Tom Brady's Long Locks: A Labor of Love for Gisele

09/27/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

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It’s been a long time growing for the shag-a-licious Tom Brady, whose bad hair days just won’t go away thanks to his increasingly long locks. So why won’t the handsome quarterback cut his hair? His supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen. “You’ll have to speak to my wife about that,” demurred the New England Patriot when he was asked by Massachusetts radio jock Greg Hill if there was anything he could personally do to get Brady to chop his hair, reports the Boston Herald. The two-time Super Bowl MVP first debuted his Justin Bieber-esque ‘do back in June at the NBA Finals. And just like one of the hit singles from the 16-year-old pop star, Brady’s bowl cut has stuck, much to the dismay of his female and male fans alike. However, the football star did get the ultimate approval – from someone else besides wife Bündchen: “Nice haircut, Brady,” Bieber, the hair extraordinaire himself, relayed to the Herald. Tell us: Do you have a say in your man’s haircut? –- Christie LaRusso

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Erin on

Love his hair

Jen on

Long hair; short hair, it doesn’t matter to me, Tom Brady is hot either way!!

Crystal on

I agree, I love his hair….he looks good with it!!!

Jackie on

I certainly have a say in my hubby’s hair. He keeps it similar to Tom Brady’s cut because he looks more GQ that way. It also fits him better as an Arts Professor. However, my hubby has curlier hair than this guy. Its important that I find my husband attractive and will pay good money to find someone who can cut his hair the way I want it. My hubby doesn’t mind though, he does say its more maintenance than his short hair style back when we were dating. I never knew he had curly hair until he let it grow out. (Grow it out while you can, men! I know my hubby likes it long since he gets a lot of compliments on it! However, several of our friends, who hadn’t seen him through the grow out stage thought I was cheating on my hubby with this handsome ‘new’ man (he also grew some facial hair in the mean time too!) I also give him a say in my hairstyle too. Its gotta go both ways!

Jon on

If I were a Girl and had a Boyfriend, it depends on what kind of hair he’d had to have to make that sort of decision, and who cares!

Jenn on

He needs to cut his hair!! He needs to focus on football not looking like a 12 year old!!

Sash on

It’s his hair!

Pamela on

It looks VERY unprofessional!! All professional sports players should have SHORT hair leave the long hair to us women!!!!

K on

While I have a say, it is ultimately my husband’s choice to how he wears his hair. I expect the same, I’d hate being told how to style and dress myself. A suggestion is enough.

Monica on

OMG! In this picture, the long hair is gorgeous!

Kitty on

I guess we know who the boss is in that family.

Carrie Fisher on

Well, I think it’s very 70s and makes him look younger!

CJ on

Jen I agree- cut your hair and focus on football!!

Lu on

He’s hot either way :)

Amy on

Love the hair!

Julie on

Love, love, love the longer length! He looks younger!

Lori A on

Sounds like Tom is henpecked.

Jenn on

Sorry, but *gag*, he looks like a sixteen year old wannabe.

Daisy Luv on

Oh please… he doesn’t look like a 12 yr old. I think it looks really good on him!!! What does the length of his hair have to do with how he plays football?? I have yet to see any reports of Tom Brady fumbling the ball because his hair was in his way or something like that. How “professional” does his hair really need to be?!?! He wears a helmet for his job, for pete’s sake, so what’s it matter?!?!

BRL on

CUT YOUR HAIR!! You are an NFL quarterback, NOT a lame 14-year-old pop singer!!

Nameless on

I don’t like Brady. I find him rather arrogant.

I will say this – he is a good looking man and he looks pretty good in this picture but I prefer my fNFL players with short hair.

In saying this, he does not have a Bieber style hair – thank god. He would look ridiculous. Now tany long hair is Bieber hair? That kid’s bangs are stuck to his forehead. This is clearly a ‘go for the scruff’ look.

Anyway – Brady is good looking, can’t pretend he isn’t. Too bad his fame has really gone to his head.


JFJake on

That is not a bowl cut, Mo Howard had a bowl cut

trsquare on

My hubby is balding, so as long as he doesn’t do the “last three hair swirl”, I’m fine with it.

marianne on

LOVE this look on Tom Brady. Much hotter. He’s got great hair.

Mom of 4 on

LOVE those locks (even though I’m not a huge Brady fan)!!

GiGi on

PLEASE CUT the hair you don’t look put together anymore. STOP trying to look like a boy, you are grown @** man please please please.

Parks89 on

he’s gorgeous no matter what!

Lisa on

He looks much cuter, and younger, with his hair like this.

E on

I think the hair looks good, at least in the pic above. I do abhor that the immediate comparison is to Justin Bieber. As if he was the originator of long hair. (Or as if he even styles it himself!) It’s when celebrities step outside the box that the rest of us do (or are at least encouraged to). And I think it’s sweet he’s workin’ a look at his wife’s request.

rlrose328 on

NO I don’t have a say in my husband’s hair cut… why should I? It’s HIS hair? He likes it Vin-Diesel short. I’d LOVE to see him in longer hair, but he is uncomfortable when his hair gets much past his ears. Why would I want him to be uncomfortable so I can see his hair long? I also prefer short hair on myself, and while he likes when I let it grow out occasionally, he ALSO likes me to be happy so when I cut it, he’s fine with it. I can’t IMAGINE being with someone who dictates how my hair should be. That’s just a tad more controlling that I’d be comfortable with. If he’s dictating how my hair should look, what ELSE is he telling me to do or not do?

Cher on

Tom Brady…you can have long hair, short hair, no hair, green hair. I would take him any way! He is absolutely gorgeous (and an awesome QB)!! Go Pats! Love ya!

Tracey on

He is hot with longer hair. I just think it’s silly that his wife is controlling his hair though. She seems a bit over the top.

Jennifer Chew on

HE IS WHIPPED!!! It’s his hair, NOT his wife’s. He should be able to style his hair the way he wants to. It’s not as if he is telling her to style her hair a certain way.

feggie on

He looks like a girl. Not a manly look.

Lola on

Jackie, please know that your husband, the Art Professor has been sleeping with all us female students. We love his hair long also, thanks for paying for his great hair cuts. It’s important for us, also, that we find him attractive. Please give him a bigger allowance because we like to go out and have fun. And we can’t go out as much as we like with what you give him. Thanks, Lola and his women.

dreyfus on

why can’t guys have the fashion freedom women have? short hair, chambray shirts, khakis, etc. boring. its like, if you’re not wearing the uniform you’re a rebel. Men should wear skirts too.

Dan on

Wow, she has her own “Ken” doll to control and style. She seems like a biitch.

mookie on

are you guys crazy!! I have no say in my husbands hair do, but Tom Brady looks GREAT with long hair. what bad hair days are you talking about??

Sandy on

Giselle is totally right- he looks great with long hair!

Nina on

Tired already about it being a Justin Bieber hair do. Like a grown man would do his hair like a little boy? Not in a million. Nice choice on the hairstyle.

ivy on

The hair is hot but for some reason seems to really bother the N.E. fans( mostly the males)…it is a constant topic of conversation on the sports radio talk shows. Thing is, it has absolutely nothing to do with how Tom plays the game…it is totally irrelevant. I think all those men who shave their heads( to mask their receding hairlines) while thinking a bowling ball head is it is attractive to women need to get over it and focus on the game and not the hair. The length of hair in football does not determine one’s level of professionalism. However, how one conducts himself both on and off the field does.

Botticelli on

I think his hair looks GREAT! He’s a football player, for GS, not an executive for a high profile corporation! Also, it looks NOTHING like goofball Bieber.

Pamela – get over yourself!

LMS on

In this pic he looks super HOT, but on the TV last week, I swear I thought it was a mullet!! Long is fine, shaggy is NOT.

ED on

He looks so fine but what a pain to have that long hair under a helmet! It’s the worst feeling ever, especially if it’s not long enough to pull back. Let the poor man cut his hair!

Patty on

Tom Brady is gorgeous!!! More importantly, he is a great husband, father, and football player!!! And I’m pretty sure there isn’t a man out there who wouldn’t grow his hair a little longer if his wife thought it was sexy.

Kim on

Gisele in right. Long hair is hoooot

JD on

Though he is gorgeous either way, I personally prefer the shorter hair style but this hair style looks good too and it makes him look at the very least 5-10 years younger :)

Tifany on

If you can see it coming out from under the helmet, it’s too long! I think he looks much better looking with short hair!

Jackie on

Lola – My hubby does have a thing for one of his students and sleeps with her often and I encourage it because its me! Believe me, I’d know it if he wasn’t staying faithful. We have a committed, tight, loving, healthy marriage. He has no need to find love elsewhere. This is why you are still single…you can’t dream of a man this good!

Becka on

Giselle definitely wears the pants in this relationship. I feel like he’s her puppet. Bridget Moynahan is far classier than Giselle.

Tammy on

I don’t particularly care for him or his wife but I do like his hair. It makes him look a lot younger too. Now Giselle really looks like the man of the family.

Wendy on

His hair looks nothing like Bieber’s….you give the kid to much credit. Besides….Brady looks HOT!!!

SusiQ on

Only one thing in the world would make me cut my hair if I liked it; Justin Bieber saying HE liked it.

Lorna on

Makes him look younger, cuter! Keep the locks!

Nameless on

SusiQ made me laugh. So did Lola and Jackie – how the heck did you find each other out here! LOL

Patty, bless your heart, but I have no idea why you think Brady is the poster boy for being a good husband or father…especially the father ‘bit’ since he dumped his fiance while she was carrying his baby. Brady may look pretty, but Please….let us not pretend that he falls short in other areas. Cheers

Kit on

Tom Brady tells a sports announcer he’ll have to talk to his wife, super-model Gisele Bundchen abut cutting his hair????

Oh, my Gawd…. What is he 10 years old and she’s his mom? Tom Brady may be a good quarterback but he needs to grow a pair. It’s obvious by photos and stories that she wears the pants in that relationship. How sad.

Can’t imagine how proud his family must be and how much they like her. Duh? But I’ve always said if a man/woman is henpecked, they deserve the sorry life/treatment they get. I have No sympathy or respect.

Tom needs to go home and let mommy comb his curls. Then ask her if he can put on some long pants.

Dar on

Long or short Tom rocks in my book :) He walked up to my then 10 yr old daughter in a crowd of fans and gave her his autograph then left. She was beaming for weeks.

Pam on

Why do people dislike the long hair? It looks great, and he actually looks way younger to me.

Joanne on

He is drop dead gorgeous!!

SHar on

I think his hair looks great longer. His wife has good taste.

Carol on

Not sure what it looks like all the time but in this picture it is HOT!!

Isadora on

hes a hottie

Emily on

He’s gorgeous any way you look at it—long hair, short hair. Tom is adorable and the newest baby looks just like him! What a good looking family!

Chris on

He look HOT in that picture!

Bostongrl on

I think he looks HOTT!!!!

Anna on

I think longer hair is sexier on him. It does NOT look like Justin Bieber’s hair! Leave him alone, he is hot either way!

Robyn on

He looks a lot better with long hair and a lot younger too.

jtine on

Come on people you know it looks good there. He is a good man because the opinion that matters the most is his wife and that is who he is listening to, she is the one he has to look attractive for, men take this lesson.

Corinne on

I’m with Gisele … I love him in long hair! He looks HOT!

Laura on

Sorry to say, but he is a jerk no matter how he wears his hair!!!!!

Sherry on

I LIKE it…he’s hot long or short haired!

Valeri on

Guess we know who’s in charge at their house

Sherri on

I’m not a Patriots fan,but I do find Tom Brady to be extremely hot.He’s the hottest QB in the NFL,in my opinion.But the long hair is bringing his hotness down for me.I don’t like long hair on guys,I think he needs a haircut!

REALLY important issue! on

[…] trying to look like a teenager or something. I must say though, he looks pretty fine in this pic!!! Tom Brady’s Long Locks: A Labor of Love for Gisele – Style News – StyleWatch –… ______________ ~Amy Califon, NJ Hunterdon County "Today – change has arrived", ~Gov. […]

drgnldy14 on

Gosh…my husband is an ADULT and can cut his hair as he chooses…same as I do mine as I choose. Grow up!

Alaina on

First of all, it is HIS HAIR. Why does his wife have ANY say in the way he keeps it? That’s just silly. I don’t control the way my fiance wears his hair, and if he EVER grew his hair like this, which he wouldn’t, I would RATHER he cut his hair, but hey, it’s HIS HAIR. He can wear it whatever way he wants and be embarrassed and look like Justine (er, Justin) Beiber all he likes. Tom Brady isn’t very attractive to me in the first place, but if I am forced to watch a Patriots game (not a fan of the Pats), I would rather Brady look like a normal MAN and not a 12 year old boy.

Karen Fenter on

He looks younger than my three sons; all who are 6-11 years younger. It is up to him how he wears his hair; no one can tell me how to wear my hair .

Claire on

WOW!! Never been much of a fan, but that picture of him is beautiful!! Don’ cut it babe…You’re hot ;-)

Randi on

love his hair! not a huge fan – don’t like football and i hear this guy is a whiner but he sure is very nice to look at…and more importantly he seems like a good guy – dad & all – even though the incident with briget moynahan was kinda messy (love her!!!) – so – anyway – yeah, this dude pulls of short & long hair!

Just sayin on

Hair looks fine, but I would be more worried about the way his wife drags him around by the ballsack!

megan on

if i was married to tom brady he could let his hair grown down to his back that is a good looking man.

Brandi on

I love him with the long hair

emily wilson on

His hair is absolutely beautiful. What a great couple they make together.

Normi on

Long hair, short hair, sweaty doesn’t matter…looks way hot in this picture!!

Amy on

This picture doesn’t look bad. But the other photos I have seen with his hair long it looks like Justin B’s hair, he’s too old for that

Monkie Kelly on


“Giselle definitely wears the pants in this relationship. I feel like he’s her puppet. Bridget Moynahan is far classier than Giselle.

– Becka on September 27th, 2010”

cal on


P. Terra on

Cut it! !

IA on

Tom and Gisele are physically good looking. However they are both nauseating.

natacha on

I love his hair. He’s do damned beautiful!!!

Lisa on

I think he looks great! :o)

dirtbikemommie on

he looks wayyyy better with the longer hair. i hope he keeps it!

lindsy on

he looks 17 in that picture!!

Keykey on

Think about who his wife is. If I were a guy I’d do anything she say. I think he looks hot.

Sue on

I guess his wife thinks the long hair makes him look good while carrying her purse.

ZC on

Love it Tom. Well Done to You and The Mrs. *****

Trista Williams on

Troy Polamalu of the Steelers has long hair and it certainly works for him. What’s unprofessional; they’re football players not business executives.

Cathy on

LOVE his hair!

Crystal on

Barf! He dumps Brigette while she was pregnant and took up with Gisele. He’s not a man, just a coward.

CathyL on

I think he looks sooooooooooo delicious with his hair long. Face it……some people look good no matter what they wear or how long their hair is and Tom Brady is one of them! Lucky gal his wife is!

Renee on

I am not a Patriots fan but good grief that man is HAWT!

Susan Lewis on

You could shave his head, tattoo it, add studs, whatever, he’d still be hot…I’ve been 100% faithful, 23 years and counting, this would be too much temptation. Take good care of him, Gisele.

lika on

talk about a girlie girl. now he looks and acts like one. yes, i have a say in my husband’s hair style and yes he does have a say in mine. but i don’t make the ultimate decision on his and he doesn’t on mine…evidently gisele does on his. i certainly take my husband’s input, but if someone asked if i were going to cut my hair, i would never say “ask my husband”. What's Right Now : Lindsay Lohan’s Lasting Louboutin Impression, The Secret Behind Tom Brady’s Hair, and More! on

[…] 2. Tom Brady admits to keeping his hair long to please Gisele. [] […]

houmom on

he looks like a girl

aria on

He still one of the hottest guys on earth!! Keep it that way! yummmmmmm

aefs on

I’m a Giants fan…I’m not allowed to like his hair…or anything else on him either…LOL!

elizabeth on

Your kidding me right ?! I am not going to cut my hair because of my wife … How old is this guy or how whipped is he !!! Grow up !!!

s on

honestly its none of our buisness!
he still plays well..i didn’t like it at first but now that its longer than the “bieber do”…whats it to you people!

postmama on

He looks ridiculous. A few years back he was going bald and now poof-he has more hair. So I guess if he sunk all that money into hairplugs he might as well let them grow.

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J on

Definitely not a bowl cut. Why would someone compare his hair to Justin Bieber? Their hair looks nothing alike. It looks great though!


Seriously.. his hair? Tom Brady is probably one of the most respected and professional athletes in the world. He is a true role model. Why should he cut it? How many football players have dreads or beards etc… As long as it does not effect his game… he could dye it green for all I care!

Jennifer on

I can’t believe that someone said it looks unprofessional! Are you kindding me?! Who cares what type of hair he has. That has nothing to do with how he plays football. People should wear their hair how they want. I don’t care what it is you do for a living.

Jen on

Just because his wife likes it long and he is leaving it long does not mean that she is controlling. Why do people have to resort to that. I think that it is nice he leaves it long if she likes it if he doesnt care. It doesnt affect how he plays football so people need to settle down. It is hair. People should do what they want. People are harder on men when they do something small like change their hair. They should be able to do it just like women do and it shouldnt matter. Go crazy men!

Red Skye on

The man has a head full of hair.Giselle certainly won’t have to worry about her man going bald!

Dana on

Tom looks great. Keep the longer locks, it’s working!



cindy on

*gasp* hottie!

Jan on

Okay, is he really claiming that Gisele won’t let him cut his hair? And how old is he? Oh wait, CAN YOU SAY “WHIPPED”? Please…let’s face it the big hair cover his big head and ego.

Ann on

I cannot believe how out of proportion this comment has been blown up. I heard it live and he did NOT say his wife was in charge of his hair. He was talking to a group of guys, was asked the question, laughed and said “you’ll have to convince my wife first”. Everyone laughed, and that was it. It was a joke. It’s hair, people. The guy is a multi-millionaire, seems in love with his wife, plays great football – who really cares how his hair is cut? (although sidenote, I think it looks great as is.)

Ann on

and to Jan – can you give even one example of him having a big ego??

elaine on

His hair is his own business but he should take a few acting lessons for his commercials.

Manda on

Well at least it’s longer…I have loved Tom since his college days and gotta say, was kinda mad when he debuted the Bieber look. It looked horrible on him. The longer ‘do though (longer than the Bieber fever hair) is better, I guess.

Jenny on

It’s not his hair that makes him gorgeous, it’s everything else!!

A on

He looks 10 years younger! I hardly recognized him!

j on

He’s hot. Period.

Zuko on

What a girly man!

timothy frazier on

I never cared about his hair when it was short and I could care even less now that it is long. He is still best known for being a Quarterback..someone who gets DIRTY. and believe me he will get dirty when Miami whips him a new one a week from now.


bobbie on

He looks like a school boy. Not attractive.. But it is his hair..

Lee on

Long hair on men has always looked great !! The styles from the 70’s made men so sexy !! Now it’s such a shame to see all these damn bald heads and nerdy short-cuts running around !
If men grew their hair out more often they would find a whole lot more action !!!!

Gwenda on

maybe its growing up in the 80’s……but i love the new look…..very hot

Kiska on

Are you kidding me? You call THAT a bad hair day? I never thought he was that good looking. However, with his sexy new hair….. the guy is smokin hot!! Plus he looks 10 years younger.

Jeepers on

He left his pregnant girlfriend for Gisele. No matter what his hair looks like, I find him unattractive because of what is apparently on the inside.

PAR on

O.M.G…..I want to do bad things to him!!!!

Beth on

wow, he looks hot!

lc on

He is soooo adorable!

Joyce Bastien on

Love the hair that way!!! He does look good in short hair also but I do prefer the longer look:)

Jackie on

Love the long hair – sexy and he looks hot!

EdieRose on

YES!!!! What a hunk…love the look!

suzy on

He looks like an ADORABLE 17 year old!!!

Sue on

He looks HOT!!
I’ll grow my hair long for Giselle :)

Tammy on


Brady Fan. on

@Jeepers, you should get your facts straight before spouting off because Tom and Bridgette broke up in December 2006 and it wasnt until AFTER the break up that she found out she was pregnant…he didnt leave his pregnant girlfriend for his current wife.

Brooke on

The guys teasing him are just jealous. He looks extremely HOT, very sexy. His old buzz cut just made him look plain. Gisele likes it, that’s all that matters.

tracy on

OMG hot hot hot

cyndi on

The reason is becasue TB’s hair is really getting sparse on top and on the sides…It was printed last years that he was seen in a hair-plug salon
I assume he is covering it all up…
If you notice it whike his helmet on…it is thicker in the back…Maybe Giselle wants him to model some more…Bald just does not cut it…
Maybe when it is cut the top will look thicker…It sure as heck does not now!

brendalaura on

I have to say, he really does have beautiful hair. I think he looks handsome!

JennG on

I personally think he looks HOT with his long hair !! It is wavy, and a really nice length. Personally I think it makes him alot younger. They are a super hot couple!

Erin on

Am I missing something? He looks smoking hot!

Carrie on

Seriously? He looks HOTTTTTTT with long hair.

Lynne on

Agreed! His hair looks great!

Julie on

Cut your hair, ypu look like a rebellious 12 year old

kim on

for everyone who thinks he’s trying to look like a 16 yr old, i guess that means all the players with their LONG braids flying around are trying to look like little girls.

Melissa on

I think he should leave his hair the way it is! He looks hot and his wife likes it that is all that matters!

mel on

He needs to grow a pair and cut the hair no matter
what wifey says.

kate on

Love the look, very 70’s!
And yes I have a say in my hubby’s hair length.
Women know what they like, just like men.

t on

love his hair
he lloks great
bravo Gi

margret on

Brady is an Adonis adored by his Venus!
The hair is fabulous. It doesn’t matter
what he does. He’s drop dead gorgeous!!!

Vitalsigns on

Tom is hotter with his longer locks..yummy!

Judi on

Tom Brady needs to cut his hair. What the heck is he thinking? It doesn’t look good on him. He should be a man and not let his wife dictate to him about his hair.

hji on

he looks gorgeous

Donna on

Luv ya Tom – but, can’t you speak for yourself!!

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[…] HAIR • Gisele must be a fan of Tom Brady’s shaggy hair. When asked by a radio host if he would chop off his locks anytime soon, Brady responded “You’ll have to speak to my wife about that.” [StyleWatch/People] […]

ADG on

I heard thru a good source that the reason Tom is growing his hair is…..he will cut it an donate it to Lock For Love!! To help cancer patients after kemo

Nikki on

He is absolutley gorgeous any way, long hair, or even bald he would still be hot….I LOVE U TOM

Mike on

Anyone remember the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s? Tom Brady’s hair would have been regarded as nothing special back then. Long hair on guys is coming back into fashion, so leave the poor guy alone already! It looks good on him, and since styles always move in cycles, I think we’ll see alot more long hair in the next few years. Short hair had been stylish since the mid to late 1980’s, but it’s run it’s course.

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[…] Tom Brady, looking good has never been a problem. But his hair, on a other hand, has perceived churned reviews. The football star, who once rocked a fluffy do like Justin Bieber, done a matter yesterday when he […]

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[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Tom Brady: Gisele Leaves My Hairstyles to Me | CoinOpPop on

[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Tom Brady: Gisele Leaves My Hairstyles to Me on

[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Tom Brady: Gisele Leaves My Hairstyles to Me | News Celebrity on

[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Tom Brady: Gisele Leaves My Hairstyles to Me – | Showbizflash | Showbizflash on

[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Tom Brady: Gisele Leaves My Hairstyles to Me - on

[…] 2010, Tom Brady implied that wife Gisele Bündchen was behind his then-lengthy hairstyle. But two years later, he’s changing his […]

Cahyaning on

11.10.10 at 12:49 amyeah, right?I wear English Leather or I wear notnihg at all.Except my sweet black Members Only jacket.I wear the form fitting Under Armour to exercise on cold weather days here in California 7 times or so a year I wear a t-shirt over the top because I look like a bratwurst without the t-shirt./not that fat

Long on

ahhh!! these are soooo cute!!! ok.. i was there and saw it go down and all but, still really such sweet, great imaegs! i had SUCH a good time with you guys and hope we can get you back out this way again soon!!!! thank you for spending the day with me have fun in ireland *jealous ~S

The new chapter in the perfect life of Tom Brady | A man must have a code on

[…] I could live with it. I’d see it as the logical next step after your Uggs campaign and your pseudo-mullet. But it’s not just a fauxhawk. You bleached it. Pardon my French, but that’s that […]

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