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gill on

who is dressing her? she’s usually so put together, but her mat clothes are from 1957-yuk! great ring though

Deanne on

I agree..her outfit is dreadful….

Nina on

ring is beautiful, just as she is!

Steve on

I bet she bought herself that ring. How much money could Benny “Legs” Centipede earn anyway?


Due in 2011? DUH.
Great reporting yet again.

Jill on

Yes, beautiful ring… the outfit, not so much.

Erv on

Wow, jealous much? She seems really happy, so who cares even if she did buy it herself? It amazes me how many people pass judgement on others. So they may live their life a little different, has it hurt you in anyway?

Bree on

Steve, the baby is due in 2011, you know, the year we are currently living in?? It is very accurate reporting.

Love the ring, but agree that the dress is really bad!!

Carol on

That is the worst dress I have ever seen…Really! Beautiful ring…

NM on

To each his own, but I’m not impressed. NO jealousy here. I don’t like white gold or that particular style of ring.

Mark Montgomery on

She just can’t keep her legs closed can she?

Carol on

I doubt that she had to buy her own ring. The man she is engaged to has a full and successful career on his own with the New York City Ballet. Not to shabby!

Marty on

She is gorgeous, as always.

Th3lizard on

She’s darling but that dress & hair are waaaay too matronly. But maybe that’s the look she wants to go for… does not suit her at all.

allim on

How come every time a female celebrity gets engaged, idiots on here automatically assume they bought their own ring? Did you have to buy your own ring? Is that why you automatically assume this? Maybe just try being happy for her and all the wonderful changes in her life for 2011.

JP on

Does it really matter what she is wearing… she is one of the few actresses that is pretty, really smart, full of class, and sincere. And not staying all night drinking, clubbing, revealing too much for her age, and smoking “salvia”
She is a positive role model unlike some of our other ladies i.e. LiLo. miley, just to name a few. – nice ring though. We should be judging her on her talent and being a good mom, and not on her outfit….not being harsh on anyone… :)
take care

Allie on

Does anyone remember the strong statement Natalie made recently against marriage? She stated that she would NEVER marry and gave reasons. I think it was on the cover of some magazine. She didn’t believe in marriage and was opposed to it on principle..

Bubbles on

To all those people who are criticizing Ms Portman: How about showing us all what YOU WORE TO THE Palm Springs Film Festival Gala. Oh, ya, I forgot, you didn’t get invited because you aren’t a beautiful, talented movie star. Get a life. She could make a potato sack look hot!!!

valerie on

the ring is beautiful, but her dress makes her look like an old lady, she’s way to young to dress that way.

Jill on

OK, for you people calling her out for the clothes, der huh..she’s trying to hide her bump…that’s her business not ours and if she wants to wear clothes that do a great job then who are you to comment?

Tiff on

Congrats to them on their upcoming nuptials and expecting their first child…

Like it better on

NM who cares if you like white or yellow gold, per the article I read , this isn’t about you so keep your !@#$ comments to yourself…
Thank you very much!

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stuss on

she is in her early stages of pregnancy and probably finding it hard to stand up straight without being nauseous let alone getting made up and smiling in front of all the cameras. i like her dress it makes her look comfortable which anyone who is or has been pregnant would understand this is a high priority!

Jennifer on

I am soooo sorry but she is not a role model for me. I am tired of all the “stars” getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant without being married and it now being the norm, ok, acceptable, etc. I personally do not want my children to think this is ok. Society accepts everything these people do and runs with it. Get some morals and a marriage certificate and quit spitting out basterd children.

nevada trust on

it’s about time!

Jenna on

yeah the dress sucks which is unexpected because she’s so pretty! I love the ring but I always wonder about the people like her who only know someone for a few months and then decide to make two of the biggest decisions of their lives. It’s not my place to judge but I hope that this doesn’t turn into one of those biffed hollywood marriages!

Dorothy on

What an eyesore of a dress, whoever is dressing her should be fired. The ring is beautiful though!

CC on

I’m sick of people questioning her morality. There are far worse things than getting pregnant before marriage. In a ‘perfect’ world every woman deserves a ‘white’ wedding, but honestly who cares. As long as this child was made from love, who are we to judge and point fingers, we’re all just trying to do the best we can. At the end of the day you’re not stuck caring and supporting this child, so why don’t you just say something positive or step away from the computer. Your narrow mindedness also keeps you from being a role model!

just me on

“I bet she bought herself that ring. How much money could Benny “Legs” Centipede earn anyway?
– Steve”

As a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet and a choreographer, I bet he makes a lot more than you, Steve.

bob on

I get a kick out of everyone on here and really have to laugh. My wife always watches dancing with the stars and what ever else program there is about the recent rumors on all these stars. I could not tell you who is who when it came to stars if one knocked on my door or told me who they were I would not even know and I could care less who they are or what they are. The only stars I remember are the good old ones that had some dignity and respect like Deam Martin, Buddy Hacket, Carrol Burnete etc. These where the true stars, the new stars of today could not even come close to real stars as you call them, they are drunks and druggies, nop better then a homeless person, onlyt difference is they have money.

Jaclyn on

Blood Diamond

Madison on

Why put a full collar on your dress? Thats a gorgeous ring! So sparkly.. and shiny! She deserves it!!

Kim on

Looks like the ring they always seem to use on The Bachelor. LOL!

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Miami on

I dont like the dress either, and her face looks weird. She looks like she got botox or something her face looks all plastic and straight. Overall recently she’s been lookin very matronly.

Kat on

Her outfit is blah but I feel she will take the Oscar for Black Swan. I didn’t like the movie much but I guess she reached into a deep place within herself for the performance. Wish you the best Miss Portman.

Astrid J Barajas on

I believe she looks absolutely regarding what any one says.She Is keeping her outfit discreet and still can pull it off.Any one with eyes could see that.

OB on

She is one of the most naturally pretty women active in film. She has magnetic eyes and an over-all facial structure and symmetry a sculpture would be eager to memorialize. I was shocked to learn she is Israeli. I hope, as she is soon 30, her last several films continue to be equally well chosen to project her rare combination of talent and beauty. She has the “it” factor–a compelling on screen dynamism comparable to Daniel Day Lewis.

Hannah on

Maybe if the black part had a little detail and not so square and the tannish part was a little tighter and not so..sloppy and drapey..

JennG on

WOW, all those hateful comments about ‘buying her own ring’ or ‘hating her dress’ , ‘hate the ring’…so negative. I think she is glowing, her performance was AMAZING, to see a young actress push herself to the limits, both mentally and physically in a role is quite amazing. I do believe someone pointed out that her fiance is a principal dancer with the New York ballet, which means he has a major career, as well as the fact that he did the choreography for “Black Swan”, so the man has money. I guess people always have to say something negative. Natalie isn’t a role model? Oh but someone who goes on and uses the term ‘basterd’ children is a ‘role model’ funny…ps-you spelled BASTARD wrong. In today’s world, life is about love, acceptance and taking care of your family. I believe Natalie embodies all of that…and with some major talent to boot.

EdieRose on

Horrible Dress for such a beautiful and talented lady. The ring is not that great either. Best of good wishes in her upcoming marriage and baby

Nevaeh on

Natalie has always had great style. I happen to like her dress; it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie carries herself in the same way. Beautiful ring, beautiful dress and a much more beautiful Natalie. Does it matter who buys the ring and who stays home; not everyone does things the conventional way whatever that is these days. What happened to people simply wishing others good luck and thank you for sharing your wonderful news. Nat, good luck with your pregnancy and your marriage, hopefully you will be one of the few in Hollywood that finds the one that lasts forever.
Signed a romantic at heart,

Clare on

After all the statements she made about not wearing diamonds because of their conflict-zone provenance, it’s kind of lame that she has a diamond engagement ring.

Nevaeh on

This is to Jennifer who made the following statement: “Get some morals and a marriage certificate and quit spitting out basterd children.”
– Jennifer on January 10th, 2011

You have a right to your opinion but that doesn’t make it right! What about those women who were raped and kept the child because of their morals told them that abortion was not an option. Here is what is wrong in this country is that if it doesn’t fit into your belief than it must be wrong. Someday you might find one of your loved ones in the same situation, should you love them less? I think if you don’t judge people than you won’t be judged either. I for one am glad that my daughter chose to have my 2 grand daughters at a young age before she got married; the man that she ended up marrying could not have children but accepted her girls as his. My daughter was smart enough not to name the donor of her children when she died in 2005 just 19 days before her 23rd birthday I thought I would die too! Before you go and say she must have done drugs too, you would be dead wrong. My daughter had a Grand Mal Seizure and went into cardiac arrest after having surgery while she was in the hospital; her being the soul parent of the girls gave us all rights to have them and we didn’t have to go to court to fight anyone for custody. These girls saved me from the grief of losing a child. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her but having the girls is the next best thing to having her by my side until we are together again. I’m tired of people that hide behind their religion to judge others; the other day someone that was talking very loudly said that those who use donor sperm to conceive while married are committing adultery; when is enough, enough? I still believe in the old adage if you have nothing nice to say than don’t say anything at all. She is not a role model for your children she is an actress that is doing her job; if they look to her for guidance than maybe you are not doing your job as a Mom.
Just saying.,

Karin on

Natalie Portman is my favourite actress and I´m really happy for her. I just hope that she won´t be gone from making movies for a longer time.
I think that she looks lovely and classy in that dress..Audrey Hepburn style.
As JP wrote, Natalie is a positive rolemodel and really special. She is very intelligent, smart and beautiful. I really wish them all the best and lots of happiness!

th on

I adore her (and her mind—she speaks 4 languages!) but my first thought when I saw this dress was, Oh my god what happened to her arms?! Brass capped sausage casings.



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Amaryllis on

Bad dress, beautiful ring!

Kara on

Ring = Gorgeous
Dress = Heinous and tragic at the same time

susan j. sager on

Ms. Portman looks so very happy in this photo. I have always admired her, it may be because she has always come across as mature and competent in her acting.

And, I always thought she would be a good wife and mother – don’t know why. But I do wish them the very best.


i will always love natalie. now, for all of you
trying to analyze her situation- get a life !!
she did take a break to go back, and did finich college ( harvard ). so why do you think she’s in a desperate situation? she is self supportive and i’m ecstactic that she’s having her fist child and getting married. she was young enough to change her mind. you go girl !!! your forever fan , dana in durham,n.c.

Alyssa on

The ring is beautiful; but the dress? — YUCK!

Debora on

Oh how lovely. Yet another ‘traditional’ Hollywood love story … first get pregnant & then maybe get married. People should be less concerned about her outfit, ring & who paid for it & more concerned with the lousy example she sets for young women. Can’t any of these Hollywood starlets get a guy to marry them without getting pregnant first? Really, it’s the oldest trap in the book.

Darlene on

I have to agree with Steve. Obviously she’s due in 2011!!!! She didn’t have a baby in 2010 and a pregnancy only lasts nine months do the math. Reporters say the dumbest things.

Debora on


Where’s my post?

Kerryn on

JUvlwY Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

Lavigne on

3DrMHB Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!

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