Willow Smith's Over-the-Top Hairstyles from 'Whip My Hair' Explained!

10/21/2010 at 12:30 PM ET

Courtesy Roc Nation

Willow Smith is attracting as much attention for her over-the-top style as for her catchy pop hook for “Whip My Hair” — but are either as buzz-worthy as her amazing hairstyles in the video? We went straight to the source, hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, who called creating the looks for the video “an absolute blast. These looks were a collaborative effort between Willow, Jada, Fawn Boardley and myself.” One of the video’s show-stoppers is Willow’s heart-shaped fauxhawk, which was challenging to create as one might think! “Creating the ‘Heart Hawk’ was a bit of a challenge, but after tons of individual braids and many sticks of glue, I did it,” Marcia explains. And as for the pink-topped style for one of the video’s killer dance sequences, Marcia tells PEOPLE, “‘Cotton Candy Dream’ was fantastic. These were done also with pieces that I hand colored. We loved the idea of a soft frothy pallet for this structured silhouette. I graduated the tones from rich and intense at the roots to soft pastels at the ends.” So was all the hard work worth it? Absolutely, according to Marcia, who gushes, “I really enjoyed every step of the creative process and was thrilled to see it all come to life on Willow!” Tell us: What’s your favorite look from “Whip My Hair”? –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Courtesy Roc Nation


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tiyshara on

i like your songs and video

Polo on

I don’t understand why two rich celebs like the smiths would feel the need to toss their kids into the spotlight. They are desperate to be an entertainment family like the jacksons. We all see happened with that situation

Dawn on

Cute kid…I’m excited for her. Great family!

Willow Smiths Whip My Hair Looks Explained on

[…] Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Looks Explained […]

FromChicago on

I think she’s cute as a button. Go Willow!

Maria on

They didnt throw her into the spotlight, Willow herself wanted to get into singing.
If you watched the oprah episode they were in you’d known that.

Nik on

Generic KidzBop material; Nothin’ new, nothin’ special. Sorry, kid.

Paige on

Polo: obviously a family like the Smiths that keep themselves OUT of the spotlight other than when it is appropriate such as when they are at an event, just finished a movie, ir are on a talk show wouldnt push their daughter- or any of their children into the spotlight because they arent even trying to put themselves in it. Willow wanted to do this- it is her way of showing her indivduality to the world and expressing herself- just because you dont approve doesnt mean you have to go bashing the entire family with information that is clearly incorrect. As for Willow I am thrilled she is able to express her unique personality in the way she sees fit.
– Paige

John on

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DKB on

Ladies & Gentleman – The next “Baby Beyonce!” (and FYI that’s not a GOOD THING)
She will be another Miley Cyrus/Brittney Spears say she’s a “CHRISTIAN” yet dancing in her “underwear” calling it a “stage costume” in no time…
All we can do is PRAY WITHOUT CEASING that it won’t happen…again.

She is only 9 for crying out loud!!!

Maci on

the smith’s aren’t throwing their kids into the spotlight, i think their inspired by their parents and theres nothing wrong with that!! by the way i love willow’s hair styles and music!!!

Deanne on

seems nine is a bit young, but from what i’ve heard over the years, she may have been champing at the bit for a long time and now with her brother in a movie i guess she got her way. Personally i would feel at least 12 is more age appropriate for being a baby pop star.

Jennyy on

So we have a nine year old wearing more make up than a hooker, hair extensions, artificial nails and facial piercings singing about whipping her hair, “getting my swag on” and “partying till dawn”. Now the schools are going to be dealing with seven to 12 year old girls dressing and acting in the same suggestive manner. Yet people think Willow is cute because she is Will Smith’s daughter. The song has been so over processed to sound like Riahanna that poor little Willow could never do it live. How could her parents let this happen. If they want her to succeed they should promote her as a nine year old and not nine-teen. This is not fair to Willow.

ashlee on

Wow i like Hw she Dress And She is My Age!

holy cow on

So the song is catchy, true but the lyrics do not really make a lot of sense for a 9 year old. I applaud the Smiths for allowing their children to explore their passions. I just wonder how many other 9 year olds are out there that have just as much talent, but not the money behind them? Sad.



Ellie on

Polo- Will and Jada didn’t push their kids, their kids are extremely talented musically as well as theatrically. So WHY not let them excel in their God-Given talent? The difference between the Lohan and the Smith’s is Will and Jada don’t PLAY. They are hands ON parents who oversee everything their children do and see. The Smith’s children are very WELL behaved and very well-rounded because of Will and Jada. I would rather have Will and Jada guiding my future than Dina Lohan any day, any time!!!

Jon on

They’re all good, I can’t just pick one, I like The PHOTOS as well! Also, I’m glad Rod Stewart, 65, is getting to know The Daughter he gave up for adoption!

Krissy on

Again people Cool the H E L L Out…..it’s not the end of the world…they didn’t throw her anywhere she’s a bright girl and her parents are guiding her, so has stable and sound direction to go as far as she possible can…so go give ur pity and negativity to someone else

Tasha on

She’s such a cute little girl. I watched her video about 5 or 6 times just because I couldn’t get that song out of my head LOL. It’s a good one and I think Willow is gonna be a big star!! I do get a kick out of how much she looks just like her father.. if Will was a girl that’s what he would of looked like as a child lol. :). Awesome hair stuff it’s really neat.

Ann Weaver on

The song and music video are great, but there is something about this project–given her very young age–that does not sit right with my spirit. I work in the entertainment field and the music business is known to chew people up and spit them out, hence all the drug use, hedonism and early deaths that plague film and [especially] the music industry. I hope and pray that it doesn’t ruin her. Her parents should wait until she is older.

Kourtnee B. on

All of these negative comments that people have are part of the reason why celebs are still successful. Haters make the work even better for those who do it and enjoy it. I mean can you really get mad at someone for doing what THEY WANT to do and LOVE? She is expressing herself and sharing it with others because she hopes to inspire them in some way with her talent. I don’t see why haters waste their breath saying negative things because it gets them nothing in return, so fall back because Willow is doing her thing and can not be stopped at the moment. :D
And kudos to her parents for allowing her and her brother to do what they feel comfortable with in terms of their prospective futures.

Pandora on

I think it great to see one so young go after her dream, u go willow Smith follow ur head and heart

t on

love the video go willow

molly on

I Dont see them throwing Willow in the spotlight, She has wanted to do this since she could speak. and she is not being forced to do things, and by the time your 15 its almost too last in the game for the pop style of music. They have the money, and resources why not.The whole family on Oprah all support the kids not push. Will’s oldest son wants nothing to do with the business and they all have respected that fine. No issue there

Ann Weaver on

Oh my gosh, all of you who call those who express concern about the mental well being of a CHILD in a deeply immoral field “haters” clearly lack intellectual depth and worst of all moral clarity. We are not expressing “hate” as you say, but genuine concern for a child thrust in an adult situation exhibiting behavior that is far beyond her years. For many of us, it is like watching those child beauty pageants where little girls are painted in makeup and made to look like women. It looks and feels slightly perverse. Moreover, there is such a thing called age appropriate behavior and perhaps if you had a little wisdom you might see that.


I love that they let her express herself with her hair. It’s just hair….it’s not the end of the world or her.

sharyn on

pretty pathetic if you ask me…poor kid. She (they) have so much money and yet so bored to come to this…btw-willow your cute…but your not all that!

sinthia on

as a fan of will and jada i have to say im “team willow” i think shes adorable now jaden im not to crazy about he seems a little narcissistic to me. but willow seems very humble and appreciative of her fans….go willow!!!!

Sheila on

Yeah her parents oversee everything she does??/ Well a PIMP oversees all his money makers too! The song is highly suggestive in a sexual way and the attitude and suggestive innuendo she puts out is asking for trouble. I asked a few boys what they thought of the video…they all made crude remarks, etc…yeah I’d make her whip her hair back and forth as I take her from behind…now is that what her parents want to get started since they’r so concerned about their kids well being and dreams??? She will be another Rhianna getting her butt kicked by a Chris Brown down the road or a washed up Britney spears. If the Smiths want their kids to follow their dreams they need to wait for the appropiate age and time and let them ‘sleep’ on the dreams for a few more years first. The kid looks like a two dollar hooker on martin luther king boulevard.

loasporter on

Is it not amazing what you can do with horse hair? Nothing more pathetic than a rich little girl garnering what attention she can get.

iowalee on

nice voice, but she is really autotuned. and, nothing personal on willow, but i HATE that song. my 10 year old asked me what the heck she was singing about during the verses and then said, during the chorus, why does she keep saying she whips her hair around?

wlc on

She is a lucky girl to have the love and support of her family. She is obviously talented and has the backing of a strong family….what is sooo wrong about that. Kids need to be active, keeps them happy they stay out of trouble. K these people have money…but…can anyone who truly loves their child…not.. encourage their passions , talents, and things that make them smile? Kudos to two parents who care. I have children, I know…..they need to express themselves in positive ways. cheers

Doodlebug on

I think it is SICK. No 9 year old needs to be in a MTV video. I wouldn’t even let my 9 year old watch MTV let alone appear in one. How sad that this little girl doesn’t get to be a little old girl!!!!!!!

wlc on

I forgot to add in my last post….smiles, this child is haveing FUN.

purejuice on

jon-benet, she lives!

wlc on

I feel sorry for your children….because you have no sense of adventure and no peter pan in you at all. If you cannot express who you are, then you can never become that lil bit of piece, you call……individualism. I am me.. and hear me roar…but in a good way. Important in my eyes

wlc on

Smiles. Glad I live in Canada.

Felicia Middleton on

How rude. They are two well-grounded parents. She will not be another Brittney Spears, or Lindsay Lohan. Their parents are very much involved in their lives and unlike the abovementoned parents, don’t have to live off of their children. This little girl is having fun so let her. WOW! So many haters. Its a cute video and she can sing

concerned mom on

I am so disappointed in the Smith’s for pushing their children at such young ages into a really harsh and competitive entertanment industry. Even worse, both children appear very snotty and enitled on talk shows so obviously they have been affected by having talented, doting parents and will need years of therapy to undo the damage from being raised in a unreal childhood and the realization that the they aren’t that talented, cute and not evryone loves them. Reality always bite.



Sara on

I liked this song until I saw this video. It’s annoying to see a young Child trying to be Rhianna. She is 9, she does not need the attitude she portrays in this primarily all African American video. The Smith’s are raising very arrogant Children. Hopefully this video will stay on BET where it belongs. If this were a white 9 year old girl of celebrities,all the comments would be extremely different.

Pumpkin on

Sad. Just sad. She needs an education. Not a record deal. Just sad. What is more sad are the adults who make comments about “how cute”, “she wanted to do this”. Give me a break. She’s nine. She can not do any more than her parents allow. Shaking my head at Will and Ghetto Jada.

Willow Smith reveals lucky number : willow-smith on

[…] Courtesy Roc Nation Willow Smith is attracting as much attention for her over-the-top style as for her catchy pop hook for “Whip My Hair” — but are either as buzz-worthy as her amazing hairstyles in the video? We went straight to the source, hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, who called creating the looks for the video “an […] Read more on People Magazine […]

aefs on

I think the video is really impressive & the song is catchy….& I’m 39 years old. I played it for my 6 year old yesterday & he liked it. It cracks me up how much she looks like her Dad…the facial expressions…too funny! It’s her life, so let her do w/ it as she sees fit. If it’s a mistake, it’s up to her & her parents to resolve eventually..not a bunch of strangers online.



Jennifer on

I do not see how by her enjoying her talents could be any more dangerous to her future than if she was just a child running around the street. Will and Jada seem to be very well grounded and I think it’s a shame we preach to children to explore their talents yet we criticize when one excels. I don’t see anything wrong with her outfits/hair. We let little girls play dress up as princesses…maybe this style is the new kind of princess.

Willow Smith’s Over-the-Top Hairstyles from ‘Whip My Hair’ Explained! | Girl Log on

[…] Willow Smith’s Over-the-Top Hairstyles from ‘Whip My Hair’ Explained! Courtesy Roc Nation Willow Smith is attracting as much attention for her over-the-top style as for her catchy pop hook for “Whip My Hair” — but are either as buzz-worthy as her amazing hairstyles in the video? We went straight to the source, hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, who called creating the looks for the video “an […] Read more on People Magazine […]

2022 on

I was worried about the music video but once i saw it, i thought it was very appropriate for her age, and i dont even like that type of music but it was catchy.

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tori on

i am plesantly surprised. not nearly as annoying as miley or selena.

Made In Africa: Taking Back Our Culture-Where The Fruit Meets Its Roots! « Global Fusion Productions Inc on

[…] through our shared history so that a young Willow Smith will know from jump street that her much talked about punk mohawk hairstyle really originated from a Nigerian Afrobeat songstress by the name of Wunmi ,who was whipping her […]

KNeal on

And to the one that knocked Dina Lohan. The thing is that Lindsey was a successful young pop star. Her ending up the way she did is not her mother’s fault. It is society’s fault. She grew up and the society wouldn’t let her so she reacted and rebelled. Of course, she ended up going off the deep end. But this type of stuff always happens to those young successful stars. Drew Barrymore, 12 years old getting high; Michael Jackson, never could get right bless his soul; Paris Hilton, young, dumb, and Blonde; Chris Haim, overdosed…I mean the list just goes on and on and that is NOT because of the parents. When your children are out in Hollywood making millions and it’s not that easy being a young star’s parent. I hope that The Smith’s do have a firm hold on their kids because Willow could be headed down that path if they are not careful. She is already well known just because of her parents and now she has made a huge hit and she is a cute girl. Hollywood is going to take her like a lion to a lamb and her parents are going to have to be on top of things. Will and Jada have their work cut out for them…

KNeal on

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with kids expressing themselves, but as parents it is our job to make certain that our children don’t express themselves in ways that might appear inappropriate. Some parts of the video are acceptable but there is a grown woman whipping her hair in the classroom while doing splits in front of the children… You have to agree that some of it is a bit provocative for a nine year old video. Willow is a cute girl but the make up and hair cut suggests something else entirely. Just because she is a pop star doesn’t mean that anything goes. If we saw a 7-9 year old walking down the street with a haircut like Rhianna, fake nails, and all that make up, we wouldn’t dare say “how cute”. I am not being a “hater” at all but I am being a realist and Willow needs to tone it down a bit. I hope she does well in the industry and her life and I pray that Will and Jada play an intricate role in their kids lives. The world itself is subliminal just as the people that live in it. Good luck Kid!

Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ looks explained | Chancerylanedelmar on

[…] Willow Smith’s Over-the-Top Hairstyles from ‘Whip My Hair’ Explained! Courtesy Roc Nation Willow Smith is attracting as much attention for her over-the-top style as for her catchy pop hook for “Whip My Hair” — but are either as buzz-worthy as her amazing hairstyles in the video? We went straight to the source, hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, who called creating the looks for the video “an […] Read more on People Magazine […]

Willow Smith – Willow Smith Whip My Hair Video Goes Viral | Chancerylanedelmar on

[…] Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ Looks Explained Creating Willow’s heart-shaped fauxhawk was “an absolute blast,” says hairstylist Marcia Hamilton Read more on People Magazine […]

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[…] Creating Willow’s heart-shaped fauxhawk was « an absolute blast, » says hairstylist Marcia Hamilton Read more on People Magazine […]

joy on

1. I don’t think Willow’s parents pushed her into anything. Will and Jaida are rich enough that they don’t need their kids to make money. I think Willow just really wanted to do this for herself. It’s not that different from a little girl dressing up, preforming, and then putting the video on youtube. If it were anyother’s daughter it would not be garnering this much attention.
2. I also don’t think the video was provacative at all. The song was about letting loose and being yourself. You don’t need to be uptight all the time. There is a time and a place for everythin and that includes having fun. The dancing was age appropriate and the costume was cute. We all know there is no way Willow’s parents would let her out of the house with that on, but that’s why it’s a costume.
3. I admit the song was mediocre at best, but sometimes the words are not that important. It’s the beat that you dance to. Kind of like party or house music where there are no words.

All in all I think Willow has a good start. When she’s a little older, maybe 13 or 14, I think her career will really kick off, if that’s what her and her parents choose.

breanna on

i love her hair styles i had my hair stlye like hers before she even got famous but the only thing i havent did was cute/shave my hair to long for that p.s im not mesican

Carrie on

It is a catchy song..i just don’t understand why a nine year old is starting so soon! I understand you are will smith daughter but she dosen’t need to start so early..I watched the video..and she has such a huge voice for a nine year old!

traild on

gosh a lot of people be hating on the smiths. this was willows choice. and her parents work hard to support their kids in what they want todo. and how someone goes from whip your hair to baby beyonce is just plain… retarded. i wonder when the olsen twins was making albums did they get this much hate, or raven-symone.. and they were younger than willow. with the way most people are scream and crying about her age… it must be safe to say that they hate every child entertainer… trolls… i swear!!!

J.M. on

i need a hairstyle like tht!!!love it

zeana on

i think the video was fabulous

Deja Davis on

OMG… first off id like to u are supa coo for makin this song. theres alot of people hatin off u aond they just dont understand but i do . Ur sayin be ur self it dont matter if u have to shave off all ur hair to show it…jk but u shud come up wit another hit. And to let u know i support u…good job kidd

stefanie miles on

OMG!!!!!!!!! the song whip my hair is alrady good dont get me started about the hair now!!!!!!!!

bribri on

well i like willow smith an its great!!! that her parents put her in the spotlight cause will an jada smith kids have talent!!!…. so you can love her or hate but if yall never be above her…

shanel on

she be rokin it

deandria on

hi”what are you doing

Keke on

I thnk Willow is a great dancer and singer.. So whoever thought her family did that for more money get yo facts straight because it doesnt take long to recognize a young diva, like herself, when you see one… So dnt hate cause you cant have what Willow has…Just know shes better…

casey on

she is going to be a tramp

casey on

you r going to be a tramp willow

skylar on

i want my hsir likeee her’s

quanshea on

willow u are my gril an u keep up the good work because i always wanted to be famous an u are so keep the good work up

Kyra on

omg that is a cute hairstyle…willow you are fantastic…some people can be jealous so,dont pay attention to bad commenting

alexandra granola nelson on

willow is a 9 year old who needs to go to school like other people in th world,she isnt cute.

HHO generator on

Would it be possible to PM me and tell me few more thinks about this. I am really a fan of your blog.

nykira on

love your song whip my hair and 21st centrury girl

nykira on

like 21st centrury

diarra on

i love willow smith haters stop hatin on her on that ellen degrease show she was beautiful i whip my hair back and forth

Edward Trigg on

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rafaello tourbillon on

BrLxUk thinkingof what?

jade on

hii willow best singer of all:)

Willow Smith | Wugez on

[…] willow smith stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com […]

pokemon_for_you_too on

willow’s hair styles are just like really amazing i mean she comes up with great hair ideas but it must hurt her head having her hair that tight



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Sheryll on

Hey Willow Smith I’m a huge fan.!!! I Got my hair like yours but I dont have a perm but we’re twinz!!!!

Weeping Willow: The Smiths Continue The Child Pimping on

[…] Sources: Daily Mail, People, Huff Post Written by: vitaluv05 on May 14, 2012. Filed Under: Interviews, Jada Pinkett Smith, […]

deja dobbins on

girl mz.willow you better not like my ray ray or else imma knock your butt out

nasia on

u so good at sing and danceing i want to be like u but my own style cause look me up on youtube i will post a video of me singing because i sure know how to sing so listen and enjoy i want to be famous just like you ……………enjoy and love nasia

llakeeva on

Willow who did your hair I love it girl what is your phone numbers

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