Sandra Bullock Rocks Blunt Bangs at the Golden Globes: Love It or Hate It?

01/17/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Sandra Bullock New Bangs
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sandra Bullock rocked the Golden Globes yesterday with a new look: blunt bangs! She turned heads on the red carpet Sunday night with thick, blunt cut bangs that brushed the top of her eyes in a super straight, glossy style. Bullock, who was a presenter this year after winning best actress for The Blind Side last year, paired the new do with a gossamer pink Jenny Packham gown with sparkling embroidery.  This is not the first time the actress has given bangs a try, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the star with such a dramatic, super thick set of bangs. Tell us: What do you think of Sandra Bullock’s bangs?—Kim Peiffer


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M. Walker on

Shocked to see Sandra Bullock;s new hairdo. What was she thinking? The bangs were too long and it looked like she was wearing a helmet. She’s always looked so great, but this was just too scary!

Kim on

I actually don’t like this look. She’s so pretty and the bangs are just too dark and heavy.

annie on

Not to be unkind, but it looks as though she is trying to hide the scars of a face lift or some other sort of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

houmom on

it looks like she’s wearing a wig

kittykitty on

she is gorgeous, actually one of the most beautiful in all of Hollywood and the bangs are quite cute although just a wee bit overpowering on her.
She is a lucky lady who can try any style out there and always appear glam xo xo love her.

natalie on

you can tell that they are clip in bangs.. the color is off..would hate to be her hairdresser right about now.

Bonnie P on

When people go through changes in their life without a brake pedal, it’s nice to have some of those changes with a gas pedal. Hair is usually the first change for any female to make herself feel better. Good for her! :)

Susanna on

I am a massive fan but I think she looked very sad last night

zil on

would be cool with jeans and a tee but way too much with the gown…perhaps if the hair was pinned up.

tink1217 on

a little long, but overall..nice. I think it gives her a “younger” look.

Linda on

I agree with Susanna. I thought she looked very sad last night, and she’s not the only one. Angelina looked sad too, although my hubby tells me that he’s heard she’s pregnant again (perhaps she was just really tired). With regards to Sandra’s bangs, I don’t like them at all and I hope they are clip in bangs so she can go back to the old style.

Mary on

Horrible. Bangs were bad and the dress did nothing for her either. She usually looks great! I would have hoped she came out looking great just to get back at Jesse! Plastic surgery a definite!

rive on

The color of the bangs is way too dark for her, totally different color than the ends & it looked stringy & dirty. Yuck! Gorgeous dress.. the hair killed the whole look.

Gabby on

Everyone can RELAX she got bangs for her new movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks. When she’s done shooting, she’ll go back to something more like what she had in the past.

gr vo on

Is she trying to look like Cleopatra. Might look good with a long white gown and sandals adorned with Gold and Turqouise. Or maybe not.

Iris on

She is much too beautiful to wear something that would a) look like a wig and b) hide that gorgeous face. Hopefully, this look will go away soon.

fashionista95 on

i love the idea that sandra is trying to do something new, however, really make sure it looks good before going out to the famous red carpet. the bangs look as though she is trying to look a little younger, maybe a little “hipper” but it isnt working. the look she got instead is overpowering and makes it look as though shes turning mediocer-goth.

Viv on

Yes she looked very solemn last night. I was expecting her fiery & sexy self but it didnt come through. Meantime, JJ & Kat were all over each other the night before at a red carpet.

LQ on

I think she looks better than ever with the bangs!! Not to be mean or anything, but this look is way more feminine on her than her previous ones which actually make her look like MJ (may he rest!).

Mary Bee on

We are fans but don’t care for the two-tone color or the teen-age bangs. Oddly enough, her hair reflects her choice in men. She’s a very cute woman and should consider growing old with grace and dignity. She should apply that to her search for husbands as well.

salvatore on

Bold & Great looking!

Lisa on

They’re too blunt, the style needs some softening between the heavy bang and the straight hair. If they were lighter, the same highlights as the hair coming straight down it might not look so hard.

paco on


Pique on

The color and bangs age her dramatically. If she’s wanting to look older and harsher she got the look.

Kim on

I personally think Sandra looks beautiful no matter what hair-style she’s sporting.

Page on

Is she trying to look like one of those “Tat” girls JJ has been dating??? Too harsh of a look for her.

Jennifer on

I can’t believe some of the horrible comments- hidding face lift scars, clip on bangs, wow. Stand up for eachother women! Sandra is such a beautiful women! I think that she looks great.

Ken Reed on

Sandra Bullock would look great in any hairstyle. I’d like to see her get a super-shortie like Emma Watson next.

Molly on

Looking at the photo posted with this article, I notice that the bangs are far shinier than the rest of Ms Bullock’s hair. Conclusion: fake hair. (And that’s a blessing! The bangs are too long, too thick, & distract from her amazing face.) I’m more concerned about the reddish underlayers of her hair which looked damaged & straw-like. I rate her stylish a major FAIL for doing such a poor job of pulling together a great look for this incredibly beautiful woman. Come on, Sandra.. the best revenge is looking great: You’ve got the goods… just trust your instincts instead of a stylish who is obviously out-of-step with what works for YOU!

annie on

i thought she looked like a zombie.

Molly on

Grrrrr…. that’s STYLIST! (Hate when the fingers over-ride the brain.)

CP on

After a certain age you shouldn’t wear bangs. The bangs make her look to harsh/older. Her other look was much better.

K Lu on

They may have looked good in person, but on camera with lights shining from above, her eyes were in shadow and they looked strange, too long. Would have been nice if the color was more even between the top and bottom of her hair, too.

gptoody on

Look was refreshing but are they real and rest of hair needed some ump.

Jesse James on

Who says she so pretty? Stop feeling sorry for her. She’s a great actress and is very wealthy. She’ll do all right. The bangs don;t reach down far enough to hide that Disney nose, they actually accentuate it. Bad move Sandra

Susan on

Sandra is so gorgeous she could pull off a bald head and still be beautiful! It doesn’t matter whether I like the bangs or not (which I do btw) it only matters if she likes them and obviously she does. So kudos to you Sandra!

Ron on

I love your new look, Sandra B. I hope that you and Baby Louis are well and happy. May the new year bring only the best for you, and your son.


Diana on

She looks GREAT!

Jim on

Didn’t like it at all…Made her look too old.

Bill on

she could shave her head and dance on a bucket and it will be fine with me. I love her, the rest of you go do your dishes and get some laundry done for Big daddy gets home and finds you playin on that computer again, now get

t. fuentes on

Wow! I am surprised and i just adore it she it brings out her youth! So rock it n forget all the uglies~

xwoman on

she looks like the kardasians lil sister

EBliss44 on

Relax people- you do realize that she probably won’t be wearing her hair like this every day. In the photos of her in NYC, her bangs look really cute.

puddy on

who cares about her bangs. this kind of preoccupation with such drivel is a sign of a society’s fall from greatness. may god have mercy on your shrivelled brains:)

Bill on

she can do no wrong

leanne on

I think her hair looks unkept and not in good condition. I dont like the bangs and I think she could have done better with something else, smoother and silkier-

Sandy on

Sometime we have to try something alittle different. Sandy is beautiful no matter what style she’s wearing.

Joan on

I guess Sandra is lashing out…I thought she got through the rough situation w.her ex. but I see now that she did get through it UNSCATHED, I think she lost the common sense that seemed to always have guided her.

Jill O on

Hate the hair – looked like a wig. Love Sandra though

george on

she is just amazing!! love the L00k!!

mommy on

It’s be better if she bobbed her hair, then it would look cute. But long hair with bobbed bangs, and no tapering around the face is a no-go.

Anna on

I think she looks great! It makes her look younger and I think that it really flatters her face.

Jill K on

At first glance I thought that was a picture of Bjork! And that’s not a compliment. I think she is gorgeous and I LOVED her dress but the hair was a bit too bold I guess you could say.

Xelda on

They were too long and too black in contrast with the rest of her hair. They overwhelmed her face. Her stylist should be fired.

Joenamherst on

She looked goofy. Sort of like Kathy Lee Gifford goofy!

JR Jake on

The more I see it, it’s cute. Sandra has always been that little girl next door who blossomed into a woman, and yet this reminds me she is and probably will always be seen as the playful, hilarious one we appreciate in the movies. It’s cute Sandra, or are you just covering a zit?

Jane on

I love Sandra but think her bangs should have been above her eyebrows with a cleaner blunt cut. Also the gown was gorgeous but not with her skin tone. She needs more color on her face, not just the beige powder look. Yuck! Sorry Sandra, you picked the wrong person to dress you.

Candy on

Sandra is beautiful no matter what but I like her better without bangs or shorter bangs. She has beautiful eyes and should show them off.

vitauta on

yes, the color is off, but the new look is fresh and fun. go for it, sandra!!

dup on

Hate the long bangs, they cover up her beautiful hair. And her hair is TOO dark, lighten it up a bit or something! Loved the old Sandy, she’s still gorgeous, of course.

Barbie Baker on

Sandra Bullock looks beautiful when you get older you want to hide wrinkles not plastic surgery she would’nt do that..If any of you were a hair dresser you would know what looks good.Your just not use to seeing her hair so dark..Get use to it!! Besides she looks HOT!! Jealous much!!

bill on

It’s good,so good… :)

Shannon Davis on

She didn’t cut her hair. Those are clip-in bangs. Look at the color contrast with the rest of her hair. Her stylist didn’t do a very good job of matching her natural color with the hair piece. It looks cute on her but I wouldn’t commit to it if I were as highly-paid and sought-after as Sandra Bullock. Just my 2 cents.

harvey on

i don’t care what she wears or how she fixes her hair she will alway be a beauty

Tiff on

Agreeing with @natalie – totally clip-on bangs – it’s obvious the color doesn’t match. However, I think she could look great with bangs….done the right way.

Linda on

Everytime the camera went to her I thought it was Cher. Also, it likes like a wig.

MS on

I would make her my queen if her hair were on fire. Okay… I like the other style better… but! She can cut it, paint it blue, get a mohawk… I believe she’s the real deal.

MW on

I love it… I think she looks great in any hairstyle. Classy lady.

Jill on

it looks like she is trying to hide.

Foxxie on

i believe it hides her beautiful face

Jessica freeman on

She looked so fresh faced last year during her awards show rounds, but this entire look at the golden globes she looked frumpy with that dress and overstyled. And I LOVE her, but she has such a beautiful face and body, there is NOTHING that should be hiding it!

Jana T. on

They are definitely clip-in bangs. The rest of her hair looks like hell-she needs a good haircut and color for sure.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I was surprised too by this. I’ve never really liked bangs. But, I still love you Sandra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone on

Stick to your old style, Sandra!

Dani on

I liked the bangs – maybe a little too thick. Very nice tho.

sister7 on

she looks like Lara Flynn Boyle!!!!

Mike Ellis on

Most of those people who dislike her “new Look bangs” and have made disparaging remarks would surely give their eye-teeth to look half as good as sandra.

TheJamLady on

Not a good look on Sandra. They are too thick, too blunt, and too heavy. A softer, more textured bang would look much better on her.

Trainer Gal on

Too much hair; hides her lovely face!

AS on

I think they would have looked great if they weren’t so long. I think 1/2 inch shorter and she would have looked beautiful. As they were you couldn’t even see her eyes, they were just a touch too long.

j on

I am not a lover of this hair style on Sandra…it kind of looks like a wig. She has beautiful hair but not this style!!!

Larry on

She is so beautiful and talented it does not matter. She always looks great.

Devon on

Best look she’s ever had. Love it!

Kim Lorick on

I absolutely love Sandra Bullock but I am hoping to goodness that those bangs were just clip-ins and not real. She is a classy lady and they just don’t fit her, too heavy and long.

Christine on

She looks so young with those bangs! It’s the first thing I noticed, it was as if she dropped 10 years from her looks. It’s says to me, “I’m *totally* getting my life back”…I love it

Melodie223 on

It’s nice to see her changing it up. The look is very different for her (good) but a little over-powering. The bangs should be a bit shorter. The style wasn’t glam enough to go well with a gown either. Not bad but could use a little tweaking…

Connie on

Love Sandra Bullock but can’t imagine what she was thinking the hair-do was most unbecoming and while, I thought the dress was beautiful, it certainly did not go well with that hair -do it was such a distraction………..

Bob on


Ray on

I think she is beautiful no matter what she does. She is a class act what ever she does!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

colleen on

Too drastic..too dark…Why fix it if it ain’t BROKE!!..Side split showed off her beautifull face..and I liked the highlights..more NATURAL!..U do NOT have to try so hard!!

Jon on

Eh, it’s ok, not my favorite, though! Sorry to hear January Jones and Jason Sudeikis are no longer together, but could get back together? It’s nice that Glee Star, Darren Criss, wanted a Date with Tina Fey, but she said No, lol, at least she said yes to a double date with him and a girl and her and her Husband! I’m so thrilled to hear that Kristin Cavallari is in love, and Happy Belated 24th Birthday goes out to her!

ELC on

Her bangs look way to heavy on her. I’ve seen her in better hair styles and this is not one of them. Personally, I think she needs an all around haircut-shorten the length a little and it would
look much better.

Alex D. on


Mandy on

VERY sexy. I like it.

missdaisy on

Love the bangs on her! Especially the length, longer bangs always draw attention to the eyes

Rhonda on

It’s sad when someone so naturally beautiful can still find people so willing criticize her appearence. Change can be cathartic…especially for someone who is going through painfully public life altering changes as well.

Ann Thompson on

Sandra is a beautiful woman but the long bangs detract from her face. All you see is hair instead of a beautiful face. If the bangs weren’t so heavy, she would look darling.

Gwen Wall on

Love her look She always looks good

D on

Lose the bangs. Looks like an “attempt” took look younger. She looks fabulous without smoke and mirrors. Be yourself Sandra! If that’s you reconsider please ; )

Kelly Anne on

I agree w/Susanna…I thought she looked sad and the heavy bangs & hair seemed to contribute to her mood. She’s usually light & dewy and spot-on flawless. I am not a fan of this look on her. Chin up pretty lady!!

john on

loveeeeeeee it! its not like the say as all other red carpet looks ! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it ! she rocked it !!!!!!!!!

john on

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

Jon on

It’s nice that Giorgio Armani is designing for Charlene Whitstock’s Wedding, etc.

Phil on

Obviously Sandra is a big fan of Diane Birch, the musician (Nothing But A Miracle hit tune last year)who has been sporting similar bangs for quite some time. Hope it gets Diane some well-deserved attention!

spanxter on

shes too fn old for that wth?

J on

LOVE them! LOVE everything she does.

Nena on

Perhaps, she wants to look or feel younger; for someone in special???

Sharon on

I think the bangs look ok, maybe if they were a little shorter they would look better.

Selma on

Every girl needs a new look once in a while and it’s just hair and will grow back, relax people. If you don’t like it then don’t look at her


:) :) :)

Unfortunately, since Taylor Swift wore her long, straight hair & bangs, I’m seeing lots of Hollywood stars trying to adapt their hairstyles to hers.

Sandy, you DON’T need to copy a 21 yr. old….you have style, grace & beauty just being YOU! I was shocked to see you at the Golden Globes, because you didn’t look at all like you. Please don’t go into fashion trends….BE A FASHION TREND OF YOUR OWN!!!!!!!

:) :) :)

Teah on

I didn’t like the bangs. They are too long and too dark and the hairdo overall just looked a thick wig. I think she looks so much better with her regular updos and previous styles.

ap on

hmmm jenny schecter anyone?

Mima on

Wow, she’s beautiful! Her hair looks sophisticated and classy, the thick long bangs a bit different and modern. Oh wait, I have the same haircut, in a blond version! ;) She looks great!

sheila strong on

I think Sandra is one of the most beautiful actress out there. She would look great no matter what.

Helen on

Love her. Hate this look. Also, in this pic, she looks a little like Michael Jackson. Did she get a nose job?

charley on

I agree with the comments on her looking really sad last night. I would imagine that this time of year (award shows,etc.) bring back some very painful memories for her, not to mention she walked alone. As far as her look, it seemed gothic and somewhat of a depressed look for her.

Heather Nix on

Love Sandra, those bangs take away her beautiful features. If she is trying to change her image, do something different.

dsk on

yeah I agree, I think it may be a way to hide her feelings. They would be so much cuter if they were shorter.
I love her her up.

bestmom on

I think they make her look younger and I love them.

MB on

I dont care for this hair style on her. Of course, she is still beautiful but I love when she wears her hair in curls. It really reflects her outgoing and sparkling personality. She looks to serious with this new hairdo. Wheres the smile? Falls to flat. It just doesnt “work” to me.

Brenda on

Relax people, her bangs are temporary for a movie roll.

tj on

The bangs look like the ones I had in 1966…my parents said that when you looked at me from a distance…I looked like I had a tumor…

Kim on

Honestly I think this is the worst I’ve ever seen her look..and usually I think she’s adorable. The bangs are too long and too dark..the eyeliner was WAY too heavy and black..the lipstick makes her look too pale..and the color of the dress washes her out. Not her best night.

Peggy on

Even though this is not my favorite style, she is still beautiful.

Alex Wyler on

Take a half inch of the bangs allowing a glimpse of the eyebrows. OKAY THAT WOULD BE PERFECT. well, hmmm, nah then she looks like my sister at 16 back in 1971. okay i vote for the thick curls. personal taste i sort of prefer all women long hair behind ears

Sherri on

She’s got such a pretty face. Why hide it??

Erica on

Whoever recommended that she do that to her hair.. should be shot. She is the master of effortless beauty and it looks as if she’s trying WAY too hard and it does nothing for her. She doesn’t look young and fresh at all.

Sherri on

I can’t decide if I like this or not……on one hand, it makes her look younger (almost like an older teenager), on the other hand, it’s kind of overpowering her pretty face.

Jean on

IMO Women over 35 with long hair should not wear blunt bangs. They look too girlish. Same with pigtails. Like men over 40 who wear baseball caps. It just looks silly. Long and layered is better.

Antonia on

I watched the Golden Globes in Germany and I agree with Susanna: she really looked sad – I feel so sorry for her. Maybe the whole public twitter love – confessing stuff between Kat and Jesse stressed her in a way. Could be that people at the Golden Globes talked to her about it …


I love em, and I am really love her hair dark! I don’t like it blond. I think she looks great!

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tracy on

duh, she must be getting ready to play Cher in an upcomming movie!!

MelDee on

The bangs look great on her, but they could have been a little shorter.

Daniela on

She’s beautiful in any way but the bangs cover her face too much. Maybe just make them shorter.

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Michele on

The bangs are a tad long. But I like the thickness and blutness of them. If they were trimmed ever so slightly they would be perfect. That being said, I don’t think an award show was the right venue for this do. It’s edgier and more casual. She should have waited a day. But overall, I do like them and I think everyone is just hating them because it’s not the kind of style you see paired with a gown.

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[…] Sandra Bullock Rocks Blunt Bangs at the Golden Globes: Love It or Hate It? Steve Granitz/WireImage Sandra Bullock rocked the Golden Globes yesterday with a new look: blunt bangs! She turned heads on the red carpet Sunday night with thick, blunt cut bangs that brushed the top of her eyes in a super straight, glossy style. Bullock, who was a presenter this year after winning best actress for The […] Read more on People Magazine […]

Rhonda on

I’d like to see what you people would wear and how about your perfect hair? There just Bangs people. Who cares the night was crystal if you couldn’t see. I saw pics on twitter from Ryan seacrest and otheres. I thought She Rocked! She could go naked and she’d look great! I thought it was nice that she went. and she always looks good! nomatter what. So eat my dust!

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[…] Oscar winner Sandra Bullock sported long, blunt bangs at last Sunday’s Globes wonks sent up trial balloons to determine […]

Noah Fing-Whey on

At first I thought it was a bad Cher impersonator…..

alan yammaine on

which is worse her or julia roberts?That hairdo is hilarious

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