Was Lindsay Lohan's Minidress Appropriate for Court?

02/10/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Lindsay Lohan' Court OutfitFlynet

Lindsay Lohan might have pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft in court yesterday for lifting a pricy necklace, but looks like she may be guilty of an even more fashionable crime—her outfit. The actress created some buzz yesterday when she showed up for her court appearance in Los Angeles wearing a tight white minidress reminiscent of something one might wear for a night on the town, pairing the bare-legged look with patent pumps and superstar shades. Although Lindsay did choose a clothing color that is traditionally associated with innocence, the short, curve-hugging style may not have been the most professional-looking option for the occasion. Tell us: Was Lindsay Lohan’s outfit appropriate for a courtroom? –Kim Peiffer


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Jamie on

It doesn’t look too scandalous in the picture, but on t.v., that dress looked painted on…inappropriate for court. If she had any brains left-over she would’ve thrown on a blazer.

Jennifer Ware on

Is anything she does appropriate?

Jill K on

I don’t think it’s all that bad. It would’ve looked more professional if she had put a cardigan over it or something.

Taylor on

A little on the risque side…

Shana on

Lindsay is a joke, I just wish she would go away!!!!

Jane on

Well, at least it’s a step in the right direction. After all, this is the same individual who painted “F*ck You” on her nails.

Kim on

Jamie, you’re right, the dress looked a lot worse on TV than it does in this pic. No way is that appropriate for court, but in her case it doesn’t surprise me.

Jill on

I sure hope she can get her life together. She’s a young, talented person. I just think it’s sad when a person doesn’t see how they are screwing up their life. She is highly criticized, but I hope she can get the help she needs and turn her life around.

Cheryl on

She is so clueless.

jean on

at least it’s an improvement over the FU she had on her nails last time.

Doogal on

Still rebellious, still wants everything her way. Jail time may give her a dose of reality.

Lindsey on

It’s like she’s not even trying to comprehend the gravity of the situation she is in. She seems so delusional. Put on a suit or at least something demure for goodness sake.

j on

like all other hollywood stars.. they believe the court system is a joke (which it is). And once again, with money and fame, they’ll buy their way out of a lengthy jail term. She’ll be ‘reprimanded’ and be released.

J2 on

Charlie Sheen is probably glad the spotlight is off him this week….so sick of hearing about LL. Hope she can get her act together but think she brings a lot of it on herself and entitlement. Only tmie will tell…

Eliza K on

She’s a Jackass and her attire for court has nothing to do with it

Tish on

Not much of a fan of hers but is she suppose to dress like a NUN to go to court? Really…. oh, i think her hair is out of place too watch out !

Matthew James on

When is this pathetic show going to end? Ms. Lohan clearly has issues which are preventing her from exercising good judgment. While the minidress is at face value somewhat comical, her addiction isn’t. Throw her ass in jail, start making her accountable like the rest of us, then perhaps she’ll start to see the total costs associated with her drug and alcohol addiction. I say this as an addict in recovery, near two years now. Pain brought me to the table before I killed myself. I can only wish the same for Ms. Lohan.

SusiQ on

we’re now evidencing surprise at her clothing choices? I hear even Charlie Sheen said “hey, Lindsey, dial it back a little, huh?”.

Misty on

Add a fourth choice. — WHO CARES?

SteveT on

Lindsay is fine, she looks good in anything, and it wasnt over the top for court. All she needs to do is, slow down her night-life and take it easy, and she’ll be fine.

glenj on

what a loser get help !!!

Triane on

LMAO — As long as the wearer has the bod for it, figure body-hugging mini-dresses are ALWAYS the right attire! Woot!

Traci on

She is so completely clueless! She looks like she’s working the streets, if you know what I mean. She’s facing some possible jailtime now.What’s it gonna take for her to get it through her head that this isn’t a game??

marisol on

She clearly wears what she wants and doesn’t care or respect our legal system. No, she didn’t write f-u on on her nails, but her demeanor and dress says, I don’t care! I am a star and I will dress like one, even in court. Lindsay needs to be put away in jail and do alot of time. She is not taking anyone or any institution seriously. She is making a joke out of all and she should not get away with it. If it was us, we wouldn’t!!! So keep your word, Judge, she is not special, she broke the law and there is alot of evidence. She is a complete liar and scammer.

SenorPlaid on

Might as well put her only talents on display …

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Alberta Ragan on

What’s up with Lohan’s upper lip? It looks like somethings wrong with her lip. That judge is a joke – one more time – how many times is he going to make that comment. The girls stole a mink coat, a watch, and now a necklace. Just because she gets caught and returns the items doesn’t mean she didn’t steal them. Wake the heck up!

Anne on

Everyday people are brought to court for similiar charges, what makes this so special. Look she is not that great of an actress to put her infront of us. Look what happenend to Winona Ryder, she was ruined after such scandal. When oh when do we say…I really don’t care what lindsay lowhan does, shes a basic nothing!

Caroline on

She must be mentally ill to do this.

A on

so now shes being punished for being young and pretty? wow just wow

Lindsay Lohan » Was Lindsay Lohan’s Minidress Appropriate for Court? on

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kara on

who cares? get over it. leave her alone your just jelous that you dont look that great in a dress like that.
i love lindsay shes awesome no matter what she does. =)

Melis on

Guess she wanted to get use out of it before the orange jumpsuit is her only choice for a while.

cindeedi on

I just wish everybody out there would give her a break already. It seems as though no matter what she does, people act as if they have the right to critique her. Yeah, she’s had her fair share of troubles, some of them her fault, alot of them not. People misuse “attention” getting names for their own purpose – she happens to be one of “those names”. If her name is in a headline, it gets attentions and people read it. The dress she wore to court is fine, it’s not low cut, it’s in fashion, she’s a young woman and has a great figure who went to court in a dress that really isn’t too short. How would any of us feel if everything we ever did, good or bad were published every single day. Her mother using her for publicity, her father using her for publicity – no matter where she goes people use her for “attention”. I say let’s just give her a break and let her be.

Anicon on

..well of course the dress isnt appropriate for a court appearence, but she does look hot in that white minidress & with her hair back like she has it.. I’m not a Lohan fan but this pic got my attention; it’s too bad she keeps making the wrong choices & getting all the bad pub, deserved or otherwise.. I think the judge will give her the max sentence this time and Lindsay will be doing hard time in L.A.

Joe on

Who cares? What she wore or for that matter if she went naked is just that……what SHE chose to wear or not. Our opinions do matter whatsoever. Can’t you find more interesting things to address than a poll on LL’s wardrobe?

karina on

will this never everrr end? she had a disease its called alcoholism n substance abuse this is just a stunt, its all a damm circus

Rita on

people.com, where can I get a dress like that? :)

Liz on

Who wears long sleeves to a nightclub??? This dress is pretty and she looks good. NO cleavage, and long sleeves its fine.

Define on

Yes she is only human but common sence would tell you not to go to court in a minnie dress. Nobody is going to take her serious. Its a shame if you ask me. But as we know every one dont have common sence.

Linda on

There’s nothing appropriate about Lindsay Lohan, so what’s the big deal? She obviously likes being institutionalized so why don’t the courts just accommodate her?

Diane on

hey shes doing her best to stay stright and sober BUT shes gonna say forget it because even when shes being good ,you guys knock her,shes an easy target right now ,but shes doing good ,so LEAVE HER ALONE.

Arwen on

She still doesn’t get it – she continually thumbs her attitude toward the court – whether through attire and/or behaviour – and someday she will come up against a judge who will not tolerate anymore of her disrespect.

ann on

She obviously thinks she is above the law so going to court is a joke to her……why does she get all this attention especially when she hasn’t done anything positive for quite awhile?? The news says she is a super star…..why?? Super brat maybe!!

S Miller on

she wore it so that if she had a male judge she figured he would get the hots for her an let her go free with no felony charge…obviously the judge didn’t buy her attempt at seduction and told her not to push it! lol

whimsy on

it’s high neck, long sleeve and completely opaque — i don’t see anything wrong with it!

Chelsea on

It may not look THAT bad, but for court that is not going to fly. No judge will take her seriously with that outfit. If she wanted to look innocent this wasnt’ the way to go.

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Drie on

It’s a hot dress but not court appropriate. Should have made its debut elsewhere. I want it! She needs to dress more appropriate in general but it’s not my court date so I don’t care– just loves the dress!

AR on

I think she looks beautiful. I don’t think her dress is too shirt, and IMO it is in fact court-appropriate given the modest neckline and long sleeves. Really don’t know why people are complaining; it’s not like she showed up in her Ungaro pasties!

Mark on

does it even matter? even better question is… will she actually be convicted since there are a few unanswered questions

jj on

It’s not so bad. It’s better then some of the things she wears. At least she didn’t dress up like Taylor mosom or however you spell her last name.

Duh on

More importantly, did she get People.com to write an article about it? YUP. Does she give a sh!t about being a criminal? NOPE. Everything she does is so you’ll write about her, and then pay her money for an interview. She is the definition of an a$$hole.

Look like LiLo for $575 – The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs on

[…] sartorial choice was chosen to represent innocence and purity – you know, it's white and all – others have questioned if she should’ve opted for a more demure ensemble, ivory-hued or […]

canuck_gal on

Not surprising at all. The girl doesn’t know the meaning of professionalism in any setting.

Kitty on

If you have to ask if the dress is inappropriate, then it is.

Nancy wahl on

But the key question: was she wearing panties??

lisa on

not so bad. A little short but the long sleeves balance it out. I’ve seen worse for court

T.Doom on

Did she go commando?

Jim Power on

Send her overseas and bring a soldier home.

september on

too long…she could make it shorter and show some cleavage…show must go on :))

RG on

She is one of the prettiest woman. Wish she gets on right track, though.

RG on

She is extremely pretty!

Jon on

Eh, who cares!

Wendell on

Dress was inapproprate for court but great for impressing new Superman movie producers.

Jessica on

LOL – At least she actually SHOWED UP for court. :)

t on


Titus on

The way this society is crucifying this girl with 2000 headline articles a day, more than revolution in Egypt, I’ve come to the conclusion that Lindsey Lohan is the Paraclete. A female messiah for the new aeon. The Holy Spirit incarnate.

laydee on

what the h***, should she have dressed like a nun.

Ashley on

I wish to god she would drop off the planet. NOBODY GIVES A S$%* about her. The world does NOT revolve around her like she seems to think.

InTheBubble on

If everyone would simply realize that this gal is a classic “scatterbrain,” nothing she does would come as a surprise. Lucky for her the California law for celebrities is “30 Strikes and You’re Out.”

The Dress? Nice!

Laura on

The breast implants weren’t rockin the dress. She better get control of those girls before they reach her waist :( Not cool, especially in front of the judge.

americanmom on

maybe you’d all be happier if she had shown up in a burka..

Maria on

Anyone who says they would wear that to a nightclub is a LOOO-SER. It’s a beautiful dress, but the long sleeves and high neckline are definitely more appropriate for court than for a nightclub. Who wants to dance and sweat and drink while wearing a prim white dress? You people make no sense! Take it from someone who works in the legal field and has spent my share of time in nightclubs!

mg on

Her judgement is skewed and she has no concept of what is appropriate or not. She was not raised in the ‘real world.’ Very sad ;-(

Kari on

I don’t see anything wrong with the outfit. She looks more decent in that pic than how she usually dresses…

Julia Sugarbaker on

Lindsay has the worst people in her corner.
No one to advise her or guide her. I think
she would do anything for attention of any

Lorri on

No matter what she does there will always be those who judge.

Emily on

Guys, maybe she didn’t have time to change. I mean, she was probably coming strait from the bar. Geez.

bk on

i can not beleive she does not have some one advising her about these things??? like just tell her this is not appropriate wear a nice pant suit or some thing at or below the knee, i cant beleive she just dont get it yet….

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john on

if she had less on nobody would complain she looks fine and somr what conservative[her tits aren’t falling out

rlw99 on

The top of the dress is not the problem, so throwing a blazer or cardigan over it it pointless! The dress is just too short for court, or any professional environment. The last thing a defendant should do in court is draw attention to themselves.

Bill on

Where’s the fourth option to vote for: “Who gives a $#!@”

matt on

It looked a lot like the Sharon Stone dress in Fatl Attraction where Ms. Sone was not wearing any panties to the delight of the sweating fat man who was interigating her…also the viewiers! I wonder if LiLo was pantyless and waiting for an opportunity to give the Judge a Squirrel shot!

Jamie on

I agree with Matt…It would have been fun to have her cross her legs to confirm her natural haircolor…probably bald!

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5States4Me on

I didn’t find ANYTHING wrong with the dress – – and I’m NOT young (60 yrs old). It was long sleeved, high necked. It WAS short…but not “shockingly” so. The truth is, the dress she wore a couple of days ago, that everyone said was much more proper, was longer, but showed a LOT of cleavage.
I guess that most of the guys who were complaining aren’t “leg men” but are “breast men”. THIS dress is much more modest than the second dress but IT didn’t get any complaints. Go figure!!

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mizuky on

This girl just simply needs to stop iklatng about plans for future relationships. We need to be the ones to stop obsessing over what she is , myself included. Trust me, I’m as fascinated by the whole relationship as much as the next guy, mostly cuz it mirrored my own journey at the time, but I know she deserves privacy. How do we really know she is obsessed? How do we know Sam doesn’t string the poor thing along? Why is she the crazy one? What if Sam is there every night, promising her stuff we don’t know about. We will never know all of it.This is so crazy to be analyzing this. I guess it’s something to do. PR will be PR. It is a trap to make her marketable. To make money. I hate money.I think people are whatever they feel they are. I label some as one thing, but you know what, if they tell me otherwise it is only respectful and right to take that at face value as truth. We can’t control a lot in this life, so the things that are inherently ours to feel and be should always be granted to us. 0

Pascal on

Tough as leather tittaude!Men feel that it is a sign of weakness to be ill or in pain. And to actually tell someone they are not well is beyond some, until its to late. Unfortunately the fact is that men who have a heart attack don’t realise the seriousness of the situation until the get to the hospital usually a good half hour after the onset, which means the damage to the heart maybe permanent. Basically any chest pain needs to be investigated as soon as possible.And when it come to a prostate check they all balk at the thought of it, and make excuses NOT to have it done. My husband is one of them. Yet we poor woman have to have regular Pap smear tests, and when we are in our 40 s our boobs squished to have a Mammogram, all to look for signs of changes or cancer.Sorry fellas we do love you, and we want you around for bit longer so PLEASE have regular check ups. And never ignore any symptoms that are NOT NORMAL e.g chest pain.

Bhar on

esses mexicano, eshnapol sei la que diabo, e9 uma rae7a imprestavel mesmo ne9?! porra como vcs vao compara o cara com ele mesmo a 9 anos atraz porra?! a voz muda, ele invelhece ele e9 humano ne3o e9 uma maquina porra. ele tem que se respeitado e reconhecido pelo que fez e pelo que faz hoje, pq se3o poucos cm a qualidade dele de mover milhares de pessoas a canta uma musica junto cm ele, tenham mais respeito pelo axl pa qm deu 0 pa ele na data 2011, e9 pq nao gosta de guns e sim de pop music! UP!!

Andini on

The Lohan’s got a lot more artificial inetidgenrs, many of which are toxic.Nothing looks as good as its ad, but come on, the burger portrayals are more preposterous than Dan Piraro’s most hysterical butthurt.

Zphps on

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Nigel on

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