Alexa Chung: 'I Don't Have an Eating Disorder'

10/07/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Courtesy ELLE

British presenter and model Alexa Chung, with her unique shabby-chic style and quirky sense of humor, is often seen gracing the front row at fashion shows (she’s currently doing the rounds in Paris), and even has a Mulberry bag named after her. But constantly having to read speculation on her weight and whether she is suffering from an eating disorder has finally taken its toll on the fashionista. Upset and angry about the ever-present rumors, she’s decided to speak out on the subject. “I cannot express how frustrating it is to not be believed when you say, ‘I don’t have an eating disorder,’” she states in the November edition of British Elle. “I am naturally very thin. I get even thinner when I’m stressed. And you cannot imagine how stressed I was last year,” she says in the candid interview. Referring to her U.S. television debut on MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung, which was later canned, the petite Brit adds: “Anyone could see that I wasn’t doing great and I wasn’t coping.” It was after the show finished last year, that the eating disorder rumors spread on the Internet to such a degree that the 26-year-old was forced to issue a denial statement. And yet still, her slight frame continues to garner unwanted attention. “It angers me because I don’t want to be a pin-up for young girls just for being thin,” she says in the feature, which sees her as the cover girl, channeling her favorite 1960’s style icons (Jean Shrimpton and Julie Christie amongst others). “I don’t want to be admired for being thin as opposed to being dressed well, and I don’t want the two to get confused.” Check out the video below to go behind the scenes of Alexa’s shoot, or pick up the current issue of British Elle, on newsstands now. –Monique Jessen

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Belle on

Please, this is anything but naturally thin, don’t kid yourself!. When your head start to look like a bobble head on top of your body, it’s a sure sign that you need help in the nutrition department. People who are naturally thin, their bodies match their heads, I know that because I have a girlfriend who is naturally thin with small bones, and her body is well balance, there is no debating that. Everytime i see a photo of Alexa I cringe and I wonder when will a family or friend intervene before it is to late. Seriously eat something before it’s too late baby.

CJ on

She is way to thin and she has absolutley no fashion sense…the other night at some show she was wearing a baby-doll looked horrible on her and don’t get me started on her hair..has it ever seen a comb or brush..she’s a grown woman and needs to dress like one…

Jon on

I liked The VIDEO, good for her for defending her self, sorry her Show, It’s on with Alexa Chung, was canceled last year! Also, it’s nice that Johnny Depp made a young girl’s dream come true!

Frida on

Alexa is super cute and absolutely a fashion icon. She is slightly too thin but she could be naturally so for all we know. And I know for a fact that you can really lose a lot of weight while going through a hard time/dealing with stress. When I was at my lowest point (dealing with horrible panic attacks) I was very skinny myself.

Angyl on

I for one can identify with Alexa. I was painfully thin up until I had my second child. I was teased about being so thin. People often thought that I was anorexic. I weighed 92 pounds at the age of 23. I am 5’4″. Wasn’t from lack of eating! People need to stop judging people on their weight. If they are healthy and honest about not having an eating disorder then just lay off!

Anna on

She looks pretty ordinary to me. And what is up with that hair??? Dress her in ordinary clothes and she won’t even stand out.

PA on

@ Belle. That is not true. Just like when you put on weight you can’t control where that fat goes. I am naturally skinny myself and my body is not ‘well balanced’.

C on

She looks fine! Thin but fine. My roommate is thinner than her – with DD natural boobs – and eats ALL THE TIME! and No (before you get all cynical) she doesn’t throw it up. Some people are just very thin – people are built different. Some people can’t take weight off and some can’t put it on.

karen on

I am naturally thin i’ve been thin all my life. I eat 3 meals a day and snacks in between but yet I dont gain any pounds. Right now im 85 pounds and im 19.

karen on

* I am also short though so that is why. If you are very tall and you weigh little you will come off as looking anorexic or have an eating disorder.

dana on

I do not think she looks anorexic. her bones are not jutting out. She is just very thin, but gorgeous. I was always super thin, and was asked if I were anorexic. I ate as much as I wanted, just was naturally thin. In my mid 40’s I finally gained some weight. I am in my mid 50’s now, and slim, but not skinny. I miss the skinny days. I am careful what I eat now, but will never be waif thin again. I am never, and was never sick. I was a healthy, thin girl. Why does everyone think that anyone without fat on their bones has an eating disorder? Menopause will fill her out, but she will always be lovely.

Erica on

Why do models look like they are drug addicts…she looks like the part Angelina Jolie played in the movie Gia. Heroine addited model..she needs to eat a damn hamburger and step away from the drugs..she is not atractive at all. Sorry…just sayin

Maci on

you said it alexa!!! people,people,please the girl is gorgeous and she IS skinny, so what? shes fine the way she is and did you hear her? she said “when people say i have an eating disorder, i get stressed and loose weight.” so stop making her stressed and maybe in your eyes she wouldn’t be so damn skinny!!! love you alexa!!!

Lily on

I dont understand why people feel the need to criticize other people they don’t know personally. Maybe she has an eating disorder maybe she doesn’t but if she does, tearing her apart via website isn’t going to help her in any way. Calling someone anorexic is equivalent to calling someone fat. People who truly fit into either categories struggle with food, weight and emotional issues, the only difference is society has deemed calling someone fat as a cruel remark yet calling someone anorexic is ok. We as a society need to emphasize health, not a number on a scale!

Cat on

I’m as thin as she is and I eat like a pig! I find it funny that the people who always tell me I’m too skinny and make fun of my weight are people who are overweight. I suppose it makes them feel better about being fat? Who knows.

Why Not? on

Only Alexa knows what is really going on, and since she’s an adult, she’s old enough to handle her own business. I will say I’ve only ever met one “naturally skinny” girl in my life though. And even she didn’t eat dairy.

Lee on

Notice that they are covering up her skeletal arms with long sleeves….she is way too thin. The clothes are hanging on her. With the messed up dirty looking hair and all the black under her eyes she looks like a drug addict. Not sexy at all. I find it really sad.

sara on

denial much? Just because you are stressed doesnt mean you cant have a eating disorder from it



kiki on

when i was in high school my PE teacher made me go to anorexia classes, because i was/am thin, and didnt care to listen to me when i protested. i eat healthy and am naturally thin. in photo’s my head looks way bigger than my body. whats the deal?? she’s thin, so what? many many people are naturally thin.

Sunny on

Somebody give that girl a sandwich!

lisa on

I was always very naturally thin. After the birth of my daughter at 35 I weighed a whopping 110 pds
at 35! Now that I am 43 things have changed. Just because you are naturally thin doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder! She is darling.

Marcy on

I have been thin my entire life. My weight of 95 pounds had remained the same since I was 20. I ate 2,500 calories a day. At 34, I became a vegetarian, and it was harder for me to get in those extra calories and weighed 90 pounds. I’m 39 now and back to eating meat due to my 5 pound loss over a 5 year period. I drink 1/2 gallon whole milk a day. I eat out a lot because it’s what I like to do. I don’t worry about dressings or other extras-they go on it all. I’ve worked out with a trainer to gain weight by adding muscle. (Muscles and bones are not a good look.) I’ve done weight gain shakes, protein shakes, and seen a dietician. If I don’t constantly eat, the scale goes down 3 pounds in a day or two. I cannot find clothes that fit, let alone that are age appropriate. I have struggled my whole adult life to be “normal” because I’m tired of defending myself to everyone. My self esteem has always been low due to the comments people feel are OK to say to me, especially working as a waitress. I’ve heard it all. The daily, “Oh my God!! You’re sooo skinny!” and my personal all time favorite, “Please eat. You look like you’re starving to death”. Does anyone walk up to another person and say, “Oh my God!! You’re sooo fat!”, or “Please don’t eat that, you look like you’re going to explode”?? I don’t understand the cruel, judgemental mind set of society. A regular customer made a remark to me about my weight once and I pointed out that he was bald. He was shocked and said, “Well, I can’t help THAT.” I smiled and said, “Exactly. And neither can I.”

snooki on

it’s so sad that all these skinny celebrities try saying they are naturally thin. There are different extremes of eating disorders, and i’m pretty damb sure all these super skinny girls watch what they eat to the extreme and also I betthey don’t menstrate properly which is not healthy.

Alex on

People constantly telling you that you must have an eating disorder just because you are thin do not realize that you could potentially cause the person to have a problem. I have been through similar criticism from my family because I am “too thin”. There is such a thing as naturally thin…some people have to work really hard to gain weight. My whole family has accused me of having an eating disorder even though I have been to the doctor and asked why I can’t seem to gain weight. People constantly telling me that I MUST have a disorder makes me feel bad and makes me feel like I have to prove to them I do not have a problem. The people you need to worry about are thin people with odd eating habits and people that you never see eating. Besides that if you really are concerned about someone confront them privately and DO NOT just talk about them having a disorder behind their back.

paranel on

She might be in denial. If you look this thin, you are not eating enough. To me she looks so ordinary and not stylish at all. I don’t know who decided that she should be famous? What is her talent ? I mean really.

Mels on

Why is it okay to lash out at very thin people but no obese people? It’s just as unhealthy, but when an obese person becomes famous, everyone wants to praise them for being so brave. Please. Besides, Alexa’s got style and if you disagree, you probably wear capri pants.

Nan on

Twiggy! Not a good example for teens anymore. Sunken eyes, bobble head. Too thin.

Amanda on

Ridiculous. She looks fine. Poor girl…

Ann on

She looks fine. Everyone’s so fat these days, thin looks anorexic. How about we focus on the obesity epidemic for a change?

Jeannie on

Awww, boo hoo for Alexa! She feels picked on and put upon for being accused of being too thin. Poor baby. Eat a hamburger, then! As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the girl “doth protest too much”. She’s obviously hiding something, and bottom line, she’s too thin.

Alexa Chung I Dont Have an Eating Disorder on

[…] Alexa Chung: I Don’t Have an Eating Disorder […]

Lisa on

I think she is gorgeous. I have a sister who is the same way, she has been super thin her entire life and has just celebrated the fact that she has put on enough weight to give blood, which still only makes her I think 110lb at 5’8″. Some people are just like that. Being super thin can very much be a natural thing and people need to stop assuming otherwise. I actually have known people who drop weight like crazy under stress also, it happens. But because she is in the public eye people want to jump at shadows. Unless you see her puking her guts up somewhere on a regular basis, just take her at her word and leave her alone. Her hair and teeth and skin all look perfectly healthy. She seems bright and energetic and there is no sense in spreading negetivity.

Tara on


Talk less, eat more.

Megan on

I believe her. Being very skinny is just as bad as being overweight sometimes. I don’t know how many remarks of ” OMG you’re so skinny ” I have gotten in my lifetime but it’s never a compliment. I eat ALL of the time and have since I was a teenager. I lose and gain weight like nothing. I’ve gained 10lbs in one week, and I’ve been known to lose that 10lbs over the weekend and not be doing anything different. I’m never concerned about my weight. I personally think the curvier the better, it’s just that I can never get my stickly figure to leave. I’m currently pregnant and I love being pregnant because it actually gives me some meat on my bones. I love my body most when I’m pregnant.

Not everyone that is skinny, even sickly looking, has an eating disorder. Please remember that.

Lauren on

I feel for her. I was a distance runner in high school so my metabolism was extremely high and I was eating a lot but I never gained a pound. There were comments, of course but I learned to ignore them. As a 24 yr old, I am still very slender and I hate when people assume there is something wrong with me. I am 5’2/108 lbs and I am in the normal weight range for my height even though it is the lower end. And guess what? I like my body and feel like I shouldn’t have to apologize for it.

holly on

I’ve been thin all my life, and I was diagnosed with celiac disease last year, that explained why I could never put on weight, because I wasn’t absorbing nutrients or calories. To all the super thin people, have your thyroid checked or check for CD. But, if you are happy the way you are, don’t worry about it! Naturally thin is just as beautiful as any other body shape. I heard so many mean comments all my life, they are very hurtful. I’ve finally put on a little bit of weight and feel good – but just because you are thin doesn’t give others the right to poke fun at you. Shame on those toxic people who spead negativity where ever they go.

Sherry on

I thought “Who the heck is Alexa Chung?” I see her picture, and I’m transported back to the Seinfeld episode where he thought Donna Chang was an asian chick only to find a white girl show up at the blind date. hahaha !

jenn on

I don’t know anything about this girl BUT I can speak through my oen experience. Mom weighed 98lbs @ 19yrs old when she gor married. I graduated high school weighing 100lbs. I didnt gain weight until I had 2 kids. Now I’m 38yrs, 5’6 and weigh 125. So would people say I have an eating disorder?? That is the worst thing to say to someone who DOESN’ me I got it my whole life.

Marian on

I long for the day when some “celebrity” feels the need to come out and say “I can’t help it, I’m just naturally fat! And when I’m under stress, I eat more.”

Bria on

It really bothers me when everyone assumes a naturally thin person is anorexic. That would be like saying a curvier size 10 woman does nothing but eat all day. Peoples bodeis are built differently, and we need to learn to accept them all, not just which ever one is more popular at the time.

Bria on

I love Alexa! I think she’s adorable!She is very funny and light-hearted. She was a little akward, but I miss her show.


People come in ALL shapes in sizes. I mean, isn’t that the argument for when someone is a size 18? If she is too thin than someone who is a size 14 is too fat. You can’t have it both ways people.

Deb on

Why are we so quick to pick up the skinny people and critize them and not the fat. you don’t hear anyone saying ‘oh look at that fat person, poor dear?’ yet we say ‘ oh look at that skinny person,must have a eating disorder’.
Honestly people, worry about yourself.
It is really none of your business another person’s weight.

susan on

I’ve seen a lot worse!

Molly on

the thing is, you have to separate *criticism* from CONCERN. eating disorders are deadly, and the sad truth is, it’s highly unlikely that this girl is naturally this thin. possible? yes, it is. likely? no, it’s not. not in that industry, and not to that degree. do i believe the commenters on here, yes, because exceptions do exist. but not often in that line of work, and it’s very sad because women like alexa chung serve as role models and ideals for young women and impressionable girls everywhere who are shaping ideas and attitudes about their bodies and eating behaviors that could very well develop into a life threatening illness that is becoming more and more of an epidemic across this country.

i should know. i once weighed 87 lb.

i’m 5′ 8″. luckily, with 7 years of treatment i recovered and am now 120, but its been hard. it’s still hard. and i feel for this girl if she is in denial. if she’s not, i feel for her, too. people toss around the term eating disorder way too lightly…

megan on

I love her hair! I do think she looks unhealthily (is that a word?hehe) thin. But I have no reason not to believe her and there are just some naturally thin people out there. Although being too thin and having too low of a BMI can be just as unhealthy and dangerous as being obese or overly obese! But I think all of that is beside the point, I completely respect her. “I don’t want to be a pin-up just for being thin,”I don’t want to be admired for being thin as opposed to dressing well.” I think that’s a great message, and very respectable!

Tiffernini on

I totally applaud her for deffending herself. I have done this my self for 20 years. I am naturally thin yes there is such a thing. I think it is a hard concept for people to grasp. Yes people who are thin do eat and usually alot. (health too)
I also think rumours get started by the people whom are not comfortable in their own skin, and they need to make them selves feel better by trying to hurt someone else.
Like my mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Or step into my shoes see what if would feel like if it was the other way..
I had a hard tim

Donna on

Shes a bold faced liar. Eat something, moron.

NW Mamma on

She states she is naturally thin, this could be true. Growing up being called “stick girl” I can understand what she is saying, I was always way thinner than everyone else at my age. You loose weight quickly and it is sooooooooo hard to gain weight as well. Once I turned 40 the weight finally came to me, it will catch up to her as well. Leave her alone and if she denies not having a eating disorder then, I for one beleive her.

Head Diva In Charge on

At this point, any thin actress is rumored to have an “eating disorder”. She actually looks naturally thin. Now if I were that thin I would have to be in a coffin, but hey, I have only Italian genes to thank.

E.Chan on

If you all didn’t realize, she’s part Chinese and I know a lot of Chinese are genetically thin despite what they eat. Most people like to tear people up because they’re jealous they aren’t as thin as said person. Others just like to make fun of people for their own enjoyment. For some people it’s easy to get fat without even trying and for some people it’s hard to pick up weight. The problem is some people just like tearing down other people for their success or failures because they rather do that than be self critical.

Everyone is different and by societal standards thin is ideal. I’m not saying its right or wrong. Thomas Jefferson got it wrong when he said “all men are created equal” because we’re not (although in a governmental sense its what ideally you would think). Some people are born tall, short, fat, thin, white, black, healthy, unhealthy, alive or dead etc. Live your life the way you want and be happy with who you are because if you’re reading this you’re lucky to be alive.

Donna on

One thing that makes me not believe her–if you look at photos of Alexa from a few years ago (before she became really well known on MTV) she was MUCH healthier looking. At least twice the size she is now. Yes, she says she lost weight from being stressed, but the difference is really drastic which suggests she doesn’t have very healthy eating habits.


Molly, you are so FULL of it. Being morbidly obese is just as dangerous as being very thin. And being 30 pounds over weight is MORE dangerous than being 10-15 pounds underweight. DENIAL ‘AINT JUST A RIVER. Wake up.

Hillary :) on

I can relate- I am very thin with a large chest, and I don’t have an eating disorder-alllll natural. Just because someone is thin doesn’t automatically mean he or she has an eating disorder, so who are we to judge? Seriously. :)

TB on

Marcy you said exactly what I feel! I was soooo skinny when I was a teenager and I am tall so I was teased all the time and this was the 80’s when thin wasn’t “in”. I cried daily and tried everything to gain weight–I’m now 40 and had a few kids-thin but normal thin size 8 @ 5’10”–I always would say to people that making fun of someone thin is as bad as making fun of someone fat! I never judge anybody regarding weight–everyones metabolism is different!

tee on

so being thin is an eating disorder and dangerous but being a size 14 isn’t?
Being too thin and being too fat are both eating disorders and both dangerous to your health.

Cameron on

Not sure what all of the fuss is about? She is not too thin, nor too skinny. She looks great. She does not look like a “bobble head” either. I am 30 yrs old, 5’3″, and 86lbs.. I do not have an eating disorder either; and get tired of people making comments about my size. Everyone is built different. We eat, a lot. So mind your own business.

Denna R on

I love Alexa and her talk show! I am 5’9 and 135 lbs. I look thin and people don’t believe me when I say so. I don’t look skin ‘n’ bones thin, but fit thin. From what I see Alexa looks fine and fit thin like me and if she feels she needs to put on weight that should be her decision.

p on

let us hope for her health that she is naturally thin. It beats slowly starving to death and your organs shutting down from your intestines on. eating disorders are so dangerous- don’t ask me how i know….

Kasee on

I am very tall and thin and people will often ask me if I ever eat, and the answer is yes, all the time. However, I lead a very active lifestyle that includes walking to a lot of places (grocery store, dry cleaner, etc.) so I get exercise without necessarily going to a gym all the time. HOWEVER, I think it’s important for people to know that losing weight (or gaining a ton) during stress IS a type of eating disorder. It is using food to try to control or temper an emotional situation, and that is not normal eating.

teflon on

She has an ED. She makes light of it in a BING commercial – watch it. Someone who doesn’t want the attention doesn’t make commercials showcasing it. If she’s fat she’s unhealthy and a horrible role model…If she’s thin she’s unhealthy and a horrible role model. Pick your poison.

Mo on

I am a naturally thin person so whoever says that Alexa is too thin to the point where she looks sick doesn’t know what they’re talking about. People can lose weight due to stress and when you’re under stress it’s hard to get yourself to have a healthy diet. And not all people have proportionate bodies. No one’s head or feet, hands or arms will ever match their bodies. Her body is fine the way it is.

Rachel Garletts on

As a naturally tall and skinny i am constantly shunned by those who are not. It runs in my family and i eat extraordinary amounts, rarely work out and cant break 130lbs if my life depended on it. Please stop judging people because they have different body types. Naturally thin people cant help it. Stress and even being cold doesn’t help. Its as if thinking too much and shivering burns extra calories or something. Im cold all day at work because i don’t have enough body fat to keep me properly insulated. This leads to your core being tense all day from shivering resulting in rock hard abs. We cant help being thin so just let it go.

ana on

Well I am also very thin and a lot of people in the world are like that.She is not dying and she doesnt look so thin as people say.I saw already thiner people than her on the streets,on the runaway and even in magazines.Scary thin people are in Hollywood and I dont see a lot of people woring about that.
Leave Alexa.Kate Moss and all those womam eating wath they want.Gwenthy Paltrow for example its a bit worst but even her is not dying.

heids on

She is too much thin

luce on

oh, i hate how everybody feels the need to find any faults they can in a person. Alexa is lovely, and the only reason people have decided to attack her about her weight is because they can’t find anything else to pick on. I don’t think she is too thin at all, she has a gorgeous figure, and I am certain she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She has said herself that she used to get bullied at school because the other children thought her skinny frame made her look like a boy, and she would even wear three pairs of tights to make her legs look bigger. So either she has always been thin or has always had an eating disorder. There is no way you can survive an eating disorder from childhood to her age.

prestamo on

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