Pete Wentz's Curly Hair: Love it or Hate it?

01/10/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Pete Wentz Rocks Curly HairScott Olson/Getty

It looks like Pete Wentz is kicking off 2011 with a wild new look. The usually coiffed singer stepped out on Monday rocking his natural curls during a press preview of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. He once told PEOPLE that doing his hair is no piece of cake, so it’s no surprise he needed a little break from the constant styling. “Here’s the thing about hair; I think most people think that I have Lego hair, like I can just take it on and off in one piece, and that’s not quite the case — although pretty close,” he said, adding “I refer to this [phenomenon] as Lego hair, when people think that about me.” Perhaps Pete’s change was inspired by wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, who recently debuted a new do as well. And while we think his natural and slightly frizzy style is a nice departure from Pete’s usual perfectly-placed locks, we want to know what you think. Tell us: Do you love Pete’s natural curls or prefer his hair straight? –Kim Peiffer


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Beth on

He looks like Kevin Jonas.

Bree on

Lol Beth that is exactly what I though when I saw the picture!!
Not his best look, but if he likes it I guess that is all that matters!!

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TW on

I thought Jonas brother as well

jules on

he looks like billy crystal

Christine Upton on

At least he looks like a guy now!

sally on

it’s not really curly. it’s frizz. not a good look!


he is just repulsive to look at any which way. with hair or without. ewwww.

maria on


Angel on

He looks like Paul Rudd! I wouldn’t have thought his hair was that curly. Poor guy!

Blair on

I’m going to vote no… but he is still cute.

Dan on

Looks sorta like Paul Rudd

kathy on

nice face…..bad hair texture and style

Kat27 on

He looks HORRIBLE!!
I really thought he was wearing a fake wig as a joke and sadly this joke isn’t funny.
Even if the old style takes longer it’s worth going back too.

Natalie on

Ummm, I agree that his hair is more frizzy than curly. I never really found this guy attractive and I still don’t. At least now he looks like a man!

Ella on

It’s nice to change it up now and then and let your real texture out. He does look like a completely different person though. I was thinking Paul Rudd too, perhaps wearing a Kevin Jonas wig.

Ann on

He looks like Paul Rudd

Jon on

I prefer Pete Wentz Natural Curls over his Hair being Straight, sorry, Pete! It’s interesting to hear what he had to say, though!

NM on


Deborah on

Love it…it is natural

Denise on

You’re right Jules, just like Billy Crystal. He needs long hair and guy liner!

danielle on

NO NO NO!!!!

Xelda on

Much better! More like a man!

Anne on

I’m thinking Greg Brady from the 70’s…

Lisa on

I like it. I think he looks much more mature.

Hmmm . . . on

Looks like James Van Der Beek. But maybe that’s just the slight smerk on his face.

Crazy8 on


DAN on


Juki Ju on

That’s not curly, that’s frizzy!

Sam on

Beth, that is hilarious! He totally looks like an older (and perverted) Jonas Brother! hahahah!

Jenn on

Its more like frizzzzzzzz then curls.

It's true on

Did anyone else lol when they saw it?

AlexaLauren on

shave the frizz!!!!

Vicki on

OMG!!!!!! Just when I thought he couldn’t get any uglier!!

leahtom777 on

get a brow wax dude

tecia on

Hey i am really not a fan of this look but if you guys didnt know pete’s mom is black to that would be the reason that his hair it like this if you ask me he might want to switch to some black products to take care of the frizz.

Say What? on

Since when is a hairdo “news”? Really? What happens if he brushes his teeth? Broadcast it over the national emergency alert system? God forbid the dude (or any “celebrity”) changes his underwear, we may have to suspend all regular programming so that we can get up to the minute updates!

ellen on

yuck Caucfro

Marla on

Did somebody order a brillo pad?

j.daccini on

Hey, look @ him, the 5th Jonas Brother, LOL

bren on

Looks like a Jonas! LOL

Dara H on


monika on

He looks weird with curly hair. Prefer straight hair.

Kim on

That’s called frizz, not curls. Looks like a really over-processed perm.

Kiki on

Kevin Jonas all the way! I’m sure he can see that too.

Riddler on

oh baby, your a classic! xo

Sounjirah on

I think he’d look fine if he put in some curl enhancing stuff – like a good mouse or gel. Maybe a serum too. He should use something and he’d just look like a guy with curly hair lol. Whoopedeedoo :D.
P.S. Totally Kevin Jonas.

BriBella on

HAHA Thought I was the only one who thought he looked like a Jonas Brother!! Too funny!

Jana T. on

Bleccchhh. It isn’t curl-it’s just nappy. He needs moroccan oil and a flat iron ASAP.

tink1217 on

i am not really a fan, but his natural look is good…now just stop wearing skinny jeans…

Lucy on

LOVE it. Much better. He looks way more grown up!

Ali on

LOL, the 1st thing I said he looks like a Jonas brother, lol. Its not a bad look but for him Its not cute. But looks more grown up and I give him that. but leave the dark curls to the Jonas bros.

Robin on

No he looks like the little kid from Wonder Years!that look doesnt work.

Elisha on


Emily on

PETE!!!!!!! Who on EARTH told you this look was hot? I sure know that Ashlee didn’t tell you. You need to fix that!! I love it when you make a statement with your clothes ect, but this is the WRONG kind of statement. Good grief.

JulieA on

Wow. Who knew he had so much forehead beneath his bangs? This look is just…bad. But his wife’s nightmarish cropped and bleached “do” is worse.

Patty on

Presenting the love child of Kevin Jonas and Paul Rudd!

eastietom on

Kevin Jonas…and a big yuck.

marti on

At least it looks clean in it’s natural state.

erin on

It looks like pubes.

Mashenka on

I like it, he looks cute. People should embrace their natural hair.
Also, he looks like a guy now. Good change.

stacey on

thats not curly thats a bad frizz

Karen B. on

If he’s gonna leave it curly, then it actually needs to be longer, so it can actually form into curls. And he needs extra-moisturizing conditioner. Right now, it just looks like dry frizz. But hey, if that’s his real hair and he doesn’t want to hassle with forcing it to do something else, I totally get it! I stopped fighting my cowlick years ago.

MeToo on

I have naturally curly hair myself, and fully understand the undertaking to make it straight. Go curly Pete…. it’s natural!

Barb on

That is NOT curly–it’s frizz. It looks like a processing treatment that went bad, the kind that a manager of a hair salon ends up firing someone over!

shanna on

ew. never thought he looked good at all no matter what his hair looks like.

Liz on

I think the curly hair is much less androgynous looking than his former ‘do. It also explains where Bronx Wentz inherited his curls.

Tracie on

Please Pete, DO YOUR HAIR!!! You’re scaring me!

Dave on

It’s Richard Simmons son!!

Charles on

LOVE IT! Guys with curly hair are sexy anyhow!

A on

I guess a lot of people don’t realize that Pete Wentz is mixed and that his natural hair is curly!!! I like it.. Looks grown up

Jenn on

Hate it

Niki on

LOL! What a clown.

Shelby on

It’s funny that the first thing I thought was a Jonas Bro and I see others say the same thing.

Charlye on

I didn’t know there was a Saved by the Bell remake in the works….Screech, is that you?

Julia on

He looks like one of the jonas brothers. yuck! he needs to get rid of the new look.

LK on

Jonas Brother + James Van Der Beek! It might not be so bad if it was just on top. The sides are crazy!

Tiffany on

Look its another Jonas Brother!

Jester on

‘Curly’ would NOT be the adjective that I would use in describing his hair. Frizzy is what I would call it. If I had his hair type, I would either let it grow into long dreads, or just cut it very close to the scalp and sport some facial stubble.

Bobbie on

It’s his natural hair his mother is Polynesian.

NebraskaGal on


Kristen on

Uummmmm! That’s total frizz. That is NOT curly! Curly might look ok…frizz not so much

Lynda on

The one thing I’d have to say other than it doesn’t make him attractive, is that it also makes him look older. Go back to the straight look, please!

teresa on

that is not curly hair-not a curl in sight. that is wirey, frizzy hair. he must have had to work hard to get the uber straight look he sported for so long. so, that’s why baby bronx has the curls. but, seriously, he needs to do something to it. it looks really bad as is. maybe he should shave it all off and just start over.

cheryl on

For God’s sake,it’s his natural hair!Give the guy a break!! He does look like whichever Jonas brother it is LOL But he looks more masculine.

ryanann on

love it!

marissa on

he looks like paul rudd!!!!

Elena on

No no no pete!!! Not my fav look on you but as long as u like it then rock it out!!



Trish on

Now we can see where Bronx gets his curls – I think it is great. Better to be natural anyway.

erilynne on


But no, Pete. Just. No.

Renne on

OMG i hate this guy..but this haircut its better than before….

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Lisa on


Rachel on

It’s not exactly “frizzy”. It’s totally fried from all that flat ironing he does. He has to cut it off and let it grow back. It’s too late to let it “rest”.

Cari on

He looks like Paul Rudd!!

Trace on

I think he looks like the Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus, except in black, not red. Yikes!

irishmary on

The hair looks good- he’s a nice looking guy!

me on


Neenuh on

Wow. He looks like a man, instead of an emo boy. He should rock this look more often.

Shenaynay on

Nothing could ever help this pork-faced fool – how Ashley lets this thing get on top of her is beyond me!

lauri on

it looks like the used brillo pad under my sink! poor guy

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Diane Halt on

Looks like pubic hair with side burns !!!!

Mrs JP on

Oh please, he’s better off with a hat on his head LoL Jon Bon Jovi is better looking then Pete Wentz and has better head of hair =)

Jocelyn on

Looks like a broke afro.

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Loni on

I love his new curly hair.I never thought he was handsome before but i think he is a handsome,mature looking man now.

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jessica aguilar on

haha…looks like Kevin Jonas

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Phyllis on


Morris F. on

This guy (Wentz) is definitely on his way out!

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anyasays on

His hair looks FRIED.. Too much flat ironing sir.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Takes Her Hair Even Shorter! | Celebrity gossip on

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ghfhg on

Some of these comments on here are so ignorant. A guy should be allowed to wear his hair as it naturally grows out of his head without this sort of nonsense. I say down with the mainstream/conformity. If he wants to wear his hair naturally then good! Rock on, Peter!

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Kristin on

Lol he looks like Kevin Jonas

alondra on

wow he looks wierd it doesnt make him look bad its just that people arnt used to it i think he keeps looking cute

Michael on

It amazes me how many people are ignorant! People this guy is an artist, look him on wikipedia, there’s not a second that goes by without him making a ton of decisions. If he still manages to be successful after doing his hair for a couple of hours (speaking for myself as well who has exactly this type of hair), he is incredible. Talented, sexy, and a great father. His hair is wild and crazy like his personality, and can be straight and sleek, and saddly society and more celebrity approved, like his personality as well. Grow up people, and stop judging anyone on their physical characteristics, have you seen his package, I bet you ladies wish you had a piece of work like that laying next to you in bed! Sad girls everywhere I see from reading these pathetic comments!!

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