Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years

02/11/2011 at 05:30 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston perfumeRichard Young/Startraks

Jennifer Aniston might have debuted her first official fragrance just weeks ago–but it turns out she’d already honed her skills crafting signature scents for her inner circle. “I wanted to create my own fragrance because for years I would make scented oils and lotions for my girlfriends for wedding showers, baby showers and birthdays,” says this week’s PEOPLE cover girl. “I would create a personalized scent for them, so when I was offered the opportunity to design my own fragrance I jumped at the chance.” The debut scent, Jennifer Aniston, is a melange of notes that are nostalgic for her, she says, but that are also universal, smelling slightly different on each person who wears it. “I wanted to incorporate some scents that I love most, especially living in Southern California, like jasmine, sandalwood, violet and musk,” she explains. “It took over a year to get the fragrance just as I wanted it.” Buy the scent for yourself at, and read more from Aniston in this week’s PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands now. –-Kim Peiffer


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Curious on

I bought it and I love it. Everyone has a different preference for perfume and some will like it and some wont. I’ve always loved Shalimar and will still continue to use it from time to time but I will definitely keep buying Jennifer Aniston perfume. The longer you have it on the better it smells. Well worth the money

fghgfhfghfg on


Shannon on

It smells like poo poo. And Jennifer Aniston needs to go away already. Her movies suck and are cheesy, she is homely, and she is SO uninteresting and vapid. The only things she are passionate about are yoga and Cabo. Not a lot of substance there…

Mara on

I so agree with Shannon. Jennifer Aniston is so ‘passé’, so empty, so dumb…go away, please!

Sheila on

I have yet to see this when I’m out & about, but to those who hate her… if you don’t like her, don’t read about her.

musicdelite on

wow Shannon,Mara. Perhaps a class in kindness would benefit you both

Stephanie on

wow, such negativity! I never could understand how people can be so mean to someone they don’t even know. I like some of her movies, and she seems like a genuine person. I appreciate her looks because she isn’t the “norm”. I have yet to smell her perfume…I don’t normally wear perfume. I do love sandlewood though. May try it because my husband loves sandlewood and Jasmine as well.

Gigi on

I actually like Jennifer Aniston, but I do agree in interviews she does come off somewhat vapid and uninteresting. Plus, does the world really need one more celebrity perfume?

Robin on

Jen is a normal person and you haters need to go hate someone else.

DIane G. on

Her perfume is gorgeous and she is a classy, down to earth, endearing person.

Wendy on

Kudos to her for being actively involved in the process of creating a signature product, unlike many of the other celebs who just have *something* made by *someone* and then stamp their name and image on it. Does Celine Dion even KNOW what “her” perfume SMELLS like?
Although for the record Jen, *every* perfume smells different on different people. Skin chemistry.

KMD on

Hey Shannon:

Are ya jealous much. Jennifer Aniston is FAR from homely. Have u seen her EVER. She is gorgeous beyond, measure. And she is a wonderful actress.

Only people that speak the way u do. Are very jealous and not happy in their own life. SO GET A LIFE.

babs on

She can concoct all the perfumes she wants, still won’t cover up the stank of her movies: redundant, interchangeable, fluffy balls of poop. The older she gets, the more she looks like Stan Laurel. Both smokers too. Go away Jen, and take Kim K with you.

Brenda on

“not alot of substance there”
“so empty, so dumb”
just like your posts Mara and Shannon.
How ironic.
Do you ever say anything intelligent or well thought out? Just wonderin’

Curious on

The haters are very young and think their comments are really cute. They sound like little kids bickering on the playground. I can’t imagine adults writing this type of dribble. Positive people are happy people – the haters are negative about everything and very unhappy. Crying for attention! I try to feel sorry for them but instead I’d like to feed them a bar of Lava soap.

Anne on

Who cares?!?!?!

H on


Lisa on

I bought the perfume and didn’t like it much at first, but it is true, as the day goes on, the fragrance evolves into something that is really growing on me. Love Jen

Angela on

She is simply perfect…!

Tiffany on

I love perfume and if I had a chance to make my own, I would in a heartbeat! Celebs sure have the advantage over us normal folks. :) I like the way the notes in the perfume read, definitely will be testing this the next time I’m at Sephora!

betty on

The ones who need to go away, are the ones who love to hate other people. Is Aniston forcing you to read articles about her? Did she force you to watch her movies or check out her interview? If you don’t like her, then simply don’t follow her. Unless you’re secretly obsessed with her and don’t want to admit it. In that case you need professional help.

JamTX on

Mara…you are dumb, passe and empty….go away…

Valerie on

I bet Shannon never smelled the perfume. I just got a bottle of perfume for an early valentine’s day, so I’m set for right now, but I’ll check her perfume out and see if it’ll be the next one to try.

stephanie on

I agree that Jennifer Aniston’s interviews are very boring and uninteresting but I am pretty sure they are that way on purpose. It’s her only way to achieve some privacy. Good for her for not spilling the beans about every detail of her life.

Sam on

Its a very nice fragance, and Jennifer is a very sweet and likable woman – why are there so many negative people in these forums? Jealousy?!

Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years | The Best Perfume on

[…] Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years Richard Young/Startraks Jennifer Aniston might have debuted her first official fragrance just weeks ago–but it turns out she’d already honed her skills crafting signature scents for her inner circle. “I wanted to create my own fragrance because for years I would make scented oils and lotions for my girlfriends for wedding showers, baby showers and […] Read more on People Magazine […]

catty on

I just love her & can’t get enough of her!! I will watch her new movie as soon as I can!

Kim on

You can tell she has a new movie..People has been ramming her down our throats.

Diane on

I’m anxious to try her perfume when it gets into the stores..Also, I can’t wait to see her new looks hilarious in the previews. Love Jen…she’s amazing!!

Me on

Its amazing how people HATE people they DO NOT KNOW. Get YOUR OWN LIFE, If you don’t like JA, WHY ARE YOU READING ABOUT HER?
s/n I <3 Jen, Rock on!, Hope i look like you when I am 40 because shes gorgeous & hilarious!

Natalie on

all jennifer aniston haters.. GO AWAY.

MEK on

I think Shannon needs to “go away already.”

Jon on

That’s so nice to hear!

Agustina on

I love her perfume. I’ll make sure to get it as soon as I can.

Gina on

at least Jennifer I believe has better morals then the woman who stole her husbnd and is having kids like a rabbit and reminds me of an alley cat with the face of an angel and the morals of an alley cat.

Curious on

To Shannon and Mara, You must have been rolling around in poo poo to know how it smells. I mean, I was raised on a farm so I know all types of
poo poo smells. So since you two are being such experts – I just wondered what or who’s poo poo are you referring to. I must add you to my list of very unhappy people. I think I can add Shannon and Mara plus a couple others to the list of jealous unhappy people. Too bad – so sad!

Get Over Yourself! on

San Francisco

Get Over Yourself! on

So sick of her talking about how great her and Brad are…never mentions his kids and his partner in life. He has moved on. She needs to! Get over yourself Jen “I’m so happy” Aniston! barf!

Karen on

For all you haters take a good look at yourself, you all suck so bad and are so uninteresting no body would want you in a movie. Jennifer Aniston is one of the funniest actresses in Hollywood.

corina on

shannon and mara, you guys could only dream to live the life Jen’s living. So what if her movies suck? if she’s not in the spotlight anymore? that doesn’t makes her dumb,or passe or empty( to quote you Mara), that only shows just how much people think of her. If she weren’t the star that she is you guys wouldn’t say all those things now?so get a life!

Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years – Style News … | Jennifer Aniston on

[…] original here: Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years – Style News … Related Posts:Jennifer Aniston Has Been a Secret Perfumer for Years – Style News … Richard […]

Isabel on

All that PR-blabber about her being a secret perfumer and now she has a “own” scent. Don’t you people not know how this works? Truckloads of high-paid fragrance experts, designers and publicists work on this, from the scent over the bottle to the wrap. This is business, and the celebrity just gives the name and face for a huge amount of money, heavier match the sexy woman like Beyonce, lighter the o-so-nice ones like Jennifer Aniston. The scent bombed under its original name, now they relaunch it under her name, and you are jumping like trained circus animals. Buying a well calculated image and a dream does not bring you closer to anything you may connect with her, it just makes you poorer, while anyone else gets richer. Lolavie? Yeah, lol.

Blue Sink on

This is a bout her perfume it’s a good one and I like it stop hating on this girl, what did she do to you? I smell some jeolousy she is classy, sexy, has sexy legs, decent, kind and a bove all rick. You know what she is worth $150 million whether you like it or not. Those hating her are miserable with their lives that’s why they put her down. She is one of my favourities and I will keep on supporting her til I die. Her movies are good that is why they hire her after one movie to another because her movies make ROI (The Return of Investment incase you dont know) she has made 14 movies all the 13 movies have made it to the domestic market except for one, so you are mistaken. She is not the writer of these movies so pick on the writer not her, because she is a good actor.

Lujain Kashgari on

I like her.. and I guess i’m buying that perfume.. seems good that she chose musk and sandelwood =D..
i wonder how there are ppl who does not like this down to earth person called Jen.. really!!..


[…] • Have dry skin this winter? Coco butter may help you with that problem. [Bella Sugar] […]

AnnKatie on

I think her hair looks great. Not much change though. She is funny and would look good in any cut!

Clerish on

i hate linsday but pelope r really DIFFICULT and they have to leave her alone !! or do they wanna see another britney scene !?pelope talks too much about other pelope and the fact that the pelope r WORSE than the other pelopeJUST GO AND LOOK AT UR SELF AT THE MIRROR

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