EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind Jessica Simpson's 'Romantic' Ruby Ring!

11/15/2010 at 02:40 PM ET

Jessica Simpson's Engagement Ruby RingCourtesy Neil Lane; Inset: Chance Yeh/Sipa

When it came to picking out the perfect engagement ring for Jessica Simpson, beau Eric Johnson knew it had to be truly special. “Eric wanted the most romantic, beautiful, special ring for Jessica,” celebrity jeweler Neil Lane tells PEOPLE exclusively. The result? A three-stone Lane sparkler with a large central ruby — over 5 carats! — flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds, also more than five carats. While the ruby just so happens to be Simpson’s birthstone, the gem “represents love,” says Lane. “The ruby is a stone of love and it is the most romantic gem and it’s very rare and very, very special.” Sources tell us Simpson was “totally surprised” by the proposal and thrilled by the ring. Nice work, Eric! ––Elizabeth Leonard

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Kenton on

Looks like something outta Cracker Jacks.
Whatever, dude, I think they’re doing this to one up her ex. Well, dude knows how to play games.

Brittany on

I am a traditional girl at heart. I think it was a great idea, but not for an engagement ring. Not my taste sorry.

Danielle on

I love unique engagement rings. Nothing says it has to be all diamonds. Look at the royals. They give colored stones. I think it is beautiful.

Natalie on

I am trying to be nice. So, I will just say…not my style. ( I will also say that I do no know a woman whose style is anyway associated with a pear shaped diamonds). Damn! I was going to be nice….

FLH on

Expensive, given that rubies are far more expensive than diamonds… curious as to how he paid for such a ring..given he hasn’t drawn a salary for a few years….

ann on

Lets see how long this one will last….she is a HASBEEN so maybe he will marry her and take her away…..they are not a good looking couple!

Momof2 on

I have to agree with the previous post that unfortunately the ring does look like it come out of a Cracker Jack box. Perhaps the ring would make a nice special occasion gift for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, but not for an engagement ring.

bell on

Just saying (and maybe it looks different in person) but the setting looks faulty, almost fake.

Rachel on

I think it is a great idea!! My engagment ring is a pink sapphire!! I love it!!

Anna on

I just love rubies! But the colour of the stone matches better with whitegold or so. I think it is a classic romantic ring.

Julie on

That is not one pretty ring at all. Ugh. Would look better with a Silver or Platinum band than gold.

Terry on

Wow, Ann, what a sweet and classy girl you must be, vicious much?

lucy on

I think it is sad that people can’t say anything nice. It just shows how miserable you people are in your own lives so lets feel sorry for you. Not two people who just got engaged!

TM on

Honestly…look at all you haters. Who cares if the ring is not your taste, who cares how close the proposal was to her ex’s. All you drama lovers have WAY to much time on your hands. Congratulations on happiness!

Ally on

It’s funny how people get so wrapped up in the ring and not the sentiment behind it. Seems like he went out of his way to pick out something special, which should be all that matters. My fiance found me a beautiful natural sapphire ring flanked by two diamonds. It’s not something I would have picked out myself, but it’s so much more special because I know how hard he worked to find something so unique.

Serena on

to each their own …everyone has their own taste and style. Happy for Jessica that she has found love again!

Regarding the comment about a ruby being more expensive than a diamond … that is false. A diamond is the most expensive and next in line is the blue sapphire.

Sweets on

I wish them all the best, who cares about what other people have to say NEGATIVE people reap negative things get a life and leave them alone. The ring is beautiful and if they are happy who care’s what anyone has to say about it.

rene on

is her ex a has been? she has been supporting him for all theses yrs. she is a business woman who has her own line of shoes, purses etc.when they broke up they both lost their careers.she has more money than he has.

joanna on

Same week as her X hubby, wow She just couldn’t
stand it.

jan on

I wish she were taking it slower….this whole relationship seems strange. Where does he get his money? He couldn’t make it in the NFL… The ink isn’t even dry on his divorce papers and he can cough up a ring like this???? This whole courtship and engagement seems hurried and a little haphazard. She seems like a sweet girl, I hope he isn’t using her for his own gain, but I have a gut feeling that he is…..I wish her dad would talk to her and ask her to slow this down. This whole thing has an odd “feel” to it….

Vera on

I don’t think I would’ve wanted that for an engagement ring, but then again, I’m not the one getting married to him. It’s a nice ring and I’m sure he paid a bit of money since it 10 carats t.w.

I don’t know. I’ve seen engagement rings that weren’t traditional diamonds and they looked better than Jessica’s. But I wish them well. This just might work.

Shel on

I think the ring is beautiful (although I think it would look even better in silver or platinum) and am hapy for Jessica and her beau. I wish them nothing but the best, Jessica deserves happiness!

Kim on

I think he did a great job on the ring. My engagement ring is about 11 carts of African Sapphires’ between three stones. My Husband knew my favorite color is dark blue, we married in september which is sapphire birthstone. And our daughter was born in September later on. I would rather have a ring I like than be stuck with something you can get any where…Diamonda are over rated. Have several but I never where them I stick to Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires

kjc on

While I love the idea behind the ring, I don’t really love the setting. I think the Ruby was a wonderful idea for her engagement ring.

I think Jessica gets a bad rap a lot of the time, and I hope that changes. I wish her all the best, and truly hope this works out for her.

Annie on

Each to their own. Only in the U.S. do engagement rings have to be all diamonds and look like you have to beat the Jones’s. Rubies of this quality are sometimes harder to come by than diamonds, and therefore are more valuable. It is a gift from the heart, something which a few of you could not relate to, as you appear to be missing that one vital organ. Not very classy of you girls, if I may say so. Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

L.C. on

I like it and if each stone is five carats it must be something else in person. Its different. Good for her, hope she finds happiness.

Kathy on

Looks like a bug with wings spread for take-off. I like unique stones but this setting isn’t very pretty. Not a nice engagement ring. :)

Sandra on

Wow, people here are truly miserable. Someone just got engaged and all you can do is spout hatred. Its a beautiful ring and if he put thought into it I’m sure Jessica is thrilled. I wish them well.


JESS HOW PRETTY i love it!!!!!!!!!

skuttlebut on

Does anyone not remember her engagement ring to Nick? Exact same concept…..2 pear shaped diamonds on both sides of a big solitare stone. I’m just sayin’

Jamie on

Hate to say it but that is not a very pretty ring. I also find it funny how soon after Nick’s news she has her own. Rush much….

jj on

Does Eric have a job?

Carol on

Hey Jessica, Don’t listen to all these haters. I think the ring is beautiful. All that matters isthat you love each other. I think it was great that he made it so special. People who can think outside the box, are the best. I am so happy for you. I have been saying for years that everyone should just leave you alone and stay out of your business. Best of luck in the future!

Lisa on

she just seems so desperate! She left Nick, but was jealous of him dating, but she has been “in love (lust)” with so many guys….. slow down….



Lisa on

looking at the ring, and imagining how huge it must be, looks like one of the gaudy rings on QVC or HSN!

Susan on

I am not a fan of the ring, but if she’s happy, it doesn’t really matter. I do think the timing of the engagement is very strange…one week after Nick announces his engagement? Hmmm…..

jo on

News Flash people…nobody cares what you think about the ring…it’s not yours…if it’s not your taste, so what…it’s not going on your chunky fingers, so save the critiques for the real pros…the ones who received it…

Rach on

I guess she paid for her own engagement ring, as I’m sure he has no money since he hasn’t worked in a while. I heard from other gossip pages that she foots the bill for everything they both do. I’m sure she is desperate enough to pay for her own engagement ring as well. She is pathetic!! Another divorce in the works for sure!!! Good for Nick for getting rid of this trainwreck.

Cathy on

Congratulations to the couple, best wishes.

Tina on

I’m happy for her. Hope it works out. As for the ring? A ruby for an engagement ring? Nah! I could see if the center stone was a diamond, flanked by rubies. But the main stone a ruby? Doesn’t look like an engagemnt ring. I hope she didn’t make a mistake and assume it was an engagement ring. And for those who mentioned ruby being more expensive than a diamond. NOT! Diamond is the most precious stone. Diamond and ruby of same size? Diamond is more expensive.

Lisa on

For all of you saying ‘not my style’, well, did you consider he wasn’t proposing to YOU? As long as Jessica loves the ring, that’s all that matters!

meggy on

i agree, looks like something out of a cracker jack box. as samantha said in SATC, “wrong ring, wrong guy!”

K on

I agree that white gold or platinum would have been a better setting, the yellow gold competes with the ruby. I’m a big fan of colored stone engagement rings, I have a diamond flanked by sapphires, but not this style for the stones.

It is a bit tacky she had to jump out with her engagement. Very ‘look at me’. The length of the courtship just seems to be bad news for the long term…..

darlene on

Diffinitely not my taste. As far as rubies being far more expensive then diamonds, FLH, that depends on the cut and quality of the ruby. Diamonds can also be far more expensive then a ruby depending on it’s cut and quality. This ring just isn’t attractive to me. I love to how People is releasing story after story on Jessica and her engagement and ring. The whole timing seems to me to grab the thunder away from Nick and Vanessa and it seems to be working. Willing to bet though she’ll be divorced way before Nick and Vanessa.

Angie on

Good luck to them both. She deserves happiness.

Boston on

It is hard to believe that people have such miserable things to say. This poor girl has been abused by the press and she continues to press on. For all of you who have negative things to say because it is not a “traditional” diamond, she had a diamond the first time around and it didn’t save her marriage. I think that it is nice that he is trying to give her something that is unique to her and to them. A ruby is extremely romantic and rare, I bet that she is thrilled that he put so much though into it. This girl deserves to be happy and I hope that she has found happiness with this guy.

Choyce2020 on

Glad Jessica & her BF love the ring, personally
I would have preferred an classically adorned
4-5 karat diamond ring. Diamonds have a re-
markable, sparkle to them that most precious
stones can’t be compared to (granted it must be
a high quality Grade A,B,C,D,or E.) Well, to
each his/her own.

Lisa on

Everybody deserves happiness, why can’t people just be happy for Jessica. She Is a beautiful person. Good Luck, and God Bless.

HKG on

I think it would have been a lot prettier- and less cracker-jacky if it had been set in white gold or platinum… I do love the idea of colored stones in the engagement ring. Though my center stone is diamond, it is flanked on either side with trillion-cut sapphires… and I get so many compliments on it… even five years later. =)

faith on

I am very happy for her and all you haters can piss off.

Seascape on

Beautiful. Perfect ring. Rubies are very special, they represent true love. I have rubies and also enjoy their beauty. Congrats and many years of happiness to them both. What a perfect choice.

j on

hmmm…won’t the red class with her orange stained skin?

marky on

Who do you think has been supporting Nick all this time? I bet she can’t wait for him to get married! Jessica’s ring is just fine; it is a beautiful ring that is just as tastful as that one that sits on Vanessa’s hand while the they try to talk in the shower, since they apparently can’t communicate unless they are wet! See, there is no need to be rude about any of them, because most of use don’t really know any of them. How about we all be happy for both couples?

Jo-Ann on

OMG girls ! Can’t at least one girl in this world actually be sincerely happy for another? Too many girls have nothing good to say unless it is something about them! Soo petty – so immature !! I absolutely love your ring, Jessica! …and congrats to Eric and best wishes to you both.. You both so deserve to be happy !

Karen Dailey on

I think the ring is very beautiful. If my husband gave it to me for an engagement ring or for any other reason I would love it. It has 5 carats of diamonds in it. That is plenty of diamonds for any one finger. The fact that the center stone is a ruby is a nice change for a second marriage.

ScotGal on

Americans are so STAID!!! Most of the rest of the world has colored stones in their engagement rings…. if any of you travelled you’d know that! Some of the most expensive stones are colored e.g. alexandrite (the top) Get some true comparisons before you comment in ignorance.

Annetria on

Just because it is not your style or preference doesn’t mean you are a hater or miserable in your life. I personally don’t like, but I don’t have to wear it, something about the band makes it look cheap. Rememember everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I wish the best for both of them, everyone deserves the chance to be happy.

jj on

Jessica is selfish to get engaged as soon as Nick does and this is from someone who said last week she wished him the best. Jessica is a SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED AND JEALOUS PERSON WHO CANNOT STAND TO SEE NICK HAVE AN OUNCE OF HAPPINESS.

Megan on

Looks like the Zales Mother’s Day special.

Yvette on

Congratulations to them! The ring is lovely and unique. People seem to forget that yellow gold is timeless. Every celebrity feels the need to have a enormous diamond ring with a halo setting to make it seem even larger. For many, it is just one big competition, instead of a symbol of two people in love. Jessica’s ruby and diamond ring sets her apart. By the way…it isn’t anyone’s business how he paid for the ring!

christine on

WOW, what a bunch of judgemental BOSSY people you are. If you DON’T CARE about what Jessica is doing THEN WHY ARE YOU READING YOU MORONS???

I think the ring is LOVELY! I have a yellow citrine in my engagement ring and I get numerous compliments for having something different from the norm. To me, diamonds look cheap and fake.



Dorothy on

He probably spent tons of money for this ring but it looks cheap and unpolished. Kenton was right on the money-something out of Cracker Jacks box.LOL

WehoWilly on

Why are all you,’Bitter Betty’s’ hate’n on J.S. and her ring?! So J.S. is being an Individual… she and E.J.
are thinking ‘out of the box’ with this engagement ring… after all, it is a 5 carat Ruby with 5 carats of Diamonds! And it is J.S. birthstone! And she’s the one who probably picked it out! Chill People! So Judgmental! I’ll bet you ‘Traditionalist’s’ are the ones who ALSO deny equal rights to same sex marriage! Petty,Petty,Petty!!! Get Over It! ”The times,they are a changin”… Open your mind… accept diversity… because if you keep wearing blinders and refuse to embrace change,you’re going to be left behind and remain un-enlightened.
Her ring suits her… it’s beautiful… it is their token of Love for one another… HATE-ers!

XXX on


shotgunwedding? on

Oh Please…Jess is engaged…no that wasn’t planned at all to one up her ex…lets face it shes not over him and her parading around with every guy she can to try to make him jealous is lonely and pathetic…grow up and the ring would look better by far in a platinum or white gold setting.

Toni-Ann on

I remember reading an article when Jesica and kick were first engaged…..it stated that she was not thrilled by her “five carat pear shaped diamond.” Apparently, she wanted something fancier…I wonder how shw really feels about this one. I was a fan of hers and rooted for her marriage to Nick Lachey. I became engaged to my husband of five years shortly after her show aired. Marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly…it needs to be worked on every single day. How can you divorce your wife less than a year ago and propose to another woman? Hollywood makes no sense and has no morals. I truly hope she knows what she is doing this time.

Prairie on

Congratulations. All the best. The ring is lovely. Enjoy a life of wedded bliss.

aefs on

Natalie – I have a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring surrounded by 2 emeralds. I have gotten countless compliments over the past 13 years of marriage. Keep in mind that everyone has different tastes.

lynn on

This love struck hefa, Please. She is so desparate to have a man that a monkey could have proposed. He is smart because she is a gold mine and why not milk her for all she is worth. He will get annoyed with her immature ways like the others.

mama on

I would have preferred a 5 carat diamond, flanked by rubies in a high cathedral setting. Now THAT would have been pretty while at the same time incorporating her birthstone.

Carol on


Jemma on

I have to say I am not a fan. My biggest issue is with the yellow gold. It just looks tacky to me. Rubies are gorgeous, but to me this is just a ruby ring…not an engagement ring.

Melissa on

I personally think the ring is gorgeous, I love gem stones. Mine is a 5ct.cushion cut African Amythest (deep purple) in a gold antique setting crested with 4 more carats of white diamonds. And its beautiful! Hats off to you Eric!!!

Brandie on

How long do you think this marriag is going to last. She is a mess and no one can be married to her for long

Crystal on

I love Jessica, but it does seem like this happened for all the wrong reasons. And I’m sorry but the ring is tacky, I don’t care how big it is. Jessica you should of stayed with Nick.

Nameless on





SCM on

What a joke!! Seriously, did they not think that this would look desperate. Not to mention the ring is one of the ugliest I have ever seen? I am sure Vanessa’s is much better.

Becca on

I think her ring is gorgeous! I love rings that are designed from the heart. They’re more meaningful. I hope Jessica and Eric have a fantastic life together.

Amaryllis on

My engagement ring is a ruby, but I like it a whole lot more than this ring. Mine is in an antique platinum setting with diamonds and a slightly oval ruby that’s a little over 3 carats. This ring is just big and gaudy, not very well designed. I’m surprised that Neil Lane had this thing in his collection. The stones would look a lot more classy in a plain platinum bezel setting, but to each his own! Hope they’ll be happy. In the end, that’s what really counts.

Casey on

Love the ring. Not sure about the gold setting, but I love non-traditional rings. My husband gave me a sapphire and diamond engagement ring and I LOVE it still. Been married almost 11 years!

Allison on

It’s a beautiful ring. Ruby is my birthstone and I think a colored stone is appropriate. I hope this marriage works. Jessica seems to be a serial dater, like Kim Kardashian. They haven’t known each other for very long.

Kate on

Are you serious Brittany??? Like you would turn that ring down!! Don’t be such a snob!!

amy on

I am a big fan of Jessica’s & wish her & Eric all the best!! Love the ring!!

Robin on

The ring is beautiful. When my husband and I went looking for wedding rings, I chose one with an emerald center stone. He said I couldn’t have an emerald stone in my wedding ring to which I replied, “Why not, it’s my ring!” Who says they always have to be diamonds.

april on

I wear a 4 carat garnet and love it, it is unique and reflects the emotion that lives between the me and the wonderful man I married 22 years ago!

ADS1010 on

It is a beautiful ring but would definitely look better set in white gold or platinum.

Elizabeth on

Well it is pretty, but not for an engagement ring. Nothing says it all like a diamond. I also do wonder how did he pay for it, too.

Renee on

wasn’t her engagement ring from Nick a pear shaped diamond, and now he has given her pear shaped diamonds on her engagement ring…tacky! can’t this guy come up with his own ideas!

realitychic on

Wow,just wow. ALl this hate when you could be somewhere else & having fun with something or someone you really like.
I am thrilled for Jessica & seeing the meaning behind RUBIES for engagement rings & the thought that went behind this ring & why the date was possible chosen(please go to sweethazards.com) but believe it or not there is a lot of feeling went into this ring & it could not possibly be frm a display case & not made since NICK got engaged. ERIC had this in mind & 11/11 means something to the two of them.
Why not be happy for everyone & wish them well on there futures together.
Jessica is a special young woman with an open heart & compassion for all. She wears her heart on her sleeve.
The hate & ridicule directed at this young woman boggles my mind that so many people sit & dwell on it or spend time with it.
People there is a message being given out there to stop BULLYING so please think about it. STOP BULLYING BECAUSE YOU THINK IT IS ENTERTAINING. IT”S NOT.

Jenn on

I like unique engagement rings also, so I think it’s interesting. This will definitely set her new engagement ring apart from her last one.

Sky on

Crackerjack box – really! Valentine gift? This is not a garnet. Are you guys all 12 yo? Rubies that are good quality (and not made in a laboratory), are rare and are far more expensive than many diamonds. Much more unique also for this purpose.

It is stunning and significant. My birthstone is a diamond and I would much rather have a ruby.

I commend Eric for his great taste and the thought and intention he put into choosing it.

Sounds like a good one, Jessica, don’t push this guy away.

robefan on

I hope she has a good pre-nup because this aint going to last long!

Ruby on

Well I think you are all VERY rude to this beautiful couple!! I for one love Jessica and whatever her fiance’s name is. The ring is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in forever! I think I will go to the mall and buy myself a knockoff version right now!

Stacy Gekiere on

I also have a July birthday and have rubies in my wedding band, love ’em. I’d love a big red engagement ring.

Cyndi Rodabaugh on

Now thats what I call a Engagement Ring !!!! WOW he is a keeper Jess – He really put a lot of thought into this ring for you !! Im Very Happy for you both – May God Bless You Both FOREVER !!!!!!

Katalina on

Although I would have choosen a different shape for the diamonds the ruby is an excellent pick. Good job!

anna on

My engagement ring, which I received 15 years ago, is also a Ruby flanked by diamonds. I think it is beautiful!

Larissa on

I do not believe that the people speaking negative are haters! From the time she divorced Nick she has went through more bad relationships and loved loved these men. I actually felt sorry for her she was looking for love and it actually became annoying. With her record with men I do feel she is rushing into this and i truly believe she wanted to takem the attention away from Nick. Nick showed that the divorce was not his fault he is capable of having a long term relationship and then take the next step. He is a mature man who she regrets listening to her father to let him go.
She has always wanted to marry before Nick and it will either be this wont work out or he will make sure she is down that aisle before Nick. She needs to grow up. If u notice nothing from the family just a little something from her obessed dad.

kristina on

man, people can’t be happy for her! Let her live her life and be happy. we don’t know them and it’s not our place to judge her. Because she is engaged about the same time as her ex, she has to be in competition with him? Why can’t she just be a woman in love who wants to marry? everyone else can move on, why can’t she? I think the story behind the ring is romantic, however not a fan.

Lynne on

Don’t care for the ring. A tad gaudy for my tastes, but then again so is Ms. Simpson.

Jessica on

In reply to a comment made-granted, her ring is not all that traditional and those 3 stones together just dont work (at all)-Pear shaped rings are beautiful, and very vintage. They run in my family and I also have an amazing pear shape ring. Everyone has their own taste in diamonds and style is personal. Dont be so quick to knock the Pear…

Kim on

I love it!!!! Who says engagement rings have to be diamonds thats nothing more than debeers running up the price of them. My husband gave me a 3k Tanzantie( more expensive than a 3k diamond)surrounded by diamonds as an engagement ring and I couldnt be happier or prouder of it! go ahead ladies who want diamonds try and insure them, you wont get half of what whomever paid for them!

Jon on

I like The PHOTO, that’s nice to hear!

Laura on

My first marriage ended in divorce so when I became engaged again I wanted something a little different then the traditional solitaire. We did a art-deco antique looking thing…and I really liked that just like our relationship, it wasn’t traditional.

Good for Eric for having the guts to do his own thing.

jada on

Wow…talk about caddy women…are some of you jealous ??
Shame on some of you !!
You are going marry the man not ring !!

Lovely on

I think Eric did a great job by picking out a different ring….This is her second time getting married why get white diamond ring again. Who knows different color ring different luck this time….Wish ya’ll both the best :) of happiness!

redheadgrrl on

And! Ruby is her birthstone since she’s a July baby. I would have wanted it in white gold or platinum though!

jill on

The ring sort of looks like a bug.

Coco on

Why does someone have to be a hater or spouting negativity just because they expressed their dislike over a ring. Like some of you have stated, its just an opinion and maybe some of you on here shouldn’t take it so personal because I doubt if anyoneknows her personally. My birthstone is Ruby as well and I don’t care what kind of statement is behind it or how much it costs, that ring is not attractive. He could have put the same thought and sentiment into something else….LOL

suzie on

Seems like all of you with the negative comments are just plain Jealous! You haven’t even seen the ring.

FJ on

“not my style”? Oh sorry, didn’t realize your opinion mattered to somebody else’s engagement. Seriously – be happy for her and let her have this moment.

LynneFreeland on

I don’t think the ring is special or romantic. I am also really tired of seeing her as a fashion/beauty expert. I am not sure what her talent is anymore, but hopefully we can now see less of her in the media.

Mir on

Beautiful. Love the ring! Nothing says engagement rings have to be any certain stone. Also, don’t understand the pp mentioning that they don’t know anyone whose style is pear shaped diamonds. Personally, I love pear shaped diamonds which is what I asked for in my engagement ring.

erin on

I like the idea of a colored stone. Have you ever seen Princess Diana’s ring? It was a sapphire. And whoever said red goes better with platinum is crazy. Red and gold look better together. If my husband couldn’t afford a diamond I would have gotten a big gemstone ring. Although Jessica’s ruby is probably just as expensive as a diamond, you could get a nice gemstone ring for cheaper than a good diamond ring.

Shirin on

i kind of like the ruby idea but for a valentine’s day gift or anniversary. and i must say i really hate pear shaped diamonds! :P

Paula on

Rubies are far more expensive than diamonds. They also are far more rare than diamonds. And a red sapphire (for the Diana comparison) is a ruby! In the ring, all three stones are undoubtedly gorgeous, but platinum or white gold settings would be better as a) the prongs disappear into the stones that way and b) white gold and platinum are stronger than yellow gold.

Carey on

In the early 1900’s, a ruby was a traditional stone for a wedding ring…it represented love and it was very common to see a ruby solitaire as an engagement ring…I’m very traditional and I think it was a very different, ecclectic choice for a guy looking to be different in today’s world.

jane on

Love the ring. It is unique. All the other rings in hollywood look exactly the same and run of the mill.
Don’t like this couple though. Jessica is wearing blinders cause looks guy just looks like a jerk and a snake in the grass. Be careful Jessica! This guy is a Virgo and this type of man cannot and should not be trusted! Most of the men are wolves in sheeps clothing! If she doesn’t rush into the marriage, maybe she’ll wake up in time.

Rebecca on

I think is is a killer! She got a rare gem and that says alot about how he feels about her. I do wish everyone could either congratulate them or stop the snide remarks. None of us know these two, and life is short…..I wish them a long happy marriage together! Love the ring!

GM on

Isn’t five months a little too soon?

aeharvey on

Its a vintage setting circa 1900 and ruby is her birthstone. That might have something to do with why they chose it. As long as SHE LOVES IT thats all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber on

Even though it looks as if she got engaged to one up her ex hubby, I am still happy for her due to all her boy problems in the past. Let’s see if it lasts.

Taylor on

She must really love pear shaped diamonds because her first engagement ring was a pear. I think she’s just trying to stop the rumors that she’s “so sad” over her ex by doing something big. I don’t think her ring romantic, it looks cheap!

Ava on

It is a gorgous ring, he obviously put alot of thought into the ring, I would personally be proud to wear it!!! and it does not look like it came out of a cracker jack box (that is indicating it is cheap, and this ring is beautiful, Good pick)

sue on

I think if she loves him, it don’t matter. But, I would definitely listen to papa Joe, pre-nup baby or he will take a chunk of your money, honey!

Tori on

My best friend’s engagement ring looks like this. She chose it herself and has been happily married for 10 years. She wears it proudly every day!

leelee on

its pretty but i loved her ring from nick!

Aly on

Does Everybody have to be so rude? Cant you guys just be happy for them? if there happy that’s all that matters.

Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring PHOTOS: What Does Nick Lachey Think? – Right TV | The Fresno News on

[…] and Critics.comNick Lachey Wishes Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson 'The Very Best'MTV.comPeople Magazine -AceShowbiz -CNNall 1,408 news […]

MissLady on

Congrats to both couples!

I don’t mind the stone colors. They are really nice. On the otherside, I do agree that the yellow gold is not flattering with the stones. It does make it look cheap. I am not opposed to anything for engagement rings, but for $100,000 you should get something with a little better setting than this.

Nick Lachey: I wish Jessica 'the very best' – The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs on

[…] has offered similar sentiments when asked about 30-year-old Simpson, who was spotted wearing a ruby and diamond engagement ring over the weekend and confirmed on Sunday that her now-fiancé Eric Johnson had asked for her […]

Details on Jessica Simpson’s Ring, Rihanna’s Hair Reaches New Lengths, and More! : InStyle.com What's Right Now on

[…] Getty Images (3); Courtesy Photo (3) Details on Jessica Simpson’s Ring, Rihanna’s Hair Reaches New Lengths, and More!Nov 16, 2010 @ 1:11 pm1. Neil Lane, designer of Jessica Simpson’s new engagement ring, dishes on her gigantic ruby stone. [PeopleStyleWatch.com] […]

5 Dollar Prep - 5 Dollar Prep , Archive » The Story Behind Jessica Simpson’s ‘Romantic’ Ruby Ring! Phoners. Web. Mobile. Photos. on

[…] People & Us & PopEater & HollywoodLife & HollywoodLife & […]

Antonia on

Jessica Simpson has been through the ringer with the press….ans some of you just have to add to her misery….why? Jeaolusy. To whomever called her a “hefa” and a “hasbeen”…that is really classy. Leave the poor girl alone. Ms. Hefa….what sizwe jeans do you wear? Ms. Has been….what have you done lately? Get over yourselves and show some respect to a woman who is only trying to find love.

jan on

It seems non-diamond gemstones are making a comeback for engagement rings, which is how it used to be in the past. She had a diamond for her first marriage already so this is something different to symbolize her new marriage.

samanta on

hi, what do you think about this ring? for my sister in law:

vip on

The world oF Gemstone Buy and bit

Brittany on

Rubies are the most rare stone in the world, in fact diamonds are not rare at all. Just google the Diamond Invention by Edward J. Epstein to see the truth about diamonds and how De Beers fooled us all, including me.

How Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Ring Surprised Designer Neil Lane | Trends News Replicator on

[…] Lane has designed rendezvous rings for some of Hollywood’s hottest brides — Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie – though he can’t name a favorite sparkler. He can, however, name a one that […]

Bruno on

look at the inside of the ring and the back/ boottm of the braclet. if there are holes where the diamonds are then its real. if it is just closed or no openings at all then it fake

Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself | News aggrgator on

[…] ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Ashlee Simpson's Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself | Alveson Auto on

[…] traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Ashlee Simpson's Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself | Robinson's RetailRobinson's Retail on

[…] traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself | Gossip 4 Celeb on

[…] traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Ashlee Simpson's Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself | Herman EnterprisesHerman Enterprises on

[…] traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself on

[…] traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity […]

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Ruby and Diamond Rings: Which Do You Prefer? | NewzUpdate.US on

[…] Though it’s a completely different setting, there are some similarities to her elder sister’s Neil Lane engagement ring, which Eric Johnson gave to her in 2010. The central ruby is more than 5 carats and the diamonds bracketing it are more than 5 carats, according to People. […]

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Ruby and Diamond Rings: Which Do You Prefer? | newzupdate.info on

[…] Though it’s a completely different setting, there are some similarities to her elder sister’s Neil Lane engagement ring, which Eric Johnson gave to her in 2010. The central ruby is more than 5 carats and the diamonds bracketing it are more than 5 carats, according to People. […]

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Ruby and Diamond Rings: Which Do You Prefer? | Finance Reviews on

[…] Though it’s a completely different setting, there are some similarities to her elder sister’s Neil Lane engagement ring, which Eric Johnson gave to her in 2010. The central ruby is more than 5 carats and the diamonds bracketing it are more than 5 carats, according to People. […]

Vote For Rebekah And Pete’s Wedding Rings! - The Knot Blog on

[…] rounded look of this yellow gold band is simple and timeless. Celeb inspiration: Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Princess Catherine, Duchess of […]

See Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Band, Earrings and More! (Exclusive Photos) | L'actualité des Stars, des peoples en live on

[…] bride’s something old was her 1910 Tiffany & Co. engagement ring from designer Neil Lane, so it made sense that she turned to the celeb-loved jewelry designer to […]

anon on

I love the ring! I have a colored center stone, with heart shaped diamonds on each side on a diamond band and I just love it!

Eva Longoria's Engagement Ring Is Gorgeous – and Surprising! on

[…] unexpected these days for proposals, the stone seems to be gaining popularity among stars – both Simpson sisters memorably sport rings featuring the vibrant gemstone. And considering the sapphire craze […]

Eva Longoria’s Engagement Ring Is Gorgeous – and Surprising! | shirleycshirleyc on

[…] unexpected these days for proposals, the stone seems to be gaining popularity among stars – both Simpson sisters memorably sport rings featuring the vibrant gemstone. And considering the sapphire craze […]

Eva Longoria’s Engagement Ring Is Gorgeous – and Surprising! | shirleyhadson1983 on

[…] unexpected these days for proposals, the stone seems to be gaining popularity among stars – both Simpson sisters memorably sport rings featuring the vibrant gemstone. And considering the sapphire craze […]

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