Emma Watson Talks Short Hair at 'Harry Potter' Premiere

11/12/2010 at 10:06 AM ET


Emma Watson may be appearing in what is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but she’s still having to deal with a few mixed reviews — on her short pixie cut from earlier this year! “Generally the reaction’s been positive but it’s a bit of a shock for some people because it’s different,” Watson told reporters. The young star has admitted she chopped her hair off for the first time at 20 years old simply because she was allowed to, now that her time as bushy-haired Hermione Granger had come to an end. But what about taking that darling do bright red or platinum blonde? “I’m very into looking natural so probably not but never say never,” Watson demurred. One thing that is certain is the thrill of the first of the two-part finale hitting theaters. “It gets bigger every year. I can’t believe it. The adrenaline from doing this is pretty crazy,” Watson said. “I feel like I’m about to go over the top of a rollercoaster.” At least she has the stylish wardrobe part of the red carpet rush nailed down, looking perfectly fun and fashionable in her vintage black lace by Rafael Lopez for Atelier Mayer and Charlotte Olympia heels. Tell us: What do you think of Emma’s haircut? — Reporting by Simon Perry

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Lisa Bush on

I love it!

Kortland on


Kiki on

OMG – she’s a doll. If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing.

Elizabeth on

Too cute!! Love it on her!

Melody on


Jon on

I like Emma Watson’s new hair-cut!

Em on

Emma is gorgeous. Very few “flubs”, no matter where or when. Her haircut frames her face beautifully. She’s a talented, wise, smart woman who isn’t pinning her future on her Harry Potter past.

Angel on

Hard to believe this is the cute little currly haired kid from 10 years ago. She looks lovely and grew up well. Her hair is perfect and her dress is fun and appropriate for her.

Em on

And did you notice she’s wearing a Remembrance Day poppy?!!!
Thank you, Emma!

Krystal on

She looks gorgeous!!

Traci on

It looks great! I love the pixie look!

Denise on

She is such a pretty girl. She looks fantastic!!!
I love it!!!!

JR Jake on

Emma is just downright cute. Bald head or Mohawk, she’s got a great smile, pleasant to look at, beautiful eyes and is fun to boot. What is she like personally….don’t know her? However when a person states she is ashamed because of her wealth, that tells me alot about her. She’s got is goin on!

Natalie on

She is a beauty, and this haircut suites her perfectly. And I love that she is in college and values an education. Go girl!!!!

Shannon on

I absolutely love it. She looks all grown up. Nice job Emma!

Kim on

Love her haircut… and her dress is too super cute!!!!

Bella Reich on

Sorry…I hate short hair period. I think it looks “manish” and really bad on 99.9% of the people who have it and unfortunately Emma is no exception! She looks like a 7 year old who got dragged to the beauty salon by mom in the heat of the summer to get a “no nonsense” summer look.

cynlee on

She is stunning!

ginger on

Stunning! In addition, she is gracious and polite. What a refreshing change.

Emma Watson » Emma Watson’s Hair a Hot Topic at Potter Premiere on

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Ruthy on

She and her new hair cut look fantastic.

jamie on

its really pretty.

Sheila on

Hair looks GREAT! She is beautiful no matter what length she chooses for her hair.

Lexi on

I’m jealous…wish I could be that brave and adorable in the cut!

kelly on

I think it looks adorable on her. Not many can pull off that style, but she has the perfect face for it.

RD on

Absolutely beautiful!

sally on

She’s a gorgeous girl, no doubt, but her hair is atrocious. It’s the same style as my grandma and grandpa, ’nuff said.

gramma on

She looks adorable.

Deanna on

I think her hair cut is very pretty. It actually reveals how pretty she really is.

Selina on

She looks so lovely.

Robyn on

I think she looks fabulous. I was a little skeptical when she first got it done but when she pairs the haircut with glam makeup and a gorgeous dress, she is rocking it!

missduffy59 on

Love it! It is darling on her!

Albus on

Great reporting, Rita Skeeter

Emma Watson’s Hair a Hot Topic at Potter Premiere – People Magazine | 7ZZ NEWS on

[…] Read this article: Emma Watson’s Hair a Hot Topic at Potter Premiere – People Magazine […]

Julie on

Perfect — just perfect!

Ricky on

Ugh. Sorry ladies, but I notice it’s nearly all women saying they love this hair cut. Although they may not admit it to you – especially if your hair is short – most guys prefer longer hair on women over these supershort hair cuts. I know the hate will now begin but I’m just being honest. Oh, and Emma is beautiful, no matter what she does, but I found her more beautiful with longer hair.

sarah on

Too cute! She can definetly pull it off!

kwan on

she looks amazing in this dress.
she’s the best actress smart , rich , beautiful and etc

pattcake on


Jeanna Brown on

I think it looks awesome. She looks mature. What is wrong with a witch having short hair and being adorable? Way to go Emma.

kayla on


Traci on

Emma haircut is absolutely adorable. It’s a very nice cut for her small frame.

Crystal on

Emma really looks wonderful. Our little girl has grown up. Change is nice!

Mel on

I didn’t love it at first but with her face made up pretty and that killer dress, it’s really grown up and fresh. I don’t think she needs to color it though. Her natural color is good for her.

helene on

Who even cares if men like longer hair? She is intelligent, talented and dressed in great style- perfectly appropriate for her age. If your man doesn’t like your short haircut, I say….DEALBREAKER!!

Kim on

I love her hair like this!!

Lisa on

That cut looks great on her! I love it.

Becky on

I hate the new haircut… but she’s a very beautiful girl.

Kassie on

I don’t know why some people have the ARCHAIC view that women need long hair to be considered feminine.
There’s nothing wrong with experimenting different hairstyles long and short ESPECIALLY when you’re young.
BTW, Emma looks gawwwwgeous! She should ignore the haters. She look HAWT!

Jana on

I wish I could pull off something like that! Adorable!

deb on

I think she looks beautiful

Lori on

Emma is what young Hollywood girls should aspire to be!

Tony on

Well she used to look pretty with long hair, now she looks decidedly boyish.

Angie on

One word…. STUNNING!

Val on

Love it, Emma! I have a pixie, have had it for decades and I get compliments ALL the time. And I never get told I don’t look feminine. Plus, my husband likes short hair on gals…guess I am lucky.

Andrea on

I can hardly blame her for chopping off her hair–she’s finally done with Harry Potter and ready to move on. She probably enjoys the anonymity that came following the cut. The cut itself is OK, but it will look cuter once it grows out a bit. I could see a nice swept bang with a shorter back looking amazing on her.

connie on


Positive on

Se is lovely, with short hair, long hair, no matter what. Besides, she is smart and talented. What else??? She is beautiful. She is all grown up and enjoying it.

Janom on

LOVE it!!!

Wendy on

I think she looks just smashing! Looks like a 20 yr old should…

Hot48cricket on

I love her haircut….it looks amazing on her.

Charm on

She looks fabulous! I love her new pixie cut.

Stacey on

Gorgeous! She’s a stunning young woman!


2 cute!! Love it her!

looks gorgeous!! SO SWEET

like Emma Watson’s new hair-

Sabina on

looks fantastic. have short hair myself and its really sexy! very brave of her. Carrie Mulligan is another georgus woman.

Lisa on

Very classy girl! I love her! :)

Anne on

It is outstanding!

Anita on

I have the same haircut as Emma’s and love it…she always looks chic and cool.

Evil Minx on

Normally, I’m not a fan of women’s hair cut this short… but this looks absolutely adorable on her. If they ever do another Peter-Pan-themed movie, I think she’d be the cutest Tinkerbell.

Danielle on

I think she is beautiful although I don’t particulary care for this cut. Very few women can really pull off the super short pixie look. I do give her props for changing up her look and not playing it safe with her hair or fashion choices in general.

Tami on

Love it!

Elle on

No one can deny she looks GREAT with short, pixie hair. And good for her — long hair gets soooo boring!

Lucy on


roses on

Noticed she is wearing the poppy on the wrong side. Would think she would have gotten that one right???

Bob on

She simply is one of the most attractive young ladies on the planet. She could be bald and would still be beautiful.

Madge on

Pretty face, but I HATE her hair! Oh well, it will grow. I think she would have looked great with a bob.

Karen F on


AMF on


Gary on

She Is Beautiful No Matter What.

Teig Cline on

I think the pixie cut is cute on her and with her bone structure. I love the color too. It looks fun and easy.

Gabby on

Emma looks gorgeous! She could shave her head an still be stunning.

Sooo Rich on

Adorable :)

Heather on

I luv her hair. she looks very mature.

Alexandra on

She is Rockin that hair!

Jennifer on


Hillary :) on

I love it! I thought she was gorgeous before but her hair’s growing on me! She always looks so young, chic and modern and I love it :)

Melissa on

I usually hate short hair on women but she has such a great face she rocks this look.

C. McKay on

I think Emma looks like she should a little more mature and certainly stylish, she’s like a little fairy! I can’t wait to see the newest ” Harry “.
Love & Hugs

Holli on

Emma can totally pull it off! Looks so sophisticated short and she’s so fashion savvy. Way to go kiddo!

Paula on

it is sooo cute on her…

kyilita on

SHE IS UNBELIVEABLY Gorgeous I cant believe she was the poofy haired girl in harry pottery amazing she looks so run way.

charity on

Love the haircut and the dress…very cute!

Diane on

I think it’s stunning. She has never been more beautiful!

denise on

BEAUTIFUL, enough said!!!

Elizabeth on

She looks fabulous and all grown up. Not many people can pull off that short do and look great but she does!!!

Babe on

i think the haters miss the old Emma but, she is an exciting character and always looks and better yet feels great. And in my opinion that matters most. Oh, yeah love the cut too:)

Joslyn on

love it!
i wanna try it!

Babe on

i think all the “haters” miss old Emma but, she changes people change and so are the times. She grew up, get over it!! Maybe you should try growing up too?? She looks great in my opinion and i bet she loves it and all that matters in the is that SHE loves it :)

Cody on

Emma is a beautiful and talented young actress. She is making a change and moving forward from her experiences with the Harry Potter franchise rather than allowing that to become the highlight of her career. As far as her current look? Gorgeous.

Lena on

I think Emma’s hair cut makes her look grown up. She’s 20 and now she looks like it. She’s shaking off that childish look and turning into a beautiful young lady. Classy suites you Emma.

Alhambra on

Very fashionable and she look drop dead gorgeous!! Good for her. Totally a grown up.

Joe on

Didn’t notice how beautiful she is until she cut her hair. Never have I like this cut on a woman. Never Ever in my life. But she did it. So beautiful.

Jean on

I love it!!! gorgeous! :)

charlotte on

love, love, love it she is great!

Glynda on

I’m not one to copy stars….but I ran out and got the same cut the moment I saw it! I LOVE IT!!!

Dee on

My hubby doesn’t really like the new do…so I must say, with that in mind, I LOVE it ;)

Richard on

Ladies I thought I’d hate it, but I think that actually prefer short hair now. Go figure?

Aimee on

Hate it. She looks like a boy now and I know she’s much too pretty for that horrible do. Grow it out Emma!

dude on

WOW!!! I knew she would be hot!!!, but what a HOTTIE!!!

Kat on

Gorgeous! Stunning, elegant and beautiful!

Eileen on

LOVE it! She’s gorgeous and if I looked like her, I’d chop mine, too! Be yourself Emma…don’t let anyone tell you how to wear your hair. It’s you that has to work with it and none of anyone’s business!

eastietom on

She’s adorable no matter what she does to her hair.

Jacie on

I love her hair and outfit! When I was about twenty I too cut my hair off and kept it pixie short for about five years and then started to grow it back out. Change is usually a positive thing. Helps us grow up.

zanyadams on

she is so adorable -she can pull anything off

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[…] • Emma Watson fielded more questions about her short haircut at the Harry Potter premiere, and she said she has no plans to dye it: “I’m very into looking natural so probably not but never say never,” she said. [StyleWatch/People] […]

Katie on

Absolutely love this pic and outfit on her. She is gorgeous inside and out and can’t wait to see more of her in future films to come!

sandra on

Love it!!! Few people can pull off a cut like that and she does so well. Shows she’s got guts too!! You go girl!

suzannevrogers on

I love it..

eric on

She looks like a beautiful anime boy/// UGH

Karen on

Emma Watson is the epitome of classic and ‘classy’ beauty.

Elizabeth on

Emma looks so refined and beautiful. I am sure her audience has enjoyed watching her grow up. She’s a beautiful person in every way. She is now concentrating on her college career, which, is a good example for people her age.

Jean on

What is it with people and other peoples hair?
Get a life, be brave, take a chance, and go and get your own hair cut!

Adriana on

She looks fabulous!!!

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[…] People can’t stop taking about Emma Watson’s short hair – People StyleWatch […]

wendy on

If I could wear that style I would…ADORABLE!

Links of the Day: Bare Escentuals, Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, Reed Krakoff | Blog | FlauntMe on

[…] – People can’t stop taking about Emma Watson’s short hair […]

Hors on

She looks incredible. Like a prettier Edie Sedgwick.

rong on

Emma looks fantastic. I love her new hairstyle and I hope she keeps it for a long time. It truly compliments her face and features.

rong on

Emma looks fantastic. Great, daring move on her part that paid off. Keep it short Emma!

mike on

I’m not a fan of short hair, it’s unattractive. I love women with long flowing hair.

Drezz on

ugh, she looks like a little boy now.

James Eley on

i would Bang her hard anal ;)

Jennifer on

I really don’t like it. She looked much better to me with longer hair. It will grow back.

juan on

anyway you’re very very pretty emma

Grace on

why? why? why? WHY? if i had her hair i would NOT cut it off just because i was “allowed” too! her hair was gorgeous.

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