Hugh Hefner Puts a Bling on It: First Peek at Fiancée Crystal Harris's Engagement Ring

12/30/2010 at 04:15 PM ET

Hugh Hefner Fiance Crystal Harris Engagement Ring
David Livingston/Getty; Inset: Courtesy Crystal Harris

First a singer, then an actress–and now a bunny! Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s revelations about LeAnn Rimes‘s 5-carat engagement ring and Reese Witherspoon‘s 4-carat stunner, comes a first peek at the rock that Hugh Hefner gave to his new fiancée, Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris. “For those of you who have been asking to see my ring here it is… My engagement ring from my love @hughhefner” Crystal, 24, tweeted yesterday evening. And while she offered no further details on the ring’s stone or setting, her fiancé had earlier taken to Twitter to give the lowdown on the proposal itself. “After the movie tonight, Crystal & I exchanged gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve,” wrote Hefner, 84. “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.” What’s your take on Crystal’s engagement bling?–Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester


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Ann on

Congratulations to Mr. Hefner and Crystal!!!! She must be very special indeed. I am very happy for them both!
Oh, and the ring is lovely! Very classy, I would expect nothing less from the original playboy.

bb on

Is it just me or does she look like his second wife, of course a little younger? I wonder how Holly is feeling about this, she always wanted to marry him.

shinda on

I feel sorry for Holly….this is all she ever wanted.

TG on

What is she doing with her left hand? Trying to tell us a little something about Hef?

Patty on

The dude is 84 and she’s in her 20s…..why do you think she’s marrying him?


shannon on

Is it just me or will money make you do some strange things. She’s 24, He’s 84 enough said. Well at least she’ll never be broke.

Leann on

Sixty years difference in their age. I just do not see the attraction, other than what Patty said: CHA-CHING! Just can’t imagine marrying someone old enough to be my grandfather…ewwww!

Melody on

hehe!!! My rings bigger than that:) hehe!! For being Mr. Hef, I’m surprised he didn’t go ALL out for her!! He is after all old enough to be her great grandfather!!! :)

lola on

very happy for crystal ,congratulations,but it does sucks that holly didnt get what she was hoping for=(,but i bet she will find somebody awesome that will make her very happy

Sleeping Beauty on

Holly is better off without the old fart!!!

LadyL on


skeptic_CA_hottie on

Better get on with the wedding. Time’s definitely not on your hands, Hef! Another word of advice, Hef: It’s cheaper to rent girls like her than to marry and divorce them. Just ask Kelsey Grammer, right after he signs over $50 million to Camille, if this isn’t true!

Rhonda on


toy on

I feel so bad for Holly. She seemed to have loved Hef so much, and all she wanted was to be his wife and start a family :(
…nice ring though!

dd on

Did anyone else notice it looks like they propped him up for the picture– that’s just sick.
Clearly Holly was too old for him.

Brittany on

Hahahaha @TG…i was thinking the same thing! What IS she doing with her left hand?

Dawn on

I’m nauseous

ripper on

ain’t no fool like an OLD fool!!
hef was kinda cool back in the 60’s now he is just anouther old idjit w/ money!!!

suzy diamond on

Sure she’s special, she’s 60yrs younger! They both made me throw up in my mouth! Two people desperate for attention for ALL the wrong reasons!

Ann on

That’s icky!!!

angela a on

ewwwww if she marries him she willl have to have sex with him….ewwwwwww

Mary on

What a slap in the face to Holly. Wow.

Sookie on

Can you imagine what his balls must smell like….Yuck and no thanks!

sandy on

i wish he married holly. she fit with him. but good luck crystal

Marie on

Take away Hef’s money and all of the expensive goodies he provides for these young women and you have nothing more than a perverted old man. The man has to buy his young women…if it weren’t for his $, we all know that these little girls wouldn’t get within 100 yards of his bedroom.

Arianna on

Really! He has always had a thing for her type. And she…..$$$$$$! Can money buy happiness? Anna Nicole Smith anyone? the end

clf on

Holly wanted to be married AND have more children..he didn’t want more kids.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I guess I should say congratulations. But, in my opinion, I have a feeling this will not last. Sorry. She needs someone closer in age. But, the ring is nice.

Vicki Lewis on

Is it me, or am I just getting old?
What is he smoking?
I know what she is going for!!!
Does he really think he’s that much of a catch without the money in play/
I just don’t know anymore!!!

Deborah on

The ring is tiny that is why she did not want to commnet-Looks like it is from Cracker Jack’s

SwordsWoman on

This must have broken Holly’s heart. She was the only one who was PERFECT for Hef.

Holly, if you read this just know one thing, you will find your Prince Charming, OK? 2011 will be YOUR year! <3

sarah on

gold digger!!!!

GA Girl on

I do feel sorry for Holly but Crystal is prettier to me. She doesn’t look as fake. Love them ring but how can he think all of these young girls really love him? They love that money!!! Bet she will be pregnant in no time!

sarah on

I guess 60 years isn’t THAT big of an age difference, right? Atleast they’ll have years and years together to let their love blossom and mature….oh, wait, nevermind, he’ll be dead in like five minutes.

kristie on

what a beautiful ring!! i wish hef & crystal all the best. :)

TIM on


KD on

Hef is such a hopeless romantic. He spoils those girls and they just love him to death. I hope the Hefmeister can keep up with the future Mrs. Hef and vice versa. Congrats and good luck!

Chat on

OMG! He is old enough to be her great great grandfather!

JadeEllen on

Something is very sad about this. Clearly, two
people using each other. Needless to say, these
two have nothing in common. Maybe Hef can give
her some history lessons and she can teach him
about popular culture. A grandchild/great-grandfather relationship for sure.

lika on

There’s just something very, very sad about this for both of them.

keri on

Love how he couldn’t marry Holly…it was obvious how much she loved him. Now suddenly he proposes to this 24 year old. I feel bad for Holly.

shazam on

wonder what her parents are sayin?

didiwags on

Yeah I wonder what is up since Holly wanted to marry him and he said he would not get married and is now marrying some chick he has only been with for a short time!!

Shoshana on

I have no idea what everyone is complaining and gagging about! Hef is THE MAN!!! He’s built an empire and is basically a living legend! Sure, there’s an age difference, but I doubt everyone would be so up in arms if it were an older woman dating a much younger man. Everyone has to realize that this is what Hef does — the guy is 84 years old, totally healthy, has all his wits about him, and is truly young at heart! And because of his playful and youthful way of life, he’s going to live a really long time. Some of you may not agree with his and Crystal’s choices, but it’s their happiness that counts in the end. And if seeing a happy 84 year old man, who lives life to the fullest, doesn’t brighten your day, then I don’t know what would!

anastasia on

If they Make Each Other Happy…THAT Is All That Counts!!! Companionship Is Underrated!!!!

Shoshana on

anastasia: EXACTLY!!

Josephine on

Simply Stunning!!!!!!!

Alexandra Müller on

WOW! 60 years younger? Even a 60-year old is YOUNG compared to him. It’s sad that people use each other like that, but still…wishing them all happiness. Maybe they DO love each other…

Rhonda on

Well I’m a romantic and I know age is only a number BUT 84 and 24???? I’m 45 and have little to nothing in common with my 25 year old daughter’s peers – I can’t imagine marrying one of them. At 84 it would have to be the money and fame — why on earth would a 24 year old marry a 84 year old man and why would someone as smart as Hugh Hefner marry someone so young?

Amanda on

Is she telling us all how big he is? Look at her hand. HAHA

Sheri on

“This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.” That’s not saying a lot when you’re 84!

maya on

Awwwww, poor Holly. She was my favorite GND. Crystal is a cutie, but Hef – Holly must know you much better. :(

monica on

Isn’t he still married?

Norcalgal on

Wow, that looks like a photo of Crystal and her grandfather.

Becky on

I feel so sorry for Holly. She always said that she wanted to marry him and he always said he would never get married again. This girl is only in the marriage for the money….

somali pirates on

Of course ! Money talks.84 what he can do? being famouse and rich is amazing.that what every girl dreams. Being famouse and rich is fantastic you can do anything you to reach that goal.

Lynn on

He looks like a dirty old pimp with one of his “girls”. Playboy was losing money before I wonder if it is just for attention and ratings. This is just discusting, like other’s said, it is like dirty great grandpa going after a great grand daughter- yuck,yuck,yuck!

CanW on

OMG, how could she not feel like she’s bedding her great gran-pa? Yuck,,,but c’mon, who really doesn’t think it’s for the bucks?!

kimberly wood on

hef is old enough to be her grandpa probably an great grandpa.. she is just after the fame and money…

erilynne on

I don’t get how he is the man when he limits his girls? They have to be in the 20’s or younger! If age was just a number he would enjoy any girl…

I also think this is a slap in the face for Holly, she always wanted to marry him and he always refused and said it wasn’t him and she was with him for years! He hasn’t even been with Crystal that long and he proposed to her? ….I don’t want to be negative but I just don’t see this lasting and I feel bad about that.

Tessa on

What is the point in marriage if you have a million girlfriends? I just don’t get it. Live one lifestyle or the other, but don’t piss all over marriage by having an open one. Why bother with the paperwork?

Lindy on

It was clear that Holly was a gold digger and he knew it. She’s on another tacky reality show, dancing topless in Vegas, she’s desperate to be “famous” or at the very most a D-lister. If Hef wants to marry this girl, who cares what the age is?

Nicole on

I feel so bad for holly. She was dropping hints for years and he never even thought about it. Hope shes doing well with the news. But congrats to Hef =) You gotta love his spirit lol xoxoxo

Miami on

It should have been Holly??..Hmm Holly loved his money too!!!

spanish fly on

Why? why? and WHY? do we care or even why is this possible? just foul! that the tart is looking for the gold and ewwwww bedding a 100 year old man! can anyone say Anna Nicole? EWWWWW

Lisa on

OF COURSE she is doing it for the money! Who in their right mind would marry a man that is friggin 60 yrs older than her?!?!?! It’s not for the LOVE people! LOL

lisa on

i think hugh hefnr is a slimball and he should be shut down for porn ha makes money by expolting these women and for his pleaser this kinda stuff leads to men who stalks these women
why dose he chose young girls

Rita on

I can see why she is with him but I don’t understand what he wants her for. I mean is he just going to stare at her day and night. I don’t think he could do much more. I feel so sorry for him, he should of found himself a nice older woman and settled down and let her make a good Christian man out of him. I mean it’s about time he settled down.

Kim on

It would take a lot more than that to convince me to marry an 84 year old man. YUCK!

Leslee on

Just theory, of course, but I wonder if the marriage is something of a ruse for him to feel that he isn’t getting old.

It seems as though recent ladies have been moving on quite a bit lately, Kendra being one very notable, on to men more suited to their age. Perhaps the whole failure to conceive thing with Holly didn’t do much for his self or public image either.

Marrying a very young and beautiful woman tends to blot out those other factors somewhat.

Rita on

Is she telling us he is about 1 and 1/2 inch?? with her left hand ??? She better get him to the church before he kicks off hes bee aroud a while?

nicole on

I know Holly has to extra salty about this. She was with him for a long lime and couldn’t get a ring.

Christine on

It is just so bizarre. I try to wrap my brain around how or WHY she would find him attractive. Does money really make you erase all morals and true desires? What can they possibly have in-common? I wish them well, but… yeahhhhh.

Lisa on

She is crazy… why would a girl that beautiful in her 20’s marry a man in his 80″s

Ann on

He’s got to be a sex addict. For dignity sake you would of though he would bow out and tone downd gracefully now he’s just a dirty old man. He paid Kendra $1,000 a month to stay in his house and be his “girl-friend” but that is not the correct word for it. And he paid the other 3 girls too. There is a word for that. So it’s sad and make me feel happy for my simple life becasuse their souls are sad and empty to live this life.

gary on

Her left hand is telling us that the ring is bigger then his junk

amanda on

rriiiggghhhttttt she loves him for him. what a gold digger.

clare on

she cant wait till he dies. moneymoneymoney..

stella22 on


Gina on

I think it is just wrong. And it is nothing against them as people and I am all for love and understand that age does not matter, but this is just wrong.

Toni on

That stone is not nearly big enough. I feel bad for Holly too all the time she invested in that relationship. He kept saying that he was not the marrying kind now look. And people made fun of poor Anna Nicole Smith.

adia on

It all sounds silly to Me.

Cathy on

That old man is loosing his sight he wants to marry her over Holly???? Everyone start to prepare he must be on his WAY OUT:(

KB on

Those are some bad hair extensions

Hannah on

i’m disgusted by this image. what the heck is a beautiful young woman doing accepting a proposal from a man old enough to be her grandfather. this is just plain wrong. she’s too young for this. she deserves to marry a man her age and to grow old with him. that’s how a real marriage should be.

Stella on

I don’t think the Playbiy industry is dong as well as of lately, wasn’t there some talk of the Playboy mansion being repossessed at one point not too long ago? Either way, definitely she’s in the money now. Still, at 8pm, when it’s Hugh’s bedtime and you start discussing life laying next to each other, what do you talk about with 60 years age difference?? The future??

Trad on

Just wondering if anyone else noticed, look at her left hand, is she trying to indicate something to someone about his “you know what?” Just sayin…… Or is she she saying hey look we are this close getting $$$$$$$$$.

Caroline on

The marriage makes perfect sense if you are shallow: Hef and Crystal both get LOTS of publicity. Hef spends the rest of his 10 or 15 years with a beautiful,young, sexy woman. When Hef passes, Crystal has LOTS of money and is still young enough to marry again for love, and lives happily ever after! It’s basically just a business deal.

Trad on

Is it just me or has anyone noticed her left hand?? Is she making a gesture to someone about either his “you know what” or how much closer they are to his $$$$$$$$ just sayin……. Either or GOOD LUCK!!!

Pam on

Is that a picture of Hefner and his grand daughter?

Katrina on

What a jerk. Holly stayed w him for years and really loved him. She wanted to marry him and have kids and went through all those treatments for what? Crystal is a wannabe.

Kate on

Yes I just feel sorry for Holly she seemed to truly care about him, even though he is ancient. Who knows, who cares, he will be dead soon and she will be a very rich young woman.

canadiangurl on

Hef could be her great grandfather…he must be thanking god for those lil blue pills!

Tish on

Holly was a goldigeer too. She really loved his money.


I couldn’t be happier for Hef and the 100th bunny.Sorry Holly. But word of advice make sure he takes his pills.nice ring!

amy on

i think he too old for her n shes only after the money he should of married holly

bluejackk on

his teeth will be still there on her p**** even after he leaves.. funny, ain’t it? :D
and yeah.. she is marrying him out of pure love..! lol

Erin on

This is hilarious. Ah, dementia…on the part of anyone that believes this has anything to do with love.

ProvocativeWoman on

Looks more like a pic of grandpa posing with his grand-daughter! UGH!!!

Harmony on

To TG: I notice the same thing with her hand and then when I saw your comment, I almost choked laughing so hard. Great minds think alike. The only way he’ll marry this one is if she doesn’t want kids. Holly couldn’t give up that dream and moved on.

Amy on


That ring is tiny- maybe 1 1/2 carats at the most.

Hugh Hefner Puts a Bling on It: First Peek at Fiancée Crystal Harris’s … – People Magazine | The World News Online on

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Sherri on

Oh yeah—this is gonna last….sickening

Ashlee on


barb on

Yuck,Yuck,Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke!!!!!!!!

jen on


jimmy on

she all in it for the money honey

jimmy on

shes in it for the money honey

dk on

happy for them, but i think he should of been with Holly, she really loved him and thats all she ever wanted was to be with him…

Kelly on

I wonder how her family feels about it? Especially her parents? Maybe she has a grandparent his age? If I was engaged to an 84 year old, my parents would shoot me!!! They wouldn’t even let me date someone that age! I just find this story to be very sad.

KMS on

Repulsive. And don’t make me gag with that age is just a number stuff. It’s more like love is just a number ( with lots of zero signs on the end and a dollar sign at the front)

Sharon on

I feel so bad for Holly she wanted to married to Hugh very much. I just loved her, Bridget, and Kendra. Miss their show together.

Feef on

Is it just me or does he look alot like Freddie Kreuger?

edna on

this is no love is just for money no for love ..

HollyFan on

This makes me MAD! Holly hung in there for what, a little over 7 years wanting more than anything to be married to Hef, and he decides in 2 minutes that he wants to marry THIS girl?! Here’s some of Hef’s comments about Holly before the split-up:

“I’m in a serious relationship that I think is going to last —with luck— the rest of my life…

“I think she’s the real deal”…

Hef tells Los Angeles Confidential that though the couple split in October, Holly is “…still the love of my life”…

I think Crystal probably sat and watched all the episodes of Girls Next Door and learned from Holly, made it a lot easier for her to play all the right cards to win him over. IMHO–This marriage won’t last unless “until death do us part” happens before the divorce papers are drawn up. Sorry.

Daisy on

I thought Hef no longer had that much money… didn’t he file for bankruptcy or something? Or perhaps it’s just my imagination..

GG on

Yae , the ring is the only big thing he can give her (:

laura on

I don’t care how famous he is, you have to be one broken 24 yr old girl to marry an old man like that! Just not right.

Megan T on

“Happiest Christmas in memory…” lol. How far back can you actually remember?

melanie on

So a girl sells herself to an old fart for… a one caret ring?! The house doesn’t and won’t ever belong to her. Not even the car she drives will belong to her. All his money goes to his daughter. How can she sell herself so cheaply?

Opti on


jeni blomberg on

i don’t see why they’re getting married. it’s obvious his marriages don’t last. they should just leave it alone. she can live there with him in his bedroom, do what they do, have kids & all, end of story. he is too old for her, and i don’t see how any 24 yr. old would marry someone that much older, if it wasn’t for fame & fortune. i mean, who was she before she moved into the playboy mansion? didn’t she only get a spread after she moved in with him? i thought that’s what i heard.

Hannah on

I am happy for them both! She is beautiful!

Joanie on

Poor pathetic Hef.

Gypsy on

I think Crystal is a true goldigger, how can anyone believe that she is in love with someone who could be her great grandfather, other than money and fame he has nothing, he has used his money power to sleep with self absorbed bimbos who only care about what they will get from Hef when he dies.
Crystal will get rid of him soon enough.
What’s a few years of sacrificing yourself?she has nothing to loose, she will soon reap the benefits she will have of sleeping once in a while with a sick dirty old man.
What do your parents think of this? it must be weird that Hef is older than your dad or can be your dad’s father.

Sumr on

Stunning Beautiful Ring! She’s 24; tell me she’s not marrying for MONEY, Fame etc,.. He could be her Great-Grandpa! I did feel for Holly! I guess she got too old in Bunny Years. In 5 yrs Hugh Hefner will Trade in Crystal for a younger Bunny! I don’t see it lasting!

Kelly on

The ring fits her age. She looks a little older than 24, but most Playboy Bunnies do. This is an investment for her. As we all know we don’t live forever and she’s young enough to have a second life after him. Best wishes to them both.

disgusted on

Cha ching! is right! Holly at least was with him when he was concievably a fun person, she seemed to really love him, but a 60 year age gap with one year together on TV???? Looking for a big payday after he dies AND on screen later. I feel sorry for the old guy, seems he is losing it! He sure lost Holly and choses a gold digger…sad!!! for him and his sons! they will have to put up with her after he dies…maybe they could marry her and keep the money in the family…
If this girl is for real,she should sign a zero pay out pre nup!!!
let’s see how much she would love him then

Gypsy on

For all those who made the comment of “I feel sorry for Holly, how she wanted to have his child”, the old fart would not be able to get it up long enough to procreate. And besides, she already got the best from him, money and the fame she obtained from all those years of selling herself to him.

Kelly on

I feel this all is a complete slap in the face to my girl Holly Madison. This is exactly what she wanted YEARS ago and Hef was in no way interested. So Holly went on her own way and now Hef asks another woman to marry him. Nice. I love Holly….and I know she will go on with her life and be happy without Hef. I do wish Hef & Crystal well, but my oh my!!

Gisele on

I’m very happy for Heff and Crystal!
but humm… i really loved to see Heff marry Holly!

Kelly on

Weekend at Bernie’s 3. Ugh. He is a predator and this is super creepy.

debbue119 on

Didn’t he date her mother and her grandmother? I wonder if they got rings too?

Olivia on

I doubt she truly loves him. Its money that attracted her to Hefner. I don’t see how this relationship will last.

barbi on

Well… How much longer can this man live? She will stick it out for the next couple of years, and then be richer than dirt!

Claudia on

I don’t really care about either of them but it is still sad to see people use each other in this way and for people to take it seriously or even admire it. Hugh is just a peverted old man with money. The situation seems desirable because of the glamorous lifestyle he leads but the truth is that he has never seemed to truly love a woman and these women are only with him for one reason. The may be fond of him but who wouldn’t be fond of him if he gave you everything these girls are getting for sleeping with him? It is basically a disturbing sugar daddy scenario. I feel sad for him that his view of women is that they are all the same as the next and that their only real value is their looks. If a man is truly in love with a woman, he wants more than sex. He has actual conversations with her, spends time with her, views her as an equal, and doesn’t need multiple girlfriends to keep him happy. People say Holly truly loved him because of what they saw on an edited tv show but he was also dating other women at the same time and she allowed herself to be treated that way. They also never seemed to spend more than a small portion of the time they lived in the mansion with Hef. Instead, they were always traveling, partying, spending time with other people, and living in the fastlane. Kendra even said that she would see Hef about once a day and then it would just be in passing. Because what else can an 80-year man who has built an empire honestly have in common with 18-25 year old girls (most of whom I’m betting aren’t the most intelligent) who are mostly focused on having fun and acting their age? That is not a situation where true intimacy can be established. They may be engaged and I’m sure they are fond of each other in their own way, but I’m also sure they both know their real reasons for being with each other. To each their own but it is honestly not a situation I would ever admire or envy.

ali on

This is sooooooooooooooo disturbing.

LEG on

Gold Digger… what else can it be…LOVE….not!

Marissa on

Nothing good could come out of this relationship.

crystal on

all I can say is “yuck”….old balls……

Kara on

Sick! There is not enough money in the world that would get me to marry an 84 year old and I am older a couple of decades older then her.

Bree on

For those that keep commenting on Holly, Hugh said he would marry her, he just wouldn’t have kids with her. That was the deal breaker for her. Now if these two have a child…then you can feel sorry for Holly. From what I have seen, she is doing very well for herself and not wallowing in pity over leaving her Playboy.

Francesca on

Lazy – that’s what this 24 year old is. And Hefner is delusional is he thinks otherwise.

Francesca on

“IF” he thinks otherwise – must learn to type.

Dawn on

Give me a BREAK!

Bonnie on

The guy is old enough to be her grandfather. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about them in bed. Yuck!

cynthia lyday on


KC on

Sure, we’re supposed to believe Hefner and his newest bimbo are in love. Have to laugh how gullible he thinks everyone is. They deserve each other, that’s for sure.

Susie on

The article said they exchanged gifts…wonder what she gave him???

Delores on

I’m sure her parents are bursting with pride!

MadisonsMommy on

Why is everyone being so cruel? Life is about choices. They’ve made theirs. They have even chosen to share with us the fact that they have gotten engaged. Who cares what everyone thinks? It is THEIR life, NOT yours!

ashley on

ahh who cares give it a few months and it will be called off.. and if they do get married it wont last :)

anna on

60 years apart. Wow! Its hard to believe this marraige proposal is based on love rather then money! I guess its win win situation, hes got a beautiful hot fiance and shes got a man with the moollaaaa!!

sierra on

I want to know how Holly feels.Then I’ll know how I feel….

genieve on

All you saying ”Poor Holly she was the one who wanted to marry him…”do you actually feel sorry for her she didint get to marry this old fart???eeeeeeekkkk i dont know why these women line up for him other than money is all I cant think they are after.

Karma on

Can you imagine going to bed with this geezer? Ewwwwwwww….oh what money can buy.

Mary on

I am happy for Hef and Crystal. He is a true romantic no matter how he has lived his life.
I think Crystal is much more classy and calmer than Holly ever was. Holly only wanted to marry him, Crystal truly loves and cares for him, there is a difference. Happy future you two.

Jon on

Queen Latifah looks great on The New Issue of PARADE Magazine, and it was nice she gave Kate Middleton advice about her Wedding, etc.

sharon littlefield on

Why on earth is this the Top Story? The whole thing makes my skin crawl. How desperate do you have to be for money/and or fame?

Jon on

I think Crystal’s Engagement Bling is nice! Congrats to Naomi Watts Friend on getting Married, glad Naomi caught the bouquet!

Chillingurl on

Congratulations !!!!! I feel bad for Holly but obviously he did not ask her for a reason ! Crystla seems for independent and making her own money rather than taking his ! Best of Luck !

Sanity on

Maybe we should draw a new line for petaphelia.

Rae on

Who cares about Holly, Hugh Hefner didn’t want to marry her. Boo hoo for Holly.

Linda on

Of course it is the happiest Christmas in memory…he can’t remember any of the other ones! And I thought the same thing about her hand, but I think she is taking it out of her pocket!

donna on

Wow, her mom must be sooo proud. ewww, seriously, ewwwwww!

Jane on

Don’t you people remember? Holly wanted marriage and CHILDREN, which Hef probably did not want. He let her go to find a younger love to give her that life. Their both happy, that’s all that counts.

Jeni on

I agree – I feel bad for Holly. It’s all very strange……

Ms.June Carter-Cash on

I think it’s a shame that Holly truly loved Hef and he pretty much crushed her spirit. I am team Holly! I hope she finds a better, more grateful man than Hefner! Holly wasn’t in it for the money. She loved his work and he really mentored and she got his vision. He just threw her away!

I’m sure Crystal will have a pre-nup but his relationship with her is ridiculous. He had his true love…

HollyFan on

Sooo disappointed in Hef, Holly actually loved him and wanted a life with him. This girl has barely had a chance to get to know him. I think after Holly left he relized he was going to die alone so he proposed to Crystal. I feel so bad for Holly and I hope that she finds TRUE love.

shelby on

Hugh can’t afford a big rock any more because he is up to his coslopus in debt. I hate it for Holly Madison, but her life is just beginning, while Crystal is signing up for something that is sure to end soon.

Donna on

He’s delusional if he thinks she loves him for anything but his money.

sarah on

All I can say is EWWW and there will be a prenup and she will get nothing

Diane Carder on

heck he is old enough to be her great grandfather

Annette on

Some people just look like they belong together. These two just don’t. They look odd together; certainly not the body language of a couple in love.

kiki on

CREEPY! She has sold her soul for a little dough!

Jon on

It was nice to see a PEOPLE VIDEO of what Stars’s New Year’s Resolutions will be! When Josh & Anna Duggar when to NYC and it was Anna’s 1st time, they were married, I’m glad she enjoyed it, and when The Show was 18 Kids & Counting in Summer, 2009! Also, they went to find out the Gender of their 1st Child, which turned out to be a Girl, whom they named, Mackynzie Renee Duggar, and it’s nice how they came up with it, can’t wait to hear whether they’re having a Girl or Boy with their 2nd Child? and what they’ll name him or her with an M name?

Candie on

That should have been Holly’s ring she really made him happy ! congrats

Lay off! on

My guy is 29 years older than me….money has NOTHING to do with it. I love him….he and I are so compatible, and I have never felt so much love and caring. Lay off haters, maybe they are happy! Congrats!

Miriam on

He is a dirty old man and she is just a dam gold digger, you know she loves his money, but I’m not mad at her get it girl he is the fool. What’s love got to do with it. MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan on

GAG! What a joke!!

Susan on

Gag! what a joke!

Susan on

What a joke!

Susan Lewis on

And we criticize Ashton & Demi????

tabitha on

wow good luck but holly would have been a better wife for you .

Holly on

He looks so much like Freddy Kruger that it’s scary!! Ewwwwww!

Kelly on

Poor Holly…All she ever wanted was to marry Hef. I dont really give 2 hoots about this one..he should have stayed with Holly…but nnnnoooooo he didnt want to get married….wtfe Good Luck Holly in everything you do! Love your show!

leslie on

EEEEWWWWWW!!!! EEEWWWWWW!! EEEEWWWWWWW!!!! I’m sure her parents are so proud!

Fenway on

Can I just say ewwwwwwwwww! Wrinkles where I don’t even want to think about! I guess money talks!

anonymous on

wow what a slap in the face for Holly who loved him for HIM and wanted to marry him and even tried to have his babys via invitro, i feel so bad for her having to know hes marrying this stranger now

anonymous on

Hef you should of married Holly, she loved you as a person and adored you look at what she did for you with that replica of your childhood home, this one is a fake and just wants your money she doesnt love you, HEF HEF HEF HEFFFFFFFFFFFFF HOLLY REALLY LOVED YOU

cmartin64 on

Oh, my! I’m speechless…….. :^}

Angelica on

Holly has to be so jealous! She made it clear that is what she wanted from Hugh.

wanetta renay on

how touching, and it is clear that it is all about love and money has nothing to do with the relationship, yeah right.

Kim on

EWWWWWWWW!!! is right.

Cheryl on

I’m sure she’s marrying him for love….yeah right!! Hope she does’t kill em.

Carly on

Crystal should ‘Encourage’ Hef to Re-Write his Will ASAP ! She should also be Aware that Hef Will Not be leaving Her a Majority of the Property,Investments,Money, etc… She is Very Low on the Totem Pole, due to Children, Business Partners, Previous Wives, etc. But She Will Be Getting Alot more Money than Holly !!

Just the Facts on

Yes, I agree that Crystal looks Just Like a younger version of Hef’s 2nd ex-wife. I also think for All of his Net Worth – Hef could have Afforded a Much Larger & Classy Engagement Ring ! (the rule of thumb is to take 2 months of earned wages & use that amount as a guide to buy the Ring your Wife-to-Be will Wear Forever). Hef Could have done So Much Better ! For the Detractors – Do You Really Think That This Marriage is Based on a Deep Committment & Forever Love ?? NOT !!

rjj on

I feel sorry for Holly. For years she wanted what Crystal has. I think Holly is much better off. I dont think that they will get married.

Former Playmate on group sex with Hef, stifling life in the mansion | Blogging With The Stars on

[…] People has a photo of Hef’s fiance Crystal Harris’ ring and it’s not huge or anything. He probably saved the money over a few weeks from paring down the women he paid to stay in his house. […]

jessi on

nice ring, but she still has to crawl in bed w/ an ooooold man every night. i’d take my same-aged, sexy man any day over that. yikes.

Bev on

Too weird!

T on

SICK….Really Sick!

Ron on

Holly didn’t just want to MARRY him, she wanted children as well–he said no way–I wonder if the pre-nup says “no children” or if Crystal is already (oops!) pregnant…Wow, can’t believe she’s just 24–would’ve guessed around 34!

Mary on

I send congrats BUT, what about Holly? She was so in love with Hugh, then Crystal comes along and Bang (no pun intended) she gets the ring? Hope you have a full prof pre-nup Crystal. Look what happened to Anna Nichole.

Tina on

dirty old man.of cource it’s about the money.makes me sick.hope she’s not expecting him to be faithful.never has never will.

Top Posts — on

[…] […]

mary on

just think, he was only 60 when she was born. I know it’s going to last forever and ever. Or at least until he dies. I’m sure it’s true love though-yeah, right!

Vashti Vaughn on

I can not believe that he is 60 years older than her. She is old enough to be his grandfather.

Virginia on

He was 60 when she was born? OMG, 60? 60 I mean think about it. Oh wait, I think he was 61 when she was born….hum, some lucky 8 year old should start pole dancing and even SHE might get a shot. *shiver me timbers!

Virginia on

Oh yes, and doesn’t he look like the Crypt Keeper? WTH!

Mari on

Once they are married she will complain of constant headaches so no sex.

Tracy on

For some of us we do the 401K when we reach geriatric…for others its reaching for the geriatrics.

Lily on

Hair extensions look a little fake.

sharon on

I am happy for the old guy. He can do it ( get young pretty women) so he does. Crystal seems nice- which is not like the sugar coated, desperately seeking a sugar daddy, catty Holly was NOT! Holly could not even hide her nastiness very well.

Evea on

Believe me when I tell you, she’s gonna work for that money – someone has to help him take his dentures out and brush them !! So this is when Crystal comes in…..Yep money will make you do strange things..

Lin on

Holly wanted a baby and Hef odiously could not give her one that’s why she left him. She made that very clear on the show.

Liza on

This dude is nothing but a pervert and also an idiot if he thinks she loves him for who he is.

Tammy on

Won’t last! Watching Hugh on shows like Girls Next Door, and cameos on Kendra-he seems like a nice guy, down to earthy type, but we all know why this woman is with him. I wish he would just find a woman closer to his age. He has nothing in common with these girls he plays with.

Kay Mathews on

No fool like an old fool still holds true

Valerie on

Any shot at happiness should be grabbed and held on to with both hands at whatever age. Tomorrow is not promised so make the most of today.

Jeanne Marie Poff on


Renee' on

Well all I can say is WHAT A GOLD DIGGER. That is so pathetic. 24 year old girl marrying an 84 year old man. I bet her parents are so proud. NOT!!!

It's true on

He has 1 foot in the grave.

Brenda taylor on

My heart goes out to holly. She truly loved hef. I don’t know much about this one but holly and hef made a better looking couple

Linda on

I would throw-up even thinking about sex with that old pervert, and I’m 52!! I guess its true,with money you can buy anything, and anyone!

J on

What does an 84 year old man going to do with a 24 year old woman. Seriously!

Bernadine on

My immune system says, “Just another day on planet Earth.”

lori on

she is a GOLD DIGGER
all she see,s is Money Money poor holly dumb a**

SoCal Guy on

The Story I heard was after the announcement a Bunny tearfully ran up to Hef and said “Hef, marrying a woman 60 years younger than you could be fatal” Hef gently wiped the tears from her eyes with his monogramed hankie and said “Well Bunny (her real name), if she dies , she DIES” !!!

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: Inside Their Engagement | SabDesi - entertainment and news portal on

[…] The ring is a circle diamond “a little over three karats,” says Harris, “and it’s on platinum setting and it has diamonds all around the band as well. It’s so pretty.” […]

Celebrity High Magazine » Engagement details on

[…] The ring is a circle diamond “a little over three karats,” says Harris, “and it’s on platinum setting and it has diamonds all around the band as well. It’s so pretty.” […]

Cindy on

Poor Holly. She must have been devastated! All she ever wantd was to marry Hef. But isn’t that always the way…..the lontime girlfriend leaves, and next thing you know he’s engaged!

lacy on

Hefner is starting to look like Kane from Poltergeist II

Nancy on

All I can say is “ick”…it is one thing to grow old together….but to marry your grandfather…
yuk…In fact…I bet her grandfather is YOUNGER

Kim on

Can you say Anna Nikki?

Rosalind Seda on

Yea! I agree! Holly must be torn inside & not showing it… She hung in there was dedicated & devoted to Heff…when its not in the heart you just cant make a person love you…it has to come from within…I only wish Heff would have told Holly the truth from the beginning she waited to long for him.Although I am happy for Heff hope they are happy & that this one wont Take him for his MONEY!!!

Rosalind Seda on

Adding to my last comment, Wonder why that ring is so tiny??? Coming from a man who has soooooooooooooooo much money Hes placed a tiny ring on it!!! Hummmmmmmmm something ant right…This is another one of Heffs promotions, of himself! He has not had much action since the girls left

annonomys0meghan on

Someone has a serious case of daddy issues maybe?! Or possibly grand daddy issues!!! OOOPS – Unfortunate Hef is on the receiving end of the issues!!

erika on

congrats on your engagement

Page on

I feel bad for Holly. She wanted to marry Hef – he claimed he loved her and was going to spend the rest of his life with her – but yet did NOT want to get married again and was adamant. Yet, when they broke up – he gets in engaged with the next girlfriend. That is a big slap in the face to Holly – I think it is really hateful.

yee on

A great deal for both of them!

It is really an inexpensive way to keep some young and innocent/ignorant around.

It is an easy way to have a luxurious living without working hard for it.

Cindy on

I am happy for Hugh and Crystal – if they have found love together what is the big deal. Those who scoff: “Oh he’s too old…” well Crystal doesn’t seem to think so and she is the one that Hef chose; “Oh she is a money digger!” since when is it a crime to love someone with money. Those of you throwing stones are jealous and petty. It is their life together – which they seem to like – that is important. I wish them all the best. P.S. The ring is beautiful.

Jennifer Courson on

I have always been a huge fan of Hefner. However, when I found out he had proposed I thought, “How Dare He!!!” He proposed to the wrong woman. Holly would have been the best wife he could ever have hoped for!!!

Jennifer on

All I can say is “lock up your money, Hef” cause this little goldigger is about to take everything you have ever worked for. The sad thing is “SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT!!!” Be careful!! If you had married Holly you wouldn’t be in this horrible situation!!!





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