Angelina Jolie's 'Tourist' Style Secrets

12/10/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Kate Gosselin Hair Sexy Shag
Courtesy Sony

Angelina Jolie might be one of modern cinema’s most iconic vixens, but when creating her look for the new movie The Tourist, her costume designer looked to classic film noir glamour. “My inspiration for [Jolie’s character] Elise’s costumes were the Hitchcock movies: minimal elegance,” Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, who worked on the thriller, tells PEOPLE. In one scene, Jolie’s character dashes off to a ball in Venice, Italy, wearing a glamorous, flowing black gown topped off with a diamond-studded choker (below). “The black gown was designed to evoke the grand life, and to frame Angelina Jolie’s beauty,” Atwood explains. “The necklace was created by Robert Procop from an antique tiara, and [the diamonds were] definitely real!” Another eye-catching number from the film, an ivory sheath accented with a camel shawl and gloves (above), had a royal lineage as well. “That look was inspired by a dress designed by Irene [Lentz], who is a legendary costume designer,” Atwood says. “I took the basic idea and added some flair to contemporize it. The original had a jacket, but I really wanted something a little more luxurious, so I created the cashmere wrap. I’ve always loved a glove, and was filming in the land of fine gloves, so I used a fine suede glove to finish the look.” –Sara Hammel


Courtesy Sony

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MM on

Beyond classy!!!

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SusiQ on

Elegant, beautiful and talented; pretty much an unbeatable combination. BUT. . .she’s also a great mother.

Ray on

Every huge credit gave this movie a C or D, snd said Jolie was embalmed in make up, and a walking mannequin.

Deb on

Way beyond classy-Simply stunning and

Kim on

She looks stunning in anything she wears! Can’t wait to see this movie..starring the two most gorgeous people on the planet!

Jamie Peterson on

We saw this movie last night, definitely an average movie… But it is Angelina Jolie at her most beautiful; great chemistry between her and Johnny Depp and the city of Venice is almost as beautiful to look at as Angie herself!

Angelina Jolie’s Irene inspired fashion in “The Tourist” | Irene Lentz on

[…] Read the full article on People Magazine.. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Angelina Jolie’s Irene inspired fashion in “The Tourist”", url: "" }); Category: Irene Online  Tags: Angelina Jolie, Irene inspired, Irene inspired fashion, The Tourist You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. […]

Courtney on

Saw the movie lastnight, shes never looked more stunning in a film before! GORGEOUS hair/makeup and costumes….and obviously just a gorgeous HER!

Camillia on

Still can’t get the picture out of my mind of her & her first hubby stoned on the red carpet bragging that they had “f’d” in the car on the way over. Ugh.

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pao on

most beautiful ever seen in this film….a must see movie

mindy on

The movie was silly, looked as though she was striking poses throughout the movie..

Lisa on

Absolutely stunning…the epitome of style and grace. And for those living in the past, get over it!

karen on

My gosh, she is so beautiful.

mari on

– Camillia you can so tell what you trying to do, you can stand that everyone is calling her beautiful… you know we cant always live in the past.. it’s the the present now and it is what she has done today that counts.

myheartsadancer on

Some people don’t get it why Angelina was dressed, walked slowly, and poised so ever elegantly in this movie. She was directed to act normal like the ladies of Europe with great wealth and means. Who else would easily portray that than Angelina Jolie, plus we get the benefit of seeing someone with great natural and well sculpted beauty? Johnny Depp and Venice are a bonus! I love Jolie’s accent in this movie, and I love the humour in this Jolie-Depp movie.

Lady Jacqueline on


Hmmm on

The first pic is ok, but the second one just looks posed and goofy. Its just not natural for her. She looks better in Mr. and Mrs. Smith attire.

MR on

Something is a little off, it looks like she’s trying waaaaaaaay too hard, and this type of look is difficult for her to pull off.

Carrie on

Absolutely a beautiful woman >>> read her book “Notes From My Travels” and one can see her inner beauty. An amazing woman who shows us all a person can be transformed if we choose to.

Frankie on

WOW I watched the movie last night. It was awesome. Angelina Jolie was so beautiful & stunning. She’s the most gorgeous actress I’ve seen. I’ve watched all her movies but The Tourist was the best as far as beauty is concern.

Mili on

People Mag: I am fed up about this HOMEWRECKER and the JERK!

mimi on

nothing classy about the HOMEWRECKER

mimi on

omg mili…i posted almost the same thing. great minds think alike. and yeah, i am tired of people mag kissing this c*nt’s ass

Teri on

This woman is something – one time she is wearing blood around her neck from her 1st husband. Now she is living with a man and has 3 illegitimate children. What kind of role model is she to any of us. She is so busy making movies when does she have “quality time” to be a mom. I refuse to go see any movies. She is has no morals and doesn’t care about anyone but herself or to make herself look good.

Lacy on

Simply elegant and beautiful

Cris on

And by the way, I don’t need no actress to be my role model. I feel sorry for those that look at celebs and want them to be their role models. Thgey are humans, with all the good and bad that we all have. Grow up and get a life.

Cris on

Beautiful actress and very talented. For you haters, her 3 children are not illegitimate, they are ADOPTED! And who cares about the legal status of her children!? You people don’t have a heart and don’t know the meaning of LOVE. They look happy! And you haters can’ t understand that if he, Brad, was happy with his previous wife, he would have stayed with her. To tell you the truth the ex-wife seems to be soooo boring!

blah on

Camilla, you need to move on, girl. Try to focus on the wonderful person she is today.

Green on

Wow,she’s really beautiful.

Jackie on

Beautiful at a distance and the covered arms with gloves and drapes help keep her skeletal frame covered. She is a very good actresss but she is worrying me with her lack of weight. Tooooo thin.

Kitty on

@mimi Nice language.

Patricia on

I LOVE the style in the old movies. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Tippi Hendren and others looked so graceful and that’s a style that is not seen a lot any more. Angelina carries this style like a pro. Like what happened with “Annie Hall”, I hope this is the start of something good.

Ken on

im absolutely in love with her and her family!!! god bless the jolie-pitts.

ladyinred on

Angelina Jolie is no Grace Kelly.

Beth on

Husband and I saw the movie last night. Loved it. It was everything I expected. Angelina is my favorite actress anyway and she is the most beautiful woman in the world and this movie just shows more of her true beauty. Who cares if she had alot of make-up on. She is gorgeous without it. I hated Johnny’s hair in this movie and he didn’t look like the gorgeous man I’ve seen before. As far as the movie, it was full of action and had you asking yourself some questions. I think it is theatre worthy. Go see it. :)

Sandy on

No, AJ is no Grace Kelly; she is prettier. Grace was not any less a girl to have fun with the men; she just was a bit more discreet and some of the current magazines didn’t exist so it wasn’t all over the headlines, but she had many affairs with her leading men, not of whom were single at the time. People just didn’t talk about like they do now. It was like Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Everyone knew; they just didn’t talk about it until he was dead, and she nearly was. Not publicly. They kept their mouths shut and let them be and let his wife and kids live a life that wasn’t constant torment. People now have no class; they think it’s being “honest”, but it’s just constant cruelty and bullying to call people names and be hateful. Who are you to judge? Are you really so perfect?

Beth on

Just read all of the posts after I made my post about the movie. This is a site to talk about the movie – not badmouth AJ. I like the woman she has become and she has a huge heart – beautiful inside and out.

Teri on

(For you haters, her 3 children are not illegitimate, they are ADOPTED!) YES – 3 are adopted but she has 3 other children that are Brad’s and hers and if you look up in the dictionary their 3 children are
illegitimate. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and I don’t like her, never will, she is skinny and has HUGE lips. I will NEVER see one of her movies and promote her behavior.

rebecca on

How do you get the mascara and eyeliner to stay in place all day? I buy waterproof expensive eyeliner and mascara, but it still smears under my eyes after a couple of hours.

rker321 on

Illegitimate children is a term that does not exist. children whether their parents are married or not, are not longer labeled as such.
If you don’t like Angelina, that’s fine, her private life is certainly none of your business. Judge her as an actress, that is the only right that you have.

bella on

get over it that was years ago!!!!!! cant you cut someone a break she was in her 20’s!move on im sick of all you perfect people if you cant stand her why are you looking at the sight!

Skalamba on

very elegant and stunning Angie. Just see the movie and I love so much so funny and Johnny Depp is so handsome and the most part i like is when they are dancing together so cute!!!!

I will give the movie 5 stars!!!!!

mamita on

My husband & I saw the movie last night,
Jonny Depp was funny, and Angelina was beyond stunning! We will see it again!
(We taught it was a comedy than anything else.)

Clifford Seaton on

Angelina Jolie, Will alwys be The No. 1 Fox on this planet. I Just love her And what she does
with her life. God Bless Her.

Jon on

I could really care less!

Terry on

We love Angie!!!

She's Beautiful... on

That’s one stunning HomeWrecker!!!

Deborah on

Angelina looked so beautiful in the tourist. She just gets better with age. It was a wonderful movie.

Not a fan on

Angelina looks old.

Lois on

Jolie is a joke! Her father was unfaithful to her mother and she followed in his footsteps. After every movie, she states that she is going to stop doing movies…only to speed up on acting or directing. Please quit publishing things about this couple who try to show their superiority. Sickening!

It's true on

BEAUTIFULLLL clothes!!! Wasted on a human decepticon. She’s an ice pick, not admirable, and definetly not worth all of the imortalizing comments.

P.S. Her and Brad are aging HORRIBLY. That’s what you get when you live a life contrary to how it’s meant to be, then try to pass evil for good and good for evil. Get married!! They cheapen the family unit.

happycamper on

OMG – u people are pathetic. Judging Angie and Brad in this day and age for their lifestyle, birth, adoption of kids. I for one applaud them for giving kids a chance at a great life, and for starting a Holliwood “cool thing” about adopting kids from countries that are completely decimated, compared to the USA and Canada BRAVO Angie & Brad you completely deserve applause for your undying love & support to those less fortunate

Marky on

I am so amazed at how judgmental so many of you posters are about someone else’s life. Angelina Jolie has changed so much in the last 15 years; she has grown and matured, she has mended fences with her father, she never says harsh things about other people, and she does take good care of her children, whether you think she should adopt or not. How someone adds to their family is their business, not yours. Just like a lot of other people, she had some growing-up to do, and she did it. Jennifer Anniston didn’t even invite her mother to her wedding because she was mad at her, but who ever mentions that? I’m tired of the worn-out “homewrecker” theme. It’s old and, for the most part, not even true.

As for the movie, it’s great, AJ looks gorgeous, Johnny Depp is good as usual, and I may even buy it!

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Carmen Alexandra on

She’s beautiful but would look soooo much better and younger with a couple more pounds on her. Why can’t these hollywood types realize that the thinner you are the older and more tired you look!

sally on

A.J. is on a ego trip…started years ago…she is mentally unstable – she has done some wacky wacky things. So thin she must have an eating disorder – she looks like a skeleton – her arms and legs have no muscle or definition. And the poor children are just “drapery” for her. She uses them to get media coverage when she needs it to promote her movies. otherwise they are being raised by nannies and staff. The children she adopted could have benefitted more if she had just donated tons of money to their upbringing and left them out of her crazy life. These little children do not have a stable life, no home – no roots, they travel around from country, to hotel, to another country…always cared for by nannies. She donates money to charity – so what – what major star doesn’t…they have to for tax purposes. Most celebrities DO NOT issue p.r. statements announcing their latest donation. its all about self promotion.

pamela on

WOW Sally, do you feel better now? LOL. So Pax, Maddox and Zahara would have been better off left in orphanages instaed of being adopted by two people who obviously adore them, who provide them with the best education money can buy, they are healthy and are living the kind of life I wish I could have, but as per you, is detrimental to them. Talk about ignorance. The rest of your post doesn’t warrant a response, because it is all driven by hate. But what else is new? There is a big wide world out there…embrace it. The Jolie-Pitts do, which is why they are tolerant and don’t let the BS dictate what they do.

From People StyleWatch: Irene Inspires Angelina’s costumes in "The Tourist" | Stylish Fashion News on

[…] kept meditative of Irene. Well, which was kismet.  When you looked during this week’s People Magazine’s StyleWatch, you schooled which Irene was essentially an impulse for Angelina’s costumes in a […]

Marky on

I have news for you; there are lots of wealthy people who do very little for others and, no, they don’t “have to for tax purposes”. There are people making as much or more who donate nothing and would never even think of it because they are selfish. (work for a CPA) It’s ridiculous to keep saying AJ announces each donation so she can get PR; reporters find out everything these days and they announce it.

I find it very interesting that people like Sally comment about how thin AJ is and how thin her arms are, yet they make no such comments about actresses like Angie Harmon, who is every bit as thin as AJ. I seriously doubt AJ has an eating disorder; she’s always been thin, and if she did have one, she would have a really hard time getting pregnant because anorexia usually stops ovulation. She doesn’t seem to have that problem.

Seems as if some are just rude and hateful and can’t get past the things that happened when AJ was young. Boy, I hope your own kids turn out perfect and you never have to deal with any issues with them, because karma will really bite. People grow up and change and should be given credit for that. She did some foolish things when she was younger, but she has matured and become very gracious and done a lot to try to show she’s changed, including getting along with her father. Some of you must be really perfect to be able to be so critical.

Angelina Jolie’s Tourist Style Secrets | lineage on

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peacemaker on

I like her movie the Tourist, they are both good and funny. Like the hotel scene and in the ballroom. Ms. Jolie,beauty was wonder every producer want to hire her..I agree when they call her the most beautiful movie star of our time. In her younger days, she look like angel,innocent,attractive,sexy and mysterious..Now..she is elegant,fabolous,modest, gorgeous lady,with refine character. She change a lot..her beauty is endless. She embrace reality, that we all get old and she’s brave to face that day,when it comes. Weight is not a problem i guess,it easy to gain,but hard to lose weight. Once she put back that weight,every one will be insecure..and will hate her more.. Then we can all watch her in another episode of Lara Croft part 3,Catwoman or Cleopatra. She and Brad popularity will last forever,including their kids.

KC on

Can’t comment on AJ’s personal life because all I know about her is what the media presents. But I can say that I LOVED her character in the movie. Kudos to AJ, the director and the costume designer. Great job.

peacemaker on

All stars are not perfect, they have ups and down in their life. Some survive and can change direction,same in all of us. From being negative to positive in life. Any kind of vices,can be eleminated in our system. All we need is determination to change for good. We don’t need rehab for vices alone. For GOD give us knowledge,to use it. She move her life for the better, and that’s make her lovable in her fans,friends,family and co worker at UNHCR..They too see how she was transformed into a good human being. They don’t judge her on what critics or gossip tabs writes,they know her in person,being with her day to day in the field and in person. This is the reason,tabs opinion are not all her real personality. only she read the interviews,she make with known reporters on TV and Magazine. Movies? that’s not the real Angelina Jolie..She just acting..make believe world of show business..but she really can act,don’t care if she look unglamorous,her point is,she do justice to the rule. She is the best actress among the good ones.

keixo on

Wonderful family – Jolie-Pitt … wish them well always! Kudos! to those who think otherwise, if you have nothing good to say, shut-up!

Cookie on

I am not a huge Angie fan; but, she was absolutely exquisite in this film. It was as if she were channeling the beauties of yesteryear (Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, etc.). Johnny Depp was, as usual, perfect in the role he was playing. Unless you were expecting Captain Jack Sparrow, you could not have been disappointed in him. He was charming and likeable, even until the end. Great movie. I have to wonder if the critics saw the same movie we did, because the reaction of others in the theater was similar to mine. I would give it an “A”. Could have been slightly more intriguing for the “A+”, but definately well worth the ticket.

Angelina Jolie in The Tourist | Black is the New Black on

[…] designer Colleen Atwood stated that she “looked to classic film noir glamour… My inspiration for [Jolie's character] […]

janet jones on

Angelina tries way too hard to carry the look of elegance and ease but cannot do it. She still looks like a tramp. She does not have one iota of the natural grace, style and elegance of a Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn – she is what she is – and she’s no lady.

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[…] can only hope Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood will once again design Warburton’s ab-tastic blue body […]

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