Zac Efron Reveals New Buzz Cut on Set of Film

12/23/2010 at 01:50 PM ET

Zac Efron's New Buzz Cut: Love It or Hate It?
Courtesy Lindsey/@pigskin_fan

Zac Efron has had fans watching every wisp of hair on his head since his High School Musical days thanks to his famous boy bangs, which grew into a more grown-up tousled do as his career took off. But this week, the newly single actor made hair news again by reporting for duty with a fresh military-style buzz cut on the New Orleans set of his new film The Lucky One, where this lucky fan caught him in costume in her TwitPic. Never one to shy from switching up his style, having previously tried both a fauxhawk and a beard, Zac’s new cropped look is, in fact, for his role as a Marine recently home from a tour of duty in Iraq, reports The Times-Picayune. And while we think Zac’s latest trim adds a certain appeal to the heartthrob’s already smoldering look, we want to know what you think.Tell us: What do you think of Zac Efron’s new haircut? Do you love it or hate it? Jessie Goldberg

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Showing 152 comments

david on

I think its tight yo.

Laura on

i don’t care how his hair is, he is one good looking guy :o)

diana dawson on

Sorry not a hot look!!

Bippy on

I love it and think it makes him look like a man now..

L on

shave the stash and we may have something going here…

heather on

tight? more like high annd tight…but at least genuine to what marines have!! too many military movies don’t have that true (albeit ridiculous) cut

Alyssa on

Hes Great either way. What ever he likes, or supports his Career.

Sue on

I wouldn’t have recognized him if his name hadn’t been in the article – sorry but he doesn’t look like anything special…..

lovey on

yes, it’s much better. I like it

Lynn on

I think the haircut makes him look more like a MAN and not a boy.

sam on

no but he’s still hot

colby on

The buzz cut makes him look like an idiot!

TM on

Definitely not hot. He looked much better before and I love longer hair on men.

Sarah on

I think he looks handsome!

Greg on

I agree, he looks like an idiot, but then again, he is playing a man who voluntarily joins the military and deploys to Iraq, can’t get more idiotic than that!

Erika on

LOVE it!! =)

nk8950 on

I think it looks great!

sara on

i think its hot

Zac Efron’s New Buzz Cut: Hot or Not? – People Magazine | The World News Online on

[…] post: Zac Efron’s New Buzz Cut: Hot or Not? – People Magazine var AdBrite_Title_Color = '0000FF'; var AdBrite_Text_Color = '000000'; var […]

TEXAS13 on

Not a good look for him…hope this is just for a movie & he will let it grow back

c on

Yuk! Looks to much like my ex. Zac looks better with his hair longer.

Jenn on

I think he looks hot no matter what his hair looks like. He is just one good looking man!

deepgurl on

watever style he does i’ll always love him……love u zac….

Samantha on

HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! He is officially a man now ;)

Josie on

I think he looks great any way!

Olivia on

He can go bald and I would still love him

Vicky on

Don’t like it.

lola on

i love him i don’t care about his hair.short or long hair he just looks amazing i loveee him<3<3<3

Ana on

No. I think before he looked much cute.

CJ on

Way too young for me but WOW! Buzz cuts are the best style for so many; he wears it well. Always appreciate a man in uniform too, even if it’s just a movie part. So far, Johnny Depp is the only actor I know who can change his looks so completely for each part; Zac may join him in that ability.

PS: Greg: Be glad there are brave young men and women willing to join and serve this country. Otherwise, we might be forced into another draft situation to bolster our troops and you might get “volunteered” to serve unless you’re too old in which case you’re just rude and ungrateful for the freedoms you enjoy.

Erin on

ew i dont like it, at all.

Jailene on

I love him and everything . But that hair cut is soo not like Him ;/

jessica aguilar on


Chelsie on

I can honestly say I’ve never been a Zac Efron fan but I love a man in a military uniform and a military hair cut, so much so I married one! Zac Efron has NEVER looked so good

Sherry on

He’s still quite handsome.

mary on

he doesn’t even need hair.

Vanity on

It looks nice; I’m surprised that I like it so much.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I agree with Laura, he still looks good and I definitely will be watching his new movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori on

He can wear his hair any way he wants. He is a hottie… Love it!!!

Deb on

Are you kidding me? NOTHING beat the military buzz….high and tight all the way.

rere on

Zac Efron is gorgeous with or with out hair.
He’s not like Justin Beiber who people wouldn’t recognize if he didn’t have the hair.
I agree, this cut does make Zac look more of a man than a high school boy.So, LOVE IT!

Raina on

I like it. It makes him look grown up

andre on

I do like this cut on him. He should try to keep this style of cut. I like this one better than hair on him. He looks like a mature man.

amorie on

ugg he is not hot…..well if it is for a show then thats another thing but i dont like it



Petra on

I think that longer hair cut works better

Jon on

I like Zac Efron’s new hair-cut, I do love it!

didiwags on

NOT!!!! Buzz cut does not look good on any guy!!

Linda on

OOOOOh NO! He popularized that long hair look. Liked that image.

evamadera on

looks fantastic!

annabelleosborne97 on

It’s not hot at all! I was starting to think he was really cute, but now, not so much.

April Waddell on

I read several months ago that he was going to do this movie. I wondered how he would look with a military hair cut and he looks great! He’s so gorgeous that he would look good no matter the hair style.

CZ on

Much better! Much less ‘teen’.

Hil'Lesha on

Why should he shave the mustache? He looks like a man, and a fine one at that! Who wants a guy who looks like a 13 year old boy?

Craig Limmelli on

The haircut is sexy, and makes him look like a grown man. Sizzle! How we see some chest hair and face stubble,next. Hairy guys are gonna rule, in 2011.

JulieA on

It suits his role as a Marine, but I hope he grows it out again.

Mariah on

I don’t think it is working that much for him! He is wayyyyy hotter with the longer tousled look!! But this buzz cut is wayy better than the beard, moustache thingy! that wass horrible!! But he is still really, really hot!! lol

kimberly on

he is so hot !! i wanna know when this movie comes out :)

lauren on

i definitely liked his hair better than this!!
but it’s zac he is still hot no matter what.

Elmo on


Randi on

It’s hot!!! He playing the part!!!

jeniey on

Is the haircut really that important. I mean really?………

barbie on

hair dont make the man hes fine any way it is..and this really shows it

nicole on


Marjorie on

About damn time!

vashti on

I think I am going to have to agree with Laura, he is one cute guy though.

Louise on

I think he looks great!!

SusiQ on

nope. . .doesn’t work

Angel on

Hot! I love a man in uniform & the military haircut! HOT!!!

Zac Efron’s new haircut « The Buz Fairy on

[…] Efron has cut his gorgeous hair for a role in a movie called The Lucky […]

Lena on

Wow! Hardly recognized him. He looks so grown up.

SSS on


Melanie Guertin on

Hot, hot hot! Now he looks all grown up. His eyes take center-stage now. He was cute before, now he is a party for the eyes!! Wonder what Vanessa thinks of it now that they are split?? Hmmm.

alice parker on


Bonnie on

I’m just excited that he’s in The Lucky One…It’s an amazing book! I love him and the character he’s playing, so it’s a win-win!

Kim on

Wow, quite a difference..and..I like it!!! Can’t wait to see the movie. The book was really good!

ae on

I am not liking it, but its for a role. I am not a fan of the HSM movies but I have seen him a few other roles and was surprised that he is a really good actor. I am glad he is taking on good roles and is not afraid to change it up for them. But Zac please grow the hair back, this just looks bad.

V on

Oh, yeah. Digging the hair cut. Been around Marines my whole life – Zac looks very, very good. I’d even go out on a limb and say the uniform makes him look even better than before :-)

Diane on

He’s a handsome guy. He can wear his hair pretty much anyway he wants.

Anna on

Nooooooooo. I do not like buzz cuts.

Jess on

Do we really need to care how the guy looks with his new hair cut? I mean it is his life and his hair…wow

Shannon on

i like the haircut. it really makes him look like a marine, which is sexy. However, on him, I prefer the longer locks. still… he’s got gorgeous eyes, which is all that really matters! :)

tita on

i think he looks better now! more grown up.

Shane on

I don’t think the cut goes with the character in the book. Logan Thibalt has hair down to his shoulders. I hope this cut is only for the flashback scenes.

ann on

I think he still looks hot. Zac efron looks hot in anything,trust me i would know,i’m his number 1 biggest fan.:)

Celeste on

Hate it.

Dianna on

Totally hotter!!

Wanda on

Not hot.

Natasha on

He looks like an actual soldier, I find it kinda cute, makes him look more mature than that Justin Bieber hair he had.

Patricia on

He looks so hottttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey on

I think this current look is great. when he had hair, he looks very handsome no matter what.

Jenn on

I think it look good on him. Remember hater’s its for a film role and it will grow back

Lisa J on

LOVE it!! My husband spent 20 yrs in the military so I love the high and tight haircuts! Makes Zac look much better.

jrog on

he looks like a white version of drake

Mistyluv7 on

With those eyes what does his hair matter? Hair always grows back..LOL

Gloria on

He’s fine. Doesn’t matter that he’s got a hair cut. Everyone can see that he’s a beautiful man. Yes indeed!

Hauset1st on

It works either way he still has his boysih lokks the little mustaches helps to make him a man looking carharater, but i don’t think he can pull it off with his boyis smile he got that baby face!

dito ramadhan on

army look..

Tommy on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Crystal on

I think he looks more and more like John Stamos everyday. I wonder if they are related.

CherylD on

He’s the hottest with either haircut, but he does look more like a MAN with the buzzzzz!

CherylD on

He is the hottest with either, but he looks more like a MAN with the buzzzzz…which is just fine with me!!!

-louise on

The Lucky One? Do you mean, Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Luck One? ‘Cause the protagonist in the novel is a soldier. :O

Lisa on

I don’t care if he gets paid the big bucks…wheres the real heroes money when he gets handed this uniform without sacrificing anything…what a poser!!

shoshana on

sssoooo hot!!!

sandee on

Perfect considering he is playing a Marine just returning from action in Iraq. I know a lot of people are disappointed he is in this role but I think he can pull it off.

Tiffany Bond on

He couldn’t look bad! He is gorgeous!

olivia on

Like it. The boy is gone; the man is here.

Jon on

I wonder if Joey McIntyre knows who WWE Wrestler & SmackDown Superstar, Drew McIntyre, is?

Andrea on

Totally horrid! His hair was his signature style!

Lauren on

Do I like his new haircut?
Well that would have to be no. I think he looked alot better with his longer hair, but he is still cute. Hopefully he will grow it out again, and since its for his new role its fine. :)
– Lauren

lindsay on

eww not hot at all

Sarah on

He was so hot in charlie st cloud but now he looks like a 35 year old with bad hair

Cadet Morgan on

Bout time we get a movie that is true to the marine look… OOO-RAH and The Stash is fine

Bri on

I love a Military wife and retired member of the Military there is nothing sexier than a man with a buzz cut!!! He looks more mature and not so much like he should be in a boy band!

Kristina on

OMG! WHY??????????? he’s sooooo sexy but this hairstyle does NOT fit him at all. sorry zac!

Sherri on

i’ve always been a sucker for short hair so i say it’s hot!

Stephanie Houghlin on

Long, Short, Buzzed, or Bald, I don’t care how he wears it he’s HOT anyway!!!

Brenda on

He is just a hot guy period.

Lex on

Well he no longer looks like a girlie boy anymore :)

Susy on

LOVE it! He looks like a MAN now!

geminismom on

yummy! :)~ he kinda’ looks hispanic. i am def. feelin’ it!

Caitlin on

I dont like it. He was HOT with his other hair.

Mary on

I’m not a fan of his hair, but he is still hot. :)

Apple Valley Mom on

He’s like Leonardo, he can look good with ANY hair style! It’s those sparkling blue eyes and his presence that catches your eye.

Top Posts — on

[…] Zac Efron Reveals New Buzz Cut on Set of Film Courtesy Lindsey/@pigskin_fan Zac Efron has had fans watching every wisp of hair on his head since his High School […] […]

nio on

ahaha! :P iz that zac E?

SHar on


anonimous on

I love a guy in a uniform! Oh Yeah!

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ayemay on

He looks OKAY.

Rah on

I like it but I think it makes himlook a little like Jared Leto


WOW !!! SEXXXY !!!! :0 !!!

Elysian on

Definitely a “NOT” hot, he probably isn’t thrilled about it either…

ella on

I can see why vanessa dumped him=/

Andrea on

He still looks sexy as always:) If you really think someone is hot why worry about his hair??? its his face that counts:P

Dawn on

Beautiful boy, talented too. I know the whole HSM has him looking like a hack, but I think we will see some great things from this guy. Now I can’t wait to see who he is linked too now that he is single!!!

Ed.R on

still a sissy.

Jasmyne on

He’ll always be hot!!!

Katie on

As a product of the hippie years of the 60s and 70s, I almost always prefer a man with hair, and plenty of it. As such, this current look is not my favorite (although my handsome son with beautiful hair has done the same thing, much to my chagrin). However, it’s for his job, and he must be authentic. Regardless, having indicated my preference, I have to admit the lack of that beautiful run-your-fingers-through-it hair makes his beautiful mouth all the more noticeable and enticing. It could work.

Xelda on

He looks so plain and boring!

Elle on

He face is way too feminine to pull of an extremely masculine cut like this. I hope it grows back quickly.

Maribeth on

OOH! Yes – he is hot! I have to agree he looks good with any hair style :)

mariah on

I think his new cut makes look more mature, but he is still cute :)

erilynne on

has he gained weight for this role or in general?
He seems a bit heavier. Nay for the new haircut.

chelsey on

Ik vind het niet echt mooi ik vond zijn andere look veel hotter nu vind ik hem not ;O. xchelsey

deepgurl on

Always love him….

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