Justin Bieber's Nail Polish Sells Out Across America!

01/18/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Justin Bieber OPI Nail Polish
Kyle Rover/Startraks

Looks like Justin Bieber has world domination at his fingertips! Since launching his One Less Lonely Girl nail polish collection for Nicole by OPI exclusively at Walmart weeks ago, all six of the line’s launch colors have sold out at more than 3,000 stores nationwide. “A lot of [Justin’s] songs are about making girls feel good,” Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the brand’s executive vice president and artistic director, says to PEOPLE of the collection’s chart-topping popularity. “He sees that nail polish really makes girls feel good.” In addition to more conservative shades, “there’s some glitter and shimmer,” she says, but adds that just like Justin’s ‘tween-to-mom audience, “There’s something in the One Less Lonely Girl collection [for] anybody.” Despite in-store sell-outs, Beliebers can still get their hands on Justin’s $9 polishes online at walmart.com–and the superstore is currently restocking in locations coast-to-coast. Other retailers will pick up the collection (which will expand to 14 colors) in February. – Hana Choi; reporting by Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester


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Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America! on

[…] sold out at more than 3,000 stores nationwide. “A lot of [Justin's] songs are about making […] Continue Reading.. new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 6000, […]

mrcat149 on

I knew there was something gay about this kid

Are you among the millions who contributed to the selling out of Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl Nail Polish collection? | Knowledge Ring on

[…] of the fact that his nail polish collection has apparently sold out (at $9 per bottle no less). Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America! So I’m guessing he probably has a song titled “One Less Lonely Girl”? I’ve […]

Carol on

No kidding gay yes! I wish this creepy kid would go away…I am so glad my nieces are not into him….

Dotti Charlee on

Ridiculous, mothers have to tell their kids this is junk and don’t waste your money…

Lisa on

I don’t know what it is about this kid or the marketing monster that’s force-feeding him to the masses, but something about him just gives me the creeps. I’m glad my daughter isn’t buying into this load of BS.

pam on

Don’t be haters!

Lisa on

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but he lent his name to this project for charity. I think that was a pretty cool thing for him to do! :)

Ashley on

@ mrcat149- Bahahahahahahaha!

christine on

I’m not a huge Justin fan, but ya know what – he isn’t creepy, he’s a great kid – he’s got his head on straight. Get your facts straight before you go judging him… or anyone else, for that matter. Be kind to people. No need to be negative. :)

Honeybell on

A teenage boy marketing nail polish is odd, however adults making hostile judgments about a child and his sexuality is reprehensible. I have heard and seen horrible things said and written by adults about this kid, what a shame.

in Florida on

what boy sells nail polish? do we see Myley Cyrus selling pocket knives or Jessica Simpson selling belt buckles? please! Justin Beaver is a temporary fad. He’ll be done before he finishes growing.

JJ on

Christine, you say this kid has his head on straight. What? He says he knows that all women are after him. He was on Chelsey Lately and made that comment. He says he knows older women want to be with him. If you ask me that’s not a head on straight, that’s a huge ego. I wish someone would squish it.

SarahJane on

He seems like a good kid, and the proceeds from the sales are going to charity. At least he’s using his status and popularity for something good. He knows his audience is “tweens to moms” and marketed a product toward them. While “Justin Bieber Motor Oil” would have been more manly, I doubt it would have sold as well :)


I do not understand how an adult could feel ok calling a child creepy or gay. Clearly you are angry about something that has nothing to do with him. Get help quickly!!!

Macy on

He has a very aggressive marketing company that is pushing him into our faces at every turn. But they are smart because they are striking while the iron is hot. This kid might just be a fad and he might be gone in 2 years, but this marketing company is becoming rich because of him. I just hope he invests well and saves his money, because if he is just a fad, he will need money when he can’t find another job.

Lisa on

No, Tami, I am not angry about anything. I’m just saying it like it is. This whole Justin Bieber marketing typhoon is creepy, and if you happen to catch some of his responses in interviews, the kid is a bit off. If you like him, though, more power to you. To each his own.

Janie on

Tami, how do you know these people posting are adults or kids? You DON’T know. He seems like just a child who like to show off. He has an ok voice, but his marketing manager is so good at what he does, that Justin seems like he’s larger than life. These little girls eat that up. I just with Justin wasn’t so much of an egomaniac. He’s soaring so high with his inflated head, that he will crash one day. I just hope that same marketing manager is there to catch him.

Pattimelt on

GTFO! He’s not embarrassed by this marketing scheme?! What’s next, JB lipstick? Only in America……….

Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America! | Justin Bieber Fansite on

[…] more here: Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America! Tags: fingertips, launch-colors, line, lonely, nail-polish, nicole, startraks-looks, the-line, […]

Stella on

he is kinda a jerk. He thinks all girls want him. He needs to get over himself. When the boys at my school think a girl likes them they act like Justin does. Thinks he’s all that.

Jill on

how does a heterosexual man promote nail polish? there are enough women out there to promote the nail polish industry, know your place bieber!!

walter on

next will be his own personal brand of lipstick

kaycee on

i luv the color i just don’t like justin bieber!!!

Lala on

i’m not hating on him but i have never in my life spent $9 on nail polish and i don’t think i ever could. don’t get me wrong i am all for nail polish and people making money but i can’t do it!!! :)

kaycee on

if the lipstick is the same color someone might mistake you for one of the muppets!!!! :(

Deltamama on

Wow… seriously??? These “stars” will do anything for a buck. A little teenie-bopper boy releasing his own line of finger nail polish. There’s something wrong with this picture. Tell me what it is why don’t cha.

Sandy on

something about a teen guy selling nail polish is just sooo creepy

kaycee on

Justin, baby i love your hair, i just don’t really like you, and i’m not a hater!! just forgive me.

Tracey on


Regina on

HAHA way does he have to be GAY? I think it was a smart idea on his part. MAKIN MONEY!!!

NM on

I just don’t understand what people see in this kid. The fact that he’s marketing nail polish, says A LOT!

Summer on

OK, this is just way too creepy for me. Either something is not right with him or he will do anything for a buck.

Luly on



Lisa, I was directing that to Carol who called him creepy and gay. Janie, Im not sure if you have kids or have ever been around any but all the kids i know around that age are show offs with over inflated heads. Its really not that strange.

stephanie on

it has nothing to do with him being a great kid with his head on his shoulders. it’s about making even more money. why else would a 16 year old boy create a nail polish line? all he did was agree to put his name to it to make some money and his name out there even more.

Make it stop on

What does he know about what makes girls feel good about themselves? Is he one himself?

Dina on

hey, i agree, i’m not a Jbiebs fan. but no matter what you think about him, he already has more money than any of us can dream about. livin the good life, he is.

Jon on

That’s all great to hear, glad other Stores will be selling his Stuff soon as well!

nicole on

we have it here in Canada

ashana on

i am from Guyana,the nail polish is cool

Kelly on


christine on

He’s young! He’s living it up. Lots of women and young girls want him, it’s true. He’s got money, fame… and he really is a nice kid. I watched the Chelsea Lately episode, and ya know – he doesn’t think he’s *all that* – he was playing the game, but he was visibly embarrassed and left speechless with an, “Uhhh, I don’t know…” several times. He is 16 years old. He is still very young and impressionable. He is not gay (and who the heck cares if he is!); he is not creepy. He is a 16-year old kid. Cut him some slack.

Sarah♥ on

to christine … just because its charity dosnt make it wierd for the boy to be promoting nail polish there are plenty of charity’s to donate to the boy promoting nail polish is just about as wierd as a boy wearing nail polish and the reason its being sold out is because its called one less lonely girl wearing this polish does not mean the girl is goin to b less lonely so now not only are they lonely but also heartbroken that they have been lied to by their”idol”

Heather on

Am I missing something here? Where in this article does it say anything goes to charity?

Rena on

Is he noticing he likes guys or something? Come on people. With locks like that he so could have promoted a hair product. Nail polish seems a little gay to me.

Rena on

Oh and, what does he know about making girls feel good? Isn’t he like 12? Sorry little buddy but I hate to tell you, girls are happy watching you sing because you have the voice of smooth rich chocolate and you’re famous…I think they call that infatuation.

Rena on

He better start learning acting because ALL child singers grow up and go through voice changes. I just hope he realizes that what he has right now may not be there in a couple years.

erilynne on

Why would a BOY do a NAIL POLISH line?

I have nothing against him, I just think that is bad business on his teams part. Clearly just for money since his fanbase is revolved around girls.

Sam on

Oh boy. Nail polish? Really? Just had to jump into that business. What’s next? Dog Food?

Mom of JB Fan on

When Hannah was hot she was every where for 2-12 year olds (she was on everything) Same with the Jonas Brothers. Justin appeals to 8-15 year olds – what are they into beauty products…smart move on his marketing team. It is $7 a bottle in Nebraska which is steep for most brands of polish but it is made by OPI which sells for more than that in the salon. My daughter is 12 has 5 of the polish colors. I think if you look at most Beauty companies you would be surprised to see how many men are involved and no not all of them are gay.

Jessica on

Yeah, it may seem weird at first that Justin Bieber came out with a nail polish line. But really, it’s smart business. He knows that his fan base is mainly females. Also, some of the proceedes go to charity. So kudos to Justin and his team for setting this up.

and how narrow minded of you to label him as gay. jealous much? maybe over the fact that he is already more successful and rich than most of us will be in our whole lives.

Mom of JB Fan on

Heather – it doesn’t mention charity in the article but the polish comes with a tag that tells you about it.

me on

mrcat149 – I can smell an insecure male a mile away. Everyone with a brain knows that when a male is anti-gay, he’s afraid to look at his own sexuality. My guess is you’re as gay as they come and can’t deal with it. Loser.

marissa on

I agree with alot of u, he is creepy and, yes, there is something gay about him. He only lent his name to get more publicity. C’mon “people” give us real stories!


Hey Justin Bieber i love u and i want to meet u one day, and i am a big fan and have all your items.u r so cute, to me and if i could date u that would be great. i love your nail polish and if u can give it to me for free that would be good my number is 713-628-0453. ps i love u

Justin Bieber » Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America – People Magazine on

[…] Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America – People Magazine // Posted on January 18, 2011 […]

marqual on

he got lots of things out

Gloria on

Hey, a couple more years or even less, the baby face will morph into adult male and that will be the end of him. Count on it.

Justin Bieber ai raggi X all’aeroporto (in attesa di Never Say Never e nuovi smalti) | Tutte le news: Justin Bieber Baby, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Twilight | bambini .eu on

[…] Less Lonely Girl, che è andata letteralmente a ruba negli Stati Uniti. L’azienda dichiara a People: “Molte canzoni di Justin parlano di far star bene una ragazza. Lui ha capito che lo smalto […]

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[…] Justin Bieber OPI Nail Polishes Sell Out Across AmericaBieber fever hits our fingertips. The teen heartthrob’s One Less Lonely Girl collection has completely sold out at 3,000 Walmart stores across the country — but they’re still available online (for now). Phew![People StyleWatch] […]

Bieber Polish A Hit - 99.9 KTDY | The Best of the 80s, 90s & Today! on

[…] to People, Justin Bieber’s exclusive brand of nail polish has sold out at more than three-thousand […]

mrcat149 on

next for sale, Justin Bieber tampons, $38.95 a box, get yours today. LOL strange kid!!!!!

Jacquie on

I quite like JB and I guess that makes me a Belieber. Wasn’t this done for charity….go beibs…my kids are grown and I only wish more performers were as clean in their delivery of music to our young members of society today and in their contributions to our charitable organizations. I think I will buy a bottle or two for my young niece who is also a belieber, btw I love that title.


Justin Bieber's Nail Polish Sells Out Across America! – Style News … | Justin Bieber on

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Nicole on

Never have I seen so many hate comments towards a 16 year old following his dream. The proceeds go to charity and he’s trying to help out. Stop judging so quickly no matter what age you are. Jeez!

Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Collection To Expand | J-Bieber.org on

[…] but there is nothing to worry about, stores are restocking and the line will be growing, states People. The line will reportedly expand to 14 colors and other retailers will start selling the product in […]

Canvas News Updates - Justin Bieber’s nail polish collection to expand on

[…] but there is nothing to worry about, stores are restocking and the line will be growing, states People. The line will reportedly expand to 14 colors and other retailers will start selling the product in […]

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Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America | Nail Care Blog on

[…] Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America Filed in Nail Care Tips on Jan.21, 2011 Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out Across America The teen dreamboat’s OPI collection has flown off the shelves at Walmarts nationwide Read more on People Magazine […]

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mac on

i love purple nail polish..and jb<3

courtey on

hii justin bieber u r so hot

courtey on

hii justin bieber u r so so so hot

mac on

jb has changed many lives kids to parents and people who dis him what have u done to change someones life!<3

» Justin Bieber Nicole by OPI Collection NYC PR Girls on

[…] skeptical about, sold out in stores faster than the polish could dry on their fingertips (see here). Therefore, I had to have it and purchased both Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Give Me […]

larkie on

every one he is NOT a CREEPER he is a famous cutie just doing what the adults tought him to do in this buisness so dont blam him! it is all the adults making all these disigons around him to see how they can make money! ! so DONT be HATERZ! it is not his fault! AND HE IS NOT GAY !!!!!!!!!!! so just stop plez! and save ur opinos for ur selfs if that is what u rlly wanna say and think! THANK U AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

Justin Bieber nail polishes sell out. on

[…] The six shades in his One Less Lonely Girl nail polish collection for Nicole by OPI have sold out at more than 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide, according to PeopleStylewatch. […]

shakira on


KA KA on


kayla on

Hi Justin Bieber my newphew and me are a huge fan of yours we love your song baby oh we listen to it all the time especually me beuase I want to meet you in person myself…..

BieberBlows on


Rachel on

I love Justin bieber

Angelica Smith on

Oh please.There is nothing at all gay about my husband JB. So all of the haters should really stop hating on him. To me it’s just another way to make some quick money…and what do you know it actually worked. I bet if someone gave you the idea you would go afer it too. So all of you JUSTIN BIEBER haters should really move on and find something better to do with your lives!!!!!

dashay on

i love you are bithch

zoe on

hi justin bieber it me zoe i am 7 year old you are hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt i play basetball to do you i do i wear a flat hat to i kiss my postares ever night

ash on

this isnt real is it? ahahaa wtf? w.e. pleases him(:

Abby on

Am i the only one that thinx thats kindaa creepyy. Hes a dude. He should not have his own line of nail polish. bout hes smexyy anyywayys.

angelique on

hey you are so hot i hope you are not taken because Im not taken Im your biggest fan you should see my room you are all over my wall love you

Justin Bieber’s Hair Sells for $40668 on

[…] nail polish, movie tickets, hair: it’s official, Justin Bieber can sell anything. A lock of his […]


[…] Records, nail polish, movie tickets, hair: it’s official, Justin Bieber can sell anything. A lock of his freshly-chopped tresses, which he’d gifted to Ellen DeGeneres in a signed box the day after his much-buzzed-about cut, was put to auction on eBay last week, and today, sold for a whopping $40,668. […]

Susan on

Wow, I don’t understand why thee is so many haters. Justin is a simple kid trying to improve our world and everything he is doin is for charity. Just wish we could find the nail polish.

cece on

JJ you are judging Justin for what he said on Chelsea Lately are you for real can you not tell the difference between facts and fiction. He is only joking to get people like you react. He is only 17 give him a break, all young teen boys make silly comments all the time. You need to get a life.

No matter what you haters say about him the people you should be upset with are and the marketing team and his managers for over exposing him to the mass market to make money out of his popularity! Those managers have no morals enough said!

My Blog » Blog Archive » Justin Bieber’s Hair Sells for $40,668 on eBay on

[…] nail polish, movie tickets, hair: it’s official, Justin Bieber can sell anything. A lock of his […]

Fresh Off Billboard Award Wins, Justin Bieber Announces Perfume “Someday” Launch [VIDEO] - 96.9 KISS FM on

[…] has always aimed for the ladies.  He already has a nail polish line out, which was very successful.  And now a perfume just for them.  It is called Someday and is […]

An older lady attracts The Bieb with his pungent new perfume | News Facts on

[…] May 24th, 2011 news facts Leave a comment Go to comments Share We know that The Bieb has a successful line of nail polish out, since tweens who aren’t allowed to wear makeup yet are usually permitted to get mani pedis […]

An older lady attracts The Bieb with his pungent new perfume « GrungeNow on

[…] know that The Bieb has a successful line of nail polish out, since tweens who aren’t allowed to wear makeup yet are usually permitted to get mani pedis […]

This Exists: Rush Limbaugh now selling bottled tea on

[…] 50 cent, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Simpson, Tiger Woods – just to name a few). Stores can’t keep Justin Bieber nail polish on the shelves (I know. I’ve checked), and that is pretty much the epitome of the “what product does […]


justin bieber mi amor te hago de todo sos unica sos el REY DEL POP I LOVE YOU TE AMOOOOOOOOOO :)

Randa on

i am a justin bieber fan and hes a great kid he has lots of personalities and hes soo good at singing.

liliana secret on

eu sou fa do justin biber e nao primito que gozem com ele e lhe chamem nomes porisso algumas e melhor ter coidadinho

ivon on

te amamosss justin bieber te añoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Grismey on


Grismey on


Jj sword on

Have you ever seen a guy who gave away nail polish? I mean come on even if girls like male singer they don’t give away nail polish or perfume……if u ask me, it does seem this kidis going down hill

Justin Bieber on

wowwww nice

Justin Bieber on

woww nice

Laura on

I have a 4 year old little girl who LOVES Justin Bieber. I would absolutely buy this for her and actually plan to go look for it tomorrow. It is cute for them to have someone that gets them excited. There is not harm done here. There is nothing wrong with buying a $9 bottle of nail polish for my daughter that will make her happy. It is not something I would buy all the time but for a special treat (maybe in an Easter basket) it would be great. Just Bieber is a good well mannered kid who sets a great example of excellent work ethic, following your dreams and has encouraged my year old to learn how to play drums and guitar. He is a great roll model for my daughter.

games land on

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Hot Headlines: Alexander Wang debuts new spring “image piece” - Flare on

[…] Fever hits an all time high with the teen sensation’s nail shades selling out across America  —People StylewatchBar Refaeli is set to front a new Escada fragrance campaign  —FabsugarWatch now: […]

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