FIRST LOOK: Rumer Willis Models for Badgley Mischka Ad Campaign

01/12/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Rumer Willis' Newest Role: Badgley Mischka Model
Courtesy Iconix

The moment has finally arrived to see Rumer Willis as the newest face of star-beloved brand Badgley Mischka. Last month we showed you a behind-the-scenes look at Rumer being fit in a glam bedazzled dress with floral appliqués. Now we’ve got the first images of the actress as seen through the lens of famed fashion photographer Tony Duran. The eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis follows in the footsteps of stars including Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who have also posed for the iconic brand. “It was so amazing to play on the beach in beautiful and timeless gowns,” Willis enthused about her latest turn in front of the cameras, shot surf-side in Malibu, Calif. “I felt like a princess.” And the love is returned. “Rumer is a great muse for the season,” designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka said in a statement. “She has a vivacious spirit to her; she is young and modern, which is representative of our spring collection.” The images, which will feature eveningwear, footwear, jewelry and more from the design duo, are slated to break in March magazines. Tell us: What do you think of Rumer’s ads for Badgley Mischka?Justine Harman


Rumer Willis' Newest Role: Badgley Mischka Model
Courtesy Iconix

Rumer Willis' Newest Role: Badgley Mischka Model
Courtesy Iconix


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Steph on

love how they placed her hands to disguise all the extra face she has.

Sendy on

They made her look soo skiny and that she has a big booty but she dosen’t! But thats the magic of photoshop….lol any one can be a model!! :)

kim on

Lets be honest, if her parents were not movie stars she would NEVER do any modeling. I hate to say it but the girl is just not cute at all.

Kelly on

I think she looks great! So what she doesn’t fit the “model mold”. I like that she has a unique look.

tink1217 on

i think she looks amazing although I don’t think of her as a model..Badgley Mischka obviously sees something there…

Veronica on

Hey, stop hating. Most of these Hollywood stars aren’t great beauties without their fake lashes, fake noses, fake lips, fake hair and fake boobs. Give the girl a break.

meemeee on

Please, people. She is not conventionally beautiful, no. But, these photos are beautiful. Sounds like a lot of people are jealous.

kathy on


Bettie on

I think she looks beautiful. The silhouettes (photoshopped or not) are gorgeous and feminine. I like it.

Kim on

My favorite is the first photo- but she looks great in all three!! I agree- that if her parents were anyone else, she wouldn’t be doing any modeling, but they are who they are, and it is what it is!! Great photos!!

jan on

You all need to shut the heck up. Anyone can model, if they set a goal in life. You all are jealous and have no life. At least she has set a goal in life, and what have you done with your life losers?

Cel on

well nepotism is alive and well and living in LA. The girl wouldnt get in the door of a model agency only that her parents are top flight actors which is well deserved but why do off spring seem to think they have a natural born right to be given preferential treatment? she has been photoshopped to an inch of her life and no amount of beautiful designer dresses can hide the fact she has inherited the wrong set of features from her parents..and a dreadful unfeminine name!

cat on

I think the shoot is beautifully done and she is also a fabulous model. She fits the model mold perfectly with her unique look. Rumor is as gorgeous as any other model I see. I love it!

rolyat on

I don’t think she has “Model” looks. Just famous parents. And lot’s of doors opened for her.
The booty is not hers. Touched up photography. Both her parents have flat asses. Hey . . more power to her.

Kristie516 on

I hate to say this but she’s only there because of her parents. She is so homily……

. on

maybe they’ll add more hair on her and cover her entire face in the next shoot.

ScottDolphin on

Omg, can you say photoshop? And I agree, in the first pic her hand is definitely there to hide her extra face. In most photos I’ve seen of her she doesn’t even look human.


They sure did make her look good. Rumor is allright, but she ain’t a beauty

teresh on

if badgley mischka used her for a big, huge, splashed in a lot of magazines campaign it must be for something, being a model is about being something others aren´t about being unique and offering that “something special” that can be seen even in paper. You go girl! Your parents are just proud parents. Badgley Mischka didn´t become who they are by making dumb choices.

KR on

I dont think she is pretty at all. Strange face. I do see they tried to cover it up by her hair.

jm on

My question: Who paid whom for that deal?

Lina on

Seriously folks, be honest. She isn’t pretty, the photos aren’t pretty, and all the photoshop in cyberspace won’t help. Poor girl got rich parents but lousy looks. Not too bad.

chelsea on

I think she looks good. It’s definatley not her butt, though.

Barb on

Photoshop is for liars and anyone requiring that much of it probably shouldn’t be modeling. A lot of other models have subtle differences but are still very pretty in ‘real life’. Rumer is only pretty because of Photoshop, and she’s only in the modeling shots because of her parents.

Jeanine on

Wow….some of you ladies on here are very sad. Who says she isn’t beautiful….you?? Everyone is in there own way. Stop hating and embrace people a little more. Sad to see so many negative comments.

Joyce on

She does have an odd face. Her jaw line is enormous. Anyone can be made to look pretty with enough make up, clothing, and photoshoping and lets not forget money. If her parents were not famous she would definitely not be model material.

Vicky on

I think Rumer Willis is very attractive.

Amy on

She looks absolutely beautiful and the dresses are stunning.

E on

I think she looks incredible!!!!!!!!

Jon on

I like Rumer Willis’s Ads for Badgley Mischka, they’re all nice!

Rat on

The girl is lovely, bet none of you jealous brats could ever do the shoot as nicely as Rumer did.

rnich on

I am not trying to be mean but she is very unattractive. Demi Moore was beautiful even before all her surgery!!!

linda on

Your right about the looks, she has none! When I found out she was going to be the model, I said WHAT!!! Maybe she has a good personality.

Brit on

LOVE HER!!! These pictures are amazing. I’m glad she isn’t typical “Hollywood” that’s what makes her beautiful!!

Scout on

She looks like Molly Shannon (in the black and white ad)wearing a dress made from rags.

BJV on

The photos of Rumer are beautiful. For all those who are critical, look in the mirror. Beauty is more than a pretty face.

Amanda on

I wish my parents were famous so i can be a model!!!

jeannette on

she looks beautiful♥

Chaos on

Call it what you will… real, different, interesting.. we all know the girl has no natural and sorry but in my opinion very little photoshopped beauty… you can say what you want but if she would have had to “compete” for this job without the status her parent’s celebrity has afforded her we all know she wouldn’t be the model in these pictures.. not hating.. just keeping it real.. its not her fault that the mix of her parent’s genes wasn’t a good one for her.. her sisters actually are attractive.. she just seemed to have gotten the bad luck of getting all the unattractive physical attributes of her parents.. I actually kind of feel sorry for her.

Elecia Stevens-Markulis on

I am sorry there is no amount of make-up or clothes that can make her cute she is not never will be! That chin too much!

Krizt on

She is not cute at all! Thankgoodness for her she has famous parents.

Sheri on

Unfortunately, she’s not real. The base image is of Rumer but with all the changes they have made through photoshop, that person doesn’t exist. Anyone buying the dress hoping to look like that will be sorely dissappointed. BTW, I like the real look of Rumer Willis.

Sarah on

She appears to have (rather unfortunately) taken acting/modeling lessons from Kristen Stewart. Is she about to sneeze? Does she smell something foul?

Carol on

What a beautiful girl….stop being so mean, I don’t see any of you up there…

Brandi on

The photos are lovely but seriously, she is not. Yes, you can talk about how she looks like a ‘real person’, but honestly, I know plenty of ‘real people’ who are prettier than her. Her body is great, but her face.. Not so much. I have always thought she was extremely unattractive. I am not sure how two good looking people managed to have such an unattractive offspring. I guess she just got the short end of the stick.

Nancy on

It’s hard to compete when your mother is Demi Moore.

jwf911 on

Good gosh
She is better suited to be the face of Eukanuba

Koshka on

Kelly, this Rumer girl doesn’t have a unique look, she has unique parents. I don’t hate her though. I mean… as soon as she isn’t doing coke or spending parents’ money on clothes and partying, I don’t really care what she does.

Sylvia on

Why do people always say people are jealous. It’s an opinion that the girl is not cute. Although her pics are nice and she is probably a lovely person, she is not that great in the face. And yes, most of these stars aren’t cute either. And some are. Geez.

who cares on

if she was not born to famous people she would be working at Wal Mart. Let’s face it folks, she is not very attractive.

Carol on

I love Bruce Willis and I’ve admired Demi Moore in a couple of movies, but give me a break. Their daughters are a composite of the worst of their physical characteristics. They are not “beautiful” in any classic sense of the word. They may be confident, they may be bold, they might in fact have a modicum of talent; but to call them “stars” or to elevate them to superstar model category is delusional. They are average. Plain and simple. Stop giving them credit for achievements their parents have made.

Hillary :) on

I love these pics! Rumer looks absolutely fabulous, and it’s not entirely her parents-she appeared on 90210 and is making a name for herself, so stop hating. :)

Bec215 on

She is modeling for them because her parents are famous, and she is tall and skinny.

I wish I could be happy about this – to have someone who’s not ‘typical model material’ be their spokesmodel. But a size 2-4 celebutant who’s had plastic surgery (i.e., chin reduction) doesn’t count – even if she’s not traditionally beautiful.


Jules on

Yes, she looks very nice in these photos but lets face reality> If it weren’t for her parents, she would never grace the pages nor the cover of anything. That’s why so many find these spreads nauseating.

Natalie on

Rumer Willis is not a model–point blank. However, the clothes and photographs are beautiful. Kudos to Badgley Mischka for going outside of the mold, by hiring a very unique looking person to present their brand.

Barb on

The photos look great. And it’s sad to see how many of this comments convey the thought that a person has to be “perfect” in order to model anything. Guess that’s why there are all the stick-thin gaunt zombies parading the runways.

Lisa on

She has a unique look. No, she’s not what is considered ‘model’ perfect, but I think the shoot came out great.

Daw on

I really don’t think that she is nearly as unattractive as you people make her out to be. She might not be as gorgeous as Demi Moore, but we don’t all look exactly like our parents. Lighten up on her. Everyone sounds so jealous of the fact that she has money and is modeling. I would also like to see what some of the people commenting on her looks actually look like. I hope that you are a perfect ten if you are making comments about her looks. This society is so critical of women and their beauty. There is so much emphasis placed on beauty and youth. It makes it harder for us as women. It’s really rather unfortunate.

Petie on

If her parents were not stars she would never model. They have photo shopped her all over including her long Jay Leno type face. She is an average attractive girl but not a model and these photos are so photo-shopped

petethrntn on

if i were bruce willis, i would have insisted upon a jay leno paternity test.

Isabel on

Again, a daughter of a celebrity with no achievment of her own got not so much deserved attention. She is no model, no actress, no star t all. Just a daughter…this is kind of sad. Talent? Hard work? Anything? NOT AT ALL! Maybe she is cheap…Why not take someone like, let’s say Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart or Reese Witherspoon (for example), at least they made it on their own.

annie on

love the comment below about the extra face! it’s so true.

Megan on

In all honesty, I’ve never found her pretty- until I saw these photos. The last one is my favorite of her. She does have a lot of face, but it kind of reminds me of an antique beauty. She’s not blonde with big boobs and huge lips. She’s natural and that’s beautiful!

Bonnie on

She looks beautiful. She has a unique look that is beautiful and she has a great body. What a perfect person to reflect this brand….

rowdygirl on

She’s just Bruce Willis in a dress. She can’t help it.

Lizzy on

Wow, the power of nepotism takes on a whole new meaning with this. This girl should not be an actress and she should not be a model. I could accept her as an actress if she were any good (after all, you don’t have to be stunning to be an actress), but as a model, this is just absurd.

Sam on

I don’t know quite what to say about these pictures. She is so homely that she is almost pretty in a weird way. I can’t look straight at her but I can’t look away either

Margo on

Great camouflaged chin…you can hardly tell she really belongs to Jay Leno.

iLSuL6ana » Rumer Willis, Badgley Mischka Ads on

[…] LINK Like!0 […]

Lori on

OK…Maybe she isn’t a typical model, but have you people seen Kate Moss without make-up and photoshop? She looks like nothing more than the girl next door. Not a great, classic beauty. However, the camera loves her. As for Rumer, I think she has a unique look that she can capitalize on. Give her a break! Lovely photos Rumer!

triscuit on

Has anyone ever actually seen a model without the makeup etc…? They get the jobs because they are unique! This girl is beautiful inside too! UNLIKE other “Hollywood Brats” Stop trying to tear people down!!! GO RUMER and good job Bruce and Demi for rasing your kids with morals!!!

Anna on

I think she looks just beautiful. Yes, she has a unique look that may not appeal to everybody, but that is what makes a person “unique” and beautiful.

MEL on

The photoshop has helped and all the plastic surgery. She still is ugllly

Edie on

I think she’s lovely…
The jealousy smells. She’s young, just getting started and deserves a little respect. Keep the hate speech to yourselves, please!


she’s way to young to be posing..her legs aren’t even developed yet, and she’s got this huge butt on her, ugh.

Annette on

She’s beautiful but has the same expression on her face in all the pics. She’s in the mag because of who her mom and dad are that’s for sure! She certainly has a butterface

yvonnique on

Go Rumer, do you girl!!!

Lori on

What can’t money buy? She’s lucky her parents are famous..this girl would never make it on her looks!

Elle on

I agree with Kim. And this is truly not being said in a mean spirit, but if her parents were not movie stars I highly doubt she’d have a hope to be “modeling”.

Ann MacKenzie on

It was a gorgeous shoot – beautiful girl, beautiful dress and gowns!

She’s got a great face and figure! She reminds me of Kristen Stewart!

tori on

The 1st photo looks ok but the other two looked forced and akward. She’s no model no matter who her parents are famous or not. She wouldn’t even been given the chance if it wasn’t for famous parents, that goes for the Jenner sisters too!!!!

Nichole on

I think she’s gorgeous. Unconventional, yes. But still gorgeous. All the haters out there are just jealous. Why can’t people just see beauty, but instead have to immediately start picking apart everything they think isn’t perfect. It is very sad.

Irene on

I think the photos are gorgeous and Rumer looks amazing! You go girl!

Nina on

I just don`t like her. She is nothing without her famous parents. She didn`t accomplished anything.

Cheryl on

Rumer looks gorgeous.

Denise Ulmer on

Really, I am not a hater, but dang, she looks like Ms. Potato head and a two year old dressed her face up!

Linda on

Rich and famous parents, photoshop or not … she is obviously in a better place than a lot of us out there. Beauty is not necessarily just looks, who is anyone to say that she is not beautiful if you never met her? The negative comments are coming from shallow people. Rumor, I think you look great.

Crazygirl on

I think she is very pretty.
so what if she has be long face!
Not everyone is the same people!
She’s a great actress and model.

Denise on

But good luck to her!

nicole on

anyone can be a model when mommy and daddy are celebs.

linda flickinger on

STUNNING !! Good for her….she has stayed
out of trouble’s way in Hollywood and is
now working in something positive/productive.
Sounds like good parenting and a lot of
strength on her part. Just stunning.

suzy diamond on

She still doesn’t hold a candle to her mother who is still beautiful. Rumor has this HUGE jawbone which unfortunately takes away from her attractiveness.

NYLA Princess on

I agree with Steph. She is the new modern and fresh face? Demi and Bruce are gorgeous people, BUT they do not make beautiful offspring.

cinders on

she looks fantastic! why so negative people? the willis girls have never been in any trouble, seem wonderfully happy & centered & yet you put her down. she has a very unique look & IMO beautiful.

Sheila Skolsky on

When this young lady started to be out there, I thought only in America. She is absolutely unattractive with a Jay Leno chin. There is really nothing positive I can say except that she must have a good self image. How can anyone appreciate a fake photo?

Carol on

I can’t believe how many miserable people are in this world. I bet she looks better than those of you saying she isn’t pretty. By who’s standard’s? Yours? Are any of you God? Every woman has beauty about her and this is her looking her best. I’m so sick of everyone crying about photoshop this or that. You would be photoshopped too if you were ever on the cover of anything. People are so bored and pahtetic they you whine when someone looks good then whine when someone looks bad. Get a life losers.

Jon on

I’m glad The Royal Tea Towels are a go!

Whatevah on

First wth is Badgley Mischka. And if not for her parents she’d be working at a dairy queen. Thank God for photoshop.

Nyla on

She is not attractive what-so-ever. Not enough photo shop in the world to help that severely long face and extra keen nose.

FH on

That is obviously not her body. If she wants to model, why not show her real figure. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. I am disappointed in both Badgley Mischka and Rumer Willis.

monica on

She looks nice as long as they cover up that uber huge chin

Jester on

As the saying goes ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ so my comment is:
“Beautiful dresses”.

Scott Sadowski on

Give the young lady a break people,I think it is a beautiful photo shoot, and Rumer looks confident and seems centered.You dont see her in the tabloids,for unflattering situations and company she’s keeping.Kudos To her parents,if the only unflattering things being said about her,are by shallow,in no position to judge jealous “haters”.

Heather A. on

Puh-LEEEZE. This woman had the good fortune to be born to famous, powerful parents; but for that, no one on Earth would know who she is.

Actress? She is completely insignificant, and has very little discernible talent.

Model? Her eyes are sunken and narrow, and her jaw is enormous. Twice as big as Jay Leno’s. Her face makes me throw up in my mouth.

Lyn on

She is just like the rest of us… shes a real young woman, with flaws and we should be happy that famous parents or not she is given the opportunity to do something she enjoys. If on the flip side it were us, flaws and all up there, we too would loooove a little photoshop! Way to go Rummer,.

mohmad on

hi i need to know more about yuo

Leslee on

Not so sure that the aforementioned “booty” is photoshopped, as she does have curves. When standing that way, it certainly becomes more pronounced.

As for whether she is beautiful and the “model type” is really subjective. Some of the most in demand models out there are a bit surprising, to say the least. The fashion world does not revolve around the Christie Brinkley prototype. Some of them on the runway and in high end layouts are almost shockingly different from what we imagine.

Here are a few:
Adina Fohlin
Tanya D
Masha Tyelna
Magdalena Frackowiak
Daiane Conterato

Annette on

The pics are nice, but I am sorry … This girl is not pretty at all. If she didn’t have famous parents, she wouldn’t be an actress or a model

Dina on

They did good in hiding her face.

mary on


Pam on

I don’t get the choice of models chosen by this brand. The dresses shown here are gorgeous, though – especially the two in color. Perhaps they are showing their clothes will look good on anyone. Or perhaps they did not want the clothes overshadowed by the model. It’s a mystery.

C-Bear on

Unconventional beauty. The photos are lovely and while she’s not your typical “beautiful model” she looks quite nice I think. If I was given the opportunity to wear beautiful dresses and have my photograph taken by professional photographers, I’d probably go for it. Even if everyone hated the photos, I’d at least have the opportunity to feel like someone special for the day and I’d have some nice pictures at the end of it,.. maybe. To me,she represents more of a “real person” wearing the dresses instead of the “supermodel”, at least visually. She does have a pretty impressive Hollywood lineage.


As all of the above comments prove, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
How boring life would be if we all looked identical.

jazzy rozzy on

I say Rumor looks Fabulous in all three pictures
and she is just as beautiful as her mom Demi.

Keli on

The photographer did a good job, but like others have said, this girl is not model material. There is nothing physically beautiful about her, not her eyes, mouth, nose, nothing there is spectacular. All she has going for her is her name. And lets be honest, Demi Moore would be nothing without haircolor and lots of money to spend on herself. Have you seen her legs? UGH!! I just hope we don’t start seeing Rumor’s face all over and hearing the media go on and on and on about her ‘beauty.’

Reeshemah on

Honestly I just don’t think she is cute. I’m not jealous just honest.

Sarah on

I especially like the last one in the flowy pink dress, although all the pics are lovely. Photoshopped? Perhaps, I don’t really know, but more than that, this just shows that everyone has a unique beauty about them. Combine the right elements and you too can be your glamourous best!

Vanessa on

they did a great job using the hair to cover up her long face and make it look rounder, the styling and the photoshop is really top notch and they made her look completely different than she actually looks. I’m sure everyone would love to have pictures where they look this good. she will never be a traditionally pretty girl and if she wasn’t the daughter of movie star no she would never have gotten this job but since she did at least the pictures are really nice.

Nickie on

Really hate to say it but that girl is homely. No looks, no talent. Got her foot in the door due to family connections. Ugh.

Val on

I’m not at all mad at her. If I had famous parents like hers, I would be taking advantage of whatever opportunies I could also. The same could be said about the Smiths, Willow and Jaden. However, I do think Jaden has some acting skills.

Nik on

Seriously??? If her parents werent famous she would never have been selected as a model for Walmart let alone Badgley Mischka. Way to go Demi and Brad for using your connections to get your daughter a modeling gig. I ain’t mad atcha. I just wish I had the same connections.

JR Jake on

She wears those clothes VERY NICELY. Rumor has a style all her own, she can lay claim to features others will never be able. Nothing wrong with a strong jawed women as long as she is not yappy. Love those dresses on her.

too funny on

too funny. Everyone has the Perfect Angle when it comes to Photos. Yes. Everyone is Perfect. it is finding that “right” pose for the face. These work, big time.

the_dude on

I wonder what her parents had to do to get her this gig?

mel on

she has demis body but bruces someone squared face. think it looks good.

randal on

I don’t find Demi beautiful. Nice bod though.And if Bruce was wearing a dress i certainly wouldn’t do him.She’s her parents kid. Wonder what she thinks. Maybe she’s in here own reality.Out of touch with the real world.

jediG on

Its amazing how 2 reasonably attractive people could come together and create such an unattractive child…

Top Posts — on

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jez on

Aaaaahh! The wonders of PhotoShop!

Joanie on

Poor, unfortunate-looking girl. I just feel sorry for her.

Judy on

Wonderful, beautiful pictures of a girl who is very average in the looks dept. They’ve done a great job, with clothes, make-up and smoke and mirrors. But, most of your top models are not great beauties either. Some are down right homely, but have a certain something that makes them very successful at what they do.
More power to her!

Judy on

I also think that her parents are average looking people also. Let’s face it. Most people are “average” at best. I never thought Demi Moore was a great beauty although very cute and attractive when young. The hair has to go, though. Way, too yuck on a woman of her age, hanging in her face in the hippie style of the 60’s. Her teeth look false and a bad fit also. She would be way more attractive with the hair shortened up and away from her face, with some height on top.
Overly long, hanging hair on a woman that old does not make them look young. It ages them. Same for Jennifer Aniston. They get AAA* for keeping in shape!

angel on

she ok-would be so fun to play like this-no one is perfect-sometimes imperfection better than looking like a “clone” of all other models-super skinny, 6 feet tall, fake everything she probably had stuff done too-if i had money i would fix all flaws-but dont be so mean people-this is such small stuff to be “worried” about so many other things going on in world-this is so superficial!!!

JaniceJ on

There is something sexy about this young model, rather different looking but models well.

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Ashok on

I have to admit that I find this one of the most difficult tnighs to deal with. It’s not like those lucky bastards can help being born in wealthy, successful families but I wonder if they appreciate the journey others have to go through as much. Just finding your way and where to start as an actor can be super difficult already.Here in the Netherlands daughters of directors etc. even get a special audition round at the best theater schools!

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