Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as 'Saggy'

10/06/2010 at 10:50 AM ET

Courtesy GQ

She’s regularly fêted as one of the world’s most beautiful actresses—but mother-of-one Jessica Alba still sees the flaws in her body. And she’s happy with it. Two years after giving birth to daughter Honor, the Machete star tells the U.K. edition of GQ that there is something “amazing” about having a child. “My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it,” she proudly says in the November issue. And the 29-year-old feels inferior to many of her fellow female stars in the beauty stakes. She name-checks other leading ladies like Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé. “Every actress out there is more beautiful than me,” she tells the magazine. “All better looking than me. I’ve seen them without makeup, so I know.” The cover article comes complete with a swimsuit shoot that plays up her slender legs, and she says that having Honor has helped her confidence. She is “way more comfortable since I had a baby. I’m far less self-conscious now that I have her to worry about.” But the actress says she wasn’t always so happy to show off her body. “I used to have anxiety attacks before I did the photo shoots. I’d never worn high heels to even dresses before I did movies,” she says. And she vows not to succumb to that other product of the entertainment industry—cosmetic surgery. “I hate the idea of trying to freeze time. I believe in growing old as nature intended and, if the movie roles dry up as a result, then so be it.” — Simon Perry

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Sooo Rich on

She is so adorable. Love her :)

Bria on

I wouldn’t catogorize Beyonce as an “actress” And Jessica is definately NOT the least attractive actress out there! She’s so pretty! She may be “saggy” but compared to most 29 year olds who have had babies, she looks fantasic. It’s nice that having a baby made her more comfortable with herself.

Annie on

Beyonce has done more movies than YOU, BRIA!

katie on

what a refreshing view from a celeb – no botox “if the roles dry up so be it”…great attitude!love her even more now.and she is just gorgeous, my friend saw her on the streets on Rome a couple of years back and said shes even more beautiful in person.

Hi on

Really Annie? Wow. Beyonce is a horrible “actress” (Austin Powers:Goldmember anyone) who should stick to what she knows best.

sarah on

ya she looks saggy and just has tons of cellulite!!! Not feelin too sorry for you! I had a baby at 20 years old, and I still look FABULOUS, I guess it may be genes or maybe its the way you take care of yourself when your pregnant and after. Just a thought….o and by the way I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR BODY IS LIKE AFTER YOU HAD A BABY OR LOST WEIGHT ETC….just like you dont care what i look like!!!!!

NM on

Saggy after one kid? Wait until you are over 40, and have had more kid, and your elasticity goes south.

Jon on

Awww, don’t feel that way, Jessica, you look great!

trose on

GEEZ Sarah if you don’t care why comment then, and really Sarah you must think very highly of yourself, since you look sooooooo fabulous after having a baby at 20, I think you need a big fat pat on the back “NOT”.

If you don’t enjoy reading what the stars have to say, then please do the rest of us a favor and keep your negative comments to yourself.

Jessica Alba Sees Her PostBaby Body as Saggy on

[…] Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ […]

Jo on

Having a chaild changes your body, so while I am sure she might believe she is saggy chances are she looks amazing! She is gorgeous.

Lisa on

Wow, Sarah has some issues.

colleen on

yeah right, and she is saggy where?

Trose just stfu on

Just stop already.

Sarahs Jealous... on

Clearly Sarah isn’t all that since she is not on the cover of this magazine! I don’t care how much you “take care of yourself” while pregnant. Your body changes and it really is a beautiful thing!

LadyCaroline on

Boo on Sarah! LOL why did you read the article then? The headline says “she thinks her body is saggy” and if you didn’t care about her body then why would you read it? Cause you’re probably a hater.

jaxi on

You are right Jessica…every actress out there is more beautiful than you…You know why? Because they aren’t as self absorbed and searching for acceptance like you are. Get over yourself…do something for someone less fortunate…look at people who are really suffering and stop whining about being saggy. If that’s the most you have to worry about you live a very charmed life…Most of us are just trying to pay for food and rent every month.

hollis on


You WOULDN’T categorize Beyonce as an actress?

– Obsessed
– Cadillac Recods
– Dreamgirls
– The Pink Panther
– Austin Powers in Goldmember
– Carmen: A Hip Hopera

She may be a singer, but she’s also an actress.

But since this is about Jessica…

Good for her for being so honest and putting it all out there. Very brave, and still very gorgeous obviously.

Jen on

Gee, I wish my body was as “saggy” as Jessica’s…lol

Jen on

I think that Jessica is beautiful, but I also realize that she’s human. Many of us have insecurities or some body image issues, why should Jessica be any different? People seem to expect any actress who makes all the hottest lists to feel beautiful, but they’re all human, and they’re not always going to feel that way.

ae on

I am sorry I realize everyone has personal issues with there figure, and I like Jessica . . .but seriously . . .saggy. She is a twig there is nothing to sag!!!

Suzy on

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of measuring herself with her own standards of beauty against other celebrities, Jessica simply celebrated the unique and individual beauty of everyone? This entire article struck me as odd, like she was trying too hard to convince others of her acknowledgment of her own perceived flaws. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

L.C. on

I think all she meant by the “saggy” comment was her breasts. While she still looks quite great in that area, I’m sure they are not quite what they were pre-baby, as is the case with most women. I admire her honesty.

Gia on

I am sure she see’s changes in her body like any women that has had a child. It’s just not the same. I give her props for embracing those changes instead of going under the knife or adopting because she is so vein. We will see. But you know she gets BOTOX!!!!!!!!!!

Ryry on

Sarah has serious competition issues.

Niki on

Saggy? Her? Ummm she must be investing in high quality Spanx then.

Crystal on

Oh please. Jessica is clearly another self absorbed celebrity. Saggy breasts, cellulite, hips are bigger, please Jessica you have none of that just an inflated ego!

Brandy on

I have to agree with Jessica. She is less attractive than any other actress out there and her whole entire being is a flaw.

Jen on

She says her BREASTS are saggy, not her entire body (and yes, I realize that she points out the cellulite and the larger hips than pre-pregnancy). I wonder sometimes if people read beyond the headlines before commenting.

But you know ladies, if you’ve been pregnant and you’ve breastfed, regardless of your age and fitness level, you’re going to have saggy breasts. It happens, they don’t “snap” back.

As for me, I know my breasts have nourished my daughter inside and outside of my baby, and couldn’t be prouder of my “saggy” breasts.

Elle on

LOL…Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce should not be on a list of “leading ladies”…haha!

Jessica Alba at • So Jessica Alba Fantastic! • Your Source for Everything Jessica on

[…] Source • Written by Natasha • Posted at 10:35 pm with 0 comments […]

Kristina on

Jessica is the most amazing person. She is such a great role model for teenagers and all ages. I would have to say she is the most “real” actress out there. I am totally with her on the not trying to freeze time. Jessica you are more beautiful than any other actress out there. You go girl!

libby on

sarah – i love when people comment about how much they really don’t care about the article they just read and took the time to comment on. it’s hilarious!

Jessica Alba Loves Her Body After Baby | on

[…] talking about on all issues, she really is flawless.. you can catch her in her new movie Machete ~~ [People Magazine] Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)JESSICA ALBA N FAMILY STROLL THROUGH SOHONudity […]

Irina on

and beyonce sucked in all of those, just sayin…
as for Jessica, I can where she’s coming from~ although from the side it still looks like she’s flawless, im sure her body is not the same after having a baby…

liza on

nothing like a little b.s modesty, she sure looks like she feels she’s saggy and got cellulite, i do! at 40 and after 4 kids, and that is why i feel uncomfortable on the beach in a swimsuit , much less on the cover of a magazine showed around the world…weird sense of “inferiority”. but good answer for the botox and surgery stuff, hope she doesn’t change her opinion on that

noneyabiz on

How can she honestly say this? Is her self-esteem really that low or is she just looking for attention? She is obviously beautiful and in shape. I don’t know to what extent she is being airbrushed, but saggy boobs and cellulite? EVERY actress out there is more beautiful than you? Really Jessica? Pretty rediculous.

Yazmin on

If Jessica thinks she is saggy, obviously she hasn’t seen most of us moms. We r saggier. But I guess my work does not depend on me looking good and flawless! Loves what motherhood brings to everybody.

annoyed on

She never “complained” about being saggy.. she simply stated that she is saggy, and that she “loves it”.. learn to read and process information, people! and Sarah, I just had a baby at 22, and I am stretch-mark covered and saggy, and I took care of my body.. get over yourself.. I would rather have my “mommy body” than look FABULOUS and be self absorbed..

nicole on

saggy?! where? in her brain maybe..

French Canadian Chick on

It is very easy to see you’ll never have any work done when you are young and beautiful. Let’s see how she feels when she actually starts getting older. Nothing against wanting to age gracefully but on the other hand, other options are there and they don’t need to be drastic. A little bit done can look natural and go a long way.

enalunar on

Jessica Alba is so full of herself. So what you had a baby, so what your back side got big, so what! You’re not that hot and nor is your so called acting.

meridith on

Yup, many mothers pose for GQ. Stop complaining!

Stefanie on

Give me a break. I think Jessica Alba is a twit. Saggy…….really??? I have tons of friends who have had kids, along with myself, and I’ve seen saggy. She’s got to be kidding me. Trying gaining 40 lbs and not having a personal trainer or chef to help you lose it. I respect those women who put in the effort to lose the weight the old fashion way with hard work and discipline on thier own so much more than any celebrity with a trainer, chef, and nanny to watch the child while you’re doing it all.

KH on

@Jen, if you’ve been PREGNANT your boobs will probably sag after. Nursing isn’t a factor either way. Sorry to jump on you but I really hate that the myth that breastfeeding makes it worse keeps getting purpetuated.

P.S. We can’t exactly judge her “flaws” from a photo that is most certainly airbrushed.

skye on

saggy? oh yeah, ok. whatever.

sarah on

Ok, jessica. cry me a river. youre a “me” monster who is so obsessed with yourself; i hope your superficial ego mania doesn’t rub off on your innocent daughter.

Courtney on

Ms Alba should be thankful she got her first child from her first pregnancy. some major legendary stars haven’t been as blessed when it comes to pregnancy and child birth as her. Joanne Woodward and Sophia Loren both come to mind both having suffered through at least one nearly fatal miscarriage before they had their children but yet they kept trying. and both have children they adore and grandchildren. of course the two of them got to grieve for their losses in private something if Jessica went through she wouldn’t right if not for Joanne’s miscarriage she would’ve had three step children and two of her own by the time she was Jessica’s age+ an oscar for best actress which she gracefully accepted 6 weeks after her loss of which she’s never spoken about until her Autobiography comes out next spring. of course she was also married 50 years something Jessica and Cash won’t be married even half of because the values are different now a days.

Terry on

You still look GREAT Jessica!!! Always thought she was beautiful from the first time I seen her on Dark Angel in 2000. Still holding it down with that sexy look.

Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ | Lady health on

[…] Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ 7 Oct 2010 by admin, No Comments » Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ “My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it,” the actress tells the U.K. edition of GQ Read more on People Magazine […]

gagirl on

No Hollis, Beyonce is NOT an actress. I don’t care how many movies she’s been in; she couldn’t act in any of them! She’s the worst! I’m mad Jessica even mentioned her. Anyway, back to the subject….Jessica is pretty and is expressing the same insecurities many of us have. It just goes to show that celebrities are no different; they just have makeup artists and airbrushes to make them look like that. And for those of you who are commenting on Sarah’s immature statement look at the obvious. She’s a 20 yr old who just became a mother….

Jessica Alba Saggy Boobs & Cellulite On British GQ Magazine | on

[…] Skinny!?! “My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it,” she proudly says. “Every actress out there is more beautiful than me. All better looking than me. I’ve seen them […]

Jen on

Sorry but yeah, breastfeeding does contribute. Pregnancy alone will do it and breastfeeding will make it worse, because it just prolongs everything (skin is stretched longer, more tissue present for longer, etc.)
I think if you ask women who formula feed vs those who have breastfed, you’ll find it to be true.

Jen on

Oh and KH, I breastfed for well over a year with my first child, so I don’t see it as a negative, just a side effect.

And I am seriously wondering if people are actually reading her words. Again, she calls her BREASTS SAGGY, not anything else!

And FWIW, I think she’s a horribel actress. | Blog | Link Time: Thinning Hair, Jessica Alba on Beauty, and More on

[…] Jessica Alba says other actresses are prettier – People StyleWatch […]

lra on

It doesn’t sound like she’s more comfortable with her body if she’s comparing herself to other women and paying so much attention to her flaws.

The 4Hour Body reviewThe 4Hour Body | The 4Hour Body on

[…] Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ – Style News … […]

High Hopes on

i always adore her, cz she is a one of the lots of celebrities who looks fantastic and classy in any outfits. And u can see that that her beutie it is something neutrial and given – not artificial. The interview is just showes how normal she is as a person too. Not consider myself as a fanatic but u r gorgeous baby. Cheers!

Megan on

On the Beyonce topic, whether she is a good actress or not, she is still an actress, which is what Jessica refers to her as. There are lots of bad actresses out there, but they’re still called actresses.

I think Jessica looks great and just recognizes that she has flaws, and that it’s not natural to go around trying to fix them all.

vet on

I agree with Suzy. I don’t think you should believe everything she says. This is the same person that said she wouldn’t do nude scenes.

becka on

She has small breast implants so I dont know why she is pretending that she’s never had any “work”

Kel7 on

O.K. Courtney, not seeing ANY relevance between your post and the story. Just sayin…

Jada Gasol on

I do think Alba is a pretty woman but how she talks about other actresses being prettier than her is really immature and she is just fishing for compliments and I think it is also a slap in the face to women who have had children and are really having body and self-esteem issues. So Jessica as much as I think you are a beautiful woman you need to be quiet about certain things.

avi on

Did Alba breastfeed her child? If so then I can feel sorry that she is noticing sagging. It can’t be that much as she is in shape and young. I’m in shape and old (according to my society)and have minimal sagging, however, still breastfeeding my toddler so we shall see. If she didn’t bother, then I don’t feel sorry for her.

Other than that, she is much curvier, now. Very much more attractive in the grown woman sense of things. No multiple chest bones sticking out and gorgeous. (We need more celebrities to discontinue sticking their chest bones in our faces.)

Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as ‘Saggy’ | New USA Info on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Latest plastic surgery austin tx news – Bruins Host Cougars Saturday at Rose Bowl on

[…] Jessica Alba Sees Her Post-Baby Body as 'Saggy' […]

Crazy girl on

She looks great and she is one of rare actress that is natural.

Adolph Soulasinh on

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Dghghjhj on

I remember wahnitcg flipper when I was younger and that was some years ago so I have to think that there was a different Flipper then the one I watched because I know Jessica was not in this one because if she was she would be an old lady like me!!LOL

Supra on

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