Taylor Swift Shows Off Straight Hair and Bangs at AMAs: Love It or Hate It?

11/22/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Taylor Swift Shows Off Straight Hair at AMAs: Love It or Hate It?
Jason Merritt/Getty

Taylor Swift caused more than a few double-takes when she stepped onto the red carpet last night at the American Music Awards debuting a dramatic new hairstyle. Looking more supermodel than country singer, she showed off some fabulous new fringe with her usually curly tresses replaced by straight and sleek. The singer, who picked up the best female country artist award, complemented her new sophisticated style with a sparkly mini dress before pulling her hair back into a sleek ponytail for her performance. And while we’re not used to seeing Taylor without her signature cute curls, we’re loving this chic new style. Tell us: What do you think of Taylor’s new style? Do you prefer her hair curly or straight?

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Mary on

I LOVED the new hairdo!!

Kyann on

I loved Taylor’s look but didn’t think her performance was that great. Maybe it was just me but her voice didn’t sound as good as it usually does.

Erin on

I quite like it, I think it gives her a more grown up look.

Angela on

She looks gorgeous!! Love the hair!!

MissCatt on



I did not recognize her at first, but the more I watched, I couldnt stop staring at her. She looks amazing with the new style, but she is always rockin it whether its curls or straight tresses.


She looks great!

Sandra on

I think you look great, a more mature look,

Jon on

I like Taylor’s new hair-style! I’d prefer her Hair Curly or Straight, either way! Also, when The Season 1 Finale of Scott Baio is 45… and Single aired, it was so interesting how his Girlfriend, Renee, shocked him at the end about her expecting their 1st Child!

JE on

This is not HER hair…it is pretty obvious it is a wig/weave. Its a nice look but would have been much better if it was her own hair.

Amy on

She looks beautiful!!! I’m tired of the curls:)

allazay on

She always looks great-simply a beautiful girl inside and out.Just hope she does not get too Hollywood!

Kortland on


Jesy on

Um, Jon….WHAT?????Loser.

amber on

she looks like nicole kidman.

Lady on

She looks like Kat Stacks………..

Ashley on

She looked so amazing last night! Her makeup was even different. She looked so sophisticated! I also like her with her normal look, though, as well. I think she is so great!

PM on

Way better straight! I really dislike her curly hair.

Meems on

JE you are out of your mind, it’s obciously NOT a wig and it is her own hair. A straightener and some hair syrem does wonders.

She looked great and her performance was wonderful. I loved the song.

BB on

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it….I don’t care if its her hair or a wig..she definitely needs to wear it like that more often!

taylor on

She looked very pretty with her like that.

Erinn on

I’m more concerned with the fact that she seems to be wasting away to nothing. Am I the only one noticing how skinny she’s getting? I really hope she doesn’t get any thinner, there are a lot of girls who look up to her and she was thin enough to begin with.

leslieD on

Gorgeous–didn’t recognize her but it is beautiful.

Donnye Nash on

Much, Much, Much more sophistacated! I didn’t think she was all that pretty before but now I do!

christina on

I thought she looked like Nicole Kidman’s little sis. Love the hair. She looks like a knockout! The curls are too cutesy for my taste.

Sheila on

She looks AMAZING!!!

JoAnn on


Kim on

JE, it most certainly is HER hair. It’s called straightening as you blow dry. I do it all the time.

Taylor looked fantastic last night.

Kelly on

GORG!! Looks alot like oh… Heidi Klum and another supermodel I cant remember the name! oh well, but get it girl. Looks amazing!

Josette on

I really like this look on her, it refreshing.

Patty on

She’s a beautiful girl….I like the straight hair and bangs, but I’m getting a little sick of the winged out eyeliner…

Kelly on

I really, really cannot stand Taylor Swift. I will say I am glad she finally has a new hair-do instead of that horrid wavy mess she usually sports. But the bangs are way too much. I want her to eat a cheeseburger and go into hiding for a while.

Susan on

Seriously folks?? It’s a WIG!!!!!!!

ANN on


maya on

I love new hair! so cool! so beautiful! so amazing!

JoAnn on


Melanie on

I love it… Makes her look much more mature!!!

Sash on


Marie on

Love it. She looks gorgeous!

GiGi on

AT MEEMS, I’m a hairdresser, this is TOTALLY a WIG…wua wuaaaa

kay-elle on

love the new hair, very chic!
@ Kyann, i wasn’t surprised by this performance, her voice never sounds very good at all… i love the album versions of her songs but she can’t sing live at all, sorry taylor!

Sam on


Molly on

I love it. She looks great.

Houston on

I like it but i think she looks a little like Reese and that is probably why Jake likes her.

TC on

I did not even recognize her at first. However, she’s growing up and deserves to change her look. I think she looks great. Unfortunately I agree with the few other posts…her performance was not up to par. Her usual self was just not there. Regardless, Taylor’s beautiful and her songs are wonderful!!

LPW on

Loved it. It totally transformed her.

Nancy on

I quite like it. I don’t like her curls.

brock on

It’s a WIG! lol

GiGi on

BREAKING NEWS: IT’S A WIG..she looks nice but IT’S A WIG

muggle on

Her curly hair is hers and hers alone..we’ve all loved it..wish we straight haired peops had it. It is one of her signatures.. I believe she’s just trying to ‘fit in'(be like everybody else)–she needs to be herself..please


she looks amazing

Kimberly on

I think it makes her look more mature. I LOVE the look. (Also, without her RED/Bright lipstick, she looks much better).

Responding to JE’s post. This MIGHT be a wig/weave, but my hair is just as curly and I straighten it and it looks great.

I’m not a big fan but, GO TAYLOR.

Logan clevenger on

Best I’ve seen her look!

Daisy on

She looks great. The look is very sophisticated. Her live performance voice is horrible. If she were an AI contestant – she’d be crucified. I’ve never seen a live performance where she didn’t either forget her own words or sing out of key/time – or both. She’s a great songwriter and studio performer for sure…

Julie on

Love the new look….she looks so mature with it!

Tamara on

I didn’t initially recognize her either, but she seriously stepped up her game. She’s a cute girl, but here she looks sophisticated and gorgeous!

stephanie willis on

She looks much more sophisticated and grown-up with the new do! Love it, hate the fairy-tale curls.

Alicia on

Taylor looked amazing!! She looked so grown up and mature! I love the straight hair and I think she should keep up with the style! :)

GJ on

I had to do a double take. This girl is beautiful no matter the hair style. I do love the lighter lip color….ruby red is not for Taylor! You are beautiful.

laurie on

The new look is definitely better but it certainly can’t make her sound better. I was not surprised by her bad performance I’ve never seen her sing well live.

gretta on

i really really loved it

april on

she looks like mod barbie. so pretty!

Melisa on

Loved it!

Susan on

It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Agustina on

Wonderful new look! She looks great with bangs, she looks more grown-up.

Cindy on

I love the new straight hair….more chic and takes away that little girl look…she’s ready for that.

RC on

Looks great, she looks a little like Orianthi…if she only had the talent Ori has…girl’s a great songwriter but she can’t sing a bit

Traci on

I love Taylor’s new hairdo.

She’s cute with or without curls.

The bangs make her look so young.

KDY on

love it!!! Makes Taylor look more shappy chick

Dianna on

Love it. Love her hair anyway she wears it.

Nana on

Love it …it’s so cute

Angelik on

Wow, I do not think she is very pretty but, this hair style and color is amazing, she looks wonderful

Ellie on

Me personally, its okay. Nothing to say wow about when it comes to short hair with bangs. Everyone is wearing the same look these days, so Taylor’s following the trend is not at all surprising.

I think this look makes her look OLDER. I’m sick of her being portrayed as this innocent little GIRL. She’s no girl people and its time she starts acting like a GROWN woman and gets treated as such. I think Taylor is the perfect “marketing” package, she has the typical WHITE goody-to-shoe look and that’s a marketing and record company’s dream look. I think they are other artists who are WAY MORE gifted and talented when it comes to writing, singing and performing, but they don’t fit the “marketing” package mold. I think Taylor has been over marketed to the point its become the typical OVER-EXPOSURE, just like with Miley Cyrus, Brittany, etc. They flood the airwaves, the TV, magazines 24/7 to the point they become annoying.

Linda on

I like her hair straight…not curly. I just wish she could sing to go with her looks but unfortuately she can’t.

Jennifer on

She looks great either way but this is fun, new, and sexy! I like it!

rlrhouston on

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. My sisters and I couldn’t figure out if it was her or not because she looks so different. The sleek hair, and bangs make her looks so grown up.

Nicole on

I like it on her; it makes her look different. It looks great and it’s a great style for Taylor.:)

Liam on

Memo to JE: It IS her hair, you JAGOFF! Seems like there’s ALWAYS gonna be someone trying to take a leak in the punchbowl. She looks GEORGEOUS!
JEs’ point is moot. The majprity LUV-LUV-LUV this llook…so there!

klair on

-uhmm….. fake hairr.!!!
looks nice thouqhh,but come’on.

Jessica freeman on

LOVE!! I love her curly hair style, but she needs to switch it up every once in a while…she looks older and amazing!

Emily on

Not a fan. But not bad. Taylor is her curls. She looks like Hilary Duff. And not that; Thats bad.

Margot on

personnally I can not stand Taylor Swift either way with straight or curly hair , she has major diva like attitude and i think the other singers in her catergory were better than her. Taylor needs to go back to her play pen.

dino on

WOW…..sooooo much hotter looking now!

J on

I liked it. She looked a bit older. Although,I though it was a wig.

Madeline on

I like it, but I think if you have those beautiful natural curls you should embrace them!!!

Lizzie on

Don’t particulary care for her and think she is way over-rated but the hair (be it real or fake) looks good on her.

Kristy on

Major improvement!!! Looks great.

wrangler003 on

I though Rhianna was a singer. SHe cannot carry a note at all. Bunch of horrible sounds, all on that show were horrible. If that is what they consider music, the music industry is in a lot of trouble. Country music is dead, guess all of it is now since there are no REAL artists around anymore except for Taylor Swift. All the black women look like dollar ho’s on the street.

JW on

I liked the hair, but she still can’t sing.

amy on

TOTALLY agree with kyann……

Ladylou7 on

Nice change! But, I would prefer to see more of her beautiful eyes; perhaps make the bangs a bit shorter and go back to the oiginal eye make-up.

Liz on


Nameless on

I don’t know what it is about this bang look everyone is into, but I hate how it sits right over the eyes…it just looks uncomfortable. If the hair was an inch shorter on the bangs, it would be great. It suits her, but I also see it as such a radical change that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a wig – the top part seems to sit high on her head like a wig. As much as I like it, I like her crazy locks the best.

jorden on

I LOVED her look! much better than her usual girly attire with ringlets look!

TEXAS13 on

Not a Taylor Swift fan at all but loved the new-do

Ann on

I like the hair, but thecurls are better (:

lilly on


nadyadk on

LOVE HER NEW LOOK she’s soooooooo pretty. And there is no way that this is a wig. Like wth

Jaime on

The first thing I thought when I looked at her was that it was a wig. I think she looks much more mature and I do like it.

Mark Neely on

I love it! So chic and avant garde! The tones are so warm.. She’s so daring even though it’s winter with the blonde highlights : )

Yuck on

I HATED Taylor’s hair like this. I like the curls the best and it is the most natural way for her.

Dara H on

LOVE IT!!! Makes her look more mature.

Amy on

She looks incredibly beautiful. Hot hot hot!

Kathryn on

I think she looks really good! Experimenting with your hair, especially for the red carpet, is always good! Her curly hair always looks super cute, though, so hopefully she won’t change her look up too much.

Jessica on


vic on

absolutely a great move. hair and makeup are gorgeous. this is the look she needs to keep.

Lisa on

I love the straight hair but I’m not a fan of bangs.

Brianna on

LOVE IT!! It makes her look more her age!!

linda on

I thought she looked so beautiful! Not too mature and a nice change from the (12yr.old) curls.

jennifer on

I like it except for the fact she looks EXACTLY like Mischa Barton

Vicki Landenburg on

100% improvment

AA on

love it!!

Mia on

Love it!

Kit on

I LOVE the new do! It’s very flattering with her cat-shaped eyes and sophistated new look for a young adult.

Anitrea on

She looked really nice with straight hair and her outfits were really nice to.

Abby on

Actually this picture looks great but her curly hair mustved looked preety awsome and way better.

Audra on


Katie on

I love her new hairstyle!!! She could be a supermodel – what a wonderful role model for young women everywhere!! She is a cutie patootie!!! Talented and pretty – lucky woman!

Busy Bee on

Looks like a wig

Deb on

She looks great!

nicole on

LOVE the hair, but a bit to much eye makeup!

Jessica on

looks awesome and looks like her hair to me…there is a reason why celebrities use hair stylists…and there are such things as straighteners….love it whether it’s curly or straight


I do like the hair, better than the curls. I didn’t see the performance, but I have noticed she RARELY sounds really good in person. She must have some amazing producers in the studio who know how to mix her voice.

ninja on

cute girl. but she canot sing her way out of a paper bag. i do not understand her being famous but who has talent nowadays anyways? #shrug

courtney on

i LOVE taylor but i love her hair curlyyy.

krislyfer22 on

..much better than her old lookz..like it!

peggy smith on

She is a lot cuter with her wavy hair and the bangs aren’t doing anything for her. Actually, bangs don’t really do much for anyone — they just cut off your face a bit.


she looks amazing here. more woman and less girl. the “signature” curls look great on her too but this is a stunning new look for her.

Beth on

I think Taylor looks great in the new hairdo. I do think she did not sound good last night – her voice sounded off key and strained. She would get voted off American Idol in a heartbeat! What is wrong with her? She needs some vocal coaching, maybe some exercises to get her voice back in shape. Really disappointing performance!

Claire on

LOVE IT! She looks amazing

Kristy69 on


mm on

The new look was very different. It made her look much older, more sophisticated, but I don’t like the bangs! She should have tried straight hair without cutting bangs. Once you have bangs it’s hard to get rid of them. I really prefer her curly, natural look. That’s the look we have all come to know and love. It is uniquely Taylor!

germie on

Luv it! Luv it! She looks so cute with the straight hair.

Jackie on

Loved it!!!

Beth on

I think she looks like Barbie!! Her straight hair makes her look older. Her curly hair is what I prefer. I hope she embraces her curly hair. Women around the country wish they had curly hair like hers.

Fish on

She looked beautiful with her straight hair but she can’t sing. Her singing is like a conversation.

DeniseD1971x on

I love it! I think she looks amazing. I’d love to hair hair like that! Peace :)

Trish on

I loved it! She just continues to get more beautiful as she ages and that shine that comes from inside makes her all the more beautiful. The curls are vintage Taylor but she definitely can pull off either look. :)

Mistyluv7 on

I have see this hair on her before….it’s a wig. We were asked at that time if we liked it also. I think the general consensus was that it was a nice change. She’s young and that’s what young girls do…..change their looks from time to time.

lisa on

Although, I don’t get the hype over her… she is a very pretty gal. I prefer her hair straight as she looks literally like a super model with the straight hair. What made her especially gorgeous? Toning down the harsh red lipstick!

Jen on


Haylee on

If the bangs weren’t so blunt, it would e a thousand times better! But I love this look, she looks really good!

P.S JE IS RIGHT, IT IS A WIG! It just looks like one, there’s nothing wrong with her wearing a one :) Next time you talk to her People, ask her if she was wearing a wig or not!

Michie on

LOVE IT! this hairstyle shows off Taylor’s sophisticated style and as well as her range. I absolutely love her and the look :]

JE on

I saw some on here thought my wig comment was ridiculous and others agree. I realize you can straigten hair with a straight iron and hair serum as that is what I do but come on! I still said it looks nice because it does. It is a wig, I’m sorry but it is. You know how I know? She has BANGS! She didn’t have bangs until last night, and when she goes back to curly you will find the bangs gone. Either way, she looked really good last night.

chuck on

New ‘do looks great, but she looks malnourished & could use a couple of pounds added on. Her voice has never been that good, but that doesn’t really seem to matter in country music.

emily on

she looks really pretty but i miss the old taylor!

mopraise on


C on

So, JE, she couldn’t have cut her hair also? I’m just saying it’s a weak argument as to why you think it’s a wig.

anetta on

She looks STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa on

Love it!!! She looks HOT! Go Taylor! :)

Elizabeth on

Finally!! I always wondered when she was going to flat iron that shiz!

Katie on

Well the wig looked nice on her but who is her wardrobe stylist?? She dresses like she in her 40’s…either way she still has zero talent!!

Pam on

Love the straight hair! Love the curls, too, though, but everyone needs a change once in a while!

Hayley on


karen on

I thought she looked great with straight hair and she is a pretty girl but I am still amazed that her singing gets the praise it seems to. She is a good songwriter but I would never pay to see her sing live.

justme on

Love it, hate her makeup

jim/dee on

I would probably vote for the straight look if it improved her singing!! Alas, I don’t think anything could fix that. I get so tired of hearing her listed as a country singer. Her songs are only bubble-gum songs for the teeny boppers. It’s time they started voting for singers that really can carry a tune.
Just saying…..

jill on

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!! So much more flattering.

Terry on

Love it!!! No matter how she wears her hair – she will always be a beautiful person & singer.
She can’t go wrong!!

sylvia on

like the straight hair, not the bangs.

kelly on

i loved it :)

LS on

She’s a pretty girl, so she looks good either way, but I prefer this look. I agree with JE- it would be better if it was her own hair.

Wayne Mello on

Taylor Swift’s new hair cut is sensational! She does look like a model from London, which is fab.
Very sophisticated, very hip and the mini was a perfect look for her.

Peggy on

Your straight hair makes you look like everybody else. Go back and be different.

Meems on

GiGi, I don’t care if you’re a wig maker, it’s her hair.

emmalemon on

I do like the straight hair- but the curls are just too classic and so her to give up

I love them both but I definitely love the curls more.

Joyce on

So much better than the curls! Makes her look alot more up-to-date and mature! It looks awesome! I hope she stays with this style.

T on

This is VERY obviously a wig. Who cares. Slow news day, People?

Carol on

Taylor will look good no matter what she does but I loved her unique hair and now her hair looks boring. Wish the professional star maker stylists would amplify the unique qualities of each star instead of turning out assemblyline maniquins. Bring back her curls! Love Taylor, Love her curls!

JM on

Taylor you looked MARVELOUS dawling!!!! A more grown up look. Before you looked like a teen trying to look grown up—your new look proves you are grown up. Your lovely either way but a nice new look.

Nancy on

Keep the look!

Cassie on

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Loved her performance also! She’s so Beautiful!

Melissa on

Love her hair, didn’t even recognize her at first. Looks just beautiful!! Makes her look older as well.

Kaley_T on

LOVED it! She looked more beautiful that she ever has! She better keep it like that!

Lacy on

Taylor looked awesome!! She looked very sleek and mature. She was best everything at the awards last night. Congrats Taylor!!

bebi on

lol. some of these comments are cracking me up! it is a cute style on taylor, it is a much needed departure from the side part and waves. however, it is not her hair. you can’t tell from the picture- actually you can :)- but it was quite obvious during her performance. you can clearly see the circular wig pattern at the crown of her head. why do some people have an issue admitting its not her hair?!? if it were beyonce you would say wig/weave quickly. too funny people!

Ashlee on

She looks like Barbie!

Leigh on

The bangs are WAY to long. They shouldn’t be resting onto her “fake” lashes like that. I hope that glue holds well. lol. The look is good, but the bangs are just way too long. Yes, I agree her voice was off but then again it is COLD outside and I just got over being ill myself so I’m sure she’s battling a cold. We’ve all seen her do better, so don’t stress the performance. Plus playing live is SO difficult and stressful. People pick her apart and shouldn’t. She’s awesome, just shorten the bangs a bit there Taylor. <3

dondada on

i love it i never really look at her as sexy or anything like that before this new hair style i find she look hot

ya on

love it she looks like barbie.

Fafou on

The best she ever looked, I hope she keeps this hairdo

jen on

i LOVE it straight. btw, they straightened her hair with a flat iron, added some extensions to the bottom, then used clip on bang extensions. beautiful looking.

Tina on

OK, this girl seriously needs to keep her hair like this-it’s great! She is waaay too frumpy with the curly, side, flat bangs. She needs to be more edgy but not too Hollyweird. Just keep this pleeeaassse Taylor!!!!!!

mimi on

love her hair curly, somebody spritz her with some water lol

Kim on

Love it!

Sooo Rich on

She looks like a totally different person. I like it a lot better.

tillie on

love it

YC on

I agree with JE, this is NOT her hair. It is a wig! At one point, she tried to push it behind her ear but it would not go naturally because it is a wig. That is why when it was pulled back in a pony tail, there were piecing hanging out on the side…since the wig would not look like hair when pulled back. Next appearance she will be back to curly hair w/o bangs which will be her real hair.

Tahlia on

A welcomed change and look for Taylor. Wonder if it has anything to do with her new man? She is almost 21 and no longer needs to portray herself as the virginal innocent girl any longer. She’s a young woman and looks HOT for a change. Good for her, change is GOOD! Real good.

lorelei51h on

The new hairstyle is fantastic. It brings out her eyes, facial shape and beauty. She looks great – much better than the constant curls.

donna on

She looks better than she normally does (more grown up) and she is NOT squinting for a change. To those who commented that her singing seemed a little off…I have never heard her sing well (live). It always sounds horrible and for that reason I just see her as the normal US packaged product singer and I refuse to support that.

Kristin on

I love the straight hair. She looks more grown up

Mrs JP on


Taylor looks good in straight or curly hair, she rocks!!!!!!

jaci on

its obviously not her hair but it looks really good on her. sick of her real hairdo.

Kathryn on

I think it was great! She looks like Dusty Springfield….

trisha on

she looked ok…she sounded flat when she sang

Jennifer on

Hair is ok…next let’s work on the lack of singing talent.

Crazy Kim on

Taylor you really need to give it a rest. I think she is a stuck up snot..she wants the world to think she is innocent..nobody is that innocent…she has a dark side to her I’m sure she comes acroos to innocent…Hate her!!!!!! as for singing WOW !!!!! you suck..

Zoe on

I didnt recognize her at first, but i think she looks gorgeous!!! Definitely a good hairstyle for her.

Jenn on

I like it but she looks like a barbie.

anonymous on

she had a unique and natural look with her curly hair, now she looks like just another LA model and it aged her 10 years

anonymous on

i agree she looks plastic and like barbie, not that shes not gorgeous but loved the way she looked different from everyone else with her own look

hannah hoffman on

I love it, it’s about time she did something different with her hair. She always has it curled the same way- nice change and hope to see this look more in the future!!! And to JE.. it is her real hair..she just straightened it, it’s NOT a wig!!! lol

Anita on

As a singer, I think there are women who sign so much better than her, actually I don’t think she can sing at all, but what do I know…..but I do like her new sleek hairstyle

aly on

I don’t really like it. I mean she had such a unique syle and when she straightens it it’s like I’ve seen this before!

Carla G on

LOVE the new do!!

Tessa on

I love this style on her. Looks fantastic.

Another thing I appreciate is that she is not all fake tanned up. She looks stunning with her natural paler skin tone. More celebrities should take style tips from her.

JJ on

Love the look!! How fun Taylor!!

Gretchen on

She looks amazing! It makes her look more grown-up

sheila on

I really don’t care for Taylor but she does look good. It’s funny that her cd’s sound in tune but she doesn’t anywhere else.

cheekdog on

wow! she looks like cheryl tiegs!

Doodlebug on

Come on people. That was a WIG!!!!

kristin on


Nancy on

Jon is right, it IS a wig. The #1 indicator is the look at the top of her head where the part is supposed to be. That doesn’t look natural. And usually real hair does not look that sleek, glossy and perfect looking. I don’t care who your stylist is. All of you need to get you eyes checked!!

Lenna on

I really love this new look on Taylor. She looks absolutely AMAZING!

Grammy on

I think she looks wonderful…I hope she leaves the waves and curls behind.

Taylor on

Love it!

Amanda on

Why won’t she go away? Aren’t her 15 minutes over yet?

Kim on

I loved it.

Dee on

She kind of looks like a Barbie doll.

Joani on

She looks 100% BETTER – like a whole new person. I hated the way she looked before!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammie on

hmmm…looks like Stevie Nicks’ hairstyle from when they sang together. Copying? Great person to copy, but shouldn’t she stick to her own style, which already worked for her, instead of channeling others’ looks?

The Shark on

Love, love the new hair and bangs!

randa on

i like it. its pretty cool.

Jasmine on

Ditch the bangs and bring in the curling iron.

Bobbie on

She’s actually pretty with her hair like this. Love it. Hated her previous odd hairstyle. She always looked very strange to me. This new style is very complimentary to her features.

jennifer Winingder on

Love it!!! It looks fab!! So sophisticated!

niki on

It’s about time!!

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Megan on


mason on


Dawn on

Beautiful girl in any style, but ya gotta change things up sometimes, so yeah, it’s a really nice change.

Collie on

WOW…She looks so sophisticated with her hair like that. Please straighten your hair all the time…You are all grown up now…

Penny on

Her hair look sooooooooo much better straight! I always wondered why she didn’t do it a long time ago! Much more mature & seductive :)

Alexa on

Taylor Swift is so overated..like no one likes her, her songs are all the same, she looks like a cat and she looks mentally retarded in this photo!

Chrissy on

LOVE IT!!! I am amazed at how beautiful she looks no matter what she does with her hair!

Maryann on

From cute as can be to STUNNING!! Taylor is growing up. You go, Girl!

Molly Harris on

Love love love it! Lose the curls, you look great straight!

Molly Harris on

Love love love it! You look beautiful with the sleek hair.

rl on

Taylor looked awesome! Time for her to take on a more grown up look & write about more grown up issues. She has both the talent and looks to make this happen. Wtg Taylor, u owned it!

Lacy on

Hate it!!!!1

njb on

WOW !! Stunningly beautiful. I love Taylor’s new hair. Sophisticated, classy… need I say more?!

LaLa on

FINALLY…even if it’s a wig, it’s a TON better than that the outdated waves

sev on

totally love it! But, she needs to stay true taylor. Her curls are like a signature. Its all yours! But still i <3 it!

Daisy on


Jess on

I love it she looks all grown up!

Atl404 on

Loved her new new look- she was a very average singer-when she first hit the scene-now she has progressed as a
solid singer/entertainer-but still no Carrie Underwood/Martina MacBride that make it look effortless.
Know she has the t’ween crowd-her new look-is the best thing she’s done-since her new album.It’s consistent and
often great!

jimmy on

love the new doo! she is hot!!!

Fran Cardenas on

Taylor, you rocked it Girl. Never looked so good.

Fran Cardenas on

Taylor you rocked it girl, you never looked so Good.

Red Sky on

Hope the bangs is just a hair piece.It’s a bit heavy on her face,love the blonde highlights.

Wow on

She is beautiful no matter what, but her new hair style made her look like a Barbie doll. Just gorgeous.

Angel on

I like her hair better like this, she should wear it that way more often! It looks good. But it looks like she’s wearing a wig though

Shannon on

Beautiful. WoW

FaithHillFanatic on

Taylor is a beautiful girl regardless of her hairstyle. But personally I think she looks amazing with straight locks. So sophisticated, elegant and grown up. Very stunning. :-)

Katie Leiataua on

Actually I like it but I wouldn’t wear it for long.

Sara on

Yuck! Don’t care for it at all. There’s nothing interesting about it and the bangs are way too much. I see girls at the mall wearing their hair like this. Big deal!

copperhead on

She looks BEAUTIFUL – the best part is her eyebrows are hidden! Both her curls and her brows distracted from her beauty. She also looks more like a young woman than a girl.

Kassi on

I Love Her Hair Straight! She Looks Amazing!!!

amgorgeous on

She was so pretty!! I didn’t realize that’s her at first! Cause her hair was different! So stunning. I love her!!

Ray on

Straight! Love it, she looks more like awoman then a teenie.

Chris on

Love the new look Taylor!

mamahameru on

she looks better than she sounds. never really liked her songs. not my cup of tea i guess. but anyway all the best to her

Marti Schmidt on

WOW!!! Taylor looks great. This hairstyle makes her look a lot older and very sophisticated.

christine on

wow!! love it.. she’s very pretty..

christine on

WOW!! i love it.. beautiful!! she is very prettyyyyy!!

LJ on

I don’t like it. It makes her look ordinary when normally she is so gorgeous in a unique way.

Heather on

Love her new look, but still hate her voice…not sure why all the hype, she really is not a good singer! Props to her songwriting ability and her determination and dedication to her passion. I’ve heard that she is a super sweet and genuine person…..but her voice…eh…! There are too many other artists with WAY better voices that should be getting awards….!

Kate on

LOVED it! I saw her on the AMAs and had to do a double take – she reminded me a bit of Nicole Kidman. Gorgeous!

Elm on

don’t care what she does with her hair. can’t stand the girl or her voice.

Tifany on

She is my daughter’s favorite singer and I couldn’t be happier! She looks great now, as she always does. She’s a great role model!!

Joanne on

I think it is time for Taylor Swift to grow up and act like an adult. The hair is a start. Now if she could sing more on key and stop writing songs that are all about her, she might get a better perspective. There are other people to sing about besides herself. She needs to collaborate with some songwriters if she is going to continue to grow into an icon in Country Music.



Ala on

It’s not a new style, there are a few pictures of Taylor with that hairstyle floating around

Beth Bradshaw on

I love it, much better than constant curls!

Online Fashion » Press conference reveals some details on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Jayne on

Love the new look, but also agree that her performance on the AMA’s was more than a bit flat. Maybe next time, Taylor–I’m still a fan!

donna on

Love it! She is all grown up and looking Great

Kaye on

I absolutely love the new do. I’ve never thought she was that pretty – now she looks fabulous!

jamie on

I love the look she looks amazing. This really becomes her and shows her age. She’s beautiful those curls hide her beauty but this look is incrediable… YOU GO GURL…

Kathy on

Love it.

shelbydawkins on


Lori on

She would be cute if she were bald. She can get away with anything, and still be adorable!

Donna on

I think she looks much better with her hair this way…..just beautiful.

samantha on

she’s a lovely young woman…so who cares how she decides to wear her hair?? It’s up to her…

Sonia Labrie on

I love her straight hair….she looks awesome :)

Celery on

Her hair looks way better straight. She has the worst hair in Hollywood when she wears it wavy – who does that to her?

Moose on

Sooooooooo much better…finally!

Kate on

I looooooooove her hair straight!! Of course, she looks great either way.

traci on

I love her straight hair!! She looked beautiful at the AMA’S!!

Miriam on

I thought she looked fabulous with straight hair. She’s a beautiful girl and extremely talented. She should wear her hair any way she wants.

Sonny on

I’m not going to lie. She most definitely has the exact same hair style (with bangs and color) as me now. I love Taylor Swift but if I get one comment about how I copied Taylor Swift… :P

noemie28denis on

i like it, it looks sophisticated and new

Online Fashion » Aging confidence on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

vanessa on

She looks like Barbie!

KT on

Taylor trying to look like Miley Cyrus?!!! Say it aint’ so!

Marlene on

Her hair is always beautiful but prefer the new look. Change is always good. However, the BLACK EYE LINER has to go. She has such beautiful eyes and needs to have them opened. The liner locks her eyelids. Needs a make-up artist from Hollywood to assist her. Love her tho.

joyce spicer on

love it…..makes her look her age!

Mamavalveeta03 on

Taylor looks gorgeous with her hair straight OR curly. What a lucky girl! And it sounds like she’s got as much inner beauty as outer. That’s what I like to hear.

Online Fashion » Police Seek Man Who Stole Woman’s Necklace on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Raquel on

I agree with Ellie, her hair is just the trend but definitely a step up from her horrible curls. The bangs cover her horrible eyebrows which is great, with all that money u think she would do something with them. I agree fully she can’t sing and of course she sounds good on her cd’s people u know how much they can do to someones voice, in a recording studio. There are lots more talented people out there then her. She is past annoying I dread seeing her on tv and cringe when I hear her on the radio. I change the station immedietly. I WANTED TO SPREAD PUT A STOP TO THE UNTALENTED HU BUB ABOUT THIS CHICK PLEASE!

Online Fashion » Politics of the afro on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Alix on

I LOVE It . On The AMA’s , I Didn’t Notice Her At All. Taylor Always Looks Great No Matter What. :)

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week « Celebrity Clothing « Celebrity Fashion Diva on

[…] Swift debuts straight hair and bangs at the American Music Awards. Discuss! READ IT NOW –Designers like Reem Acra and Monique Lhuillier dream up fantasy wedding gowns for Kate […]

Ella on

the curls are cuute, but the straiight hair makes her look sexxy

Amber Paliwoda on

Taylor always looks amazing. Anyone that thinks she don’t is crazy. I don’t buy cds cause I only usually like one song. But Taylors every song she has on a album I can’t stop listenig to it. Love Story was one of my wedding songs. TAY IS THE BEST!!!!

erlyn on

i think i like the curly hair not the straith hair and now you look like old but your still my idol love you TAYLOR!!!!!!!

El Derick on

I prefer curly hair. ‘Cause that’s one of the reasons why I like Taylor Swift. But if that’s what she wanted, then go ahead!! do what makes you happy, I’ll support!!
I will always be your #1 fan!!! Love ya!

El Derick on

Oh, I forgot to I say I like it. A bit, ehehhe

D'Annette on

I like it. I didn’t she was 22 for a while but this gives her a more mature look. The curls give her character and indivuality but the sleek look gives her attitude.

Glisten17 on

But…but..her curly hair is BEAUTIFUL!

Emily on

I just LOVE this new sleek hairstyle!
It gives her a more mature look.
I much prefer this hairstyle, then the cute curls before. But she is beautiful no matter what hairstyle she has.

christina on

Well, I think it is nice but i preferred her curls. Perhaps its because im not used to it

LP Sheena Sinda on

I like her new hairstyle..

LP Sheena Sinda on

I love her new hairstyle.

Cera on

I don’t like it. Taylor has a trademark look with curly hair. The curly keeps that whole “country girl next door” vibe going on. The straight hair makes her look just like every other hollywood girl. :( She’s much hotter with that “girl next door, innocent” look.

Taylor Swift’s Curly Coif: Inspired by the Seasons? « News Hub Today on

[…] a very seasonal thing for me — I always feel the need to straighten my hair when it’s winter,” the perfumer tells PEOPLE. “In the winter months I’m […]

Taylor Swift’s Curly Coif: Inspired by the Seasons? « Boys T Shirt « Celebrity News on

[…] a very seasonal thing for me — I always feel the need to straighten my hair when it’s winter,” the perfumer tells PEOPLE. “In the winter months I’m […]

Taylor Swift’s Curly Coif: Inspired by the Seasons? | Life Style on

[…] a very seasonal thing for me — I always feel the need to straighten my hair when it’s winter,” the perfumer tells PEOPLE. “In the winter months I’m […]

Taylor Swift’s Curly Coif: Inspired by the Seasons? | Celebrity gossip on

[…] a very seasonal thing for me — I always feel the need to straighten my hair when it’s winter,” the perfumer tells PEOPLE. “In the winter months I’m […]

Taylor Swift got New Hair | Hot Entertainment on

[…] Entertainment News, Hot Celebrity: Taylor Swift and her hair has presented a program Sunday at the American Music Awards tide, country pop star broke up with his trademark curly locks and sports shots right and win […]

berta on

i really love you and your songs taylor…. i wish the best to you and i wish for my self that one day i will meet you …………….(L)… i love you too much taylor..

yuka akemi on

i loved Taylor swift new hair she look hot sexy beautiful all the time….

Taylor Swift Turns Heads at 2010 AMAs with New Hairstyle | CDInsight on

[…] Swift’s brand-new appearance has been described as “more supermodel than country singer” by People.com. […]

Lauren on

I think it looks bad.I miss her old look

tala on

what are u saying i love Taylor swift her voice is awesome last year my bd gift was her aughtograph

Josie on

I love her hair curly, it’s a signature look.

The straightness gives her a girl next door sort of appeal, which is not something that I don’t really like.

taylor swift with straight hair | All About Taylor Swift on

[…] stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com […]

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