Kate Middleton Recycles From Her Own Chic Closet

01/11/2011 at 10:30 AM ET

Kate Middleton Recycles From Her Own Chic Closet

Whether it’s for her own official engagement pictures or just another social event in her busy schedule, Kate Middleton doesn’t have to look far when it comes to finding the perfect outfit–she simply recycles something from her oh-so-chic closet, adds some new accessories and voila…a new princess-to-be look is born. It’s a very royal trend (Princess Diana was known to mix and match old and new pieces and Princess Anne is quite famous for her frugal approach to fashion), so it’s entirely fitting that Middleton, who will marry into the British royal family in just a few months, should adopt the recession-friendly trend herself. And we have to say, the 29-year-old does it very well. Accompanying her fiancé, Prince William, to a friend’s wedding in the UK on Saturday, she recycled one of her much-loved ISSA black dresses (from the label’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection no less), which she had previously worn to Prince William’s cousin, Peter Phillips’ wedding in 2008. Worn underneath a current season velvet dress coat from independent London label Libélula, the outfit was topped off with a structural feathered beret and a glowing smile. A smart choice, in more ways than one. –Monique Jessen


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Jon on

I like The PHOTO, good for her!

Jon on

Good luck!

NM on

I HATE hats!

Natalie on

She’s a smart girl who doesn’t try to keep up with every trend–which in my opion, shows that she is comfortable with herself and classy. Go Kate!

nicole on

i love hats, and she is awesome. she will be an awesome Princess.

Jon on

I liked reading Brad Womack’s new Bachelor Blog, and it was nice of Ali & Roberto to help him out when he did The Rose Ceremony!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon on

Actually in the picture the dress looks more navy blue than black. She looks lovely though and good for her for recycling instead of buying something new.

KH on

In other news, I’ve owned the pants I’m wearing for something like 5 years. Can you write a story about me now?

Kelly on

You missed the purple shoes! So cute!

Holly on

For the love of God, enough is enough about this girl. No one and I mean NO one with a brain really cares what she does.

Natalie on

Really Holly? Obviously you care enough to write a comment…don’t be a hater. It’s not cute!

Donna on

Excuse me HOLLY????? I’ll determine what I want to have an interest in, and I won’t have you or anyone else telling me whether or not the choice means I have any intelligence, which I am sure is what you meant by a brain! It is wonderful to see Prince William so happy and what seems like truly in love after the tradegy of his parents. Those two boys deserve a good life, a happy life, and I believe he has found it with a beautiful, smart, stylish young woman. Maybe you don’t have the ability to look beyond the very obvious into deeper meanings of stories or any subject, do you have a brain?

jen on

Actually the sheer panel is entirely inappropriate for a soon to be member of the BRF, fine for a commoner but not a Princess to be and she was maligned in England because of it….

Peque on

I find the colors too dark for a wedding during day hours.

Kim on

Gee Holly, I always thought it was “Nobody with a BRAIN clicks on stories they aren’t interested in”.

Dara H on

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to wear a new outfit every day…

Thonia on

Luv this girl. So simple and unassuming. just like Princess Diana.

jy on

she wears her clothes more than once???? o.m.g.
umm, I would hope that all people would do this instead of creating waste

Amy on

Nice to see people recycling! Especially at this level – people now look up to her. Keep it up. I read about recycling clothing tips and accessorizing at SaveWithGreen.com. Very cool!

Teyawna on

I wouldnt call it frugal or recession friendly to wear something more than once. I would call that normal. Even rich and famous people wear their clothes many times over. I think Kate is great…. but maybe they are fishing to find anything they can to write about her. I wonder what she would say if she saw an article about her wearing a dress to two different weddings almost three years apart.

jessica on

I “recycle” all my clothes, and wear them more than once! I didn’t know I was being so trendy.

Really? The fact that she wore something twice is a news story? Must be a slow day.

Kit on

Good grief – why is this news – even in a gossip/pop culture magazine???

HJM on

And this story is important because????? Why does it matter that she wears her clothes more than once?

SeanR on

Sensible to see the Royal-to-be wears clothes more than once. Most ordinary folk do!But this isn’t recycling!

Donnny G. on

Fresh, original and looking great! Kate is what we needed. More photos and outfits to come. Love the whole Will & Kate Royal matchup and looks like we`ll have lots of positive and fun “Royal” bits to watch for and enjoy in 2011. Just when the whole planet is falling to pieces, we get a brake from the constant deluge of ‘bad news’ every day.
Well done! Long live Kate and William. Cheers!

Karen B. on

Can you imagine having to be photographed in a different outfit for the rest of your life? In People, if someone wears a thing three times, they are pictured in a “I Really Love My…” display. Seriously, I rotate through about 10 outfits for half the year, which are themselves a mix and match of maybe 5 bottoms and 10 tops. She recycles one dress once and it’s news. Yoy – I couldn’t take it. Let’s hope she likes fashion and shopping.

Sunny on

Recycle? No- its not.

Clothing is not disposable. You wear it more than once.

lisnrick on

Wow, with everything else goin on in this world, Kate Middleton wearing something from her closet more than once makes the news? Pretty damn sad.

ron on

i like hats. I have never had a hat.

Sheila on

It is nice to see that the Prince has chosen such a down to earth woman to be his Princess. Diana would be very pleased!!!

sam on

I love her coat I really want on. And yes someone like her with as much money as she has wearing the same dress twice to weddings is news. Why? Well cause she is very good at staying out trouble and lime lite but as a future princess people want more of her, and this is the best they can come up with. Also if you want to read world new and not gossip and styles of celebs I suggest you go to a different site like bbc.com that actually reports news not fashion.

Kit on

Sam, you are misinformed.

Kate doesn’t have any money – she’s been working for her father as a trumped up assistant for years. Once married, they’re going to live in housing for married Army folks with no staff whatsoever.

Since clothing is not disposable, *everyone* especially those in the public eye, should be seen to wear their clothing more than once – it’s a socially responsible thing to do.

She has been in the limelight for the entire eight years they’ve been dating – it’s she had to leave her prior job – the constant press attention got her fired.

I’m here to read celebrity news obviously – why else would I go to People.com? But this is not “news”, and shouldn’t be considered as such – even by people who love fashion.

Katie on

I re-wear clothes all the time. But I’m not in the public eye where there is intense pressure to wear something new and exciting and to be unique. So, good for her. It sets a nice example. It’s also nice to see her supporting British designers. I’m sure they appreciate it these days.

Janai on

Since when is wearing something you already own “recycling”? Good for her for not feeling compelled to step out in a completely new outfit every time she leaves the house but is it really news that she’s wearing clothes from her closet?

ivyleaguer on

I’ll tell you why this is news….it shows that a young lady, under a bright spotlight, can be comfortable with who she is. While it is important that the public views her as a ‘dignitary’ of sorts, she wants for the public to be able to relate to her as well. Kate is a beautiful and smart young lady, and proves on a daily basis, that just because she is soon-to-be-royalty, it doesn’t mean she has to be wasteful. Oh, and @Holly, my PHD says that I have a brain, yet I still care about what this lovely young lady does. hmmm Interesting, isn’t it?

Terri on

She is very classy!!! Beautiful…carries herself with such style and class!

Steph on

Seriously is this article about someone wearing the same item of clothing more than once in her lifetime?

s on

HOLLY, I do! It is an entertainment site. And because I love God, I like some light, cheerful, royal, fashion news. I find news of her fun and uplifting. If you cannot stand to ‘play’ with the rest of us, then go read about Mexican beheadings or the killing of Christians in the Middle East. More to your superior brain’s liking perhaps?

Lorelei51h on

To all those that are trying to disparage her, her style, her demeanor – just stop! She is a beautiful woman and just what the British Monarchy needs at this point in time. I think she is setting an example with her frugality that can only help William when he becomes King. She’s cool, seems friendly and not an upper class snooty ton as some of the ones that came from the gutter try to purport themselves.

E on

I can’t believe she has my bag! I bought it a couple of seasons ago at LKB!!!

SS on

@ Holly. I care what she does and who she is becoming you must obviously care some to read this and then comment on it.

I love her style, she does everything with class.

gradstudent on

News flash- MOST people wear clothes in their closets more than once-even the wealthy.

gradstudent on

Really, ‘SS’-do you know her?

susan j. sager on

Hooray for Kate Middleton, the engagement and all. For whatever reason, it looks as though she is not wearing a bra!! And if not, them kudos to her on her style.

Observer on

It’s strange that so many people are in “awe” of the fact that she wears the same outfit more than once. I suppose her long and difficult pursuit of Prince William has paid off for her!!!

Tiff on

If you don’t care, why do you read it and take the time to write about it? Maybe you care too much, hahaha…

I wish her and Wiliam the best of luck.

Sally on

Is that a chopstick in her hat? Some of them look like they’ll poke somebody’s eye out one day. The celebs in American should take to wearing hats liek that with all sorts of feathers and sticks and things protruding. That’ll keep the paps away. aay aay

Marty on

Holly said: For the love of God, enough is enough about this girl. No one and I mean NO one with a brain really cares what she does.
Thank you SO much for speaking for the millions of people around the world. /sarcasm. How arrogant of you. I have a brain, and I’m interested in this story…hence the reason I clicked the link. If you don’t care, DON’T CLICK THE LINK. Talk about not having a brain.

Lorraine on

I admit freely I am intrigued by Ms. Middleton. She is young and comfortable with her self and her fashion sense. She is also very aware of what looks flattering and what does not.

She is not about – it would appear – to wear odd clothing that is loud and boorish – which some people get gullibly trapped into trying – fashion season after fashion season – even if it looks horrific on them.

I also “recyle” my clothes from past seasons. Why not. If the pieces are still in style and they continue to look great on me – why not?

I think she is spot on!

Gatorie.com » Kate Middleton Recycles from Her Own Chic Closet on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Deb on

I think she looks marvelous. And I am interested or else I wouldn’t be on this blog. She is Fresh, young & pretty. And I think she makes a positive statement for her country. Always looks great!!

Karin Wilmot on

She is a lovely young lady with class and a good instinct for style. I wish her and Prince William all the best.

lily on

to KH, you’re nobody important..no one wants to hear what you have..

nevada trust on

british royalty keep your hands off america.

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