It makes her look much older…

Nina on

I don`t like it. I generally don`t like what she is doing with her hair lately…

Jennifer on

It really ages her. But everyone needs a good change once in a while!

Patty on

Personally I do not like her new haircut, it ages her.

Stephanie on

Her hair was fried from all the color swapping she has done recently. It was probably her only option. The cut is not attractive and the color is even worse. Oh well, I guess not everyone in Hollywood is perfect.

Norma on

I dont like it very much, it makes her seem way older….long hair is def better on her…luckily it grows back :)

Jessica freeman on

Don’t hate it…it’s a cute cut…..just a bit plain.

RJS on

She looks so serious. Maybe it’s for an upcoming role. I like the long, playful look better.

LBW on

She looks a little like Sharon Stone.

wendy on

She looks way too old. Like an older sister.


Her hair never looks good. Unless she is in a movie and someone else is doing it.

Chris P on

Wow the cut ages her big time along with the color. Maybe if the color was softer it wouldn’t look so bad.

Jess on

Maybe if it was styled differently it would look better!!

emme on

Yikes!! Not cool….

M on

Luv it! Her new cut looks very sophisticated. I personally think it is one of her better ones! Come on people, don’t be so hard on her!

Amber on

I think it looks great! She’s beautiful and has the bone structure to go with it! Love love love!

Stacey on

She probably did it for a movie. She’s been known to do hair changes for roles.

Noneya on

Icky! Not generally a fan anyway but this is not good – even for her!

Kelly on

Maybe if it was styled differently, it would look better.

But I agree. It really ages her.

Stephanie on

Perhaps it’s for a role? If not, she should grow it back ASAP. It ages her at least 15 years.

Kellie on

It ages her. Short hair ages anyone.

Darian on

Don’t like it.

DJ on

Still the same face. Don’t know what the attraction is with her. Acting and looks aren’t horrible, but not great either.

Just Me on

Looks like she hasn’t washed it in a week.

Sandy on

I don’t like the new hair style at all! It ages her and actually looks “Greasy” limp and dead…..

mattie on

super cute! I love it!

Donna Kinder on

I think she looks beautiful…….Love it…….

Brinna on

Looks much older. If i was in my early 30’s, i’d definitely not want to appear 10 years older.

wendy on

EWWWWW not flattering at all.

Ashley R. on

i love it on her. it is really cute.

Amanda on

Her haircut reminds me of Diane from the Good Wife

Emily on

Does it matter? She is from Hollywood. She can put extensions in by tomorrow if she wants.

CDBennett on

too granny-ish

Karolina on

I actually think the cut has a lot of potential, its just not styled very well.

shannon on

nope, she looks 60 yrs old!

laurie on

I really like it. Better than the brown curls (which REALLY made her look older). Blonde suits her better… but this is NOT a “super short” cut, People.

Diana on

Eek! That looks bad. Really, really bad. She can’t pull it off at all. The cut and color make her look 50 years old.

dj on

She looks like Norbit’s wife in Norbit.

Sproggo on

That’s ‘Super Short’ ?

badabing on

This ‘style’ has no style. It looks like she just climbed out of a pool and combed it back. It wouldn’t take much time to make this new cut spectacular.

kaemicha on

Her new do is boring…as she is boring.

smoky on

She would look beautiful with a paper bag over her head. The new cut is cute yet mature. I like it! But really, it’s a matter that she chooses how to wear her hair.

Pat on


maria on

Definitely ages her about 20 years.

Ashley on

I think it ages her some people just dont look good with really short hair.

Hillary on

Whoa! She looks OLD!

Ann on

yes, it makes her look older, but why is that a bad thing? She is very attractive. Older women have a grace and elegance, younger women don’t. It fits her.

Stefanie on

Everyone is pretty judgemental. I want to see your haircuts and then be the judge of them. Not impressed with human beings lately.

V. Taylor on

Still does nothing for her contentious personality.

Moica Johnson on

dislkie it- boring- looks like my hair….

Erin J. on

not a good cut for her…makes her look way older

cclove on

I think if it was red and curly it would be lovely.

Lynette on

Do what makes you feel happy I say and she is beautiful no matter if her hair is long or short.

Ida on

Um, super short? More like medium long, or? In no way a shockin g cut. What is it with this obsession with long hair?

fanofboardwalkempire on

I think it is a great look on her and perfect for the new Spring season!

sarah on

the side view small picture makes her look 40 years old!!! She had shorter hair before but this is bad

phyllis on

Don’t like it

Nepia on

love it!!

denise on

That is NOT super short!

Kim on

“Super short”???? I don’t think so.

Nicole on

I know it may look like she is older a bit right now. But, I think it looks so cute on her. She looks so sharp.

LJ on

I thought that haircut wasn’t a requirement until you turn 50?

lilly on


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GE on


Katie G. on

Personally I love long hair but I think it is a classy look for her. She looks great. She could do anything with her hair — long, short, up, down — and look great. Obviously some looks suit her more than others but Katherine is secure enough to not let wannabe’s pull her down. She’s not grovelling for the little people’s approval.

Flash on

She looks like Hillary Clinton….and I do not mean that in a good way…..

sniwbtch4u on

Omg its horrible. It really ages her.
She looks so good with long hair, especially blonde.

Jennifer on

It makes her look old…her features are not in any way flattered by this cut.

abc on

Break-up haircut maybe?

Jon on

I like The PHOTOS, and I like Katherine’s new look!

DB on

She looks like Ellen Burstyn. . . .

M on

It looks great!! I like it

Kim on

She is pretty no matter what!! I am a big fan.

Amy Petros on

In lieu of star power, someone with minimal talent beyond looking good needs to find a way to keep people talking about them. Dark, light, long or short, Ms. Heigl can’t quite rise to the challenge to sustain interest.

Issabeilita on

Katherine Heigl’s new cut looks great and whatever style she gets it looks good on her because she has a pretty face. I applaud her for doing what’s best for her and not what fans think.
After all it’s her hair and not ‘yours”…duh

Analisa on

noo!!! she looks so old now!

ELC on

Its o.k. nothing special. I think the color is very washed out though!

ELC on

On second look-she looks like Sharon Gless on Burn Notice and Sharon looks better. It makes her look much older than she is. I guess everyone has the right to make themselves happy-I just hope she’s happy with her new do. As I said before-
o.k. cut-blah color.

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Chastity on

I don’t like it either…I have always wondered what her natural hair color is also! The short do just doesn’t do it for her! Doesn’t make her any less beautiful though!

lynn on

Love it. So tired of the long fake blonde look. She looks classy.

Amaryllis on

Not a fan. Makes her look old, and platinum blonde is not her color.

Susan on

there is no style to it…it could be so much cuter…try again Katherine

Julie Grant on

She is beautiful no matter what she does with her hair.

paula on

dont like it at all on her. and it is not super short, I have super short hair and love it. hers looks unfinished, it needs some polish!!!

staci19 on

Its just the way its styled is why she looks older, if styled differently, might look cute! She always looks good! Rock it Katherine ♥

Katie on

It looks very Sharon Gless – circa Cagney & Lacey (NOT a compliment)

Sarah on

I love it! She looks like a movie star from the 1950’s.

lynda on

I hate it! She has a lovely face but because she has a high forehead and long face, the hairdo is not flattering. The current hairdo is quite harsh and too serious for her. Her previous longer locks gives her a softer look.

Di L. on

She was out shopping not on a photo shoot. I’m sure we are going to see a great look when she’s ready for the cameras. Long hair is ssssoooo over rated and boring. It’s a change, and if she doesn’t like it, it will grow back…ease up on her..

Rose on

Katherine is a very pretty and talented lady. As I have seen her person when she was filming Greys Anatomy. I don’t like new hairstyle and I think she looks with a shoulder length hairstyle but she should keep her blonde color as it suits her color.

Mistyluv7 on

I think she looks sophisticated…..change is good. If she doesn’t like it, it will grow back…..

Katie on

Makes her look older but classy too. Very brave of her.

Shan on

She is a beautiful woman inside and out so whatever she wears as a hairstyle just frames the beauty. its not my favorite look for her, I like her hair long and curly like when she first started on Greys.

Maj on

I love Katherine and she’s very beautiful, but this is not her best look. It kind of reminds me of Helen Mirren… so the new hair ages Katherine over 30 years… :)

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Mannab on

It looks fantastic!!

bev on

She would still look great if she were bald. Keep going for the changes, you look great in anything

Barbara on

Katherine Heigl always looks beautiful no matter the length or style of her hair….

christina on

I would have always said as pretty as she is, she could do just about anything and still look great…I was wrong….this is one unflattering hair style for her. It makes her look way too old. I would get extensions pronto! Still love her though.

Adele Abrams on

She looks 50! Grow it and go back to a honey blonde please.

Bunnie on

It makes her look like Hilary Clinton.

Valerie on

She reminds me of Sharon Stone with this hair. Its not bad and could be cute depending on how she styles it

Linda Rose on

Love it! Cute, Classy and Chic!

Ashaley on

love Katherine. hate the cut… on her

Pat on

She would be beautiful bald ! I love it !

Cp on

You’re all so jeleous – she looks absolutely great, a really cool cut.

Twin on

how old is she? 65? I hate her hair

jill j on

I love it. You look Gorgeous Katherine!!!!

Lucy on

I usually like shorter hair but not this style. Maybe a curlier style would make her look younger. This is too severe.

Lucy on

I ususally like shorter hair but not this style. maybe a curlier style would be better. To severe.

Holly Swanson on

She needs bangs with it.

Pam on

I think she looks beautiful, classy, and sophisticated, sort of like a film star from the 40’s, but updated!

Judy on

Makes her look older. She is such a pretty woman and I don’t think it flatters her.

Sherri on

She looks like she’s in her 40’s!

Sumer on

Don’t like it! She’s such a beautiful woman and this cut is NOT for her.

Diana on

Not liking it.

Janessa on

It’s not bad, but could use some different styling than just wind-swept, or slicked back. Straight around the ears and face may look very elegant.

Sara on

Is really liking it, especially since no one else does. So glad that she isn’t doing these things to please all of you, but to please herself.

Shay on

I do see anything flattering about the cut or the color. She fades into the background…and I have always been a big fan of hers…

Janet on

“Her hair was fried from all the color swapping she has done recently. It was probably her only option. The cut is not attractive and the color is even worse. Oh well, I guess not everyone in Hollywood is perfect.

– Stephanie on March 11th, 2011”

You don’t know her from a hole in the ground. Such assumptions.

Lori on

The cut is unflattering, the glasses are the hugest mistake. If she was wearing a pair of aviators she might pull it off. The hair with the glasses make her look like a middle-aged woman from the 70s. The color is one shade off.

adrienne resnick on

I think she looks great. She would look great with a paper bag over her head.

loveface on

Hi Grandma

Kimberly on

I don’t like it at all, it makes her look old. Not a good choice for her, good news is she can get extensions to get her decent look back. very disappointing.

Courtneybrooke82 on

I think the photo is what is making her look older. She just has a strange expression on her face. I think the haircut is very chic!! It was time for a change!

Chrissie on

I LOVE this actress!!! BUT…. What is she doing here.. unless this is for a movie, It’s not cute.
She looks like 10 years older.. The shortest hair cut on her that looks good , is shoulder length.
sorry not a fan of this..

Mercedes on

Please people, give her a break! You look stunning anyway :)

suzy diamond on

I Like it! Although, I would like to see it styled differently.

skanoobie on

it makes her look like the bitc* she is … old and uppity …

skanoobie on

shes a bad actress anyway ever since that disney movie shes been no good

Lisa on

Bad Cut! She looks like grandma! She is always intentionally trying to hide her beauty by down playing her looks. She needs to grow that hair back out, stop smoking and embrace how beauty.

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Kimbat on

What wonderful ptoohs for wonderful memories. I’m sure the time you spent with your photographer capturing this time in your lives together will never be forgotten. My co workers have all admired them.

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