Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby

03/03/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Miranda Kerr Balenciaga Fashion Show
Chris Moore/Getty

Hot mama alert! Miranda Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway just two months after giving birth. The 27-year-old Aussie, who welcomed son Flynn with husband Orlando Bloom on Jan. 6, modeled in Balenciaga’s Paris show for the fourth year in a row, presenting to a crowd that included her proud husband, his mom Sonia and Vogue editor Anna Wintour (baby Flynn arrived in Paris with the family the day before). Kerr posted some backstage shots on her blog Thursday, sharing pictures of her look — a black draped dress with leather details — and a last-minute makeup touch-up. Tell us: What do you think of Kerr’s return to the runway? Kate Hogan


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anna on

Good for her, she is taking her health seriously as usual and getting back into shape.

There is no reason for women who have had babies to continue to hold weight gained during pregnacies. I had 3 babies and lost my weight and worked out everyday seriously. I was back into my pre-pregnancy clothes in 6 weeks and felt great.

This ‘just had a baby’ excuse for being out of shape and not taking care of yourself is baloney. It’s just being lazy and not caring enough to do the work if you retain those pounds.

She’s a good role model…..and there are many out there in the public eye for those of us at home to use as an inspiration.

Heather on

I normally never post comments, but Ann’s comment was just so offensive. Is it lazy if a woman has complications during a pregnancy and/or a birth and can’t lose the weight? How insensitive can you get? Not every woman has the same physical experience. I had a tremendous amount of back pain, which turned out to be a stress fracture at the base of my spine. It therefore took me months and months to get back into shape. Also, some babies have sleep schedules that, combined with new mom’s work schedules, make working out too difficult when they are already exhausted. My son is now 12 and I have to say, I’m seriously over judgmental moms. Be nice. Life’s too short for any other attitude.

ivyleaguer on

What an inspiration she is. She looks wonderful. Good for her!


Anna, I am surprised that nobody has jumped on here and shredded your opinion to peices. I have to agree with you. My son is 18 months old and I am still sporting the ‘baby weight’. its my was of justifing my fattiness. Anyone who really wanted to lose it and was commited to losing the weight, could.

Lashonda on

Some mom’s work for a living and would not trade any spare time with a new baby for exercising and getting into pre-baby shape in 6 weeks. Get real and focus on your baby!

MsPickey on

Really? Try having a 10 lb. baby, and then hemmorage on and off for 2 months, and then tell me you feel like exercising. Get a grip on reality lady! Every womans body handles pregnancy different, including mine. So get off your high horse, and find something better to do then belittle other people for not being you.

zusje on

First of all,she’s wearing a very draped dress,not something figure hugging or revealing so there’s no way knowing how her post-baby body looks or if she’s wearing any type of corset underneath that dress…Second she’s got a ton of money so she could hire a nutrionist/chef during her pregnancy and also a personal trainer after the birth of her son.I’m not trying to belittle her here,but saying that getting back into shape two months after having a baby is doable and realistic is simply not true in a real life situation!Good for you for managing it,but every woman is different,no need to lable others as lazy because they aren’t as lucky as you!

Kate on

My mother who was an OB/GYN nurse always used to say it takes 9 mths to put the weight and it can take up to 9 mths to take it off.

Everybody is different in their experience and if it takes you 6 weeks to get back to normal, great, if it takes 9 mths to a year then that is great. Who cares what Anna or Ivyleaguer has to say, anyone who is that judgemental has other issues in their lives and are sad.

Trish on

Wow Anna, how’s the air up there on that pedestal you have yourself propped up on?

Please, get over yourself.

Just because a woman doesn’t jump right back into a “serious” workout routine after having a baby doesn’t mean she’s lazy.

Having a baby is an overwhelming experience, and it takes some moms longer than others to adjust to their new life.

I don’t believe in using pregnancy or a new baby as an excuse to not take care of yourself, but it’s ridiculous to assume that if someone doesn’t lose her baby weight right away she’s not taking care of her health.

Maybe if you weren’t such a self-centered witch of a person, you’d be able to recognize that.

And P.S. – Miranda Kerr looks like a lifeless drone in this picture. I’m just saying.

Trina on

My son is 8 months old now and I have am 10 lbs heavier than I was pre-baby. I would not trade my time with my son for the figure of Gisele. The discovery of something new every day with him is worth only going to the gym a couple of days a week instead of every day. God bless the moms that spend extra time with their little ones rather than obsessing what other people think about their post baby bod!!!!! Rock it moms!

Nicole on

Wow, Anna. Vain much?

As for Miranda, yes, she looks wonderful. But keep in mind that she was already naturally thin before she was pregnant and it didn’t appear she gained a lot of excess weight during her pregnancy. So the few extra pounds she did gain could have been easily lost. But also note that the dress she’s wearing drapes slightly in the front … and I bet anything it’s to conceal a post-baby pooch she still has. And although she looks a little tired, in my opinion, she does wear the clothing well and does look great.

Maggie on

Wow, Anna. Really? Really? Doctors don’t even recommend starting a workout routine until 6 weeks post-partum, after your body has a chance to recover from the pregnancy. I had a baby 10 months ago and am still working on losing the last 7 pounds. Does it mean I’m lazy? No. It means I am focused on the most important thing – my son. Those who breastfeed also tend to hold on to more of the weight until their babies are weaned. I am more concerned with the health and wellbeing of my child more than getting back into a bikini!

Amber Lee on

Anna, you sound more self-absorbed than anything. Spend some time playing with your baby

Rachel on

That’s wonderful for Miranda! I do agree with Heather and Lashonda and really appreciate their comments, though. It’s wonderful that some women are able to quickly get back into shape because they are fortunate enough to have pregnancies free from serious complications, have an accomodating schedule, and have a body type capable of quickly rebounding. As someone who had serious pregnancy complications, it has been very difficult to get back in shape–and that is all the more troubling since I used to be at the gym five days a week. Instead of beating ourselves up about how quickly we fit back into our jeans, we should be grateful for the wonderful babies that bless our lives and make them our top priority. The gym will still be there when we’re able and ready…

amber on

WOW anna you need to get help if you are soo concerned about losing the baby weight;you might have an eating disorder. The average lady is a size 14. Miranda Kerr is a super model so its expeted that she would do anything and everthing in her power to loose that baby weight. Not everyone in the world that has a baby is asuper model.

Jen on

Anna – all the fatties get upset when you post something that doesn’t let them justify being overweight & lazy. I totally agree w you though.

Tyler'sMom on

Anna and Ivyleaguer, try having an emergency c-section followed by a 5 day hospital stay and a 8 week restriction on activity, and then say it’s lazy that 6 weeks later I wasn’t in my prepregnancy clothes. I am 7 months out now and I am thrilled to be smaller than I was prepregnancy. But everyone’s situation is different and you cannot judge someone. It’s up to the woman and her body as to how much weight she loses. I would take bonding with my baby anyday over going to the gym.

trsquare on

Being a model IS Miranda’s job, and as such, she had to get back into shape quickly. Anna, good for you for being able to lose the weight quickly, but instead of being witchy about others, try to be a little more encouraging.

DB on


Sarah on

Miranda probably was contracted to walk for months now, if not longer. It’s her JOB to look good and get her body back ASAP! She’s probably got multiple nannie, chefs, housekeepers, personal trainers, etc. to help her get back in shape and focus on her body. If I didn’t have to do housework and if I had time to workout for hours a day, I’d probably look like her, too! Seriously, how many diapers do you think she’s changed? Also, I 100% agree with Trina – I’d rather be weigh 10 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight and be fortunate enough to spend such quality time with my daughter! It seems nowadays everyone expects you to be either anorexic or overweight – what’s wrong with simply being at a HEALTHY weight?

anna on

Did I say I went to a gym ……no I NEVER did. I worked out at home in front of the tv with whatever exercise program or tape I could find and did it whenever I had the time. During naps, or after my baby went to sleep for the night, etc.

Did I say I did not have pregnancy problems or my bbaby didn’t have problems….no. I had so many problems I can’t list them all, severly high blood pressure was one of them, but I walked during pregnancy gently and for 20 minutes at a time around the neighborhood. And after each of my babies was born they had problems sleeping due tto severe allergies and only slept 3 hrs at a time…….for 3 yrs.
I thought I’d lose my mind sfrequently, but kept a positive attitude and took the help from my Mom and friends when they offered so I could nap or do some floor exercises with my cans of fruit for weights and stretchy cord thingy.
I have no big ego, just a ‘can do’ attitdue and know if I can feel better myself by being as healthy as possible then I’ll be a better mother, that’s all.
I make fruit smooothie green power drinks to start each day too. Girls, please take as long as necessary to get back into shape and just let your body, mind and spirit lead you, but be good to yourself.
I realize we all have different metabolisms, but one needs to get going and not make lame excuses for not working out in some fashion. Heck take long walks whenever you can and if you have no one to give you breaks then you need to take care of that because you’ll end up being stressed out and not patient and loving with your child in the end.
Just my opinion, not trying to be all vain, girls, settle down and let’s have a nice chat.

Jon on

I like The PHOTO and I think Kerr’s return to The Runway was great!

Jenna on

She looks great! Baby Flynn has such good looking parents! :)

Sheri on

Anna, someone actually agreed to mate with you more than once? Some guys will put up with anything.

Julie on

I feel really bad for the people in Anna’s life. They must really hate her. Cheer up! Enjoy life and your kids! I gave birth to two beautiful healthy babies 26 minutes apart. Twins, I carried two babies and researched heavily what I needed to eat to be sure they would not be born tiny or deprived and continued to do so to provide sufficient breastmilk for several months afterwards. I work full time, an hour away from home, my husband works evenings so I am alone with the babies every minute that I am with them. Theres no one to watch them while I workout, cook, pack meals, etc. Aside from taking the babies for a walk/jog when the weather is nice, exercise was not an option for quite some time. Now that they are ten months old and moving all over I am comfortable taking them to play at the daycare in the gym for a short workout a few times a week. Still, I would not judge another mom who was not comfortable doing that! I feel sorry for your kids!

Julie on

Oh, and Miranda does look amazing! Sure I wish I had the time and help to put that effort into looking nice but I still dont know that I could give up that time with my kid-o’s!

Alli on

Wow, you guys are really being harsh on Anna! She is just speaking the truth and you all are calling her names. Do I sense a bit of jealousy?!? Everyone has thier own way of doing things and you should be respectful of others. The name calling is a little juvenile. As for my opinion, I am sure Miranda is a wonderful mother. Just because you want to exercise and eat right after having a child doesn’t make you a bad parent. Plus she is wearing a more loose fitting outfit so she may not be back to her original shape yet as others have said. You can’t tell from one picture.

jgcmm on

Ladies, Seriously?! Put the claws back in! So, since Anna stated her opinion on how she feels about being healthy, is a reason to attack? Good grief! God forbid we have different opinions. As for you Sheri, I bet her husband was more than happy to have children with her and I bet she is a great mom. AND before you all go there and ASSUME…I am the mother of a 5 month old with plenty of weight still to lose…but I still look good!

Emily on

Being healthy and being a certain weight aren’t always synonymous.

I think mothers and all people should focus on eating well and staying active. Whatever that looks like for each individual is fine, but it’s important to keep in mind models make a career out of how they look. And they have to look extraordinary meaning they probably don’t look like the rest of us. So perhaps we should focus on taking care of ourselves and being proud of our healthy bodies instead of striving to achieve literally super model body status.


I half way agree with Anna, I see women ALL the time use pregnancy as an excuse to eat 1000’s more calories a day then continue to carry the extra weight YEARS later using excuse after excuse!! But we need to keep in mind that most of the woman that do that are unhealthy and lazy (not my word)to begin with. Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and why in the world would you jeopardize it ecspecially when you are resposible for the life in your stomach?! Complications do happen every day but a lot of those complications stem from the mother being overweight and as Anna puts it “lazy” (not my word again) to begin with!!! I think Miranda is being a great role model, do you see her bones sticking out her collerbone, I sure dont!!

AmyAnthony on

I will take a guess and say that anyone who’s attacking Anna has a weight problem themselves. There’s no reason to “eat for two” during a pregnancy, and studies show you only need to consume 300 calories more daily. You should exercise throughout the pregnancy and you’ll find you’ll snap back very quickly.

I am an avid runner with a full-time job who ran through my 8th month. I gained 25 lbs (which is totally normaly) and lost it in 2 months. To say you have “baby weight” when your child is 18-months is false. It’s just called fat.

ams1119 on

Anna, consider yourself lucky. The fact that you could wear your pre-pregnancy clothes after six weeks means that you probably were in great shape before getting pregnant or have really good genetics. But be realistic. Most doctors do not even recommend exercising until 6-8 weeks post-partum (depending on whether you have a c-section or not). Given that, six weeks to get back into shape is a lofty goal for most people.

Jeeeneee on

How careless to post such a judgemental comment, Anna. We don’t all have nannys and can get a full night’s sleep and ave time to work out. My son is 2 years old and I still weigh oly 10 pounds less then my pregnancy weight. I had hypothyroid issuesthat were caused by the pregnancy and my kid never sleeps so it is hard to have time or energy for anything other than him. And he is my top priority….not being skinny and getting praised for it. Ridiculous!

Natalie on

WOW Anna…I guess you’re perfect, aren’t you? Most new mothers would rather spend time with their babies than be working out all the time trying to get back to pre-baby weight in 6 weeks!! You need a reality check honey!

Hend on

When I first read Anna’s comment I felt horrible about myself. But then I read all the other comments after that and realized that I’m an idiot for letting someone like Anna influence me so negatively.

I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy because I was on strict bed rest. I went into preterm labor at 23 weeks and almost lost my baby. She was born full-term and healthy, and she turns one in a few days. I’m still not at my pre-pregnancy weight. I suffered from ppd and was on meds that made me retain a LOT of weight for a long time. Now I am happy and healthy and I worship my daughter. The weight will go off when it’s time for it go off.

So thank you ladies for the support.

As for Anna, how dare you accuse me of being lazy and not serious enough to care about myself and my body? I did exactly that and I’m still wearing my maternity jeans.

Peque on

I cant understand what’s all this thing with Miranda Kerr. She’s just another girl on the block and if she is back modeling, thats what she do for a living and has lot of money to pay someone to take care of Flyn.

Lisa on

First, Miranda looks amazing. Good on her for having the time and money to put into a personal trainer, dietician and all the other people required to assist her in getting back into shape that quickly. A normal, working mother on a budget does not have those resources and therefore it is much harder if not almost impossible to lose all the baby weight in that amount of time.

Courtney on

Um your idiots Miranda gained weight responsiblyduring pregnancy and if your nursing like she is your going to lose it faster anyway. jst because she can aford a dietician doesn’t mean she has one your supposed to nurse a child 8-12 times a day for up to a half an hour each session so that burns alot of calories. at least she wasn’t sick her entire pregnancy and hospitalized for it like my mother was with me and at 5’3″ gained 65lbs and I didn’t weigh as much as flynn did nor is 9lbs 12oz huge for a baby try being 4’11” and giving birth to a 13 1/2 lb baby as Dolly Sinatra did her only son Frank

Holly on

why are my comments not being posted??? I have been trying to comment on articles all week and none of my comments are showing up!!! I am about to cancel my subscription to you all. WTF??

diana on

I lost all of my baby weight within 2 months…no exercising, just simple old fashioned breast-feeding. Anyway, I wanted to breastfeed my daughter until she was one…so I continued to lose weight up until she was 8 months old. I was sooooo thin and bobble-head looking. It was scary. So not everyone should rush to workout to regain their pre-baby body because for some people it happens naturally. I hated being a size 0/25 with no curves. I’m almost back to my regular weight now…a size 4 or 27. Everyone’s body after baby is different and it doesn’t matter what you look like to your baby!

anna on

First I want to say I’m sorry to have offended anyone. I should have said there is no excuse to hang onto post baby weight IF you didn’t have medical problems during your pregnancy, like being ordered to stay in bed, or had to take meds that put weight on after baby was born. Of course those situations should be taken into consideration …..and I did not address that at all.
I guess I did come across in my first post as kinda harsh in my opinion and I should have left room for extenuating circumstances. Sorry to those out there that were hurt by my words, I’ll be more thoughtful in the future.
Good luck to you all in your goals towards good health.

Hend on

Thanks for the sincere apology Anna.

Liz on

YEAH ANNA!!! MOTHER OF THE CENTURY AWARD!!! There, do you feel better about yourself or do you need to make a few more ignorant judgemental comments?

Skye on

Jeez..Calm down..she apologized for her comment. Move on already.

Jennifer on

I agree with Anna, and everyone is being out of line and just mean towards her. Everyone has their own pregnancy,labour story, etc…. I think Anna was just trying to say that some women after giving birth use it has an excuse for not losing the weight. I have a huge circle of friends and almost all of them has had kids and they still have extra weight from their pregnancy and they always use an excuse for not to do something about it. I have had two kids, very close together, gained 60 pounds with each of them and lost all my weight plus some, and it was hard but I did and it didn’t get in the way with raising them. I did just what Anna did, I exercised at home while they where sleeping and or during their nap time and or when my husband came home. I’m sick and tired of moms using that as an excuse, get off your fat ass, stop complaining and do something about, don’t you want to set a good example to your children by taking care of yourself, working out and eating well.

Hollys World on

Why does it matter what someone looks like? Fat or skinny? I had a baby 5 years ago and I am still 50 pounds over what I should be. But who cares ! I love to eat and I dont deprive myself of food and things I like so I can look a certain way. When I die, God isnt going to say “your fat, you cant come to heaven” so for all these woman that need to be a size zero … eat some cheesecake. A little wrinkle in your stomache isnt going to kill you.

annalyn mccaw on

Anna does have a point there. She has tried to apologize to all those who felt offended by her comment, but to no avail for some. So, if the shoe fits, wear it. I had twins almost 3 years ago and gained about 60 lbs, was bedridden since I hit 4 months of pregnancy, and then had them 6 weeks early. I was in the hospital for 3 months before I had them and another 3 weeks after. Just as I was getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I found out I was pregnant again. I gained 30 ibs with that pregnancy, was bedridden from 5 months, had gestational diabetes, and had him 4 weeks early. I breastfed for both pregnancies and even breastfed the last one till he turned a year last month. I still haven’t achieved my pre-pregnancy weight even though I am very active with 3 little ones and three older kids and a husband, work, school, etc. I try to enjoy every minute of my family’s lives with them. We walk a lot and I definitely try to maintain a healthy diet. And before you all go around judging me harshly, let me tell you that I am an active duty soldier also. It is not an easy battle to lose pregnancy weight for a lot of people due to various reasons. When I had my first 1ST child, I only weighed 115lbs and gained 40lbs with him. I lost 40lbs within 4 weeks. With my 2nd child, I weighed 120lbs and gained 65lbs with her with preeclampsia. I was back down to 117lbs in 6 weeks and when I had my 3rd child, I weighed 117lbs and gained 35lbs with him. I was back down to 130lbs 6 weeks post partum. But over the years as I have aged, it got harder to lose weight as quickly so that’s why I still have 10 more lbs to go even after a year post baby. Yes I had my 1st 3 kids 4 years apart and in my 20’s, and the last 3 almost 10 years after the third kid, so you do the math and statistics about age, pregnancy and weight gain. So, all I’m really saying here is that I can empathize with both Anna and the other ladies’ comments because I’ve been there. On the real subject at hand, Miranda really doesn’t look that great. I bet she’d rather be walking with her baby instead of the catwalk. Good luck to her, Orlando, and the baby.

l on

what is wrong with anna? that might be your experience. but i think most women would prefer you to keep your smugness to yourself.

Sarah on

I had my first baby five months ago. Right after I had him I was back to the size I was before I was pregnant. Somehow, I guess because of a decrease in metabolism, I ended up gaining about 20 pounds since my baby was born. My goal isn’t to get back to my pre baby weight, but to be healthy. That should be everyone’s goal.

Liz on

I didn’t see her apology when my post went up. I think it shows more character for her to admit she worded things poorly and think it was nice of her to say. Sorry my comment came in after the apology but I can’t change cyberspace timing.

Mother of Three on

Heather, you sound just like the people Anna is talking about. Its not about being rude either. America is seriously overweight and our children are catching the disease. Unless we get up and excersize and show them a good example, like getting back into shape post baby, then they will inherit the health problems that most of adult americans currently suffer from. Excuses, excuses, its always good to eat veggies and walk if you cannot do anything more vigorous. Maintaining a large waistline comes with a sedate high calorie life style and those who claim big bones, or thyroid, etc. are just full of excuses. Model thin? Maybe not but overweight due to health problems. Ridiculous.

Lisa on

Anna, it is ill advised for any woman to start a serious workout routine before consulting with her physician or midwife at her 6 week checkup. In addition, women who are breastfeeding should be eating a sufficient number of calories from healthy foods in order to provide the best nutrition for themselves and their babies. Your comments are irresponsible and insensitive.

Mother of Three on

Makes you wonder if we all hoped on a scale those of us who didnt break it would be the ones who understood what Anna was saying. Get off your fat buts and eat healthier foods you lazy americans.

heather on

wow anna…a little full of yourself arent you?
I have had four children and I am still struggling to lose about 15 lbs. that I am still carrying. Im so happy for you anna *rolling eyes* that you didnt have to use the “just had a baby excuse” but for those mothers that have several other small children as well as a newborn to drop all the baby weight in 6 weeks is RIDICULOUS. Who gives a flip if I had to go up a few pant sizes, Im still a hot momma, lol , and my babies are more important to me than running to the gym everyday. I will work toward my goal weight in a healthy unrushed way!

sal on

Mother of three…how immature are you??? Certainly you must be a a child playing on your mothers computer and not a mature adult woman.

Mother of Three on

Oh, and Lisa, Anna already apologized, what more do you want?

Mother of Three on

Why is it immature to be tired of excuses from overweight America Sal? Let me guess, 200 plus yourself? Lets hope you dont have kids to pass it on to….

Kelley on

While I don’t think it was very kind of Anna to call others lazy, whether there were complications or not, she has valid points. I commend her for being healthy and so active. Had she not offended so many readers (even if what she said it true for many!), perhaps we would have received the point she was making…that we should all make an effort to be healthy and set a good example. If we do make the effort and feel good about our choices, even if we haven’t lost all the weight yet (I haven’t!) perhaps we would not react so negatively against Anna’s comments. Thank you for the apology, Anna.

Mims on

I agree with Anna..gosh..all the haters are just jealous. There is no excuse to hold on to baby fat. I bet all the ones that are hating on Anna or Miranda are a bit over weight and jealous.

Kelley on

One mean comment sparks everyone else to respond with mean comments…this is why I sit around and do not exercise!!! It is too entertaining to read this instead! LOL…Good luck everyone in achieving your goals.

Rose on

Wow, Anna, judgmental much? My children were all born by ceasarian section. The doctors did a vertical cut not a bikini cut. It took me 6 weeks to stand up comfortably as I recovered from these surgeries and I walked miles a day in order to heal and move comfortably. In time, I did lose my “baby weight” but it did take time. And a lot of my hours were spent nursing my children and I would rather have had that time with them then worrying, those first few months, about the judgement of those who thought it was required of me to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.

anna on

Just want to add: My doctor told me to start exercizing as soon as I felt ready and in those days everyone went right back to it without much thought…..
I felt ready within a couple of days, so guess I’m in the minority here, but I have always been active and felt the need to have that good healthy feeling again and with extra weight it just made me feel too heavy and not light on my feet.

Another point: My kids are all grown and out of the house long ago so don’t worry about me being a bad mother because I’m on the computer OK ?

Thank you to those who have accepted my apology for my first blunt post, I appreciate your kindness.

America does need to eat healthier and be more active so find what makes you smile and use that as your exercise. Mine is riding my horses, which I do every day and at age 60 I’m happy to say I’m a strong woman with perfect health and yes, I am so greatful for all of my many blessings ………but certainly not smug. If you knew me you would know that as all my friends do. But I do wish sincere good wishes to all mothers out there.

A on

What does it matter what you look like after you had a child? Besides that, who gives a rats ass what someone thinks about you? I guess I never thought it was a race to get back to pre-baby body…it’s easier for some than others. People shouldn’t judge others or look down upon them just because they didn’t lose their baby weight w/in a certain amount of time. For those that are able to do it – good for you, that’s awesome. It’s not about being lazy, it’s called being a Full-Time mother & wife, having a Full-Time job, Full-Time school, Full-Time housework, etc. etc….it’s hard – if you are able to find the time and you actually do exercise, be proud that you get your heartrate up for the day.

Dr. Emerson on

America is seriously overweight and it has nothing to do with health problems keeping the weight on, it has to do with poor eating habits and a sedate lifestyle. Those of you who disagree with women like Anna should remember that she is passing on an example of healthy living to her children that we sorely need in this country, not to mention she apologized if she came across to harshly. We have got to start eating more vegetables and exersizing our bodies before we all develop heart disease. If we dont care enough to do it for ourselves then we should do it for our children. I have a patient who works out on a used schwinn stationary she bought online while her babies nap. Money has nothing to do with it. You can and should find a way to live healthier, thats all there is to it.

Teresa on

She models for a living folks — she’s just returning to work! And she looks fabulous!

Brooke on

You should all check out the other comments page related to this story. Almost all positive comments, none of this pointless arguing over a woman just returning to her job.

Brooke on

BTW Amen Dr. Emerson.

l on

no one said that you have to lose the weight right away and no one is trying to hate on you people with broken backs and hemorraging issues. everyone is different. im glad that miranda is taking care of herself and wish her the best

Dr. Emerson on

“Why does it matter what someone looks like?” Holly, being 50 lbs. overweight puts serious strain on your skeletal system not to mention your at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and many other health problems. This is such a dangerous attitude to have. Please, listen this is not about looks, it is a matter of health. It is not funny to just keep indulging in fatty foods when it is killing us as a country. We must reduce our caloric intake and exersize our bodies 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. If we dont the rate of death by obesity related health problems will continue to rise and it is our children who will suffer the most.

Trish on

I’ve been very interested in reading these comments, since I have a 6 and 1/2 month old (as well as an almost-4-year-old) and haven’t lost all of my weight. I appreciate that some people haven’t lost their weight for medical reasons, but I am comfortable admitting that in my case, it is a bit of laziness. But let’s not get too upset when someone feels that we can work harder to keep ourselves healthy. It’s true in most cases- definitely mine. I don’t expect to look like Miranda Kerr 2 months after delivering a child, but I know I can do better. And Anna, I have great respect for both your lifestyle and your apology. Cheers!

Liz on

Wow!! Look at those great shoes! Not sure I love the cut of the dress but the idea is surely beautiful! I’m glad that the trend is sophisticated and flattering, rather than trashy and revealing now.

Jessica on

I’m really shocked that Anna thinks that everyone can lose the baby weight within a month and a half. It has been over 2 years for me and I’m still trying to get the weight off. I developed a thyroid condition while pregnant, had gestational diabetes too. So it has been a real struggle for me to take the weight off. Alot of how fast you can take the baby weight off is due to genetics too. I have friends that were able to take the weight off fairly quickly, but I am not that lucky. To say I’ve lazy is not fair. I work out 5x a week for an hour a piece and I’m still having the weight come off real slowly.

ellla on

ANNA’s I wish you would say that to someones face . Oh your babies one and your fat? You’d get beat lady.. It took me a year to lose it, I didnt starve myself like you probably did.. Watch your kids grow up fat because you have no brain at all.. What a loser MOM!!!!!!!!

w on

I am fat.

Zena on

I agree with Anna, I have 4 children and lost the weight fairly quickly. Pregnacy isn’t a time to eat poorly and gain way too much weight. You do not need to gain 50 pounds with one baby. Also, if you can’t exercise you do not need to be eating like you did when you were pregnant. I breastfed all 4 children and you do not need a huge amount of calories to breast feed.
Many here are making excuses to eat a ton of food. If you are not exercising why do you need to eat so much and keep that baby fat?

Megan on

Anna, FYI not every women is the same or has the same biology or metabolisms. I worked out every day of my pregnancies ate only lean chicken fruits and veggies and drank only water for 9 months and still gained a whopping 80 lbs with both of my sons pregnancies. Try loosing that in 6 weeks not happening. You also have to remember celebraties like Miranda have nannies, maids, personal chefs, nutritionists and personal trainers too help loose their weight and if you ask me thats lazy. I bust my butt and do it all myself so Ill be dammed if Im going to let you get away with calling regular moms out for being lazy just because they can’t loose all of their baby weight in 6 weeks when it took 9 months to gain in the first place. And FYI Im a RN the only way you could of lost all your baby weight in 6 weeks is if you had a low pregnancy weight like 25 lbs or less and a super high metabolism to start out with and thats great for you if you did, but remember were not all the same so you have no right to judge and you are not better than anyonelse who you think is just lazy because obviously not everyone has the same circumstance to be in your position in the first place. Just think about that the next time before you post so judgementally.

DaniG on

Wow! I can’t believe the negativity on this forum! Anna said one comment that people chose to take offensively, then she appoligized! And so many of you didn’t bother to read that. She even stated “I’m 60” and still, cranky & bitter women all over call her a loser mom!

She seems to have it right. Eat healthy and exersize. If you aren’t “vain” enough to do it for yourself. Do it for your kids! Oh wait, I’m sure all American children need is a good cheesecake stuffing and bam…you’re a perfect mom. Good lord.

I can’t remember who said the average american women was a 14…but seriously. For a few, that average is ok, but for most, it’s not healthy. A build up of fat is toxic to your body. No one says you have to be a size 0, but get up and do something and stop stuffing your face with junk and fast food because “It’s easy and it’s what the kids like”.

RGr on

Anna, I am sure you meant well. Miranda looks fantastic and as for you, that is awesome that you have such a can do attitude. But calling anyone lazy, well it isn’t very nice. We are all different, if we were the same….life would be so boring.

aidan on

I read about this on mymerrymadness.blogspot.com, I think thats the right blog. Every womans body is different. Not to mention life, and what they are dealing with!

RGr on

Awww Anna it’s all good girl!!! I just read your apology, you have a spunky attitude and a good heart. I can tell you didn’t mean to hurt anyones feeling. Blessings all around.

Tiffany on

I agree with you Anna. Women use it as an excuse. Their kid can be five years old and they’re still working on that “baby weight”. Taking care of yourself has nothing to do with not wanting to spend time with or loving your child. And some women are naturally thin and lose weight easily.

Lola on

I had the opposite problem – I lost weight after both of my pregnancies . . . I was ten pounds lighter than I was pre-baby both times-within a month, and I am 5’6″/135. EXCEPT I gained all of those pounds back plus 5-10 more after I quit breast feeding, both times. What is up with that? Has that happened to anyone else?

Cheryl on

Okay, Anna, get a grip. First of all, study after study has PROVEN it is not in the best interest of the BABY for mom to lose weight for months after baby comes if you are breast feeding. That baby needs nutrition, and that nutrition comes from the fat and calories a mother consumes. Second, get over yourself. There are more important things on this planet than being skinny. You belong in Hollywood with that attitude. Thirdly, there are many circumstances in which losing weight quickly just does not work – c-sections for instance. You’re not even supposed to do anything for months after a c-section. Seriously, you and anyone who thinks like you is nuts and absolutely does not have his or her priorities, in any way, in the right place.

Ashaley on

Anna!!! I love your comment. working out takes dedication and some ladies just don’t care about what they look like. Also, ladies, don’t hate on someone, because they do work out. nothing but a BUNCH of HATERS! the only thing I have against ANNA is, you spelled bologna wrong!
PS mamas, if you have the energy to shove McDonald’s down your throat either during or after pregnancy, that’s damn good salad you could have MADE yourself. oh and most of the time these women work out during their pregnancies. get the show on the road, folks!

Marky on

I’ve read all these posts and I just have to say, “you’ve got to be kidding!”. How can you defend not having lost the pregnancy weight when you child is a year old? What are you doing, sitting on your butt eating chips or french fries? I wore my pre-pregnancy clothes home from the hospital, with my 7 lb-plus baby in the car. 4 yrs later, with baby #3 in our car, I walked out of the hospital wearing my size 6 street clothes, once again, just slightly loose at the bust because I was breast-feeding. That baby never took a bottle, and I was devoted to taking care of my 3 children; for the following year, I didn’t have the opportunity to go out, I cooked their food myself (no McDonald’s, etc), did my own laundry, and cleaned my own house, played with my children and read to them, gave them my undivided attention all day. I didn’t gain weight and didn’t weigh more than I did before I got pregnant the first time–115 lbs.

What makes you think any normal (hear that?) pregnancy should be accompanied by a 60 lb. weight gain? It is not necessary and is actually dangerous most of the time.

As for the nannies, chefs, trainers, etc, most of you are sure every actress or model has; did you research that or assume that because they have money, they chose that route? Many of today’s current celebs use sitters just like most people do–when they are needed. Lots of them have no nanny until they have multiple children and are working full-time. That’s a cop-out, and if you want to be mad at me, like you were at Anna, good luck on that. You should use that energy to get that weight off and be healthy for those kids you say you love.

Beckie on

Marky and Anna seem to be part of a group of fortunate women who don’t retain baby weight. I have two friends that walked daily while pregnant and both were in pre-pregnancy clothes the day they left the hospital. I had yet another friend who was overweight and she lost 40 pounds while pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. You never know. The thing is; some people DO use it as an excuse and some start exercising when they find out they are having a baby so they DON’T gain the weight. Just be happy you have a healthy baby and if you aren’t in good health .. try your best to get that way so you can be around to enjoy your child!

Erin on

Blow it out your a** Anna!! Not all women are able to lose the weight in 6 weeks and it’s not because they are lazy!

Mim on

yes eating healthy and leading an active life are very important! i know i feel so much better and have alot more energy to be a good mom when i work out and eat right. i hope to be a good example to my kids when it comes to health, but i also want to raise my kids to be kind and NON judgemental to others! so proud of those of you who lose the baby weight and i understand the struggle of others. i was overweight after my daughter was born but with MUCH dedication to working out and eating right i was able to lose 70 pounds. I feel very proud of myself but i realize that i can be proud of myself without putting others down!

claire on

Erm, didn’t she make big statements about giving up modelling as soon as she was a mother and was gonna spend all her time raising Flynn. That lasted two months did it?

Angelica on

Come on ladies, stop attacking Anna. She is entitled to her opinion and you to yours. but it is true, If you put your mind to it, you can do it. she was not talking about difficult or dangerous pregnacies, Miranda had a swift journey!however if her comment made you all retaliate, is because the thought of laziness has crossed your mind…

Dawn on

It is hard in any case to put yourself in someone else’s shoes without knowing all the particulars. That goes for everyone, from Miranda, to Anna, to everyone else.

Anna says that there isn’t much point in holding onto baby weight, and that is true. But there are other truths that need to be acknowledged before using that statement against anyone:

1) A woman’s body naturally builds up fat during pregnancy. It is a survival mechanism to have stores of fat on hand for breastfeeding. So, women that don’t gain fat during pregnancy are probably fighting a bit of hunger…

2) More than “losing the fat,” returning to pre-partum shape (scars and weird belly buttons aside) requires intensive abdominal reknitting, so that we no longer have that “memory bump” – the one that graces some mothers for the rest of their lives. As a former ballerina and pilates instructor, I remember having a wonderfully flat tummy before, but it has taken some serious work for me to relocate my abdominal core. Operation practice-sucking-it-in! (Diastasis recti, anyone??)

3) Losing weight is always difficult. The only real way to lose weight – despite what the latest “weight loss planners” tell you when they ask for your credit card – is hunger. The more intense the hunger, the faster the weight comes off. But the side effects of hunger are… hmm… hunger!, irritability at your husband and kids, lack of energy, and hunger! With breastfeeding, it is even more difficult because dieting causes your milk supply to drop – unless you do it very, very slowly. So, sometimes, it is nice if you wait until the child is weaning, and then stay only sort of hungry for a longer amount of time. Either way, really losing weight requires courage, patience, and gentleness with yourself to get through it well. You body will resist hard against any sort of relinquishment of its padding!

I am 8 months post partum, and finally in the process of shedding the weight I put on in my first pregnancy three years ago (my second happened directly after my first starting weaning). And I am finally starting to fit into my old size 2 dresses again!

So this is what I say: losing the baby weight is good, but there is no rush as long as you keep up the faith that you WILL eventually get there!

Miranda Kerr weer op catwalk on

[…] weer doen. Haar man Orlando Bloom zat samen met zijn moeder front row om zijn vrouw te steunen.Klik hier voor de foto van Miranda Kerr op de catwalk bij Balenciaga.Tags: balenciaga, grazianieuws, Miranda […]

MJ on

Being healthy is important for everyone. As a Mom of a 14 month old and 2 month old I thank the birth of my boys for giving me the push I needed to eat well and exercise more. It is something that I struggle with everyday but I realize that I am a roll model for my kids and I want them to grow up eating healthy and exercising as part of their normal everyday lives. I gained 50lbs during my first pregnancy and only lost 20 of that before getting pregnant with my second. I spent 4 weeks in the hospital after a rough pre eclampsia episode and did nothing but sit and hold my baby. The day we were released I vowed to take off every pregnancy pound and then some. I started my journey the next day and make a little progress every day.

With all that said what is wrong with us women. One person makes a comment and everyone jumps on her with claws out and nasty name calling. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinion and views. Seriously ladies we are reading stories on People.com lighten up. We spend this time lashing out at one and other instead we could be doing some squats or making a healthy meal.

Chan on

Miranda would of already had a contract obligation to do this show She looks good. Its not hard to lose weight if you have chefs to cook for you, personal trainers and nannies at your finger tips.

kita on


Shannon on

I work FT and baby absolutley does not sleep thorugh the night. I cant give up any time with him while he’s awake…or gigve up sleepo when he;s sleeping. My personal needs, like being fit, are low priority right now.

Madison on

I know plenty of people who use having a baby as an excuse of not losing weight. I do understand that there can be health issues which may prevent some women from working out regularly, but I know some who still scarf down pizza and milkshakes. With my 1st daughter I lost all my weight within 2 weeks (thank you breastfeeding). I just had my 2nd daughter 6 weeks ago, and I’m now down to my pre-pregnancy weight (although size-wise I still have an inch to go). To all the prego women, if you want to lose all your baby weight, work out throughout your entire pregnancy if you get the ‘ok’ from your doc. With both I was on the treadmill the day before giving birth.

lorie on

breastfeeding your baby is a very good way to lose weight. breastfeeding is similar to climbing up a mountain. so you can spend every moment with your baby and exercise without exercising. and moms, please don’t judge other moms. remember, every woman is built differently.

Angela on

Wow, I cannot believe how vain Anna must be!!! Big deal that you lost all your weight in 6 weeks….. If you even really did. I have had 2 children and had a hard time with the weight. It took an entire year the first time around, and 4 months the second. It is impossible to resume workouts after having a c-section both times and children with minor health issues. Not to mention, having female problems as well. My children’s health and well-being were my top priority, not getting the weight off. I’ll take my flawed body any day. Celebrities send the wrong message to women and girls. It should be about being healthy for not only you, but for your family too. Not seeing who can lose the weight the fastest, at any cost!

Chantal on

You have really caused a riot here. Please take all the opinions here into consideration the next time you decide to be presumptuous and insensitive.

jh on

@ Anna, your comment is mean and heartless. I had 1 child and 6 years later have not been able to loose all the weight. It has nothing to do with taking care of yourself. I did everything humanly possible, to include working with a personal trainer for over a year and going vegan. some women are just not able to return to that weight, adn 6 weeks is impossible since most doctors wont allow you to return to working out until 6 weeks after a delivery, but good for you. remember no one is the same amd being rude and heartless like you were makes women feel terrible about themselves in a time when they already have to deal with this odd concept that every women is a size 2.

The SO CURVE SO SWIM Fashion Show [The Official].mov | victoria’s secret fashion show 2010 | Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby on

[…] modeled in Balenciaga’s Paris show for the fourth year in a row, presenting to […] Read more on People Magazine This entry was posted in Fashion Shows and tagged 2010, after, Baby, Catwalk, curve, Fashion, […]

kayla on

hi ladies. i guess some pipo will find some of the stuff wrote offensive but maybe its not meant to be. i gave birth abt 7mths ago eventho my baby didnt make it but i had some troble losing the weight esp coz it was a c-sec and i was so traumatized, i didnt even notice the weight goin but i ended up losin more weight than usual tho i am gainin it back. its different for everyone n lets not kid ourselves genes also help. not every one can be thin but jus exercise, eat right and keep healthy for the sake of those beauty gifts. dont let such comments bother u, as long as u kno u are making an effort, feel good abt urself and be happy. each person is unique and different n besides life is too short and precious to get all workedup over stuff like this. enjoy ur babies and use that as a motivation to keep fit and healthy. healthy mommas means healthy babies. hugs. smile ladies. goodluck to u all

Sarah on

Sorry to disagree Anna, but heathwise, women are supposed to abstain from exercise the first 6 weeks after having a baby. Hormones releases during the later stage of pregnancy and labor can cause your blood to clot and can lead to life threatening embolisms. It takes a bit of time for the body to recover, and after Dr. clearence, by all means work out. 6 weeks is very extreme. I have 3 babies all very large at birth and had no problem losing the 60 lbs I gained with each. Losing baby weight is a marathon and not a sprint!

Natalie on

Hahaha you ladies just need to calm down. Miranda looks great.

Anna’s comment was wholy appropriate. For those who are content with your post baby body and have no intentions of getting into shape, of course if you weren’t in shape before hand I doubt you’ll care now, but there are those of us who want to be satisfied with our bodies. To be the best mother we can be, in shape, fit, confident. I want to be a lasting image and role model for my daughter. I enjoy excercise and have an amazing post baby body. If you really don’t care about your self image, more power to you, just don’t get offended if someone one says something to you and you get upset and defensive. Looks like you might be the one needing to hop off that “high horse.”

Moni on

Honestly, there is an easy answer and solution to not hanging on to the baby fat. Dont gain it to begin with! Simple.

lola on

Anna, who was watching your baby while you were vigorously exercising? Do you work? Do you have other children? Are you a completely vapid and solipsistic?

zusje on

@ Natalie I hope you enjoy your “amazing post baby body” cause when you hit around 50 and there’s no one else around you because of your nasty attitude I’m pretty sure the pictures of your “amazing body” will be a great comfort!

@ Anna,good for you for realising your comments might have been harshed and hurt someone,and owning up to it!Now that to me is real beauty!

At all the ladies,whether they had babies,didn’t have babies,struggled or not with weight(post baby or not) hang in there…stay healthy and be happy with who you are,not who other people think you should be!

JFT on

Wow…why can’t women support each other!?!? My thoughts: who cares as long as you are happy! If being happy means working out tons to lose the pre-pregnancy weight or being happy with the 20 or so extra pounds…WHO CARES! all that matters is that the person is happy! Here is what I can not stand, and where I agree with Anna….I HATE when people complain about being overweight or not at their ideal weight and do NOTHING about it! Complaining and whining to all of your friends/family will change nothing! So for these people, the ones who complain about their weight and offer excuse after excuse, get off your butt and do whatever it will take to make yourself happy! Because honestly, I personally feel that the only way to be a truly great parent is if you are happy with yourself first!

This Just Isn’t Fair | Mommy Don't Buy That on

[…] Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway just two months after giving […]

Liffster on

There are some genetic considerations, yes, but they shouldn’t be the easy out to stay fat. If you’re careful during the pregnancy, which is better for both of you, you shouldn’t have to worry about the need to lose it later. I had five babies and, after gaining 60 lbs with the first one, learned a good lesson: being preggers is not an excuse to eat everything in sight, nor is having a newborn an excuse not to exercise a little. The next four arrived in perfect health and I walked out of the hospital in pre-pregnancy clothes. I’ve had to fight weight gain all my life and sometimes I don’t win but when you’re pregnant and nursing, you have to be your very best for your own health and the baby’s.

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby Chris Moore/Getty Hot mama alert! Miranda Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion […] […]

Ava on

I’m sure it is easy to lose weight when you have a chef and trainer helping you. Not everyone is that fortunate and many women have complications that make it difficult to lose the weight. Everyone gains weight differently and eveyone should keep their judgement to themselves.

General Sports Hats Blog – strutting down the Balenciaga catwalk for the fourth year in a row on

[…] audiences when she appeared in Balenciaga’s Paris show at Paris Fashion Week, People.com reported. The 27-year-old beauty showed off her postbaby body in a stunning black dress with […]

Jamie on

I love how people feel the need to trash Miranda Kerr to make themselves feel better about being heavier after having a kid. If you took you a while, fine. Don’t trash people who did get in shape quickly. You’re right…everyone is different. So don’t trash the lucky ones it’s not their fault!

Wesdams mom on

Anna, get over yourself!

The 27-year-old beauty showed off her postbaby body in a stunning black dress with leather detailing « beautiful and fashion and good quanlity hats Blog on

[…] audiences when she appeared in Balenciaga’s Paris show at Paris Fashion Week, People.com reported. The 27-year-old beauty showed off her postbaby body in a stunning black dress with […]

audrey on

I think it’s very interesting how many ladies who respond to Anna’s first comment mention their stories as if they were put to the stand and asked to defend their situations.
I personally did not see what was insensitive about Anna’s first comment. Some women are lazy about losing their baby-weight, and it is the truth! From the understandings that each of you have of your own stories or of the stories of other women you mentioned, if you had so many reasons why your weight has lingered longer than some amount of time, you probably weren’t lazy either. So why all of this blood drawing is happening, I don’t think after reading through the thread I understand.
I think we’ve been unfair to Anna because she stated her opinion. I don’t think she suggested that by the 6th after delivery, we should be back to pre-pregnancy weight. And I definitely do not think that calling her mothering into question is at all justified. That is just below the belt, and frankly, shameful.
If you think your experience is different, that’s fine and no one is judging you about it. But if you responded to Anna’s original post, my guess is you really would like to get rid of some of the baby weight you gained, and lashing out at Anna’s success suggests jealousy to me. If anything I’m impressed that she could do it in 6 weeks. Have you wondered what she did to get rid of that weight in such an amazing length of time? Did you ask? Perhaps you could benefit from some of the tricks she used.
Be nice ladies…

Balenciaga Highlights: Pleather, Miranda Kerr, Wearable Clothes | Celebtars on

[…] Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby The new mom, who welcomed son Flynn on Jan. 6, walks in Balenciaga’s Paris show Read a lot more on Folks Magazine […]

Yuliya on

Sure, if she has army of nannies and maids around, she definitely has time to take care of herself and look wonderful! And how can you diet if you breastfeed, is milk still nutritious enough???

Glam Slam: How To Wear Coral | All About Miranda Kerr on

[…] Baby The new mom, who welcomed son Flynn on Jan. 6, walks in Balenciaga's Paris show Read more on People Magazine This entry was posted in News and tagged access hollywood, beauty expert, catwalk, coral, […]

abdullh on

All verses in Asia endowed endowed girls love at first sight

Miranda Kerr Flaunts Sexy Post-Baby Body | Mystars.at on

[…] month after making her runway debut at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week, Miranda Kerr gave us another (better!) glimpse of […]

Jamie on

If your career required you to drive around in a car all day, but your car broke down, you would get that thing fixed quickly. Her career requires her to be in shape, so she got into shape quickly. Good for her.

Miranda Kerr Flaunts Sexy Post-Baby Body on

[…] month after making her runway debut at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week, Miranda Kerr gave us another (better!) glimpse of […]

Stephanie on

to ANNA.. for your information not everyone has the TIME or the ENERGY to lose the pregnancy weight gained.. some of us who are full time parents cant just go work out at any time. the baby comes first and thats how it shuld be. and for some of us we are a single parent taking care of our child on our own. so who are we suppose to hand our child off to to go lose all that weight we supposedly gained while pregnant cause looks are more important???? HUH???? i just had a baby 8 months ago and im just now starting to lose the baby fat because my son is on the move all the time. i dont hand him off to anyone else to take care of him to get my looks back. and when i first had him i was a very hands on mom and there 24/7 for him and his needs as it should be so i didnt have the time or energy to get up off my lazy butt as you so called it to go work out. i had a newborn to take care of. and seeings as he was getting up every 2-3 hours for a feeding i didnt have the energy to do it. cause i would try and sleep when he did. cause thats what I needed to do for myself. i was lucky to get a shower in once aweek when id have a family member over or friends over to watch him while i did that.

Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby | Mystars.at on

[…] Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway just two months after giving […]

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[…] in person. Kicking off at The Grove shopping center in L.A. tomorrow, May 12, with models including Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, the tour will continue on to N.Y.C., Chicago, Calgary, Miami and Dallas through […]

Miranda Kerr: I’m Most Comfortable in My Underwear | Thenigeriandaily.com on

[…] mom to son Flynn, 4 months, with husband Orlando Bloom, bounced right back after giving birth, even hitting the runway in a Paris fashion show. But it didn’t come without a lot of hard work — and some mixed […]

Miranda Kerr: I’m Most Comfortable in My Underwear - redcarpets.com on

[…] mom to son Flynn, 4 months, with husband Orlando Bloom, bounced right back after giving birth, even hitting the runway in a Paris fashion show. But it didn’t come without a lot of hard work — and some mixed […]

The new mom isn’t done with the City of Lights quite yet on

[…] audiences when she appeared in Balenciaga’s Paris show at Paris Fashion Week, People.com reported. The 27-year-old beauty showed off her postbaby body in a stunning black dress with […]

Miranda Kerr: I’m Most Comfortable in My Knickers | hivvy.com on

[…] mom to son Flynn, 4 months, with husband Orlando Bloom, bounced right back after giving birth, even hitting the runway in a Paris fashion show. But it didn’t come without a lot of hard work — and some mixed […]

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[…] audiences when she appeared in Balenciaga’s Paris show at Paris Fashion Week, People.com reported. The 27-year-old beauty showed off her postbaby body in a stunning black dress with […]

Phancee » Blog Archive » Miranda Kerr: I’m Most Comfortable in My Knickers on

[…] mom to son Flynn, 4 months, with husband Orlando Bloom, bounced right back after giving birth, even hitting the runway in a Paris fashion show. But it didn’t come without a lot of hard work — and some mixed […]

Onesie on

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Miranda Kerr weer op catwalk « Elke dag! - Grazia.nl on

[…] hier voor de foto van Miranda Kerr op de catwalk bij […]

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