Jennifer Lopez and Her Twins Star in Gucci's New Children's Ad Campaign

10/21/2010 at 01:40 PM ET

Mert and Marcus for Gucci

After weeks of speculation as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez would star alongside her two-year-old twins, Emme and Max, in Gucci’s latest campaign, the fashion house finally confirmed this morning that the beautiful threesome is indeed gracing the ads for the yet-to-launch line, which will hit stores in spring 2011. “Jennifer Lopez stars in new Gucci children’s advertising campaign,” they Tweeted. And while Jennifer lends her flawless face and utterly adorable offspring to the campaign, in return, the fashion house will make a donation to UNICEF and the Maribel Foundation which Jennifer started with her sister Lynda, according to WWD. Renowned fashion photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot captured the campaign this summer on the beach in Malibu, Calif. where the adorable pack, dressed up in Gucci, got glam in the sand. Check out the images of this too-cute campaign! Tell us: What do you think of J.Lo’s new ads? –Jessie Goldberg

Mert and Marcus for Gucci


Mert and Marcus for Gucci

Mert and Marcus for Gucci

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Kiki Jenkins on

Wow, Emme has so much curly hair!

Natasha on


Lissette on

I like it! Very cute! Cant believe Gucci has a children’s line.

Tina on

Nice ads. They’ve grown to be pretty cute.

Jennifer Lopez and the Twins Pose for Gucci | FifteenthMinute on

[…] To read more about the shoot and UNICEF’s mission click here. […]

Dawn on


Lee on

There isn’t anything about the woman in these ads that looks like Jennifer. I love the outfits on the twins in the shot where she is holding them, but she looks a bit uncomfortable or cumbersome to be holding them. Beach shot is nice!

Alice on

So this is what it takes for a fashion house to make a donation to a worthy cause? Shame on you Gucci and shame on J-Lo for pimping her kids.

Missy on

Actually, that is the boy Max with the curly hair, not the girl!

Donna on

If you didn’t state that the woman in the picture was Jennifer Lopez, I wouldn’t have guessed it. The pictures do not look like Jennifer Lopez at all.

L.L. on

They are a beautiful family!

But I thought I remember her saying she didn’t want her children’s faces to be featured in the pictures? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. They are her children and it’s not like we don’t know what their faces look like anyway.
I’m glad to hear that the campaign is donating money.
Best of luck to J.Lo and her family!

Sooo Rich on

blah blah blah

Missy on

oops, I take that back. The top pix I can tell them apart, the bottom one the boy looks like a girl. Why can’t the starts cut their kids’ hair anymore? Seems to be a trend

Ashley on

The twins are so cute! J.Lo should’ve smiled in at least one of them!

Marilyn on

she looks gorgeous, but giving the setting with her children… too serious, she should be smiling.

IA on

I think the photos look awesome.

Diana B on

Right, because if I’m dumb enough to buy my children expensive Gucci clothing, I’m also dumb enough to let them play in the sand in said clothing!

Tammy on

Beautiful family but I agree with Marilyn. She should be smiling or laughing. Kids are fun. They make you smile all the time… okay, most of the time. Her serious look just doesn’t fit in with the picture. But she’s still a beautiful woman.

Jon on

Very nice, I like J.Lo’s new ads!

chicagolatina on

JLO is nothing but a HOMEWRECKER and needs to PIMP her kids. Who care’s. She can’t act or sing. So pimping is her next best gig.

Angie on

Her kids are adorable… beautiful family :)

Lucia on

J-Lo has 2 of the ugliest kids. They should have masks on!

B on

Her kids are cute and they are nice pictures and everything but she is making the same facial expression in both pictures, which really doesn’t seem appropriate for the scene she is in, at the beach with her kids. She looks like she is trying to be too serious or spaced out or something and she really isn’t interacting at all with her kids in the picture. In the first one her kids are smiling and laughing and she has this death glare going on; same with the second one except they’re playing but she is still glaring. Confusing pictures. But cute kids.

Debbbb on

Why Jennifer looks so skinny??? Oh wait, THAT’S CALLED AIRBRUSHING? Those kids look just like her husband…ah poor kids.

Jasmine on

The children are adorable and she looks great but the second picture where she’s in a pretty provactive pose is a little weird to look at being that it’s such a contrast to the innocence of her children playing with the sand. Her children are cute though!

LLM on

@Missy, I’d like to see how you dress your kids, because that child with the curly hair and wearing a DRESS is a little girl.

Denise on

Lucia should be ashamed. I like how people hide behind their computers. I bet Lucia wouldn’t say this to Jennifer’s face….The pictures and the kids are beautiful….


You people are idiots!

Brittney on

um yes actually it does look like jennifer lopez and the max is not the one with curly hair. get it right.

Cincoseis on

The little boy is adorable,,,,,another parent in Hollywood exposing their kids for money


you hit it right on the head! And Jlo and the kids are gorgeous. Why don’t jealous people mind their own business!

ellen on

OMG the kids are so cute. Jennifer seems to be a good mom and I hope she doesn’t expose them too much so they don’t end up like those poor babies of the Gosselins.

FoN on

Wow – that’s uncanny. I can’t count how many family beach pictures I have that look *exactly* like that.

Corey on

Umm, is that a bad impersonator or did J. Lo get some work done because that sure as heck does not look anything like her!

Courtney on

Jennifer is nuts for putting her two year olds in an ad campaign as models their going to grow up self entitled hollywood brats.Nell Newman for example didn’t appear on film until she was 8 years old in the summer of 1967 as the child version of Rachel Cammeron in the film Rachel Rachel for which her mother was nominated for the best actress oscar for the second of four times in her career. of course other than during the school year her and her younger sisters weren’t raised in Los Angeles like Jens kiddos are but in Conneticuit and New York City. granted Nell and her younger sisters mom Joanne Woodward had won an oscar on her first nomination right after her and their dad Paul were married just over a year before Nell {Birth Name Eleanore} was born and right after she miscarried her first pregnancy which thankfully Jen has never had to go through.

Cher on

Actually, anyone who knows modeling knows there are very few smiles, and second of all get a grip people, she’s isn’t exploiting them, she raising money, why shoot down Gucci, it’s their new line. Jennifer is the most beautiful woman, and her children are adorable, why not flaunt what you have…duhhhh….

Alison on

They are horrible! Why is Jennifer making those faces… Totally does not jive with a kids line. Shouldn’t the mom be relating to the kids for a kids line – not trying to overshadow them with sex appeal.

Evy on

Shame on Jennifer Lopez for exploiting her children in this manner.

Tonio on

Those kids are anything but cute! JLo looks too posed next to the kids and it looks off.

Not a Fan on

@ Missy. The girls is the one on the left and the boy is on the right. Her blouse has a purse on it.

Susie on

wow, some of you are really cruel. She’s a very pretty woman, her kids are cute. she’s not “pimping” them. she’s raising money for a charity. who else is going to model for these clothing lines? of course a “famous” person. why pick on the woman? she hasn’t done anything to anyone. what’s the big deal?

Toni on

Jennifer Lopez is posing as of she was on the cover of Playboy not a Gucci children’s line of clothing. Her facial expressions just don’t work.

jimmy on

Good for Gucci and Jlo, I like the pictures, but it llooks like they are all wearing too much bronzer.

Cher on

Jennifer, you look absolutely fabulous, people are so critical…the pregnancy brought out more of your inner beauty than ever, and your so lucky, Max looks so like Marc and Emma favors you, how sweet these pictures are…


Man people need to get a life. It is her business what she does and for crying out loud it is a Gucci ad not a Ad for playboy. There is nothing wrong with it all and I highly doubt is pimping her kids out to make more money. Give me a break. I am not even a fan of hers but people really will complain about ANYTHING.

Elizabeth on

That is one hot mamma; it beats the notion of ‘oh noes, now that I have kids I’ll stop being beautiful!!!1!’

Khadijah on

The twins look adorable n there outfit, jlo u lost so much weight u look youger much younger dear…………….

Cher on

Jennifer, you look absolutely fabulous, people are so critical…the pregnancy brought out more of your inner beauty than ever, and your so lucky, Max looks so like Marc and Emme favors you, how sweet these pictures are…

Gisele on

Homely children.

Tereza on

i think the contrast is what brings you in, jennifer is modelling while her children seem more in the background, i think this is what draws you in, she is very photoshopped as well, she looks 30!!! I think the ‘diva’ in her is intentional rather than interacting with her children, if she was then it would look like a family photo and not an ad for a upmarket brand.

Julia on

American Idol wasn’t enough??!! She doesn’t do a thing for me. Poor kids.

Kelli on

Flawless via Photoshop. That doesn’t even look like her.

judy caban on

As usual J-lo is Beautiful but she over powers her children. As some of you have said, she look like she’s having fun with her kids and smile. Being that this is a children’s line campaign it should have been more about the kids than J-lo…..

Ivy on

What a pity these celebrities have to force their minor children into the limelight to gain publicity and money for themselves. She is posing as if she is advertising lingerie not childrens clothing. How egocentric they all are…poor children may have material things but will be emotionally scarred when they grow up as most of them are.

Lana on

Pretty nice pics. :)

Beck on

Missy….. the curly hair child is the girl. Why would this little girl above wear a purple out fit? It appears both children have some curls.

dorothy on

Would prefer to see her be more natural, not “model” looking….doesn’t look right.

Katherine on

cute kids! too much air brush on jlo, hardly recognized her!

D on

I have nothing bad to say about this ad (like some other people). I think Jennifer looks like Jennifer and looks lovely. And her kids are adorable. :) Just because you put your kids in pictures doesn’t mean you’re “pimping them out”. No one says that about the kids that model for Gap Kids.

antonella on

It’s very sad….when a celebrity like JLO needs to use her children at a young age to make money. Like she needs more money. Shame on you.

jennrae on

What do I think? I think they should have had to pose for these photos wet and in the dead of winter like real models. This is just another example of how celebrities and their kids get treated like royalty. Also, Emme could spare to lose a few pounds. Nobody likes a fat model.

Carmen Camacho on

God bless them.

Mel on

OMG whatever ya’ll! Jennifer looks great and the kids are cute…she rarely shows them off on film, unlike Suri Cruise, who seems to be in every picture with a blankey, bottle and messed up hair. I swear I see that mess of a kid every day online or in magazines all mismatched claiming to be a budding fashionista! At least these kids are put together and look clean! Get a grip!

AlexaLauren on

@Missy…you are wrong

fayem1 on

actually the girl is the one with curly hair look closer that is no boys outfit she is wearing. they all look adorable the boy looks like Mark.

melissa on

It seems that a few people missed reading the fact that the proceeds will go to charity. How is this pimping? In addition, the kids are cute, adorabable,exotic. People don’t be haters. Your cruelty towards the kids shows the ugliness in you.

Cab on

I think she is trying to look sexy, which is not appropriate in these photos. She needs to show her family/mommy side, not her sexpot side. her kids are cure because they’re kids, but I’m afraid they are not going to be very attractive when they grow up, as they do look just like their father, who is one of the least attractive men around.

lark on

She looks like Kim Delaney used to look, in the soap opera days, before she cried at the bedside of Jimmy Smits…

Celste on

Attention gone wild ! Don’t you have enough money already…go away !

Toni on


Josie on

I’m sure all three are getting paid very handsomely for this campaign.

shannon on

Photoshopped. Entirely.

Dianna on

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Sean on

Pathetic that she shoves her children in front of the cameras for her own ego.

Elle on

OMG! The twins are as gorgeous as their mom. I can also see a lot of Marc in them. Fantastic!!!



rocky_n_ga on

It’s amazing how many haters view this site. Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s what’s wrong with the world today…negative, jealous, sad people who do nothing but pass judgement sitting around throwing out all that negative energy into the universe. Get a life people. Just because it’s not you doesn’t mean that you have to sit around all day spitting bitterness and hate. Even if you don’t like it, does it make you feel that much better about yourself to put it out there like that? Crab mentality.

C on

Very ordinary looking kids.

Dfog on

Exploit, exploit, exploit. A lot of people have beautiful children….why make them work and be in magazines at such a young age?? Shame on J LO.

Becca on

Jennifer and her children look so beautiful in the Gucci Campaign add. I don’t see how anyone can say that Jennifer didn’t look comfortable with her own children, then say it didn’t look like her. I recognize Jennifer right away, she looks so gorgeous.

Melea on

I wonder if her kids were wondering if Mommy was mad.

Merci on

Emme has the curly hair NOT Max. Check the pics again

Dianna on

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Londongirl on

Fake just like Jenny from the Block!! Why is she selling out her kids like this?? Shockingly poor judgement. And I see a LOT of photoshopping in the pics…thinning out her face, making the kiddies cuter than they really are…anything for a buck, huh Jen? I hope Ben A. is thanking his lucky stars he got away in time…he’s a real person married to a real lady now.

wkrp on

Seriously?!?! Two major problems: 1) what 2 yr old needs designer duds? Gucci, com’on! What makes them soooo much better than Osh-Kosh B’Gosh and Carter’s — other than the price, and making mom feel better? 2) what mother (in this atmosphere of paparazzi and stalkers) would pimp out her kids like this? Oh, yea — J-LO! At least wait until they have some degree of say in it, ala Sambora’s daughter, Lourdes and the younger (12 & 14) Kardashians.

Krissy on

Cool out people…if your kids could make money just taking a pic and playing in sand (what they like to do anyway) you would do it to….and don’t hate becuz photoshop couldn’t make you look as good as non-photohopped J-Lo….COOL OUT!!



Top Posts — on

[…] Jennifer Lopez and Her Twins Star in Gucci’s New Children’s Ad Campaign Mert and Marcus for Gucci After weeks of speculation as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez would star alongside her […] […]

isabella on

The photos are beautiful but she should look more maternal and less sexy.

Pam on

One of the most overrated people in Hollywood!!!!!
She can’t act, can’t sing, definitely not a model. I believe she used PDiddy for her music career, BAffleck for her acting, and stole MAnthony when he was vulnerable in his life.She’s so money hungry and materialistic!!!!! Someone please tell me why she’s so fascinating!
I know she’s donating money to charity, that’s great. I would too if I had multimillions.I’m sur she also got a cut of the check herself.She negotiated her contract with American Idol.

Sosie on

JLo looks uncomfortable because she isn’t use to interaction with her children. Maybe the nanny should have been in the pictures instead :) In the one photo it looks like she just met them and the other photo looks like she’s screaming “help”, someone take these children!!



Jenn on

Missy…Emme does have curly hair. If you notice in the first pic, she’s wearing purple. Max has wavy hair but all those curls belong to Emme.

They are all beautiful regardless of how or why they did the shoot.

yacky on

She will pimp her soul just to be noticed. Didn’t she get enough selling her kids to people. I think the 6 mil was enough to cover school for kids. Really……. she is a has been. who cares

janet on



I am sooooo sorry but those kids are not cute they look a lot like their father and if you notice they do not have close-ups of their faces. That’s right!! Gucci had the kids with the sunglasses and staring down to the sand. No wonders Ben did not marry her?? Unlike the beautiful kids he has with Jen Garner.

Carly on

It’s all for a good cause people!


Here we go again… same derogatory comments from the Diddy, and Affleck PR’s.

Tina on

Jen looks stunning! Her children are adorable. Gucci’s spring line looks fab!

Dfoge on

Exploit, exploit, exploit…is that why she has children. So, when they are 2 you can throw them in ads….She should be ashamed of herself. She should try to give those adorable children normal childhoods…yea, right!!?!?!!??

LoopsFroot on

I would have rather seen her actually smiling and having fun with her kiddies instead of looking like she’s constipated LOL

dee on

Yes it does, I have seen other pics I wasn’t sure but these pic in my opinion does look like her,btw the kids are getting cuter!

Ina on


andrea on

She doesn`t look like Jlo at all…to much Photoshop and their children ..they look very cute in the add but they`re not that cute….muy falsa la foto….esta tipa no para de hacer plata parece maquina de dolares….UNICEF…YEAH RIGHT!!!:)

jg on

Cute clothes, cute kids…but seriously, your at the beach with your children, shouldn’t it come naturally to smile? Shouldn’t they be the spotlight instead of the camera? She looks waaay out of place. As a mother, this is very unappealing to me and makes the pictures hard to look at.

CCK3 on

Jennifer looks awkward holding her children. The ads seem to be a fashion-shot of Jennifer, the children look like last-minute scenery. I totally agree with Alice, she is pimping out her children and it didn’t take long for Jennifer to use her children for publicity. Babies seem to be the newest fashion accessory whioh is actually kind of sad.

linda on

everything about this woman is fake

Cika on

Wooowww!! cool.. love it!!

eVA on

Muy bonitas las fotos.

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Miné Salkin on

This photoshoot looks quite tasteful, at the same time though, I feel imminently sorry for those children.

Laura on

Someone needs some glasses…seriously. How could you say that the one with the curly hair is the boy. Are you totally blind?

Misti on

Umm.. no, the girl is the curly haired beauty. Look at the first picture – she’s wearing lavendar. Anyway, I think Jennifer looks beautiful as always and the pictures look like her to me – I’m a long time fan and she’s always stunning.

Jane on

It’s amazing how a 40 year old looks like now an days! Jennifer looks so beautiful..looking back then and now..what is the difference..her kids are so beautiful! It’s such a sweet thing to work with your kids in something like this..her kids have something to look back on..and also such a talented mother to look back on..keep up the good work Jennifer! | Blog | Fashion Round-Up: I'm on FabSugar, How to Make a Brooch Modern, Plus More.... on

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Rafs on

The mother and babies look too beautiful. I love the photos.

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[…] Here’s our fashion round-up of the week…plus I got featured as the Look of the Day on Fab Sugar (sooooo excited!!!!) Look of the Day: Indian Summer, Fab Sugar How to Make a Brooch Modern, Mystyle Fireplaces in the Fall, Cupcakes and Cashmere Jennifer Lopez and her Twins in Gucci Campaign, Style Watch […]

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Real cute their so big!!

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[…] He’s already a pro in front of the cameras, having modeled with twin sister, Emme, and his mom in Gucci‘s new children’s ad campaign. […]

Gram on

Wow…the twins have really grown into their looks. I haven’t seen them in awhile and am so happily surprised at how cute they have become. Love that curly hair!

Gram on

It would have been nice to see JLo with a less open-mouthed sexy pose in light of the fact that her two children are in the ad. I would have preferred her to look more like a mother engaged with her children than children attached to a mother looking seductively into the camera.

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kayla brailsford on

awww the twins look jus like there mom they working there modle. i wonder who older emmie or max.

kayla brailsford on

they look adorible an like there mom how cute i woner who older emmie or max

08KOan on

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[…] – Jennifer Lopez and and her two-year-old tots star in Gucci’s new children’s ad campaign. READ IT […]

Stacia Salisbury on

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Helena Erwin on

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[…] Jennifer Lopez’s kids are very cute / People […]

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