Rihanna's Wild Red Curls: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

01/21/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Rihanna's Big Red Hair
JCalderon/Splash News Online

As if her bright red hair color wasn’t edgy enough, Rihanna pushed boundaries even further on Wednesday night when she stepped out in L.A. sporting a voluminous curly coif. But the new look may just be part of her day job; before she headed out for the evening, the star tweeted a picture of herself from the set of her new video for her song S&M sporting the same do along with a heart-shaped eye patch. We’ve definitely seen her experiment with a fair share of different hairstyles over the years, but this may be the largest we’ve ever seen her hair get. Tell us: What do you think of Rihanna’s big hair?—Kim Peiffer


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Kelly on

OMG LOVE <3 <3 <3 sooo sickk

Yu on

I love her red hair but this curly one is too much :D but i still like her bright red one

kelly on

She looks like Side Show Bob off of the Simpsons!!!

Mack on

Too much! Looks ridiculous.

Denise on


erilynne on


Anne on


me2 on

Wow, side show Bob called…. He wants his hair back!

Clara on

not really a good look for her….dont understand why artist change their looks to the extreme!!

Molly on

She looks like Carrot Top minus the drug addiction.

can’t decide if I’m a fan.

Leeks on

Not to fussy about this look.

Mom Of Twins on

I love the color on her, but too much hair.

AlexaLauren on


Holly on

Hahaha! She does look like Side Show Bob!

shelisa on

she looks like the weight watchers “hunger”.

Tammy on


Tammy on

Oh and shelisa, that’s funny!

Gwen on

Why would such a beautiful woman want to look so ridiculous? Looks like she stuck her finger in an outlet.

Sharie on

It’s a wig who cares…

lol on


Jasmine on

I really don’t like them. I really don’t like the red. She should go back to her natural color because she looked much more beautiful that way.

Bethanie on

Are you kidding me right now??? As if the red hair already didn’t scream attention, this is even worse. She is a hot wreck. Her image is just bad in my eyes, I’m sorry to say. If this is the lengths she has to go to to say look at me then something is wrong with her.

bellasmommy on

She looks like Sideshow Bob!!! Seriously, it’s time for this girl to grow up and stop the shenanigans. I don’t ever find her attractive, but maybe she could be if she looked halfway normal.

Lisa Munoz on

AGHH! too big! lol
She’s turning into Slash, no one can see her face. I prefer the dark red curles from when she performed on X factor with Matt Cardle.

Vera on

Way, way too much!!

Sandi on

OMG – this is hair?

Princesssince82 on

That’s a hot mess! She looks like side show bob from the simpsons!

ed on

Now when Chris Brown gives her a shiner it wont be as noticible!

Felicia on

I LOVE IT!!! It looks hot!

Jake on

When you have no talent and need to attract attention, you do things like this.

Robbie Prouty on

They say her hair is so big cause its full of SECRETS!

Shawna on

What a waste of natural beauty! Why do the celebs feel it necessary to try to shock us with either something so of the wall as this doo or wearing clothes that show skin (imparticularly..boobsass, etc)…like no one has the same junk? I don’t get it. Any NORMAL human being could care less about this stuff. it would really shock us if someone just stayed classic, lovely, beautiful in CLOTHES and let their real beauty shine through.

Julia on

That’s horrible!!! I hope it’s a wig… She looks like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons!

Lynn on

Her hair looks like a Pooley dog that’s been died red!! Yikes! Rhianna, you are such a beautiful girl, why spoil your looks with this do??

robin on

what was she thinking?????

Tigs on

She looks like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. lol

Whitney on

I absolutely HATE IT! I don’t even like her red hair. She was gorgeous in her video “Take a bow”. Black hair suits her better. Brings out her gorgeous eyes!

Emma Sue on

OMG, it’s Side Show Bob! Desperate.

jillian on

The red is fabulous, but this is too much like side show Bob.

Emily on

I love her red hair and her style. But this is just too much curls for me! She has a small face too, and she hides her face with all of thse curls. Honestly i liked her red hair with wavy curls! which is her hair on the cover of her LOUD cd!

Deltamama on

She looks like Side Show Bob off of the Simpsons!!!

– kelly on January 21st, 2011

Seriously… she does!

Jansz on

Hate it… Can hardly see her beautiful face under that mass :)

maya on

What happened to her? She used to be cool and about the music. Now she’s just weird.

Black Canary on

Wow, Bozo got a perm.

Dani on

Hate it! I hate the color ANYWAY but the girls? I like her natural look much better than the Ronald McDonald red.

lorelei51h on

YIKES!!!! I agree Sideshow Bob must really want his hair back. Absolutely ridiculous!

LBW on

She looks like Show Boat Bob from the Simpsons.

Nikki on

Definitely Sideshow Bob!

Di on

Calm down everyone. It’s just a weave. She could take it out tomorrow…

spark on

Her hair looks awesome! The US is so behind when it comes to fashion and hair! I love that she is rock’n a kinky hair look that a lot of women of color already have! :)

Elle on

What’s up with Rihanna lately?? She’s lookin a hot mess! This hair is out of control…she needs to pull it together and get her sh*t in order. She used to be pretty & stylish.

Katy on

like em.

allyanaz on

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmie on


havetaste on

OMG What was she thinking?

rere on

HAHAHAHAHA…Sideshow Bob’s sister!!!!She needs to fire her stylist. If she did this on her own, she needs to hire a stylist!

Ashley on

I love it and she does NOT look like side show bob…this is what alot of women’s hair looks like naturally, not everyone is born with straight hair and not everyone is tied to a flat iron constantly thank God.

Lesa on

I lOVE this! It’s a ‘FRO and many people have one– I don’t see anyone wrong with it. It’s what many people have as their natural hair– not everyone needs to prim and straighten their hair to “western” beauty standards. Keep doing your thing Ri!

Julie on

She’s gone mad. I do agree with Side Show Bob though. Exact replica

Cathy on

She used to be so adorable when she sported the short auburn hair. But, she is an artist, and getting attention goes with the territory, even if it’s bazaar and over ther top. Really hate it!

Brandi on

She looks like Boober From Fraggle Rock!

beth on

she looks like Sideshow Bob, from the simpsons

ANN on


jk on

why does she try so hard??

Traci on

C’mon girl…we love you, but do you have a mirror in the house??

Adam on

She looks like Kelis

Bebe on

I second the Side Show Bob comment! it was exactly my thought when I saw her.

michiko on

it’s so janet jackson – velvet rope days

katy on

hate them!!

JulieA on

Bozo, anyone?

Juliiaaa on

Hate them!
Rihanna! What are you thinking!?
But anyways, if she likes it then I guess I can live with them..

jjgirl on

I hate it, equally as much as I dislike everything else about her!!!

Kirk on

It’s Side Show Bob’s sister.

Lauren on

Horrible! Love Rihanna though

Karla on

What’s Ronald McDonald doing there?

Lisa on

Color is great, curls are great… this is just too much for her petite frame :) She has such a beautiful face and seems that she has been hiding behind her hair for the past few months. None the less, she is GORGEOUS!!!

april on

she looks ridiculous. that red is horrible enough as it is let alone that craziness w/ the curls.

Kelly on

She looks absolutely ridiculous!!!

Lisa on

That’s a wig folks. No one hair grows that fast.

Biebermom on

Reminiscent of Janet on the Velvet Rope CD cover.

two cents on

Reminds me of a sheepdog. I can’t see her eyes.

Tori on

No mam!!!!

Jrswife on

She is gorgeous and I love her! If ANYONE could pull it off it would be her but even she can’t. NOT lovin’ it…

Daze on


jenn on

Laughing about the Side Show Bob comment!

Robbi on

Love ’em. Looks very Erkya Badu.

anon on

She copied this from Beyonce and came out looking like SideShow Bob. Beyonce looked like Foxxy Cleopatra!!!

Emjay on

Didn’t Janet rocked this looked years ago? When the velvet rope came out…

Rena on

It’s funky, fresh, and ultimately hot. I applaud Rhianna for her ever changing style. She’s a trend setter and not afraid to go all out and even out there. It shows how truly comfortable she is with herself and how the opinion of others do NOT affect who she really is. Now, that real.

Zoe on

I love Rihanna and her changing hairstyles..but Ri Ri this is way too much hair goin on with the bright red color..it looks like clown hair. Not a fan of the red hair. It’s overkill with the colorful clothes she wears.

J on

She looks like Carrot Top. This girl has completely lost her mind. Such a waste of such a beautiful woman.

freggle on

She looks like a freggle.

Bizzz on

Rihanna? What? Where? I don’t see her?

KIM on

REALLY……really, does she think that looks at all appealing? Rediculous…

M.L. on

the next time she steps out to be notice by all to see she might want to think about all the people around her who try and protect her. That stuck up additude doesnt cut it when the person or persons tring to protect you doesnt feel his or her presence is needed. Other celbs who are less popular show more respect and tip for the extra work we put in. This is the 2nd time she made a daybute in and enjoyed bottle service on the costs of others hard earned coins and no tips were givin to the wait staff or club security for the extra work to keep her smiling and enjoying herself til she decided to depart out the side entrance rather than the front doors. maybe if the house felt more respected she wouldnt of had to depart out the side entrance and still get caught up by the razzi’s shifting from one door to the other. she’ll learn just like all the others before her in the lime light that take the smaller people for grantit.

Susie on

The hairstyle looks great! I just wish I could see her pretty face.

raven on

This is what happens when you have no real talent. Anything to get attention. Just wait til she really blows.

remy on

sesame street called, they want to talk audition

wow on

lame way too much and stop being such a w**** with your songs i used to idolize you!

OhMyEyes on

Who does she think she is…Chaka Khan?

Becks on

I think she looks fab !!! Go RiRi do what ever you like…
If it was lady? gaga everyone would be ohhhhh how cool ..sick.
Ri rules!!

inge on

so love her hair

Stella on

Too curly :)

Robin on

I hate the color of her hair.She need to keep it real.

patty on

She needs to go to the dog groomer.

Bosslady on

Love the color but curls a little bit to much.

hailee on

she looks so much better her short, brown hair…

thatguy on

Rihanna is starting to look like that female gremlin on gremlins 2 lol shes like the daughter of that gremlin and ronald mcdonald lol rihonald :P

Kabmo on

I love it! Very daring. Big, curly hair RULES!!!

Chandler on

I like it. I usually never like her hair but this I do.

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chevy on


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